why can't you curse?

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29 Kas 2021




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Radiical Aylar önce
“No dating” Also them: *says they will invite your date over to breakfast and make them apart of the family*
Agent blue wolf
Agent blue wolf 4 gün önce
😈😈😈😈 tockkkkkkkkkkkkkks
Tomtordstar123 9 gün önce
Me: but I’m gay O~O
GackZyborg 26 gün önce
Sweet home Alabama
Blank 29 gün önce
Wait if they become part of your family then….
cunga gaming
cunga gaming 29 gün önce
Yes logic
Riya Jade
Riya Jade 15 gün önce
I’ve just been watching a few of you guys videos and you seem like the sweetest couple so you just got a new subscriber❤️
readstone 5 gün önce
You guys litteraly make my day
Jellyanime 10 gün önce
It's not a mistake, ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨
Diraj Bhattarai
Diraj Bhattarai 8 gün önce
That makes the song we will rock you a whole another meaning
The Animagus
The Animagus Aylar önce
I like saying rocks instead of swearing, it just sounds a lot more aggressive to me because of how much my friends swear
The Pumpkin
The Pumpkin Aylar önce
Rocks off Vs Fuck off
JELLY sciz
JELLY sciz Aylar önce
💚jelly snake lady 💚
I love your channel is so awesome to see that u watch the same things I do, pog
•JELLY™• Aylar önce
@mustydusty 🤰
The Animagus
The Animagus Aylar önce
@IDK Tiger lol
jelly kamado '°'
jelly kamado '°' 4 gün önce
Its not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
JELLY Cupcake!
JELLY Cupcake! 6 gün önce
We’re learning about rocks in chemistry at school😭😂💙
XD Hal0
XD Hal0 14 gün önce
I wish my parents were like that :')
Chyann Thurston
Chyann Thurston 10 gün önce
Love you guys 😊❣️
• ItzAdamTrust •
Your channel gives off so much positive vibes and im just wanted to take a moment to thank you. love your content
Poppy Ching
Poppy Ching 2 gün önce
I've been waiting to be adopted by u guys ❤ u
KIDz madara
KIDz madara 9 gün önce
You 2 are part of the only reason I stay on this planet
Kassie Rafferty
Kassie Rafferty 3 gün önce
Holy rocks I’m so happy I’m internet adopted I watch all your spotlights and I don’t know how to ask you guys questions on Snapchat bc I a bit new to it lol so I’m just going to ask questions one TRvid ❤️❤️
Chanelle Jordan
Chanelle Jordan 6 gün önce
It’s not a mistake✨ it’s a masterpiece✨
Sergio Godoy
Sergio Godoy Aylar önce
This channel literally has helped me so much and honestly I've also been cutting wayyyyy down on my swearing since watching their videos. I wanna say thank you. Because honestly while I'm still not okay, I'm no longer doubting whether I should just kick the bucket or not. These videos encourage me to get better, to go try and make friends, and power through the day. Even on my worst days, or if my blood family puts me down for being queer I can rely on these videos to make me feel better. I probably wouldn't be standing here today if I hadn't found the channel when I did. So thank you so much.
Sergio Godoy
Sergio Godoy Aylar önce
@raptor and friends thank you.
raptor and friends
raptor and friends Aylar önce
God loves you and I want you to know that
CanadaMaxx 13 gün önce
Wait I’m 14 and I can’t date? What the rocks! That’s the worst rule yet!
DASIY gaming
DASIY gaming 9 gün önce
It’s not a mistake✨ it’s a masterpiece✨
✨KiwiTheEgg✨ 2 gün önce
I love the fact there all ways smiling
janine scism
janine scism 2 gün önce
Love your vids so much,looking at a new subscriber rn😀
KungFuKaninchen Aylar önce
I personally would not set up such rules for my future kids but everyone has a different parenting style. I am pretty glad with the way my parents raised me
Naffisa Abedin
Naffisa Abedin Aylar önce
GUYS. They literally did this for fun, positive energy. They said it’s a world where everything ends up going right. It doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how they would really parents their children, bc it’s for us internet kids :)
KungFuKaninchen Aylar önce
@frog_png I already said I dont know them. Thank you tho for explaining. STILL those said rules would have no place in my parenting style if you apply them in the real world :0
frog_png Aylar önce
Internet family is like a point of view of them being your parents. That is no way to talk to your internet parents >:(
Aiden Scholz
Aiden Scholz Aylar önce
@KungFuKaninchen true dat
KungFuKaninchen Aylar önce
@Aiden Scholz no it's fine, really. I totally got your points. I just don't 100% agree or vibe with. I was just raised different and therefor have a different pov. So there is nothing wrong with the way you want to raise your kids as long you don't abuse nor neglect them. We all just want our kids to have a good life, don't we?
SeB83 Leith
SeB83 Leith 19 gün önce
I would want to have this family I never even swear!!
💙Luna Lovegood💙
💙Luna Lovegood💙 12 gün önce
“No drinking” Me: HOW WILL I LIVE?!?! I NEED WATER
Selah Page
Selah Page 13 gün önce
It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨
Lilly 19 gün önce
What the rocks I love y’all’s channel so much!
No Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better💕
Neon Id
Neon Id Aylar önce
You’re ruinnin it
BubbaboyX Aylar önce
meme girl❤✌
meme girl❤✌ 9 gün önce
I love you guys so very much 💓
simply_avi 13 gün önce
I turned 14 about 1 month, 3weeks, 5 days, 9 hours, 7 minutes, and 29 seconds ago, can I say the A word?
King Kirbo
King Kirbo 19 gün önce
This family is the only family that doesn’t make me mad when they say “because we said so”
DUKA 19 gün önce
First rule i am gonna break is date rule brooooo😂
Clara Daigle
Clara Daigle Aylar önce
I literally love y’all. You make my day so much better. BEST PARENTS EVER!!!
Kakashi's Lotus
Kakashi's Lotus Aylar önce
Fr ✋💀
Just Chill
Just Chill Aylar önce
So trueeeee 😌😌💞💞
Hannah Levy
Hannah Levy 17 gün önce
Me: time to cry and eat ice cream all night 🥲
Oof Productions
Oof Productions 13 gün önce
Me an 18 year old: understandable. Thanks mom and dad!
Unknown 19 gün önce
I love this fam💖💖
Blueberry Cow Squad
Blueberry Cow Squad 18 gün önce
If we’re over 18 and we’re not under your roof can we swear then? 😂
Courtney Cammer
Courtney Cammer Aylar önce
I love y’all I can’t even express. Let’s just say y’all make my day! Love u guys❤️
bacons Aylar önce
parasocial relationship bottom text
Madison Bollinger
Madison Bollinger 19 gün önce
Me: dating, drinking, and swearing 😹😹
Mom, dad, I’m already dating someone before I found out that rule- but I’m not 18-
Rockimus Prime
Rockimus Prime 9 gün önce
Samuel Jeanツ
Samuel Jeanツ 15 gün önce
Man I rocking love your videos
Storiez Gaming
Storiez Gaming Aylar önce
I just found you guys tonight. As someone who's parents both died when I was young, hearing and seeing this was so touching it made me cry. You are both amazing, thank you and keep up the great work. ❤
Duck. Aylar önce
@Guac Guy nigga do I care
names fitler, adolf fitler
L bozo
Guac Guy
Guac Guy Aylar önce
@Duck. rude
Duck. Aylar önce
Yo mama and daddy dead
The annoying person
Damn hope your alright. I cant imagine losing my parents especially at my age. (13)
iiBxbblez 16 gün önce
What if we failed on our classes or had a fight with our friends?
gLoWiNg LaYlA
gLoWiNg LaYlA 4 gün önce
I love your vids your the BEST internet parents ever
ッS u m u s h iッ
I want these people as my 2nd parents
Evelina Olsson
Evelina Olsson 12 gün önce
It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece
Snek Aylar önce
Dealing with abusive parents all life and seeing this shorts legit make my day , I'm so happy to be part of the family
Daring 8 gün önce
I’ve been told that despite being almost old enough to drink hi I am developmentally the age 13. Developmental delays suck! Wait does that count as a cuss word it’s hard to tell I literally never wondered this until right now! Rocks!
TheRedVelvetyFox 18 gün önce
Imma keep swearing till my icecream arrives
Alayna Smeltzer
Alayna Smeltzer 18 gün önce
ROCKKKSSSS! love ur channel❤️
Eden McKeown
Eden McKeown 11 gün önce
That changes the definition of rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Clara Huydecoper
Clara Huydecoper Aylar önce
Dude your positive vibes are getting me through corona, I have been locked up in one room and haven’t talked to anyone except through text for days now
jackpeet1 Aylar önce
Can we smoke. 🙂 👗 🩰
It's not a mistake✨it's a masterpiece✨
Lyubomir Hristov
Lyubomir Hristov 12 gün önce
Noooooooo not you two !!!!!!!
• Twilight •
• Twilight • 4 gün önce
"no drinking" *Why can I drink water :(*
LFireNightmare 13 gün önce
if i move out in my house can i finally stop saying rocks and saying real swear words
Led 231
Led 231 17 gün önce
I’m new to the family love you mom and dad
appleteaa Aylar önce
Holy rocks I've been loved by random people on the internet my life is complete
Alex_The_Axolotl Aylar önce
Canotes Aylar önce
Chloe Gilzene
Chloe Gilzene Aylar önce
liya Aylar önce
ahaha no
Mel Chiang
Mel Chiang Aylar önce
~•Jelly_Average•~ 12 gün önce
"No dating" *Sweats in a poly relationship*
StrandedClone01 2 gün önce
SteinarStin 2 gün önce
So I showed my dad this video and now you guys are my internet grandparents, AND parents!?
ash_xox 9 gün önce
If I'm in a relationship can I still be in the family?
masah zeghoul
masah zeghoul 20 gün önce
Still waiting on my ice cream 😭
Silver (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
I actually like the idea of saying rocks instead of swearing it's just so much better. ✨ *ROCKS* ✨
jelly bean #haikyuu 😋
Haylee Heinrich
Haylee Heinrich Aylar önce
Me too
What if ur an Irish child and grew up in a house that uses curses in every single day many times a year?
kplays 15 gün önce
That’s fine I don’t plan on breaking any of those rules
Gen Hulse
Gen Hulse 17 gün önce
So, mom. What happens when I bring my kid over? Love, your 22 year old adopted child
Jelly Anime freak
Jelly Anime freak 9 gün önce
It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece
RomanianFolk Aylar önce
Personally,my parents taught me swearing since I was 7. By 8 I knew tons of swearing words and I could use them,but never with other people other than in my mind or by myself. For me, atleast,it helped because I knew what some people really meant and some swearing words can put accent on a lot. I don't think swearing is bad in most situations but I do agree that using it to disrespect people isn't cool.
Kendra Smith
Kendra Smith Aylar önce
@Guku push we stay hungry we devour
JELLY Bellzzy Bells
Same here
Jessie_bun12 Aylar önce
Boi I started swearing 🤬 at 4 like you sad 😞 lmao
RomanianFolk Aylar önce
@Zoya.J yes,if not even younger. I think it's okay to swear but just not with people who feel uncomfortable about it or as a way to disrespect,society put accent and meaning a lot on swearing words so you should never use them to judge or insult somebody
Guku push
Guku push Aylar önce
@Zoya.J it's about power it's about drive
Moonlight luna Wolfy909
Mom I'm dating a non binary e-human that I keep as my lock screen
the classic “cuz I said so”
JellyCookie 19 gün önce
I'm gonna rock you still somehow has the same meaning
Jackson Toepfer
Jackson Toepfer 14 gün önce
Do we still get ice cream trips and you still be MAGICAL
Ruigi Aylar önce
Will you read us bedtime stories? You guys rock!
chocolate glow Stars
chocolate glow Stars 19 gün önce
Them: Magical internet parents Also them : FREAKING RAPING THE ROCKING AIR 🤣
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz 15 gün önce
but why can't we drink if we are thirsty?
♡ Bubbles ♡
♡ Bubbles ♡ 17 gün önce
*Rocks is now my new favorite word.*
Alanna Eason
Alanna Eason 18 gün önce
Dee Silvestro
Dee Silvestro Aylar önce
“Me getting chased by murder” me saying,” FU- ROCKS” murder being confused
Xander Vance
Xander Vance 20 gün önce
magical meadows
magical meadows Aylar önce
@shawn trueblood trueeeee
shawn trueblood
shawn trueblood Aylar önce
You will scare the murderer it sounds like a code word for getting jumped
magical meadows
magical meadows Aylar önce
Me: still sprinting for my life The murderer being confused after yelling ROCKS and questioning my life decisions...
Coolman Aylar önce
Scarful 19 gün önce
When the alex opens his eyes it feels weird cause his eyes are always closed.
baconplaysroblos Gün önce
Guess having a 56 year old child when you're 24
Raindrop Sky
Raindrop Sky 7 gün önce
"No dating" Ummm I'm Lesbian soooo can I still date a girl???
Elmo 13 gün önce
What the rocks mom and dad! You know I’m lactose intolerant!! 😭
Miss Editz
Miss Editz Aylar önce
"because we said so" The most iconic parent line
jImInS lOsT jAmS
jImInS lOsT jAmS 25 gün önce
@Matmi ✔️okay. So what if she stole the comment-?
Matmi ✔️
Matmi ✔️ 25 gün önce
@jImInS lOsT jAmS what?
jImInS lOsT jAmS
jImInS lOsT jAmS 25 gün önce
@Matmi ✔️ :/
Tiffany Middleton
Tiffany Middleton 25 gün önce
So true oof I hate it because we said so so badddd
Jm Mateo 933
Jm Mateo 933 26 gün önce
Gerthy Bausa
Gerthy Bausa 5 gün önce
Im alwayd feeling like your my real parents:)
JELLY child organs
JELLY child organs 12 gün önce
“it's not a mistake”, ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨
Gabriel barsch
Gabriel barsch 9 gün önce
@JELLY child organs Its a mistake and ✨its not a masterpiece ✨
Gabriel barsch
Gabriel barsch 9 gün önce
@JELLY child organs can you just pls stop spamming that word
JELLY child organs
JELLY child organs 10 gün önce
“it's not a mistake”, ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE✨
someone 10 gün önce
Gabriel barsch
Gabriel barsch 10 gün önce
Bruh ayo 😳
Cute Little Wombat
Cute Little Wombat 18 gün önce
ROCKS I DROPPED MY BAGEL!! *goes to pick up bagel* ROCKS I STUBBED MY TOE!!!
Jelly shadow
Jelly shadow 6 gün önce
What the rocks I love this channel so much!! 🧡🧡
Josh Sullivan
Josh Sullivan 2 gün önce
What the rocks
I would love to be adopted by these two and happily accept any conditions they have
Cyber_Maisie 19 gün önce
So I can't date my best friend 🥺
WhySoToxic 6 gün önce
What if someone swears at us?
Jessicca Carter
Jessicca Carter 7 gün önce
Wait so when we're 18 we can do whatever we want yay I can't wait I can smoke marijuana 😂
Kris 10 gün önce
Why do you just happen to be the best internet parents **Cough** and the only ones **Cough** I’ve ever seen?
(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) I was never here 𒊹︎ᴥ︎𒊹︎
I actually started saying rocks at school and got a few weird stares.
I never look at replies lol
tell anyone that looks at you funny to go kick rocks
diamond shadow
diamond shadow Aylar önce
Ava cloouds
Ava cloouds Aylar önce
same i cutt my self and said RoCKs
Amanda gaming
Amanda gaming Aylar önce
Shut the ROCKS up lol it sounds funny I am going to start saying ROCKS and replace it for bad words and I love you all
christina hill
christina hill Aylar önce
The child: FU- I mean rocks 😯 The parents: that’s what I thought
u guys rock! wait-
Insane Gaming
Insane Gaming 15 gün önce
This changes my pov of the song we will we will rock you
Talya Germay
Talya Germay 10 gün önce
So that means that I’m gonna stay single forever
No Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better💕
Trevor Carlisle
Trevor Carlisle Aylar önce
How do you report a channel
BubbaboyX Aylar önce
Bot comment two
Kart kid
Kart kid 20 gün önce
Imagine somebody is older than them and starts lecturing them
Jareth Innis
Jareth Innis 11 gün önce
Fiddly diddle sticks, that's a knee slapper right there
_Huslen’s_vlogs 16 gün önce
Mom is so cute :000
peoples 20 gün önce
Love you guys
watch this if you curse #shorts
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break ups with mom and dad #shorts
görünümler 1 600 000
our solution for making your bed #shorts
btw i’m in love #shorts
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