Why are there no bridges in East London?

Jay Foreman
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22 May 2022




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ChromaFox Aylar önce
The Millennium Bridge didn't actually struggle to take the weight, they just accidentally didn't take into account the resonance effect of hundreds of pedestrians walking in step, the small vibrations of the bridge would produce a slight sway which made people start to step in time with the sway and that added to the effect.
Nick 13 gün önce
@effyleven Ohh Yes sireebob
Nick 13 gün önce
@Felice Pompa yes and if everyone in China jumps up at the same time the world will do something,but I forgot what. It was years ago when they told us that at school. I expect it's all bollox tho. Who knows tho, eh.. The world's gone nuts whole hazelnuts . ☮️🙏😆
Alexander Stollznow
Alexander Stollznow 25 gün önce
@Paul Hughes I don't think that is true, and is contrary to all other reporting on the matter. In fact, its design was faulty. I would imagine the nonsense that people deliberately tried to wobble it (like, was this organised by a flash mob??), is based solely on the fact that, as noted by others here, the oscillations in bridges, if significant, tend to make people's strides sychronise.
Amanda 25 gün önce
Right, then they had to fix it
Carlos pf
Carlos pf 28 gün önce
I was surprised you talked about Valencia at the end. The old river, now turned into a massive urban park, is so useful for the citizens I can't even explain in a message. But it always comes with a cost. A big new concrete river was needed to build at the outskirts of the city implying at the time a major environmental impact. Also, at the end, the new-built river is becoming a new barrier at the south of the city
Aquilam Flammeus
Aquilam Flammeus Gün önce
@Wasa Bista I mean its basically outside of London to the west before it starts becoming feasible without having to fill in tonnes of soil. They "drain" it every year anyway for maintenance work so that level you see the is just from it being under sea level.
NewsFlashStudios 3 gün önce
@Wasa Bista where would the river flow to though?
Rufus Stone
Rufus Stone 14 gün önce
Quite a few bridges over the new river, and of course there is the road either side as well, used to be a lot more rural until you got to Alfafar, Benetússer and Parque Alcosa etc. The one thing the new river always seem to lack, is water!
Wasa Bista
Wasa Bista 19 gün önce
Maybe London could drain the Thames, but only in the eastern part? 👌
Barry Jenkinson
Barry Jenkinson 19 gün önce
That was done in Franco times when the dictator could do what he liked. Impossible to do in London. Also the British government are not capable of doing even moderate infrastructure projects without it going 10 times over budget. So its better they dont try.
M O 22 gün önce
As a South East Londoner all of my life i massively appreciate the attention given to the lack of crossings, It's absolutely absurd. Silvertown tunnel having no cycle/pedestrian access is asinine when you consider how desperate Khan is to reduce emissions. All you have are two shady tunnels with unreliable lift service and a Ferry that is equally unreliable due to strikes and the congestion buildup to get there.
Merrill 25 gün önce
As a rural Australian, it's quite the uncanny experience to have 2 Aussie cities list as examples for public transport. Not just listed but the first 2 too
Straight Pride Month
Straight Pride Month 19 gün önce
Australia is a pretty good example of concentration camps in the modern day too
van kim
van kim 21 gün önce
Cyba IT
Cyba IT 21 gün önce
I lived in Brisee from '04 to '10 and that clip of the CityCat bought back some good memories. It's inexplicable why London doesn't have vessels like that.
G N 27 gün önce
I'm a geography teacher and this is just a brilliant and fun approach to geographic thinking and problem solving. You are an amazing teacher!!
GuemSCarlos Aylar önce
As someone from Valencia, having the riverbed turn into a park was such a good idea. Now we have a large green area, great for exercising and generally hanging out in. Also the fact that is in the riverbed makes the park very resilient to the noise from the city, even when sorrounded with heavy traffic. Originally the mayor supported it to become a motorway, I'm glad the rest of the city saw how bad of an idea was it and strucked that idea down.
WalnussPower 2 gün önce
Bremen in Germany did about the same with its old city moat. Nowadays, there is a nice little park with a small artificial river surrounding Bremen's historical core on the side, that isn't facing the Weser's main stream.
Bobby Bingle
Bobby Bingle 28 gün önce
@GuemSCarlos Gotcha 👍
GuemSCarlos 28 gün önce
​@Bobby Bingle I know, as I said in another reply I don't think the plan is feasible for London
Bobby Bingle
Bobby Bingle 28 gün önce
Valencia is tiny compared to London buddy.
Michael Maiman
Michael Maiman 26 gün önce
I moved to London about 2 years ago. Around 95% of my London knowledge comes from these videos. When I point out borough oddities or tell people about the history of the bridge we are crossing I always tell them who to blame.
Between the Dimensions
Jay and Tom Scott are a great example of how two people from the same place can talk about essentially the same topics (Infrastructure) yet still be very unique.
Miłosz 4 gün önce
I love Jay and I hate Tom Scott. Guess you're right.
banaana1234 9 gün önce
And them being old friends just makes it better
Mike Spearwood
Mike Spearwood 17 gün önce
There's another guy who's a Tom Scott wannabe called "The Tim Traveller".
Andrew Victor
Andrew Victor 18 gün önce
The reason the Romans built a bridge where they did is that it was the furthest point up river that a vessel could readily get on the incoming tide. The area immediately downstream of the bridge was through much of history a flattish bank where ships could be beached and unloaded before floating off and going downstream on a rising tide. London Bridge was therefore as far downstream as one could build a bridge without impeding trade.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 10 gün önce
In our capital we have a grand total of seven bridges crossing the Taedong, yup even east Pyongyang gets one. While London was all about trade, historically Pyongyang and the rest of Korea (then Kingdom of Joseon) was isolated. Americans tried to do the same thing they did to Japan to us in 1866 in what was called the General Sherman incident. We successfully destroyed their ship, but Japan forced us open.
Holy Doggo
Holy Doggo 6 gün önce
thank you dear leader for this interesting bit of information
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Looking forward to part 4
Tutun Chanda
Tutun Chanda 22 gün önce
Not found this task.
Tutun Chanda
Tutun Chanda 22 gün önce
Not found this task.
Bui Phong
Bui Phong 24 gün önce
i like it
Ayunda N. Iskandar
Ayunda N. Iskandar 27 gün önce
If im dead by then,can someone else watch it for me, please?
truenull 28 gün önce
I think I'll wait until part 5 is released so I can get the Black Ray box set and watch them all at the same time.
ulazygit 11 gün önce
I actually watched the ad at the end too … unlike most content providers where I fast forward or leave early! Love the unfinished London series … it doesn’t even age! Keep up the good work!
R0CK0Nbaby 25 gün önce
I've always watched your videos when I was back home in NYC, but now I can finally say I just watched your video while living here in London!!! Gosh it's even better to watch a video about the place that you're already in! Also, can I just say how impressed I am with how you do your speaking bits all over the city? Like, the amount of planning that must have gone into that, it's so unnecessary but you do it anyway! You're such a gem, Jay!
Marcela Garcia
Marcela Garcia 17 gün önce
Great videos! I have a question: why did Tower Bridge need to open up for ships to go through if those ships had already passed under all the previous (upstream) bridges? How did ships pass under the bridges west of Tower Bridge?
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 17 gün önce
Tall ships never needed to go further west then London Bridge. The Pool of London was between London Bridge and Tower Bridge.
John Smith
John Smith 21 gün önce
As someone who was used to travelling from Dartford to East London and the North for a number of years, I can tell you there's no less enjoyable experience acknowledging the fact that that the only bridge they did build (Under er' majesties moniker) was a toll based bridge. Geographical considerations aside, perhaps now that trendies with money to spend who have now began to populate East London. Just look at skyscraper Stratford City, was a huge industrial landscape left to sink into decline and now owned largely by Qatar after Boris sold off the 'Olympic Legacy' habitable site to Qatar - at a loss - during the height of the property boom. Now that this new money corporate 'Hubs' are now there, it might be an incentive to connect the East End over the Thames for the London City Corporation - because let's face it, the East End was never a group of people worth considering for them since it happily watched it's decline whilst waiting for the right 'Re-development' packages
Jamie Wilkinson Cool Cat
This series feels like it would be a BBC documentary series that would be on in the background in the morning some time in 2007, and I love everything about that.
Roger Stone
Roger Stone 17 gün önce
@CurriedUnicorn "one should make sure one is correct" for consistency; and probably "damned sure". But: the underlying point is valid.
Rosanna J S
Rosanna J S 22 gün önce
Aaaaah 2007 ... I am transported back to those peaceful times... daytime telly on in the background as I make a cuppa on the odd week day off. Back in those blissfully ignorant golden years (were they gold in colour if we had our eyes covered? If a tree falls in the forest and noone is around to hear it, does it make a sound?).... those dreamy days before we were aware of the ferocious explosion, expansion, acceleration of everything most terrifying and destructive of human nature, before the exponential augmentation of global proverbial shiiite hit the global proverbial sky fan (it's still raining!) and we, the global population [some deeper than others but only less than 1% on dry land] (safe, peaceful, secure land, with clean drinking water and sustainable alimentation from the earth, with rights to that land without the threat of the 1% using their banks to capture that land, despite already owning all other land and everything else even the polar -bleedin- ice caps where only polar bears and penguins live) have been swimming (drowning) in (proverbial(?))
Khai Quan-Nicholls
Khai Quan-Nicholls 23 gün önce
@Paul well said
Lord Daddie
Lord Daddie 25 gün önce
Like those shots where the presenter and the camera moves simultaneously, who do that this days.
Paul 26 gün önce
@ijemand shoosh
lukas.9821 24 gün önce
Rotterdam has similar issues to London: there is a big North-South divide because of the river and there are too few crossings, partly because of the once so busy port. Rotterdam did already start using the river more to its advantage: there's an elaborate taxi service with speed boats (but it's a bit expensive, just like any cab) and there are 'waterbusses', i.e. ferries that are integrated into the public transportation system and that even go far out of the city, connecting hard to reach villages to the centre of the city. There has also been a push to start giving space to public transport at the cost of cars in one of the most important crossings (Maastunnel), with the usual complaints from drivers, of course.
Max Maidment
Max Maidment 28 gün önce
Never knew about this problem as a Brit that's barely set foot in London. I was struck with the idea of a bus only route while watching. What would be the consequences of this? I imagine it could be useful for commuters and commerce without becoming a huge opportunity for industry in the area that need a closer crossing (which would be responsible for congestion). I feel that usually there is a bus lane but that just reduces car capacity and creates queues. If literally only buses and pedestrians could cross then there should be a void of congestion in the area, right?
tehjaxor 2 gün önce
Brisbane has "green bridges" which are bus, walking and cycling only - Eleanor schonell bridge and Victoria bridge (recently had cars removed) - you can get a lot more people across the bridge when it uses those transport modes (cars take up a lot of room for each person by comparison)
Storm Surge
Storm Surge 25 gün önce
Because not many brits live in london 😂
alitlweird 28 gün önce
I literally grew up in America, lived here my entire life (I’m 49 and I’ll be 50 in less than a month) and I never knew that there aren’t really very many bridges in East London.🤯😲 I even had a *_Golden Retriever™️_* named London. We never discussed it. The subject never came up. He’s dead now, though. He’s in a box in my garage now. (Which, I think is referred to as a “carport” in London)
Chris Wade
Chris Wade 19 gün önce
I literally went back seven times just so I could pause it at the right time to read the fact that you meant to say crossings instead of tunnels! Love it
Droidman1231 Aylar önce
My city, while very different than London, has an old, historic bridge that was deemed unfit for car's weight and made redundant by other nearby, larger crossings. They were going to tear it down but activists fought to make it a pedestrian and cyclist only bridge. It's one of the top focal points of the city now and allows me to live car-free (car-lite) on one side of the river while comfortably getting to services on the other side. Edit: City is Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. Bridge is the Walnut Street Bridge. Has it's own Wikipedia and Tripadvisor page haha
Green Cappy
Green Cappy 25 gün önce
@Cityz3n C'est vrai ? C'est cool ! J'étais jamais en Gascogne mais c'est cool que a bordeaux il font qch de comme ça !
lepidotós 28 gün önce
Interesting, I wouldn't have expected Chattanooga. I'll have to keep it in mind, Lynchburg isn't especially walkable or bikable.
johan13135 29 gün önce
@IcedCat To be fair, Americans weigh more like 110 kg, but yeah
Droidman1231 Aylar önce
@Sam Aronow Nah, Chattanooga
Droidman1231 Aylar önce
@Vigilant Cosmic Penguin I walk or bike across is several times a week for groceries, gym, etc. and love it everytime!
E Fitz
E Fitz 20 gün önce
I travelled from Thamsemead ( where I moved to live) to Cable Street via the Blackwall tunnel for 3 years, for work. Previously I had lived near Cable Street and I knew what I was in for! I have to say I enjoy the journeys! I gave a friend a lift, we brought coffee, breakfast and packed lunches with us. It might take 40 minutes (depending on the time of day!) but usually 2 hours, for a 12 mile journey! Our longest time was 6 hours, luckily for us, we were able to pull off and park in McDonalds ( it was a hot day, I can’t imagine what it was like for those who couldn’t get out of their cars!) I had two four year olds with me, yes I do count my blessings! One time I was going home after 9 and the Blackwall was closed, I ended up following a black cab who went via Rotherhide, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue, South London is a maze! But my favourite journey was one afternoon around 2, I headed home and was ushered through red lights by traffic police. Later on the news I heard Ronnie Briggs was being taken to Bellmarsh prison ( I passed it daily) his car was just behind mine! I got home in 20 minutes 🤣
Daniel Buchmueller
Daniel Buchmueller 15 gün önce
The editing talent on display is amazing. The face swapping at 5:16 for example proves that Jay could single-handedly get rid of the need for CGI!!!
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 15 gün önce
It’s just a piece of sellotape on my nose. No computer trickery.
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
As a person in continental Europe living in a harbour city, I notice the same thing here. At some point the bridges just stop and there is a ferry here and a tunnel there and that's it. We have 8 bridges within less than 11 km And from there it is nothing within the remaining 70-ish km to the coast. Even the thing about the bridge side being nice and rich and the no-bridge side being post-industrial. Only difference is, our river flows towards the west, so the east has the beaches and yacht clubs and the west has the villages resettled to build harbour basins. We even have the same situation with a bridge that was build at half the size of the embankment and another one that got cancelled and created a 110m roundabout that connects exactly one road with itself
Ben Magikz
Ben Magikz 28 gün önce
great episode Jay!, love. watching your series on Unfinished London, and looking forward to hopefully seeing more from you sooner than later aka MAKE MORE OF THEM PLEASE ❤️
Craig Aylar önce
As a civil engineer I’m in the fortunate position of both seeing the changes we need to make, and being at the coal face implementing them. You are quite right that at present we are building infrastructure for cycle demand that doesn’t yet exist. A lot of people get up in arms about this, but forget it’s also what we’ve been doing with motorways and trunk roads for the last 60+ years. I find it almost romantic that car usage has come full circle in almost a century and a half. And a quote attributed to Henry Ford: “if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” A move to to greener modes of transport may not be what the people want, but it is certainly what they need.
A 12 gün önce
@underworldjam the point is that having no car shouldn't result in massive reduction of quality of life. We should be addressing that inequality, not deepening it. It's absurd that people's livelihoods are so heavily dependent on punitively expensive ownership of extremely dangerous and congestion-causing vehicles. It gets people trapped in a catch-22 with no good choices. Building alternatives can only ever be a good thing.
Thomas Claasen
Thomas Claasen 25 gün önce
@Betula Mass transit systems are often better in big cities, but the future of car use is likely to be more public than private and it will make sense to use ride-hailing systems in many cases. Cities of the future will be confronted with a choice between facilitating ride-hailing models with electric vehicles or building expensive mass transit systems. In many cases the ride-hailing approach will be preferred and could be the more environmental/economical option. I personally would love Londoners to cycle and walk more. I think the lack of safety for cyclists no doubt still puts a lot of people off doing that and we should invest in proper cycling infrastructure. However, for cycling and walking to become the main modes of transport in a city like London you would need to radically alter the geography of the city. London has a concentration of workplaces in central areas that most people can't afford to live anywhere near. The average commute time in London is well over an hour at present. Shifting a meaningful number of people over to permanently cycling/walking is basically impossible unless that situation changes.
Betula 25 gün önce
@Thomas Claasen I think also that you're half-half right. Indeed, we will soon eliminate the problem of fumes and fuel use from ICE vehicles. However, there are still fundamental problems with cars, EV or not. This isn't to say that we shouldn't built roads. We just have to built sustainable ones which don't bias cars -- these can be (for urban areas) autoluw which allow car accessibility for essential uses, and other streets like woonerf. We will still have motorways and such, but our reliance (or dependence) on cars needs to end, because the economics of any cars in cities don't make sense compared to their other uses. We can use cars and motor vehicles for: disability use, service use, emergency use, haulage use, distance/country use, carsharing which is cheaper than owning, etc. But as a mass transport vehicle, we need trains (which are the most efficient), other public transport, cycling and walking (the healthiest). These also work for well-being reasons as well as economic ones (more small business, less land wastage, etc.) It is the type of roads which we invest in, and those induce demand. If we only build wide (wider for speeding) asphalt roads too dangerous for anyone else, then naturally the road network will be unsustainable, because the cars which use them deteriorate the quality of them without giving return, and they spend 95% of their time parked. If we balance what roads for cars act as a service, like those long distance and rural ones, whilst re-evaluating urban ones so that cars can access, not dominate streets against everyone else, then we will have a more stable ecosystem.
Thomas Claasen
Thomas Claasen 26 gün önce
I agree on building for the future but you could equally say that the idea car transport is a problem is at odds with current trends. We're shifting to a future in which cars will be almost entirely electric, where ride-hailing will complement public transport, and where there will be greater demand for delivery services as shopping moves online and we work from home. The UK's population is predicted to enter a lasting decline in the coming decades and the economics of car ownership are also set to change dramatically due to the rise of ride-hailing models (and possibly the self-driving car, though that's still a long way off). It was quite right thirty years ago to think that building new road links could exacerbate pollution and generate gridlock, but the idea we should avoid investing in new roads isn't forward looking anymore, it's actually quite dated.
Betula 29 gün önce
@Midshipman That's called autoluw, and yes it works.
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 12 gün önce
Excellent video. It's informative, entertaining and memorable. I'm definitely going to watch some of your other videos. Well done.
ʟɛɛ ʝǟʍɛֆ
ʟɛɛ ʝǟʍɛֆ 11 gün önce
Paul Sparkone
Paul Sparkone 27 gün önce
The 'turning the river into a huge park' concept is a frightening idea. Everyone knows it won't stay green for long (what with an apparent demand for numerous east-end crossings, and the grubbers wanting more construction sites inside London).
kaikart 25 gün önce
Not only that but also an environmental disaster of an epic proportion
iWoodwork  Smart Carpentry
I used to live in Ilford, east London doing carpentry work. I did avoid jobs in South east London and South west just for the traffic reason as It was impossible not to spend at least one hour for 10 miles. Rush hours were literally meditation times in traffic:)
Graham Jacob
Graham Jacob 10 gün önce
The Thames as a "road" is hugely underutilised. My g-g-g-grandfather started a lighterage business at Deptford in the 1830's. It remained in the family for nearly 130 years. It was one of many businesses that traded up and down the river and into east coast ports.
Jack Dog
Jack Dog 6 gün önce
Thought you just had a stutter until I realised what the Gs meant
Medlife Crisis
Medlife Crisis Aylar önce
I had no idea that Ken’s bridge started construction! I used to always wonder why that random flyover between Tesco and the road to Asda even existed. It just went between parallel roads. Jokes aside, the cross river transport chaos is one of the reasons I left 😐
K.o.R 29 gün önce
Was that the random ramp in the first episode of BUGS that the baddies drove off and exploded?
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Aylar önce
I lived in North London for twenty years and the way I addressed the whole river crossing business was to stay in North London.
Malthe Høj-Sunesen
@Ash Lilburne yes it is a channel. Definite yes you should follow. Dry humor about the best organ in the body. Sometimes the heart too.
jamie noonan
jamie noonan Aylar önce
sounds like B's to me.
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Well, now people can get their shopping done twice on the same road!
Avery the Cuban-American
Regarding the Woolwich Ferry, at least you can cross at that point via the DLR...while Staten Islanders are stuck taking the ferry since there is no subway link between Manhattan and Staten Island. Not even a subway link between Brooklyn and Staten Island. A tunnel between the two was in the works but it was canceled and abandoned in 1925 after two years of construction. Bay Ridge-95th Street, the southern terminus of the R, was built in anticipation for the tunnel. When Access to the Region's Core (the project for new tunnels between NJ and NY) was originally canceled in 2010, using the federal funds allocated for that project for the Staten Island tunnel instead was one of the options. Unfortunately, that didn't happen
Amazingly Awkward
Amazingly Awkward 26 gün önce
London is such a fascinating city and I feel it gets a lot of flack being overfunded (which, in areas, it is, I live in the middle of England and never knew about that ridiculous cable car crossing!) but it also has a lot of history and a lot of down to earth, friendly faces.
Rowan 11 gün önce
@A my home city of Peterborough is quicker and cheaper on public transport than it is in london. Also, if they didn’t invest in london transport the london economy would be fucked. If all 7 million people drove goods would never make it to central, let alone people
A 12 gün önce
@Rowan the fact that it only takes an hour to get to work on public transport is insane. The fact is that for most people in most parts of the country it is impossible to get to work in under an hour without a car, and not necessarily because of physical distance, but because unlike London we're caught in a vicious cycle of cuts and underfunding leading to reduced service leading to greater cuts. Whereas in London there's always some new project in the works and billions can be spent without it being vetoed, while the smallest expenditure for other cities is always vetoed by the London lovers in charge of central govt.
Rowan 25 gün önce
You think london is over funded until you live there then realise its underfunded lmao. Tubes are always rammed and every journey always takes about an hour. I used to complain about it taking 30 minutes to get the bus to work at my old job back home, now if i get to work in 30 minutes its a good day
michael jeacock
michael jeacock 25 gün önce
yes, it isn't actually in the middle of nowhere. it links the o2 dome with the excel centre and despite his claims it can get busy at times. I use it to get to comic con sometimes.
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart 25 gün önce
@Amazingly Awkward I know what you mean there all too well, I'm currently living near Leicester and have been to different parts of Derbyshire over the years and know exactly what you mean I'm sorry to hear that happened, that's the problem with the tubes, they get so warm even on the coldest of days 😬 I find the busses in London to be absolutely grand though, I think most stops you won't be waiting for more than 12 minutes (Which is crazy come to think of it) and alot of the time I've arrived at places much earlier than Google has suggested (I love London to be honest, I wish everywhere had the Public Transport London has but that'll probably happen so far into the future when everything is chrome 😂)
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 25 gün önce
These never fail go disappoint, great history and knowledge shown with great humour too. Must take quite a bit of research to make this.
Konstantinos Kouretas
Legend. I've been binge-watching the entire channel the last few days. Do you have an engineering background? Awesome grasp on urban design / transport stuff.
Merletastic Aylar önce
I've never been to London or even the island upon which it sits, but darn, these videos are just fascinating!
wxves 5 gün önce
visit london and go to peckham thats the safest place in london
Holden Toodicks
Holden Toodicks 5 gün önce
@JohnSalamii We the regular folk of England take trains when we are in London. It’s idiotic to drive there unless it’s a bank holiday when parking is free.
Phantom 10 gün önce
Still live there, traffic is still awful.
Nick McDonald
Nick McDonald 14 gün önce
It’s an amazing island, you should come. London is great but everywhere else is completely different so do some travelling!
minustaco42 zero
minustaco42 zero 22 gün önce
I've become addicted to your interesting and funny videos that I've subscribed and binge watching your videos. Thank you for making history funny and inviting I hope more people keep finding your channel.
Peter Dixon
Peter Dixon 25 gün önce
As someone who has regularly taken ships up to Angersteins wharf (Charlton) over the last 20 years the change in London's river frontage is fascinating, thank you for maing these videos, as a non-Londoner they are fab.
Pigasus 27 gün önce
The reason Hammersmith bridge shut was because Transport for London sent too many buses over at one time which broke the bridge. Encouraging journeys not by car within the city is good, but for those coming INTO London and then over the river, pedestrianising Hammersmith is a pain.
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas 26 gün önce
Lived and campaigned in Royal Docks for 35 years from 1985. This was featured in SERPLAN, Southeast Regional Planning back in early 1980s and ever since. East London River Crossing failed due to early 1990s recession and EU on environment (Tories vetoed it using EU as excuse but we had documents to show it was economic decision). Air pollution is a vast factor for people who live near the River where they are the focus of all London pollution - dust, chemicals, etc. Silvertown Tunnel would have suited me in a selfish way for a few years from 2013 but the pollution for locals would have been murderous. The ferry is disastrous - the big new ferries might be cleaner but hardly every have 2 operating and they are so huge that they both stop when there's any sort of breeze (the old ferries were lower, and more permeable to wind).
GeminiStargazer 24 gün önce
I'm not sure what kind of ferries you have now but I'm from Brisbane, Australia. Mentioned in the video for the CityCats. The Catamarans are nice and fast and I don't think that wind is an issue, they do have to stop if there's any debris in the river from a storm or something. But they operate most of the time.
Ben Conneran
Ben Conneran Aylar önce
The man just doesn't miss! He's been making this series almost half his life and he hasn't missed once! Incredible.
huy nguyen
huy nguyen Aylar önce
Campaigner Aylar önce
The Mans taken about 15 years to put out 7 unfinished London videos but all of them are of immaculate quality.
Greywolf757 Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ If Jesus will show me the holes in his hands like he did for Thomas, then I'll believe in him.
Unfinished CGI
Unfinished CGI Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Nah I'm good.
Doublepower Aylar önce
@Ghea Pubi🪐 ok
J C 25 gün önce
So glad to see this! The other day I was in Wapping (east London) on my bike. Checked Google Maps to see if a shop was nearby and... aha! 0.21 miles away. Check the map.... it's below the river, which got me thinking 'WHY ARE THERE NO BRIDGES IN EAST LONDON?'
Andrew Mole
Andrew Mole 27 gün önce
The Millennium Bridge when first opened “struggled to take the weight of pedestrians”. No. Completely and utterly wrong. The problem was a lateral one (not weight which is vertical) when pedestrians subconsciously matched their walking to the lateral frequency of the bridge. The bridge had no problem carrying their weight - it was their swaying that caused problems.
Robert Stallard
Robert Stallard 5 gün önce
@Samuela That's why large bodies of troops break step when they march over a bridge.
Samuela 6 gün önce
I did not know that bridges can have problems to carry pedestrians.
Czadzikable 24 gün önce
I hope Jay sees this in order to add a correction! 😁
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson 26 gün önce
First one of these videos I’ve watched but really interesting. Definitely interested in the next video about the future of the river. I am currently doing some work investigating the feasibility of coastal green shipping corridors around the UK and the Thames could make an interesting addition to something like this.
Trell Air
Trell Air 5 gün önce
Ganz großes Lob für deinen TRvid Kanal. Wir brauchen mehr von deiner Sorte die so einen Content machen. Sehr informativ, mit Witz und Charme. Das fehlt auf dieser Plattform. Großes Lob und schöne Grüße aus Dortmund in Deutschland 🇩🇪 Durch deine Videos habe ich sehr viel über London und England gelernt. Ich hoffe auf noch viele spannende Videos über London, ich denke da wird dir der Stoff so schnell nicht ausgehen.
Bethany Greenwood
Bethany Greenwood Aylar önce
Jay, your videos were my gateway drug to pursuing Civil/Transport Engineering and Planning. Keep up the great content!
God 24 gün önce
Say no to drugs
Max Maidment
Max Maidment 28 gün önce
@Jonatan Paz I think we should start another city ahaha
Maguire Fire
Maguire Fire 28 gün önce
Basically people of East London would love more alternatives to commute.... But they rather keep it as it is... So this videos a complete waist of time... Wee learnt nothing... Apart from they still can't get over the river
Pecklesteiner 28 gün önce
Very cool!! I now also feel less whimsical for going to uni for linguistics because of Tom Scott videos 🤭
bimmjim 29 gün önce
I'm a retired engineer. I've had the time to look back at what I did.
Ted Frey
Ted Frey 5 gün önce
East London was a vibrant docks right up to Tower Bridge. Any bridges built on that stretch of the river would have to have been large enough to allow the volume of large shipping that was in and out of the docks every day. The river was crammed with ships from all over the world. Take a look at some of the old photos from pre war and after.
PetitMew 26 gün önce
Would love you to do a video on Humber Bridge. Longest suspension bridge in UK (and I believe Europe?), however whilst it has made going between Lincolnshire and Yorkshire easier, it has it's setbacks. Worth looking in to specially as it's construction was amazing :)
Allan Dacruz
Allan Dacruz 27 gün önce
Bravo Jay. An excellent production. You are worthy of your own show, hilarious.
Ola Bergvall
Ola Bergvall 25 gün önce
Wow this was great! Good production, well thought out narrative, interesting topic. Instant sub from me 👍
somethingabouttea Aylar önce
I don't know how he does it, but Jay always has a magical way of making me invested in something I shouldn't care about and will never need to know again He's also probably the reason I'm now so fascinated by London
ParadoxriftsAU 24 gün önce
A potential solution to the problem of building a local bridge in East London primarily designed for the convenience of East Londoners would be to construct a one way bridge across the river. Making it easier for people living in East London to access economic opportunities that exist in North London, albeit with a longer drive home.
Ollie Miles
Ollie Miles 28 gün önce
Brilliant. First video Ive ever seen by this producer. Kudos on presentation and content and answered a question, as a resident of London, I've long since wondered about after living in the area. Kudos.
A Pizza Gaming
A Pizza Gaming 20 gün önce
I love London! I never realised about the bridge situation. Thank you for teaching me something.
Frank Harr
Frank Harr 26 gün önce
This is a fun series. I'm looking forward to the ext installment.
Rivereeds Aylar önce
My day gets 100% better when a new Unfinished London video comes out!
blu3s3rp3nt Aylar önce
Your next better day is in 3022
Karsci Merfi
Karsci Merfi Aylar önce
FACTS!!!! 💯
elbow's buns
elbow's buns Aylar önce
@LordDarias Same
Pip 27 gün önce
Love this format. Well researched information presented in good humour; fashion sense is 1977-ish 🙂
Supvia 9 gün önce
In Munich, they where thinking about an outer railway line that would connect outer parts of the city without leading passengers through the crowded middle of the city. However, they abandoned the idea, because peOpLe ActUaLly wAnT tO gEt tO tHe CiTy cEnTeR, because they work there. Yeah. Like an outer railway ring would not totally change the structure of the city and enable companies to move somewhere else then the city center.
The most talented dude on earth
As a Dutch person I can say you can still build tons of bridges despite having to deal with tall boats, we do it for many years already
Mary Manning
Mary Manning 4 gün önce
I lived by Blackwell tunnel which is not far from Canary Wharf. Took years to build the other tunnel which is a separate tunnel running alongside side the original. I know this because as a local we were allowed to walk through is before it opened.
MacUser200606 Aylar önce
I have to congratulate you for _twice_ mentioning trams as the clean, green, sustainable way to transport people, even across rivers. I live in Medway, east of Dartford and the proposed Thames Gateway Tramlink (KenEx). The government is inflating our region like a balloon by insisting on building huge numbers of "little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky". The place is screaming out for a light rail solution. But no. The nearest our local authority comes to such ideas is "green" buses.
Slook Aylar önce
And they all look just the same!
Arin Hoad
Arin Hoad Aylar önce
Greetings fellow Medway'er. It never even occured to me we could use a light rail system but damn would that be helpful. I find it fascinating how a network of towns that at this point has basically fused into one centreless city could have such patchy public transport but here we are. It feels like you have to change at every station for the train, and in regards to buses my area only has one and it barely survived covid without getting removed. I moved to London to study and every time I come back to visit I have to reorient myself to a completely different way of getting around. A mini light rail or tram that logically connects the different towns as they exist today would be a godsend.
Limbap Aylar önce
I'm also from medway and seeing old photos tram cars and trolley buses makes me so upset that there gone, medway would gain so much from trams. Gillingham is stuck on a hill, Rainham is in the middle of nowhere, Chatham is dying from being stuck in a valley and austerity, Rochester is a potential tourist centre and Strood is just a mess. Won't fix everything but could definitely be a step in putting medway on the map.
Salim Abid
Salim Abid 25 gün önce
3:26 I was in stitches, I love the candid yet informative nature of this video, Stumbled across it on my youtube homepage and I love it!! 🤌🏻
Dani Martínez
Dani Martínez 5 gün önce
Okay. Before I see the video, I am going to take a guess. It's because East London is full of port Terminals and lots of cargo ships get in&out and the only viable option is either a deep tunel or a high bridge like the Dartford/Queen Elizabeth the second? Left England a year ago after 12 years of hard working and driving those roads and now there's a tunnel being built from Swanscombe to the A127/A12 side of the M25 but I am guessing that the traffic for when It's done, won't be as bad as It used to be when England was full of EU workers. ...now off to watch the video...
Evil Paragon 4
Evil Paragon 4 21 gün önce
Just randomly hearing my city at the end really caught me off guard. Brisbane's CityCats (weird name choice for river-based boat crossing, but sure) are actually really good. They're never late, they're comfy, and they have the novelty of being a boat. They zigzag up and down the river to head to each 'station'. Their biggest flaw is they cost the same as a bus, when since 99% of the city is land, a bus is far more often going to be a better means of transport. Additionally, our government seems to think public transport is a waste of tax payer money, and not a crucial part of it, so transport fares are rather expensive, with it costing $5 to get to the central business district from the University of Queensland, by both bus and boat. If public transport was free, I'm certain the infrastructure would get better and travelling by boat would become less novelty and more fact of life for getting around.
Adam Sanders
Adam Sanders 26 gün önce
I love the way he delivers the facts, its so interesting to watch
Swarnamoti Aylar önce
At this point I am pretty sure that Jay and Tom Scott always plan beforehand to upload videos at the same time (maybe a few minutes apart), just to troll us. This video was as usual amazing ❤️
Oscar 29 gün önce
Now I know where I saw this before
Swarnamoti Aylar önce
@DoABarrelRoll 😂😂
DoABarrelRoll Aylar önce
I wonder if they hire assistance from the same ‘walk backwards and film a monologue’ company
Swarnamoti Aylar önce
@Telly 1 yeah, still it's funny
Telly 1
Telly 1 Aylar önce
I think that they've said it before, they just happen to both do Mondays at 4
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta 23 gün önce
As a one time Resident of London in the early 90s , I enjoyed the Woolwich ferry crossing.
Kithrar 26 gün önce
This is so chaotic. I like it. The sheer energy is mesmerizing.
asdLArs 28 gün önce
As someone who lives a few blocks away from a drained a river let me inform you that from time to time the river decides to "come back" and rivers are not easily convinced to change their minds. This has been going on for about 300 years, not a good idea.
modtwentyeight 27 gün önce
I just love the British sense of humor! And your explanations. Thank you.
Linke Kever
Linke Kever Aylar önce
As a Dutch person that loves making videos about transport infrastructure myself, I always enjoy your fantastic videos that combine this with amazing humor. can't wait for the next video to come!
Linke Kever
Linke Kever Aylar önce
@Liam Bohl Did I? I'm pretty sure I didn't...
BahnSpotter Aylar önce
As a transportation enthusiast that sees your comments pretty much everywhere I go, I kindly ask you to stop shamelessly self-advertising under all these creators. It's seriously annoying. Thank you!
Liam Bohl
Liam Bohl Aylar önce
You make this comment on every Unfinished London video, and it feels a bit shameless
Thomas Mattheus Govaers
phatato 27 gün önce
I left london over a decade ago but these videos remind us how ceaselessly interesting this city is
All Blooms
All Blooms 18 gün önce
Great videos. You Brits are geniuses when it comes to dry humor. Hats off to you!
John.S 2 gün önce
As a Swede living in Sweden, having been bothered by TRvid over and over and over again, finally watched this video and,, yup, It's as he/I thought, building bridges simply wasn't "worth the effort" /using taxpayers money to build.. bridges over a body of water (themes).. (It most definitively of course IS worth it, if the public think it'd be worth it) also, bugger of now TRvid, I've watched the video...
Ali Guled
Ali Guled 27 gün önce
I lived in london for 5 yrs in both east and west. But i never had this over all view of thames river crossings. Now iam now permenently settled in e. Africa. However i commend u the effort u put into it and research u did. Simple brilliant
cat Aylar önce
As an East Londoner, I've always wondered why it's impossible to get across the river.. very informative video!
Sabotaz80 13 gün önce
Many parts of LA I’ve been told (by life long residents) have also improved over recent decades and been gentrified, such as Silver Lake, Highland Park, Crenshaw, downtown areas etc, whilst others have not changed so much, such as many of the South Central neighbourhoods. This seems to be a combination of the downsides of capitalism and the systemic racism that many ethnic neighbourhoods have faced over the decades, such as deliberate chronic social underfunding, which Watts is a clear example of. This is the same in every city across America though. The amount of homeless in the city was also one of the most noticeable issues, however in spite of all this it’s still one of my favourite places in the world I’ve visited.
Ron Schlorff
Ron Schlorff 14 gün önce
@Sabotaz80 like a lot of areas in L.A. they were once nice, long ago, when the Watts towers were built by that artist. I think he was an immigrant, at the time. Things change in big cities, all over the world, usually not for the better. At least no wars will ever happen here, like they are in Ukraine, except for a nuke war, of course, then the perpetrator country, take your pick of a few, will be utterly destroyed as well.
Sabotaz80 14 gün önce
It’s funny you mention Watts as an example, I’m from London but when I went to LA as a tourist I drove down to Watts one day to see the Watts towers, which I thought was really cool, had a nice little walk around the immediate area too such as the park and the arts centre there. I see what you mean about the area being dangerous though, frankly it’s embarrassing that in a city as wealthy as LA, the conditions that existed in that neighbourhood resembled something like a South American favela. The few locals I spoke to by the arts centre were lovely though
monk3yboy69 18 gün önce
@Killjoy That is simply not true. There is so much money in East London now it’s unbelievable. The continued growth to the east side of London is alarming and I’m surprised the environmentalists are not hitting the roof. You talk about it being so poor….well, they have solved that problem by forcing out the poor and sending them to Clacton. If you’re looking to make big gains in property, East London is the place to be.
Lord_Foxy13 18 gün önce
Jay just keep throwing reasons I want to emigrate to the UK into my face, Love from Canada
Antony Graham
Antony Graham 14 gün önce
The wind is to blame for west London being wealthy, the prevailing wind is from the west so the people that could afford to move away from the industrial heart of London moved west, and any new industrial areas were built in the east. On the odd occasions, the wind switches around and the industrial smells blow over central London, Tate and Lyles sugar refinery produces a particularly unpleasant smell (if it still exists).
Shivam Pundir
Shivam Pundir 13 gün önce
I am new to London with literally no friends as of now. But watching your videos make me feel at home. I don't feel so confused now. Thanks brother. I hope I can buy you a beer to say thank you 😊
Tesla and Humanity
Tesla and Humanity 26 gün önce
It would have helped me greatly commuting from SE London to the city daily , shame it never came in my years .
Ididthis Onpulpous
Ididthis Onpulpous Aylar önce
I want to say I live in Rural Arkansas in the U.S. and my general interest in London's infrastructure was limited in the past, I have to say your series is absolutely fascinating. Your content is always engaging, irreverent, and just well nice. I feel like I could even stomach a cup of tea and call my cookies biscuits on your behalf... Well I mean almost...
Ron Schlorff
Ron Schlorff 26 gün önce
@Rob Fraser Naw, just a good ol' southern boy, from the same state as Bill and Hillary Clinton. Now do you get why!! :D LOL
Rob Fraser
Rob Fraser 27 gün önce
@Paul Haynes That seems a bit assive paggressive.
NicolaW72 Aylar önce
Paul Haynes
Paul Haynes Aylar önce
You can call your cookies whatever you like!
A 12 gün önce
I was in south east London yesterday and wondering why there were no crossings (as a non-Londoner). This video cropped up at the right time!
Matt Bell
Matt Bell 27 gün önce
I've no idea why the algorithm recommended this video but I just love the presentation style! Off to watch more 👍
Matt C
Matt C 27 gün önce
I remember once I was staying in the docklands area and decided to give the Emirates Airline a try. I went up to the ticket desk and said "So, what actually is there to do on the other side?" The attendant replied: "Eeerm... Not a lot really. There's the O2 I guess. That's about it."
58Rev 24 gün önce
A wonderful look at this question and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I'll be 164 years old in 3022, looking forward to part 4.
The Engineering Mindset
I've lived in east London for many years, we need someone to make an Uber service for local boat owners, so we can cross the river or get into central. The Thames clipper service is obscenely expensive. £9.60 for a 430 meter trip 1 stop, from double tree to canary wharf and back. How?
Jordan Bouzeneris
Jordan Bouzeneris 29 gün önce
IE, it'd be purely a novelty for anyone that has a car at best & the 2nd option for most people that don't Iive remotely near it. Yes it'll get ridership to keep going, but historically, ferry boats in England barely even break even.
Jordan Bouzeneris
Jordan Bouzeneris 29 gün önce
@Susie a few things to take into account: it's as active, narrow waterway. &, The combination of currency exchange rate & inflation. Yes it's more expensive, but it's not *terribly* more expensive, especially considering the fact that you know everything would get buggered down in council.
Susie 29 gün önce
@Jordan Bouzeneris Really? That seems inaccurate to my experience. The US ferries I’ve used most are much less expensive than quoted above for a Thames crossing. Take, for example, the Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry which crosses a distance of almost 10 miles and a sailing time of 35 minutes. That costs $9.25 for a foot passenger. AND, they only charge in one direction so that’s the total price for a round trip. And of course you can save even more if you buy a pack of 10 crossings, dropping it to $7.25 for a round trip. How about New York City, you say? Well all the city ferries charge you the same price as for a subway ride, ie $2.75 per ride. And again, the distances can be quite far as some bounce from side to side along the East River. And of course, the Staten Island ferry is completely free. Whereas, OP is saying over £9 for one direction for a crossing of less than 500m? That cost is extremely expensive.
Ruth H
Ruth H Aylar önce
@Will Brown Walking on water is not a viable way for most people to cross the Thames.
Charles Lambert
Charles Lambert Aylar önce
weld an empty barrel to each side of a boris bike and cycle across
Craig Turpin
Craig Turpin 26 gün önce
I love these videos. Very entertaining and informative
Neil Bain
Neil Bain 27 gün önce
How informative, inventive, knowledgable and quirky. I like these videos. Jay's head must be a most curious place to visit. Sit there on a deckchair with a knotted hanky on your head, it'll be like Southend in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I've been up the Lower Thames. It reminds me of the River Ankh but worse.
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 27 gün önce
My leg’s drifting off into the sunset.
saxz99 25 gün önce
Absolutely brilliant video as always Jay.
Rob F
Rob F 4 gün önce
That's done deliberately to keep cockneys out of south-east London. It seems to have worked, as they've nearly all gone to Basildon, Harlow and Canvey Island.
GrumpyGoomba9 Aylar önce
Well Jay finally addressed the Lower Thames Crossing after emailling me back about three years ago saying it was a worthwhile idea to consider. Its a massive clusterfuck and deserves its own video by somebody.
Gabriel Santana
Gabriel Santana 26 gün önce
I’ll visit London for the first time in august and Your channel really motivates me to explore the city
Politically Incorrect
Politically Incorrect 28 gün önce
Thanks for the view of London. I didn't know about those pedestrian bridges, since I have never had the joy of being there. It is fascinating to see a video of London. I'm sure that I would be amazed to see London in person. You would get lots of views if you had videos of "daily life" in London. The pubs, shops, grocery stores, etc.
Politically Incorrect
Politically Incorrect 25 gün önce
@Leonardo Landi Anything to say about London? Trolling?
Leonardo Landi
Leonardo Landi 26 gün önce
he gets 1.5 million views on every video, I don't think he needs your advice.
Be Happy
Be Happy 24 gün önce
I love this channel. I love London I live there. But the bridge thing I have used tower bridge if I need to cross the river. But yeah there are no bridges in the east end . Makes sense because of the massive sales on the cargo boats Edit: sails*
Joshua Casey
Joshua Casey 17 gün önce
Fantastic and witty work! You’ve gained yourself a subscriber Mr Foreman!
Bella Aylar önce
"accidentally built an international airport", "pun massively intended". Ah Jay Foreman, we've missed you.
mkcurlylocks 22 gün önce
Can you make the most rectangle state? I loved the most square country great work Map Men! Edit: of the US and Canada btw
jpaugh64 26 gün önce
When you swap out a motorway for a bicycle path, you're not only affecting the type of vehicle; you're also changing the type of person who will (or can) take that route. None of the options are simple; the right goal isn't to increase travel options, because the solution affects so much more than that. The right goal might be to simulate the economy of the local area, because then at least the goal would be as big as the impact.
Ron Schlorff
Ron Schlorff 26 gün önce
Yes, it's always better to live close to where you work, having commuted 62 miles each way when I was a working sod in California!! Yes, bikes may not be the answer, we have, near where I live now in southern Arizona, many of those little "white bicycle monuments" denoting a place where some poor guy ended his life due to being run over by a car!! :(
Petra44YT Nein!
Petra44YT Nein! 25 gün önce
Oh, it would be really cool if you could use a boat with your Oyster card in London, too. ... I've used boats that were normal public transport in Oslo, Tegernsee, Hamburg and Venice and usually like the experience. :-)
snwt 3 gün önce
me, an environmental sciences postgrad, hearing the idea to drain the Thames: 😨 on a more serious note: This video brought me to the channel. Great video, I'll stay!
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