Why 94% of China Lives East of This Line

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16 Eki 2021




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Jangha Hayaga
Jangha Hayaga 14 dakika önce
That's why they claiming all parts of South china sea to bring water to these desserts 🙂🔪 no its a jokes
lee dell
lee dell 33 dakika önce
Wrong CHINA map. you know what i'm saying
Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach 35 dakika önce
by the way yes it is true, half of China is basically a desert! know many people are ignorant of this, but very true... also samething with Russia, Russia is the biggest country in the world but the majority of the land is either wasteland and or inhabitable because it gets too cold and no resources available, in some parts of russia it gets too cold that you would even freeze to death just going outside.
Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach 37 dakika önce
This is pretty much a simple analysis.... that side of the land on china that only 6 percent of population lives just simply is not habitable and is out in the middle of nowhere..... so of course people want to live where there is more concentrations of people for safety, security, and protection!
David Zhang
David Zhang 58 dakika önce
okay, this information is a knowledge point in Chinese text book of secondary school.
Brian LaBarthe
Brian LaBarthe Saatler önce
Water, man, all about water
Green Go
Green Go Saatler önce
رائع 😊
Rushi Shinde
Rushi Shinde 2 saatler önce
Your visual representation is so good.. 👍👍
Misha A
Misha A 4 saatler önce
every time I watch these: "we're soo f*cked"
Manager and event organizer at GAMERZ ESPORTS
Idk about the government but as a country China is one of a kind and I'd say one of the most beautiful countries
Aura Sphere
Aura Sphere 8 saatler önce
When he said B R A H M A P U T R A I felt that
T Abdil
T Abdil 9 saatler önce
China is fourth not third
Chris Benson
Chris Benson 10 saatler önce
How do I go about buying a 500 acre plot in western China?
Shimohira Reika
Shimohira Reika 10 saatler önce
Everyone say USA hide Alien. I am more convince that China hide alien consider how their technology is slowly surpass the world.
MrMuttly55 10 saatler önce
We know where to drop the bombs
RedEye 3 saatler önce
“We” ?
Lil mech
Lil mech 15 saatler önce
Me when he finally said celciles alone: Idk if I spellled it wrong
Nicolò Chiesa
Nicolò Chiesa 15 saatler önce
Why do you say it is a problem instead of just a fact?
Davil Ulemek
Davil Ulemek 18 saatler önce
Free schooling, free healthcare, free dental, free housing, guarantee right to a job...yes communism is horrible 🙄
Oliver549 19 saatler önce
You can have a straight line across the ocean without hitting any land from Pakistan to Russia by going past Madagascar then in between Antarctica and South America over the Pacific Ocean then you hit Russia
Trever Whoever
Trever Whoever 20 saatler önce
Um.. because its a giant fucking desert?
Mario Pavlović
Mario Pavlović 23 saatler önce
18 minutes for that.. well im out
William Sun
William Sun Gün önce
Бәхеткә, бу Кытай материкларыннан түгел, югыйсә аның исеме үзгәртеләчәк。
Piyush K
Piyush K Gün önce
Because that`s originally China , rest is occupied territories
Yawer Gün önce
because there are ports in that side 😂
Edwin Liao
Edwin Liao Gün önce
Good job for not including Taiwan in you map of China
Shawn Chang
Shawn Chang Gün önce
?? Why would it be a question?
T Y Gün önce
This video will be factually inaccurate when Taiwan is reunited
Scott Duthu
Scott Duthu Gün önce
I love these informational videos!
Scott Duthu
Scott Duthu Gün önce
I love these informational videos!
Amer Akber
Amer Akber Gün önce
1:30. Look at India. Lit. But Kashmir is dark. That was because of 6 long months of Lockdown. No Media, No Internet, no access to Peace observers, al leaders locked up without bail for 6 months plus.
Sami Sam
Sami Sam Gün önce
China is a racist country US must destroy those Neonazis
ᓮ A̶m̶ G᭄ᎧoᎶᏝᏋ
U r daydreaming , take rest👍
Waffles 22 saatler önce
@Sami Sam ok
Sami Sam
Sami Sam 23 saatler önce
@Waffles they occupy other nations ..... And they are 1.4 B which mean a timing bomb
Waffles 23 saatler önce
Adonis Verge
Adonis Verge Gün önce
Western china is as populated as my state Kansas? I wanna go
Dale Desjarlais
Dale Desjarlais Gün önce
Of course everyone should know the western regions are desert but what many don't know is China is losing arable land to the desert expanding eastward. Sandstorms have been hitting the eastern cities including Beijing. To put it plainly China is in a bind and it would probably answer what is behind their current posturing with the rest world. It may be that losing land suitable for agricultural use is driving them to attempt a military solution by invading their neighbors. It could be one of the driving factors behind their provocation towards Taiwan recently.
drditup Gün önce
I give a like because you use celcius and not fahrenheit
ᓮ A̶m̶ G᭄ᎧoᎶᏝᏋ
Stupid what intention
Jimholy Long
Jimholy Long Gün önce
What if the comminist bloc was one country
Lillian Lin
Lillian Lin Gün önce
Taiwan is not part of China. Redraw your map.
Коста Гаћина
Short answer: Because the mountains and deserts are on the west side + the coast is always richer cause it has ports
Gucci Librarian
Gucci Librarian Gün önce
Haven't watched the video yet, but I guarantee the answer is "because east of that line isn't the Gobi Desert or Tibetan Plateau."
Humayun Saeed
Humayun Saeed Gün önce
Such a line can be drawn in Pakistan keeping Baluchistan on one side
YT-Shake Gaming Official Channel ∙ 874K views
On that 6 percent land actually there is several army camps of China trying to stole or invade other people's land like terrorist.
kee henry
kee henry Gün önce
mongol is also part of china ,but now mongol is an independent country bcs of soviet union
109kunal Gün önce
reason is simple tibet and Xinjiang province were independent countries and have been occupied by China.Soon they will be free.
Who is here after abhi and neu video
talking sofa
talking sofa Gün önce
So they have land but buy everyone else's
Apurv Chaturvedi
Apurv Chaturvedi 2 gün önce
郑家成 2 gün önce
Taiwan and Spartly Islands are in the east
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 2 gün önce
Critical update* China is the richest country as it recently dethroned America.
Yiming Sun
Yiming Sun 2 gün önce
Thanks! Can you make a video about how many Chinese people live in a wall?
Professor Dumbledore
They are the people who are Right fully entitled to the title "East asians" as they not just live to the east of the world and continent but also to the eastern most part of their own country borders. 😘
Vayee 2 gün önce
Its basicly very understandable. Yet that huge land problem need to be solve sadly its just.. hard. Literally not sure we could solve it in a few years. But a few decade? Idk 🤔
Anthony mo
Anthony mo 2 gün önce
They don't call me mistah take a cuck faah nah reasun
K Todd
K Todd 2 gün önce
Cheyna will inhabit and exploit all their own land quicker than ever due to technological advances and lots of money. If paid enough people will do things in aweful places many at a time for varying amounts of time to make the tour of duty worthwhile in the end. Aside from modern designs for the west of their own country they have recently absconded with hk. Tw will be next. Pay close attention to what they say before they make their moves they are so emboldened as to call the shots then execute how many more shots shall be tolerated after these two? The small weak liberal countries need pay notice
Johnathan Gladue
Johnathan Gladue 2 gün önce
all fair in love and war so good luck why run to spare for dreams world need water in it? i overthink headache right?
Алдуин старается
Quick answer : because cities are built near sea and rivers
Abhijeet Pandule
Abhijeet Pandule 2 gün önce
because Tibet is not part of china almost no one can live in Tibet because its tougher to survived only original Tibetan can live because of there gen and strong physical condition.
Munro Mackay
Munro Mackay 2 gün önce
what are you doing steppe nomads
Bheemaiah periyanda
Bheemaiah periyanda 2 gün önce
China occupied half of their land from neighboring countries
Yogiraj Bhattacharjee
Thank you Abhi and Niyu for suggesting us this Channel
FLORANTE SESE 2 gün önce
TSSS My Channel
TSSS My Channel 2 gün önce
People who see google maps and google Earth know this fact before already. Nice video
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza 2 gün önce
I knew about the water source of tibet that China has the power to control the water of so many countries.
taiku 2 gün önce
someone please tell me where 0:39 is located at! it looks so pretty
Rudraksh Painuly
Rudraksh Painuly 2 gün önce
Tiananmen Square Massacre
Manali Gugale
Manali Gugale 2 gün önce
lulu liu
lulu liu 2 gün önce
Hello editor! I watched your video introduction throughout the whole process. The content is very rich, but you hardly understand the ancient history of China, let alone the process of national development. Most of the content, or even more, is completely narrative wrong. Internally, China has only ethnic integration, no ethnic conflicts; the real ethnic conflicts come from the invasion of foreign enemies and the division of powers. Thousands of years of China cannot be summed up in a few words; it is more that you have said the opposite; please read the modern history of China, propagate the above incorrect language, and correct it. By the way, don’t listen to his side words. As a historian, I feel sorry for your ignorance! I don't think your own country understands, where is courage! Feel free to introduce other countries? Before speaking, I suggest you improve the world culture! It seems that you have a lot of nonsense on the Internet for money!
The Santhal Vlogger
The Santhal Vlogger 3 gün önce
Climate is too harsh near Tibet maybe it’s too cold that’s why they live in weather conditions adaptable to human beings. Surely geographical conditions is the reason.
Juan Makabayan
Juan Makabayan 3 gün önce
West of that line is mostly mountains and deserts?
Eurlove Gisbert
Eurlove Gisbert 3 gün önce
In all the world the ones who have the power are taking step by step everything from the minorities, except the possibility of working for nothing. The only possible survival of a minority is to stay in the power or any country.
namit gupta
namit gupta 3 gün önce
Tibet should be freed and made an independent nation. Tibet has a lot of significance in this world but China is just exploiting the region and its people.
Roland Minute
Roland Minute 3 gün önce
In Canada 34 million out of 37 million people live within 100 miles from the United States border . That's how much our economy's are intertwined .
Tushar Jangid
Tushar Jangid 3 gün önce
very informative video i wanted to know about this topic for some time. Thank you very much
नरनारायण दास
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh 3 gün önce
This video makes me wonder why do China and India fight even. 94% of population don't even share the border with India!
Michael Owino
Michael Owino 3 gün önce
Ishan Gimhan
Ishan Gimhan 3 gün önce
last 2-3 minutes cliche china hate unnecessary. otherwise good video
jothy baran
jothy baran 3 gün önce
70% of land in the world is empty.
tshering jigmee
tshering jigmee 3 gün önce
Actually its suppose to be 0% of chinese because those area are tibet, xinjiang and inner mongolia 😂😂
imin2 3 gün önce
These are occupied lands where 6 percent live
Rick Ruler
Rick Ruler 3 gün önce
Cause the 6%. That's the hinterland
Paul Schmidt
Paul Schmidt 4 gün önce
Why don't Allied Nations of all the world build a base in the west of China than China will shut up let's put a lot of missiles in the west of China blow China up before they can even make a move
T Sam
T Sam 4 gün önce
This description of the map is absurd and not factual, If you study and read the history of independent Tibet, East Turkistan, and Mongolia they are not part of China. and this map reflects the exact reason why all of the Chinese population live eastside of the Hu line before 1949. (Hu Huanyong is a Chinese professor) there is the reason why the Chinese government does not want you to see his map, nor you will ever find this map on the People's Republic of China website or history. All three occupied territories, Tibet, East Turkistan, Mongolia have different languages, are different ethics, cultures, territories, have their own governments so on...
Jeff Lai
Jeff Lai 4 gün önce
Because 6% of China live west of that line?🤗🤗🤗
dennis lydon
dennis lydon 4 gün önce
This Narrator has convinced me to scrap my plans to relocate to western China
A S 4 gün önce
NSiberia. 1 hour video of why most Russians live in western side. Because eastern side is barren siberia. 1 hour video of why most Canadians live in southern part of Canada...
Raman 611
Raman 611 4 gün önce
True and not true.
jon goldust
jon goldust 4 gün önce
Where the 6% of the population lives doesn't belong to china. Tibet and the rest were acquired by force and doesn't belong to this evil imperial power.
来自涂山 3 gün önce
You said it didn't work
Vlado Montezuma
Vlado Montezuma 4 gün önce
Still 6% of 1.4 billion is large number of people. It's like Germany or even more 😊🤔
grandma_moses 4 gün önce
First time I heard the fresh-water angle being put front and centre as the main reason for China wanting to control Tibet. The usual consensus seems to be that China wants to control Tibet because they have only one non-friendly nation near them they consider somewhat equal to themselves, meaning of course India. The often-heard thinking goes 'If China wouldn't control Tibet, India surely would' because Tibet is too 'weak' to not come under the influence of one of those powers. And if India controlled Tibet, they could get troops over the Himalaya to the chinese border to strike there, whereas if China controlled Tibet, it may act as a sort of buffer zone buying the Chinese the time to mount an adaequate defense as then the Indians would be presented with the task of attacking into the Himalaya and then crossing a vast, icy, road-less Tibet instead of amassing their troops at a border where they've already crossed that natural barrier. So while controlling fresh water supply might be another of a couple of reasons China wants to control Tibet, the big, main, front-and-centre reason seems to be of a rather militaristic, strategical nature and fueled by the deep mistrust between the two by far most populous countries in the world, China and India. Tibet is just an unfortunate plaything in their hands it seems.
来自涂山 3 gün önce
India thought it was strong, then China showed India the reality
Andrei Pokrovsky
Andrei Pokrovsky 4 gün önce
Europe is not a continent, Eurasia is.
msp tcb
msp tcb 4 gün önce
CHIIIIIINA only has 300million people maybe. They just lie about everything
FenneXanthous 4 gün önce
hey, the western part of China still has more poulation then britain :)
Ishaq niz
Ishaq niz 4 gün önce
because china is not other side its tibat and east turkistan
blakjak38 5 gün önce
Americans were able to build Phoenix and Las Vegas out of a desert. I can’t imagine the Chinese can’t do the same in their western frontier. Maybe it’s more an issue of politics and economics, instead of ingenuity and technology.
来自涂山 3 gün önce
China built many cities in the west 2000 and 1300 years ago, and even Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have the remains of Chinese cities。
TinoNotSus 5 gün önce
Plot twist: Tibet is not popualted
Styx 5 gün önce
funny how in the first 40 seconds of the video all the footage shows hong kong.
S B V 3 gün önce
Mark Chang
Mark Chang 5 gün önce
It sounded like the story of how Americans developed the western states two hundred years ago. How about making that story for people who are not familiar with it in the world?
qolspony 5 gün önce
Look at India 1:30? The people there are widely distributed.
qolspony 5 gün önce
China is like Brazil. Most people live on the coastline.
JustSome DoorKicker
JustSome DoorKicker 5 gün önce
Irradiate their coastline and it sounds like they'll be besieged. West uninhabitable, east blocked by the sea...no need to invade just starve you out. Watch as your citizens starve and turn on your corrupt government....simply wait you out while your people do our job for us. Win win
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