Who Are The Top 5 Shooters In NBA History? 

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There are several all-time great shooters in NBA history…But which 5 are the Greatest ever?
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23 Şub 2024




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@MichaelHeil-ei4ss 2 aylar önce
Jerry West - Jerry West - Jerry West; believe it or not, the NBA started in 1946, not 1980. Jerry West was an assassin who took all the clutch shots . . . and made them long before Stephon Curry or Damian Lillard were a twinkle in their father's eye. Any greatest shooter list without Jerry West is just some young generation X person who disregards history.
@jasonlommen4769 2 aylar önce
Exactly, I just commented the same thing. These youngsters don’t know shit.
@moorelevi 2 aylar önce
You ain't lying
@richardhughes6492 Aylar önce
Correct, Mr Clutch! Also, Oscar, Hal, Sam, Rick, Elvin, Pistol, Earl, Larry, Etc, Etc, Etc!!! My apologies to some I didn’t list. Also, they all were beaten up by their opponents…research Jerry’s many broken noses. Hal played half his games with a thick pad on his thigh. Then look at Mike(not on his list), who drew a foul if someone breathed on him! These “list makers “ should learn the game!! Sigh….
@IamDMV 13 gün önce
Who is Jerry west Better than On this list ?
@dennishoule2570 2 aylar önce
Larry bird hands down if he was able to stay healthy he was hurt and still sunk them from anywhere he would tell you what he was going to do and you still could not stop him
@alexmclife2261 2 aylar önce
If during the time of Sam Jones of Celtics and Jerry West of the Lakers the NBA already has ,the 3 point system, I can't imagine their numbers
@GL0697 2 aylar önce
Dražen Petrović Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf aka Chris Jackson These two had short lived Careers in the NBA they were deadly shooters.
@randysandberg5615 2 aylar önce
There was a player in the '70's named Downtown Freddie Brown, who played for the Seattle Sonics. He had great range but unfortunately played before the 3-point line was implemented in the NBA. He was an outstanding long-range shooter.
@devinmartinez7705 2 aylar önce
Badass. Ima check em out
@user-dv3do1od2r 2 aylar önce
Absolutely, I had a Freddy "Downtown" Brown basketball card in like 1978.....he was a deep shooter! From Downtown
@dmichael100 2 aylar önce
Downtown Freddy Brown shot my favorite team- the 1978 Denver Nuggets out of the West Finals. Plain and simple. Denver wins that series (I have 3 of the games on tape) if Fred Brown doesn't do what he did in the 4th quarters alone. And degree of difficulty? Freddy's shots- leaning from 24 feet off the board- over and over again...I've never forgiven him I'm convinced the Nuggets win the title in 78 (they would have beaten Washington) if Downtown Freddy Brown missed 3 or 4 more shots.
@schnooks17 2 aylar önce
The "Who's playing for 2nd?" quote is from the initial 3 point contest, 1986.
@georgearmour5259 2 aylar önce
Pete Maravich is the greatest shooter ever.The only year he played with the three point line he was ten fir fifteen as an old man with bad knees .If Maravich played with the three point line his entire career his numbers would be mind boggling
@ejcreeper7282 2 aylar önce
That is stupid logic, 10 for 15 over an entire season pretty much means nothing
@georgearmour5259 2 aylar önce
@@ejcreeper7282 He did this as an old man with bad knees .Did you ever see Maravich play .He was amazing
@ejcreeper7282 2 aylar önce
@@georgearmour5259 that doesn’t make him the greatest shooter of all time, he literally shot a three about once every 3 games, so while yes, he was a very good shooter, he is no where near the greatest
@melvinhunt6976 2 aylar önce
We live in a world of prejudice in basketball! Nobody plays Defense anymore and everybody seems to believe that you have to be Black to play basketball! If it wasn’t for the history of any sport then we wouldn’t need to have them today! Very few white athletes who play college basketball, football care about the draft! They don’t have a prayer to be drafted and that’s just america today!
@lolam.9291 2 aylar önce
If Drazen Petrovic lived long enough, he would have been up there…
@johnbailey3877 2 aylar önce
YES - - I was looking to see if he would get a mention
@vernonhurley1300 2 aylar önce
Ok you got Reggie above Larry Bird? What did Reggie say about the comparison? HE would take Larry.
@samopero6964 2 aylar önce
Reggie said Dražen Petrović
@IamDMV 13 gün önce
@marcel3942 2 aylar önce
Ray and Steff learned off ball movement from Reggie
@foramen320 2 aylar önce
There is a reason Jerry West is the logo. The best criterion is the player’s shooting percentage when the shot can win the game. Using this criterion BIRD & WEST are head and shoulders above the rest of the rest!
@stever1791 2 aylar önce
Steph Curry , Larry Bird, Ray Allen. Brian Winters. Then a long list for the last spot , Cazzie Russell, Clay Thompson, Chris Mullin, Tim Legler ( short career though ) Petro , Jerry West , Reggie Miller and several others
@bsjeffrey 2 aylar önce
pete maravich
@zsomborszigeti6797 2 aylar önce
I think Nash might deserve a spot on the list, because while he might not have had the highest volume, when his team needed him he often increased his volume especially in playoff games without a drop in efficiency.
@younglove3362 2 aylar önce
Too many shooters are better.
@zsomborszigeti6797 2 aylar önce
@@younglove3362 maybe, he is definitely there with Dirk, Klay and Bird as locked for top 10. I probably wouldn't take him above any of these players either to be fair, but to me him and Klay are the two closest.
@grahamgreene779 2 aylar önce
3 players have made the 50/40/90 club more than once. Larry Bird did it twice, 86-87 & 87-88 and Durant has done it twice in 12-13 and 22-23 (10 years apart!!). Steve Nash did it FOUR times 05-06, 07-08, 08-09 and 2009-10. He missed doing it FIVE years in a row by having this shooting split in 2006/07: .532 FG, .455 3pt, and .899 FT. So he missed Five years in row of 50/40/90 by 1 (maybe 2) missed free throws. Nash is an all-time ELITE shooter. i would have Bird, Nash, Curry, Durant and Reggie Miller or Klay in some order.
@Yossshh 2 aylar önce
Keep it up bro🎉
@DetectiveArgument 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your support!
@jimromey4234 2 aylar önce
Ought to make two separate Top 5 lists: Before and After the 3 point line.
@ShareefusMaximus 2 aylar önce
This should be easy. Once go over a certain usage threshold we only need to look at points per possession used. Shot selection is part of shooting. If it wasn't, we just give it to shot beauty kings like Vince Carter or JR Smith. We have to take credit away from people who miss because they aren't choosing the best shots.
@86niisan8686 2 aylar önce
and thats why dame loses out BIGTIME over steph..... diehard dame fans claim: 'but dame had to carry his team, everybody knew dame was gonna shoot, so its more difficult.' they seem to forget the open looks Durant and Klay got just cuz curry was running offball, that dude got faceguarded and double teamed OFFBALL... picked up halfcourt just like dame but OFFBALL. there is just 1 stephen curry and there aint no copy, wanna see dame copies? trae young still plays 3 times a week, give him a look.
@mikekenask6975 2 aylar önce
Jerry West, agreed...this uploader needs to take an nba history class
@jasonlommen4769 2 aylar önce
Cool video, but do you think the NBA only started in 1980!? I can’t take any top shooter list seriously without the great Jerry West in it. You can’t penalize the guy because he didn’t have a 3pt line. West would completely school your top 5 list. Also no mention of Pistol Pete, Rick Barry, Drazen Petrovic. Come on man, respect the greats that came before cable TV, social media and cell phones. One other guy I’m sure you’ve never heard of because he didn’t play in the NBA, Oscar Schmidt of Brazil. Easily one of the greatest shooters ever.
@dmichael100 2 aylar önce
I am an old school guy (59 years old) have a large collection of games on tape from the 1970s- listen enough with Pistol Pete and Rick Barry on the list of greatest shooters. That is nostalgia clouding our judgement. Maravich and Barry's FG% was way too low- even in the time when they mostly shot mid-range. They were volume shooters but Maravich is remembered fondly because of his unique ball handling and passing skills- great to watch and get the crowd excited but he was a very low percentage shooter. I love old school NBA- I would rather watch games I have from the 70s and 80s than I would a modern game00 but listen, as bad as we hate to admit it- shooters are overall better today-especially from three- because they work on it from grade school on. Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time and it is not even close. He is on a different level shooter than West (who was GREAT), Bird, Jordan- anybody. And please- Maravich and Barry may deserve to be on some all-time lists- but shooting is not one of them.
@juliuscrizo9228 Aylar önce
It sounds interesting, honestly I never heard about the Jerry West's skill as clutcher
@dandiehm8414 2 aylar önce
Wow - could you imagine how it would be if three of these players were on the same team? That team would probably go to the finals 3 straight years and, barring massive injuries, would win 3 straight titles.
@potats5916 2 aylar önce
Great list! Where would you place Dirk? I would say Dirk is only slightly behind KD - he has very slightly worse efficiencies from 3, midrange, and FT, and has slightly more cumulative 3pts.
@DetectiveArgument 2 aylar önce
Thank You! Dirk’s definitely top 8. Everything you mentioned in terms of efficiency plus that iconic fadeaway jump shot. He was big time when his team needed him most, shooting 45/46 from the free throw line in the finals in 2011. I’d have him at 6 but I would not be up in arms if someone argued Klay or Bird instead. The arguments for Klay, Bird, and Dirk are all strong cases. I’d say Dirk’s efficiency from the free throw line and mid range put him over Klay because their percentages in terms of made shots when assisted are close to the same. Dirk created his shot more from the low/mid post than Klay does off the dribble. Dirk also took more difficult shots. I’d have Dirk over Bird because of volume, since I do value volume, but also efficiency and longevity. Bird had 4 seasons shooting under 30% from 3 and that was in the early part of his career prior to the back injury. It’s pretty insane that Dirk continued his shooting efficiency after age 35 aside from when he was 40. Even though I don’t have Bird top 6, it should definitely be stated how remarkable it is that he shot as well as he did after getting injured. Also, it’s pretty clear that a lot today’s players took inspiration from Larry Bird’s moves(Stepback and Fadeaway). Today’s shooters would not be as good as they are without Larry Bird.
@tankshot3256 2 aylar önce
Have u check who owns the most zone made shots for the last 25 yrs? Yeah thats Dirk.
@younglove3362 2 aylar önce
People always argue with me, but I always say that Glen Rice is a better 3pt shooter than Reggie Miller. Glen Rice was more efficient. The stats and averages also provide proof on my side. Reggie was a volume and momentum shooter. Don't give him momentum because then good luck stopping him.
@jasonnelson6624 2 aylar önce
I go with Reggie even though I will say Rice is extremely underrated. I think Reggie does get a big boost because of that knicks series.
@hepwo91222 2 aylar önce
top 5 is tough, but Bird not on there? Only reason he wouldn't be is playing in an era where players took less 3's, as a shooter, he was ridiculous and the only guy mentioned in this video that had 3 league MVP's. If its best 3 point shooter, I could leave Bird off the list due to lack of volume, but as an overall shooter, no, he belongs he was incredibly efficient and his teams were winning with him being the dominant player.
@zombie92110 2 aylar önce
Getting MVPs doesn't make you a better shooter. He said in his video that he values volume a lot. Base on that criteria not having Bird in the list make complete sense.
@hepwo91222 2 aylar önce
@@zombie92110 Bird averaged 24 PPG with 49.6% FG game for his career, I would call that volume shooting and efficiency. Also made a lot of crazy circus shots seem normal.
@zombie92110 2 aylar önce
@@hepwo91222 when he talking about shooting we are talking about jump shot. Other wise big men would be on the list to they have by far the best percentage. Bird just didn't take enough 3s with high enough percentage compare to the other guys on this list that is not even close. If Nash CP3 aren't on the list then Bird has no business being in to.
@Herzeder 2 aylar önce
The issue with Bird is mainly the fact that he had something like 3 great seasons shooting-wise but for some reasons those 3 great seasons are considered as is averages. Like yea, he had 3 pretty good seasons averaging 50 / 40 / 90, but that's just not representative of his whole career. That's like saying Shaq 2000 season when he averaged 30 points and14 rebounds season is representative of his whole career. Bird was not THAT efficient overall, even for his time. We're just talking about his absolute peak when we're talking about him as one of the greatest shooter ever, if we're taking Curry absolute peak too there is just no comparison lol, Curry at his peak is more efficient than basically all of the greatest Centers ever while taking mainly contested jumpshots.
@hepwo91222 2 aylar önce
@@Herzeder I think Bird averaged 50/40/90 for like 5 years, but in reality only had I think 2 seasons that surpassed those numbers as they are rare, he was the MVP 3 times and the runner up 4 times and was in the top 5 I think for a decade in the voting. As for Curry, he is a better 3 point shooter than Bird, has better handles, Bird is better at every other aspect of the game that includes 2 point shots.
@larrycurtis2783 2 aylar önce
In the era before 3s, Bill Sharman and Rick Barry
@jasonnelson6624 2 aylar önce
Might as well include West with them as he routinely made shoots that would have been 3's.
@KenD67 2 aylar önce
Sam Jones
@divinedelaware7541 2 aylar önce
Michael Redd, Craig Hodges and Mark Price. 3 sleepers picks
@user-dv3do1od2r 2 aylar önce
I watched a lot of Michael Redd in college & was primarily a slasher. He really developed as a great outside shooter after his first season in the NBA.
@stefsmurf 2 aylar önce
Yeah, of course the list is going to be populated with current players if one of the bigger criteria's is amount of usage. Considering the 3ball attempts is constantly going up and up ever since the 2000s, you're basically rigging the list to favour the modern NBA player, the more modern, the better. Hell, the NBA even had to shorten the 3point line for a couple of years to ENCOURAGE players to attempt the shot more. The man who invented the 50/40/90 club isn't even in the top 5 shooting? I didn't even hear Jerry West mentioned, one of the best shooters in the 60s. This isn't a list of the top 5 shooters in NBA history. This is a list of top 5 volume 3point shooters of all time.
@poooky321 2 aylar önce
Bird is #2. This content creator was clearly born in the 2000s and never watched Bird, on anyone else before the 2000s, play. Just because he wasn't chucking up 10 threes a game, eh? Also, clutch should matter and NOBODY was more clutch than Larry.
@maverick5616 2 aylar önce
This is bullshit list, you didn't say best 3 pointer shooter bird and MJ would tell what he was going to do then say stop meif you can. Because I older ..you said best shooter that not saying 3's curry won't make my best shooter because most uncontested ....I hate bird but either iceman or bird or MJ BECAUSE THE FACT TELL YOU TO YOU FACE. I AM GOING LEFT THE SHOOT FADEAWAY JUMPER OF BACK BOARD NOW STOP ME 😅
The criteria used are skewed to answer a more general question. Larry Bird is a Top 5 Shooter. Jerry West should also be considered.
@gablen23 2 aylar önce
Nowitzki, Maravich, Drazen Petrovic
@samopero6964 2 aylar önce
yes but , Dražen is first
@brucedalwin2184 2 aylar önce
When the poop hits the fan you want the ball in Magic or Larry’s orMJ’s hand.
@klicknkreate7077 2 aylar önce
Top 5 shooters (in n o particular order): 1. Jerry West 2. Steve Nash 3. Steph Curry 4. Larry Bird 5. Ray Allen I included Bird and Nash because Bird shot 90/50/40 twice and Nash accomplished those numbers in a season 4 times. Bird also shot those percentages over a 5 year span. Curry is the greatest deep shooter of all-time, Jerry West was an amazing shooter that played during the pre-3 era. Ray Allen was just a great shooter period and shot 40% from 3 for his career.
@davidcallaham60 2 aylar önce
Bird ,Luka ,Curry and Reggie ,Ray
@hartoongkowijoyo9952 2 aylar önce
If they guard by Worthy,Cooper,or Kareem can they do that with all the 80 rules? What is your opinion?
@brushylake4606 2 aylar önce
No. I'd love to see Durant and Curry try to drive the lane with any Oakley, Lambieer, Rodman, Mahorn, or any one of several others in the way. While Draymond Green is a punk, he wouldn't be in the top 10 dirtiest players in 1989.
@kevincallahan5680 2 aylar önce
Stef is not in birds class
@joeldriver-sp2rg 2 aylar önce
The greatest midrange/jump shooter in history is without question Jordan. He shot 50% for his career shooting predominantly midrange jumpers from all over the court and even with those last couple of seasons he played into his 40s that obviously hurt that percentage. Had he practiced shooting 3s and implemented them into his game I think he would have been right up there with anybody but he simply didn't see shooting 3s as a viable way to score. MJ's shooting form is the most perfect I've ever seen. It was absolutely textbook.
@irishgrl 2 aylar önce
Lolololololololol Larry’s better.
@iamlegend3669 2 aylar önce
Bird didn't need 17 screens to take his shot off...
My top 5 are (no particular order): Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, Larry Bird
@snakebitten6967 2 aylar önce
Got to love when kids make a top x list.
@andrepierrot89 2 aylar önce
No Kapono/Korver? Thumbs down. Jk m8 thanks for the content, great video
@kardiackids1435 2 aylar önce
Players that should get their just due: M. Price, Chris Jackson and the player I personally patented my shot after...Glen Rice
@johncraftenworth7847 2 aylar önce
all right you chumps here it is: best variety of shots all over court larry bird, best 3pt shooter curry, best classical point guard shooters (and curiously best ft shooters) Mark Price and Steve Nash, best hot/streak shooter Klay Thompson, since I named two shooters about equal in the pg, I'll say best percentage play/opportunist shooter Steve Kerr. bonus, Best shooters whose careers ended early to compare to longer playing shooters due to death or blackball: Petrovic and Mahmoud Abdul Raouff
@yawowatts1221 2 aylar önce
Mahmoud Abdul Raif!
@jasonnelson6624 2 aylar önce
One of the greatest shooters period.
@jasonlommen4769 2 aylar önce
100%! Loved Chris Jackson
@jasonnelson6624 2 aylar önce
@@jasonlommen4769 even at his age he killed in the big 3
@WineSippingCowboy 2 aylar önce
Opinion. 1 Steph 2 Ray 3 Reggie 4 Jerry West 5 Klay 6 Disputed: Kerr, Bird, et al.
@jimmybrice6360 2 aylar önce
i wonder if this video maker knows that the nba history goes back 70+ years
@Dingle051554 2 aylar önce
I know it is the NBA list, but…..Louie Dampier for sure. Plus four vowels in his name, in a row?!?
@and1tv85 2 aylar önce
Bird should be top of this 5, the best shooter of all time, contested , difficult shot, and clutch jumphot, he is all around player, but if you make him shoot everytime, then he will be deadly than steph
@jrandomx8548 2 aylar önce
Kd not being here is insane lol
@CharlieT_ 2 aylar önce
Steph is that good that even here in england, everyone knows steph is the best shooter of all time
@peterchang0323 2 aylar önce
If you are going to show someone how to shoot a jump shot, Ray Allen is it, perfect form, balance and follow through.
@marcopignone9386 2 aylar önce
This is meaningless unless you are comparing each to his era. If you want best of "all time" in nearly any sport the top 5 are all from the current generation and there's are reasons why that's the case. It's not as interesting as looking across eras for the most "revolutionary" athletes. This generation... it's Steph who revolutionized shooting. No other current player can be considered revolutionary as they have not advanced our understanding of the skill for the sport as a whole. Bird is probably 2d given he was the first to introduce the idea of "volume" (3 per game) or using the 3 during the normal course of the game rather than only as a last second desperation shot or only when a team was behind late in the 4th quarter. Bird is also responsible for making the 3 "popular". Guys at your local court started practicing 3s after Bird's 3 pt. contest triumphs that showed how high a percentage was possible. I think Jerry West deserves a spot in the top 5. He was the predecessor to Steph in many ways. In the 60s a guard wasn't supposed to score 30 a game relying on a mid to long range shooting game. Maravich was known to be a revolutionary long range shooter, but he was only able to take a few 3s in I think his final season. His form was levels above nearly every other player of his era. For my 5th and last, perhaps Ray Allen who redefined accurate high volume 3 pt. shooting in the years leading up to the Steph era.
@FlymoufDiction 2 aylar önce
Mahmoud Rauf 😤
@ncm2738 2 aylar önce
Mahmoud Rauf was TUFFF, I remember when he was giving MJ, Scottie and the Bulls the works (I wasnt born at the time, just watched some game recordings)
@deihorus7927 2 aylar önce
Larry Legend all day! Nowaday players are stat padders in a no-touch offense based era and STILL the stats are not that impressive.
@alvinmutuma5033 2 aylar önce
top 10,,, dirk,kyrie,dame,kd,klay,nash,reggie,allen,bird,steph hon mentions(harden, vince, booker,petrovich, maravich, MJ,seth curry)
@keyshonjones901 2 aylar önce
Lol some of you honorable mentions are trash 😂😂
@johnpaulgonzalez9016 2 aylar önce
I know I'm the only one saying this.. personally i dont think steph is a shooter but the most "revolutionary outside scorer" that ever played
@hammerfret 2 aylar önce
By emphasizing 3-point shooting so heavily this list excludes the majority of NBA history. You should have at least tried to devise some metric to include players from earlier eras. Admittedly hard, but you didn’t name this video the best shooters from the 3-point era.
@davidgreen330 2 aylar önce
And Rick Barry number 3
@09lowkey 2 aylar önce
Can't take Klay over Bird because as we've seen over the past few seasons, Klay is an average shooter off the dribble, elite off the catch but Bird got it off however.
@jackknowshow3110 2 aylar önce
Without bird Invalid
@jaykay6387 2 aylar önce
Best mid-range pure jump shooter of all time is Calvin Murphy. Nobody even close. Go find some old video of him, his jumper was a thing of beauty. He was 5'9" and had almost a 50% career FG percentage, which is ridiculous for anybody, but for somebody of his stature, it's off the charts.
@kardiackids1435 2 aylar önce
And I think (at one point) made the most ft's in a row
@jaykay6387 2 aylar önce
@@kardiackids1435 He did. He actually held the record twice. The first time, he surpassed Bill Sharmans record of 56, pushing it up to 59. That was then eclipsed by Rick Barry, who set it at 63. Murphy then pushed it up to 78, but it has been surpassed a number of times since then. He also held the single season FT % record of 95.8%, but that has also now been beaten, I think by Steph Curry.
@user-dv3do1od2r 2 aylar önce
I will throw an outside the box shooter....Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.....his sky hook was the most effective shot before the crazy 3 point shooting era. Jabbar could hit it from 15' and no one could stop it. Jerry West, Mark Price, Steve Nash were textbook shooters.
@dmichael100 2 aylar önce
George Gervin anyone? Check out "The Iceman's" volume and FG%. Didn't look pretty but...I mean...check the numbers.
@mikelliteras397 2 aylar önce
Bird and Reggie were shooting with people hanging on them. Bird didn’t have speed to get open like the little guys but still shot lights out. Behind the backboard, over 2 people, it didn’t matter, he was the best.
@nbabackcourtmedia 2 aylar önce
Curry shoots equally difficult if not more difficult shots sometimes
@DetectiveArgument 2 aylar önce
@mikelliteras397 Larry Legend did have some down years in terms of efficiency. The style of basketball at the time definitely contributed to that. Even so, Bird was remarkable despite his limitations including his back injury. Bird’s impact on today’s shooters cannot be stressed enough. Bird was one of the architects of both the stepback shot and the fadeaway. Without his contributions, we wouldn’t get to witness the excellence of today’s shooters.
@d.columbia9603 2 aylar önce
​@DetectiveArgument considering the 3 point line wasn't introduced until birds rookie season, birds shooting was incredible. Also considering he lead the league In 3 point volume at least on 2 occasions while having a 4 year stretch averaging 50/40/90. I'd take bird over Dame any day of the week
@hepwo91222 2 aylar önce
@@nbabackcourtmedia clearly you never saw Bird play. Only thing Curry is a little better at is handles and longer distance shots. Bird was way more efficient overall and was the way better overall player that was expected to everything every night with the opposing team trying to stop him. Curry when KD played with him was the second best player on the team.
@nbabackcourtmedia 2 aylar önce
@@hepwo91222 obviously I wasn’t alive to watch it in real time but I’ve seen plenty of bird footage, not denying his greatness and tough shot ability. But when we’re strictly talking shooting Curry is #1 no contest imo. Distance, efficiency, and difficulty goes to him for me especially relative to his size. The conversation that’s being had is only shooting, but side note Curry was still the best player on the warriors during the KD years imo.
@NeverNotHoopin 2 aylar önce
Why ya´ll doing Allan Houston so dirty?
@PastorBrian1969 2 aylar önce
The recency bias of you young folks kills me. You think because a a dude jacks up a lot of shots, it makes him a better shooter. I'll take Bird, Maravich, West, Robertson, etc. over all these cats playing in the wide open era of no defense and 42 three-point attempts per night. Steph would be shut down in the 70's-90's, nobody would have any use for a skinny 6' 3", three point specialist. Same with Durant, just a tall skinny guy would would havr his a$$ knocked around and his shot slapped in a different era. I watched in person, not grainy TRvid videos, the NBA since the 1970's. Bird was the Coldest Dude Ever, that I personally witnessed. I take Bird over Curry in any shooting contest, threes, free-throws, mid-range, what-evs. Little Steph would get his weak stuff rejected against real big men, while the players I mentioned were big and tough (both mentally and physically) enough to still do their thing. Imagine Little Steph against Michael Cooper, when on the rare occasion Cooper allowed him to have the ball, that stuff would get swatted, and Steph would be on the bench. Nowadays, these mentally weak floppers get no physical defense, resulting in wide open shots, and you young guys overestimate their ability as a result. Bird playing today would average 38/14/12 against this weak stuff, and then check out in the 3rd, with a 20 point lead as he felt no need to pad stats against a beaten opponent. For you young-uns who think Bird was just a shooter, he blocked more shots per game then Le-bum, had more steals per game than the "King", was a better shooter, far superior rebounder, and better defender everywhere on the court. Since you all like stats, check out Birds "Defensive Wins Shares" vs. Le-Bum. Bird ranks higher if you want to save time. I'll take the "Chosen One" in a dunk contest however. Whoopee.
@davejohnson9422 2 aylar önce
You crazy son, Jerry West was the greatest shooter ever. No credit given to Walt Frazier, Rick Barry, or Freddie Brown to mention a few truly great shooters.
@user-ob2tr1jc1i 2 aylar önce
@ejcreeper7282 2 aylar önce
Steph curry is the greatest three point shooter ever, far more efficient than Larry bird on far more three point shots than Larry bird
@daviddavis2648 2 aylar önce
Totally ignores players before the three point era. Jerry West , Pete Maravich, Fred Brown, Calvin Murphy, Rick Barry. I could go on, but basketball wasn’t invented in 1980. Elgin Baylor had a 70 point game back in the day and scored over 50 numerous times. Today’s players stand on the shoulders of giants….
@jeffreymoses7131 2 aylar önce
Klay is not a top 5 shooter of all time because he was never a first option?
@RICHIEV333 2 aylar önce
I agree with your list. I am pleasantly surprise Hardin wasn't 5 but I actually agree with Kevin Durant over Hardin.
@godschozen1000 2 aylar önce
I've got Klay second. Ray third. Dame 4th. Reggie 5th.
@RM-bc1bc 2 aylar önce
Lol, klay 2nd? Klay ain’t top 5, maybe not even top 10.
@liamseekamp9627 2 aylar önce
Crazy ray never led in ft% man had 12 seasons shooting over 90% from the line and a career 89%
@samguapo4573 2 aylar önce
Curry is a bad clutch player. Ray Allen and Bird would be more significant both in and out of the 3 point zone. Maybe if they tried to shoot the 3 at will, they may have made a more interesting record but that wasn't the playing style back then. Not to mention that you could bully perimeter shooters unlike today.
@lemongavine 2 aylar önce
Mark Price
@diegomarcotty5690 2 aylar önce
Good list but I’m surprised Harden wasn’t even mentioned as an option. I know efficiency is a factor but volume has to at least get him a mention.
@younglove3362 2 aylar önce
We don't count traveling.
@whitneymacdonald4396 2 aylar önce
This can't be a serious comment.
@brushylake4606 2 aylar önce
Leaving Larry Bird off this list invalidates all opinions you may have on NBA basketball. His only weakness is that he played before volume 3pt shooting became a thing? Ok, then simply say it is a list of the greatest shooters of the 21st century. Remember, Larry Bird grew up in a world where the three point line didn't exist.
@user-rd8vp6nq8b 2 aylar önce
Larry Bird Jerry West Pistol Pete Reggie Miller Ray Allen
@joeg9810 2 aylar önce
Missing criteria, clutch shot when the game is on the line! Having 3 point being part of the criteria automatically lessens older players. Today's NBA plays next to no defense so of course someone like Curry has a higher shooting %. As soon as you said Larry Bird misses the list you automatically tell me you have no idea what you are talking about! Video stopped and did not watch the rest! Pistol should be number one on this list regardless of era!
@manuelcamay8975 2 aylar önce
Ray Allen and Dirk Nowitzki
@ianhurley1147 2 aylar önce
I'm sorry but I disagree with this list quite a bit. Larry bird is a better shooter than at least 4 of these guys and possibly all of them. 3 pointers made is not a valid look at what makes a shooter great. I would argue jordan should be on this this list too. The clutch value and efficiency that they shot with is off the charts. This just screams unimaginative and bias towards the 3 ball game they play today
@kieunguyen-yf5hc 2 aylar önce
I would never take Klay Thompson over LarryBird.
@-dlb- 2 aylar önce
The title must be "The Top 5 Shooters In NBA History Except MJ".
@younglove3362 2 aylar önce
MJ isn't a top shooter in anything except lay ups and close shots. But we don't compare those.
@chuckkirby2708 2 aylar önce
Once you excluded Larry Legend I stopped watching. If this is the greatest shooters of all time, Bird is definitely a top 5.
@Curly34584 2 aylar önce
@taetrrtot6205 2 aylar önce
1. Steph 2. Klay 3. Ray 4. Reggie 5. Dame/Bird/Nash/Kerr ect. After the top 4 it becomes pretty debatable imo
@tribalypredisposed 2 aylar önce
I understand your criteria, but Steve Kerr holds the career three point shooting percentage record and that puts him in my top five. Sure he was a role player, but his role was to make three point shots…
@daverosemire1317 2 aylar önce
Chris Mullens
@ShareefusMaximus 2 aylar önce
I believe James Harden should be on this list. The shot he's made his career on is measurably higher in difficulty than other shot types. He did the, run off screens, catch and shoot, stuff that people associate with shooters during his time at OKC. He shot 39% from 3 doing that.
@younglove3362 2 aylar önce
That's because he travels. It's easier to score when you take 3 to 4 steps and officials don't call it.
@zombie92110 2 aylar önce
His percentages just aren't good enough and he almost doesn't take mid ranges to.
@davidwilliams316 2 aylar önce
Warriors best 5 Steph, gilbert arenus, klay, Durant, Demarcus cousins
@KidFresh71 2 aylar önce
On my list: Bird gotta be #2. Reggie #3. Don't sleep on Nowitzki! He's my number 4. Nash and Thompson also come to mind, but I gotta go with MJ for #5.
@potats5916 2 aylar önce
Why MJ? KD seems to have similar efficiencies from midrange and he also has a far better 3 point shot
@jimkoenig5026 2 aylar önce
Mj shot a lot he didn't shoot effectively
@youngblood4127 2 aylar önce
Jordan is top 10 or 20 but I wouldn’t say top 5.
@marcel3942 2 aylar önce
Bird is nowhere near the top 5.
@marcel3942 2 aylar önce
​@jimkoenig5026 mj had 50% fg for his carrer.
@TheGoldKing 2 aylar önce
Klay is the legit 2nd best shooter of all time
He is not good in the midrange and his free throw % is subpar compared to these guys. Also in terms of overall efficiency, he is not efficient and he never had a season of reaching 60%TS
@TheGoldKing 2 aylar önce
@@kingdinodragonite3470 numbers don't tell the whole story. Steph is the greatest shooter , but if I had to choose between him or klay getting hot for a game I'm taking Klay. I know he's not as good at creating his own shot but what his is good at Trump's everyone else skill set. I think he's 4th on the all time 3 point list shooting 41-2 percent and the only person who has more volume than him is Steph if I'm not mistaken
@@TheGoldKing Dame is 4th all time. In catch and shoot, Dame has a higher percentage than Klay. It's just that Dame takes so many off the dribble threes which hurts his percentage
@tyronebrown2246 2 aylar önce
Before this video even get started I know three of them. Reggie Miller Stephen Curry Klay Thompson. I know them for sure I’m guessing Steve Kerr who knows after that. OK the video is at 47 seconds and I seen Ray Allen’s face so we’ll go with him as well. OK now I’m going to watch the video in it’s entirety
@DOCZLA1969 2 aylar önce
steph is a great shooter but so was other players in an era when they didn't have the freedom to just shot the 3 ball all game long so the greatest in every sport will be an opinion and always just be an opinion
@Herzeder 2 aylar önce
Nah it's not an opinion, it's a fact. Spamming the 3pts shots became a thing because of Stephen Curry; not because of Ray Allen or Larry Bird. Every fucking player in the league is trying to shoot 3 points because of that guy. He got that freedom to shoot because he deserved it, Bird was at best a 40% shooter on low volumes, it's not even comparable. That's why he's the best, he changed the game.
@DOCZLA1969 2 aylar önce
@@Herzeder if you say so and you didn't read what i wrote and this is a different era of bb which you know not a dam thang about old school ball that led up to todays game being to young to have watched early bb i started watching bb in 1969...so nice try and what i just told you is what the older bb lovers tell me when i say i been watching the game since 69 they like young dude you know not a dam thang cause u to young. facts
You actually made a video of shooters and left off Pete Maravich.
@hansolo2K9 2 aylar önce
Larry Bird? Not included?
@alixemmanuel836 2 aylar önce
Jr smith has the prettiest jump shot like him or not
@riadanabtawi5880 2 aylar önce
And where's the Iceman George Gervin. If Iceman is not on your list, then your title is phony.
@Kendricktimes2 2 aylar önce
Where’s klay?
@pcooke9865 2 aylar önce
You put Damian Lillard and didn't put Jerry West? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@aaronignacio4652 2 aylar önce
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