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21 Eyl 2023




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@ahumblemuslim3009 Aylar önce
Felt like i just watched a Jason born movie 😅
@LegendaryShots Aylar önce
As you should
@_Eraser_ Aylar önce
@Donutface 2 aylar önce
Pickle really went ultra instinct on those blades bro
@loafofbreadguy 2 aylar önce
Plot twist: its pickle rick
@_zerohour_ Aylar önce
Someone beat me to it..
@brozasaw63 Aylar önce
Nope, he was just really loved by Issac Newton.
@nak2. 15 gün önce
Everyone talking bout the pickle but the coke wanted to live so much it broke the katana💀💀💀
@dovakin123 8 gün önce
Это не настоящая катана. Настоящая катана делается из металла, который перед выплавкой несколько раз закаливают и поэтому катану нельзя так просто согнуть. А это просто имитация катаны из какого-нибудь мягкого металла, например: олово
@nbondy0883 6 gün önce
If it was a real katana, he must have some shit edge alignment
@Idiot_human 6 gün önce
@elianex4689 5 gün önce
​@@nbondy0883si fuera una katana real incluso tendria que haberse paetdio no doblado ya que son RIGIDAS
@Simply_red47 5 gün önce
It was a dull katana
@EzGaming69420 14 gün önce
They way the first pickle jiggled and bounced 💀
that pickle is the definition of "not today, thank you"
@user-po1ii8yr8k 14 gün önce
pickle got some ninja move💀💀
@GreatChinTH Aylar önce
Pickle: activates Ultra Instinct Blades: impossible
@popcat343 27 gün önce
@pandathecat02 26 gün önce
​@@popcat343it doesn't matter
@popcat343 25 gün önce
@@pandathecat02 nah who are you
@pandathecat02 25 gün önce
@@popcat343 it doesn't matter
@gzxphoyt2800 15 gün önce
That top pickle was a freaking ninja 😂
@Avarage_degenerate 15 gün önce
No way the katana bended 💀
Bad edgelining. And in slow motion metal bends
@Dullie47 29 gün önce
That pickle got some moves fr fr💀
@TheoUpHere 26 gün önce
fr though 💀
@Formalics 25 gün önce
The parkour pickle
@marvelrizky 24 gün önce
You mean, pickle rick?
@elkanwong1822 22 gün önce
Bro, that pickled it like, almost 100 backflips
@lavonsmith6606 18 gün önce
For real tho😂
@bigh6800 12 gün önce
that fan tickled the tip
@TheGreatCattat200 3 gün önce
Larry got some moves bro!!! 🤯🗣🗣🗣🕺🕺🕺
Pickle just went matrix mode
@kAtTbUsSjr23 13 gün önce
@ozboz-roblox363 9 gün önce
@user-dn3hk2sv1i 5 gün önce
Win: "ill make the audience happy" Fail: "haill nah, i aint dyin"
@moistbread3 16 gün önce
bro that pickle has about as much structural integrity as nikocado avocado
@goofy_and_generic Aylar önce
Bro that pickle was doing parkour💀
@pramodbhati Aylar önce
Bro frr that pickle has more skill than the leaderboard players even i cant do it i would get 9 of my fingers sliced in slices.
@christianhenry7084 29 gün önce
@Gamer_RTS 5 gün önce
The cucumber did a backflip🤣🤣
@skycrawler5352 2 aylar önce
Why are the fails more entertaining than the wins?
@LegendaryShots 2 aylar önce
It’s just so true
@NicholasQuirke-jk7te 2 aylar önce
the pickle though@@LegendaryShots
@shori8438 2 aylar önce
What was a fail for blade was win for pickle
@naeemnetwork2838 Aylar önce
Because they’re fails. Enough said.
@colour-family 4 gün önce
Pickle: ( *jumps beautifully* ) WOOPS ( *balances on the other side beautifully* ) AA-
@camera84628 16 gün önce
That pickle refused to die💀
The first pickle entered ninja mode
@ASSASSIN19923 Aylar önce
is Pickle from Baki series
Pickel the clutch
@The_melkagf 3 gün önce
Nah the pickle went to gymnastics 💀💀
@RegiusTheLegend 5 gün önce
I love how jiggly the the pickle in the first shot was
@jadencha5294 23 gün önce
Bro that pickle said:"Ain't gunna die today"💀💀
@raptorpl3421 14 gün önce
Its rick pickle
@Kiyasaquya8049 7 gün önce
Bro made us watch the video twice, smart bastard.
@UCFEI 10 gün önce
Bro was panickling
@randomrobloxplayer 2 aylar önce
Coke bottle really bent the sword 💀 Edit: I've started a war- 😭
@yaronemec6175 2 aylar önce
Katana* katanas are very weak
@user-ci3yc9tn1u 2 aylar önce
Well ok🤓
@movisern 2 aylar önce
Меч был сувенирный и не заколенный.
@wizardofthedumb6640 2 aylar önce
@@yaronemec6175a good one aint, but thats mall ninja teir
@user-du1iv3ii3j 3 gün önce
@mslkki 7 gün önce
I never knew that a coca cola bottle could destroy a sword.
@yaa135 2 aylar önce
That pickle really wanted to live 💀
@micorazon-vk2ic Aylar önce
Because bro didnt clean up his history while his mom was doing something on his pc lmao💀
@zhiensharga461 Aylar önce
@WintiLion Aylar önce
The music from Jason bourne gave the pickle motivation
@Hellgrog Aylar önce
@Zaidoesstuff 4 gün önce
The first fail felt like a win for us boys
@reser283 14 gün önce
Pickle doing a backflip was straight 🔥
@DevXD-lg5cg Aylar önce
Pickle went backflips on the blade💀 Thanks for 1.8k
@Psicologia1111 Aylar önce
1k likes and no comments? lemme fix that
1.1k and 1 comments lemme fix that
@SansUndertal3 Aylar önce
1.2k and 2 comments let me fix that
@Kennymcormic532 Aylar önce
@NguyenTran-ry2ym Aylar önce
1,3k và 4 bình luận để tôi khắc phục lỗi đó 😊
@VilkasG 17 gün önce
that top pickle had some skills
@bug2240 4 gün önce
No one talking about how bouncy and squishy that pickle was 💀
@6kSubsFromNoVideos 4 gün önce
This is an entire Bollywood movie wtf 😂😂
@ihand1 Aylar önce
Legend says that the pickle is still fighting for his life😢 TYSM FOR 1K LIKES,HOW I GET IT?
@skyshartsyt490 Aylar önce
944 likes ? No reply ? Let me fix that
@adilbouhrara7831 Aylar önce
957 likes ? No reply ? Let me fix that
@williamrogers6208 Aylar önce
Over 1k like only two comments? Let me fix that
@HonkyEatsVegan Aylar önce
Holy. This comment section is full of kids. ...comment lemme fix... and the legend one. Wow AMAZING LIKE BEGGAR
@Stickdom0 9 gün önce
bro the katana bent💀
@DJ-rk1xv 14 gün önce
Pickle be like "let's do a pickle flip" 😂😅 Blade's " ya sure let's do it"
@dee_kay 2 aylar önce
ok but that cucumber parkour was awesome 😂
@Plsrateeight Aylar önce
@Ichigo-Kurosaki15 Aylar önce
a pickle is basically a vinegar cucumber so you're both right@@Plsrateeight
@Sxcottie Aylar önce
it literally is a cucumber in vinegar lmfao@@Ichigo-Kurosaki15
​@@PlsrateeightDamn americans
@youtubeviewer4127 Aylar önce
​@@Ichigo-Kurosaki15Wow I didnt know
@Reaper-kn8ig 4 gün önce
Pickle Rick just got out the matrix 😂
@Dinkle5673 17 gün önce
Nah the pickle on the top refused to die 😱
@meisvegeta45 24 gün önce
That pickle got plot armor fr 💀
@DJX.0972 18 gün önce
154 likes and no replies? Lemme fix dat
@AdNotHere 17 gün önce
@@DJX.0972don’t you dare
@kitshorts-mz5qy 17 gün önce
bro, forget the pickle look at the coke battle that is like
@Inferno5023 17 gün önce
The pickle casually just did the most INSANE ninja move
@hiimsanti8435 6 gün önce
At least my pickle knows how to defense💀
@Mysterio4247 2 aylar önce
Pickle dance #1!!!!
@thessapareira4088 2 aylar önce
That pickle Made some Henry stickman moves when hes invadeing the airship
@SSEditz932 Aylar önce
Thank u
@JSquares 5 gün önce
I’d consider not breaking that water balloon a win lol
@IRobleI 3 gün önce
Bro turned John wickles💀
That pickle will be the next Jason Bourne
@Yellowtowel.69 17 gün önce
That pickle was on a mission
@krystalmitchell7074 14 gün önce
the pickle became john wick for a min there
The Coke bottle and the cucumber surely had Luck's Prime membership 😂
@goofy2673 Aylar önce
it was a pickle tho
@@goofy2673 my bad
@user-hn5sn6ee7r 7 saatler önce
The fail pickled was definitely ulta instinct
@maxwellquipey2716 16 gün önce
Bro got that mitsuri blade
@Astro-pm1co 23 gün önce
the pickle REALLY fought against all odds😭😭😭not even a scratch brooo💀💀😭😭😭 I'm so deadd😭
@marlesannric 8 saatler önce
“Thank god it missed me” 💀
@undeadrising-3- 6 gün önce
@peachy7577 Aylar önce
The Pickle do got some acrobatics skill ngl.💀
@lancelover789 Aylar önce
@nameSurname-kj8ut Aylar önce
​@@lancelover789yeah it's a cucumber pickle 🥒!!!
@roquovelez6370 Aylar önce
​@@nameSurname-kj8utno he means it is spelt the wrong way
@thugiangpham5439 Aylar önce
@nameSurname-kj8ut Aylar önce
@@roquovelez6370 oh okay i understood it thanks :)
@AtlasStarz 5 gün önce
Pickle will learn spinjutsu easily
@randomman4407 4 gün önce
The pickle on the fail is literally Tom cruise
@HarshKumar-qb8vf Aylar önce
Listening to this bgm makes me feel like I need to watch the full Jason Bourne movie series again🤩🤩
@CM-ng4bg Aylar önce
My fav movies
@karimmorreti2502 Aylar önce
@rnpro2032 Aylar önce
Listening to this music... i feel old 🥴
@ToxicKrait Aylar önce
@user-ib4tg6ky3k Aylar önce
Не знаю почему,но тоже очень люблю эти фильмы)
@WyattHorne-sm1qk 11 saatler önce
The pickle was like “NAH MAN IM NOT DIEING.”
@Russian_Cat911 17 gün önce
Pickle literaly Said: "Fuck it, I'm becoming ultra instinct" 💀
@oasis-nn3my Aylar önce
Bro the pickle really had to go godmode on that blade💀💀
That pickle is literally india jones💀💀💀💀💀💀
@JackC.XxSANSxX3809 3 gün önce
Nobody: John Wick’s pickles from the fridge:
@leovaldez680 Aylar önce
That pickle surviving was even better than it getting chopped imo. Literally perfect timing
@OttoRosario-ys3gs Aylar önce
Yeah I’m rooting for the pickle
@bbclowny6749 3 gün önce
Ok but we can all agree that pickle is a parkour god😂
@bebobts6958 12 gün önce
The pickle was praying for his life😂😅
@positivelymorbid5278 28 gün önce
that pickle chose life and went ultra instinct
@Mousecam-fh5bg 20 gün önce
@Thep0werguy1 20 gün önce
That pickle bouncing up and down like that 😏
@Yoregret 18 gün önce
@@Mousecam-fh5bgwho asked
@almy-nations 3 gün önce
Bro took "failed successfully" to another level.
@placeerrorisahuman 17 gün önce
For the first one, i liked the top one better bc it looked like the pickle was doing cartwheels and flips😂
@kz.productions 26 gün önce
The pickle fail is better than the win imo
@Louis-vb9iz 17 gün önce
Bro the coke bottle somehow managed to destroy the sword
@Krispy_VR 13 gün önce
That pickle unlocked ultra instinct 😂
@Kokushibos_wife Aylar önce
The sword tried to become an obanai's sword but accidentally became a ripoff💀
@ryu-rs1vi Aylar önce
Japanese swords are not that fragile.
@urnotkae._. Aylar önce
No way-
Fan demon slayer mitsurie😍
@Asphalt9addict 16 gün önce
Pickle was like: "I ain't dying today"
@chikinebi8506 Gün önce
Bro the pickle on the top video was so smooth dodging those blades
@sabarzamer1971 21 gün önce
That pickle move was clean asf
@kingoffootball397 19 gün önce
copied comment
@Arcticuser35500 17 gün önce
yeah copied
@1vskill423 16 gün önce
Bro copied the exact comment
@hatstosocksguyYT 13 gün önce
​@@kingoffootball397no, he really didn't
@arandomytbr 11 gün önce
thats what she sai-
@Tennis-ball653 12 gün önce
They should really add mission impossible music for that pickle on top😂
The fail at the first is dancing though:^
@r3dception542 Aylar önce
Now I wanna watch the Bourne trilogy.
@@lelonfulextreme ways by moby
@Kirbuuu 5 gün önce
Pickle really pulled some mission impossible level stuff 💀
@HQQDIE 6 gün önce
Bro that pickle would not let that slide 💀
@Rio_1234 19 gün önce
the pickle really became a parkour pro.
@user-xm2yt2fz4l 3 gün önce
@LaiiGoCrazy6k 17 gün önce
That pickle really said "im untouchable untouchable"
@demoenrway Aylar önce
Katana:😭 Machete:💀
@NGEymen Aylar önce
bro katana made of hard steel cant bend like this that not katana or homemade not orginal
@user-xv7yq4lj2i Aylar önce
It's not a katana, it's just an iron plate.
@skksgknrt Aylar önce
that is a takemitu
@Mystic81275 Aylar önce
@@NGEymenkatanas are weak compared to a long sword. It’s just assassin blade, I doubt anyone ever actually fought with one. Since they are just used for small cuts and status.
@FF_Crystal 15 gün önce
That cucumber went james bond mode
@soullover9920 4 gün önce
Whoever made that sword needs to go to jail 🤣
@Daa_Fuq_br Aylar önce
that fail pickle is insane!
@patrick_sullivan605 17 gün önce
Bro the failed pickle is a survivor
@HawaiianGurl15 14 gün önce
That pickle turned into John Wick 💀
@TheYeehawState 2 aylar önce
I loved jason bourne growing up, that music at the end always told you he has again beaten the system
@derzatheriven4173 2 aylar önce
Fr though great movies
@galactikhex7668 Aylar önce
Yeah bro he's actually cool as fuck
Fr the song gave me chills when I heard this brings back good memories
@Rudi_Mentary723 Aylar önce
One of the best movie series EVER !
@josephduran2330 13 gün önce
That pickle really went john wick in ultra instinct
@kyliebais513 11 gün önce
Tom cruise has been real quiet after seeing the pickle.
@ketchup.gt5678 18 gün önce
Second guy thought he was Luke from sf6 with that PERFECT flash knuckle
@deezgaming 8 gün önce
mfw luke technically debut in sfv..
@anwaars6449 3 gün önce
Win gang! 👇
@LeeahMangum-dt4wk 3 gün önce
Mostly the first fail looked epic.
@grenoblin Aylar önce
that pickle has some MOVES man
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