Which of the Sidemen knows Harry the best?

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16 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Leigha Broome
Leigha Broome 5 saatler önce
is it just me or does anyone else notice how much jj twitches
Ryan Sahota
Ryan Sahota 6 saatler önce
What was the song with the big drop jj was talking about at
Emmett 6 saatler önce
Replay button Cost one like 0:14
Doobs V2
Doobs V2 6 saatler önce
Vik: what did I take for my a levels? Harry: how big is my penis to the nearest inch?
ben paull
ben paull 7 saatler önce
Is harry a druggy ?
Sammy Farbrother
Sammy Farbrother 11 saatler önce
Well harry its not about the size of your d*ck its how you use it and your tongue 😝
Karim Guled
Karim Guled 5 saatler önce
U look a bit too old to be saying this
Mike Ortiz-Marquez
All I’m saying where my parents are from they eat guinea pigs.
Iz Uz
Iz Uz Gün önce
Wtf Harry 4 inches???? Im 16 years old and i have 6,5 inches
Kinky Jimin
Kinky Jimin Gün önce
Bless Harry man😭
Coco Gün önce
harry shares my birthday wtf
Rauno Gutman
Rauno Gutman 2 gün önce
They don't know each others birthdays but they do know how long has someone gone without taking a shit.
Purple Flurp
Purple Flurp 3 gün önce
How the hell do you not poop for 12 days !!! WTF !
Jaquitoz 3 gün önce
4:54 *ksi instantly writing*
JD Vlogs
JD Vlogs 3 gün önce
My brother went 3 weeks without a shit and the toilet was blocked. It weighed more than a 1kg
Reece Addis
Reece Addis 8 saatler önce
Ur brother's ass hole before shit: o Ur brother's ass hole after shit: ○
Winston 4 gün önce
Lord7th NarutoNamiKaze
me and harry twins but 8 years apart
StrepDupDk 5 gün önce
Josh : it’s not a kettle fam Vik : alright mr fucking harryologist 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stinky Goons
Stinky Goons 5 gün önce
Is he serious about his penis
Peenguibo87 5 gün önce
He really doing drugs? I know that Britain has a very high drug use but these guys are models. Hope he was joking
DVRKMVZTXR 963 19 saatler önce
Weed isnt a drug
Estela Lopez
Estela Lopez 5 gün önce
@Peenguibo87 does harry still do that today?
Peenguibo87 5 gün önce
Estela Lopez for the drug question he was quite obviously bullshitting when he said “life” plus if you remember back in jjs diss track he accused Harry of snorting drugs. Plus Simon asked Harry if he preferred weed over sushi which infers he does smoke weed
Estela Lopez
Estela Lopez 5 gün önce
Did harry said he was taking drug?
WSTM_RYAN 6 gün önce
His favourite some is actually Lemonade and MDMA
Triple ACE gamer
Triple ACE gamer 6 gün önce
Harry has the same birthday as me. When I reacted to it I was surprised
venominmyjuice 6 gün önce
Harry knows what's good, Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube what a legendary game
Ven0mous X
Ven0mous X 6 gün önce
Anyone else scrolling through comments while watching...?
Gun Junkee
Gun Junkee 3 gün önce
Yeah mate
tasha. basha1
tasha. basha1 6 gün önce
I find Harry rlly cute and like attractive I don’t even know why
Rihanna Rosado
Rihanna Rosado 3 saatler önce
tasha. basha1 literally same
tom.skrrt 8 saatler önce
he got 4 inches of pure plessure
Chloe Ford
Chloe Ford Gün önce
Kinky Jimin
Kinky Jimin Gün önce
Mackenzie Tulliar
Mackenzie Tulliar 4 gün önce
SuperEthan2008 Yt
SuperEthan2008 Yt 7 gün önce
This is what harry has been doing since he hasnt been uploading FOR 6 WHOLE MONTHS!😭😭😭
Nana-Firdausi 7 gün önce
tobi was cheating
Vor2004 7 gün önce
4:33 I don’t know anybody’s birthday, i guess you know mine vik 😂
Jack Shea
Jack Shea 8 gün önce
4 inches is bad. I'm 7 and a half and I'm 14.
Dato Sat
Dato Sat 3 gün önce
Jack Shea 4 inches isnt that bad right Im 16 and Im 3 inches rounded up
Erin Horan
Erin Horan 8 gün önce
Even I watched rainbow and I'm a teenager Zippy George and that
I Am Forde
I Am Forde 8 gün önce
Why does Vik sit and shake... really off putting
El Jerm
El Jerm 8 gün önce
Hey can someone explain to me if a U is a good mark for the Additional Maths GSCE, just an american wondering if Harry is smart.
Jordan Frayling
Jordan Frayling 8 gün önce
U = So bad they couldnt grade it
Simone Oliver
Simone Oliver 8 gün önce
Does Harry have anxiety?
Estela Lopez
Estela Lopez 5 gün önce
What part does he look nervous?
Travis Obrien
Travis Obrien 8 gün önce
Harry with the micro penis lol
Jibedeer 8 gün önce
10:28 flashback to when harry was naked in the bathroom when JJ was seeking
Antond _
Antond _ 8 gün önce
9:10 ethan 😂
jonkheer johan
jonkheer johan 8 gün önce
nice to know my boy harry does hella drugs
Kyle McCoy
Kyle McCoy 8 gün önce
Is it just me that thinks Harry's penis is small? Not hatin on him but im in yr 10 now and ive got a 6
Vanish ._K
Vanish ._K 8 gün önce
damn im 25 november me and harry has sotmhing common we love drugs and Making Dark ass jokes
Brenon Fiwchuk
Brenon Fiwchuk 8 gün önce
I feel like Harry has a huge dick, and that’s why he jokes about it being small lol.
RedPlays 9 gün önce
It aint a competition but i have gone without a shit for 20 days
RedPlays 9 gün önce
@Lumizzon Liumi probably
Lumizzon Liumi
Lumizzon Liumi 9 gün önce
I think there's something wrong with you
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 9 gün önce
For Harry's favorite food just say pussy and you'll get a point unless he is gay but I don't think so.
Chase Davis
Chase Davis 9 gün önce
Harry on diss track: has anybody seen JJ's Lamborghini. No he crashed it a year ago. Incompetent fuck just learn to drive slow. Also Harry: I got my scar from a motorcycle accident. RIP😂😂
Asif Kola
Asif Kola 9 gün önce
They sat like a chessboard.
NeevRoblox 9 gün önce
JJ trying to cheat (9:36)
Daisy EscobedoRamirez
Daisy EscobedoRamirez 10 gün önce
Levels is the fucking best from Avicii/Tim. Miss the legend. 💔
Harlowe Bercovitch
Harlowe Bercovitch 10 gün önce
It’s sad that josh doesn’t know that tomato’s grow from seeds in the ground and not on trees
Holly Fields
Holly Fields 10 gün önce
omg it’s not a compilation I’m shook
Antoni Spinozza
Antoni Spinozza 11 gün önce
Is harry’s dick really that small?
Claudia Thompson
Claudia Thompson 11 gün önce
There needs to be a new drug called life
Matty_Barratt2407 11 gün önce
i can't tell if harrys being serious about 4 inches haha
Dato Sat
Dato Sat 11 saatler önce
Krackz The Gamer ill sure do
Krackz The Gamer
Krackz The Gamer 12 saatler önce
@Dato Sat uhmm, can't tell if you're sarcastic or serious... but if you are serious then just wait until you're 18 and check again
Dato Sat
Dato Sat 13 saatler önce
sean Slattery really?
sean Slattery
sean Slattery 16 saatler önce
Dato sat that’s very smal geez
Krackz The Gamer
Krackz The Gamer 17 saatler önce
@Dato Sat I guess technique is good, for you?
aloclay 11 gün önce
Let ignore the 500k voicecrack
Richard Archer
Richard Archer 11 gün önce
Harry 2018 Carpool karaoke:Tobi's dick is about 3 inches Also Harry In This Video:My dick is 3 inches
Niels 11 gün önce
7:10 sexy vikk
fortniteboss761 11 gün önce
Jackson Fisher
Jackson Fisher 12 gün önce
Poor Ethan got so triggered when he couldn’t remember Harry’s birthday 😂
Wolf And Deer Gacha
Wolf And Deer Gacha 13 gün önce
1 he's funny 2 the crazy things he comes up with 3.hes not afraid to say what he wants 4 he rides a fucking motorcycle 5 he is reaaaaaaaly good looking 6 he is the best looking funniest bantery person on athe side men and in general 7 he would probably most likely make a great boyfriemd 8 I want him to be mine I Love Harry
gamer jaden
gamer jaden 13 gün önce
I share a birthday with harry, yay
noah hummel
noah hummel 13 gün önce
My birthday is the 25e of november
Shane Richardson
Shane Richardson 13 gün önce
OMFG I was born 24 November
Yasmin Anderson
Yasmin Anderson 14 gün önce
What’s W2S last name?
alisha 12 gün önce
10,000 subs with no Videos
10:15 who else expected this question?
MUSA 14 gün önce
2:55 who's seen harry's tweet on vikk
Tiger Wings
Tiger Wings 14 gün önce
6:08 A ChrisMD
Joedell 15 gün önce
Vik intensively shaking the whole video
Cosmos YT
Cosmos YT 15 gün önce
Zippy and that is the best answer in this
Mya Fewell
Mya Fewell 15 gün önce
Never trust a person with two first names... then there is someone like Harry and I with Four 😂
Cam Snow
Cam Snow 16 gün önce
When you realize harrys birthday is 2 days beforefor yours
Mat gameplays rocket league-minecraft-bo3 123
My bday same as his 😂
Jiddle Middle
Jiddle Middle 17 gün önce
Harry is so wild lmao
Jaime Chen
Jaime Chen 18 gün önce
Harry it aint abt the size of the wave its abt the motion of the ocean
Galaxy Be4r Its a joke
Galaxy Be4r
Galaxy Be4r 11 gün önce
@Omar El ariss He said 3.5 after
Omar El ariss
Omar El ariss 12 gün önce
Jaime Chen its not actly 4 inch bro there just messing 😂😂
Schiloyt 18 gün önce
Harry’s birthday is the same day as mine no word of a lie
Jenson Hill
Jenson Hill 19 gün önce
ethan defianitaly looked at vicks answer for harry birthday
Zach Madsen-Jensen
Zach Madsen-Jensen 20 gün önce
Why the fuck has Toby now got the bandana and JJ’s got the cap
Jack 20 gün önce
wtf, harry’s cock is tiny hahahhaha
Eddie Hong
Eddie Hong 20 gün önce
Harry must be taking a piss talking about his penis size 3,5? No way
BOCH I 20 gün önce
Is U grade GREAT
Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas 20 gün önce
Who is here after Harry's Twitter post on vikk 😂😂
B S 18 gün önce
Harry Hicks
Harry Hicks 20 gün önce
Ayyy my birthday is the 24th of November
Charlie Vine
Charlie Vine 20 gün önce
7:35 why does vik look like he’s on coke
DaveKraft400 20 gün önce
I went a week without having a poo once. Like, within the last year. The poo to break it wasn't big either, had to squeeze it out.
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Nate Diaz is baaack!!
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