When ur mom is always cleaning 不 

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26 Mar 2023




Y羹k balant覺s覺.....


alma listem
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yuvraj singh
yuvraj singh Aylar 繹nce
Dude maybe she thinks you are the root cause of all uncleanliness
yuvraj singh
yuvraj singh Aylar 繹nce
@郕訄迮邽郇訄 赲郇郇邽郕郋赲訄 不不
Danza Gaming
Danza Gaming Aylar 繹nce
franky Aylar 繹nce
Yassir Qasim
Yassir Qasim Aylar 繹nce
SGA 2 aylar 繹nce
Now we know Adam just replicates his Mothers good manners and, its a common thing.
Usha Chand
Usha Chand 20 g羹n 繹nce
No popo
Mina Mina
Mina Mina 19 g羹n 繹nce
Sara Alvarez
Sara Alvarez G羹n 繹nce
Aria Kaminski
Aria Kaminski Aylar 繹nce
"I'm gonna clean your bed," "If you don't mind."
The Gang Crips
The Gang Crips 3 saatler 繹nce
You mean im gonna vacuum your bed if you dont mind
Vishu A
Vishu A 20 g羹n 繹nce
Mom is the only person in the word who can give you test of your own medicine.
PRIME 18 g羹n 繹nce
*taste and first like and comment
Fahima Batool
Fahima Batool 3 g羹n 繹nce
In the world*
Lin Min Htet
Lin Min Htet 28 g羹n 繹nce
She made sure that the house was spotless and cleaned
Ralf Aylar 繹nce
"Her mother has the world record worlds longest wire"
PRIME 18 g羹n 繹nce
what's the worst thing about your mom??? she cleans my dreams...literally
Fluffx Family
Fluffx Family 3 g羹n 繹nce
nahh this comment made me fall of my bunk bed
ThatKingAlex Aylar 繹nce
Adam didn't even wipe after the poo break.
Naveel Kabir
Naveel Kabir Aylar 繹nce
He was pretending.
Raiyan Aylar 繹nce
@Naveel Kabir it was a joke duh
Naveel Kabir
Naveel Kabir Aylar 繹nce
@Raiyan I know. I was making sure people knew the reality behind it as well.
Abdulazeez Abdulrasheed
Abdulazeez Abdulrasheed 28 g羹n 繹nce
Naveel Kabir
Naveel Kabir 28 g羹n 繹nce
@Abdulazeez Abdulrasheed
Marcio Colona
Marcio Colona 10 g羹n 繹nce
"i'm gonna clean my ass real quick" "If you don't mind"
Zulfi Ackerman
Zulfi Ackerman 2 aylar 繹nce
"I'm gonna clean this pool real quick, if you don't mind"
Creativity 2 aylar 繹nce
The Comment
The Comment 2 aylar 繹nce
shashim tandi
shashim tandi 2 aylar 繹nce
If he minds he'll not be seen anymore in the house
Maryam Maryam
Maryam Maryam 2 aylar 繹nce
keff yasmina
keff yasmina 2 aylar 繹nce
Oui 0
Joshua Dron
Joshua Dron 2 aylar 繹nce
Accurate, everytime I'm trying to watch TV my mom comes in and starts vacuuming and blocking the TV
Jessyca Andreea
Jessyca Andreea 2 aylar 繹nce
namani munda
namani munda Aylar 繹nce
Aissata keita
Aissata keita Aylar 繹nce
Same with me here
Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Sanjeev Kumar Gupta 2 aylar 繹nce
Adam's Mom: Let me make you taste your own medicine.
Jasurjasur Jasur
Jasurjasur Jasur 2 aylar 繹nce
Mom's clean each part of the home
Nicolas yl
Nicolas yl 2 aylar 繹nce
Sukhu Bgmi no1 cares
Carobaldovino 2 aylar 繹nce
Sheila Emadian
Sheila Emadian 2 aylar 繹nce
His mom is a great actress. His best videos always feature her. She always keeps a serious, straight face! Her outfit is so mom with the messy hair and scrunchy. She is always herself and really not even acting, just being mom which is so great about it! I think she really enjoys being part of this!
Haxxor Aylar 繹nce
RomaN.D 8 g羹n 繹nce
enough! Uhff
Kira Kira
Kira Kira 2 aylar 繹nce
Love how his mom is so good at cleaning that the vacuum cleaner is always clean/empty.
Tigress_180 2 aylar 繹nce
Bro didnt even wipe
Glenda 2 aylar 繹nce
forreal tho
Luna 2 aylar 繹nce
deepa Pawar
deepa Pawar 2 aylar 繹nce
Jeremy M
Jeremy M 2 aylar 繹nce
Still had his underwear on
Navi Navi
Navi Navi 2 aylar 繹nce
Sylliboi Swag
Sylliboi Swag Aylar 繹nce
I love how the vacuum cleaner isn't even plugged in; they just have the sound running in the background
Nancy Evangelista
Nancy Evangelista Aylar 繹nce
drizzle 19 g羹n 繹nce
So relatable my mom won't go a single day without vacuuming the entire house
IWantTo Believe
IWantTo Believe 2 aylar 繹nce
That's her way of saying she wants you to move out.
LeviAnderson 2 aylar 繹nce
Vani Gaming if your hungry, I got a 左 for you
Shaemaa Jubair
Shaemaa Jubair 2 aylar 繹nce
Adharsh 2 aylar 繹nce
LeviAnderson 2 aylar 繹nce
@Shaemaa Jubair AYO
Majid Kenza堛
Majid Kenza堛 2 aylar 繹nce
Maxson Sky Yap
Maxson Sky Yap Aylar 繹nce
Legend says that his mom is still cleaning.
Tulika Ray
Tulika Ray 2 aylar 繹nce
Mom: "If you let me vacuum you, then maybe I'll leave you alone."
Hatice Kocaoglu
Hatice Kocaoglu 2 aylar 繹nce
襤t羹 idi ve ilk roman覺 dijital kale'nin ortaya Ki 扒扒扒扒扒
Hatice Kocaoglu
Hatice Kocaoglu 2 aylar 繹nce
襤p ne zaman gidiyon aliye
Alii Awwaaluu
Alii Awwaaluu 2 aylar 繹nce
Marvyn YT
Marvyn YT 2 aylar 繹nce
Mom: Cleaning is my hobby 不不不 Adam always put smiles on our faces伐
塈 媔
塈 媔 2 aylar 繹nce
camii liendro
camii liendro 2 aylar 繹nce
@塈 媔 q荊荊遲
Hatice Kocaoglu
Hatice Kocaoglu 2 aylar 繹nce
rukia de bir ema oldu ki bu yaz覺y覺 bana g繹re 癟ok ey var ki
Hatice Kocaoglu
Hatice Kocaoglu 2 aylar 繹nce
tasnim Hadfi
tasnim Hadfi 2 aylar 繹nce
X infixv0rtex X
X infixv0rtex X 29 g羹n 繹nce
Legends say that her mom is still cleaning t'll this day
peach 21 g羹n 繹nce
Vasily Kudryavtsev
Vasily Kudryavtsev 2 aylar 繹nce
BTW, at the end his Mom says: "I'm not perfect. Never said I was."
t簷ng vn 籀n h獺t th獺i
th廕 k廙 k廙 ex jwxjkskqzzkmx
naupang nghal
naupang nghal Aylar 繹nce
G羹ls羹m Demet
G羹ls羹m Demet Aylar 繹nce
GA TV 儭 2 aylar 繹nce
*She just likes cleanliness around*
Navami Mohan
Navami Mohan 2 aylar 繹nce
Like Consuela from family Guy
af_creation 2 aylar 繹nce
Legends will say that his mom is still cleaning
Oued chorfa barrage du ghrib
Zzs Sh
5K sub with no video challenge
Him to his mom: "stop it , get some help"
觓郕郋赲 訄郱郅訄郕訄
迡迮 訇 郇邽 訇郅 郇訄 赲迮迣迡訄 郱訄訇郋邽 郋 迮訇迮
shala yg
shala yg 2 aylar 繹nce
Nathan Lipford
Nathan Lipford 2 aylar 繹nce
Lovegay Macatbag
Lovegay Macatbag 2 aylar 繹nce
that mini vacuum came out of nowhere
htech3000 Aylar 繹nce
It wasnt even plugged in and she still trying to vacuum the treadmill
Shatha Alotaibi
Shatha Alotaibi Aylar 繹nce
five stars
five stars 2 aylar 繹nce
His mom: I'm cleaning, "If you don't mind" Adam: I Do mind, mom fr His mom: "I really don't care"son Adam: 仁
Silvana Elizabeth Moro
Silvana Elizabeth Moro 2 aylar 繹nce
RoyalJXCKSON Aylar 繹nce
Not even joking, that's how my mom is
Maliha Mazher
Maliha Mazher 2 aylar 繹nce
Her mom be like : I'm just cleaning the worst dust of my house which is actually you
Mehar King
Mehar King 2 aylar 繹nce
Shanto Shovo
Shanto Shovo 2 aylar 繹nce
Legend's say's she still cleaning
Dorcas Fordjour
Dorcas Fordjour 2 aylar 繹nce
不不不 oh Lord this is too funny.
Haider Khan
Haider Khan 2 aylar 繹nce
How cute was Adam's initial laugh
Mansoora Azhar
Mansoora Azhar Aylar 繹nce
I thought so too
Lincoln Lane
Lincoln Lane 2 aylar 繹nce
This isn't even an exaggeration with hispanic moms
媢堛媯 堥塈
媢堛媯 堥塈 Aylar 繹nce
UnofficialGamer Aylar 繹nce
For real! My mom used to vacuum my room. Early in the morning. While I was still sleeping!
Tracey Thomas
Tracey Thomas 2 aylar 繹nce
I thought Adam was gonna get the shock of his life when mom introduced the vacuum to the pool喇∴
The pro
The pro 12 saatler 繹nce
Why can I relate tho
Sagar Chourasiya
Sagar Chourasiya 5 g羹n 繹nce
When she wants to convince you to marriage
休荊 2 aylar 繹nce
My house was clean yesterday , sorry you missed it
Bread 2 aylar 繹nce
Bro left his underwear dirty
U Aie
U Aie Aylar 繹nce
This is my mom since we bought new vacumn for her. Like literally everyday
Shush Aylar 繹nce
Warga Alam
Warga Alam Aylar 繹nce
your mom is just like My Mom.. always do cleaning..
Fardus Hassan
Fardus Hassan 28 g羹n 繹nce
Legends say it that his mom is still cleaning
Sung Lee
Sung Lee Aylar 繹nce
The fact that he didnt even wipe
RoseMan Aylar 繹nce
I was waiting for her to say "I'm cleaning" every time
sujata bharadwaj
sujata bharadwaj 2 aylar 繹nce
His smiling sound
Fatemeh Esmaeili
Fatemeh Esmaeili 2 aylar 繹nce
when your mom doubt about everything about you
堶堹 塈堹堭塈堹
堶堹 塈堹堭塈堹 2 aylar 繹nce
塈堭塈塈 堹堭 媯堶
Sondre Vehus
Sondre Vehus 2 aylar 繹nce
I can relate to this!!
Gerson Matias Neto Gon癟alves Bigu
Im cleaning....if u dont mind
Selim Tolan
Selim Tolan 2 aylar 繹nce
Bro didint flush or wipe
Erin Lozano
Erin Lozano Aylar 繹nce
I mean tbh I would do the same if that happened to me
Selim Tolan
Selim Tolan 29 g羹n 繹nce
Yo same 云云
Selim Tolan
Selim Tolan 29 g羹n 繹nce
Omg thank you for 15 likes 手 thats the most i got ever
AriArcane 16 g羹n 繹nce
The shorts with mum are always great
Takhai Watson
Takhai Watson 14 g羹n 繹nce
Damn that mom is everywhere
BadJeng 2 aylar 繹nce
Monica Geller joins the group chat...
slimequeen Aylar 繹nce
You dont need to vacuum a bed a pool or bathroom
wildsoulcobra Aylar 繹nce
Can't complain, like mother like son
Johnny the Johnster
Johnny the Johnster 2 aylar 繹nce
Straight forward facts
Bandana Thukral
Bandana Thukral 2 aylar 繹nce
This lady is too powerful
Kevin's 11
Kevin's 11 2 aylar 繹nce
Mom. I am the cleaning Adam . NA I DON'T MIND
John Solomon
John Solomon 2 aylar 繹nce
Now you have the taste of your doings
Likewoah Aylar 繹nce
I absolutely love you and your humor
ThatSurvivor Aylar 繹nce
Neighbors when your trying to sleep be like:
Farkhodov 2 aylar 繹nce
He is really creative person so talented
Sheba Rashid
Sheba Rashid Aylar 繹nce
Bro really had to get up midstream
javeir anderson
javeir anderson 2 aylar 繹nce
Can't expect any different behavior from her kids at all
fizza bano
fizza bano 2 aylar 繹nce
The "Don waaaste foood" Woman is her mom?? Impressive!
Saliou Bah
Saliou Bah 2 aylar 繹nce
The Other Dude Im Not perfect i Never Said i Was He Was walking right there at the Gym with Adam lol
sui ku
sui ku Aylar 繹nce
Im cleaning
Don Mike
Don Mike 2 aylar 繹nce
Adam is getting the a taste of his own medicine
MOJTABA IRANI 2 aylar 繹nce
Moms are love手
sachin korjani
sachin korjani 8 g羹n 繹nce
My mom is just like his mom when it comes to cleaning
Jimmy 2 aylar 繹nce
bro caught in 4k saw his underwear
Xtenblack Aylar 繹nce
The way she said I AM CLEANING is just droped me to the floor in seconds
Surya Aylar 繹nce
Totally relatable
蛁蛌 蚳
蛁蛌 蚳 2 aylar 繹nce
Normal day in ohio
Umer Fareedi
Umer Fareedi 14 g羹n 繹nce
I think her mom is trying to clean his child 不
Snowy Wolfy19
Snowy Wolfy19 Aylar 繹nce
Now table has turn where Adam gets annoyed..by his mother lmao
Qaneshia Knight
Qaneshia Knight Aylar 繹nce
Bro about to die in the electricity in the water 佞
tanha sahed
tanha sahed Aylar 繹nce
Muhammad Nabil
Muhammad Nabil Aylar 繹nce
Mannn...I had a minor panic/anxiety attack & was praying that he wasn't accidentally going to get electrocuted.
Kuttan R
Kuttan R 2 aylar 繹nce
This one mom character destroyed all the annoyance adam did to others
Memer Aylar 繹nce
As a vacuum cleaner I can relate
Mbogo Kenhoods
Mbogo Kenhoods Aylar 繹nce
Now we know the author for Adam
Ibrahima Bah
Ibrahima Bah Aylar 繹nce
Now I knew where you get your problem from.
Goutham Reddy
Goutham Reddy 2 aylar 繹nce
that gym friend
Asd Asd
Asd Asd 2 aylar 繹nce
Vics Aylar 繹nce
Laughing out loud, plug the vacuum at least.. lol
people's top10
people's top10 Aylar 繹nce
This tune rocks
Nworah Derek
Nworah Derek 2 aylar 繹nce
Getting a taste of his own medicine
John Jones
John Jones 2 aylar 繹nce
Electrocution has entered the chat
Asha'man Sedai
Asha'man Sedai 2 aylar 繹nce
Alternative title: When your mom wants you out of the house
YAYA 2 aylar 繹nce
she is telling you to move out boy
Ana Mustata
Ana Mustata Aylar 繹nce
Ibraheem Naeem
Ibraheem Naeem 9 g羹n 繹nce
when mom think her son is trash
MRx UGLY Aylar 繹nce
why is it so ACCURATE?
figure Aylar 繹nce
The way she came out of the shower
PABLO PIASCO 埠 2 aylar 繹nce
Yoh you are amazing
Dean Austine
Dean Austine 2 aylar 繹nce
Even with the current dip in the financial Market am still glad i can smile back at my portfolio of $ 400,000 built from my months of weekly trade
ja-Nel murry
ja-Nel murry 2 aylar 繹nce
How did you do it?
Dean Austine
Dean Austine 2 aylar 繹nce
I invested with Mr DEACON STEWART, he is, sincerely i tell you, the best.
Xbbsjd 2 aylar 繹nce
Same here, a transaction of 4,000 to 17,400 in just two weeks, he is really a good broker
Muhammad Ashraff
Muhammad Ashraff Aylar 繹nce
"im cleaning, if you don't mind"
Fantastic star
Fantastic star Aylar 繹nce
Mom not cleaning the house, she is cleaning adam
Sammygang 3
Sammygang 3 Aylar 繹nce
Legend says she's still vacuuming
L Rowe
L Rowe Aylar 繹nce
LOL hilarious love it.
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