When the hero is just as smart as villain.

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Laundry dude gone be alright he got insurance.

Oddwin - 8-16-18




27 Mar 2019




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truejavario 4 saatler önce
squid game origins lol
Galore497elite #gang gang
*when you and your friend are playing uno and have nothing but reverse cards*
Avocado with a mustache
Avocado with a mustache 11 saatler önce
This is like the smart kid fighting with the Asian kid which answer is the correct one
Honto Ni 😔
Honto Ni 😔 12 saatler önce
Caleb to himself : How many plot twist do want? Caleb : *YES*
Diego Glez Vazq
Diego Glez Vazq 14 saatler önce
1:24 is how near beat Light.
Blight 15 saatler önce
Is no one going to talk about the cieling alligator? 2:01
Faces Ruin Drugs
Faces Ruin Drugs 20 saatler önce
The fact that the ‘good guy’ still placed bombs at the dry cleaners killing innocent people lmao 😂
Blackwolf207 Gün önce
The sad thing is this isn’t even much of an exaggeration. Some shows/movies are actually like this. I felt annoyed watching movies like the prestige.
Well i have a hella lot of evidence that almost all majority of villains have deep voice.
yyyamzaH Gün önce
I know his heart dropped when he knocked the door
Scthes Gün önce
first calebcity video
Jay Mikaere
Jay Mikaere 2 gün önce
Plot twist, the hero was asleep the whole time and the villain tormented himself trying to outsmart the hero.
wallie 2 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that a fake replica key would also work?
zero 2 gün önce
"i managed to steal the key BEFORE I stole it!" 😂😂😂
TheFlyingNegro 2 gün önce
why is there a blue crocodile on the ceiling just chillin lol
Wolf pack 212th air born
Are we just going to ignore that the hero just killed a bunch of innocent workers
John Adams
John Adams 2 gün önce
Oh, so this is the alternate ending to death note.
Kick Boxing
Kick Boxing 2 gün önce
2:01 Is that a crocodile glued onto the roof?
Kick Boxing
Kick Boxing 2 gün önce
1:33 The way he opened the banana is horrifying - just decapitated it
Henry R.
Henry R. 2 gün önce
Fun fact: this is not your first time watching this
Senpaii Reii
Senpaii Reii 3 gün önce
I love sketches i nearly die laughing coming up with ideas with my partners 💀 😂
Lt. Monkey
Lt. Monkey 3 gün önce
What if the "detonator battery" was just a bluff, like he didn't test it
Chrono 3 gün önce
Amazing detail with the lagging sound of the face time
Chrono 3 gün önce
We not gunna talk about how the hero relocated bombs to an innocent business, possibly killing innocent people, instead of defusing them
jaffar bino
jaffar bino 4 gün önce
Death Note's ending in a nutshell
Human person
Human person 4 gün önce
Why is no one talking about that blue alligator just hangin from the ceiling
PrideHunter 5 gün önce
i outsmaterd your outsmarting
BogeyBoiPlays 5 gün önce
i like how sad they get
Magic Pancakes?
Magic Pancakes? 5 gün önce
Nice argument, just one problem.. 4:01.
Bleu Jae
Bleu Jae 6 gün önce
This was too lit
Jelena Mitrović
Jelena Mitrović 6 gün önce
This is some *Bungo Stray Dogs 3rd season* shit
Lotus Noon
Lotus Noon 6 gün önce
Spy vs spy
Kirby J
Kirby J 6 gün önce
How tall are you damn
Mugi 6 gün önce
Death note be like
Xenone 6 gün önce
This is like every b99 halloween heist ever
No one is gonna talk about the blue crocodile chilling on his ceiling at 2:01? 😂
Lark999 7 gün önce
Respect for the ghallahorn poster un the background
Slim Willy
Slim Willy 7 gün önce
This dude loves cereal
Acidic god
Acidic god 7 gün önce
1 mil likes
Raghav Nimbalkar
Raghav Nimbalkar 8 gün önce
1.2m likes and 7k dislikes only is a bit sus
Raghav Nimbalkar
Raghav Nimbalkar 7 gün önce
@Antanaxis nothing You won’t get
Antanaxis 8 gün önce
Lelouch Vi Britannia
I WAS NEVER EVEN HERE! Tell that to the banana
Pico 8 gün önce
Maddex Ward
Maddex Ward 8 gün önce
All of his videos are classics
Blazarre 9 gün önce
I don’t know how but watching Caleb in these extremely exaggerated situations never fails to make me laugh
ACreepyOgre 9 gün önce
"I managed to steal the key before I stole it" That's the most scuffed sentence I've heard.
palladin 9 gün önce
disabling dislikes now. What a joke
Mother of 6 gangstar kids
Dazai and Fyodor in a nutshell
It’s_Kay 10 gün önce
Hey, HEY....we don't talk about the title.
Turtles 10 gün önce
Death note in a nutshell
ExploreButDont 10 gün önce
that blue alligator sticking on the roof tho
M.Rasyid Abdul Roni
M.Rasyid Abdul Roni 10 gün önce
Sherlock Holmes Vs James Moriarty. 🤣
Daffa Agung Narayana
Daffa Agung Narayana 10 gün önce
Moriarty only met sherlock at the fall in the book. There's never really a "rivalry" between them
Ridwan Setyo Nugroho
Ridwan Setyo Nugroho 10 gün önce
so, the MC is the villain himself but got a bipolar disease
Its a Fluke
Its a Fluke 11 gün önce
Aurora Carson
Aurora Carson 11 gün önce
you're so funny this made my day
Bug Guys
Bug Guys 11 gün önce
pewdiepie watched this video haha
theMonkeeMan 11 gün önce
YOO i just realized he made a replica key, which is funny because the replica key would achieve the same function as the real key
Kitty Stenz
Kitty Stenz 12 gün önce
Lol when 2 ppl have a gaslight contest
ZTG 12 gün önce
When the world needed him most he vanished 😭
Amrible 13 gün önce
wa pants is those
Tornado 13 gün önce
4:00 me when you read this
Inklow 13 gün önce
All they are doing is placing down +4's untill someone runs out
The Man
The Man 13 gün önce
So many impossible twists 🤣
Help _
Help _ 13 gün önce
This was already perfect' ' then the face timing turn this into a legit movie' '
Otis W
Otis W 14 gün önce
The lag tho 😂 Icing the cake
Rakshael 14 gün önce
Add in dramatic posing and punches telegraphed minutes in advance with bizarrely catchy soundtracks and various states of undress, and you've got your average JoJo fight scene here
Jazzy Anne R. Ufano
Jazzy Anne R. Ufano 14 gün önce
O. Mokshith Aaron
O. Mokshith Aaron 14 gün önce
Death Note on low budget. 😂
Braylon Hill
Braylon Hill 14 gün önce
no dislikes
PurpLeKitteNz619 15 gün önce
Omg i love this! This is my favorite video of yours. It had me at the edge of my seat wondering what was gonna happen next. Everything was hilarious.😄
SKYRON single
SKYRON single 15 gün önce
Lmaoo “I managed to steal the key BEFORE I stole it”
Hillary Etafo
Hillary Etafo 15 gün önce
This is one of the best videos on the internet
Marilen Diaz
Marilen Diaz 15 gün önce
ayo the pizza here
just a cat
just a cat 15 gün önce
glad laundry dude is okay
Mingles Pringles
Mingles Pringles 15 gün önce
Death note season 2 be like
Thicc Birb
Thicc Birb 16 gün önce
This is better than the live action death note
Ipa 16 gün önce
I feel like I see this video every ~6 months and it gets ne every time. Absolute masterpiece
Sound Lounge
Sound Lounge 14 gün önce
Did you ever notice the title is spelled wrong
Massage gun
Massage gun 16 gün önce
I managed to steal the key before I stole it
Zharaa. Taha
Zharaa. Taha 16 gün önce
It’s really annoying, I love villains cause they are smart ,have a dark heartbreaking past and hot , then the hero came and just have the same background man this is boring I literally feel like cheating them when I support both . ++++ this is the most annoying part when they meet each other and start revealing their plans like this , and it’s 1% less dramatic than this 😂
lets chair talk
lets chair talk 16 gün önce
huhu the best
Yemi D
Yemi D 17 gün önce
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Praveen Senpai
Praveen Senpai 17 gün önce
Need a part 2!!!
Praveen Senpai
Praveen Senpai 17 gün önce
MystxriousFlashy 17 gün önce
The Hero Is Always Smarter They Got 1M IQ
Iason Kalo
Iason Kalo 17 gün önce
ending song?
Smacks 17 gün önce
anybody notice the random blue alligator on the ceiling....... no time stamp ;)
FNAFPlushUltimate 17 gün önce
literally any child rp ever
Takyra Thomas
Takyra Thomas 18 gün önce
Why am I now noticing the blue alligator on the ceiling?
keviscool 18 gün önce
Crazy how no one talks about that blue lizard on the ceiling
FireKevinSavage 19 gün önce
TWIST 1:49
FireKevinSavage 19 gün önce
Adam Wild
Adam Wild 19 gün önce
Whats the song he used?
nicole 19 gün önce
b99 halloween special
redxic 19 gün önce
loved the fact that the aligator on the ceiling is just chilling right there
Peanut butter
Peanut butter 19 gün önce
Whats a movie that has a stupid hero and a smart villan Heres mine Captain Underpants
JETMASTER420 20 gün önce
Doesnt stealing the real key incriminate the good one?
Eddie Ikott
Eddie Ikott 20 gün önce
16th dimension chess
dad of boi
dad of boi 20 gün önce
Sherlock hood
DraKon31e Ee
DraKon31e Ee 20 gün önce
The ending sounds like an epic beat bout to drop
TCG 20 gün önce
The way he shakes the camera and said IM IN UR HOUSE
557deadpool 20 gün önce
how it felt watching Death Note
Me vs literally ANYONE in word games.
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