When the ball boy is the main figure of the match 

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14 Mar 2023




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Audread 2 aylar önce
The kid who celebrated with the team. It's called passion ☠️
BloXFruitDude 2 aylar önce
69 likes and no replys lemme fix this
Aussie Roos
Aussie Roos Aylar önce
Yep, awesome Team culture 👏
Akshay Aylar önce
Your likes is 666 then you are illuminati 😅😅😅😂
Colmew Aylar önce
Was that wycombe?
Chupakadabra Aylar önce
No fair play, all for the win
Radu Laurentiu
Radu Laurentiu 2 aylar önce
The fact Mourinho acknowledged the kid, made that kid's day
Ayush 07
Ayush 07 Aylar önce
That's Carlo Ancelotti
MikezJH Aylar önce
@Ayush 07 its spurs mate , its mourinho
Gerard Burton
Gerard Burton Aylar önce
​@Ayush 07 How can that be ? He's never been a Spurs Manager.
Ayush 07
Ayush 07 Aylar önce
Yes yes, sorry, got confused it's Mourinho 🙏
Gerard Burton
Gerard Burton Aylar önce
@snipeify I was just correcting someone.
Bradley Lefika
Bradley Lefika Aylar önce
Couldn't stop laughing at the one that threw the ball and the player acted like his head was nearly beheaded
Aaron Entz
Aaron Entz Aylar önce
That's football I guess...they cry for everything😂😅
Pranay Vidhate
Pranay Vidhate Aylar önce
someone threw snake on him.😂😂
Jsn Ynk18
Jsn Ynk18 Aylar önce
@Aaron Entz Don’t forget basketball or baseball
Dick 27 gün önce
​@jsnynk1868 lmao baseball isn't even close the only primadonnas in baseball are the umpires.
Nicky White
Nicky White Aylar önce
Bro was gonna go down because a child threw a ball at him 🤣🤣
Jayce Green
Jayce Green Aylar önce
Gotta love this generation of players... Simulation for everything
Oliver Newton
Oliver Newton Aylar önce
Yeah that was pathetic lol bet his friends ripped into him
Sulaiman Samatar
Sulaiman Samatar Aylar önce
😂😂 he realized it late
Thần Nhàn
Thần Nhàn Aylar önce
Man felt attacked for a moment 😅
Shankar Aylar önce
Figure Aylar önce
Mourinho literally said: "You are my boy."
FootballLover Aylar önce
He said “ how much more money do you want for that”
Mihail Milev
Mihail Milev Aylar önce
​@FootballLover hehe
Harry maguire
Harry maguire Aylar önce
Fact: the kid in the first clip got invited to dinner with the tottenham squad
mexknifer Aylar önce
The kid got to eat with the whole team and staff got his shirt signatures by all players
Mr Floop
Mr Floop Aylar önce
Mourinho was like “ welcome to the team”😂
John Ruiz
John Ruiz Aylar önce
When used correctly, the ball boys can be a massive pace controlling in a match. They can get a ball back quickly or cause a delay of play, giving the team time to complete a reset and get in place.
Yashasvi Sinha
Yashasvi Sinha Aylar önce
Bro waited his whole life for this moment 💀
Dxadx - Roblox
Dxadx - Roblox Aylar önce
Which one?
Cr7 Aylar önce
​@Dxadx - Roblox the first one and the second one
Fernando Miranda
Fernando Miranda Aylar önce
JESShatt44 Aylar önce
The guy that got hit on the arm by a little boy acting like he’s dying forgot he wasn’t on the pitch and couldn’t get a call.
CBO Olum
CBO Olum Aylar önce
Joe Hart💀
Aiden Abarca
Aiden Abarca Aylar önce
I was searching for this comment😂
Jamie Marr
Jamie Marr Aylar önce
That first kid was on it!
Rabih Elias
Rabih Elias 2 aylar önce
The first kid was waitting for this moment his entire life.
Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur
I'm not too familiar with football but is that allowed? In my eyes the ball went out of bounds, or you guys call it offsides I think. Kid proceeds to throw in his own ball too.
sus trackpointus
sus trackpointus Aylar önce
​@Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur he's a ball boy, they pass balls to the players, and there are no offsides from throw ins
DrunkinMaverick Aylar önce
As great of a play that was, unfortunately it should have been called back. One foot was in bounds during the throw which makes it void and the other team's ball.
Mancity P
Mancity P 29 gün önce
@DrunkinMaverick Nope, this is a common misconception about a throw-in. As long as at least a part of both feet is on the touchline (or outside) it is fine. His left foot was touching the touchline and his right foot was outside. Technically, you can play a throw-in with just the back of your foot slightly touching the touchline and the rest of your foot inside but players don't do this cuz each time the ref can't see it clearly and the opponent objects they will lose the ball cuz of it. "have part of each foot on the touchline or on the ground outside the touchline" from the rulebook.
MrKrabz Aylar önce
The guy that choked after the ball hit his shoulder 😂
Micah Polk
Micah Polk 2 aylar önce
The second one 🗿
Jessica ibbetson
Jessica ibbetson Aylar önce
Called passion
Your mum
Your mum Aylar önce
First kid just had the best day of his life.
TPRM1 Aylar önce
And he got to have lunch with the team afterwards. Lovely touch by Mourinho to invite him, and Kane sat talking to him the whole time. Saw him interviewed, he was a lovely kid.
Even Mars
Even Mars Aylar önce
The whole match is dependent on the "Ball Boy"....he's the main character
1stfather Aylar önce
The kid who joined the celebration 🐐
Charla  Elevada
Charla Elevada Aylar önce
Mourihno said your gonna be a head coach one 😅😅😅😅
Daniel Lynch
Daniel Lynch Aylar önce
mourinho invited the kid to eat lunch with the players and meet all of them after that
Alberto L
Alberto L Aylar önce
The kid who threw the ball was hilarious 😂
Irish man
Irish man Aylar önce
That kid is now on mourinhos coaching staff
Haley Espinoza
Haley Espinoza Aylar önce
The first one man 😂😂
اسلام الحسين
Joe Hart entered the chat …
Ndiassé Aylar önce
I love that kid 😂😂
Ninja Turtle
Ninja Turtle Aylar önce
What is this beautiful music, it's so relaxing
Joel Aylar önce
Anderson Pond
Anderson Pond Aylar önce
I think it's called twinkle twinkle little star by 50 cent
Andjungle Punkthirteen
Haha 😂
Tilak Chavda
Tilak Chavda Aylar önce
Islamic Feed
Islamic Feed Aylar önce
The audio 💀
kenneth Osbourne
kenneth Osbourne Aylar önce
I just dont underatand how someone gets up and decides to post these sound bruh wth😭💀
Saalim Saadman
Saalim Saadman Aylar önce
Song name
Gavrilo Aylar önce
​@Saalim Saadman idk the name just search ' Mamma raised a soldier not a bitch '
Stoffe Johansson
Stoffe Johansson Aylar önce
Ken Van brabant
Ken Van brabant Aylar önce
The second kid made me smile so hard
samdude29 Aylar önce
The first kid understood the assignment😂
koketso kgatla
koketso kgatla Aylar önce
Give that boy a scholarship
Sai Shami
Sai Shami Aylar önce
Ball boys are so underrated
Alexandru Sebastian
That'd like he was playing also 🎉
Ghostly Aylar önce
The kid in the first one knew the offside rule fully. 👏👏
drbusay 29 gün önce
Passion doesn't overwrite sportsmanship even in their age.
Minute of laughter
Minute of laughter Aylar önce
had shot 🤣🤣🤣
Chris White
Chris White 2 aylar önce
The player that got hit in the chest. Wow, how soft is he?😂
Daniel Kirwan
Daniel Kirwan Aylar önce
He didn't even get hit in the chest, he got hit in the shoulder lol
DICE'N DICE'N Aylar önce
That type of behavior is starting to ruin other sports as well, baseball, football, especially basketball
iTz Lnix
iTz Lnix Aylar önce
All new players are soft and mushy
Phat Lewt
Phat Lewt Aylar önce
his instinct kicked in and tried to fake an injury
Alex D
Alex D 2 aylar önce
The first is Spours - olympiakos 4-2
KoroS Aylar önce
Yoo the first one literally blue lock vibe dude, yes i feel it 🔥
Josh Conkerton
Josh Conkerton 24 gün önce
That one guy who caught the kid in his arm! Good guy.
Grim Riffs
Grim Riffs 26 gün önce
Preem 👌
Hunt3r2 editz
Hunt3r2 editz Aylar önce
Broooo why does this actually go hard this shi tight 🔥🔥🔥
Marcela Vávrová
Marcela Vávrová Aylar önce
Hustý 👍
Ifeanyi Aboy
Ifeanyi Aboy Aylar önce
Jehona kuqi
Jehona kuqi Aylar önce
the boy later:mmmm this food is so good😊😊😂😂
the guy
the guy Aylar önce
The kid who joined the celebration I've wanted to see that for so long
McSquilliam Aylar önce
We just going to pretend like that throw in wasn’t completely over the line
lee Aylar önce
Player took a ball to the chest and got confused, first he went to dive like hed been shot, realised the ball boy getting sent off wouldnt help, so he went to shout at him, realised he was in a no win so spun around complaining to noone lol
Terence Jay
Terence Jay 26 gün önce
Reminds me of the first time I played lacrosse with ball boys. Normally the ball goes out and you can catch your breath while someone gets the ball, but with a ball boy, it was right there ready to go. Hard work in defence.
Lenny Aylar önce
Vini Jr. Was smooth with that throw
UltrAslanMC 29 gün önce
Ch1 Aylar önce
the last one not giving the chick the ball realises where the sport has degraded itself and refused to be a part of it 😂😂😂
Tee Duffey
Tee Duffey 28 gün önce
This is fire
MrBushy Aylar önce
I just love how nobody noticed how at the beginning of the video you can hear someone moan
It’s part of the song
The kid really jumped to him bro
Leonardo di parma
Leonardo di parma Aylar önce
The first 2 kids were the game changer
DR. GreenJUICE Aylar önce
He actually got to meet the players and get a bunch cool Tottenham gear bc he did that
Seeriousley Aylar önce
I love this soothing elevator music….
Another L.I.F.E
Another L.I.F.E Aylar önce
The beginning was terrible (moans)
Some Dumb Crown Vic
Broooooo he stepped over the line with that throw
Serkan Mystron
Serkan Mystron Aylar önce
best assist in history :)
DriftX Aylar önce
Bro calculated the match
Gabriel Vasquez
Gabriel Vasquez Aylar önce
Kid really went insane with it
MAN CITY FAN Aylar önce
Владимир Шершень
I AM UNKNOWN Aylar önce
Jose defo gave that kid a few bucks for that 😂
GOAT Aylar önce
He invited him to dressing room where he met all the players
A96 Aylar önce
Assist by the boy😮
Tarz4n Aylar önce
The ball boys have been trained well 😂
Arion Figueroa
Arion Figueroa Aylar önce
Just the first ballboy was that i call : the real player number 12
YOUNG KING Aylar önce
Tanganga's foot was inside the pitch 😂😂😂
aanthos caesar
aanthos caesar 21 gün önce
when the kid is part of the team
Jeramy Chunn
Jeramy Chunn 20 gün önce
Them kids are cold 🥶 AF...😂😂😂 REAL AS MOFOs!!!!!💪💪🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️
Duck Aylar önce
Bro had diving muscle memory
William Jones
William Jones Aylar önce
This kid owns the flavoured vodka company with the gold bottles. Boy is minted now
Jamal A
Jamal A Aylar önce
Give this kid a Madrid medal 🏅
Messnaldo 2 aylar önce
The song made me laugh so hard 😂😂
Creative Empire
Creative Empire Aylar önce
Please laugh only @ day time,. ONLY @ NIGHT. 😈☠️😑
Сандар Иванов
Where? “give me f*cking ball” 😂
LaTron Smith
LaTron Smith 20 gün önce
Kid got in on that celebration; he helped!
LonerBoner Aylar önce
That kid took that ball to the face like a champ lmao
BDOLanni Aylar önce
lol the guy that got the ball launched at him was literally about to dive and realised what he was doing
Cristiano Oliveira
Cristiano Oliveira Aylar önce
Vini Junior bateu o lateral andando e com o pé dentro de campo 😂😂😂😂😂
Jotaro bahiano
Jotaro bahiano Aylar önce
no primeiro o mlk salvou demais
_PapaSparta_ -TXC-
_PapaSparta_ -TXC- Aylar önce
Hello Aylar önce
Rip Legend
Andrew Gaebel
Andrew Gaebel 20 gün önce
Those kids are paying attention…just focused up waiting. So cool.
Poeticalll Army
Poeticalll Army 29 gün önce
First kid allegedly made a difference by his action.
First Name
First Name Aylar önce
The last two 😂
Magg Aylar önce
The goalkeeper was so flabbergasted, he fell over 😂😂
Nex Aylar önce
"Man we lost, the ball boy is their fan"
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh Aylar önce
The guy was almost killed with that ball ,before he realised that audience can't get a red card 💀
JAL ผจญชีวิต แดนปลาดิบ
That ball boy could read the game well
Mister M
Mister M Aylar önce
First one was tottenham 💪🏾
Vaqueiro Sonhador Aracajú
Esse muleke foi convidado pra almoçar com a equipe kkkkk
aleks445 Aylar önce
The last one 😂. Meanwhile Joe Hart
Stephen ogi
Stephen ogi 20 gün önce
legend has it he is a legend.same thing happened to us at Liverpool football club when we won champion's league again.YNWA
house of W
house of W Aylar önce
Bro ball boy is on the team
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Aylar önce
Crack Jr
Jones Chilufya
Jones Chilufya Aylar önce
This is why Jose was mad at that Chelsea doctor bcos he said they are all part of the game. U cud see how highly he spoke of the ball boy at spurs.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Aylar önce
The one who took one in the mask, hilarious
I thought it was a legit question I guess il stop sending money
Аврора Aylar önce
Малой хорош ❤