When Ramos Loses Control 

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29 Eyl 2023




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@StayHumble99 2 aylar önce
Ramos fighting his own national team captain still fascinating me 💀💀
@Ronny_EDITZ.. 2 aylar önce
@radmonkey365 2 aylar önce
Well, he is not the captain of Spain its Casillas
@faizzi2495 2 aylar önce
Same bro no respect 😂😂😂
Ramos alongside pepe at Real madrid were the master of dark arts
😂😂😂 bro you nailed it ... 😂
@MoradAliwan 2 gün önce
كانا سفاحان
@jorstermann Aylar önce
Ramos, un jugador Incompleto, nunca llegó a ser una figura como para poder recordarlo como uno de élite
@ffdeathclicker2418 2 aylar önce
Messi and ramos never gets old😂
@kongfc7258 2 aylar önce
Real 😂😂
@super.verse2.0 2 aylar önce
@miguelcastillo2025 2 aylar önce
Zlatan tweeted about what would happen if he did the same to him 😂
@daishinkaneditz9835 2 aylar önce
Bro fr Say that
@kylesouthpark848 Aylar önce
*Zlatan laughing in the corner*
@matekaa179 Aylar önce
Zlatan jest nikim
@iyeridli2671 22 gün önce
What else left for him to do 😂
@krzysztofobocki3043 14 gün önce
matekaa179@ to taki pepe
@krzysztofobocki3043 14 gün önce
Wsęsie ibrahimovic
Carles Puyol!!!! Esse sim era o verdadeiro zagueiro, valente, porém com lealdade e sem frescuras.
@sihamkhatib4756 Aylar önce
Puyol un verdadero capitan
@kevinborelli2269 Aylar önce
Ramos se lo mangia
Leale 😂😂, un gran delinquente.
@ManuelDiaz-ph5gk Aylar önce
Ramos chose
@sidkukreja 2 aylar önce
At that time, Puyol was his cb partner in the national team💀
@Ramon99q 2 aylar önce
De hecho su compañero de defensa central era pique, ramos era lateral derecho
@anonymouslund 2 aylar önce
And the f*cking el-capitan
@CristianoAlMadrid 2 aylar önce
​@@Ramon99q*Puyol era derecho
@Ramon99q 2 aylar önce
@@CristianoAlMadrid en la selección no, jesús Navas jugaba de lateral derecho Puyol y pique de centrales y aveces ramos de lateral derecho
@CristianoAlMadrid 2 aylar önce
@@Ramon99q Bueno, a veces
@Tilioco. Aylar önce
Bro that ramos was touching salahs arm 💀
@Nicer45 3 gün önce
The foul against Mohammed Salah in Champions League final was disgusting. With Salah maybe Liverpool would win this game.
@SahinChodhury 21 gün önce
Romos is the best real fighter
@user-ns2io1mc4i 2 aylar önce
Bro, Ramos did Salah dirty twice💀
@IoanaMirza 2 aylar önce
He plays so dirty
@Aaraw_Lios 2 aylar önce
@CamilValentin_27 2 aylar önce
​@@Aaraw_Lios your mother!
@skyze_editz2 2 aylar önce
​@@CamilValentin_27omg I'm laughing 😐
@Aaraw_Lios 2 aylar önce
@@CamilValentin_27 oh guys it's 2023 and this dude is still stuck in mom jokes , better graduate from Starbucks before milking mom memes lmfao
@Sanatanisatya007 7 gün önce
Ramos becomes Ramos 🗿
@cesarestrada2345 Aylar önce
Ramos debe ser el tipo de jugador que entidades como la FIFA tienen que impedir que jueguen futbol por el bien del deporte y de los demás jugadores, es un patán dentro y fuera de la cancha, los mediocres abusivos como él se autodenominan líderes, tiene instinto de causar daño a como de lugar. No se debe permitir gente así, a muchos lesionó con toda intención. Eso no es fútbol, eso es promover la violencia, el irrespeto y a las mentes que causan mal. Ramos must be the type of player that entities like FIFA have to prevent from playing football for the good of the sport and the other players, he is a jerk on and off the field, abusive mediocre people like him call themselves leaders, he has instinct to cause harm no matter what. People like that should not be allowed, they intentionally injured many. That is not football, that is promoting violence, disrespect and minds that cause evil.
@zenabirfan7282 2 aylar önce
It was funny ramos hitting his own international teamate
@Wymannnn 2 aylar önce
And captain at the time 🤦
@Alix49 2 aylar önce
Funning as hell, I'm rolling on the floor 😐
@totorochan-yk9mj 2 aylar önce
Madrid comes first always. It don't matter who tf you are . Ramos is a King 👑. Put some respect on his name 💪
@clarenzhernandez4249 2 aylar önce
​@@Wymannnndidnt see him hit Casillas
@Ricoanimations56 4 gün önce
Ramos was just testing if salah's arm is okay
@kashifhasan3976 Aylar önce
The fact that Ramos was fighting his own national team 💀
@BobbyRBX 2 aylar önce
He didn’t slide tackle messi, HE BICYCLE KICKED HIM💀
@IvanMagallanes-bp4oz 2 aylar önce
That's true
@user-uw3px8yj7w 3 gün önce
По красоте всё делал,, уважуха и респект🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@dominiccopelyn892 7 gün önce
Ramos really said to salah: if I’m falling your coming down too 💀
@ademali9720 2 aylar önce
He's not a football player, he's a professional fighter.
@quickscope-qe9by Aylar önce
😂😂😂 not with Ibrahimovic, he was afraid of Ibra, he can take it out on Messi who has a thin build, when a real man arrives Ramos shows everyone how much of a rabbit he is....RAMOS THE CLOWN😂😂😂
@m.shahzaib9947 Aylar önce
​@@quickscope-qe9bywell you're half right... Zlatan's little stomp sent him flying 😂
@perroboxervs Aylar önce
Nunca debio jugar futbol
@user-em5en4vd2q 12 gün önce
Zlatan observing each and every move of ramos
Charles Puyol y Sergio Ramos dos Grandes Gladiadores de las Defensas Centrales no sólo en España sino en el Mundo dos Estelares en sus Posiciones
@eloirubio6976 7 gün önce
Carles noble, Ramos destraler Carvajal Carcamal Abascal destraler Casimiro stilike destralers, Hierro igual....
@JoseGonzalez-pv8vp 5 gün önce
Señor cuando hablamos de Puyol y Sergio Ramos estamos hablando de una de las Mejores Duplas como Defensas Centrales de todos los Tiempos de qué Usted está hablando eso es Futbol no Yaquis.
Ramos hitting his own international teammate
@proomeryt2487 2 aylar önce
Yes I'm saying this word he is namepuyol
@midhileshv3372 2 aylar önce
Captain puyol😂
@alilculer 2 aylar önce
Fun fact ramos conceded 92 goals vs Barca 92 GOALS
@user-ud7sx7fq7o 2 aylar önce
That's how it should be, atleast he shows passion. Footballers these days play there biggest rivals and are hugging, laughing and joking
@AliAnthony777 2 aylar önce
Ramos on top😂
Nem dá para pensar que o messi e o sargio ramos viraram amigos depois de tudo que ele fez para o messi!!😮😮
@77ii7 11 gün önce
@defiant3991 2 aylar önce
Puyol deserves more respect
@michalmikulasi5193 2 aylar önce
puyol always fought like a lion. every single match. I have never seen anything like. amazing player
@defiant3991 2 aylar önce
@@michalmikulasi5193 I'm a real madrid fan, but I can't agree more, puyol was a definition of a capitan
@mr.goldebola3891 2 aylar önce
Gosto mais do Real Madrid, mas que desrespeito fazer aquilo com Puyol, um jogador que eu faria questão de nao deixar ninguem toca-lo Puyol é brabo
@user-yx9ec5pd2c 2 aylar önce
@staygold3974 10 gün önce
I feel bad for Salah though 😔
The award given to a barbaric football player who committed so many fouls is truly saddening.
@guillermosuarez3440 2 aylar önce
Ramos siempre demostró que es un antideportivo un matón de cuatro esquinas
@eloirubio6976 2 aylar önce
Ramos destraler total 4 destrals marranot filldefusta
@eloirubio6976 2 aylar önce
@joepm1574 2 aylar önce
Jajajaja ese ramos si qué era un carnicero
@olbancanales3867 2 aylar önce
Worst defender, he should play American football all he does is tackle 😂😂😂
@diegoalvarez5067 2 aylar önce
No lo echaban cada 2 partidos porque juzgaba en el RM
Ramos era un loquillo 🏆
@abiralmossa9446 4 gün önce
Ramos are sowieso the best😅
@RohitKumar-wi5ng 2 aylar önce
bro has the highest red cards award
@idkidk2573 2 aylar önce
​@random_gaming818Because he is not really a good defender and overrated, he has a ton of yellow cards and red cards but he actually should have even more, the refs forgave him a lot of time because he was playing for Real Madrid.
@Thatguy16897 2 aylar önce
@@idkidk2573what does playing for Madrid have to do with this
@JustEAFC1 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure Pepe has more
@Mayistro-799 15 gün önce
Ramos has no manners
@user-sz9pv5kq1o 2 gün önce
Ramos es y será la pura ley en las canchas de fútbol
@karamatdinjapakov5 2 aylar önce
He is the dirtiest defender I have ever seen
@akchanneltv4084 2 aylar önce
You ever seen Pepe? He is worse
@BlueQwerty-di3lr 2 aylar önce
After Pepe
@Ayan.103 2 aylar önce
Go see vidic
@rocketcod1368 2 aylar önce
@brokis9817 2 aylar önce
Ramos and messi romance is ever green..😂😂😂😂❤
@nikeofficial922 Aylar önce
Apesar de esas entradas era una pieza esencial para el madrid
@DEN492 2 aylar önce
If you can't stop your opponent, break him. ©Ramos
@psycho_pit 2 aylar önce
Zlatan destroyed him
@3z__CR7 2 aylar önce
اعتقد فالفيردي طبق قانون راموس على موراتا😋
@sergioalpuaque5052 2 aylar önce
@hammadalanzi8828 15 gün önce
The heart of a lion is the pinnacle of morals and humility
@garyhayes4867 2 aylar önce
Im a man utd fan but what he did to salah was unforgivable
@keymash Aylar önce
sevilla are the king of the europa league liverpool are currently in the europa league you know what that means 💀
@cesarjs7011 6 gün önce
real madrid robbing in CL as usual
@Omar12248 21 gün önce
ادعو لاهلنا في فلسطين 🇵🇸
@DEN492 2 aylar önce
Maldini's tackles stopped the opponent Ramos's tackles destroyed the opponent
@chaitanyaumrani5329 2 aylar önce
Which is why Maldini >>>> Ramos
@DEN492 2 aylar önce
@@chaitanyaumrani5329 you are right
@IvanPaska-go2ip 2 aylar önce
Ronaldo ja ťa ľúbim😢
@chaitanyaumrani5329 2 aylar önce
@@DEN492 👍
@scientificgamer1557 2 aylar önce
Bro maldini is GOAT 🐐
@Thiag0x13 Aylar önce
Los partidos menos calientes del Barça vs Madrid Be Like:
Más q jugador ami me párese un matón sin escrupulos
Ramos y puyol. La mejor defensa.
@neutral1087 2 aylar önce
Ramos poured Messi's anger on Puyol in that match
@JessManoban 14 gün önce
Месси он добрый человек но если его разозлить злее его никого в мире нету ❤😊
@sanjeevk1908 Aylar önce
Bro just grabbed puyol face and threw it away💀💀💀
@kubilayulgen3925 2 aylar önce
Ramos never lost control. If he had lost control even once, he would have hugged everyone there with love. :)
@johnghaley9594 24 gün önce
If you can't take the ball, take the soul.
@dragonheart2298 11 gün önce
He Touch th e 1 & only true leader that always was against fight & Fairplay as no other. Always big respect to 1& only PUYOL🙌
@Reksina177 2 aylar önce
Messi never thought Ramos and him will be teammates in future
@TinTin-ir8wx 2 aylar önce
@Muhammad17372 2 aylar önce
W pfp
@Nazarovlego Aylar önce
@user-montgem Aylar önce
Gays step on them with slippers Our slippers are cleaner than theirs Although I don't like to step On impurities
@user-zo7br7hm9y Aylar önce
​@TinTin-ir8wx they was in PSG
@sergeroucous9723 Aylar önce
un sacré guerrier 👍👍👍! j'adore ce joueur !!!!
Já imaginou jogar juntos Sérgio Ramos , Junior Baiano , Pepê , Felipe Melo , não existiria time adversário kkk
@user-pv8wh1lr7m 2 aylar önce
Mo salah is like "oh shit" famous last words💀
@footballeditz_70 2 aylar önce
Mo doesn't swear he is muslim
@user-pv8wh1lr7m 2 aylar önce
​@@footballeditz_70ik but something like that
@footballeditz_70 2 aylar önce
@user-pv8wh1lr7m 2 aylar önce
​@@footballeditz_70i just now realised that you are a mo salah fan
@eduardoruano2683 Aylar önce
Bro destroyed Salahs arm
@Belligham2.0 Aylar önce
minhas únicas espiraçoes no futebol:van Dijk Sérgio Ramos Messi CR7 Roberto Carlos Neymar Zico Ronaldo fenômeno Ronaldinho Kaká.
@Belligham2.0 Aylar önce
e Jude Belligham 🤫🥶
@sinisterstrange19999 2 aylar önce
Incredible how Messi suffered with Ramos for more than 10 years and now they are friends... Just G.O.A.T things🥶🔥
@anchuvinod2178 2 aylar önce
Who are friends They're not even playing together
@RFG910 2 aylar önce
@@anchuvinod2178they played together in psg 🤦‍♂️
@gauthambharati7474 2 aylar önce
​@@RFG910not anymore
@Christianchndra 2 aylar önce
Nah , ramos friend is ronaldo for ever
@user-ud7sx7fq7o 2 aylar önce
Just because they played together doesn't mean that they are friends
@chrisgaming8382 9 gün önce
Van dijk: stare Ramos hospital Pepe:murder
Sérgio Ramos,o maior botineiro do futebol.
@abdullafahar7051 2 aylar önce
What he did to Salah is actually very dirty football. I admire hin as one of th GOAT CB's, but the Salah foul was just too bad
@leocreditz 7 gün önce
The reason why Ramos and Pepe aren’t even top 10 defenders is because they always need to foul the attacker to get the ball, while defenders like Maldini are able to tackle the player and get the ball back without doing a foul
@miroslavdimic3964 Aylar önce
No money and fame that can wash him,Puyol was and always will be a doctor compared to him in so many situations(not talking as player)
@billyhawkins2602 2 aylar önce
I would love to see that man put in a "Saw" trap! He was clearly abused as a child the way he acts/behaves
@kingskv1026 Aylar önce
Salah one was so emotional
Саллах самый добрый парень в футболе.
@rishabhavasthi6460 2 aylar önce
The audacity to touch salah’s shoulder💀💀💀
@throwbacklittle3118 2 aylar önce
He'd break salah in half
@knohoneja3569 2 aylar önce
​@@throwbacklittle3118Salah still a better player than a dirty defender
@pedrovisk18920 2 aylar önce
@MB-jz3uu 2 aylar önce
​@@knohoneja3569Salah won't have half the career as Ramos when he retires
@arzupolatyurekli2852 2 aylar önce
Nada mejor que Fútbol Gooood. Esto es futbol❤pasion pura
@seanomaolain4150 Aylar önce
The one where he chipped Messi and the Salah tackle were both good tackles after they tried to foul him first. The rest are Ramos losing control!
@citywalker44 2 aylar önce
Ramos never looses control He just delivers
@andreidrumea160 Aylar önce
Until Zlatan Ibrahimović came over
@Error-Error-Error Aylar önce
Sergio Ramos is danger
@elenaxaris898 Aylar önce
I felt sooo bad for Messi and Salah.❤❤❤
@saynotomatrix123 2 aylar önce
Bro, didn't get this courage to attack Zlatan !😂
@ILTORO1987 2 aylar önce
😂😂he knew better
@LuciaHelena-eo7yy 2 aylar önce
@VSRRAJPUTAS 2 aylar önce
​@@Cornbeef101i think you was 222 busy noshing this type of crap zaltan given him big return gift
@KING_0007_ 2 aylar önce
He can do that but Zlatan never played a Champions league final, So....💀☠️
@ms-xh7hc 2 aylar önce
مورينهو درب كلبين لاذاء ميسي، هما راموس و بيبي.
@user-ry2xt3tu8d 4 gün önce
راموس الخلوق😊❤
Ramos doesn't care if your his former teammate, he cares only Abt winning tbh
@roly-fh3pb 2 aylar önce
Yo no sé porque existen estos jugadores como Ramos en la liga profesional, habiendo tanto jugador con mucha clase y lealtad al juego limpio en todo el mundo
@eloirubio6976 Aylar önce
A Englaterra, els mateixos jugadors sancionan aquets destralers, amb Ramos el Sevilia, Cruiff, aprop de 2
Lo mismo pienso!
@mariomar4159 Aylar önce
Tienes mucha razón Amigo. Es desleal y artero.
@mariatroconiz8885 7 gün önce
Muy violento si, pero es una defensa extraordinaria uno de los mejores jugadores, lastima que ya no esta en el Realmadrid 👏🏼
@Liilia1000 2 gün önce
@@mariatroconiz8885 es raro ver que la violencia la justifique una misma persona.
@user-xy5nz8dh7i Aylar önce
راموس المستفز😂❤
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Messi lo tenia de juguete a Ramos y a todo el real Madrid 😂😂😂😂
@pepexvaldivieso2661 2 aylar önce
Ese tipo es un simple matón.
@springbonnie101 2 aylar önce
Zlatan no? Jajaja
@pepexvaldivieso2661 2 aylar önce
@@springbonnie101 ....🤔....También....pero no hay comparación.
@kyler578 2 aylar önce
Yeah he should have been given a long time ago his name is Sergio Ramos
Amigo de pepe el portugués
@metalhades666 Aylar önce
Cuando el rival tienes más capacidad solo queda la agresión.
messy is the goat 🐐
@williamward8715 Aylar önce
Sergio Ramos un completo loco jugando al futbol! Sembrando violencia y odio entre los mismos compañeros.Esto es antideportivo!
@kashif7358 2 aylar önce
The way he pushed puyol 💀💀
@christianboulay4722 29 gün önce
It was personal lol
Ramos the goat 🐐
@cuervonet1 Aylar önce
Es un mala leche! Como lider no le tose a Puyol, mucho menos a Paolo Maldini. A Salah le aplicó una toma de mma. Inadmisible.
@Futureballe612 Aylar önce
Icl Rasmus is a menace
@krimoyuki-xz7tb 2 aylar önce
Ramos is a menace to the football world 💀
@user-ku1nv6ec1v Aylar önce
Que mala es la envidia… cuando se habla tanto de un jugador es por bueno no por malo😃
No es un cerdo, es un jabalí 🐗
@hevapakzad420 2 aylar önce
Sergio Ramos, he's such an animal.
@vudang8409 Aylar önce
@Nanipro4 2 aylar önce
Пуйоль самый лучший защитник❤
@DAROCAB24 Aylar önce
Que Jugardor más mala leche.Increible como tuvo éxito en el fútbol.
@kaweesasolomon8185 2 aylar önce
Messi and ramos is the perfect ending on a villain comic
@joerdim Aylar önce
I liked his own goal against Barcelona a few days ago.
Hes destroyed players careers
@rafaelrrodriguez9730 2 aylar önce
Cuando no puedes por fútbol, lo intentas por violencia
@mgmegas7395 Aylar önce
Espero que seja ironia
En el béisbol tendría que estar a ver lo que dura o en la liga Inglesa seguro que sale con el culo cagado👍
@PapeMarGueye Aylar önce
C'est le meilleur défenseur de l'histoire du foot
@Diosdelaoscuridad Aylar önce
@SahinChodhury 21 gün önce
Romos is the top❤
@kojoboakye6883 2 aylar önce
That first tackle on messi is a complete asault.
@user-nc1qg1ix3k 2 aylar önce
Я очень восхищаюсь салахом и его фонат жалко салаха😢😢😢😓
@user-li8of1nl8o 2 aylar önce
Да уж Месси от него перепало немало , но защитник он был хороший, Реал ему многим обязан
Ramos es el que comete más faltas en todos sus partidos. Muy agresivo
@noorzahin8593 2 aylar önce
Ramos is a foul machine and don't know how to take the ball clearly. An animal in a human form
He's best ever in the history 😂
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