When my Step Dad tries to tell me what to do:

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25 Kas 2021




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Sour King Drew
Sour King Drew Aylar önce
The “go to your room” sent me 🚀☠️😆
Jay 5 gün önce
Sour King Drew
Youasnitch 9 gün önce
@JetSmith2 exactly bro, Mf tryna be funny
JetSmith2 9 gün önce
Sent u where?
Asyd Keblanc
Asyd Keblanc 13 gün önce
To your room ?
Choicken 13 gün önce
sour king 😈
nobody Aylar önce
“That’s probably why u bald headed now” “I’m sorry how many baby mamas you got?” These two lines 😭😭🤣
SONU YT 73 25 gün önce
@Shawaiz 0io
SONU YT 73 25 gün önce
Shawaiz Aylar önce
I just saw you on a video Nigerian accent made easy loollllll
Heiress Julson
Heiress Julson Aylar önce
I know the mom was laughing.
gachs_bunny Aylar önce
"momma you finna let him do me like this 🥲" Had me dieing for hours and then I couldn't breath
bill vosby
bill vosby 8 gün önce
It was not even that funny
Verlain Todd
Verlain Todd 11 gün önce
lol fr
GT 16 gün önce
Everyone here sound dumb asf
Shawn Dortch
Shawn Dortch 16 gün önce
playboi bello
playboi bello 16 gün önce
@Billy abston what do you expect from a gacha loser
Jason Carnevale
Jason Carnevale Aylar önce
That quick “Friday” reference is appreciated, “all the chicken, all the pig’s feet”
Pineapple Newman
Pineapple Newman Gün önce
@TheAVJ2 I will
TheAVJ2 2 gün önce
@Pineapple Newman you have to watch the scene
Pineapple Newman
Pineapple Newman 2 gün önce
@TheAVJ2 what
TheAVJ2 2 gün önce
All the hog maws
Ben Gritten
Ben Gritten 16 gün önce
All the chitlins ☠️☠️
Cyan Aylar önce
"I'd rather be eating all the chicken then doing the eating that you're doing" I'm dead bro 🗿💀
PV WhinyNebula525
PV WhinyNebula525 12 gün önce
just like neji
Jashonn Reese
Jashonn Reese 12 gün önce
@Lynx Drawings duh
Lynx Drawings
Lynx Drawings 13 gün önce
Im a little confused but I'm old enough to know but was it a licking pussy reference
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 19 gün önce
That part was funny
KingBeast Aylar önce
“Momma you gonna let him did me like this” was hilarious
Helogo Aylar önce
AJE Bane 10
AJE Bane 10 Aylar önce
Arian Tan
Arian Tan Aylar önce
Momma gonna always let em do this
KingBeast Aylar önce
@Biggo1226 that helped but before I had 1000
Biggo1226 Aylar önce
@KingBeast because the homey spice king cosigned for you. Ppls eyes went to see what the commotion was about. Once here they hit the button. Like I did. 😆
Brooklyn Zuniga
Brooklyn Zuniga Aylar önce
I love the voice crack when he said: "Mama you finna let him do me like this?"
Rodriguez Family Diaries
Lol he b crackin me up...
Scot Mako
Scot Mako Aylar önce
I could not stop.... watching this again and again. I laughed harder every time 🤣.
FroggyNotFound✨ Aylar önce
The way he responded back to his step dad got me dying omg 👁️👄👁️, he really did roasted toasted his step dad 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ComfyJam69 Aylar önce
This is my mom when I put Frank’s hot sauce on everything 😂(I know it’s mild but she won’t let me order hotter sauces online)
SweetSkye Aylar önce
“I’ll rather eat this chicken then whatever eating you be doing” This video has me rolling Rn 🤣
Kiryokoo Aylar önce
astro!? Aylar önce
you got my discord pfp
The baddest 🧿
The baddest 🧿 Aylar önce
ReZRKtion Aylar önce
I thought he meant RICK ROLLING cuz I got Rick rolled many times today
GaryJokim GM
GaryJokim GM Aylar önce
Same :/
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
Cam left the step dad speechless so he said, “go to your room”🤣
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Aylar önce
With both my stepparents, I can relate to another level
Tapuina Asopoalo
Tapuina Asopoalo 16 gün önce
This had me laughing and rolling on the floor 🤣🤣 because the step-dad had the nerve to tell him to stop saucing his chicken. Like damn let the boy eat.
n o o b 1 2 3 4 5
n o o b 1 2 3 4 5 Aylar önce
Everyone: talks about how much sauce he put on the chicken Me: damn he looks exactly like his 'step' dad
chan’s hoodies
chan’s hoodies Aylar önce
that “go to your room.” has the same energy as “you’re done..you’re done” 😭😭😭
Global_Rank Aylar önce
“All the chicken, all the pigs feet” love the friday reference
Galaxy wolf
Galaxy wolf Aylar önce
"That's Enough" keeps pouring "sto-STOP" that part got me laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
eigow ou
eigow ou Aylar önce
the voice breaking when he said "momma you gone let him do me this this?" had me deaddd
Realone Trip
Realone Trip Aylar önce
😂😂😂 I’d rather eat chicken than eat whatever you been eating ffs that was awesome
Science RBLX
Science RBLX Aylar önce
@Dominic Galloway chamoy
Lil_BABY CODM Aylar önce
Dominic Galloway
Dominic Galloway Aylar önce
@Bootyclap69k certain hot sauces and candy it tastes good.
Enriquillo Astral
Enriquillo Astral Aylar önce
*sucks teeth* "Go to your room."
Braylon Epps
Braylon Epps Aylar önce
roman Aylar önce
This always happens to me hahahaha
Gigachad Aylar önce
"momma you really gonna let do me like this?" Bruh I died💀
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover Aylar önce
I loved the face of Spice king when his step dad said “stop!”
Jaber Alsabah
Jaber Alsabah Aylar önce
“Mama you gonna let him do me like this?” 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Snoring Bird
Snoring Bird Aylar önce
The go to your room had me rollin 🤣🤣
TLK GANG Aylar önce
I had to get the likes to 667
Itsyour Boi
Itsyour Boi Aylar önce
Gyutaro Aylar önce
Had you rollin down in the deep
CallMeBrzy Aylar önce
The “go to your room” hits to close to home
CallMeBrzy Aylar önce
@[ Content Deleted ] mhm 😂😂
BlueTurtle 25 gün önce
“Allllll the pigs feet” got me😂
Pam Beam
Pam Beam 17 gün önce
This is Halarious ! Thanks for the laughs !🤣💜✌
hunter Aylar önce
"It probably why you bald" had me 😂
Aiden_Studios 365
Aiden_Studios 365 Aylar önce
“All the chicken, all the pigs feet” classic Friday line
Korbin Foster
Korbin Foster Aylar önce
“all the chicken, all the pig feet, all the collar greens” best quote from friday
TSUKED XD Aylar önce
Korbin Foster
Korbin Foster Aylar önce
@Gracie Mcgrawbruh
FaeSour Aylar önce
Gracie Mcgraw
Gracie Mcgraw Aylar önce
We are now besties i love that movie
Bump_ jc
Bump_ jc Aylar önce
Iwazuimi Aylar önce
Me with my step mom😂🤣
Airrjordan yt
Airrjordan yt Aylar önce
This is my food I got to eat it” caught me dead😂
R. C.
R. C. Aylar önce
God damn! That baby momma clapback burns more than any hot sauce Spice King consumed in his life 🤣🤣🤣
W Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better 🤣
Luke Simmons
Luke Simmons Aylar önce
Shame on you, Shame.
Khris Too smoove
Khris Too smoove Aylar önce
“And all the hog malls” Who is hands-down the next thing he would probably going to say gosh I love Friday
Lozza 9978
Lozza 9978 Aylar önce
Yooo I thought the same
Khris Too smoove
Khris Too smoove Aylar önce
@Tyberius Riggins you darn Skippy😅
Tyberius Riggins
Tyberius Riggins Aylar önce
Exactly what I thought this was gonna turn into hahaha
Khris Too smoove
Khris Too smoove Aylar önce
@Official Yvng Sway your grandma
Official Yvng Sway
Official Yvng Sway Aylar önce
YOOOOOOOO……..who asked
Vodun13 9 gün önce
When the dad stuck his tongue out had me in shreds
National Hampter Federation
“Rather than doin whatever type of eating you doin” 😭😭😭💀
Sydney Poutous
Sydney Poutous Aylar önce
Man! My step-mom did this exact thing!
Jaime Whittemore
Jaime Whittemore Aylar önce
“That’s probably why you bald headed now,” was hilarious 😂 btw yes this is a already posted comment thx rad
Game legend
Game legend Aylar önce
The way he said “ mum u finna let him do me like this ”😂😂😂😂
Lizzy Atilus
Lizzy Atilus Gün önce
"im sorry how many baby mamas u got? id rather eat up all the chicken than do the kind of eatin u be doing" Shit had me rolling😂😂😂
T0XIC Aylar önce
We all got to respect that Friday reference he did🤣😂
JellyCats Aylar önce
Noo lol this is to good the "go to your room" just got me 🤣🤣
notcatfood Aylar önce
This is hilarious 😂
Ben Jonas
Ben Jonas Aylar önce
I thought he was gonna go for the full rant from friday 😂
biyao kiti
biyao kiti Aylar önce
“All the chicken, all the pigs feet” love the friday reference
☾Cypher-wawa☽ Aylar önce
“Go to your room” “you can’t send me to my room I’m a married man with a child”
Astro Aylar önce
This Happens To Me Every SINGLE Time Bruh
Vomur Aylar önce
I agree with the step dad, you have surpassed the sauce limit.
Faisal Almezini
Faisal Almezini 16 gün önce
My step dad would never do that lol he’s so nice I treat him as my real dad 😁
Amon Simp
Amon Simp Aylar önce
Step dad really said "Awe baby nah... that ain't gon work. Go to your room" 🤣💀😂
Fatty Chaser
Fatty Chaser Aylar önce
The double take “Stop” was too much!😆😆😆😆😆😆”All the pig’s feet.” This was my grandfather back in the day.
Mr. Introvert
Mr. Introvert Aylar önce
I feel you bruh I've been there.
Troy Harvey
Troy Harvey Aylar önce
Antonio Debrough
Antonio Debrough 6 gün önce
I love the voice crack when he said :"Mama you finna let him do me like this 😂😂😂😂😂
Rameen Kashif
Rameen Kashif Aylar önce
I would’ve been like: *would you like some chicken with your sauce?*
The Broke Traveller
Bruh, that cap flip got me good. 😂
DrippyX Aylar önce
The “how much baby mama’s you got” got me
Si Minor
Si Minor Aylar önce
The part when he said probably why you balled headed got me
Rylan Sommer
Rylan Sommer Aylar önce
Basically my step dad with the hot sauce I put on my food
Edith Ganadonegro
Edith Ganadonegro Aylar önce
My Dad is the same🤣🤣 One time I was eating rice I put a litte pit of saucing My Dad: ok no more ahhhhhhh more stop that is a lot of sauc man Me thinking: really THERE IS A LITTLE AHHHHHHHH and when he tell's me go to room Me : but can I take my food in my room
c0nfus1on Aylar önce
“yeah and how many baby mamas u got” him: 😳😳😳😳😳😳 “Yeahhh that’s what I thou-“ but fr cam, make more of these they funny as heck
Elisha_Gaming Aylar önce
How many baby mama's u got had me rolling 😂😂
David Holley
David Holley Aylar önce
The mommy and the bald part got me dead ×-×🤣🤣🤣
Amber DRC
Amber DRC Aylar önce
OMG I love this 😂
MarnieShinyStar Aylar önce
Bro you inspire me everyday eat a lot of Spicy stuff.
SEAN M Aylar önce
Yeah I love how you guys put the Friday reference in there that is funny as hell
Joe Joes World
Joe Joes World Aylar önce
🤣😂 “I’m sorry! How many baby mamas you got?” I’m done 🤣
Jelly naruto edits
Jelly naruto edits 14 gün önce
The part when he said that’s probably why you bald headed had me dying
Aj Eagles
Aj Eagles Aylar önce
nailed it with just pouring the hot sasuce just looking like nothing about to happen lol
EUIRPHA 14 gün önce
"Mama you finna let him do me like this?" sent me🚀😭💀
acidicsalt Aylar önce
My parents when I put extra mayo, extra butter or extra spices 😂😂😂😂
Keep It Cute
Keep It Cute Aylar önce
Hilarious 😂
Ceaveon Scott
Ceaveon Scott 24 gün önce
"I rather eat all the chicken than doing what type of eating that you doing" Bro I'm dead💀⚰️
Luke Segovia
Luke Segovia Aylar önce
Step dad still takes the W tho tbh
ChArLiE BeAtZ Aylar önce
For real!!!! I had to go thru that exact thing, growing-up. But it was because we used up all of the Red Devil Hot n' Sauzy©😂😂😂😂👍🔥
Cyan Aylar önce
That Popeyes biscuit needs more than sauce 🗿💀
Mariah J.
Mariah J. Aylar önce
Me and my family when I use ketchup or any sauce I need a lot of it just in case !
Gravy Gaming
Gravy Gaming Aylar önce
It’s old sea food for the step dad🤣
Kameron Vierck
Kameron Vierck 10 gün önce
Got him good 💀
kyle brovfloski
kyle brovfloski Aylar önce
bro this is beauty and this makes me die out of laughter
pouu ktin
pouu ktin Aylar önce
Honestly, I would just stare at my mom and say "Woman, you really got no taste in men" and continue eating whatever I'm eating.
NickGotDaGlo Aylar önce
Ayo when I was younger my dad used to always quote that part of Friday, at the time I had no idea what he was saying. A couple months ago I finally watched Friday and retrieved my black card. Now everytime I hear that reference I just die.
Oh Aylar önce
The fact that nobody is mentioning that he did the line from Friday that John Witherspoon said has me sad may he Rest In Peace tho🙏
T Y Aylar önce
Saucing his chicken with Chamoy? I’d actually scared to try that
3rd eye Oracle
3rd eye Oracle Aylar önce
@Capybara yup. Dude, your such a buzzkilington
Capybara Aylar önce
@3rd eye Oracle He has the Covid for what? 3-4 years?
danthecloutman &sunny
@3rd eye Oracle fr😂😂😂
3rd eye Oracle
3rd eye Oracle Aylar önce
@danthecloutman &sunny frfr, he prob got rona, his taste buds is off wacked
danthecloutman &sunny
It taste like shit
Dev Aylar önce
The fact that no one is mentioning how he poured chamoy on his chicken 😳
Marvin Stainback
Marvin Stainback 18 gün önce
This had me blasted lol🤣🤣☠️🚀
Damoni Martin2003
Damoni Martin2003 Aylar önce
I relate to this😂
Qxzturs Aylar önce
My mom when i dont stop with the hot Sauce lmao
jellyjaylin Aylar önce
The Mama you finna let him do me like this had me dying😂😂😅😅😂😂
CheetahGameZ Aylar önce
Purcell Fam
Purcell Fam 2 gün önce
Omg the “ go to your room “ had me wheezing
Sam Boyd
Sam Boyd Aylar önce
when they hit ya with the go to your room to finish and argument, you've won
XGaster Aylar önce
Bust out the pepper dust and ruin his eyes 😂
RedhaSucksAtGames Aylar önce
at the start I thought the text said: "me: saucing my children" I was like wtf then I realized it was "saucing my chicken" 😂😂
The losers club🙄😒
He sound like he was on the verge of crying he said “Mama you gon let him do me like that”
Marva Matthews-El
Marva Matthews-El 20 saatler önce
SRIRACHA Aylar önce
It’s litteraly my step dad saying that to me 🤣
Barber: damn we messed up we gotta go bald Luke: waaaaaahhhhhhh!
Hervae Williams
Hervae Williams 20 gün önce
Gotta love the “Friday” reference 😂😂😂
Stupid Fire Department
That friday reference tho 💀
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