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Mike Florio and Mike Golic analyze how Deshaun Watson's legal situation could affect his playing status upon being traded from the Texans.
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When, how will Deshaun Watson be suspended after trade? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports




25 Eki 2021




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Sungodkwa 18 gün önce
Texans lined him up like a barber 🐍
Hawaiiguy Kailua
Hawaiiguy Kailua 23 gün önce
NFL Goodell complete failure for doing nothing. Ten criminal complaints would get ANY other nfl player booted, morals clause is VERY CLEAR ON THIS!
Steve Carey
Steve Carey Aylar önce
Even if he doesn’t get suspended, it would be weeks before getting on the field. By that time it’s all but over, let’s be honest Carolina playoff chances are gone. Crazy they thought Sam Darnold was the answer lol did you not see any jets game lol
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell Aylar önce
To be fair deshauns not on the field while healthy thats even worse and he came in the league as damaged goods also
JoeRyMi Aylar önce
He won’t be back this year, then you have a franchise QB. Potential steal, as he should demand at least two #1’s
Kirk Schappaugh
Kirk Schappaugh Aylar önce
If I was Tua I'd ask to be traded
Timothy Antoine
Timothy Antoine Aylar önce
DeShawn Watson is the highest paid Welfare recipient in the World .
MoJo _
MoJo _ Aylar önce
Well this is what Ben Rothelsberger went through 😂😂😂
Tim Aylar önce
you guys giving up on tua way too soon, numbers comparable to herbert on a far worse team. i hope he goes to a competent orgnaization, he'll do well. watson is gonna regret coming to miami. besides the weather and women, organization wise it's a hot mess.
Tim Aylar önce
@Robert D. all the litle boys like you make the same ignorant argument, and that's whichever (record or stats) support your argument. if you baby boy brain can comprehend, watch the player. at least if you can turn off paw patrol for a few minutes....BOY.
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
Yes, just KEEP telling YOURSELF that [ BLIND ] boy ! You are correct about 1 thing , though , he's losing games just like HERBERT done last & Justin STILL had less around him ! Is your OL ranked # 32 , yet ! And what's like to have a kicker ? Not had one there for over a decade now ? Also your defense is [ NOT ] ranked # 32 VRS the run this year , is it ? Bad is bad , but Last is worst , period ! So he had the LAST ranked OL & special teams in 2020 & has the LAST run defense & special teams [AGAIN} this year . BUT Justin is 8 - 2 in his last 10 games & VRS better teams . 6, 000 + yards & over 50 total TDS , what year in the future is TUA going to get to those numbers & Justin still has 11 MORE games this year to play ?
Patrick Lemire
Patrick Lemire Aylar önce
Watson wants the settlement public to smear the people he waved his Johnson at. His name has already taken the hit. Watson wants to victimize them one more time.
J McD Aylar önce
Now I can't eat my fruit loops.
Oscar Arredondo
Oscar Arredondo Aylar önce
Texans should wait and see all the suiters that want to start a bidding war for D4.
Ethan Myers
Ethan Myers Aylar önce
Why is it likely the dolphins? The money? They have no defense, No healthy receivers, what is there to choose, and coming back to Carolina man he can make way more money in Charlotte he need to think strategy there if he wants his career prolonged and to get the most out of it yeah we could do way better than Miami I mean come on do people really believe that he would rather play with the dolphins or catch 22 and co.? Wtf okay I’m the crazy one apparently I only see it this way
Judicious Analytical
One things for sure there aren't any good QB's coming out the draft for the next 3 years. The Texans organization is on a path to a long term 30 year expansion type existence.
Bgood2life always
Bgood2life always Aylar önce
Who turnover more, Sam Donald, or a washing machine? Just curious.
E M Aylar önce
Take the Zeke suspension of six games, where the NFL person investigating said that she did not think that he should be suspended and yet Zeke was suspended for six games, so taking that as an example, D. Watson should be suspended a minimum of one year!
Chowdr71 Aylar önce
I thought the rule to go on the Commissioner’s exemption list he actually has to be charged with a crime. He hasn’t been yet.
dankenkit Aylar önce
They don’t have to let him decide where to play. They can just take the best offer and if he doesn’t want to go there, tell him ok, let’s wait for the draft.
dankenkit Aylar önce
@Jason Llano no, you’re not getting the point. They don’t have to trade him until he waives it and they get the best offer. And if the best offer is coming at the draft, then do be it. He already said he’s open to more than Miami, wait for the best offer. Also, if he doesn’t waive it, tell him get ready for 2022 as our QB1, if he refuses, you don’t have to pay him. They’re being nice right now.
Jason Llano
Jason Llano Aylar önce
Your not getting the point Houston texas haves no leverage in this situation because he haves a no trade clause they can’t just trade him to any team he haves to give the okay to go where he wants and that what texas don’t get at all no matter if they drop the case he gets no suspension Watson can say where he wants go because of no trade
Riley Aylar önce
Golic looks healthy. Nice to see him taking care of himself
Burp Robrox
Burp Robrox Aylar önce
He comes to Pittsburgh and I’ll cancel my season tickets.
God is Good
God is Good Aylar önce
Thank goodness you're not our team supporter. You don't even have a single ticket, and you are exactly what we don't need here.
Enrique Seir
Enrique Seir Aylar önce
Froot Loops = Kellogs.....
TheGreat One
TheGreat One Aylar önce
Get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scotty Altizer
Scotty Altizer Aylar önce
I’m never eating Froot Loops ever again.
Robert Torres
Robert Torres Aylar önce
When did it stop being innocent until proven guilty in this country?? With that being said, Has Watson being offically charged with a crime?? Has he been found guilty? If not, WHY would he be suspended and unable to play??? Makes no sense... He should be playing until proven guilty or formally charged with a trial pending.
Joe King
Joe King Aylar önce
Funny the Dolphins want to trade one of the QB's with the best reputation in the league for one of the QB's with the worst reputation in the league. Any team getting Watson will be cursed.
Joe King
Joe King 23 gün önce
@Hernandez Mancera P
Hernandez Mancera
Hernandez Mancera 23 gün önce
Ace Siegel
Ace Siegel Aylar önce
peter adams
peter adams Aylar önce
Like Miami isn't already?
Joe King
Joe King Aylar önce
Watson will be a curse on any team that trades for him.
Steven Yang
Steven Yang Aylar önce
Watson sucks
Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph Aylar önce
This guy could be suspended next year. Or in jail.
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
@Thomas O'Neill Or losing 22 of them !....LOL
Thomas O'Neill
Thomas O'Neill Aylar önce
You don't go to jail for losing a civil suit...
eric backderf
eric backderf Aylar önce
Shanahan is vastly overrated. I would agree with Mike... taking Trey Lance was questionable. He may end up being the bust of the quarterback class
Lord Rayden
Lord Rayden Aylar önce
Taking an FCS QB that has played one college game in the last 18 months? Gee….. what could go wrong …… LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
A Mi
A Mi Aylar önce
I mean only because we get him hurt. Trey can make all the throws and runs tough just inexperienced
Joseph Vansant
Joseph Vansant Aylar önce
I don’t understand what is taking so long to convict or settle this case. This has been going on for a long time now, and there has been no new news since like July.
Francisco Guzman
Francisco Guzman Aylar önce
What you mean what Deshaun Watson wants? It’s what the Texans wants. Miami gives him the most draft capital.
peter adams
peter adams Aylar önce
Watson decides where he goes in a trade because of his no trade Claus. So it is where Watson wants to go and then if Houston can agree to terms with the team Watson wants
Connavar Hawke
Connavar Hawke Aylar önce
I'll never understand why the Dolphins drafted a 1 legged mobile QB. Whoever made that decision needs to be fired....fast.
bear grills
bear grills Aylar önce
Watson will not be coming to the dumpster fire in Miami.
KOTJ412 Aylar önce
New Panthers QB!
Nicholas Finnigan
Nicholas Finnigan Aylar önce
Man I like Mike being on the show I really miss him with Mike n Mike
Rob Salwinski
Rob Salwinski Aylar önce
Tua is my quarterback in 2021 and beyond
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
@Rob Salwinski No, YOUR WRONG on MOST of YOUR stats ! Please go look them up if you DON"T know & open up your PIE HOLE ? Manning had 28 picks , NOT 30+ , he was on a worst team at that time & still had 3, 700 + yards & 26 TDS and was the ALL-ROOKIE QB ! PS he won 13 games in his 2nk year & Tua might lose 13 games ? PS Herbert & Burrow are in 1st place , might [ NOT ] stay there , but they ARE not in last place like Tua is ! Also they have stayed on the field for the most parts and have WAY better stats ? Tua, last year had the wins , that is it ! Were are they at , now ? You think Burrow drafted no # 1 , had a better team ? Herbert with the Ranked # 32 OL & special teams with 12 missed kicks & 3 blocked punts and 11 starters out & MORE players missing games did last year ? A worst HC & OC play calling , ok, OC play calling still sucks , along with or ranked no # 32 run defense and special teams with another 6 missed kicks this year are great !
peter adams
peter adams Aylar önce
@Rob Salwinski plenty of people called Jimmy G injury prone including the niners which is why they drafted a QB last year. And Herbert set rookie records. Tua has shown nothing that would lead an objective person to believe he's will be an elite NFL QB which is what's needed to win
Rob Salwinski
Rob Salwinski Aylar önce
@Monterrio Alexander Herbert was losing, Burrow was losing. Every young QB make some mistakes. Manning had 30+ INT in his rookie season in '98. Not sure why everybody don't give him a fair shot like others. Garappolo is hurt all the time but no one called him injury prone, same case with Carson Wantz.
Monterrio Alexander
He might get 2021, but if they keep losing like they have so far I doubt he’ll make it past that.
Rob Salwinski
Rob Salwinski Aylar önce
Gizzz Tua is not a problem in Miami. Watson will not be treated before trading deadline .None GM is so stupid to give up bunch of 1st round picks for a guy with 22 lawsuits and 10 criminal charges.
john os
john os Aylar önce
If NL suspends Watson they are saying guilty until proven innocent.
Truck Truck
Truck Truck Aylar önce
Them women just want money.
MimosaTree Aylar önce
@Truck Truck Redundant!?
Truck Truck
Truck Truck Aylar önce
@MimosaTree you want money 2 😂😂😂
MimosaTree Aylar önce
@Truck Truck 🤪🤘💩🙈🙉🙊🥳
Truck Truck
Truck Truck Aylar önce
@MimosaTree 😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😂😂😂😂
MimosaTree Aylar önce
The Man Is a Predator! Regardless
Angelo Riggi
Angelo Riggi Aylar önce
2023 is Watson season This year and all of 2022 suspended wouldn't matter
I AM Black Man
I AM Black Man Aylar önce
The Texans are not trading watson this year
Greg Brewer
Greg Brewer Aylar önce
If another team wants Watson? Trade for him by the deadline (11/2) and let the suspension take place this season.
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
If that was to happen ? I have my doubts about that ? He could still play in the camps & learn the system still .Just like he's doing with the Texans , right now ? Also I fell [ IF ] the NFL was going to do it , they would have DONE it by now ? Also the NFLPA would step in , if it was done after a trade !
Henri M
Henri M Aylar önce
Exactly. The football year is almost over for Dolphins, Eagles, Panthers anyway. But other teams might join in soon
Louis Maldarelli
Louis Maldarelli Aylar önce
I like how Mike Florio summarizes 22 women being sexually assaulted as finding toe nails in your fruit loops. Very classy Mike.
Joseph B.
Joseph B. Aylar önce
Miami no state tax that’s quite a bit of coin in his pocket. He’s gonna need it with all those civil suits.
Jason Llano
Jason Llano Aylar önce
Sorces are saying that all the woman are lying and there will be no case in court that why Watson haves not been charged with anything and why he is not on the except list
heydudedolfan13 Aylar önce
I don't want Watson here
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
But the Tua FANS have there QB down there & for the NEXT 10 years ? They hope ?
Bodhisfattva Aylar önce
and all the massage therapists you can shake a stick at...just imagine him in miami...lol RUN BITCHES RUUUUN ~Dave Chappelle.
3MT Aylar önce
miami has more than enough picks and dont need watson.
peter adams
peter adams Aylar önce
Maybe not Watson but need a qb in addition to others positions
myko freder
myko freder Aylar önce
Don't understand why midseason other than Miami is projected bad the next few years and SF pick looks better, they fear the weight of the current season on value of picks will change things.
Tawin K
Tawin K Aylar önce
The NFL will put Watson on ice once he gets traded to spite any team that acquires him.
Tawin K
Tawin K Aylar önce
@Manny Lidie there are multiple instances where a player was placed on the exempt list without being charged. Prime example is Ben Roethlisberger. "Roger Goodell handed down the punishment a week after prosecutors decided not to charge Roethlisberger".
Manny Lidie
Manny Lidie Aylar önce
He hasn’t been actually charged, yet. He can play until he is fully charged.
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
I don't think so ? The reports are the Texans has all ready asked the NFL & they said , no ? Now, if he gets traded & then put on the list ? I think the NFLPA would then step in on the matter ? You put him on at the start OR you don't , tell we KNOW what's happening in his cases ?
What a JOKE & HYPOCRITES the nfl is especially AFTER gruden!! PATHETIC
Grail Country
Grail Country Aylar önce
Steelers should pay whatever it takes, the become instant contenders with him.
Steve Carey
Steve Carey Aylar önce
Watson sucks he chokes in big moments
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
@ARSSJ Yes, just 2nk best to Burrow !
ARSSJ Aylar önce
Then he definitely won't be the best qb in the north lol.
Christian Simpson
Christian Simpson Aylar önce
i think they want rodgers tho
God is Good
God is Good Aylar önce
What did he do?
john johnson
john johnson Aylar önce
He’s so overrated. He’s a passer and he’s not that good at it. He’s just a part of the running qb fad
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
@Vince S Yes, better call Watson !....LOL
Lord Have Mercy
Lord Have Mercy Aylar önce
Vince S
Vince S Aylar önce
So the guy that lead the league in passing yards last season is a running qb? That sounds like the best dual threat qb in NFL history.
Francisco Guzman
Francisco Guzman Aylar önce
I wouldn’t put mahomes there. Mahomes is still more of a pocket passer.
john johnson
john johnson Aylar önce
@reynarain all the qbs you listed are great because they are great passers… that’s what makes them good only 1/10 times do they need to rely on their legs (except lamar) to keep the chains moving
bob bobson
bob bobson Aylar önce
DeShawn Watson should be in jail!! If you are a good quarterback in the NFL, you can do anything you want, even, allegedly, sexually assault many women!! but hey, I'm sure he's vaccinated!!
Fritoz Aylar önce
There are 5 teams that should be fighting for Watson. Philly, Washington, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Carolina. None have viable QBs on their rosters. Tua’s the highest ceiling at around 15-20 and that’s not viable. The rest are well below that.
NFL Videos
NFL Videos Aylar önce
Hes only interested in miami and Carolina
Sheldon Walker
Sheldon Walker Aylar önce
It don't matter who interested in him . its who he's interested in goofy! That's why he has a no trade clause
John Perkins
John Perkins Aylar önce
He keeps wanting to throw "other teams" in everyday for clicks but has to keep reeling himself back in with "oh yea no trade clause"
Montray Brown
Montray Brown Aylar önce
I don’t know why you would suspend a guy who would be traded and everyone still doesn’t know if he did do those allegations even the commissioner doesn’t know.
Huff Studios
Huff Studios Aylar önce
why does this guy have such a punchable face. He talks like he knows everything and he's sitting at a round table with all the owners and Watson. Talk about games, not about rumor's please.
tyo9409XX Aylar önce
Well he is a lawyer, so I’m sure he’s well versed on the ins and outs of these sorts of things. At least a lot more than you and I are.
Trouble Follows
Trouble Follows Aylar önce
Miami got more massage girls tho. In bikinis all year round.
Thomas Burt
Thomas Burt Aylar önce
Just ask Robert Kraft.....
Jason5499 5499
Jason5499 5499 Aylar önce
Keep Tua and the picks 🐬🔥
Chad Williams
Chad Williams Aylar önce
@Greg Brewer but its not there is a serious reason miami constantly never goes deep. The glaring reason Tua isnt accurate to me its the coaching staff not feeling confident in him. This was a team at the end of the year being led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. 5 games played 5 interceptions you are no longer a rookie who can make the excuse of learning this guy was in the same class as burrow and herbert.
Greg Brewer
Greg Brewer Aylar önce
@lost traveler Miami has been a disappointment based upon expectations. But, you don't know what you have UNTIL the games are played. (And it's VERY CLEAR that they need much more than a QB!) Tua was #5 OVERALL just 2 years ago! Use the picks to build around him and you will know by the end of year 4 what you have... JMHO
lost traveler
lost traveler Aylar önce
@Greg Brewer Its easy to say that with Miami sitting at 1-6. But before the season started most experts thought them to be serious playoff contenders.
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
And like the PREZ ! 4 more years , 4 more years !....LOL Sorry NOT on the PREZ , but waiting on Tua , yes sir !
Greg Brewer
Greg Brewer Aylar önce
Face it: Miami is much further away than a QB. (That many picks can be quite valuable in the hands of a competent GM.)
Scott y
Scott y Aylar önce
I wish I could assault and harass multiple women and still be able to make millions of dollars playing a game. If i went out and did to that to one woman my life would probably be drastically worse so it sucks there are two different justice systems for the rich and everyone else.
Tyler Carolin
Tyler Carolin Aylar önce
I'm sorry, you wish you could assault and harass multiple women? I understand your stance on a financially biased justice system, but you really shouldn't wish you could do that stuff. Just a thought
420 Snacktime
420 Snacktime Aylar önce
Mike Florio has zero credibility. Who’s giving him these inside details about the settlement?? Clearly Watson’s team is putting those rumors out here. Why would the woman care about the settlement amount being public?
Stevo Supremo
Stevo Supremo Aylar önce
Its the guy who told him 49ers drafting mac jones lol.
Kevin Getchell
Kevin Getchell Aylar önce
@Aric Olson once a lawyer always a lawyer
Lord Have Mercy
Lord Have Mercy Aylar önce
It's not a rumor. Buzbee wants the NDA, Watson does not. This has been known since March.
Aric Olson
Aric Olson Aylar önce
Florio used to be a lawyer
Kevin Getchell
Kevin Getchell Aylar önce
The guy (Florio) is a lawyer. Enough said
Robert D.
Robert D. Aylar önce
Panthers NEED to just go GET him ! This would take care of the Dolphins & there fans ? Fans would be happy , with Tua staying ? AND they can wait some MORE years , then ....LOL
Sheldon Walker
Sheldon Walker Aylar önce
@Zeke Rocks all facts !!!!
Francisco Guzman
Francisco Guzman Aylar önce
@Zeke Rocks wtf you talking about? Have you seen the panthers OL this season? It stinks!!! Horrible in pass protection and their skill players are vastly overrated besides Moore. You would giving up draft capital no good. Already a belated contract with watson. No. Panthers are a lousy spot.
Zeke Rocks
Zeke Rocks Aylar önce
@Sheldon Walker deshaun is that dude. Had great elite numbers with the worst working situation out of any top 10 qb. No oline, bad coach/gm, 1 reciever for 2.5 years, no running back and one of the worst defenses statistically in over 30 years...watson on the panthers is dirty!! Give then 6 picks and a player or 2 but we get the qb for the next 10-15 years!!
Zeke Rocks
Zeke Rocks Aylar önce
@Sheldon Walker am I right or wrong bro lol dolphins fans are so worried about they're first and second rounders, that with deshaun will be bottom 20 picks at the most, even then....have the dolphins had any luck with their top picks🤣 they're scratching lotto tickets hoping for a player of his caliber lol
Sheldon Walker
Sheldon Walker Aylar önce
@Zeke Rockslol
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