When Hollywood Made Two Movies About Saving the White House

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In 2013 we got two pretty identical movies. The White House is in trouble and it's up to a lone wolf to stop the bad guys. Both of these movies were met with mixed reception and were forgotten about. But I want to talk about them for some reason.

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6 Ağu 2022




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WarlordofBritannia Aylar önce
Never having seen either film I always remembered them as "The White House Has Fallen" Of course, "Olympus Down" is the far superior film
Nico Karnbach
Nico Karnbach Aylar önce
Far superior ? My friend, respectfully, you're wrong. The real deal is clearly White Olympus has fallen down. 😂
Alex Maurice
Alex Maurice Aylar önce
😂both of these movies I liked a lot White House down I think was probably better and was a more lighthearted version then Olympus has fallen was more thrillerishhh and more realistic tonewise (almost 24 vibes on the tone) I liked them both just depended on what I’m in the mood for
Dominic Everlast
Dominic Everlast Aylar önce
Aren't the Matrix and Terminator the same story from a book a black lady wrote and still says she was robbed? Interesting to see the Matrix directors putting the Oracle character in the Matrix, a lady who looks exactly like this lady-writer.
thewittywhy gaming
thewittywhy gaming Aylar önce
"Top Gun's sequel broke a billion, simply by being not Marvel" He's out of line, but he's right.
Javier V.
Javier V. 6 gün önce
@Sakata Gintoki dude no one is jealous of conservative TRvidrs hell half of them are made fun of like Ben Shapiro 💀 they're all in a bubble that ends sooner or later there is a reason no one talks about Jordan Peterson anymore 💀😭
Javier V.
Javier V. 6 gün önce
@Ben A Traneweck :D dude snowflake? Jesus Christ go back to Facebook grandpa 😭💀
SeaGL Gaming
SeaGL Gaming Aylar önce
I don't know which is more comedic about Olympus Has Fallen: the fact that a hijacked AC-130 got within a hundred miles of DC without getting vaporized by the entire US Air Force or the fact that hundreds of secret service agents threw themselves at a minigun that was firing nonstop at the front doors.
Slender Man 186
Slender Man 186 23 gün önce
@Pietro Tettamanti well when the first plane hit tower one, no one knew what actually happened, everyone thought it was just a tragic accident. It wasn’t until the second tower was hit that everyone knew it was an attack.
Jay 26 gün önce
@Dave Marsh that trillion dollar defense system worked for everything except what happened with 9/11. No one had ever thought or even expected of a terrorist attack of that scale. In fact, before 9/11, security was very lax compared to today in all levels. People could even cross the US/Can border without hassle. Now it’s very hard to do anything here. 9/11 sparked the age of surveillance and security.
TripleMoya Games
TripleMoya Games 29 gün önce
@Pietro Tettamanti I don't think you can prep for random passenger aircraft being turned into missiles. There was also no protocol for it, it was the first of its kind. You expected the military to just be ready to shoot down any aircraft flying in New York?
TripleMoya Games
TripleMoya Games 29 gün önce
@Dave Marsh 9/11 IS the reason Airport Security is soo tight, especially in the US
Stryker Man
Stryker Man Aylar önce
I remember watching Olympus has fallen in highschool and trying to describe the movie to my friends and they were saying that I was talking about White house down. It was a really confusing moment.
the small lebowski
the small lebowski Aylar önce
Up until this moment in time I was kinda confused and just shrugged it off as whatever. Same movie. Meh. But no, there was two!
Zangified 01
Zangified 01 Aylar önce
Sounds comical lol
ferstig235 Aylar önce
The White House down ending was so fucking absurd, when the girl goes out waving the American flag I laughed way to much. I don’t get how people or the actress were able to film that without cringing to death.
Rojay Reid
Rojay Reid Aylar önce
@Sean Sun you have to hit the child because if you fire the squad would see and fire their missiles too.
ferstig235 Aylar önce
@Justin GFM man🙃 you truly think I was paying detailed attention at that point in that trash of a movie and me as a proud non unitedstatian know how the US presidential flag looks like? 👻
Rojay Reid
Rojay Reid Aylar önce
Yes to call off the airstrike!
Alex Nyagah
Alex Nyagah Aylar önce
I love "The Fallen" trilogy. Fun movies, great action. Each one with a unique take. For me they're one of those...if im flipping through the channels at night, and one is playing, im done flipping. Im watching this.
Hannah Starinieri
Hannah Starinieri 11 gün önce
Yeah, I really think those movies are fun, especially the fact that Gerard’s character stabs someone through the skull every movie.
Zealdesu 15 gün önce
what i love about the trilogy is that the next movie on the trilogy have less budget than the one before, yet it felt more upgraded than before
@Pat Samson maybe not a full swarm, but there definitely are exploding drones. They're called loitering munitions
Julius Nepos
Julius Nepos 28 gün önce
@Screaming_cat same
Screaming_cat 29 gün önce
There is a trilogy? HOW HAVE I JUST LEARNED THAT!?
E-Kian Media
E-Kian Media Aylar önce
Imagine if in February 2013 the white house actually did get attacked like that and both studios had to awkwardly scramble to cancel the movies
Somewhat Uninterested
Somewhat Uninterested 17 gün önce
Missed opportunity
kadmon 21 gün önce
@Carl Ramirez what were the villains used to be
NotJoe69 Aylar önce
we could be living in an obamaless world rn
Red Onslaught
Red Onslaught Aylar önce
Stan Lee talked about the "Twin" issue in the comic world, first many of the workers switch between the different companies. Also many of them are friends and go to the same hangout spots, where they swap stories and come up with ideas together. So when they went back to the pitch tables many of those ideas would come up, and such are picked up and used in both places.
Red Onslaught
Red Onslaught 24 gün önce
@Teez Williams I'll have to find it again, but if I recall right it was part of the extras on the Animated Fan 4 DVDs. To be fair some were blatant copies of a concept one passed on, after the other company picked up. So your aren't entirely wrong.
Teez Williams
Teez Williams 24 gün önce
That’s funny u said that, for years I’ve known about this with comics, as I’ve explained to ppl when they say “marvel stole so and so and made a fake one or DC stole so and so..” and I told them most of the time back then these guys like jack kirby didn’t get paid much so they worked for both companies, alotta times just writing the same characters mirrored with different names to make a living never knowing just how popular they would become
Christian Siauwijaya
The thing that confused me too, around the same time COD released a game with this exact premise in one of their campaign. I was confused as hell seeing the White House being destroyed 3 times on 3 different occasions and thinking: 'gee, the Americans sure love destroying their presidential palace'
PersonMerson 14 gün önce
It's to show those Canadians who's boss. We'll take anything they can do, and do it better.
GAMRKNIGHT 14 gün önce
@gun violence. Wow! MW2 was so good they made it in real life!
Jack Thorton
Jack Thorton 15 gün önce
Yeah, the Division 2
Maallos334 Mi
Maallos334 Mi 17 gün önce
There was also The Division 2
Filip Aylar önce
From watching both films, I have to say that Olympus has Fallen just has a better script and feels more grounded compared to White House Down, which has as much CGI and explosions as a Marvel movie before Marvel movies were what they are today. Plus the Sequels felt great too, and what makes them great is the use of practical effects to create tension and suspense, compared to CGI that easily looks fake and degrades the grounded feeling you should get from a film such as this.
Sean Sun
Sean Sun Aylar önce
@Hold this L London was ok angel was pretty good on tactics and just in general
Hold this L
Hold this L Aylar önce
@NYC_Goody London has fallen was trash imo but I liked angel has fallen
NYC_Goody Aylar önce
There's sequels to the Olympus trash??
Donny Stanley
Donny Stanley Aylar önce
The Fallen series is pretty solid overall. Nothing spectacular, but enjoyable and I wouldn't say the sequels are worse than the original, they're all pretty equal in quality.
Mr. Outlaw
Mr. Outlaw Aylar önce
You know the worst thing is: I gaslighted myself thinking "White House Down" was the only movie, despite actually going to theaters to see "Olympus Has Fallen". Like, the first time I watched "White House Down" I was like, "Hey, where are the Koreans? Aren't they in this movie?" Oh my God.
Connor Jones
Connor Jones Aylar önce
That's awesome
thats not gaslighting thats memory bleed
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Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright Aylar önce
@GarkKahn lol I know what the second movie that you’re talking about is. It was “Bloodsport”. Was pretty good, but the acting was pretty corny. But that’s pretty much any 80s movie. Not sure what the first movie that you’re talking about is tho with the guy getting cut in half.
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez Aylar önce
For a while I genuinely thought "London Has Fallen" was a weird sequel of "White House Down". I literally only remember a guy and the white house in it and watching the sequel I was like "Yep, that checks out"
Jeanne Aylar önce
"It's like if Osama Bin Laden snuck up on George Bush." Sir I want you to know I choked on my food at that moment and laughed for like 3 minutes straight. Your sense of humor is top notch, you earned a new subscriber.
Jaakko Pöntinen
Jaakko Pöntinen 23 gün önce
Oh that Sephiroth, always with the killing
Sean Sun
Sean Sun Aylar önce
My favorite part about it was that it was final fantasy VII
Ice Cold
Ice Cold Aylar önce
14:42 I AM FUCKING DYING DUDE. I don't know who your editor is. I don't know how much he earns. But he deserves a raise.
Elvastan 8 gün önce
I think his editor is just him
bitfreakazoid Aylar önce
The weird thing is that it's usually just copycats following on the coattails of a big budget movie and releasing a straight to video movie. This was like two big budget movies each with their own well known actors being shown in theaters at the same time.
Napalm Strike
Napalm Strike Aylar önce
I liked the “____ has fallen” series. Kind of a turn off my brain and watch cool action fights type movie with a semi dumb premise but still overall fun
By's Aylar önce
@Sean Sun It became easy with time considering that almost every movie now is preaching, the last movie I watched was John Wick 3 and that came out a while ago, ut the only movie that got me excited and made me look forward to the one.
Sean Sun
Sean Sun Aylar önce
@By's I wish I could do that and in theaters I can keep it to myself but don’t ever watch military movies with me because I will nitpick them to fucking every last detail that I know
By's Aylar önce
@snikrepak It's called "suspension of disbelief".
Wisteria Aylar önce
@snikrepak wait, you mean you haven't?
Napalm Strike
Napalm Strike Aylar önce
@snikrepak I mean more like just not thinking very hard. Like just watch and no think
8loves Aylar önce
As a kid, I was obsessed with reading the entire Calandar section of LA Times and was subscribed to Entertainment Weekly (my parents were awesome getting me subscriptions to both) but the first "twin films" I really noticed (apart from maybe Antz/A Bugs Life) was 2004s "Chasing Liberty" and "First Daughter" both about US president's daughter wanting freedom from parents, and remember reading about Chasing Liberty starring Mandy Moore, while it was in development and then was an extremely confused 7th grader when I read about Katie Holmes in First Daughter, even questioning myself if I was getting things mixed up in my brain or they were changing actors/titles and I missed it? Once I figured out there were 2 movies, (I think it took the release of the actual movie posters/I was in like 7th grade lol) I decided to give both a try and..... SPOILER ALERT...... When I watched First Daughter, my jaw dropped, not because the twist was anything that surprising but because it was the exact same twist as Chasing Liberty! Yeah after that, twin films sort of just became an odd thing I would notice but think Hollywood should have some kind of control over studios stealing ideas???
Nbright03 Aylar önce
i remember watching both of these movies back to back because my family rented them to be honest critically olympus is probably better but at the time enjoyed the comedy and more lighthearted if you can call it that nature of white house down
Trepur349 Aylar önce
I mean part of it for me was both movies had incredible dumb elements, but I was far more critical of them in Olyumpus Has Fallen because it tried to take itself seriously. Both were stupid, but White House Down was fun. So I liked it more overall
Jay Maker
Jay Maker Aylar önce
Seeing both of these films come out at basically the exact same time was one of the weirdest eras in cinematic history for me. It was like an episode of the _Twilight Zone,_ but the weird thing in the episode is just really, really minor and basically inconsequential. God, _Volcano_ was shit, though. They couldn't even recognize *LAVA* in that film! Who the hell thought that was good writing?!
I recommend both follow up movies after Olympus Has Fallen. I never knew Olympus has Fallen even was even a film until years after I watched London Has Fallen in theaters, absolutely loved it btw, Also, watched Angel has Fallen in theaters and that was amazing as well in my opinion. I highly recommend you start from Olympus since London to me was way better and it could underwhelm your viewing experience a bit.
Squid Inc. Productions
I like how the villains plan was to blow up the entire middle east so that no American soldiers would die again, completely disregarding all the American troops he would blow up that were in the middle east at the time
Mr. Friendship
Mr. Friendship Aylar önce
@Jimbo55151 I think that's the correct title since you mentioned Angelina Jolie and how you explained the premise. The movie's ending left up a cliffhanger.
Jimbo55151 Aylar önce
@Mr. Friendship maybe? I have no idea what it was called and frankly have zero interest in looking it up
Mr. Friendship
Mr. Friendship Aylar önce
@Jimbo55151 Salt?
MK ULTRA Aylar önce
@dylan351321 I meant the Palestinian parts of Israel....wait that's even more antisemitic.
dylan351321 Aylar önce
@MK ULTRA hey, cool it with the antisemitic remarks
Nathaniel Garza
Nathaniel Garza Aylar önce
There’s actually a legitimate reason why this happens in economics called prisoners dilemma Basically if I held a hotdog stand near my market then my competition would do the same instead closer to the market to undercut and to maintain an advantage I would too eventually we would be going back and forth undercutting each other till we reach a equilibrium where we are equally benefitted And trying to undercut would be a waste a time since It would lead to more undercutting which is why McDonald’s and Burger King and Taco Bell are always in similar locations The same thing for movies in that a person who goes to a theatre to see the next John Wick shares a market with the person who sees Die Hard. Economically usually a film does well when it’s far to avoid competition or close to its competitors premiere
Ryan Dumaguit
Ryan Dumaguit Aylar önce
This is so Filipino man 😂
BlinkAChu Aylar önce
Can recommend watching London and Angel has Fallen as well. London was slightly less good I found personally, but does give some weight to Angel has Fallen, which honestly may be the best in the trilogy.
Falcon 29 gün önce
The "has fallen" trilogy is not that bad of a trilogy when you think about it. It almost like the bad boys trilogy
Kaiser Matt Tygore
Kaiser Matt Tygore 9 gün önce
I was so utterly confused by these films that year, I knew about the ants/bug's life thing even back then but the two "oh no the White house is destroyed" movies at the same time was baffling and yes I watched both of them that year.
Peter Last
Peter Last Aylar önce
Despite the film having a less serious tone (so more fun and interesting to watch) White House Down, had a more believable premise . Cody forget to mention (or didn’t notice) that a lot of the White House security detail was sent to give aid to the Capital Building bombing, so the White House was easier to take. Also instead of a foreign threat, it was a inside job planned out by elements of the US government (racism actually only playing a small part). Barrack Obama was hardly the only character in the film that mirrored a real life counterpart (the speaker of the house for instance).
Peter Last
Peter Last Aylar önce
@MrArgus11111 not all the of the White House defenders left to aid in the Capital Building bombing and the President’s personal security detail of course stayed with the President. The attackers were led by ex US special forces mercenaries, and were working with a high ranking secret service traitor, and high ranking members of the US government (like I said an inside job). While there were marines shown defending the President in White House Down, I didn’t see any in Olympus has Fallen. It is more believable than than most of the secret service leaving the White House to engage attackers on the lawn, and the South Korean Presidential security detail being completely incompetent (very insulting). Thank goodness the Jan 6 attack wasn’t planned and carried out by traitors in the US military industrial complex.
MrArgus11111 Aylar önce
That's still a dumb premise because the President's security detail isn't going anywhere he doesn't go and wouldn't be just... let go for the day to help with something else no matter what it was. The Marines at the White aren't going anywhere either. So nah, it's still idiotic.
Chessed Gamon
Chessed Gamon Aylar önce
When I was a kid I assumed these movies were much better than they actually were because I thought they were the same movie and kept hearing about it on TV and stuff after hearing about the first one
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Chessed Gamon
Chessed Gamon Aylar önce
@Omega tryin' :)
Omega Aylar önce
Try to avoid burnout, man
khari amir
khari amir Aylar önce
I absolutely love the concept of this video. I’ve always had an unconscious awareness and fondness towards twin films. I never would immediately recognize like hey this is happening but after I got around to seeing both movies they’d always live in my head as like fraternal films.
Toasted Juan
Toasted Juan Aylar önce
I saw both of these movies in theaters. I was 16 and I was expecting it to be a new genre of movie. President action thrillers
Toasted Juan
Toasted Juan Aylar önce
Also Olympus has fallen was better
2.0wen Aylar önce
Bro thank you for this video. As a kid I kept talking about Olympus has Fallen and all my classmates said I was talking about White House Down and they never even knew it existed. I watched both movies but I liked Olympus better because it seemed more serious and the action/fight choreography was way better.
Fordzzeh Aylar önce
16:54 caught me off guard, rib-crushingly hilarious.
Vladimirvich Aylar önce
I remember I went to see Olympus has Fallen in theaters with my dad and enjoyed it. Then not long after saw White House Down in theaters with my sister and remember thinking the entire time this is literally just action comedy version of Olympus. I kind of enjoyed both movies but I don’t think my dad and sister are even aware to this day of the other movie they didn’t see lol.
Gustavo Kenzo
Gustavo Kenzo Aylar önce
You could easily make this a really good prank. Have both of them in the same room and ask them “do you remember that movie about the White House being invaded that we went to watch?”, and then just watch them argue about the differences because they think that they’re talking about the same movie.
V - Trigger
V - Trigger Aylar önce
I remember watching White House Down way back in 2013 and how excited I was. looking back now, I feel embarrassing that I fall for this garbage movie lmao. like seriously, it's just so bad. it had the perfect recipe for a Under Siege meets Die Hard type movie as a fun summer blockbuster, but they couldn't even pulled that off. Olympus on the hand is without a doubt one of the best of the last decade, it's so underappreciated, it's simply astonishing how they pulled that movie in a budget of only 70 million. goes to show just how much of a filmmaker's quality of talent actually maters. Antoine Fuqua makes gritty action movies for adults, that's the bottom line
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Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright Aylar önce
@Ned Innis and he’s wrong too lol. The main hero in both movies are white
Ned Innis
Ned Innis Aylar önce
@movieman175 He's a racist, judging by his other comment, so I wouldn't put to much stock in what he's saying.
Uncultured Barbarian
I've seen both of these movies, Olympus in the theatre and W.H.D. when it came to cable. I found Olympus to be entertaining, and the other to be a dud. London Has Fallen was entertaining enough, if you suspended belief more than the first film. As for the third in the series, I had mixed feelings about that one. You did a good critique of these movies.
V Man
V Man Aylar önce
I personally thought both movies were pretty good; the action was very good, the effects in them were pretty good, everything about it was On par with your standard action flick even the main story premise was good and unique in the sense that white house down dealt with homegrown terrorism and olympus has fallen dealt with foreign terrorism And both protagonists were badasses in their own way!💯😁😘😉👍
Mathias Von Wulf
Mathias Von Wulf Aylar önce
lmao i remember watching one of these on a streaming platform then later looking at the other thinking i saw it until i kept thinking it didn't look right. Finally watched it and realized it was a completely different movie... sortof.
Volvith Aylar önce
... To highlight how forgettable these movies were, i watched Olympus has Fallen, and only remembered about 6 minutes into the video that i had watched that movie. _In theaters._ Honestly, i'm not even mad, _that's impressive._
Alcoholic Goat
Alcoholic Goat Aylar önce
I think a similar video on The Last Of Us and Bioshock Infinite would be really interesting. They're not twin games in the traditional sense, but moreso parallel each other in terms of casting, tone, intent and general attitude. They were both praised but only one is still talked about today. Both games are a bit up their own ass but go about achieving their narrarive and pathos goals in different ways. Two Troy Baker angry violent dad sims in the same year with a "subversive female character" is one hell of a coincidence, and I think the discourse surrounding both games is also fascinating, as well as their statuses today. I do think TLOU is worthy of praise but Bioshock Infinite definitely needs a second glance to see how much that game drops the ball, and why exactly critics and audiences were eneamored by it initially.
Rick Newman
Rick Newman Aylar önce
I remember watching Olympus has fallen thinking to myself that the authorities in this movie are so damn stupid 😂 it's even worse than the cops in Die Hard
J. Vonhögen
J. Vonhögen Aylar önce
I really hated Olympus Has Fallen while I actually enjoyed White House Down, despite the silly political references. I don't even like Jamie Foxx, so Roland Emmerich must have done something right, at least in my book.
Jonathan Molina
Jonathan Molina Aylar önce
When I was younger, I always wondered why the hell they had released both these films in the same year so thanks for making this 🤣
Preston Rau
Preston Rau Aylar önce
Olympus will always hold a spot in my heart. Took my college girlfriend to see it in theaters and I thought she would end up hating it because it was a dumb violent action movie. Credits start to roll and she turns to me and says “I thought it was fantastic”. Today is our seventh wedding anniversary.
Kinichiko Aylar önce
​@Hi Mum right 🤣
Alejandro Nava
Alejandro Nava Aylar önce
@KoRnBulleT or maybe when you spend all day reading Reddit posts everything looks like one…this seems like a regular post, nothing crazy really. Seems like something someone I know would say and I don’t spend any time on Reddit soo
Dominic Everlast
Dominic Everlast Aylar önce
Damn, I call dibs on that lady.
KoRnBulleT Aylar önce
@EpicSC exactly, this post is fantasy
Louis Steyn
Louis Steyn 17 gün önce
I actually watched London has fallen, the only reason I remember it was how it infuriated me it starts with some Saudi wedding getting drone striked leading to them trying to kidnap the president during his visit to Britain, what got to me was how the whole British intelligence immediately drops everything to save the president seemingly ignoring the attack on happening at Buckingham Palace and that maybe they had their own politicians or I don't know the MONARCH to protect, and to top it all off they drone stike the guy who orchestrated the whole thing effectively ensuring nothing has changed, honestly I would probably have enjoyed the chick flick my niece and her friend was watching more
Joshua Bujold
Joshua Bujold Aylar önce
Must be weird for Kevin Rankin to be typecast as a neonazi, also fun fact little boy (the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima) was actually detonated in the air to maximize effectiveness so there is precedent for “destroying” nukes midair just not in their silos with a big red button that says destroy them all. Loved your vid subscribed
Jonathan sauder
Jonathan sauder Aylar önce
Airburst weapons don't detonate as far from the ground as you'd think, it's usually only a few thousand feet at most.
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed Aylar önce
That's because if it's detonated on the ground alot of the explosion goes underground which isn't useful when you want to wipe a city off the fscr of the earth.
Milo Aylar önce
Most nuclear weapons are airburst, as this increases destructive power and decreases fallout. That’s not really a good reason to detonate them mid-flight, as a detonation in the upper atmosphere would create an EMP which would wipe out electronics over half the Earth. Definitely a stupid device.
streetside Aylar önce
I swear to god I have been thinking about this since they both came out. I remember seeing both movies being advertised simultaneously one after the other when I was a kid. I actually remember 3 movies about this being released at the time. I haven't even watched the video yet but I know he's gonna talk about Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down that's how vividly I remember them
Т1000 Youtube
Т1000 Youtube Aylar önce
So this one tv channel had both shown in one week. I really thought they were part of a franchise. It made a lot of sense to me that the guy saves the president, becomes close to him and then saves it all again
Rayhan Mustakim
Rayhan Mustakim Aylar önce
The first thing they nail is the name itself. the name "Olympus has fallen" definitely sounds more impactful and mythical than just white house down. When a building that houses the leader of a powerful nation is compared to the home of the Olympian gods has fallen to the terrorist's hand, you know shits are about to get down.
Eduard Peeter Lemming
Great sounding movie
snikrepak Aylar önce
And you know how great the security is 😂
Jonét ジョネー
Grammar Correction: "shit is about to go down"
Clarke Steinman
Clarke Steinman Aylar önce
I remember Deep Impact and Armageddon being the first time I noticed similar plots/premises coming out, followed by The Prestige and The Illusionist
KkRabbit45 Aylar önce
When you were running through the plots I couldn’t help but think that they have a lot in common with die hard.
Pavise Aylar önce
Die Hard's honest trailers mentioned this too, calling it Die Hard in the White House
JustUrAverageCunt Aylar önce
I had no idea Hollywood was interconnected. I was always so confused when ppl spoke abt "Hollywood" as one (much like I did when reading the title of this video). I thought Hollywood was just a hunch of independent movies that have nothing to do with each other
The Frozen Octave
The Frozen Octave Aylar önce
I actually thought extensively about this in the summer of 2019, when I was trying to watch both for the first time. I haven't watched this video yet, but I'll write down the conclusion I came to, before I finish watching. At the end of my post, I'll add whatever I've changed my mind about in bold. One is a Roland Emmerich vehicle. It is a very streamlined thriller. It's story parts are serviceable and they do... connect. _At least._ The way it made you feel is what is memorable but not so much the details. Was James Woods even acting? Maybe that was unironically him. The ending doesn't cheapen the collateral lost, but it is goes for a cheesy feel good chord. It was basically the same approach as Emmerich’s Independence Day, but inferior in execution. White House Down struck me as a more "nuanced" thriller. Both Butler _and_ Tatum are static characters, the world develops rather than they do, but Butler arguably _almost_ gets an arc when he finally _finally_ forgives himself for the First Lady dying. Even if annoyingly right before the final scene, you know, like a reasonable person. The inclusion of the entire nuclear arsenal was an escalation of the stakes that seemed a bit Clancyan. (I'll let you be the judge how much it compares, I don't have a dog in this fight, but it does strongly seem to be an influence.) *Afterword: I really like this video, it was way funnier than the one I would have made. I do like calling WHD a "romp" with the president. I hadn't thought of it that way. The tonal difference between the two is as easy as "look, Jamie Foxx is kicking ass" vs "oh, they just kicked the shit out of Melissa Leo and drug her across the floor."*
pseudohippie55 Aylar önce
White House Down at the very least has a pretty funny scene where the President is trying to shoot out the tires of a pursuing vehicle and is missing badly. Be then puts on his glasses, tries again, and has perfect aim. It's a genuinely well done comedic moment. I literally remember nothing else.
Hugar 34
Hugar 34 Aylar önce
@Vegan_Semih_Cyprus_33 Oh no a vegan!
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Dame Mixslayer
Dame Mixslayer Aylar önce
I love white house down. It's a great movie. One of my top favorites.
Hugar 34
Hugar 34 Aylar önce
One of the best parts is when I turned off the movie. Truly a good scene.
Jambalaya Messiah
Jambalaya Messiah Aylar önce
When he lost the rocket launcher
Semechki for Putin
Semechki for Putin Aylar önce
I actually watched both of those (can't believe it's been that long since). the quality difference was striking. I mean I didn't LIKE either, but olympus has fallen more or less did not suck.
Cerulium Aylar önce
I was 13 when my family and I all went to watch Olympus has Fallen in theatres. It was so hilariously bad but it was actually a blessing because we had an absolute blast nitpicking every single detail during the car ride home
Jeff Jaguar
Jeff Jaguar Aylar önce
For some of the logical leaps it makes, Olympus has Fallen is a pretty good action flick. Feels realistic to a point, and has some good violence. A good 7/10 movie
JerKKeR Aylar önce
Funny thing, I've encountered a lot of movies where I thought "holy these two are incredibly similar" Some of them include: Battleship & Pacific Rim Unstoppable & The Taking of Pelham 123 And of course White house down & ....Elysium Yes, for some reason I mixed up Elysium with Olympus has fallen, thought both were the same movie, with the plot of Olympus with the setting of Elysium and only years later when I decided to watch Elysium I realized how different the plot is and thought White House Down was the only white house attacked movie until I watched videos where the movie plot of taking the white house was talked about and the examples used were always from Olympus has fallen. And until I saw this very video I thought White House Down was the more successful of the two
Blair Busby
Blair Busby Aylar önce
I like to think somewhere, some Hollywood Exec watched his kid playing the US missions from MW2 and just decided, "Shit I can make a movie out of this" and then lo and behold this happened
MK ULTRA Aylar önce
@Vegan_Semih_Cyprus_33 Vegans are my favorite slaves
brandon marshall
brandon marshall Aylar önce
Actually the second US mission was loosely pulled from the show Generation Kill. From the bridge fight to the humvee’s rolling through the town.
Beers And Beats PDX
I think it was more "let's hope people don't remember that Die Hard exists and remake it but when the white House"
ironmaster64 Aylar önce
Which one though?
Are you a good slave? Stop living someone else's life 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 🔥
d ea
d ea Aylar önce
I never imagined getting such detailed analysis on either Olympus has fallen or White House down lol. This is probably More effort than was put in the script.
RageUnicorn Aylar önce
Not only were there 2 animated movies about insects in the same year, they were the 2nd and 3rd ever feature lenght computer animated movies (The first was Toy Story) That means that at that point 66% of all animated films were about insects
NYC_Goody Aylar önce
I remember genuinely confusing the two when I saw the trailer for White house down thinking "weren't they just advertising this trash a couple months ago?" it seemed like carbon copies.
Nitzky89 Aylar önce
I actually vaguely remember WH Down was quite enjoyable in it's silliness, of which it was clearly self-aware, while Olympus took itself so seriously with the ridiculous plot, I found it rather boring.
Trepur349 Aylar önce
Thank you! This was my thoughts exactly, I'm disappointed most people felt differently
PawsOnTheBalcony Aylar önce
My sentiment exactly
Caesar Aylar önce
The one thing I remember vividly from "Olympus has fallen" for whatever reason is when the protag is trying to input the code to disable cerberus, and the guy telling him the code says "hashtag" as the last symbol and protag is confused as hell for a moment. Imagine the entire united states being nuked because some guy was out of touch with what a symbol is called.
Agì Alowolowo
Agì Alowolowo Aylar önce
He wasn’t out of touch with what the symbol was called. It’s a widely used symbol long before 2007 when the symbol began being called “hashtag” 6 years before this movie. Would hardly say knowing a symbol by all of its name except for its newest rendition is being out of touch
RATO Aylar önce
it's a sharp symbol here
TelPhi Aylar önce
In Brazil we used to call it "Tic Tac Toe" lol
Are you a good slave? Stop living someone else's life 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 🔥
Weeb Aylar önce
I remember see both of these with my dad becuase I saw the trailer for one of these and I was like that looks fucking awesome and we got one of them just to realize we got the wrong one but me and my dad I injoyed both so I was happy
Vice City Nightcrawler
I remember when this happened and as a kid at the time I thought it was so pointless and became disinterested in both movies lol
m Aylar önce
See stuff like twin films mess with my head, I end up remembering parts of one film and apply it to another, having the complete wrong memory
Gorbin Bundle
Gorbin Bundle Aylar önce
Fun fact. When watching a video and seeing this one in your recommended in that little pop up bar while in full screen on mobile, the video title reads as "When Hollywood made two movies..." I was quite happy to leave it at that and never return. Remaining forever unaware of the knowledge hidden behind the elipses, but thought it wise to share this information with my likeminded peers once I accidentally saw the full title in my recommendations once again. I will still not watch the video on sheer moral principle, but encourage others to enjoy it as they see fit. Have a good day.
tony c
tony c Aylar önce
I think I've seen Olympus has fallen twice and WHD once. I saw OHF and liked it. Then, a few years later, completely forgetting that these were 2 diff movies, I saw WHD and hated it, thinking "I thought I liked this movie, that's weird". Then several years later, saw OHF again, and thought "yeah, this was nice, I remember liking this". What a mindf*ck 😵‍💫🥴
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia Aylar önce
Just discovered your channel and I'm so happy about the Battlefield and MW2 references. Love the skits you made too especially the outro! Earned a sub and now I gotta binge your other videos! Please do more! Thank you!
Eduardo Marin
Eduardo Marin Aylar önce
Keep it coming with this content bro! You’re killing it 🔥
Rojo TrueShinobi
Rojo TrueShinobi Aylar önce
Remember when we also had that trend of Aliens vs Military in movies? But it was just a people running around and explosions and you never saw the aliens
airborne brick
airborne brick Aylar önce
When Butler goes to his office window and watches the ac130 strafe the street I burst out laughing in the theatre. (I went along with friends despite my better judgment) It might be have been the less silly of the two movies but it was still pretty dumb.
CMDR Sweeper
CMDR Sweeper Aylar önce
Twin film, triplets or quadruplets etc is also a phenomenon of Hollywood trying to cash in on themes. You can usually see TV series' also feature themes from movies around the same era as well. Especially a staple in the 80s and 90s meaning you got to see a different variation of the same plot.
Ralph Noble
Ralph Noble Aylar önce
I've seen the first two 'has fallen movies' and London is a bloody classic, they work sooo hard to justify an entire city become battle royale, I think honestly it's worth reviewing just for the fun of it
Darek Baird
Darek Baird Aylar önce
That one shot of fighting up the street was awesome.
The Victory Over Himself
This happens often where two very similar movies come out around the same time (Dantes Peak/Volcano. for action volcano movie 1997 Cop Out/The Other guys police partners comedy 2010, ect). I wonder if somewhere very early in development the same pitch gets sold at the same time to multiple studios and they just evolve during development.
Zekram Nordran
Zekram Nordran Aylar önce
Part of me wishes the "Has Fallen" series keeps going with increasingly ludicrous stakes with each sequel culminating to "America has Fallen" which takes place during an alien invasion
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior Aylar önce
God has fallen !
CardinalGhast Aylar önce
@LaVish Beats I'm sure most people, including millennials, still do want good movies. They just don't want stereotypes and tokenism because they're boring and lazy.
LaVish Beats
LaVish Beats Aylar önce
Complaining millennials will make sure they won’t make any good movies anymore good movies are offensive nowa days
CardinalGhast Aylar önce
I think it should decrease. Can't wait to see "Gary Has Fallen," which takes place in Gary, Indiana.
The Man
The Man Aylar önce
Grandma has fallen
Christopher Olivares
I REMEMBER when these released because I remember being PISSED I spent some hard earned cash as a kid to watch Olympus has Fallen and remember being BORED OUT OF MY MIND throughout the whole thing. I didn't know then what I know now about movies being released early in the year smh, thanks for covering this garbage
carlo02116 23 gün önce
I absolutely love both and all the sequels. I know it‘s not high art but it’s just super fun
Rubi Doo
Rubi Doo Aylar önce
Wow, as a writer in Hollywood, you're close, but most of the time it's just subtle theft. The script travels all over Hollywood and if multiple execs want to sound cool, one purchases the script, the other hires a writer to write a script on the same premise. Then you just act like its a cute coincidence. (I really do think Olympus Down came first judging by the smaller budget though).
MegapiemanPHD Aylar önce
To be somewhat fair, James Wood's character has a brain tumer which is what's supposidly causing his plan to make sense to him. It's still an absurd plan, but at least it's kind of meant to be.
KingOfMadCows Aylar önce
I think Roland Emmerich is one of those directors who had some huge success early in his career and decided that he was awesome and just refused to learn and grow. So he never takes criticism or recognize his own mistakes and weaknesses, and just continues doing the same things over and over again.
Yung Oldman
Yung Oldman Aylar önce
@LEPrecon by people you mean his savings plus an investment from the chinese government lol
etnamA Aylar önce
Having money thrown at you for failing tends to reinforce bad behaviors
devilpupbear09 Aylar önce
If you have a lot of money why listen to those with no money?
DJCJ Aylar önce
I think m knight shamaylan has the same problem
Are you a good slave? Stop living someone else's life 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 🔥
jacob leonard
jacob leonard Aylar önce
I loved when these came out, it's like the matrix broke and we got some alternative timeliness version of our movie thrown in this timeline
E D Aylar önce
You want to know something funny? In my home country the name of "olympus had fallen" got translated to "the target: the white house"
Тодор Костадинов
"Top Gun's sequel broke a billion, simply by being not Marvel" Holy shit Top Gun: Maverick has become my favorite movie of all time! It is amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it! It is a 11/10 movie! Great video! Olympus was pretty fun and the sequels are also fine.
Paul Levesque
Paul Levesque Aylar önce
I have seen both movies, and Olympus and WHD, and yeah meh. And then I remember the third Fallen; Angel has fallen. I sort of remember the plot. But I mostly just recall Nick Nolte being an absolute lunatic being the most memorable and enjoyable parts. The scene in the woods being the most insane that stands out most. Link below, spoilers obviously. trvid.com/video/video-HrZ6k7rMAVg.html
Eric Dewell
Eric Dewell Aylar önce
Surf’s Up is an underrated classic. It’s the only animated sports mockumentary about surfing penguins starring Shia Lebouf and John Heder ever made.
Are you a good slave? Stop living someone else's life 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 🔥
Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus.
Everybody here has me confused, Schaff has given this movie massive praise Now as for the WWE sequel...
Ai Ngoh Lee
Ai Ngoh Lee Aylar önce
I have to agree, as for the sequel though...
Bemi Atto
Bemi Atto Aylar önce
Schafrillas is a hot mess
Infamous Player
Infamous Player Aylar önce
I'm pretty sure I saw both of these and then kept questioning myself whether or not my memory had been wiped and I had just watched the same movie twice but was just remembering it wrong.
darkage5 Aylar önce
The first time I came across the idea of a twin movie it ended up being triplets. Weird Science. My Science Project. And Real Genius. All of them released around the same time.
Antifrost Aylar önce
I remember seeing both of these films in cinemas. If I tried to remember details about either, I could not guarantee that it wasn't actually about the other movie.
Rocketboy 1313
Rocketboy 1313 Aylar önce
I saw "White House Down" in theaters. Went with a friend from law school and his mom at a really nice theater. We had fun.
REplay Aylar önce
Olympus has Fallen ended up getting a trilogy and is still one of my favorite action movies, I completely forgot White House Down was a thing. There was actually a interesting redemption story going on in Olympus has Fallen, the tone is significantly better, the takeover/invasion scene is just way better, villains are better, etc. Olympus is a much better movie and seems to have developed a very committed cult following, as I think it deserves. As for the sequels I think they’re okay, nowhere near as good as the first one but still fun.
Andrewik Aylar önce
@Talent Caldwell I heard rumors there's a plan for "... Has Fallen" TV show. Or even TV shows.
Are you a good slave? Stop living someone else's life 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 🔥
VindictiveGrind Aylar önce
@Cyantile The takeover in White House Down was like a video game stealth sniping mission, except all the enemies are dumbasses. Terrorist: **snipes Secret Service guy** Other Secret Service guys: *"OOOOOOOH NOOOOO! MY FRIEND GOT SHOT! Oh well, I guess I better stand still so I can get sniped rather than taking cover."*
JJAB91 Aylar önce
I enjoyed how in the sequel London has Fallen they have that scene with all the world leaders doing their things before getting killed and they have the Italian PM be the most stereotypical Italian guy possible.
Todd R. Fox
Todd R. Fox Aylar önce
@Cyantile January 6 2021 MAGA moment
nfetz24 27 gün önce
This is my first time watching any of your videos, and I have already laughed out loud twice. So, you just earned a subscriber. Don't make me regret it...
Marcus Walters
Marcus Walters Aylar önce
Thank you for making the point that there's no way we could understand why there's twin films. There's just no way we could know.
Riiina Rosé
Riiina Rosé Aylar önce
You should do the Fast and Furious Franchise… the first 3 or 4 were extremely dope and I have fond memories… but the last few are definitely cash grabs considering the main reason the Fast movies died when Paul did 🤷🏽‍♀️
Spitfire_1940 Aylar önce
Honestly the D.C missions in MW2 felt so emotional. The music really set the tone.
Michael Weir
Michael Weir Aylar önce
The whole "blow up all nuclear missiles in their silos" ideas makes even less sense when you consider that NONE OF THOSE NUKES ARE ARMED. I'm pretty sure almost none of them even have their warhead attached until the order is given. I think the idea of Project Cerberus is actually good sense, because in all likelihood they would take the reasonable path and just, you know, detonate a remote bomb on the missile itself that essentially scuttles it before it delivers its payload and allows the warhead to be safely recovered later.
Are you a good slave? Stop living someone else's life 👉 The Connections (2021) [short documentary] 🔥
Johnny Bensonitis
Johnny Bensonitis Aylar önce
@Rawdraft2 While you might see that happening as a bad thing, I'm a glass-full kinda guy! That would be a wonderful opportunity to use some of my old Army training and dust off the old survival skills. And what did they teach us to do in the Army in the case of the detonation of a nuclear device on that scale? Dig a fucking gigantic hole in the ground and put up a poncho to seal the entrance! Whoever came up with this solution likely knew we'd all be dead about halfway through digging so the upside is at least the soldier got himself a burial. Sorry to kinda bring this up but your comment reminded me of that and there's really no other time better than this to talk about what I've always found so damn amusing. But yeah, it'd completely fuck up so much, the level of devastation so enormous that those not in the blast/outside of it's radiation would still feel it's effects in various ways. But, luckily we have lots of nukes so if they all went off at once the few who did survive would have to contend with displaced swamp people that would make one prefer to have gone with the fate of the blast.
Johnny Bensonitis
Johnny Bensonitis Aylar önce
Ah, see, there you go doing that thing where you start thinking about something! Movies like that are made for you to go completely brain-dead and watch in a sort of vegetative, catatonic state, but it's also a great movie for coma patients to enjoy. When watching White House Down the part with the big bad's master plan should have you thinking nothing more than something like, "Bombs go boom?! NOOO!"
Daniel Onciel
Daniel Onciel Aylar önce
@athomicritics Thank you, when i saw Olympus with my dad, that was the one the first things I compared it to.
PsychedCrow Aylar önce
"Hey I got that action movie at the white house, olympus has fallen" "I thought it was called White House Down" It wasn't until Olympus Has Fallen got a sequel that I realized they were two different movies.
Sev Aylar önce
"Man, Two-Face cannot get a break with women" At that moment it hit me who the actor for the president was, and the burn was more severe than Harvey's face
Mike Vignola
Mike Vignola Aylar önce
This trend is the result of scripts being pitched to a studio, the studio not buying it, but producing a movie with the same premise anyway. This is how we ended up with Deep Space 9 and Babylon 5 JMS pitched the idea to paramout, the only difference was Paramount had the nerve to sue over having its ideas "stolen". I bring this up because like these two movies the difference between these films is not the director, of the studio that made it, but the quality of the writing. I actually liked white house down, it's a dumb action movie out of the 80s.
Schwartzbruder1 24 gün önce
You gotta love how the koreans were used as a stand-in badguys for the chinese because they still also wanted to sell this movie in china
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior Aylar önce
Dude, I LOVE your videos. You are so funny and really know your stuff too! I'm sharing your stuff and trying to get more people watching you!
Philosophy of Carry
Olympus was surprisingly well paced with enjoyable characters and a world you could suspend disbelief in.
KRaySe Aylar önce
I remember watching a 2020 korean zombie film called #alive. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was watching this recap of a zombie movie called “Alone” and thought to myself, “Wait a minute, haven’t I seen this premise before?” Then I did some digging and found out that those two movies came from the EXACT same scriptwriter but with #alive being slightly adapted. The fact that those two movies were also globally released within 1 month from the other is kinda funny.
michael “morbillion” morbius
Yea I remember. I think alive had a different ending where the military saves them.
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