When "Asian" Is a Difficulty Mode 3

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29 Kas 2021




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Notorious Platy
Notorious Platy Aylar önce
The fact that he did this in front of a whole crowd of people makes it so much better
Why 13 dakika önce
For me I gives me second hand embarrassment
Ardi Arafahmi
Ardi Arafahmi Gün önce
Nah i dont think so, act weird in front of proper camera, plus he already have millions subs to tell people when they ask, will he feel embarrassed or confident?
Someone-On-Earth 3 gün önce
He got guts because he care about his viewers I really appreciate this lmao
cHarLie 12 gün önce
@Mouth Raper if any non Asian did this it would also get a lot of hate
☭ComradeSkittle☭ 14 gün önce
4 000 000 million people too
uniqhit 9 gün önce
I love how they removed "Easy" from the difficulty mode.
Razor Ramon
Razor Ramon Gün önce
@Meg the Megalodon bad for you
Meg the Megalodon
@Razor Ramon i cant
Razor Ramon
Razor Ramon Gün önce
@Meg the Megalodon so then get warm
Meg the Megalodon
@𝙈𝙆𝙎𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙖𝙗𝙝 i already am chill, i am litteraly in a cold room
@Meg the Megalodon chill dude okay
Charlie 10 gün önce
Time lapse 0:01 Sponser 1:08 Game Starts Specialist 2:08 *SOCIAL ANXIETY*
SleepDeprived 3 gün önce
u mean timestamps?
jadedNoir98 2 gün önce
The controller in the frying pan made me laugh so hard that I spat my coffee all over my phone.
Rakoon 3 gün önce
I like how Steven is just trying not to laugh the entire time while filming him moving weird
Nathan Doan Comedy
Nathan Doan Comedy Aylar önce
That finishing move almost took me out as well
Violette 14 saatler önce
Omg…you guys should collab
Alan Thespider
Alan Thespider 3 gün önce
@KatchE who tf is he or is it just because they alike
Briana Li
Briana Li 5 gün önce
:O my favorite comedians
TTRockstars master
TTRockstars master 7 gün önce
Hunter Ritch
Hunter Ritch 7 gün önce
Sinister Gün önce
I like how he is at the brink of laughter in every scene
NotLEGO Gün önce
1:56, he can never control his laughter while doing that lmao, he giggled in the last video too.
Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor Gün önce
"How many more of these are they going to make" "Until i pay off my acting degree" Too real
Cujobii 3 gün önce
I keep laughing at the parts when he starts wobbling in the same place trying to hold in his own laugh😂
BOOM BOOM Fiyah Aylar önce
I love how you can see Steven smirking so hard trying to prevent himself from bursting with laughter when doing his idle animation stance in the park. You can definitely tell he's having so much fun doing this.
StormZesta 13 saatler önce
@Dhruv bhojaraj I don’t think he cares about being embarrassed as he’s doing this in public
Imnebby nub
Imnebby nub 5 gün önce
Make one living
Halla Al-sayed
Halla Al-sayed 8 gün önce
@Dhruv bhojaraj maybe
Halla Al-sayed
Halla Al-sayed 8 gün önce
Max Rubel
Max Rubel 10 gün önce
Should of solved a rubics cube when doing the finisher
Dark_honors02 18 saatler önce
I just love how you can always see him holding in his laughter when in the idle position
Rajarshi Sengupta
Rajarshi Sengupta Saatler önce
I like how he tried so hard to hold his laughter while recording but ultimately gives away a slight smile while the cut-scenes 🤣🤣🤣
matrixphijr 7 saatler önce
I keep watching the 'ultra emotional damage' death animation. It's so realistic. This studio really has the best state of the art technology, and they're pouring their hearts and souls into making this game.
Tujae Gün önce
You know what would be great? A Steven He audiobook available exclusively on Audible. I'd get it.
OwO Aylar önce
If only your dad was sitting on a good gaming chair. Maybe then wouldn't he struggle this much.
Zidarius 3 gün önce
your the owo Monster
theoffbrandpotato 6 gün önce
Fiachra Coakley
Fiachra Coakley 6 gün önce
Hoi own ur cool love da arg
M O H I Dyt
M O H I Dyt 7 gün önce
Robert A
Robert A 16 gün önce
Like 6000
Christine Wood
Christine Wood 10 gün önce
Son unos de los mejores XxlikE.UnO I LOVE YOU los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Senada: ''Hermoso.'' Amor. ''Momentos.'' Tu..belleza.viaja.al.universo.se.reune.con.estrellas. y.luceros...tu.mirada.enamora.al.sol.....tu.hermosura.quedara.por..una.eternidad.en.los.corazonede. tus.admiradores......feliz Navidad.y.noche.buena....mis.respeto.para.todas.las.mujes.del.mundo...saludos..al.fin.del.mundo. .. Jamas.: ''Corazon.'' Habara.: ''Sostengo. .'' Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy..
Ellie’n friends
Ellie’n friends 6 gün önce
“EmOtIoNaL DaMaGe” and “I will send you to Jesus” are the best quotes ever!!!
Cory Schlichting
Cory Schlichting 2 gün önce
LOL! I freakin' love these vids! I'm laughing so hard right now at my desk at work... Steven, keep them comin'!
Wretched Egg
Wretched Egg 10 gün önce
The frying pan was too perfect, finisher indeed. Honestly how many cuts did it take to get a clip of those mad controller skills without actually dropping it?
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Steven He was actually able to defeat the protagonist of the story as a side character. Achievement unlocked.
fren 4 gün önce
Then the protagonist will work 26 hours a day to get better and defeat Steven at the end of the game, but you'll have to do some inputs to break the plot armour and change the ending.
Jon Ameti
Jon Ameti 6 gün önce
M O H I Dyt
M O H I Dyt 7 gün önce
Samantha Turnbull
Samantha Turnbull 9 gün önce
@X-Mist your joking right?
Samantha Turnbull
Samantha Turnbull 9 gün önce
Hello old friend!👋
Siddharth Ranjan
Siddharth Ranjan Gün önce
i like how steven saute'd the controller as a part of his finishing move
brickbattle anirvan
brickbattle anirvan 4 gün önce
3:20 throwing the shoe was so perfectly cut, great job
Tucker Goodin
Tucker Goodin 3 gün önce
The best part of all of these videos is that the NPC's keep talking after you're dead. Very accurate
A B Vids
A B Vids 8 gün önce
This man never fails to entertain your videos make me laugh always Especially the emotional damage part you are a legend
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
I love how Steven's trying to keep a straight face while doing the character's stance!!
43sth3t1cL0v3lyz 2 gün önce
@NotBuur fake
Facey 2 gün önce
Y e s
NotBuur 28 gün önce
Goat Meal
Goat Meal Aylar önce
Charlie Pau
Charlie Pau Aylar önce
I was about to say that
AndroEnergenic 3 gün önce
"EMOTIONAL DAMAGE" Got me laughing a lot and I can't take it. ITS SO FUNNY XD
Takka Scottsdale
Takka Scottsdale 6 gün önce
Too funny 🤣, never stop being hilarious 😂 it's a gift
elijahrosh 5 gün önce
Imagine defeating a boss for just a sponsor! 😂
Adam Cudworth
Adam Cudworth 4 gün önce
I like how in loads of them that he's done loads of takes on you'll just see him smiling trying not to laugh 🤣🤣
ItzJustIsa 25 gün önce
The: “I will send you to Jesus” And: “EMOTIONAL DAMAGE?!” Never gets old.
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov 21 saatler önce
Hold your horses there, grasshopper. Let wait few months and see if it turns into meme.
William Whitaker jr
@Facey I really don’t know
Classical Chaos
Classical Chaos Gün önce
Don't forget the new one *SOCIAL ANXIETY*
Facey Gün önce
@William Whitaker jr how could we forget?
William Whitaker jr
Don’t forget “What the hailllllllll”
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 10 gün önce
I naively thought, the controller action at the end can't get any better than parts 1 and 2...
Kuro Blade
Kuro Blade Gün önce
When its too ez that they decided to take the ez difficulty away and added another harder difficulty 😂
J.D RAP 3 gün önce
"rejected for unpaid jobs" Bruhhh that's literally me 😭😭😭 being an engineer with a Master that shit kicked me hard af but I LAUGHED SO MUCHHHH!!!
TEX 10 gün önce
The fact that we can see him laughing while he makes the scenes makes it funnier 🤣
Choi Theo
Choi Theo Aylar önce
Imagine everyone in public seeing Steven constantly falling down and getting up just to jump and fall again
R. S.
R. S. 3 gün önce
Not only fall and get up a lot, but also change clothes a lot. 🤣
GCubing 24 gün önce
It's in the middle of New York so I can('t) totally imagiine what it looks like.
yeontannie 25 gün önce
Them: 👁👄👁
Levi Matthew Henson
@Choi Theo thx lol, I used to spend so much time on pvz on my grandma's old desktop lol
Choi Theo
Choi Theo Aylar önce
@Levi Matthew Henson thank you I like yours too
Lanette 20 saatler önce
This had me in tears. Spun the control like Annie in Attack on Titan 🤣
Sam Eats Cement
Sam Eats Cement 3 gün önce
The way he starts smiling at 1:56 is comedy gold
Jona Hauff
Jona Hauff 18 saatler önce
How does this man have the confidence to do this in public with all these people around
Francis Sparrow
Francis Sparrow 3 gün önce
The way that he just can't help smiling half the time 🤣
LiLA Aylar önce
The character growth is amazing, he actually managed to pass some bits without dying
sdfrch 6 gün önce
@TheAngryDanishViking i will send you to jesus
TheAngryDanishViking 19 gün önce
But he still forgets to block.
Fateh Ruzman
Fateh Ruzman 24 gün önce
Ikr.he just need to learn parry
ShaunArcanine Aylar önce
ikr im rooting for him at this point
ツ The Ultimate Noob ツ
I love how for the price of chinese they just eradicated easy mode
Collin Cook Home
Collin Cook Home 11 gün önce
It's amazing how they straight up no longer have an easy difficulty.
Just A Piece Of Cheese
Steven still paying off his art degree so he'll keep making these! XD
Aanteatur 4 saatler önce
Less than 2 mins in I'm snorting laughing😂😂😂 love this
TimeBucks Aylar önce
This cracks me up every time
CorruptedForce Aylar önce
Bobby Brewer
Bobby Brewer Aylar önce
me too, especially when Steven, yells "EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!?!?"
Banana Huuu
Banana Huuu Aylar önce
CocaColors Aylar önce
Mouth Raper
Mouth Raper Aylar önce
@Aurélie lol what
Skinner Hater
Skinner Hater 2 gün önce
My chest hurts from the laughing this video was hilarious
Jamie Gonzales
Jamie Gonzales Gün önce
Son unos de los mejores XXlikE.UnO los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Senada: ''Hermoso.'' Jamas.: ''Corazon.'' Habara.: ''Sostengo. .'' Amor. ''Momentos.'' Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy.. Tu..belleza.viaja.al.universo.se.reune.con.estrellas. y.luceros...tu.mirada.enamora.al.sol.....tu.hermosura.quedara.por..una.eternidad.en.los.corazonede. tus.admiradores......feliz todas.las.mujes.del.mundo...saludos..al.fin.del.mundo. .. Navidad.y.noche.buena....mis.respeto.para.
Kyle Whisler
Kyle Whisler 5 gün önce
I hope I can always watch these and laugh! They are amazing 😂😂
Duck Scar
Duck Scar 7 saatler önce
1:55 Look at him trying to keep a straight face 😂😂
joshcp1223 Aylar önce
Steven's Dad: "How many more of these are they going to make?" Steven: "Until I can pay off my acting degree." LMAOOO
D A X X 9 gün önce
I love when hes trying not to laugh in cutscenes😂
MK 2 gün önce
"social anxiety" the sequel to "emotional damage" change my mind
TheIronFist Gün önce
Love how they removed the easy difficulty
Mitchell Belfer
Mitchell Belfer 4 gün önce
The best part is when the choose what to say screen is up and ur standing there trying so hard not to laugh. This shit gets better every time I watch it
Random NPC
Random NPC Aylar önce
I truly respect the commitment that Steven has when creating his sketches. I mean, imagine meeting him while he's in the process of creating art this amazing?! 😎😆
MJ Plays
MJ Plays Aylar önce
@Bob Man usually moms throw too strong to withstand more than 1 throw so dang he is sturdy
Bob Man
Bob Man Aylar önce
How many slippers to the face can one man take
The ‘’EMOTIONAL DAMAGE’’ Always gets me 😂
Pirate Jurutsu
Pirate Jurutsu 3 saatler önce
OMG can't stop laughing this guy is so good 😂😂 this video "mwa chef kiss" it's a masterpiece
freedomwaste dispatch
You think they're changing lanes because they think you're acting weird but its really so they won't interfere in your shot. Its respect, dude.
Emmanuel Lourdes
Emmanuel Lourdes 8 gün önce
When he throws his shoes and suddenly Steven gets a controller that’s real magic right there
Rasmus Ruotoistenmäki
comedy gold
J Aylar önce
I suppose it's because I never expect it, but everytime Steven's Dad says, "I'll send you to Jesus," I always let out a chuckle.
sus Aylar önce
same lmao
Break Faith
Break Faith Aylar önce
@Yozy You're scary
Yozy Aylar önce
The slipper is scary
Break Faith
Break Faith Aylar önce
@NotRyaan your satanic mind games won't work on me Ryaan
NotRyaan Aylar önce
@Break Faith maybe maybe not who knows?
Imnotkintoru? Gün önce
I love how he rages when he died by funny reasons
LaTonya Newsome
LaTonya Newsome 3 gün önce
This is your third in this series but I thought about when games have level(s) after hard. Either extra hard, expert, or both. I feel like maybe adding that in, or maybe adding in something a "super Asian" level. Maybe thinking extra hard I guess! Anyways new subscriber. ❤❤❤ your content.
alexander sze
alexander sze 3 gün önce
I will send you to Jesus caught me laughing every time, the way he deliver it is too good
When Steven was using a pan to play with the controller, that sent me.
risk Aylar önce
Not gonna lie, steven has such a great charisma
Joseph Oh
Joseph Oh Aylar önce
*Dnd intensifies*
iGlowo Aylar önce
@rich bacon its a fake verify symbol
Aleck Pissa
Aleck Pissa Aylar önce
He put 10 points into it so yeah makes sense
just some commenter
jesus christ theres so many bots in this bots comment thread
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen Aylar önce
Steven: dies *overinflated ego*
Arjun Sagar Marchanda
The way he barely managed to control laughter XD
ThienViet ;3
ThienViet ;3 17 saatler önce
I got emotional damage, because I laughed too hard.
[TRA]0 6 gün önce
"I will send you to jesus" always gets me specially the "emotional damage"
accuset 4 gün önce
I love the grin during the idle animation. "On the news today, an Asian boy seen swaying.... in the park...."
A RANDOM WEEB Aylar önce
You know these videos are becoming more realistic when you start taking damage just from watching it
rushiabest 26 gün önce
I keep seeing you
Chai Chong Teh
Chai Chong Teh Aylar önce
This means that your inner Asian or even Chinese starts to kicks in.
Steven He
Steven He Aylar önce
Everytime I meet someone from Harvard, it hurts my pride just a little bit
Luca Costantino
Luca Costantino Aylar önce
Is that why my chest hurts?
MARSYA💦⤵️ Aylar önce
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 NUDE.SNAPGIRLS.TODAY/marsya 💜 PRIVATE S*X #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾
Pepa Madrigal
Pepa Madrigal 9 gün önce
2:52 It maked me laugh like Hell all the time... especially part 1 and 2
Toni S
Toni S Gün önce
Been following you on TikTok for almost a year. So happy for your Amazon sponsorship! Rooting for you!
Exotic 9 gün önce
He is literally my favourite skit youtuber, he made me laugh so hard my dad notice me.
DJ Michelle Tarot, etc
I subscribed on this one... your outtakes at the end had me rolling
Mybye04_YT Aylar önce
Lets all appreciate how godly his Asian accent is.
Danny Chest
Danny Chest Aylar önce
It’s not godly
1A Nameless
1A Nameless Aylar önce
Uh Chinese is a language... It's literally just Chinese...
FuriousSam_2 Aylar önce
I mean... That's... He's Asian
squishy milkz
squishy milkz Aylar önce
And that he is doing this in public
Augustine Tam
Augustine Tam Aylar önce
@Yehoshua Wyckoff yep is just a general term for the languages used in China itself (Which actually there’s over 30 of them)
Oscorp Industries
Oscorp Industries 4 gün önce
You always know it’s going to be a good video when it starts with “whatda hehhhhww...”
Daniel Benge
Daniel Benge 7 saatler önce
tbh i was half way expecting him to "unalive" during the promotion following the difficulty mode lol
Bud_Kleric 3 gün önce
Love how u have to stop ur self from laughing from the stationary position
Giak D YouTuber
Giak D YouTuber 3 gün önce
1:34 As a Chinese person this is accurate
MrLiquidOcelot Aylar önce
1:57 You can see him struggle so hard not to laugh during the moments of him rocking on the spot...
Angelthebeat 21 gün önce
Xathos 5 gün önce
One of the rare cases where a joke/insider never gets old ^^ You can bring "emotional damage" and "I will send you to Jesus" in part 69 and it would still be funny ^-^
Lit & Fit
Lit & Fit 7 gün önce
"Until I pay off my acting degree" that's literally the funniest shit I've ever heard this year
Katarina Lazic
Katarina Lazic 10 gün önce
2:08 Me when my mom asks me why am I always inside and on my phone. Plus this is so funny. Keep it up!
ImmortaINub 2 gün önce
Why is listening to an Asian shout "I WILL SEND YOU TO JESUS," while pointing at the dude with a slipper the funniest shit ever?
Hamo Aylar önce
This man really pulled a frying pan to execute console combo. Respect
Algis-kun Aylar önce
Rice cooker combo only gets you through asian difficulty, you need the legendary Stir fried rice hidden combo one for Chinese.
Spicy Enough
Spicy Enough Aylar önce
@Fyralynn the pan is how you cook minute rice in 58 seconds, the rice cooker is how you get 99% in math.
Lindsey Rose
Lindsey Rose Aylar önce
@Fyralynn 🤣
Fyralynn Aylar önce
What a failure. He should've used rice cooker.
Saharsh Behal
Saharsh Behal 6 gün önce
the emotional damage part keeps getting more emotionally forced 😂
Kaia Hiltscher
Kaia Hiltscher 4 gün önce
The best part is at 1:27 the "easy" Level is just completely gone. it's just "Medium, Hard, Asian, Chinese"
geeta surani
geeta surani Gün önce
"I will send you to jesus" never gets old!🤣🤣
Alex Plaz15
Alex Plaz15 5 gün önce
The controller in the frying pan made me die 😂😂😂
Raging Moderate
Raging Moderate 12 gün önce
I've had the EMOTIONAL DAMAGE line stuck in my head for like a week now. Even said it to my kid a couple times when he had gotten upset. Usually makes him laugh. Always makes me laugh.
Syarafana 3 gün önce
Emotional damage -heals 10000 hp[depends] ~despite its name, it heals more than food. Maybe dont use it to people who dont understand ~
santolina8 3 gün önce
Sounds more like Emotional Damage used to inflict more ~~~Emooooshunel Dammidge~~~ 😂
jellydog 7 gün önce
Emotional damage evolve into emotional healing!!
影花緑 [Kagebana Midori]
When Emotional Damage turns into healing instead
Lex De Obésean
Lex De Obésean 7 gün önce
These videos have me in stitches lol. They're an ab workout omg. Brilliant.
RedRovaeden 2 gün önce
This game's basically the Asian version of Oh Sir: The Insult simulator.
lozickz 5 gün önce
i love how you just stand in the middle of a park and talk to yourself while people watch
Ku Mun Fong
Ku Mun Fong 12 saatler önce
I Loved that he lost it when the cutscene rolled
Rim Aylar önce
Seriously I can’t stop laughing at Steven’s dad no matter how many times I hear him saying things
MQ-R3APZ Aylar önce
My friend. Harvard Me .doesnt need school has job as fun as being an engineer while building drones 4 fun
ThisIs Bad
ThisIs Bad Aylar önce
agora 928 v2.0
agora 928 v2.0 Aylar önce
Me eighter xD
XYZ Beast
XYZ Beast Aylar önce
Same Especially when he says “i will send you to jesus”
Alain Boucher
Alain Boucher Aylar önce
I will send you to Jesus!
Skeletoon 10 gün önce
You can see him trying to not laugh with his Idle pose lol Steven is such a good creator lmaoo
Devin Jadoonanan
Devin Jadoonanan 17 saatler önce
you can tell that he is trying so much to not laugh
bread 4 gün önce
I like the fact that "easy" is literally non-existent now
6_L0ads Gün önce
Imagine just walking and you just see him laying there
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