When A Gang Leader Confronted Tyson

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BLTV Classic recaps the infamous two-fight saga between Tyson and gang leader, Mitch 'Blood' Green



20 May 2022




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Honestly looked like tyson was playing with green to keep him alive for as long as possible just to punish him. If tyson really wanted to finish him off, the fight would've been over in the 1st round with a killer upper cut blow that would send green to heaven real quick.
MC CABE 14 gün önce
This is so legendary, I miss these real boxing fight times! They took it from the hood straight into the ring 😄
Zeke Lucente
Zeke Lucente 21 gün önce
“Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face” - Mike Tyson. This will go down as one of the greatest boxing quotes of all time.
Andy Accutane Journey
Andy Accutane Journey 9 saatler önce
Despite everything mikes been through, he’s still kicking it and has a smile on his face. He’s a legend of our time 🙏🏽
The Great Interpreter
The Great Interpreter 14 gün önce
A lot of people dont realize that Tyson was one of the greatest defensive fighters of all time. He could bob and weave like no other. Couple that with his devastating right hook and you have a unmatched boxing legend.
Luke Lucci
Luke Lucci 14 gün önce
It’s crazy that Mike doesn’t see himself the way we all do. How can you not understand the weight of your own name. Blessed to have lived through it.
Long Lost Puss
Mike's punching power was well documented, but I think many have slept on his punching speed, it was ridiculous.
Longi1974 7 saatler önce
Mike Tyson in his prime was the complete package. From his appearance, as a stocky, muscled, mean-faced killer, to his ring skill, speed and sheer ferocity that he seemed to be able to switch on and off at will, he had it all.
A Wonderful Feeling
A Wonderful Feeling 14 gün önce
wake up
wake up 14 gün önce
All these guys are scary and bad ass,, but there's just something about Tyson that makes you think twice about fighting him,, the guy is brutal 100%
Screamin' Willie
Screamin' Willie 21 gün önce
I feel SO BLESSED to have been around for Tyson's EPIC career... fantastic.
Nicky Waters
Nicky Waters 14 gün önce
"It's probably due to audio compression over time, but I can honestly say I have difficulty understanding what Mitch Green is saying..."
Daniel Healey
Daniel Healey 28 gün önce
Tyson's ability to turn gang members into Christian ministers with a few punches is truly astonishing
ReEducated Ronin
ReEducated Ronin 21 gün önce
Gotta give Mitch credit…
alex alex
alex alex 21 gün önce
You can see tyson smiling through the fight, he was holding back and enjoying the fight the whole time.
Benny M
Benny M 14 gün önce
I wouldn't be surprised if it was Mike Tyson's mindset that earnt him the nickname "Iron Mike", and not his ridiculous punching power. The man was an absolute lion. Anytime, anywhere, anyone.
RG 21 gün önce
Jesus Christ, Tyson was terrifying amongst the terrifying. How can one man stand out so much in a crowd of terrifying people already?!
China_is_asshole 14 gün önce
Best two moments of mitch green's life getting knocked out in the street by Mike tyson, and Steve Harvey roasting you before he got completely famous 🤣🤣
Alien Freakazoid
I’ll never forget watching Tyson fights as a kid...it was actually comical. People would spend months getting hyped for the fight and he would go out there and absolutely destroy them and it was over before you could even blink. Some fights were over so fast you were like, wtf just happened. Ali may have been the best “boxer” ever but Tyson was an absolute animal in the ring.
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