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I can't believe we made art using magnets and the best one wins what they build! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!

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19 Nis 2021




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Preston Barrett
Preston Barrett 4 saatler önce
Love you 💗
Melanie Ostiguin
Melanie Ostiguin 9 saatler önce
i love you guys so much
iiNayii 18 saatler önce
Let Michelle Win a piggie
Wei-Tian Hao
Wei-Tian Hao 20 saatler önce
When they drop the dragon magnet mask on Izzy's castle Izzy: ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG >:( Me: atleast u get more magnets ;)
yummy : my life eww i guees
Winter Gün önce
I ate crickets before I kept eating them they were good 🤣
Tristan Warder
Tristan Warder Gün önce
Yay she won
Tristan Warder
Tristan Warder Gün önce
I think castle
ఌ canxxdley ఌ
Me You
Me You Gün önce
These guys need to work out more… lol
Marisa Mac
Marisa Mac Gün önce
go Jaz
Alex Drew
Alex Drew Gün önce
I’m literally watching this on the bus
Shaun George
Shaun George Gün önce
Michael Loser lose lose lose loss lose lose for you Butthead Butthead
Layan Kintab
Layan Kintab Gün önce
I want those magnets there my dream
L A 2 gün önce
L A 2 gün önce
Can I have the magnit
Jamison Gibson
Jamison Gibson 2 gün önce
Who. is. The. One. With. The. Pink. hair. Girl
pavani puvvada
pavani puvvada 2 gün önce
I hate you guy
Henrik Børset
Henrik Børset 2 gün önce
I love how ZHC made a dragon skull in five minuts and the need like 6 hours or something to make their thing
TheARTcat 2 gün önce
Izzy was bullied and she still won!!!
Myoui Sharon Mina
Myoui Sharon Mina 2 gün önce
viewer descretion : not for typophobic people PS : i still watched it cuz of ma girl IZZY ! And to yall only targeting her, saw who got hit my karma on their face, i love you so much IZZY keep on winning, i am rooting for you always
Myetone 2 gün önce
I'm so sorry Izzy...
Fátima Cardial
Fátima Cardial 2 gün önce
that was disgusting
Ananya Bisht
Ananya Bisht 2 gün önce
Go Michelle
Anshuya Basnet
Anshuya Basnet 3 gün önce
Omg it is good 😮😧
Nejire hats Tamaki maybe
Izzy is targeted the most and she won so she is the most talented artist out of all of them
Nejire hats Tamaki maybe
Izzy was targeted the most so she is probably the most talented of ALL of the artists..
Deeti pindoriya
Deeti pindoriya 3 gün önce
why the heck everyone was sabotarging izzy
shweta sinha
shweta sinha 3 gün önce
Can anyone tell me why: why does Zack host very challenge,but never participats??😂😂😂but I love you art and videos,keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️❤️
JCI_Karma 8
JCI_Karma 8 3 gün önce
LOL 3 gün önce
You deserve to win izzy ❤
LOL 3 gün önce
Targeting izzy bc jealous to her build bc its beautiful
Fab roblox user
Fab roblox user 3 gün önce
I love mechile
fun with mariyum
fun with mariyum 3 gün önce
Poor Izzy like look
Kristen Chiara Garcia
That's mean she could've just keeped the dragon thingy instead of ruining someones masterpiece :
XavGames 1
XavGames 1 3 gün önce
Michelle: This tastes good! ( eating crickets ) Crickets: WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY!!!!
Ajay Kathir
Ajay Kathir 3 gün önce
I will unsubscribe because of circet l
Me the crickets are scary. Michelle eats them they actually really good😋 me ahhHHHH
Fintan Garvey
Fintan Garvey 4 gün önce
Gacha__Gaming sisters
Am I the only one who thinks Mckenzie’s bag looks like the Krusty krab?
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko 4 gün önce
Me too
lub applezoonoj
lub applezoonoj 4 gün önce
how did you eat that cricket kinda taste like chips
uwu 4 gün önce
ZHC said no to buying Jake Lamborghini and Jeep lol
Ahmed Jasem
Ahmed Jasem 4 gün önce
but i sitel love you zhc so much
Ahmed Jasem
Ahmed Jasem 4 gün önce
zhc you not nice to izzy
Ahmed Jasem
Ahmed Jasem 4 gün önce
it is cheteng you leta evreone target at izzy it is so not fer
Amina Kovac
Amina Kovac 4 gün önce
Ver is Viv
norhassani jaafar
norhassani jaafar 4 gün önce
Rayona Bobohonova
Rayona Bobohonova 4 gün önce
was i the only one who saw a lizard at the end?
Mailtosarans 4 gün önce
Mariel Alegre
Mariel Alegre 4 gün önce
Zachary does gacha
Zachary does gacha 5 gün önce
To the people being mad that the video was spoiled by reading the comments, what where you expecting? The point of the comments is to say your opinion about the video.
yoshua elian
yoshua elian 5 gün önce
you eat it like it was nothing
Wilson Rosado
Wilson Rosado 5 gün önce
I pick McKenzie because Gucci is the best
Wayne Douglas
Wayne Douglas 5 gün önce
My favourite artist is Mackenzie
Lexie Stoney
Lexie Stoney 6 gün önce
How do you draw so good
why you ask me
why you ask me 7 gün önce
poor izzy her scoulpture got attacked butshe still won
Christy Huang
Christy Huang 7 gün önce
Omg that pig is so cute lol
Anoushka Nautiyal
Anoushka Nautiyal 7 gün önce
Um guys don't feels so bad Izzy. They're not attacking Izzy. She was simply in the lead and it wasn't like they were being unjust to her. It was a challenge and they had the right to destroy someone else's art whoever they may choose. If Izzy had won she would have hit someone else's too. Again I don't mean any hate to her she's really talented and a good artist. Just pointing out that the others aren't really targeting her.
Sicily-Rose Maimone
Sicily-Rose Maimone 8 gün önce
I think Mackenzie should have her on channel
Kelsey Natasha Kusnandar 1514119
is it me or MsMunchie always makes minecraft/ the pig in minecraft ???
Shubh Patel
Shubh Patel 9 gün önce
Zack decided the winner when he had to throw the magnet in Izzy's castle at the end
Andreia Sakuyama
Andreia Sakuyama 9 gün önce
And I am so happy for you Izzy 😃😁😁
Andreia Sakuyama
Andreia Sakuyama 9 gün önce
I am so sorry 😞 Izzy
Oratile R
Oratile R 9 gün önce
Sorry izzyyy
Kabir Pancholi
Kabir Pancholi 9 gün önce
Hi Michael
ct nafisah
ct nafisah 9 gün önce
Poor Izzy her scoulpture is like being attack for like 4 times but atlise.she wins
Tejasw 23
Tejasw 23 9 gün önce
Today we learn that - NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE TRUE WINNER.
Myraj Hilmy
Myraj Hilmy 4 gün önce
Stephanie Timmermans
Stephanie Timmermans 10 gün önce
To be honest I come from Thailand so I actually enjoy eating crickets with seasonings
Minecraftplayer9 10 gün önce
I think Michelle is gonna win
Dionicio Guzman
Dionicio Guzman 10 gün önce
I wish I can be in video
Ann Lippert
Ann Lippert 10 gün önce
Where does one acquire 130lbs of magnets!?
I am Fidget_fam🤩
I am Fidget_fam🤩 10 gün önce
You guys are the best TRvidrs
I am Fidget_fam🤩
I am Fidget_fam🤩 10 gün önce
Omg theses magnets are the best I have wanted them for a long time
Mitchell James
Mitchell James 10 gün önce
Shrika 10 gün önce
I am a big fan for Michelle
metty kgopana
metty kgopana 11 gün önce
hi guys ....just wanted to let u know that God loves u and also please repent i u havent
SalamanderSam 11 gün önce
yall better stop bullyin mah gurl izzy XD
Prithviraj Kamble
Prithviraj Kamble 11 gün önce
I ZHC I am a big fan of you and a new subscriber from now from india
AestheticBoba roblox
AestheticBoba roblox 12 gün önce
I love you!!
Its_Charlotte 12 gün önce
No I’m on izzys team
Its_Charlotte 12 gün önce
Why is it always the girl with the castle
Zaid Al-Asadi
Zaid Al-Asadi 12 gün önce
I love ZHC
FlintZero 12 gün önce
Franzric M. Amante
Franzric M. Amante 13 gün önce
Hi, Zach! I am a teacher and I hope you can give me a laptop for my online teaching with your artwork on it. I’ve been joining your giveaway but always got unlucky. More powers
Sherri V
Sherri V 13 gün önce
If the crickets are gone... You know who ate them... Uh.. Michelle 😅
Noah Watts
Noah Watts 13 gün önce
Play Zack I've been watching your videos for about seven years now but never subscribed cuz I never had a chance to I really want an iPad yeah
Jeannette Williams
Jeannette Williams 13 gün önce
they shouldn't get to Keep it
Mind the Cat
Mind the Cat 13 gün önce
it sucks how they was just doing izzy because hers was better
Zoya Borkataky
Zoya Borkataky 13 gün önce
Mark Wood
Mark Wood 13 gün önce
everyone has coulered hair but izzy
K SHRAVAN 13 gün önce
Nathan Giardina
Nathan Giardina 14 gün önce
Sarah Browne
Sarah Browne 14 gün önce
Well done Izzy is done a lot
Aron Close
Aron Close 15 gün önce
I think jake should have won that one 😂
Noah Rosato
Noah Rosato 15 gün önce
Mackenzie’s bag looks like the crusty crab
anni 4444
anni 4444 15 gün önce
I have noticed one thing that no matter which challenge it is always izzi wins
Amber Grimes
Amber Grimes 16 gün önce
Alissa Wallace
Alissa Wallace 16 gün önce
Isabella Jordan
Isabella Jordan 16 gün önce
can i just say i feel bad for whoever counted all those magnets and divided them
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