What To Do If The Customer Doesn’t Pay

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Velicia Williams
Velicia Williams Gün önce
Lien on property. 1. Contract first include court fees.
A true Weeeb
A true Weeeb 3 gün önce
p m
The New York Red Neck
I installed an irrigation system and the guy refused to pay and called the cops on me. Seeing as I did not get paid I cut the pipe coming out of the house and pulled the entire system out and went home. I did not cause damage, i took back the material that he did not wish to pay for. The cop couldn't do anything about it. If I left and came back then it would have been illegal
Fruit cows
Fruit cows 11 gün önce
Can u do that to my brain
Ultralord Fun
Ultralord Fun 11 gün önce
Pixelcraftian Aylar önce
Honestly to fit in with the no-pay meme you should’ve played the footage backwards lmao, very cool 👍
GTchum 19 saatler önce
@Alex Fraser you're stupid. Delete your comment and stop shaming yourself.
Love Dove
Love Dove Gün önce
😂 omg this would of been gold!
Grace Billing
Grace Billing 2 gün önce
Yes!!! Lmao
Juice 5 gün önce
@Alex Fraser no it isn't dumbass
Juice 5 gün önce
@JazunOwO fr lol
bsgfan1 13 gün önce
Fun fact: In some states this is considered a crime. In Texas, it’s called Theft of Service and has varying levels of severity. Depending on the amount of money involved, it can be anywhere between a Class C Misdemeanor and 1st Degree Felony.
Punchmeat 18 saatler önce
@XT_NighTraiN 7804 He didn't read properly he thinks putting the lien on property is what the comment says is a crime
XT_NighTraiN 7804
XT_NighTraiN 7804 22 saatler önce
@Dim T It blatantly says depending on the severity. How would you feel if you were contracted to build a ranch house and then never got paid for it? That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of labor. So yeah, I feel a felony is reasonable at that point.
XT_NighTraiN 7804
XT_NighTraiN 7804 22 saatler önce
@McNuggetPopper I have no clue where you got that idea from. We just like to be able to deal with the crooks who would try to get away without paying.
Andy Lugo
Andy Lugo Gün önce
@Dominus yeah, but if its an expensive and long term service, then i can see it being extremely serious
Dominus Gün önce
It’s mad stupid that it’s considered a crime lol. A misdemeanor I agree with, but a crime? Lmao.
Chanti OM
Chanti OM 7 gün önce
As a claims adjuster…it’s always easier to file a claim against their policy (if you can locate it) rather than do the entire court process. Insurance companies ultimately pay out on large lawsuits anyhow 🤷🏾‍♀️ and will do anything to avoid going to litigation.
James Campbell
James Campbell 4 gün önce
Very hard to find their policy. I wouldn't give it out if someone was doing work for me?
Diablito el Demonio
Diablito el Demonio 4 gün önce
Well getting their info might require court as well
JK 6 gün önce
@MrMigido that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. If a tradesmen asked me who my homeowners Ins was through I would do the same as everyone else… tell him to mind his own business
MrMigido 6 gün önce
@JK ask when the agreement is put in place.
JK 6 gün önce
Interesting. But where do you even start to find out who insured them?
Guy Am I
Guy Am I 16 gün önce
Seen someone replace a car window for a girl. The girl complained that she didn't like how the window was put in, so the guy just smashed the window he put in and left.
Roman Henry
Roman Henry 15 saatler önce
Think we all have..
j7 Gün önce
@The nexus the guy repairing wasn't a professional? So he didn't destroy it on purpose it got destroyed because this is not his craft, right? No lawsuit, just insurance. Maybe a lawsuit by the insurance but not by the girl
e h
e h Gün önce
@Kevin Perry You can😂👍
Lalana Gün önce
Cringe fake/embellished story is obvious
Semerah Padi
Semerah Padi Gün önce
@The nexus he can counter complaint back. So no one win, better than one side win.
tybo09 14 gün önce
Big props for the part about not getting even or destroying property. That makes YOU the bad guy and they could end up not only getting out of paying you but also collecting from you. Contracts are a must. I've never done any work (for pay) or asked someone else to do work (for pay) on a verbal agreement. Too much can go wrong. Multiple payment methods are nice, too, but I'd never thought of that.
Matt Wells
Matt Wells 4 gün önce
Well if I purchase material and install it and the customer will pay for nothing, meaning they aren't a customer, I still own the parts or material I installed. Ishould be able to remove or destroy any of that without any legal recourse, unless I break something unrelated to that in the process. I saw one where the lady wasnt happy with the tile job, it wasn't very good, she said she wasn't going to pay him, so he cracked a few tiles up and stormed out. She tried suing him, idk how that worked out, but I'd assume if she paid for material, she'd win. But some other contractor unrelated to the job came in and covered to redo the job. It's funny they were talking about it like there were damages, but if the tilework wasn't satisfactory, its all going to be demoed anyway when redone, so what damages? He's just starting the demo process for the next guy lol.
Yes 4 gün önce
@Kayl Diaboli it shouldn't kill them. Only cause them a nasty American medical bill for inhalation ecoli infection that will be several dozen times what they refused to pay you. Also don't do this to a house with anyone that is, Old, very young, immune compromised, or gets sick easy. Also JUST DONT DO THIS. It was a purely theoretical idea
Kayl Diaboli
Kayl Diaboli 4 gün önce
@Yes 💀
Yes 4 gün önce
Yeah if you were gonna get even you would have to be smarter. For example culturing large amounts of ecoli bacteria and loading it into suspension and put it in the power washer and mist a central air intake
Hoomin Beeing
Hoomin Beeing 4 gün önce
It makes you the bad guy legally but not morally. If you don't pay, it wouldn't be immoral for the worker to get back at you.
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson 5 gün önce
This is one of the most time-consuming, tedious types of work and it's just repetitive to say the least but it is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done. I love pressure washing, especially concrete. To be able to watch it change and become so clean right in front of your eyes is just like the coolest feeling and that's what makes it hard to stop. It does suck being wet LOL but it's so cool to watch it become so clean. It's amazing what high pressure water can do, and some cleaning chemicals
Bo White
Bo White 15 saatler önce
@EddieHoff38 floor machine definitely the way to go unless u charge by the hour or something lol
EddieHoff38 Gün önce
@Bryan Daggett facts this guys a fucking idiot using a wand it will take him 10 hours to do with a buffer it’s 30 mins easiest thing ever
Its el Abuelo
Its el Abuelo 2 gün önce
Its so satisfying and if its hot its all god i mean…its water who cares if you get wet make it an issue when its acid
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson 3 gün önce
@Luper how many times have you ever done it? LOL that's the question
Luper 3 gün önce
Pressure washing is probably one of the least tedious types of work lol
ByeWhoBayou 15 gün önce
I’m a painter and I always collect a 70% deposit to cover costs and labor just in case. Since I’ve started doing it this way, I haven’t had a problem with getting paid. Most people ask me if it’s okay to pay the whole amount up front. Filing contractor leans costs money and you never get those fees back.
The whole country is laughing at u
@Charles G so let me ask u how u afford your labor and materials with the prices now? Cause that’s hard to stretch
Charles G
Charles G 2 gün önce
@BigPatty oh I see your point lol
BigPatty 2 gün önce
@Charles G Are you being dense on purpose? please read the context of what you're responding to.
Charles G
Charles G 2 gün önce
@BigPatty Homeowners like you make me want to pull my hair out. Why would you pay for a job before it’s done right? You walk-through with the contractor, show them what needs to be fixed in a calm manner, and then pay after they fix all touch ups. Jesus 😑
ByeWhoBayou 2 gün önce
@Charles G that sucks, but that’s an excellent solution you came up with!
qwertg 2016
qwertg 2016 Gün önce
Here’s a trick I heard: Send them signed-for letter saying you’re writing off their debt. Send a 2nd copy to the IRS. They’ll be taxed on it! You won’t get your money back but it’ll land them with an unexpected bill from Uncle Sam.
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Gün önce
That’s weird? My old carpet tech job makes customers pay first before starting the work on their carpets, after that they have 3 months of free minor stain service if they’re not satisfied with the first initial clean. $100 for first timer and with a square footage of 360 at most. You should try to collect the money first, then service after so the customers don’t flake out on you. Company policy I guess…
spartan 117
spartan 117 Aylar önce
This guy: Okay, time to pay Customer: no This guy: ok *puts dirt back*
Charles G
Charles G 2 gün önce
@Cona Bish to be fair I wouldn’t judge a contractor for doing that to somebody that clearly wasn’t paying for like two weeks. As long as they waited two weeks before doing it, I wouldn’t judge them. I hate thieving scum bags
Jack Hudler
Jack Hudler 10 gün önce
@4nt you're not paying for my time to research and cite the applicable statutes.
4nt 10 gün önce
@Jack Hudler Next time, cite your sources. Laws are different everywhere.
Marcos Contreras
Marcos Contreras 15 gün önce
It would be so easy to remove the dirt by then after he had pressure washed it.
Rebecca Reynolds
Rebecca Reynolds 15 gün önce
@Jack Hudler In NC state if services are not paid for in the moving industry we are allowed to either return to original property and or lock them up in storage until it’s paid, and storage paid too by the day, then it’s delivered. We decided the easier option for us, and dropped it off. As we don’t feel holding items hostage is fair. This was 5years ago now.
gamergirl209 15 gün önce
My dad and his brother delivered newspapers as kids. Imagine being an adult who gets this service for literally dimes a week and when an eight year old comes to collect you refuse
Pet Bull
Pet Bull 14 gün önce
@B Thojh those people should be beaten unconscious.
B Thojh
B Thojh 15 gün önce
Omg that happened to me too as a kid! And by kid I mean still in elementary school. I remember a few people literally yell at me for not wanting to pay a buck for their newspaper. And I’m talking about people in their 40s and seniors.
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch 11 gün önce
A good tip for anybody pressure washing= get a big spring clip to hold the trigger. This can save your hand and wrist some serious stress/damage
Celso Garcia
Celso Garcia 5 gün önce
Celso Garcia
Celso Garcia 5 gün önce
What's a good pressure washer
William Page
William Page 8 gün önce
Better tip is to use a surface cleaner and never use a big spring clip on the trigger. They have to step spraying if dropped
AAcats 14 gün önce
My parents used to own a flooring company and one person didn’t want to pay, they did nothing. I just remember me and my brothers looking out the window of the car as I see my mom cry and my dad yelling.
libatako 15 saatler önce
@Charles G $ up front is the way to go…in those type of situations.
Charles G
Charles G 2 gün önce
Unfortunately, people that aren’t licensed, don’t have contracts, and don’t understand the legal process, get burned a lot. I learned very young that working smart is better than only working hard
Spriggan Inverno
Spriggan Inverno 2 gün önce
They didn’t do some kind of down payment?
Nicholas 9 gün önce
They didn't come up with some sort of contract? My father and grandfather used to run a flooring business as well. They often worked with stripper and wax. Which is expensive. If someone didn't want to pay, then that's a huge loss.
Austin Coates
Austin Coates 15 gün önce
This is pretty straightforward. No doubt it's expensive work too with the spray depending on how much it costs to make and produce and sell. Don't screw a worker out just because you're use to screwing other people.
Gemini Aylar önce
“Your driveway is now clean” “Sorry i dont have the money” *starts shitting aggressively*
Jack Baker
Jack Baker 2 gün önce
Is there any other way to shit?
Sylvia Garza
Sylvia Garza 5 gün önce
Starts taking laxatives 😂
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison 11 gün önce
You just won my internet for the day sir, congratulations
Eater_of_ plastic
Eater_of_ plastic 19 gün önce
You didn’t specify if it would be on the driveway or not and I am now picturing a guy shiting himself after not being paid
Gah Bah
Gah Bah 26 gün önce
So funny story...My coworker told me this about a guy I used to work that's a shameless jokester. One day he had upset bowels. He asked the boss if he could go home. He said no. His response was, "If you don't let me go, I'll shit myself." "Yeah right!" He shit himself, purposefully, right there and then. Went home wearing a trash bag!
Me Shell Country Gal
Me Shell Country Gal 13 gün önce
Always get it in writing. Great advice all around. Your videos are great!
Amy Quosh
Amy Quosh 8 gün önce
It still gets me that anyone doesn’t pay for work they wanted done. Good thing our surgeons don’t do that.
OrangeSunshine2 13 gün önce
I've never seen anyone work so fast. That's incredible.
OrangeSunshine2 4 gün önce
@Kieran C 😆
Kieran C
Kieran C 5 gün önce
And he’s wearing casual shoes instead of wellies. That’s a professional right there. He knows what he’s doing.
P F 15 saatler önce
As a customer, a premade agreement and easy method of payment is very appreciated.
Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews Aylar önce
Another tip; give an estimate that is higher than the bid, with a discount for “cash/pmt, on completion”. If they don’t pay when the work is done, they owe the full amount. This can help offset the cost of the collection process.
mage 15 gün önce
If discounts for immediate payment are such a big deal, just put a markup for late payment in the contract. It comes out to the same thing.
Dylon 23 gün önce
@Tom Gibson you say that but have you ever been on domino's and there isn't any discount available? They 100% Jack up prices then sell it at its normal price with a code to make you feel like you win.
Dora The Explorer
Dora The Explorer 24 gün önce
Simon Nim
Simon Nim 24 gün önce
@Tom Gibson there's autopay discounts everywhere.
Ghost_user 25 gün önce
@Oscar Ptr oh ya brilliant, until you're the one he's lying about the price to. Making you feel like you're getting some kind of "discount" when you're not. If it were me, I'd see through that BS right away and go with someone else who doesn't lie to manipulate their customers
Lisa S
Lisa S 12 gün önce
That’s amazing of you to not destroying someone’s property. Good on you. Very professional
Ezzy Talk
Ezzy Talk 15 gün önce
It’s so satisfying seeing him power-wash all that dirt from the sidewalk
Zack Gün önce
I didn’t know this channel was about pressure washing and for a second I thought he was loading a double barrel shotgun in the thumbnail. It would have fit the title pretty nicely.
David Joyner
David Joyner 3 gün önce
Being Self-employed myself for about the last 11 or 12 years ... I have been put into this exact type of situation where majority of the time.. I provide all materials & labor expenses entirely out of pocket ... Leaving the whole entire balance that's agreed on (written up in detail on contract & signed) to be collected at completion. Ibhave ran into numerous times situations where the customer simply had no intention from thr start on paying a single dime. Leaving me out of thousands of dollars..
Casper Wolf
Casper Wolf Gün önce
What do you think is the solution in this case? I’ve also lost money working in the same way.
Turd Shack
Turd Shack Aylar önce
Plumber: Unclogs toilet Customer: I don’t have any money Plumber: Sits on the toilet
Nicholas 9 gün önce
@MissionRestomod Maybe he's just talking about the refried beans.
Dre Sean
Dre Sean 13 gün önce
"But maybe I can pay you in... A different way..."
David Harrison
David Harrison 17 gün önce
@Albert Dominick By stuffing it with Bounty Paper Towels???
Vegas 18 gün önce
@Clownphabet Strong Woman oh I wouldn’t say resurrected, just under new management.
Ronald McDonaldtrump
Ronald McDonaldtrump 20 gün önce
*Buys Taco Bell
Jarred H
Jarred H 2 gün önce
As a contractor I make sure when I do this mechanic lien; I'll take out the electricity 😂
zartan138 13 gün önce
If you send them a letter letting them know you are about to file a “ lien” on there house , they always pay up real soon. I go threw this about once a year.
Anakin Howard
Anakin Howard 8 gün önce
@Ωmega Man here where I'm from. A contractor lien and a Mechanic lien are NOT the same
Ωmega Man
Ωmega Man 8 gün önce
@Anakin Howard A mechanic’s lien is a catch all term for a contractor lien.
Anakin Howard
Anakin Howard 11 gün önce
The process of doing that is not easy though and a lot times it won't go through.. Is unlike the video states you cannot put a mechanic lien on a house. A mechanic lien goes on a vehicle, however you can do a construction or labor lien on the house however you have to prove that the customer contacted you, it was you and your company that was there and such-and-such work was performed here. Here simple yard cleaning or simple services does not qualify it has to be a moderate to a major construction work, work like renovating construction tearing down and rebuilding. Small services will be denied a lien and told to take it to small claims court.. thats 90% of the country
Keifer 14 gün önce
Very mature. I thought this was going to another one of those "Customer didn't pay so I wrecked his front door" type of videos. While that might seem like a getback, all that does is put the customer out of pocket for a bit, you're still going home empty handed lol
Dalton Parker
Dalton Parker 2 gün önce
@Jaime Santiago not good, that’s then destruction of property. Which they can sue you for the cost of the damages and get out of the costs of service, and if your business isn’t big enough, even be shit down and have your licensing taken. Getting “even” may seem justifying and satisfying in the moment, but will only bite you in the arse in the long run.
Codeine Cowboy
Codeine Cowboy 4 gün önce
Sometimes it’s worth losing money to keep your principles
rlawchrome 9 gün önce
Customer deserves it.
Jaime Santiago
Jaime Santiago 9 gün önce
Good then we both have empty pockets
Lucian 6 gün önce
He said “make it easier for the customers to pay” big nice energy
Jared Prather
Jared Prather 6 gün önce
I thought you said "big NICK energy" and I totally thought for a second that internet vernacular was calling cool dudes "Nicks" for a second😅
K 19 gün önce
Your videos never fail to entertain 💚
John Montgomery
John Montgomery 11 gün önce
@MrNoobGod Yuh, respect cuh.❤
MrNoobGod 11 gün önce
@John Montgomery no problem, some people just love to jump to conclusions
C R Youtube
C R Youtube 12 gün önce
@John Montgomery huh?
John Montgomery
John Montgomery 12 gün önce
@C R TRvid Not just his vids look at others, Stick to clash of clans kid.
C R Youtube
C R Youtube 12 gün önce
@John Montgomery no he is doing it for money look at his vids :(
T0meo 16 gün önce
Yeah, having an agreement helps. When I was working on a soundtrack for a vid game, after my work the guy refused to pay the rest of the sum. He only paid like 50% of what we agreed on.
RL Miller
RL Miller 6 gün önce
You need to get one of those round surface cleaner attachments. Will cut your time spent in half! 👍🏼
Los Lobos
Los Lobos 14 gün önce
I always collect 50% up front and if they want the finished project the rest when done. I work in cars so I can hold the vehicle until paid. Never ever let them leave without payment
Chill FB
Chill FB 14 gün önce
Can we just take a moment to say how satisfying this is
Thorniel Ignox
Thorniel Ignox 8 gün önce
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Aylar önce
Used to own a Septic pumping business. If I ever had a customer that was trying to get out of paying I'd tell them I would be more than happy to bring his shit back. I couldn't promise it would make it back into the septic tank though.
no1nestandsalone 15 gün önce
Giant Dad
Giant Dad 17 gün önce
@The Greatest Fallout Guy half way through I started trolling. Unless the job requires it you will not be doing both at the same time unless you are replacing a whole fucking septic tank.
Alain Rodriguez
Alain Rodriguez 17 gün önce
Wow so badass except u would get arrested for that dipshit
The Greatest Fallout
The Greatest Fallout 17 gün önce
@Giant Dad Its blatantly clear to those who do manual labor and work in the fields. Your misconception isn't a reason to be mad at them. Accept you're wrong and move on.
DeusVult 19 gün önce
@Bass Head sewer water is treated dude there are specific places you can dump human shit.
Elizabeth.C 11 gün önce
My dad has a spray hose thing like that, but it almost made me fall over when I tried to use it, so powerful😭
Barbara Washington
Barbara Washington 5 gün önce
You should try handling an industrial machine for stripping and waxing floors! Hold on hard or it'll take you for a ride!!🐎😁 Once you get the hang of it they're fun to use.
eugyero Gün önce
Write a letter to the whole neighborhood how you did a great job, and their neighbor scum bag did not pay. And let the debtor know you did that.
transformers Decepticon dude
I found out by accident that if you wet thoroughly concrete, cement which is heavy enough coated with algae that once it is wet toss granulated chlorine crystals on the affected areas then allow it to dry, it should make it look clean. Did this to my dad's patio concrete once a year in the summer time and worked like a charm. Donald Suiters
Corey Covers_ALL
Corey Covers_ALL 11 gün önce
I love that you didn't say destroy the work or get even, too many shotty people out there doing it. I was worried this was another video of a person telling people to destroy it and was ready to comment exactly what you said. Listen to what this guy said, take notes and apply it to your strategy. Don't learn the hard way about contracts before starting work and when more work is requested once the work is started, stop work until a new contract is updated with what they want and then having the updated contract signed before continuing work. Protect yourself and you can avoid any issues of payment. Also the more explained and itemized your contract is the less questions you'll recieve about reason for cost. Great video! 👍
Eddie 22 gün önce
“Card was declined.” *sprays the dirt back on*
Wolfclaw3407 9 gün önce
@Ryan White r/whoooooosh
Yagishi Nagi
Yagishi Nagi 15 gün önce
Jelly 8-Bit
Jelly 8-Bit 15 gün önce
@Ryan White r/woooooosh
JImmy Martinez
JImmy Martinez 15 gün önce
@Ryan White r/whoosh
° toxic•idiot °
° toxic•idiot ° 15 gün önce
@Glacial - Roblox W
666 good
666 good 14 gün önce
Your videos never fail to entertain❤
zach berman
zach berman Gün önce
You should be really careful putting liens on property. I have seen on two occasions, the commercial tenant contracting the work and the tenant didn’t pay the landscaper/carpenter. Both were sued by actual Owner of property for Slander of Title. You should stick to a written agreement and also check your local county appraisal district to make sure who the actual ownership is.
John Norris
John Norris 5 gün önce
Previous power washer here and I’m just wondering have you never heard of rubber boots? Does it just not bother you having soaking wet feet and bare legs getting converted in dirt and grime?
Ed Z
Ed Z 11 gün önce
Wow, you can get paid for doing this? Man, this is therapy for me
Spider-Man Aylar önce
Customer: “I don’t think I’ll pay today.” This guy: *un-powerwashes driveway*
CallMeInfested Aylar önce
@That Guy420 this is so sad bro please delete. the basement redditor energy is painful
Zap Aylar önce
Still did the work
Sleepy Melo
Sleepy Melo Aylar önce
@That Guy420 ur a sad sack of shit you should stop smoking weed and maybe do some psychedelics and figure that shit out god damn man
night owl
night owl Aylar önce
@naba anddddd that's how you shut a loser up 👏👏
left4twenty Aylar önce
@naba yeah, so being called a virgin is only scary to... virgins 🤣 it tends to go that the guys that use it as an insult, are the ones that are scared of it
t r ø p i c a l
t r ø p i c a l 15 gün önce
For my parents it was the other way around.. we paid first and they just scammed us like that 😔
Tobias A
Tobias A 15 gün önce
This is like my dream extra part time job. It's so fun to do and to get paid aswell would be awesome. It's satisfying for me and I don't know why someone would'nt just hire to use one on their own because it's more satisfying to do it on your own and see what you made every day
Trish & Larry Snyder
I so agree, I absolutely love too power wash, I could do it all day. My kids have stopped me from doing it this passed season. Lol
Gianna Mazzio
Gianna Mazzio 14 gün önce
I'm going to be honest I barely listened to what he said cause I was so caught up in how satisfying his work is lol
Mars Whitlock
Mars Whitlock 13 gün önce
Refusing to pay someone for their work is the same as theft in my eyes.
Mark Fitch Sr
Mark Fitch Sr Aylar önce
Always have a written contract!!! Include a clause that covers litigation and costs. I made that mistake on one job and from then on its included on every contract period. I have only had to use it a handful of times over the years luckily. One company was so pissed that I charges interest on back account weekly if it was 90 days or more past due. $10k job turned into a $30K job after court, lawyer fees, and interest.
Shane Selby
Shane Selby 19 gün önce
@Mark Fitch Sr Mark, I own a small trucking company and a telecom company (we build DAS and DRAN 5G systems for ATT, Verizon and T-mobile at large venues, stadiums, high rises and hotels in Southern California). Anyways, I’d love to have a contract as air tight as yours. Is there any way I could bug you for a copy of yours that I can use as a reference? I obviously wouldn’t want any sensitive info of yours, but if you have a blank copy of your contract, I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Shane
Mark Fitch Sr
Mark Fitch Sr 26 gün önce
@Gah Bah people will always be mad for some reason or the other. I answer the phone on weekends, holidays, middle of the night etc, trust me someone is always going to pass the blame. My rule is ehh it happens. I have landed more than a few jobs because I just laughed off some petty things and made them right. I ate the initial cost of the wrong color patch cables on a idf rebuild and then the same company wanted another idf with the colors of cables I had removed at a different site. Take the bad with the good and don't worry about the little things.
Gah Bah
Gah Bah 26 gün önce
@Mark Fitch Sr People seriously got mad? That's incredibly petty. I'm not going into this sort of field myself, but thanks for sharing. Your approach sounds applicable to many things.
WindBreaker 29 gün önce
@5thGen seriously shut the fuck up with that garbage
Mark Fitch Sr
Mark Fitch Sr Aylar önce
@THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY I charge between 3.5% and 10% depending on their credit reputation. If they have a history of prompt payment then it's lower, but if they are always late and such the rate goes up. My paper work shows they were at 7.85% and after the court case they paid within 10 days per the judgement. I only charge what coveres the interest I have to pay for parts from vendors, labor, insurance, etc.
Actingskint 9 saatler önce
It’s a difficult situation many people face . My dad did lots of work for a man over the years . Lots of building work in London . Never had an issue , until one year when he was split between a couple of jobs . My dad needed payment , which was promised , but in the meantime my dad was doing the work , & having to buy materials to complete other jobs he was on fir this same person . With the promises being broken , & the bills piling up , my dad was forced to go to court for £12,000 . The man , who he had always trusted , pleaded that he was bankrupt . He turned up to court in a new “ so called “ hire car . My dad never did see the money . And not long after that he stopped taking on big projects , which he was buying materials in advance . This was over 35 years ago , but I never forget how hard it hit my dad . And the trust he lost in people because of it .
Swaggyboy205 2 gün önce
Honestly if a customer try’s skipping out on paying and makes it difficult to collect money after the hard work and labor I honestly wouldn’t mind causing damage to the home until I caused enough property damage to equal the exact amount of money owed. Lesson for the customer don’t mess with the guy who worked his ass off through harsh weather conditions and spent his time to get a job done to collect pay… Surely they WILL PAY 😈
Shelly Neubauer
Shelly Neubauer 9 gün önce
I always have contractors sign a Lien Waiver. This prevents them from putting a lien on my property if we have a dispute. Bottom line is there's ahole customers and shoddy contractors out there. Do your research. Cheapest contractor is usually the worst one.
Stacey Hughsen
Stacey Hughsen 14 gün önce
I’d never not pay someone for their work as I know what it feels like to have that done to me.
Abelis 2 gün önce
So satisfying to see how clean that sidewalk gets!!!
Joe Macfadyen
Joe Macfadyen 2 gün önce
That's why I require 50% upfront. And 50% when Job is finished.
Elias. 18 saatler önce
@This Is It then he doesn’t get 50% of the money, what do you expect
This Is It
This Is It 23 saatler önce
What if they dont pay you the other 50%
Robert Spangler
Robert Spangler 13 gün önce
I've been so lucky for the past five years I have ran a small business repairing appliances and I have never had a customer refused to pay me.
Colden Haulfield
Colden Haulfield 14 gün önce
Nice work! I hope you don't encounter a customer who pays via cc then disputes the charge later on to get their money back.
RB2K19 Aylar önce
Always ALWAYS take a deposit, mate! NEVER do ANY work without taking a deposit. Doesn't have to be a large one but big enough that they'll think twice about walking away without paying. Always include clauses to your contract for additional fees relating to non-payment too in case you do need to take it as far as court, especially for big jobs. I know some people also add a markup for every day/week of non-payment to deter people from putting it off without prior agreement
Gah Bah
Gah Bah 26 gün önce
@Cliff Booth Used to work for a small contractor. Had one or two people every year that were rich as fuck (just bought new expensive cars, owned a turboprop seaplane etc) but didn't want to pay, or threatened us with lawsuits to shield them from paying. I know you just have to take my word for it, but our quality standards were quite high. They had no grounds to refuse, they were just fuckers that thought they were more important than we were.
Dreaded YODA
Dreaded YODA 27 gün önce
Galactic Cactus
Galactic Cactus 29 gün önce
Agreed. Safer for both the worker and customer this way
David Groark
David Groark Aylar önce
@patman0250 Your actually delusional my guy. About 90% of the people here agree with what I'm saying. You need to get away from your keyboard and leave your mother's basement and go touch some grass it will do you a world of good.
patman0250 Aylar önce
@David Groark Obviously you haven't because literally nobody agrees with you and you're talking literal sht. Only experience you have is going door to door cutting grass LOL. Don't you just get tired of being wrong.
relaxation23 2 gün önce
I've had contractors who were hard to pay and even with offering multiple times to pay I just gave up
Geraldo Nieves
Geraldo Nieves 7 gün önce
Take it to small claims. The threat alone makes them pay like 98% of the time and then they always lose anyways and have to pay extra. Amy time someone doesn't want to pay, you get your payment and blacklist them
xxxdieselyyy2 Gün önce
In my country, if a customer DID pay, I'd think something is off 😜
Dustin Myers
Dustin Myers 14 gün önce
Something so satisfying about this video, I keep watching it on repeat
Greg Howard
Greg Howard Aylar önce
Not a lawyer but pressure washing in most states, if not all, probably does not meet the legal definition of “improvement” that is needed to file a mechanics lien. Also, if you don’t follow all of the proper procedures of filing a lien, such as notification, they could then come after you for filing a frivolous lien. Seek the advice of a lawyer before doing this.
loro1rojo 15 gün önce
@Kabob Hope not true. Source: I'm a lien lawyer.
Kabob Hope
Kabob Hope 15 gün önce
@loro1rojo The only way you could file a lien is thorough obtaining a judgment (say, in Small Claims Court).
Kabob Hope
Kabob Hope 15 gün önce
@Dakota Thacker It may or may be. It has a legal definition that varies from state to state.
John Bumpus
John Bumpus Aylar önce
@Tri Dinh so you don’t believe in tipping the people who make sure you enjoy a service or meal you wanted? That’s doosh bag behavior, here is a tip for you stay where ever you are Americans don’t want you here.
vblazn Aylar önce
@EBP Thicc Papa Yas understandable man I get it I don’t necessarily agree with it either but considering it’s the way I make money and considering I also work hard to earn the tips I get instead of just doing the bare minimum it just sucks when I don’t get tipped because that’s the primary way I get my income. But glad we could both share our points of view!
Faith Sizemore
Faith Sizemore 4 gün önce
Every service I’ve ever used has always required at least a percentage of the payment upfront.
lol 12 gün önce
These shorts are so entertaining they make my day better🥰
Thorniel Ignox
Thorniel Ignox 8 gün önce
If this is entertaining to you, you are a 2-year-old that doesn't know true entertainment
Dan A.
Dan A. 9 gün önce
Wow! OnE oF thE mosT uNiqUe AnD crEatIve cOmmEntS ToTalLy NoT a BoT
Cokesloth 10 gün önce
@sadie L i do be seeing something entertaining in them tho
sadie L
sadie L 10 gün önce
I mean they’re just khakis, but whatever makes you happy!
Zanger Studios
Zanger Studios 11 gün önce
Wow. do you have anything insightful to say or are you going to say the same things you say on every other short on youtube?
Wavy Ray
Wavy Ray 16 gün önce
I once had a customer that refused to pay the amount we agreed back when was an exterminator. After I insisted, he finally gave in and told me he had cash in the basement. I figured that was kind of weird but I’ve seen people keep money in the bathroom so it didn’t bother me that much. While I’m waiting, I hear footsteps behind me so I turn around and it’s this dude trying to stab me with a knife. The knife barely missed my lung because a turned around at the last minute. I can’t lie, I got very angry. I was able to get a punch in after he pulled the blade out, and it turns out he has a weak chin and I knocked him out. Thats all I can say now…iykyk.
MISTAKEWASMADE4live 2 gün önce
Jesus what state was this in?
Michael Albrecht
Michael Albrecht 4 gün önce
A lien on the house might be useful, but usually construction/mechanic liens are paid last, so it might be risky.
Joe Mudder
Joe Mudder 11 gün önce
Seriously? I installed a 3 x 10 foot electric sign on a 30 foot pole and the customer claimed his bookkeeper was on vacation so i stated that's UNACCEPTABLE and he said you will get a check by the end of next week. His sign was taken down that night after he closed. He called screaming at me so I calmly stated we would install his sign by the end of next week but I never went back. He called me everyday for a month. Bottom line is a business without a sign is a sign of no business😅🤣🤣🤣😅
brian conn
brian conn 8 gün önce
Have you looked into a surface pressure washer extension? It’s a time saver!
Shoko55 6 gün önce
Also in my experience its more likely the guy doing the work is going to be the one scamming you :)
Schay Glover
Schay Glover 15 gün önce
If there was an easier & less costly way to collect how can i get these details to you. I think this link could be very helpful. Great topic. Have you ever calculated how much it cost you to collect?
JustAnotherGamer 13 gün önce
This man really just watched markiplier play power wash simulator and then showed him up by doing it irl 😂
blood.of.cuchulainn 6 gün önce
Common sense. Invoice them at the end of the job and just stand there awkwardly they pay right then most of the time
SMG3 11 gün önce
I was waiting for him to say “Oh, That ones easy. All you do is put the dirt back.”
Gordon Yau
Gordon Yau 2 gün önce
3 weeks seems reasonable for a business. They have to go through procurement and account payable, set everything up and have someone write the check and send it out.
Lucas Owen
Lucas Owen 23 gün önce
Having a written agreement is always a must, being an electrician doing side jobs, that's the first thing you do.
Ben Davis
Ben Davis 15 gün önce
@Da quack I’m not judging any of you! The original poster talked about doing side work with a good contract. I meant to point out if your state requires a license, the contract for illegal work doesn’t really do anything for you. If done plenty of side work myself during weird economic times. It’s fine as long as your careful
Da quack
Da quack 15 gün önce
@Ben Davis you know that some people need a little help so they ask a friend to help them then it illegal like what if I need to do some things that people would need a contract for and i need some extra hands that illegal like what if I have them do most of the work so I wanted to compensate them and pay it’s illegal hm that’s dumb
Ben Davis
Ben Davis 15 gün önce
@Lucas Owen well I know nothing about contracting in Canada but I love western B.C. I’ve done a bunch boating up there
Lucas Owen
Lucas Owen 15 gün önce
@Ben Davis yes man
Ben Davis
Ben Davis 15 gün önce
@Lucas Owen you said you are in Canada?
aStone Mirror
aStone Mirror 13 gün önce
Helped a close friend do some painting once. Never paid, ghosted my calls and texts for a month. Finally, he said I didn't do a good job. He was working beside me the entire time. If I wasn't producing, I would of had no problem if he told me or let me go. That was 2014. We are not friends anymore.
Austin N
Austin N Gün önce
Me: We accept PayPal, cash app, Venmo, debt, credit, cash, check, shit we’ll even take your gift cards Customer: what else
¡°AmSimp°! 14 gün önce
Me : *watching this on loop because it's so satisfying*
Dylan Mounsey
Dylan Mounsey 11 gün önce
Most importantly NEVER infer an idle threat. I made this mistake over several thousand dollars owed and yes while I did get paid in the end I ultimately had to be on probation for one year lol not wise gentlemen keep your composure like mayweather
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson 5 gün önce
When I used to do construction like 10 years ago LOL, we would get half of the cost of the job up front. We could go ahead and get paint, materials, wood, just whatever we need it for the job and also be able to have just a little bit of extra just in case because after all, we knew we were going to do the work so not only us but the customer giving 50% upfront of work and money and we never really had an issue getting the rest of the money. If someone was willing to pay $2,500 to $6,000 then they most likely had the money to just go ahead and pay for the entire job. When you require half of the payment upfront, if a person can't do that, that usually means that they can't pay the other 50%
Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson 2 gün önce
@Charles G right. I understand that and I also understand why the homeowners are not trusting because even 12 years ago, me and my fiance drink a lot of alcohol. We didn't do any hardcore drugs but it just seemed like anybody that we tried to get to work for us was either always super hung-over, geeking on the job or his cousin LOL, he would take advantage of the homeowners being nice and saying that we can get drinks out of the garage refrigerator. They would actually go out and stock up the refrigerator so that we had a bunch of drinks while we were on the job so we didn't constantly have to keep a cooler or whatever and we would always find him in the back of the house on a 5 gal f****** bucket, sitting down drinking like three or four dr. Peppers, sweating to death because he drank way too much liquor the night before but he was an amazing painter. The only reason that we required 50% upfront was because almost all of our work was word-of-mouth so most of all these people went in knowing what to expect. It was going to be a job as close to perfect as it could possibly get and that we would not do them wrong. But again, this was 12 years ago. The last job I did was in 2009 and we were in this really big flood in Cobb County Georgia and we lost our home, after that we split up because I quit drinking and my fiance at the time would not and it was becoming a problem especially one that quit so the trauma from the flood just intensified everything and blew everything out of the water and from there, it was just a klusterfuk of thing after thing. A tedious is painting can be, I do miss it a lot and it's not like you just forget how to do it. Even 12 years later, it just feels like people don't trust female painters even today which is just crazy to me. We would always work with people if they just felt like they didn't know us and it was a new customer, we would take a third and then we had some people that wanted to just go ahead and pay for the whole job up front but we honestly didn't like doing that because it kept us on our toes knowing that we had our money to work for Edit: That same boyfriend/fiance died in a drinking and driving accident on my bday 2 days later. We dunno if he did it on purpose due to depression or was just really too messed up to realize what he was doing. The day after Christmas... u can't make this shit up
Charles G
Charles G 2 gün önce
Agreed! I own a biz, we take 1/3 down though, not 50%, just because it allows me to get a much higher sales volume (over $1 mil yearly gross). This is because there’s a lot of homeowners that don’t trust contractors either, so they’re more comfy with 1/3 down. My thing is, I screen the homeowners really well, and I don’t do jobs for sketchy people. If somebody seems sketchy, or like they have a personality problem, or like they’re a very big cheapskate, then I give them an extra high price and I ask for more than my typical 1/3
KaeteeGage 14 gün önce
That's the unfortunate part of trying to run your own business, especially if your a freelance contractor, people will always try to get one over on you.
Yes, a contract should be the best way to go. You can at least sue them if they don't pay.
Dog family
Dog family 13 gün önce
Dang I was gonna get my sidewalk pressure wash but watching this video I think my sidewalk is fine 😂
Leel André
Leel André 21 gün önce
Him: Giving smart, pacific and reasonable solutions. Me: *"Just mud it all over again."* Edit: Holy molly, this is the most likes I've ever had lol
Craven Moorehead
Craven Moorehead 14 gün önce
@Jacob Murphy considering the context peaceful advice doesn't really make sense. Specific advice would make more sense. Maybe next time don't be so confident when being an asshole
Auri Kvothington
Auri Kvothington 14 gün önce
@Papa Cum papa cum
Gianna Mazzio
Gianna Mazzio 14 gün önce
this comment section lmao 😭
zelda4life Schramm
zelda4life Schramm 15 gün önce
Pacific and not specific though..dont we all have phones that correct and spare us from ignorance?
Unknown Variable
Unknown Variable 15 gün önce
Just grab some grease and mix it up with some dirt and water and pour it over any exposed pavement and go over it with a blowtorch.
Buchtaak2233 12 gün önce
at first i thought that was some kind of cover or polish on the concrete and he was undoing it because he didnt get paid 😂
Faith Midnight
Faith Midnight 16 gün önce
What would you do if a customer had to pay in installments instead of all upfront?
Sina Parsi
Sina Parsi 11 gün önce
(As the customer) I would never work with a company or person if there is no clear contract. The contract should at keast include: price, details of the work, how long it takes to complete the work & warranty if any.
Patrick Brue
Patrick Brue 5 gün önce
You should use a surface cleaner pressure washer. It’d speed up the process
SAFIUDDIN HANAFY 201 13 gün önce
I would wait in front of his house holding a sign that says: PAY UP!!!
MLGPhoenix 15 gün önce
It took me so long to realize he was cleaning the sidewalk and not painting it 💀
MattMan420 15 gün önce
Yeah get a contract and give them several fair chances to pay and if they don’t just sue them. And make sure to sue for enough to cover the job as well as legal fees. Example, cost of job is $2,000? Take them to small claims court for $4,000, and state that you came to that number based on covering the $2,000 owed and another $2,000 to cover lost time, and legal fees.
WeirdStuffAnimates 15 gün önce
this man has so much talent he moonwalks without walking as he works?
Rob Rod
Rob Rod Aylar önce
This goes both ways, we recently had a power washing business wash our backyard concrete and flagstone (in retrospect not the greatest idea.) Said they would go quicker without having anything in writing, so we just paid up front and they absolutely destroyed our concrete (surprisingly, flagstone was washed unevenly, but mostly ok.) Streaking and erosion on the top layer of concrete ruined the look of our porch and the pathing in the side yard. No recourse for the customer for a terrible job without written contracts.
Top Random Videos
Top Random Videos 24 gün önce
You can definitely still sue them in common law countries if you can prove it, you can get an attorney to actually do what you need them to and its recent enough
LeftLaneDreams 26 gün önce
It’s sad that you had to deal with such a shady POS that ruined your hard scape in order for you to learn a great yet hard lesson. They purposely didn’t want anything in writing because they knew the whole time what could of/would of happened, yet they just wanted to get paid and could care less about your property or their lack of quality work since they didn’t have to worry about abiding by a contract. But now you know to always have a legit contract and ALWAYS have it read over by an attorney if possible too because even though they give you a written contract that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to still screw you over in the fine print of that contract too. Hope the best for you in the future!
banane 26 gün önce
@XB10001 cringe
Gah Bah
Gah Bah 26 gün önce
Honestly that concrete was probably in very poor condition anyway, no pressure washer should damage concrete at all. Sounds like it was porous from many cold winters (water expanding and cracking it) or a bad set. Flagstone, well it all depends on the type of stone. If it's slate, probably should think twice. Granite? Blast away.
Gah Bah
Gah Bah 26 gün önce
@Rohnan Idk where you are located, but you totally can in the USA. The 60 Second Cleaner sold for exteriors in Home Depot is BLEACH and vinegar. Also, bleach is in drinking water.
The whole country is laughing at u
I had a customer that didn’t pay for a roof I did. I ended up there in the middle of a snow storm at night and ripped the roof right off. They of coarse called the cops but had no proof 😂
IndianTechSupport 15 gün önce
Lol, in germany its just common to make a contract form everything, so you can always proof whos in the right
Meepoman 11 gün önce
I remember customer refunding 5k bank transfer and when i saw it im happy i knew where he live thanks to a friend so i came to get that in cash and even then he didnt want so it escalated really fast but after all he paid but i still gave info about him to all other sellers i know
James Chaney
James Chaney 6 gün önce
Oddly watching him clean the concrete is satisfying
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