What They Won't Tell You In The Bulls Documentary

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28 Nis 2020




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2 points: 1. This is so well-researched. 2. I don't get tired of watching documentaries on Jordan.
Rais Aylar önce
Most points record BROKEN
F30 416
F30 416 2 aylar önce
As good as MJ was on offensive, he won defensive player of the year (LBJ has never), he was a steals leader 3 seasons (LBJ 0), he was selected All Defensive 1st team 9 seasons (LBJ 5), and he averaged more career steals and the same amount of blocks as LBJ… Yet people say LBJ is better “all around” cuz he has a couple more assists per game 😂 ya fucking right
F30 416
F30 416 2 aylar önce
@karnvir bhangu Mj is still miles ahead… MJ played 15 seasons TOTAL. Lebron is on his 20th season and still going… It took Lebron a longer career to accomplish less finals wins, less scoring titles, less defensive player of the year, less season MVP, less finals MVP, 9 LESS SCORING TITLES (MJ had 10, LBJ has 1)… I can go on for DAYS. Nobody in the history of basketball will be as good as MJ its a once in a lifetime talent. LBJ is once in a generation…
The Don
The Don 11 aylar önce
It's crazy because there is no other athlete I watch these types of videos on, this much....I also watched this when it was released; I'm watching it again....Gold
Da Harman's & Whatnot
My favorite MJ moment is when he dunked on a 6'1 John Stockton and a fan yelled "pick on someone your own size!" So then MJ dunked on a 7 foot center and yelled back "is that big enough for you??" Gosh I love him and his psychotic skills. If only I was alive during his career and I could watch him live, his highlights can't compare to watching him live on TV or I can't imagine in person
Bret Collins
Bret Collins 5 gün önce
It wasn’t Stockton. It was Starks.
TheSheeplesShepherd 18 gün önce
Remember when Lebron willed his team to beat the warriors after being down 3-1 then proclaimed himself the GOAT… heh 😏 Jordan literally did that 6 times apart from the fact that Jordan was great enough to never need to come back from 3-1. Also as great as Lebroni was in that series… I’m sorry that was the greatest ch ch ch ch choke of all time and would have never happened if Draymond wasn’t suspended for game 5. He caught a team literally bored of winning. That series simulated a thousand times and the warriors sweep more times than the Cavs win period.
Dis Dihh
Dis Dihh Aylar önce
Both were unathletic yt guys
someasiankid Aylar önce
I wanna see it
T S Aylar önce
Which game?
Chris Kavanagh
Chris Kavanagh 2 yıl önce
12:21 How Jordan got up and walked after that fall is beyond comprehension.
Holden Mizack
Holden Mizack 4 aylar önce
@𝑮Ø𝑫 It's both
DEBBY 6 aylar önce
@John Russel Santos built different
𝑮Ø𝑫 7 aylar önce
@zach You must be slow? if Genes doesn't play a factor then Women would be able to be like Jordan on the basketball court but we ALL know that is simply physically impossible lmao, facts are facts, get your knowledge up.
𝑮Ø𝑫 7 aylar önce
@Raven Cash People have different motor skills, Everybody has a different brain structure and everyone has their own specific gene pool information code. it's like WAYYYY deeper than training alone. Training just amplify whatever it is you are already naturally gifted at, and not everyone is NOT talented at basketball no matter how HARD you try, if it's not in your genes then you just don't got what it takes in that specific field period.
Hull Style Productions Change the World
I remember watching M. J. Play on tv. The greatest feeling is when the Bulls theme song would start to play, giving me cold chills. I can only imagine being there in person. Without a doubt is he not only the G.O.A.T. of basketball ball, but the most exciting athlete of all sports. Very grateful I at least got to see him play in real time.
Old Ben Kenobi
Old Ben Kenobi Aylar önce
@Bully-Maguire69 Is your only argument for Lebron being better is that he makes his teammates better? Well how come when Jordan was gone playing baseball for a few years Pipen and the bulls didn’t win a single championship? Then Jordan comes back and they go and get another 3-peat. It’s also easier to have more assists when you play way longer like Lebron.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones 3 aylar önce
My Dad and I used to go to games at the old Chicago Stadium after a pregame ritual at Tufanos. I will never forget looking thru the lights and the cigarette smoke in the upper deck as MJ weaved around everybody and made the whole place rock. Seeing him on the eisenhower in his Chevy Blazer with "RIZE 23" on the plates. I have never seen anything like it and likely will never see it again. Unforgettable player and memories. Thankful my Dad took me to watch greatness.
Primus2004 4 aylar önce
Me too. I’ve never been a huge basketball fan and never played competitively. But I remember watching every bull playoff game with friends in the early mid 90’s. I even specifically remember watching Rodman kick the camera dude. Not sure if that was a playoff game tho…. And yes, space jam got watched a million times.
learningJSLive 7 aylar önce
Jordan is better at freethrows, defense, scoring, handling, mid-range. Born couldn’t make half the plays in this highlight reel.
Diver Dave
Diver Dave 8 aylar önce
I am NOT a basketball fan BUT I was given free tickets to see the Bulls 8 times . It was the Greatest Show on Earth to hear that song and watch the crowd go CRAZY ! Yes it looked good on TV but it was 1000 times better in person . Mike is the GOAT
Nathan Soper
Nathan Soper 2 yıl önce
With regards to the 3pt shooting, MJ would have played college and HS ball without a 3pt line and when he was drafted it had only been there for 5 years in the NBA. Mordern players were all born into an era where the 3 pt line existed at all levels, but also had the benefit of coaches who had used them extensively, none of which would have been available to Jordan.
Tha Kaptin
Tha Kaptin 6 aylar önce
Yeah. He resisted even adding the 3 point shot to his game because he said it could make him settle for 3 if he knew he’d make it instead of being aggressive and that would effect his overall play on both sides of the ball.
TKDBoy1889 6 aylar önce
@nico True, and Jordan said so himself. He believed in driving to the paint, and the philosophy back then was 3-pointers were made as a last ditch effort if the shot clock was running down. Of course to silence the critics he once landed 6 3-pointers in the first half, just to prove he could if he really wanted to.
nico 7 aylar önce
Jordan is such a complete athlete, I don’t think he would have any problem making the three-pointer in today’s NBA. The 3pt shot just wasn’t something that you practiced as much in Jordan’s era.
Rahiem Thomas
Rahiem Thomas Yıl önce
For those who were alive to witness Michael Jordan in the 80s & 90s, you experienced something extremely rare & special... and for those growing up in the Jordan Era (like me), you had an awesome childhood...👊🏾💪🏾👑
2Hot2Handle Aylar önce
Almost as special as watching Lebron. Too bad he wasn’t given a perfectly suited team to play with like MJ with the Bulls and weak competition around the league
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones 3 aylar önce
@doubleGi That was me too. Shoveling the snow so I can still shoot and play. I was fortunate to grow up watching him at the chicago stadium with my Dad. You are right. He was inspiring on so many levels. Anything was possible and now older I can look back and feel grateful that I was able to watch greatness.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones 3 aylar önce
@MrFraiche I worked for the Cavs when they tied this record in Cleveland as an intern in college. Fortunate to watch the "What time is it, gametime!" In the tunnel before they went out on the court. Guy was amazing and the comparisons to modern players don"t seem close. He was the greatest athlete of all time in my opinion. Walter Payton was close but there was no comparison to what MJ did. And most of his career was with the Bulls. He didn't go to a super team like they do today.
MrFraiche 9 aylar önce
@doubleGi The 72-10 season didn’t even feel real. You thought the NBA was the Michael Jordan Show. He literally felt like a protagonist of a TV series and not a competing athlete. That’s how dominant he was.
Zack 11 aylar önce
I mean shit I've grown up with Lebron, Kobe, Ronaldo, Messi, Ovechkin, Jeter, and many others.
Andrew Supangkat
Andrew Supangkat 2 yıl önce
damn, he led the league in scoring on all 6 seasons he won championships. that's greatness
jeck Aylar önce
@wloonie you sound like jerry kraus lmao
Samih Tameez
Samih Tameez 2 aylar önce
@Chey Heyway They had like 10 teams back then, so the amount of championships he won is irrelevant, because he was facing like half the competition
Mazakitz29TV 10 aylar önce
because he is the one who always get the ball
CozyReacts 11 aylar önce
@φιλοσοφία so he passed the ball to himself damn Jordan was the only Nîgga on the court damn 1v5
CozyReacts 11 aylar önce
@Eli Tuco I mean Jordan ain’t make it out first round with scottie so he kind of has a point
Jason Wiercinski
Jason Wiercinski 2 yıl önce
This due diligence further cements MJ's status as the the best ever.
De Armas
De Armas 11 aylar önce
@Gallusro I dont "think" hes a casual.
Gallusro 11 aylar önce
@De Armas 😂😂 why do u think he’s a casual?
De Armas
De Armas Yıl önce
@Doodee Man wrong again, little boy.
Doodee Man
Doodee Man Yıl önce
@De Armas oh my bad I meant Steph Curry posters
De Armas
De Armas Yıl önce
@Doodee Man huh? Nope. Nice try though, casual.
D Wnright
D Wnright 7 aylar önce
I saw MJ in April 91 @ MSG, he was off the scale. I could write a small book about that night. I went early & walked down from hotel, even 20+ blocks away the streets were lined with people trying to buy tickets. he was a sensation unlike anything you can imagine. even an hour before the game the electricity in the air was intense. like The Beatles, never to be repeated.
Lee Brandt
Lee Brandt Yıl önce
Great video man. Only one fact was a little misleading: in 95-97 seasons, the 3pt line was shortened to 22 feet, and that's why Jordan had a higher average at that time. The moment the line was pushed back to 23+, his average went back down
V1nce Admiral
V1nce Admiral 7 aylar önce
Also, Reggie shot 42% with way more attempts KD was young same for Harden, and D-wade in his last or second last season dame shot way more with only 4% less. And your point is also true almost all of these players would've averaged way more percentage and shots made.
Travels with Systems
WoW I never saw MJ shatter a glass backboard. He did it with one hand and so graceful at that. GOAT😠
jsn23nc 2 aylar önce
@Argenteux lol you are on drugs if you think Spurs would even make the Finals if they played in the 90s
Jorge Edgardo
Jorge Edgardo 2 aylar önce
Shaq is the GOAT, he broke more backboards than Jordan 😤
Cordova 4 aylar önce
Backboards back then we’re weak ash, still deserves props since that’s not an every day thing
Argenteux 10 aylar önce
@When Is dinner Mavs? Maybe I'll give him that. Spurs? Hell no. Suns? On one leg and at 36 years old? I doubt it.
Damon Irwin
Damon Irwin 11 aylar önce
The backboard spring snapping the rim back up suddenly snapped the backboard.
Daniel DeVito
Daniel DeVito 19 gün önce
Jordan's breaking of the backboard is the most impressive one I've ever seen. Not only did he make it away clean, but he rained glass down on 2 opponents.
The Tabletop Alliance
This is by far the best basketball channel on TRvid. Well researched, and well presented. Keep up the great work!
Og Loc
Og Loc 2 aylar önce
He’s good but he sucks at math sometimes. Mj averaged 39.8 against Cleveland in 89, you might say oh well close enough to just call it 40 BUT this guy is going into decimal points with the other series. Like seriously calculators exist and this guy makes math errors ALL the time
Bip Blop Blap
Bip Blop Blap 7 aylar önce
@james carter pn
Chota Bambala
Chota Bambala 8 aylar önce
J C 9 aylar önce
I Gave Lia HIV
I Gave Lia HIV 9 aylar önce
that would be bballbreakdown
Bryan Elam
Bryan Elam Yıl önce
Your channel is crazy unique, badass!! I've been a Jordan fan since the UNC days and this is full of info I never would have dreamed of! I became a full believer after the backboard break dunk, I'd never seen or heard of it! You are awesome!!
CinAMaddict Yıl önce
disclaimer: the three point line was closer (22 feet instead of 23.9) between 94-97 if. he shot .50, .43, and .37 during those years and then 23.8 the year they changed it back (97-98 season). The highest he shot at the current three point distance is 37.6% in 1989 on 3 attempts per game.
anthony freeman
anthony freeman 3 aylar önce
After being the highest box plus minus, Ave 40 or more in several playoff series. You talked about a the 3 point %. MJ is the GOAT by a mile.
Laz Tejodiste
Laz Tejodiste 9 aylar önce
@Ian Burns yep, reggie was like steph curry, constant motion and quick screen threes.
Ian Burns
Ian Burns 9 aylar önce
@Tim Thielke I guarantee you were getting a jersey grab or a slap on your follow through that wasn't getting called in the 90s.
Tim Thielke
Tim Thielke 9 aylar önce
​In 91, he was 10-26 over 17 games. So he had his shot falling at a decent rate for a handful of games for a couple years. I'm sure you could find some similar stretches in the regular season as well amid a trend of shooting far worse. I mean, that's nice and all, but three point shooting remains a weakness of his. I don't know why people take it so personally that a player they like was bad at one thing.
Tim Thielke
Tim Thielke 9 aylar önce
@Ian Burns Watch some videos of the 90s and today. Look at how much space shooters typically had then and now. I guarantee defenders are WAY better at closing out today. Ball handling on the perimeter was harder with hand checks, but shooting was way easier before the defensive response to the three point revolution.
E  K
E K Yıl önce
Very much appreciate the clearly large amount of effort and energy that you put into these videos. Not only the cool and interesting facts that I find out but you just do a good job in general. you make it fun and don't spam us with nonsense
SG P Yıl önce
Respect bro as a longtime fan of the game I really appreciate the effort and work you put into videos like these. TY!
Beef Cheese
Beef Cheese Yıl önce
Your videos are awesome! I love how precise the numbers are and that you make graphs to visually show percentages. The most interesting fact was for sure the scoring titles. Thank you for such interesting and well researched content with so much footage. Keep it coming. We'll keep watching! Peace and love!
Andrei Barbu
Andrei Barbu 2 yıl önce
I respect you a lot for being a LeBron fan and still being highly objective when it comes to anything related to basketball. Also, mad respect for the fact that you are a dying breed of people who created arguments around data and analysis, and not fanboyism and opinions. Respect.
Jesse Jordache
Jesse Jordache 9 aylar önce
As a Lebron fan who thinks MJ is the greatest player ever, I was just impressed at all the #2's Lebron has in advanced stats. "See, he really is that good! Jordan is better but, c'mon."
Negotiating Reality
Negotiating Reality 9 aylar önce
MJ was the man, but LeBron is so much fun to dunk with on 2k...and Lebron is as good in real life. Insane physical specimen.
Saber 9 aylar önce
@Gemil Lopez yeah that’s true Jordan really was a different obsessive beast
Saber 9 aylar önce
Why is him being a LeBron fan a breakthrough? Am I missing something brother?
Chuck Norman
Chuck Norman 9 aylar önce
I lived in Utah in 97 and 98. Jordan has ripped our hearts out a few times. He was one bad man.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Yıl önce
Someone please send this to Shannon Sharpe and Nick Wright. This video alone would have saved me so many debates and arguments with friends and strangers. Great jobs and work to it’s author🙌🏾
Leo Zhang
Leo Zhang Yıl önce
4:34 this just shows how good Isiah Thomas was and how MJ and Isiah had this huge rivalry and probs why Isiah didn't make that dream-team
nrxmonk 6 aylar önce
MJ said was pretty adamant that it wasn't him who kept Zeke off the team cuz he for the most part respected his game.
Reality Bites
Reality Bites 11 aylar önce
Zeke had the better TEAM but MJ averaged 31pts against the Pistons while Zeke only averaged 21pts against the Bulls.
Cheeto 11 aylar önce
also, a lot of it was when the Piston's were the best team in the east and the Bulls were a fringe playoff team
Cheezts Yıl önce
I feel like there weren’t enough episodes of the last dance This is just what I needed
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Aylar önce
As time goes by there's just more reasons on why Jordan is truly the goat. Greatness personified. A man who set the bar so high not even LeBron could do more than what he did not just for himself, or his team, but the entire sport of basketball. There's people all over the world who know who MJ is, but don't even know who Kevin Garnett is.
KingKenz 2 yıl önce
For me Jxmy is one of those TRvidrs in when he doesn’t upload for a month u can tolerate that because u know he puts so much hard work and dedication into his craft.He says things that nobody says
Sgttomas 3 aylar önce
“Michael Jordan has led the league in scoring and won a title more than every other player in league history COMBINED “😮
RUSTY NAIL 22 gün önce
He led the league in scoring all the times, because he shot the ball at a insane rate.
Tg lego
Tg lego 2 aylar önce
@Kenzie Bearss sorry kid, we will just have to agree to disagree.
Kenzie Bearss
Kenzie Bearss 2 aylar önce
@Tg lego 40,000+ points, 10,000+ rebounds, 10,000+ assists by the time he hangs it up. Nobody will ever fucking beat that. EVER. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit against the greatest record team of all time featuring the best 3 point shooter of all time. Nobody will EVER do that again Forcing the most broken trade in NBA history. Won’t ever be topped. Having the pressure of being the greatest ever or ATLEAST the second greatest ever SINCE FUCKING HIGHSCHOOL and achieving it. Will likely NEVER happen again. And he’s still averaging 36 at 38 and still going. Greatest of all-time
Tg lego
Tg lego 2 aylar önce
@Cobran Jones there is still the problem of the league basically allowing anyone to drive the lane uncontested. Jordan would be hammered by guys much bigger (like the aforementioned Ewing and Robinson) and still drive and make the play. The hard truth is lebron plays in a very soft era.
Cobran Jones
Cobran Jones 2 aylar önce
@Tg lego yes I watched the league back then and that’s kinda my whole point…there was not many pure scorers like now days and if lebron faced a finals team that only put up 54 points then I’m pretty sure he would have a lot more rings😂and not to mention the teammates lebron has had and yes you’re gonna bring up the “super team” but it wasn’t no super team and they were a losing team before lebron got there
Mike Nichols
Mike Nichols 9 aylar önce
I've seen a few of your videos and love your obscure stats! I'm a Bulls (MJ) fan so this was extra special. Keep up the great work!
Jacobus Veeger
Jacobus Veeger Yıl önce
I don't watch basketball, don't know anything about it but the level of detail and the production of these videos just make them incredible to watch and therefor generate more fans. Great work!
pj wright
pj wright Yıl önce
Incredible vid made. True greatness. The leading the league in scoring when winning a title really is crazy but also kinda not. His teams were perfectly built for him to do just that at a time he was without a doubt the best scorer.
LBO Aylar önce
Can’t get enough MJ. Always learning something new.
Deezel Kane
Deezel Kane 2 yıl önce
Literally the quickest 14 minutes of my life. Jimmys always with the quality.
profyle766 2 yıl önce
No jokE!!! the history of Michael and the bulls is Insanely Incredible, i remember those years, watched a couple of games but was out clubbing etc....those was teenager years 4 me, now i can at least appreciate the history of the LEGEND!! Very well put together!!!
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis 2 yıl önce
For real. I didn't realize it until I read your comment lol.
CGR 2 yıl önce
@Maxmillian200HP I imagine it takes a lot of time and work to put out videos of this quality
Maxmillian200HP 2 yıl önce
Right I don't mind if he puts out only 1 or 2 videos a month when they are this damn good.
Gerard Regorgo
Gerard Regorgo 11 aylar önce
I’m not a huge fan of basketball but when I watch these videos from you, damn. 👌 Very thorough and very well researched and presented. Gj bro
Tanya Jackson
Tanya Jackson 9 aylar önce
I think all your videos are awesome MJ was such a great player I'm so happy he played for the Bulls I'm from Chicago and enjoyed every minute of it he never took games off you always got a show and when you went to the Stadium or United Center you got your money's worth even at all the parades so I'm always impressed by any stats he has cause I watched in amazement since he was drafted by Bulls I first watched him in the 84 Olympics he was great then so couldn't wait to see on Bulls
Kiss The Cook TV
Kiss The Cook TV Yıl önce
Probably won’t happen but I really hope someday that they will reconcile. I love MJ and Pippen and everything Bulls back in the 90s.
John Dillinger
John Dillinger Yıl önce
This was an excellent video. Really enjoyed it. I don't know if you came across it, but you look into Jordan's rookie contract and his pay with the Bulls. It's another interesting angle into the man Jordan is.
T.T. Yıl önce
Been my favorite basketball yt channel for YEARS for a reason. You’ve taught me a lot of history over the years and ever since middle school I’ve been watching your videos. Keep up the great content I love the way your head breaks down numbers✊🏼 hella 🅿️
Aizen Taichou
Aizen Taichou 2 yıl önce
Imagine Jxmy vs Shannon Sharpe😂 Jxmy would have Shannon speechless fr, this man goes into more detail than any nba analysts
ᴉɯᴉɹ ɐʍɐʞ
ᴉɯᴉɹ ɐʍɐʞ 2 yıl önce
@Storm Shadows he dont listen to anybody. Mans annoying.
Sniper T
Sniper T 2 yıl önce
He’s missing some key facts in the video
Let’s talk music!
Let’s talk music! 2 yıl önce
Typical Player Nah imagine Jxmy vas Skip Bayless😂😂😂
Jakubs86 2 yıl önce
Would have been cool to hear other facts about the players featured in the documentary but some of these were really wild. Awesome content.
Ryan G
Ryan G Yıl önce
Your videos are amazing. Well researched and produced. I will also never get tired of your voice. You got me hooked on basketball, basketball highlights and learning about the history and statistics. It all started with the Ball Brothers video 2 years ago. I will also have a soft spot for you and the Balls.
Eduardo Alegre
Eduardo Alegre Yıl önce
Greatest scorer and one of the best defender in history. GOAT!
KONSTANTINOS 2382 2 yıl önce
MJ is a different species than any other player of the game. His greatest achievement through his career and life is Immortality!!!
lex 3 aylar önce
I am jealous to anyone who had the opportunity to watch his career on real time.
anthony freeman
anthony freeman 3 aylar önce
He was a monster. Imagine JA, Kobe and Bron combined was MJ. Simply the greatest.
Hunter R
Hunter R 2 yıl önce
My guy deserves some ESPN money, better and more entertaining then like 80% of ESPN analysts lol
Myiles M
Myiles M 2 yıl önce
Josh Sullivan comment so underrated
scottycash2 2 yıl önce
He is monotone.. He is ok at best.
nastar ranj
nastar ranj 2 yıl önce
@Riley 1955 exactly I remember Steven a said lakers will defeat warriors in 2019 finals But they didn't even get to playoffs
alan hrad
alan hrad 2 yıl önce
Also, especially, skip bayless lol
BK Truth!
BK Truth! 2 yıl önce
Sooo glad I grew up watching His Airness! He was OTHERWORLDLY! It did indeed look like he was playing with boys. The NBA’s collective self-image improved immensely once he finally walked away. FACTS
Logical Dude
Logical Dude Yıl önce
MJ even made shattering a backboard look artistic and graceful.
Arnie Nelson
Arnie Nelson Yıl önce
The First Time I Saw Michael Jordan Play In Chicago 1989. Those Michael Images Of Him Flying Through The Air With A Monster Dunk Are UNFORGETABLE! He Blew The Roof Off The Place!!!!!!!!!!
Yes Yıl önce
Liam Casey
Liam Casey Yıl önce
Gotta say I absolutely love all your videos man, you're easily my favorite basketball channel on TRvid. Love the stuff man, keep it rocking!
cebuanostud Yıl önce
5:10 I like it how he "took it personally" even to his adoring young fans, while injured in a wheelchair.😁
Connor Bonstein
Connor Bonstein 2 yıl önce
The trainer watching every single step... That is just nuts. Obsessive. Literally insane. But also absolutely amazing.
DeadArmed 2 yıl önce
He got paid what he was worth too
Sly Scribe 5
Sly Scribe 5 2 yıl önce
That's exactly what MJ needed to get himself to compete as much as he wanted.
Philip Bian alcuizar
Motor City Dre
Motor City Dre 2 yıl önce
And that's why he got paid the big bucks. Just his attention to detail is amazing & bc we all know Jordan was a perfectionist. When u know your worth, u can demand & get what u want.
f m
f m 2 yıl önce
I think he wanted to prove to MJ he can be just as dedicated to improvement as he was. Their dedication is unreal.
mike demayo
mike demayo Yıl önce
I grew up watching Jordan and I was still blown away by some of the Facts here!...Very very well done video👏 I really liked this a lot thank you
tyson clarke
tyson clarke Yıl önce
This is the craziest thing about Jordan. I'm going through every game of the playoffs starting in 91. He gets over 30, every game, and nobody even mentions it. And he does it so sneakily
Hassam Amrollah
Hassam Amrollah Yıl önce
1996 was part of that 3-year period the NBA shortened 3pt line (22ft). Buddy was shooting NCAA threes. MJ is the GOAT, but aside from Westbrook/DWade and AI, MJ was not a better 3pt shooter than those players you listed. That being said, love your channel - keep up the good work!
Tony M
Tony M 11 aylar önce
You can say that he's not a better 3pt shooter than Westbrook/D Wade and AI because it's not his playstyle but, when he takes it personal in middle of game or pregame, he is going to outduel them!
Chitown 11 aylar önce
Bron goat
JC Yıl önce
And Trevor Bauer of the MLB has taken MJ's training regimen to the next level. He's actually got tests and scores for different things to determine where his body is physically, day-to-day. It's insane
D' MaN
D' MaN 11 aylar önce
OMG, Jordan's personal trainer was as sick with performance as MJ itself. Amazing work
Domiel - KoC
Domiel - KoC 2 yıl önce
Lebron: that right there made me the greatest of all time. Jordan: I think it's time for a documentary.
Junior Robert
Junior Robert Yıl önce
@ThA MAN C MAcK LeBron is 2nd when you have guys like Bird,Magic,Russell who won their rings in a respective way the disrespect also Kobe
Adam Bear
Adam Bear Yıl önce
@Domiel - KoC Wrong. Over 205 nations at the Olympics Tokyo
ALIBIGPP69 Yıl önce
@bastardjustice MJ wanted to eveybody to know what it really takes to be the GOAT
ALIBIGPP69 Yıl önce
@ManOfYah-work in progress you can excuse him on game 1 of the 2018 finals cause all his teammates were bums
Miftar Zenuli
Miftar Zenuli Yıl önce
@Mayo, Vicente C. Right, cause LeFlop would have gotten Pippen 6 chips, and make him the player he was...
Will 5 aylar önce
Would love it if you continue this series...the best thing i ever saw on TRvid❤️
ganiniii Yıl önce
I was so happy when this doc came out. I was tired of getting called old for praising Mike.
Andrew Keneson
Andrew Keneson 10 aylar önce
Whenever I tell people MJ is the best I’m going to send them to this video. Great work!
Mak.Lee_PNW509 Yıl önce
Make a video about the expansion teams to enter the league from '88-'95. And the impact it had on the watered down league.
Shivam Zala
Shivam Zala 10 aylar önce
I just want to appreciate the stats that you have gathered and presented in this video. It is as impressive as Jordan’s because without you I would never know that he was so damn great. As a guy that loves sports statistic, I really enjoyed your work! 👍
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 2 yıl önce
*lebron comes back from a 3-1 in the finals* MJ: "This yalls GOAT? Okay then, release the tapes." Also MJ: "I took it personally"
Darko 9 aylar önce
@TRIGGERMASTER -Proffesional Complainer tbh its a joke. But i do think LeBron fans are worse, an im not even a fan of either, just MJ peaked too high.
Anonymous Thamizhan
@M im disguested u said soccer but definitely
aguyfromnothere Yıl önce
3-1 with lots of injuries and refs but yes it was great work.
Terry Stepp
Terry Stepp Yıl önce
@M sure, but soccer still sucks
Kendal Rush
Kendal Rush Yıl önce
@Bru hhh soccer is the most popular sport on the planet look it up but still yeah no one is talking about it though
Jaleel Muhammad
Jaleel Muhammad Yıl önce
Outstanding Video!!! This is the M.J. I remember! I used to sneak into the Stadium to watch those standing room only games as a freshman in high-school. Peace and love!
Turd Burglar
Turd Burglar Yıl önce
Jimmy puts out the best Basketball docs period. This kid needs a huge deal with someone. I like basketball but I LOVE it when viewed through his lens.
MAKEAWISH 8 aylar önce
8:35, this season was during a time when the 3 point line was moved 2 feet further away from where it is now, it got moved back after 1997, so this stat is missing a lot of context bc the threes were closer than all of those other guys were shooting
More Cowbell
More Cowbell 9 aylar önce
You should do a video on how Jordan couldn't get to the finals his first 6 years of his career and what enabled to Bulls to do so the following year.
Juanjo RB
Juanjo RB Yıl önce
At 0:24 I love the man in the green jacket and with his hands in his pockets, who smiles as if to say: what I just witnessed is so special, that I don't care if my team loses:).
Ron Jaime
Ron Jaime 2 yıl önce
MJ-"When the sun torched me playing golf, I took that personal"
Wyatt Wallace
Wyatt Wallace 8 aylar önce
he took everything personally
SamuOct23 10 aylar önce
michael jones
michael jones 10 aylar önce
MJ just had that passion that bite people would just like watching this like welcome Him.
Julius 11 aylar önce
@Flare Xerop
Fezzik 76
Fezzik 76 11 aylar önce
Kieron Rowe
Kieron Rowe Yıl önce
I saw the bit on Jordan being born in NYC and has an idea for a video: I'd be interested in seeing the top players born in different places throughout NBA history and an opinion poll on which team would win. What do you reckon?
Sawyer Aylar önce
It’s really ironic that MJ finally gave the go ahead after 2016 nba finals. It’s so obvious that James is the only player to really get under MJ skin. And it shows how great MJ is because most people would say it’s not obvious. He hides it so well
Keiron Rodriguez
Keiron Rodriguez Yıl önce
His trainer is as hard working as he is. Imagine counting steps and direction of it every game...
Paul Albert
Paul Albert Yıl önce
The Last Dance documentary made Scottie Pippen and other former Bulls teammates as props for MJ's success.
NICK D 8 aylar önce
Dude is just a legend on & off the court
Znchilly 2 yıl önce
*Lebron wins title against 73-9 warriors in 3-1 comeback* Jordan: “So I took it personally”
Drew Yıl önce
Yes, the Cavs won that series. If you’re bored: google how many times Curry fouled out that year (‘15- ‘16) in 82 games. Then google how many times he fouled out in 7 games during that series. I found it VERY interesting.
MattTheDestroyer 1234
@Noah Cool5 dirk novitski did
daz_cr4zy Yıl önce
@Noah Cool5 gillmore played before jordan was on that team wtf are you talking about also rodman grabbed boards and that was it
Mikey Dowdell
Mikey Dowdell Yıl önce
@metsman1983 LeBron left the Cavs for the Heat, LeBron wins a championship, Cavs get significantly worse. LeBron leaves Heat for Cavs. LeBron wins a championship, Heat get significantly worse. LeBron leaves Cavs for Lakers. LeBron wins a championship, Cavs get significantly worse. What you mean is LeBron brings championships to other teams. Stop shitting on the guy because he’s a genuine threat to Jordan. If he wasn’t like you all keep saying he’s not, Bron’s name wouldn’t even be in your mouth.
Ed Wright
Ed Wright 2 yıl önce
This guy is definitely the most thorough in basketball information online period! I just subscribed bro your the truth like A.I💯
BOPDawg Yıl önce
I’m fortunate to have been able to watch most of Mike’s games and all of his playoffs. The one thing I noticed is any and everyone who has put out a Michael Jordan film doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Mike was so admired by basketball fans that when he played away games the opponents fans would cheer for Mike. Even in Boston and Detroit. Watch films and see. For the most part Mike was the game and everyone else was just along for the ride. Ask the NBA how many times did Mike play before sellout crowds and pick your jaw up when you see the results.
J. mO
J. mO 11 aylar önce
It’s crazy how few 3s MJ shot. It’s frightening to imagine what he could’ve been with more 3s, it’s really just crazy.
Darko 10 aylar önce
Even crazier when you see all the games he played as PG and see his performance. Fucking scary.
JWAVY 2 yıl önce
I hope jimmy one day works for ESPN as a analyst
Bongane Mtembu
Bongane Mtembu Yıl önce
This guy is a true legend, numbers don’t lie! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
Luke Mackie
Luke Mackie 2 yıl önce
You did some SERIOUS research for this man, I'm genuinely impressed. I knew Michael was the greatest, but this really puts it into perspective. Great video
Elwing 2 yıl önce
The thing with MJ and the 3 pointer was certainly the torn tendon on his index finger at a point in his career. He kept playing like that... still a bucket machine nevertheless.
Derek L
Derek L Yıl önce
Well I'm a year late watching this but I loved your "no 3's no problem" graphic the best, especially when you phase in MJ, and it shows that out of everyone currently in the NBA right now, the player most like MJ and Kobe in the NBA currently, isn't Leflop, it's Giannis!!!!!! That's why he's champion because he has game on the inside!!!! Fear the deer!!!!
Lee Russell
Lee Russell Yıl önce
You were saying between games 1 and 2 MJ played golf which made him darker for game 2, but he did not score 55 points in the next game after that which was game 3 the bulls triple overtime loss to the Suns. Sports writers ignited the 55 point explosion from MJ in game 4, saying he had lost a step after the game 3 loss.
Darkcruzer23 Yıl önce
i knew he had a lot of scoring titles. i didnt realize he had 1 less than the active players combined
Carl Smith
Carl Smith Yıl önce
God, I love Lebron. He's one of the best players of all time. I will never listen to any argument that Lebron is greater than Jordan.
John Scanlon
John Scanlon Yıl önce
Ain’t even close
Dexxx Hundo
Dexxx Hundo Yıl önce
@Ty Damon not Giannis
Chase Soileau
Chase Soileau Yıl önce
@winsley ocampo How is Lebron Underrated? lol im shook af reading that
Sailor Inhaler
Sailor Inhaler Yıl önce
@Pepsi Man You have got to be kidding me. You seriously think mj would not dominate today? You have got to be out of your mind. Mj would totally dominate no question about it
Brayden Dixon
Brayden Dixon Yıl önce
Well right because they both played in different time periods 🙄
Diego 2 yıl önce
Whatever stat you consider, you will always find MJ at the top. UNBELIEVABLE!
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 7 aylar önce
Milan954 11 aylar önce
@Chris M great way to put it 👏
Bmore Truthful
Bmore Truthful Yıl önce
@Kale Twist yeah, nobody perfext
MattTheDestroyer 1234
@mago97615 he still holds the ppg and it wasn't even mj fans who brought him up
BlackLight Yıl önce
@MattTheDestroyer 1234 My comment was simply a reply to the original. He is not the top 3pt shooter of all time. Simple.
Juan Castro
Juan Castro Yıl önce
This just proved to me he's the best player of all time and no one is even close. And Jordan did it all in about 13 seasons, 11 if you don't count the wizard years if you take injuries into account. Crazy.
leon watkins
leon watkins 9 aylar önce
I’m a lakers fan but MJ is the ultimate goat he really was a once in a life time player 🐐🏀
MonkeSlayer69 Yıl önce
Jimmy is the GOAT NBA channel. This guy does a whole project for us
King Mj#23
King Mj#23 2 yıl önce
Jimmy..You are the man bro. Huge fan!! Keep up the amazing work..Incredible 🙏👍🏻✌️
RoboTube Yıl önce
Im born in 1984 I withnessed live this man and I actually was one of the haters as a kid cuz I was always rooting for the underdogs. I wanted someone to beat him. I member being so hyped about the Sonics and even Utah to just beat him once cuz everyone in my neighbourhood was like Michael this Michael that. U dont understand that this man dominated the league so much in the times when the league was certainly at its best. His influence was so great that when he retired - the viewership of the league declined so much that they had to bring him back from retirement. That's what that Washington Wizards stunt was all about. He made players who would easilly dominate the league today look like little kids. You kids simply dont understand what Jordan was around the world. In the times when there was no social media, no cellphones, only newspapers and NBA was not even watched outside of USA everyone in the world from 6 yr olds to 90 yr olds knew who michael Jordan was in 1996. People who never watched basketball knew who he was. In the time of social media today people who dont watch NBA dont know who Lebron is. The media did everything to make him as popular. They did everything to make anyone the next Michael Jordan. And I mean anyone. When he left the league they were like WHo is the NExt Michael jordan. They want to find another one so much. Lebron is a clone, Kobe was a clone rest his soul. Kareem had the skyhook but Karim was not doing the shit Michael jordan did. He was fun to watch. Kareem was boring and he just didnt have the charisma. Wilt was a freak of nature but he was a gentle giant and he dominated matches but he lost finals. The Boston of the 1960s were more or less a collective team- there was no superstar in the team. magic and bird are greats but jordan was on another level. He torched those teams severly every game they played at his prime. Jordan was so dominant that he would toy with the opponents. That is how dominant he was. He was making them look like children and amateurs. Serious proffessional veterans all looked helpless. And this happened every single night. There was not a night off. We got so used to him dropping 30+ every single night that only when he retired we realized the whole leagie was just meh. Shaq and Kobe took off and tbh no matter how much I loved the 3 peat from 2000-2002 - Kobe was still a young rookie and the Diesel was well boring. He would bully everyone in the Paint and there was nobody to stop him cuz other great centers got old or retired. Prime Diesel dominated but it was too easy for him.
Nícolas 2 yıl önce
I was born in 96 in Brazil and grew up knowing that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time and cheering for the Bulls without ever watching a NBA game. That's how far his legacy went. I just finished watching this amazing documentary and a lot of times I found myself shouting out and jumping with decisives points that the Bulls made throughout his carrer, that's how well edited this series is. I don't watch NBA games, I just follow some of the results and yet I found this one of the best TV series ever. Michael Jordan is definitely one of the greatest athletes to ever live in this planet.
felipe qp
felipe qp 2 yıl önce
@Arfen Malik I am not denying his talent, just saying that Pele is beyond this planet.. Ronaldinho is not on the same league, as he had 3 good years at Barca, what he has done after?
Arfen Malik
Arfen Malik 2 yıl önce
@felipe qp the past has faded away into nothing Futboll in the 60's was very different, it's comparing technology from the 60's and the turn of the century... you are going too far back. But i saw what Ronaldinho could do and i will tell you he was a god
felipe qp
felipe qp 2 yıl önce
@Arfen Malik so I recommend you to have a look.. you cant say because you didnt see it didnt exist. So we should say dinosaurs didnt exist? Study the past to understand the future bro.
Arfen Malik
Arfen Malik 2 yıl önce
@felipe qp Pele played alooong time ago,, my dad was not even born so yea
felipe qp
felipe qp 2 yıl önce
@Arfen Malik well, Pele did, bro.
Jeff Stead
Jeff Stead 10 aylar önce
this makes it absolutely real! he is the goat! and forever will be! I love this thank you so much
Son Pham
Son Pham Yıl önce
Another great video with great facts. I liked the Jordan breaking the boards and the video with it. I haven't seen that before. You made the charts with numbers fun.
What’s up today?
player who led scoring and won championship at the same season chart is pure goosebumps.
Kyle Goeken
Kyle Goeken Yıl önce
Goat. No discussion, no rebutles, the greatest to ever play the game.
Robert Harmon
Robert Harmon Yıl önce
Thanks bud this is a great Channel you really know your stuff you going deep to find some of these facts quite a bit of it was new to me thank you! Keep doing what you do! Rock on!
Balwant 2 yıl önce
If Jimmy can’t use it, why can TikTok use it 😭
Old pop
Old pop 2 yıl önce
Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA 2k sim hahahahahaha ffs
Mamba 2 yıl önce
Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA Damn I didnt know greatness is what got you 0 rings lmfao comparing malone to jordan? Jordan is nobody? Basketball isnt shit without Michael Jordan.
Tristan Kuna
Tristan Kuna 2 yıl önce
Wilt Chamberlain GOD of NBA why are you using 2k as a resource. It's a video game
KrisJM1234 2 yıl önce
Concerning the gym practices during his filming of Space Jam, this was pretty much covered entirely in the bulls documentary.
Salvador Mendoza
Salvador Mendoza 2 yıl önce
This video alone jus shows the pure goatness of MJ
Gael Guitar Beatbox
This channel is pure joy man. Thanks for your amazing work brother.
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