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It was inevitable. Leicester City had outclassed them. Then they got lucky against Atalanta and managed to turn the scoreline into a comeback victory. However, the analysts have pointed out many times that Manchester United would be as clueless as a goldfish when they play against a truly great side. And that is what happened when Jurgen Klopp’s side ran riot at Old Trafford and won 5-0 against United.



25 Eki 2021




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Carl Threlfall
Carl Threlfall 13 gün önce
I can see only 1 problem with the Man United of today and that is HARRY MAGUIRE....I can't undestand why he is there let alone the bloody CAPTAIN
chester fanpubg
chester fanpubg 14 gün önce
Why is bruno sitting ??
The Oryxz
The Oryxz Aylar önce
Nightmare Aylar önce
Zinedine Zidane pls help us
Pro Star
Pro Star Aylar önce
Ronaldo should of join city now he got the points he deserves
Amyntas97 jones
Amyntas97 jones Aylar önce
What an embarrassing defeat!
Thangboi Ginlenthang
Ole and koeman are useless 🤣🤣🤪🤪
kai xian luo
kai xian luo Aylar önce
Ole & coaching team cldnt even get Greenwood to work with CR7. Greenwood chose to shoot from anywhere instead of passing to CR7. The whole team is in chaos. The only thing which never changes is MCFRED. Ole must go if Man Utd have any chance of winning something.
Anand Chongtham
Anand Chongtham Aylar önce
We need Zidane.please bring Him in🙏
Shehzad Hussain
Shehzad Hussain Aylar önce
Klopp showing mercy otherwise it would have been 10.0. great man. OLE needs to go and get manager who has won trophies.
Micky Daniel
Micky Daniel Aylar önce
The couch have nun to do with it your players not proformaing and not tracking back
Prekash Naidoo
Prekash Naidoo Aylar önce
Ole could not get a result at Molde or Cardiff & you expect him to manage Man Utd - Are you having a laugh - Get rid of him & his useless Mcfred, Maguire, Matic, Lindelof-
Henry Studioz
Henry Studioz Aylar önce
I think we need younger players
santa guy
santa guy Aylar önce
They should sack ole
evenvthough, i am still💖MAN U
Zephrine Nalyanya
Zephrine Nalyanya Aylar önce
He needs to field van de beek instead of fred
Zsai Quio
Zsai Quio Aylar önce
My MU players, what had Ole done to you all? 😭😭😭😭😭
Dynamike Gaming
Dynamike Gaming Aylar önce
ole needs to leave they need a new manager
nazeem Bretney
nazeem Bretney Aylar önce
They need konate
Sujan Bhandari
Sujan Bhandari Aylar önce
Maguire should go play in efl 2
Janys Mahoney
Janys Mahoney Aylar önce
Stop trying t pass everything thru Ronaldo. PLAY Sancho more often an Go back to CAVANI.( He did well f u last year).Just having a team full of individually gr8 players don't mean they'll gel as a team
meruipok Aylar önce
Sack all. Build a new MU. Big names ruins.
TheYuszman06 Aylar önce
If i am the next Man Utd manager. I would sell off the useless Phil Jones,Maguire n loan out Mcfred for xtra income. I would let go Lingard n Martial to let them flourished somewhere else.
isaac kan
isaac kan Aylar önce
Phill jones and lingard top players in man utd
Limerick's Finest
Limerick's Finest Aylar önce
kadzer39 Aylar önce
the reason is simple. Maguire is just an average df.. no solid consistency from midfielders, greenwood screaming shooting at will.
Michael Magee
Michael Magee Aylar önce
Richard Donaldson
Richard Donaldson Aylar önce
Its ole's fault
Cara² TV
Cara² TV Aylar önce
They sold Daniel James. That's truly disaster. Van DB and Alex Telles should play more. Shaw is good, but if you put Telles there, he will score. Ronaldo is still good, but Ole didn't know how to play him. Also, please sell Mcguare.
Boojhawon Diness
Boojhawon Diness Aylar önce
Worth for team z
Boojhawon Diness
Boojhawon Diness Aylar önce
Worst manager manu ever had.
Gareth Robins
Gareth Robins Aylar önce
SACK Ole and give the job to Ronaldo
90 minutes
90 minutes Aylar önce
as united fan what is ronaldo someone has won everything in his life kicking a 19 year old
اریا سیفی
اریا سیفی Aylar önce
This video was truly a pain for every Manchester United fan
Adil Badsha
Adil Badsha 14 gün önce
Fr 😔
Patrick Mbewe
Patrick Mbewe Aylar önce
My major surprise is that they signed Ronaldo and Sancho who are strikers and knowing fully that they lack a CDM. they lack a good coach and a CDM but they had good goal scorers even before Ronaldo and Sancho came
Aracle Wellbad
Aracle Wellbad Aylar önce
When Maguire captains a team that sums up the story
TTS Fish
TTS Fish Aylar önce
Is it really a surprise that Maguire is one of England’s best players but he plays like a ham and cheese sandwich from tesco’s? Or luke shaw leading england to the final and not doing anything for man u. Oles heart is in the right place, but he needs to either go or get someone who knows what he is doing
Darth Vader The Gr8
Zidane In. Ole Out
Darth Vader The Gr8
Zidane For United, Zidane
MrAdonis258 Aylar önce
Seriously tho, wake the fuck up Man U. This is embarrassing. You’re not even a worthy opponent at this point. -Liverpool’s fan.
Kipkoech Tito
Kipkoech Tito Aylar önce
Playing unfit player's is the problem...Maguire was not fit for Leicester city as well as Liverpool game but instead he was started
stop the excuse of fitness,Maguire is just poor whether fit or not
OK Aylar önce
Why every player, every manager comes to man utd leaves with such disappointments? Until that root cause is fixed, nothing will happen. Glazers out I guess?
Jamaul ッ
Jamaul ッ Aylar önce
Ole is dumb mans got no tactics just relying on individual Brilliance 🤣😂💀
Jamaul ッ
Jamaul ッ Aylar önce
I'm a man united fan and if van de beek isn't playing I'm not watching shit 😤 Cavani won't get a start bs best striker in the team smh
abanda caleb
abanda caleb Aylar önce
Ole u need to put your resignation letter and work at yourself too bad for coach like you
We will win no trophy at Manchester united if OLE is not sack, as a coach he don't have any tactical
Football Home
Football Home Aylar önce
send your zoom id
Football Home
Football Home Aylar önce
hello bro
Jamie Petrie
Jamie Petrie Aylar önce
You'll never walk alone, liverpool is the best team ever
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Aylar önce
J T Aylar önce
Steve Bruce for Man Utd
Enam Islam
Enam Islam Aylar önce
Raphael Varane has been injured so without him next to Maguire are defence is 💩
Jagjeevan Singh
Jagjeevan Singh Aylar önce
its doesnt need to stop. it needs to continue
Adrian Man
Adrian Man Aylar önce
Totally agreed that Manchester United cannot continue like this, Ole the manager is going to be sacked.
Awande Aphiwe
Awande Aphiwe Aylar önce
Why isn't Ole sacked I'm still waiting.
Abdullsukur idrus
Abdullsukur idrus Aylar önce
Man utd 80% permain bintang,, ole pelatih tidak banyak idea tentang formasi,,,man utd vs liverpool 0-5,,,game tidak best,,,tiada serang balas oleh man u,,,ole mati akal game enjoy,,,,,,,
INSANE_Venom Aylar önce
Greenwood Fred and ole out
Avant uilen
Avant uilen Aylar önce
Ole out zine zidane in!!👌
crooner Aylar önce
I believe Eric bailly will make a rudiger return into the first team once Ole is out
RAAJ MELODY Aylar önce
Ole plz leave us alone
Bruce Clemens
Bruce Clemens Aylar önce
As a liverpool fan this is joy haha
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming Aylar önce
Sir Alex I bet soon being well have the boot 😣
Modjo Gaming
Modjo Gaming Aylar önce
Bahahhaha face ferguson bahahha bitch WAKE UP ..MESSI the real GOAT in the world
Biff Danielson
Biff Danielson Aylar önce
The game made me sick all the way over here in America.
joey donaldson
joey donaldson Aylar önce
The direful venezuelan inspiringly wish because whorl immunophenotypically dust lest a lively layer. dusty, numerous keyboarding
Aaron Aylar önce
Sell Gea
Haggai Chate
Haggai Chate Aylar önce
Ole is not going anywhere, Liverpool lost 7-0 a while ago did they fire the coach?
Taolo Matseka
Taolo Matseka Aylar önce
We need a new manager
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph Aylar önce
Instread of buying sancho united want a dmf like casemiro in real busquets in barca. Or a cmf as well Instead of fred .
James Smith
James Smith Aylar önce
I'm absolutely loving how shit Manchester United are and I'm a Nottingham forest fan but for some reason Nottingham born and bread all my mates are united fans and have all ways gave me shit so 🖕Manchester United haha
Walter Mavuka
Walter Mavuka Aylar önce
I blame the players
Whenever I think of Donny warming united bench I wonder what he feels for himself. It hurts that Ole is still in Manchester
Axhan Aylar önce
Lmao it’s been going on for years
apex streamers zone
Dale Like
Dale Like Aylar önce
Cr7 👎
farra smit
farra smit Aylar önce
It's very simple, they're just not a top 4 club anymore. They just got exposed by a real club.
Goran Hikl
Goran Hikl Aylar önce
The American owner is running this like the NBA or NFL. As long as people coming to watch he doesn’t care.He doesn’t understand this sport.
Axellion Aylar önce
Farhan Bin Hasan
Farhan Bin Hasan Aylar önce
Tbh liverpool and man utd have similar quality players but the difference is in the team tactics that win matches everytime
Salim Sintha
Salim Sintha Aylar önce
It's time to offload Ole. He's a good guy, a good coach... But not good enough for MU. He's not the right man to compete with the likes of klopp, pep, tuchel... MU seriously needs a very good coach with proven results. And zizoe is most perfect candidate. We can't take this kind of a humiliation anymore. Goodbye Ole & Welcome Zidane.
lalfaka Aylar önce
Ole out Conte in
Ciaran Morris
Ciaran Morris Aylar önce
Ole’s at the wheel.
Play my boi DvB ..damn Ole enough is enough..
Life's worth Nothing
Ole is good as a player not a manager
Untold Explorer
Untold Explorer Aylar önce
Cr7: when is our next match with Liverpool. He's gonna shows them who's the boss in the next match cause he never give up
Fateen Wasif
Fateen Wasif Aylar önce
Bruce Clemens
Bruce Clemens Aylar önce
Next match gonna be 7 0 for liverpool haha
Karen Teo
Karen Teo Aylar önce
@Babcodes448 ✓⃝ the team is already 'well-trained' under Ole. 😅
Babcodes448 ✓⃝
Babcodes448 ✓⃝ Aylar önce
@Karen Teo better traning 😂
Dale Like
Dale Like Aylar önce
HyperFN Aylar önce
ole should be the scout instead he can make the team but not the strategies.
Chris Graham
Chris Graham Aylar önce
Man Utd should steal the manager from 4th place team (West Ham) And David Moyes knows his way around Old Trafford.
p zang
p zang Aylar önce
The authority should listen to the voice of fan becos fan is much more important than ole gunner solsjaer
Kyaw Zaw Lin
Kyaw Zaw Lin Aylar önce
The only reason Klopp didn't order his men to score more is because he had already made 2 substitutions and changed the formation plus ManUtd players were being sore losers being so physical and Klopp respects Sir Alex whom he never wants to embarrass. 5 is already a scoreline of a joke.
Rhys TOPANOU Aylar önce
@Bharath r kumar I turned off the match at 2-0
Michael Aylar önce
@Bharath r kumar imo i think ronaldo shouldve been sent off what he did was unjustified and disrespectful
Bharath r kumar
Bharath r kumar Aylar önce
@Michael Did look at the Challenges again. Still think maguire should be sent off. For Fred and Ronaldo yellow cards looks like the right decision with fred seemingly pulling out at the last second.
Michael Aylar önce
@Bharath r kumar ronaldo shouldve been sent off as well for kicking jones nuts on purpose...
Ariff Che Mohd Noor
I read that Klopp don't want his team to score more goal so that they will keep Ole
p zang
p zang Aylar önce
I have been supporting this club for 25 year, I have never seen a coach like him,, sack ole imidiatly.
p zang
p zang Aylar önce
Sack ole
CGI Future
CGI Future Aylar önce
Ole is gonna be out before our next game mark my words this guy ended his own career
isaac kan
isaac kan Aylar önce
Sadly not, he is keen on staying. :(
Zulki Zul
Zulki Zul Aylar önce
Zidane can b new coach New mngr for Man U🤔🤔🤔
Sami Shehaj
Sami Shehaj Aylar önce
Bring conte in, stop giving ole a million chances! Ole needs to step down but money too good to let go 😂! Time to move on and start the Conte area! Get that harry out of there. Worst defender in the epl! Captain?! 😅🐐he is the goat of goats when it comes to being the the worst
Mbiwasi Pro Dc
Mbiwasi Pro Dc Aylar önce
Maguire is a forced talent bro
Ryan Orangiboom
Ryan Orangiboom Aylar önce
The problem at man utd is down to few things, that old get ferguson sticking his nose when its nothing to do with him anymore. Employing a manager what hasn't got a clue and has proved he hasn't got a clue what he's doing at other clubs he managed. and having players like martial and bambi pogba, both are massively overrated and bambi unsettles the dressing room.
Ryan Orangiboom
Ryan Orangiboom Aylar önce
@Farhan Bin Hasan 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what success??? And what trophies has he brought to man utd??. NONE cos he's not worthy of a trophy, he can't even run properly the guy runs like bambi.
Farhan Bin Hasan
Farhan Bin Hasan Aylar önce
Bro pogba plays key role in Manchester Uniteds success. Players like cavani, fred should leave and possibly a new manager say, Zidane would go for glory
Adrian Young
Adrian Young Aylar önce
They must fine a good strategy and a good tactical manager....
Avant uilen
Avant uilen Aylar önce
@Juliuse Marc Samaniego zidane will make varane and ronaldo the best players in man utd
Juliuse Marc Samaniego
Juliuse Marc Samaniego
Joel The Slasher
Joel The Slasher Aylar önce
Ole has officially started to decline as a manager
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Aylar önce
Have been supporting this club for years sad to see the downfall of this club. Someday we will be back but for now, we must suffer. 😔
Piotr Kucybala
Piotr Kucybala Aylar önce
With Pogba getting red card Will Donny van de beek play his first premier league game
Hilali Cena
Hilali Cena Aylar önce
@Cara² TV true
Cara² TV
Cara² TV Aylar önce
No. Believe me, that'll never happened. Ole will still playing Fred and pairs him with McTominay or Matic.
andrea simon
andrea simon Aylar önce
Manchester united need manager as like guardiola,klop or tuchel...antonio conte can be considered replace Ole
Mbiwasi Pro Dc
Mbiwasi Pro Dc Aylar önce
Peter Goh
Peter Goh Aylar önce
Should pack his bags - spare the fans the agony of such performance and humiliation
I. Hll
I. Hll Aylar önce
Man united is filled with so many good players. But its time to sack Solskjear✔️
Joydeep Roy
Joydeep Roy 28 gün önce
we should believe in him, every manager have their lows
Ole Gunnar Solskjær
I learned a lot from my mistakes, so I decide to make more mistakes to learn more
venuja jayasinghe
venuja jayasinghe Aylar önce
Your right
Ikr I’m a city fan but I even say with there talent they could win so much.
SmileyYT Aylar önce
Yes correct
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