What really happens when your body doesn’t have fat

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20 Haz 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Kimmi SeesAll
Kimmi SeesAll 8 saatler önce
I swear he needs his own t.v. show, this is brilliant!!
Dew Milk
Dew Milk Gün önce
Ok so missing meals doesn’t always burn fat, often the body thinks it’s starving and holds onto it further. At least that’s what my dietician told me ?
One Giant Potato
One Giant Potato 5 gün önce
This is the opposite for me, hahahaha! Haha.. haha….. :(
Konfident Kayy
Konfident Kayy 6 gün önce
I guess this is for me lmao
Helo 8 gün önce
Can't relate
Parker Green
Parker Green 10 gün önce
So when I don't have fat, my body eats itself?
lumpu jumpu
lumpu jumpu 10 gün önce
*gets really cold*
Griller 12 gün önce
His shirt is the coff- Start the body now
MJJM Brothers
MJJM Brothers 12 gün önce
So that's why Im skinny
Emiliano Hernández
Emiliano Hernández 12 gün önce
How they look at the muscles at the end just made me wheeze
Craxelsebee_YT 12 gün önce
Did they kill the muscle
Vvisage 12 gün önce
Cells at Conflict
James Padre Juan
James Padre Juan 12 gün önce
“Nonsense! Burn it!” XD
Jueneman 13 gün önce
@iamdices you mix learning with fun skits and it feels like a little body family and is just nice to watch! Much love and an extra sub for you my guy
ClemPlays 13 gün önce
And that’s how warms are made every buddy
BaldieBoy 14 gün önce
So I guess this dude better eat more food. It else his body will eat him.
Tzvi Myerson
Tzvi Myerson 14 gün önce
"Why are you looking at me like that"😂
SinceofCrow []
SinceofCrow [] 16 gün önce
Start the budy.... I love that Coffein move
RandomGachaDude 16 gün önce
I’m a recent subscriber, this dude is funny.
Plasma FX
Plasma FX 16 gün önce
"Gentlemen :D"
Betylanda Chipis
Betylanda Chipis 16 gün önce
The fridge: empty Me: Oh look i found my fridge
Crated 18 gün önce
I loved that light in the closet
Ashutosh Soni
Ashutosh Soni 18 gün önce
you know it's educational but in a funny way
KOWACHIAKI 19 gün önce
It's actually so fun ahahah
Carla van Aardt
Carla van Aardt 20 gün önce
Nothin' much
Nothin' much 21 gün önce
Rip muscle 1:05 - 1:15 🤧🤧
Sky Master0yt
Sky Master0yt 21 gün önce
It's literally me RIGHT NOW XD
Aafiyah Fatimah
Aafiyah Fatimah 21 gün önce
The t shirt at the end of the 🧕🧕🧕🧕
StarEyed Kitsune
StarEyed Kitsune 21 gün önce
This actually happened to me
Optimus Prime Productions
Ian needs a promotion
I'm Just Lucy
I'm Just Lucy 24 gün önce
This feels like a live action Cells At Work🤣🤣
Mr. AxolotL
Mr. AxolotL 24 gün önce
Jess I love this show
Mr. AxolotL
Mr. AxolotL 24 gün önce
And that’s why I’m fat 😁
Ayaka🍜 24 gün önce
0:35😂 his shirt
Limelow Official
Limelow Official 24 gün önce
Imagine being a teacher you would be hilarious
Food Gamer
Food Gamer 25 gün önce
This is strangely accurate, even though I never been taught this stuff
Catrice Chestnut
Catrice Chestnut 25 gün önce
Your amazing!!! My 4 yr son ask so many why question I added your videos into my home schooling. Thank you Soo much brother for the time an energy you put into your work on educating us on everything I wish I could give you 100000000000000 likes 😘
ShanTheDestroyer 26 gün önce
Man you just thought me Science for free. I didn't know any of this crap.
Tammy Shurtleff
Tammy Shurtleff 26 gün önce
TheGalaxyBreaker 27 gün önce
so that’s why I’m built like a stick
Isaac Love
Isaac Love 27 gün önce
Body fax
Tito Vladez
Tito Vladez 27 gün önce
It always amazes me how you can be incredibly fat, and still the body will rather use muscle for energy instead of the fat itself
Noah Lop
Noah Lop 27 gün önce
best one yet lol
Luana carqueija
Luana carqueija 28 gün önce
this picture for stranger things 😩❤️🇧🇷
plipy101 28 gün önce
Just realized this guy got 100% likes
AngryJim 29 gün önce
Next time in the future you will teach kids about health stuff by using vids
Oogway the Wise
Oogway the Wise 29 gün önce
If you had to choose, would you watch this or Cells at Work?
Dead Lock55
Dead Lock55 29 gün önce
Ok, everything else made sense, but why’d they attack the muscle department?
R Rem
R Rem 29 gün önce
Red115sniper 29 gün önce
Alexander Arana
Alexander Arana 29 gün önce
This is true, this is actually what happens sometimes
Ferdo Bošnjak
Ferdo Bošnjak Aylar önce
Saw everyone of his shorts and i know that cuz i hit the like button
Danika Linton
Danika Linton Aylar önce
Reminds me of Cells at Work
Henry Works
Henry Works Aylar önce
This actually is quite a good representation.
SOTL 77 Aylar önce
Imma be real honest, this guy taught me so much in a fun way. So basically, I grasped the basic understanding now.
King Lace
King Lace Aylar önce
Thanks for explaining my situation
Bransen Kent's Alt
Bransen Kent's Alt Aylar önce
Muscle Department does have manners
Kay on Kai
Kay on Kai Aylar önce
I don’t know if I want to watch this cause I have no fat if I breathe in you see my rib cage but I’ll like
karma ALT
karma ALT Aylar önce
U become skinny
Wojciech K
Wojciech K Aylar önce
This is so accurate for 10% of us who can't get muscle weight
Kalev Quigley
Kalev Quigley Aylar önce
If he was my teacher, I wouldnt have slept.
Ezra Cerna
Ezra Cerna Aylar önce
Lol, yas.... Ninth Grader here...
Jacinth Lilly
Jacinth Lilly Aylar önce
OMG live action Cells At Work!
projectorpro12 Aylar önce
Rip Muscle Department
Jose Axell Satria Wibowo
no fat = no muscel no muscel = DEATH
Bella Noche
Bella Noche Aylar önce
Okay but this is actually educational, I'mma add this to my workout playlist.
Luna_sv123 Aylar önce
What about what really happens when you have a hedec and when you crack your nec
Kwabena Adu
Kwabena Adu Aylar önce
My cell are used to that
Coyote Games
Coyote Games Aylar önce
These skits never get old, the best part is that they are accurate too
Theblueguy35 Aylar önce
1:05 that spongebob reference tho
Raymond Meek
Raymond Meek Aylar önce
The shirt StArT tHe BoDy NoW
Expired Milk
Expired Milk Aylar önce
Sidhesh Nagarajan
Sidhesh Nagarajan Aylar önce
Ohhhhhhhhh so that’s why I’m not gaining weight
LiteFire Aylar önce
Whenever I remind myself about my body I think of these little guys working my body in there
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
I just love how his videos are so scientifically accurate 👏
Lakshman Aylar önce
Loved this content Please keep going!!!
MsCP Crystal
MsCP Crystal Aylar önce
This is so fun to watch! I can't wait to watch more! I have to subscribe
Aleshia Wisch
Aleshia Wisch Aylar önce
Idea: what really happens when you breathe the helium from the baloon
Idk what to put here
0:05 *Proceed to look to his hand as if a clock was there*
Idk what to put here
@bocoy noiu You reply to the wrong person I think
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
Can you do one where a guy gets his yearly compliment (gets a compliment every year) and the cells go all happy and stuff? Would be very hilarious!
Hayden giles
Hayden giles Aylar önce
Just looking at the stranger things poster in the back ground and im a huge fan of stranger things too
Roblox Kathy 2.0
Roblox Kathy 2.0 Aylar önce
Start the body now That shirt was great :)
Happy_Noob_Blox Aylar önce
i AM fat
Vowels Aylar önce
He should do ‘what really happens when you taste good you don’t like’
Chocolateperson Aylar önce
What is the music
22mybrozay animations
I knew this but that's exactly what happens if their is no food then it eats ur mucle if their is no fat
disrespecc Aylar önce
And after the muscle? *The Heart.*
you cant make learning fun-
Chunky YT
Chunky YT Aylar önce
That bully alliance was my dads alliance looollll
Chris & Ty Cox - Slots
This is great for kids and great for my patients lol imma be like for more information pertaining your health please visit this TRvid channel I found today lol
Catherine Giles
Catherine Giles Aylar önce
I have seriously learnt more from these videos than in school
Tyler Richardson
Tyler Richardson Aylar önce
Legit my quarantine biology class
Enclave Aylar önce
Me who has way to much “bruh”
Sonic Kirbys
Sonic Kirbys Aylar önce
Can you do one where a guy gets his yearly compliment (gets a compliment every year) and the cells go all happy and stuff? Would be very hilarious!
Today Tomorrow
Today Tomorrow Aylar önce
What happend to your body when you die
Wabsy Doriko
Wabsy Doriko Aylar önce
The muscles department 😂😂😂
Dark Wolf Lord
Dark Wolf Lord Aylar önce
A video I can relate to, minus my stomach eating my muscles
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
with you, because he does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants all to turn away from their sins
Scarlet Witch Channel
Can you do what happens when you’re stomach hurts
Flare King
Flare King Aylar önce
R.i.p muscle department 😭😂
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
it would be so funny... ??
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