What Really Happened To Jose Fernandez

Baseball Doesn't Exist
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20 Nis 2021




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Jerry Traveler
Jerry Traveler 11 gün önce
Marlins Are Cheap Skates Still.
Anna Lou Morris
Anna Lou Morris 11 gün önce
It doesn’t matter if he did crap. He was a good person who went through some stuff. He never failed to raise my faith in humanity. R. I. P. To one of the best pitchers there ever was.
Thunder1013 13 gün önce
If you wanna be a good baseball player try cuba if you wanna be good at baseball try getting horribly beaten at baseball by Cubans try 🇨🇺
Jake Gillan
Jake Gillan 14 gün önce
I mean the guy was traumatized at 14 years old. He needed help not more jail time.
3O5O7 16 gün önce
What dumb way to die after all u had gone through
Jasper man
Jasper man 16 gün önce
I’m crying in guiltiest because I didn’t care when I heard it happened but I care now
Mago de oz
Mago de oz 16 gün önce
He got into the fight with her girlfriend that night
DankShlt 17 gün önce
I hope to one day that my death will make my family rich.
PlainPrivacy 17 gün önce
I am crying
PlainPrivacy 17 gün önce
RIP to a hero 🙏
What I am trying to figure out is what exactly is the straw which caused his tainted legacy.... Is it the fact that his actions led to the deaths of others? Is it the fact that he was drunk? Was it the cocaine? What was it exactly? The reason I bring this up is because in terms of celebrities, this is far from the first case of a celebrity dying due to DWI and reckless driving *in which others were also killed.* In these cases, often drugs (such as cocaine) were also involved but no one really called said victim a disgrace or a "murderer"... This exact scenario happened to Ryan Dunn not too long ago. No one called him a murderer. Yea there was a wrongful death suit, but otherwise everywhere you looked, people were praising his name. Now granted if he lived, things would be much different, wouldn't it? Ted Kennedy, JFK's younger brother was involved in this same situation where he killed a passenger drunk driving *and he survived.* Now granted this was in 1969 and attitudes about drunk driving were considerably different. Not only that, the dude was a US Senator, and the brother of one of the most beloved presidents in history. But he still killed someone while driving drunk, didn't he? So why isn't Ryan Dunn or Ted Kennedy called a murderer and why are we remembering them but not Jose Fernandez? I just find the entire thing odd. How subjective these things are and how society deems certain people "good" or "bad" often based on what seems like the most arbitrary of details. As for the attorney representing Jose's family, saying "his drink was spiked with cocaine" in order to save face was a bad move. Just say the guy probably willingly used cocaine. Jose Fernandez is not the first athlete, celebrity, or person to use cocaine.. A LOT of people use, or have used cocaine (and/or other drugs), including very good people with huge hearts. Drugs are not some evil thing which shall not be spoken of. It's as if one was accusing the guy of drinking the blood of children or something.. "Yea he killed himself and two other people while recklessly drunk-driving his boat at 3 AM, but he was an angel, he could never have done cocaine!". That logic is just ridiculous. When it comes to actual physical impairment in the context of a crash in regards to toxicology, cocaine is probably one of the least of cause of concerns (being as it is a stimulant). Not compared to alcohol (which is a CNS depressant)... Lol some people even use cocaine to help "cancel out" certain effects of being drunk... My point being, *as much as it still is an issue, cocaine really should be the least of them regarding the actual accident itself..* The alcohol caused the physical impairment which led to the inability to effectively operate a motor vehicle and ultimately his failure to identify and see the rock jetty which he crashed into. The cocaine kept him awake, probably boosted his self-confidence (which probably didn't help) but otherwise is pretty irrelevant considering the circumstances..
DymondQueen 1
DymondQueen 1 21 gün önce
I find it very crazy how every celebrity star dies from overdose suicide or car crash it’s so fishy, there’s someone doing this killings..
Michael McKinnon
Michael McKinnon 23 gün önce
Here I figured with as skinny as he was he had end stage AIDS, that said the cop probably isn't worth the tin in his badge (cops in the US today evidently don't understand investigating crimes and accidents is a part of the job, not railroading people but to speak for those who can't speak for themselves) there's no way they could know who was driving the boat, Jose Fernandez wasn't likely the driver courtesy of him being the most experienced boater and even if the boat didn't become a fireball, they were undoubtedly ejected from the boat .
Toy Purina
Toy Purina 23 gün önce
Subhaan Khan
Subhaan Khan 24 gün önce
NSP Ent.
NSP Ent. 25 gün önce
Hands down the best baseball channel out 💯
VIYIN 28 gün önce
He wasn’t a bad guy, he just made a big mistake
David Price
David Price 28 gün önce
As long as someone’s actions doesn’t effect someone else I don’t think it’s the government’s or public’s business.
Nicolas Rios
Nicolas Rios 28 gün önce
It would be amazing to watch this guy right now. He would’ve been the face of the Marlins especially since he was electric and is Cuban in Miami
Hobe Ferris
Hobe Ferris Aylar önce
i remember watching fernandez's final game and when i heard he was dead, i didnt believe it for the first minute. it was too hard to believe that i just saw him pitch and now he was dead.
Hobe Ferris
Hobe Ferris Aylar önce
these in depth videos are great! they're fun to watch and i learn so much from them!
Jeffrey Dahl
Jeffrey Dahl Aylar önce
Loved watching this man play baseball. He was entertaining, he was brash, but always you could see he loved the game. He was incredibly brave escaping Cuba. And I cried watching Dee Gordon hit that homer. I’ll always remember Jose as an incredibly entertaining baseball player. By the way, this channel is awesome. Keep it up!
Justin Saito
Justin Saito Aylar önce
Unfair to blame Jose for being intoxicated knowing damn well the other two guys probably were too. What kind of evidence of him driving the boat do they have? Genuinely curious
Patrick Larry
Patrick Larry Aylar önce
Don't do drugs while in a speedboat.
Jelly Punk
Jelly Punk Aylar önce
He’s not the devil. He was a good man, a troubled man that went through hell and tried to bring light to the world. He made a terrible mistake, that he should be held accounted for, but not vilified for.
Ash Daniels
Ash Daniels Aylar önce
I still think his gf had sun to do with it idk what exactly but she’s just always seemed sus
Jay Campos
Jay Campos Aylar önce
If Jose was driving the boat, his passengers were all partying together and they probably all did the drugs and drinking so to me they were all equally responsible. It's not like Jose made them go on the boat. They all know what they were doing. Jose didn't drive one of the other two would have not sure,
Gummy Aylar önce
I remember showing my pops prior to Jose's death some of his pitching. I'm not a huge baseball fan but I bumped into those videos, and man. Jose made the ball look like a damn wiffleball, it was incredible to see.
A1OilSauce Aylar önce
19:51 that ball has got me so confused
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake Aylar önce
People in these comments are so judgmental. He escaped Cuba for a better life and his work ethic was undeniable. He looks like he took care of his family too. He didn't wake up one day and say LULZ i'm going to go kill my friends in a boat. Tons of people do stupid shit under the influence, but for some that will cost them their lives.
Pill Box
Pill Box Aylar önce
Jose’s skull was crushed and his brains were scattered on the rocks.
Andrew G
Andrew G Aylar önce
I don’t know why he is being portrayed as a villain. All three of them made regrettable irresponsible decisions and paid the price for it. No need to spit on his grave MLB. His friends getting in that boat were playing with a loaded gun. Murder is language I would use for the evil. Just plain negligence. He did more good than bad and was not malicious. Classic tragedy.
FatLoser_21 Aylar önce
What is that intro song? I’ve been trying to figure it out
Butter Boy
Butter Boy Aylar önce
Did he died
Ed Scmidt
Ed Scmidt Aylar önce
Remember the 70s when every baseball player was doing cocaine
Christopher chrome
Christopher chrome Aylar önce
Chesmond420 Aylar önce
props to bartolo colon for allowing him to hit that homerun after his death
Lucas Alvarez
Lucas Alvarez Aylar önce
"He was the future of the sport". Nope. Not really. However, he did win the Darwin awards...... Kids these days. Welcome to the USA baby!
DJ NO PLAY Aylar önce
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
Terrible person.
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
Who cares?
The World is a Stage
most emotional game in history? u must be young braves v mets back in NY just days after 9/11 - and the way it ended was one of the greatest moments in mlb history
HokiePitcher22 Aylar önce
Jesus, I forgot how stacked that Marlins team was. Young but super freakin talented.
Makin' Moves 215
Makin' Moves 215 Aylar önce
i dont like the whole murderer shit driven a boat fucked up with ur boys somethings bad is bound to happen
Joe Berenguer
Joe Berenguer Aylar önce
Imagine thinking Jose Fernandez was the start of emotion on the baseball field.
Go FISH Global
Go FISH Global Aylar önce
His death was one of the heaviest non-family/friend deaths I have ever endured. He was our family’s baseball hero. A lot of times unique intense strong people who have gone through a lot in life do intense things and have intense reactions to things. We see it all around us. BTW, Andre Dawson played at Southwest Miami High School which is 5 minutes from St. Brendan’s Catholic Church where José Fernandez’ funeral service took place.
kegonzo Aylar önce
so this story is weird but he died on my 5th b day
Bradley Ng
Bradley Ng Aylar önce
The last day he pitched was on my birthday🥲
ravenr1420 Aylar önce
Cocaine is a helluva drug.....
Andrea Wood
Andrea Wood Aylar önce
So. He drove a boat recklessly and drunk yeh he's a great guy.crazy Humans. What a dummy..
Casey L.
Casey L. Aylar önce
I thought this was about the scandal of his death. Clickbait!
zEmÃnúel ZÃ
zEmÃnúel ZÃ Aylar önce
Jose was a dear friend of mine, went to school at Alonso
steven cocchi
steven cocchi Aylar önce
In the beginning of the video when u dicsribe the boat as a 32 ft power boat.. that's definitely not what the boat is its not a speed boat by any means. It's a luxury center console fishing boat by seavee
rayray1983 Aylar önce
damn his antics were like 1990s baseball in Venezuela, damn I miss those days. Ugeth Urbina, Orber Moreno, Gio Carrara, they all celebrated their strike outs, bob abreu waving his hands afetr hitting a homerun. those were the days
Kyle John
Kyle John Aylar önce
You with held what happened the whole video making it seem like he did something hella terrible the people on the boat probably took the drugs with him and agreed to get on the boat knowing he was high he isn’t a Murder they all knew what they were doing
Dnell Da Conqueror
Dnell Da Conqueror Aylar önce
I really like your channel you're a great story teller
zew 1
zew 1 Aylar önce
I mean nobody screamed after a big strikeout like Joba did, he didn't start the yelling thing but he did take it to another level.
Zach Witte
Zach Witte Aylar önce
True but scary story: On the night before his death, I was playing MLB The Show’16, and I had simulated a game in which Jose pitched. The box score said that he was hit in the head by a line drive and was placed on the DL ( injured list) for a fractured skull. It was the last game of the regular season and game showed all the players who retired after the season; his name was at the top of the list. Scary! I am a Cardinals fan, but when I woke up the next day and heard the news. It was the first time I cried for another teams player loss. May he RIP!
Larry Rice jr
Larry Rice jr Aylar önce
That home run was moving
SFMF Aylar önce
Colón definitely gave Gordon that pitch. Change my mind…
Tommy Houston
Tommy Houston Aylar önce
He was a hero and will always be one we are human and make mistakes unfortunately it cost him and his friends there live may they rest in peace
MrClutch.Yt Aylar önce
Yelich is lucky
NPC #771988
NPC #771988 Aylar önce
"This team would have been one the best in baseball" as if they would have kept him it would be interesting to see where he would have went. Would have gotten a fat contract too.
AAA Aylar önce
Megan Crump
Megan Crump Aylar önce
it’s sad they passed and that one night and bad choices ruined his name and legacy
Adder Aylar önce
He kinda looked like Cuban Mike Trout
23:59 So Police Didn't Care Basically?
Bottoms Aylar önce
When it's our time it's our time. Rip
jbmp1390 Aylar önce
What is the problem with watching the ball after you hit a home run? And don't tell me it's sportsmanship because these teams that were bitching about his sportsmanship/etiquette/whatever are the same ones currently openly cheating with foreign substances for their pitchers AT THE ABSOLUTE LEAST.
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller Aylar önce
He would have went to jail of manslaughter if he was still alive today only because murder is the premeditated killing of someone while manslaughter is w/o malice forethought still bad but intent is what matters
Joey Clemenza
Joey Clemenza 2 aylar önce
Murderer? It was an accident…. He was a good kid. Emotional and reckless, but he was good. Do not drag his name in the dirt…
Brian Cannon
Brian Cannon 2 aylar önce
how do they know if he was driving the boat? who knows what exactly happened maybe they owed trafficers for his defecting to mexico. like puig. his gf saying shes worried about his wellbeing without giving any other information is suspicious. in a boat accident how do all three die instantly?
james david manning
james david manning 2 aylar önce
Don’t do drugs.
La Michoacana
La Michoacana 2 aylar önce
Nice video. Arrived to America??? Cuba is not America?? Are you serious?
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez 2 aylar önce
just realized that’s how the Marlins vs. Braves “rivalry” started
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 2 aylar önce
First game after 9/11 would be more emotional.
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 2 aylar önce
If I had to guess, he was probably on drugs and that caused the erratic behavior.
Ricardo Vargas
Ricardo Vargas 2 aylar önce
Jose is NOT a murderer...Dad just wants sympathy. It was a tragic incident.
My Kung Fu1
My Kung Fu1 2 aylar önce
You spent 23 minutes praising this guy like he was a god even tho he was a druggy that killed 2 ppl. Garbage ass channel
cripplingchrome 2 aylar önce
So clearly you didn’t pay attention to the video at all…
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 2 aylar önce
What an amazing story. Unfortunately, he made a really bad decision. It's truely heartbreaking. He had something special inside.
David Frampton
David Frampton 2 aylar önce
The Angels have had more pitchers go down to Tommy John then any other team by a lot. One year they had Heaney, Skaggs and Garrett all go down and had to have the surgery. So whether it's players who have come here and sucked or players who have left and thrived with the exception of the few like torii Hunter Vladimir Guerrero and Shohei ohtani... It's hard to find really anything to get excited about since the mid to late 2000s
David Frampton
David Frampton 2 aylar önce
Every big name free agent they threw money at or traded for was a complete bust besides Mike Trout and Vladimir Guerrero. John Lackey went to the rival red Sox and won a ring. Kendrys Morales broke his leg in a freak accident celebrating a walk off grand slam. This was after Texiera decided to walk and go to NY and morales had a phenomenal 2009 season and started the 2010 campaign even better before he got hurt. Never played for the Angels again. Vernon Wells was a bust and Mike Napoli who was traded for him went on to kill it with Texas. Pujols and CJ Wilson was a bust, Dan Harem was a bust. Josh Hamilton was thee biggest bust. Justin Upton has been a disappointment for what he's paid. Rendon has been non existent. Cozart was atrocious. And it's like the players that were good we let walk away. Calhoun, Simmons, Santana.
David Frampton
David Frampton 2 aylar önce
And when we had to release Josh Hamilton he ended up going back to Texas where he started playing good again all of a sudden and the worst part was we were paying him to play againstt us
David Frampton
David Frampton 2 aylar önce
This was an extremely Tragic story. Over on the West coast though, my hometown team the Angels also had tragedy strike. And although drugs and alcohol were the cause of the fatal accident. It wasn't Nick Adenhart who was driving drunk and high. It was the POS who already had dui priors who Killed this kid. The timing is what was so tragic. The year prior he made a couple spot appearances during September call-ups, but this was his first game pitched as a member of the pitching staff. I'll never forget cuz I was at the game but it was the 3rd game of the season. He pitched 6 innings of 1 run baseball and was amazing. Yet the next morning when I turned my computer on I just could not believe it and a cried like a baby. The Angels were also dealt the blow of losing Tyler Skaggs to an accidental fentanyl overdose which was awful as well. Personally I think the Angels are cursed, like they sold their soul to the devil to win the WS in 2002 And have been dealt blow after blow ever since
Dog and Axolotl
Dog and Axolotl 2 aylar önce
Today the day I am commenting on this video (September 25th) is the day he died 5 years ago. RIP Jose Fernandez
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla 2 aylar önce
He would've never gone to jail. It would've been settled out of court and he would be given probation.
Stephen Zajonc
Stephen Zajonc 2 aylar önce
He was a remarkable pitcher with a bright future. Unfortunately, he also wanted to drink, do coke, and drive boats recklessly where he shouldn’t. Where is my shocked Pikachu face that he died? Fact is, if he didn’t die in the incident, he would have been arrested and going to jail. Unless you are zombie that believes his lawyer… someone spiked his drink with coke - as if.
scott hinkle
scott hinkle 2 aylar önce
That sucks all around. He still was great.
JimmyGsBBQTv 2 aylar önce
He was a coke head
Restoration work
Restoration work 2 aylar önce
It was a accident
Hank Buck
Hank Buck 2 aylar önce
America is not white supremacist. It's all a lie. I love Trump. And I love immigrants who want to come here and make America Great. Democrats are garbage. Fuck communism.
Yankee Spy
Yankee Spy 2 aylar önce
I am sorry but baseball does exist
watchwizard 2 aylar önce
He made a mistake. He paid with his life. Those 2 guys who were with him were grown ass men and made their own choice to be in that boat!! They didn't have to be. It doesn't change what he did or who he was. He went out...partied with a couple friends and drove a boat intoxicated. How many of you out there can say you've never done something stupid when you were young and invincible? It shouldn't change how he was to be honored!! Just my opinion...take it for what is...an opinion.
Ronald Carrel
Ronald Carrel 2 aylar önce
Reculation Damn man There no such word You people on TRvid are unbelievable You mean Recollection
doomtrain 2 aylar önce
oh man seeing Dee cry hurts
I'm lockey, lockey, leave you pokey, pokey No Rice a Roni, that's the okey, dokey
He was high on coke but he ain't a bad person. If that's the definition of someone being bad then there's tons of horrible people on this thread
mano fiske
mano fiske 2 aylar önce
Fernandez was vulgar and uncouth and if _that's_ what he's credited with bringing to the game, the manner in which he died and brought his companions to death should tell you that this "approach" to life is not a positive one. A sad legacy.
mano fiske
mano fiske 2 aylar önce
7:31 "Jose has zero reculation of that happening but..." ??????????? " _recollection_ " One has no *recollection* , whatsoever, of that happening
mano fiske
mano fiske 2 aylar önce
"...plans for a statue were *scraped* " ?? " _scrapped_ " is the word
sliish 420
sliish 420 2 aylar önce
"unlike America, where you are immediately free" lmao sure there bud
Bobby Pierson
Bobby Pierson 2 aylar önce
87mph at 13 Holy Sh*t
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