What it Actually Takes to Race a $500 Car for 24 Hours!

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4 Şub 2023




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ChrisFix 2 aylar önce
So I have been having a bunch of problems with my computer and editing software but after 400hrs of editing (started in October) the video is finally done. There were a total of 8 cameras, 4TB of footage, and for whatever reason my supercomputer kept crashing. I am happy to say this one is done and now onto the DIY!!!! The 7th annual Christmas Gift Idea video is in a few days so stay tuned!!
BearPaw Racing
BearPaw Racing 19 gün önce
Guys didn't do anything wrong on the spin the Miata the way it looked floored it and got on the tight part of the turn and lost traction a little and that's why he hit you so nothing bad but then again I'm only a drag racer and on this subject could you guys in the future do a drag car please
Gopnik Mario
Gopnik Mario 27 gün önce
it crashes cause hdd got overloaded with footage use external hard disk
Abdul Shakoor Badr
Abdul Shakoor Badr 29 gün önce
Abdul Shakoor Badr
Abdul Shakoor Badr 29 gün önce
You are welcome and happy with your login information transmitted with the advent and other services provided as well in the future and will circle the new one in a few weeks and see idol for a quick talk about this
Priestly Garments
Priestly Garments Aylar önce
My 2009 Honda Accord Stalled 5 years ago After I Drove Through High Waters But After A Few Tries It Started Again But With The Engine Light 5 Years Ago And Was Told The Catalytic Converter Is Bad, That’s The Code That Comes Up. As I’m Driving Sometimes Exhaust Smells Permeate The Interior Which Smell Like Rotten Eggs. Also Somehow I’ve Managed To Pass DMV Inspection 4 Years Straight With A Check Engine Light & Bad Catalytic Converter. What’s crazy is that this year I failed the DMV EMISSION TEST 4x and then I went to a shop and asked them to clear the codes and prayed and when they checked again at the DMV it passed 😂. This year they were strict but prior years they weren’t even checking! The dealership says I have Low Compression On The Number 4 Cylinder & P0420 & P0304. They say the engine was at 60psi. They performed the diagnostic in July. I heard Cataclean cleans the catalytic converter. I saw it on Amazon. What do you think? Is That Bad Catalytic Converter Endangering My Life?
Tavarish 2 aylar önce
It was a pleasure racing with you dude.
MysteriousPlxyz 6 saatler önce
@Edward Rosario It was bs for build
Abdul Shakoor Badr
Abdul Shakoor Badr Aylar önce
Very much Regards and Aina Maryam
Priestly Garments
Priestly Garments Aylar önce
My 2009 Honda Accord Stalled 5 years ago After I Drove Through High Waters But After A Few Tries It Started Again But With The Engine Light 5 Years Ago And Was Told The Catalytic Converter Is Bad, That’s The Code That Comes Up. As I’m Driving Sometimes Exhaust Smells Permeate The Interior Which Smell Like Rotten Eggs. Also Somehow I’ve Managed To Pass DMV Inspection 4 Years Straight With A Check Engine Light & Bad Catalytic Converter. What’s crazy is that this year I failed the DMV EMISSION TEST 4x and then I went to a shop and asked them to clear the codes and prayed and when they checked again at the DMV it passed 😂. This year they were strict but prior years they weren’t even checking! The dealership says I have Low Compression On The Number 4 Cylinder & P0420 & P0304. They say the engine was at 60psi. They performed the diagnostic in July. I heard Cataclean cleans the catalytic converter. I saw it on Amazon. What do you think? Is That Bad Catalytic Converter Endangering My Life?
Aiden Aylar önce
@ChrisFix hi
hs ar
hs ar Aylar önce
@Swaggyson so rude bruh
Brad Maas
Brad Maas Aylar önce
The second Miata contact wasn't anything you could fix; he came in hot and he either slow down or didn't want to. He might be working out some daddy issues. I did SCCA, 20 and 30 minute races, never got to do a long race. Good job.
Brandon Holt
Brandon Holt 25 gün önce
Yeah... the BMW had that line and the miata was living in the vortex of danger. In the Miata's defense... I suppose it's possible he had a mechanical issue such as brake fade. At the end of the race a good bit of the cars are having some form of issue or another.
Yipchi Taywonga
Yipchi Taywonga Aylar önce
@Liam Dennehy I agree 100% with the Miata being able to brake later, IMO he dove in too late. If he had been alongside (at least front wheel to front door) before turn in, that would have been fine, BMW would/should have given him space. But in this case BMW should have gotten right of way, BMW was faster, the pass was going to happen anyways. Don't get me wrong I like so aggressive racing but I don't think it was appropriate for this kind of race.
Brad Maas
Brad Maas Aylar önce
@Liam Dennehy The Miata is smaller and lighter, he had enough room, he came in hotter and failed to brake sufficiently to avoid contact.
Liam Dennehy
Liam Dennehy Aylar önce
I disagree, I think the Miata is just able to brake much later being so light, so even though it seems the BMW is ahead at the start of the turn the Miata is alongside in the corner. Not blaming the BMW driver, but these two cars have vastly different performance.
Yipchi Taywonga
Yipchi Taywonga Aylar önce
exactly, miata over cooked it, even leaving him more room would have just moved the accident further ahead.
Davey Jones
Davey Jones Aylar önce
Chris is the only mechanic that doesn’t curse when fixing cars.
Michael 12 gün önce
Ah, but what about off camera?
ANTHONY VIDAL 15 gün önce
I was saying the same thing every time I watch his videos. Thats what makes him unique. the big question is. why doesn't he show his face?
MythicFilms Aylar önce
i really love how he lets his friends drive and have fun too instead of just standing around, this is what racing is really about.
Never Falter
Never Falter Aylar önce
You guys didn’t do anything wrong when the red Miata hit you, the Miata braked way to late. I enjoyed the video! Congratulations on the finish!
ChrisFix Aylar önce
Awesome! Thank you!
Nicknos73 2 aylar önce
346 laps stands for 3 series E46, that's the perfect number! In my opinion, this is the best spirit in facing a race, and this is the best kind of races: normal cars with a thorough tuning, amateur pilots, very nice people all around. We want to see more! Thanks a lot
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer 14 saatler önce
Also 42nd place. That's the meaning of life...🧐
ChrisFix 29 gün önce
I didnt even realize that haha. Crazy!!!! What are the odds?
KIO 2 aylar önce
This video has 46k likes on it as well lol
Lóránd Kerekes
Lóránd Kerekes 2 aylar önce
Man the likes too
ORS-ALTINAK 2 aylar önce
RTDragonCommando Aylar önce
Congrats on the success, you guys did amazing for a second time out! And that Miata driver was 100% at fault imo, that was a hard inside dive they pulled, something that might work in sims but is way too risky to pull at that skill level in real life. Especially because they probably didn't have the brakes or traction to pull off the corner even if they made it past.
JKclassy Aylar önce
14:00 better engine mounts make a whole heap of difference to the e46 platform.
skippygirl959 Aylar önce
Great work, Chris! Im so happy for you guys, you have all put so much work in this car.
Fabian K
Fabian K Aylar önce
If you want a good suggestion for motor oil, use the best German oil, which is Ravenol, just take the 10W60 it's the same Wich is in all the M engines 😉 I think this might be the best choice for your application 😉
X NX 2 aylar önce
Chris has a strong positive attitude and he shares to the whole team. Great team, great job, great video, great channel, you just great, Chris
ChrisFix 2 aylar önce
Thanks a lot!
hazel Aylar önce
I really dig the wholesome connections between rivals. Rather than trying to pretend like everyone's your enemy, you're friendly and not trying to make people feel inferior. Just some good ol' racing. I would've loved to try this out!
hazel Aylar önce
@ChrisFix I can imagine! I love how you cheer on the less fortunate gang that ended up like you did last year. I really hope we get to see them finish and make their comeback like you did! Looking forward to next race already. Keep it up ❤️
ChrisFix Aylar önce
It's fun because at the end of the day we are all out here having a good time. It's not like there is a big cash prize up for grabs. It is just bragging rights if you win. So everyone is out there to help each other. Lots of fun!
Scoon Aylar önce
Congratulations on finishing, great to see you guys made it after the last race!
eme fx.u
eme fx.u Aylar önce
Wonderful job and a hell of a weekend ^^, Congratulations to the whole team!.
Alex Tarven
Alex Tarven Aylar önce
For the next run, a better gas tank for sure 👌. Awesome work & awesome racing 💯
ChrisFix Aylar önce
That's the plan!
Corey Francesca
Corey Francesca 2 aylar önce
Get the M3 fuel tank baffle and you'll be able to run the fuel much lower without starvation issues. Also for a 2 day race, change the oil after day one and the break down wont be an issue if its not against the rules. Congrats btw and what a comeback year!
Owen Kittredge
Owen Kittredge 5 gün önce
@ukko1998 We have the Internet now, so search for oil in the 24 Hrs. of Lemons rules and it does not show up. So stop guessing people.
Brandon Holt
Brandon Holt 25 gün önce
@Nevir202 I've never heard anything about changing fluids being against the rules, it certainly isn't enforced if so. With that said, us and most teams just fix what's broken and rarely do anything preventative overnight. Any repair that isn't absolutely necessary really cuts into the Saturday night beer drinking time.
Guntis Murāns
Guntis Murāns Aylar önce
Quickly went through the rulebook and it says nothing about oil changes, so it must be doable. Also: that body roll... I hope there is a way to squeeze in anti roll bars or coilovers into that budget, but i'm not sure how.
Aaron S
Aaron S Aylar önce
Also, a lot of people race with thicker oil. I'm sure forums have lots of opinions on it, but he could also go from say 5w-30 to 5w-40 and so on until it doesn't degrade past a reasonable amount. But really, what he had doesn't seem bad when you're driving all out for 14 hours.
for4ever2004 Aylar önce
I love this comment section just giving advices so cool
TheCarDemotic Aylar önce
28:10 I believe that you guys were fine, that’s the expected line I would have predicted too. I believe the Miata probably mistook the distance and braked late or was trying to sneak into the inside where there wasn’t space
Kevin Meyer
Kevin Meyer Aylar önce
He Larsoned it like at Indy, turn 1 .
Frank Lugo
Frank Lugo Aylar önce
@TheCarDemotic yep, thems the rules, which is why it wasn't a long one like writing on your car a hundred tune tune times. But I hope the Miata had too write "I will learn how to slow down going into a corner" at least 500 times.
hail050288 Aylar önce
Miata dive bombed he should have left racing room
Ondřej Nejeschleba
i am not sure by that - i understand both. The BMW lifted way too early with having a car this close behind them. I know it's an endurance race, but still, you've got to expect that if you lift off that early in a corner with someone not that far back, they might send it. But yeah, the miata was a lot slower anyway and they would probably get passed on the first opportunity, so it was very unnecessary by them.
TheCarDemotic Aylar önce
@The Electric Monk Yeah that penalty isn’t deserved in my opinion. For something that’s not your fault and for ensuring the safety of yourself and the fellow drivers I think the 10-20 second time loss from going off track is more than sufficient. Rules are rules though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
E D Aylar önce
I had a great joy to watch the whole seconds. Really great team, great event. It is only pitty that lemons race ist once a year. I am excited to watch it next year. Greetings from Germany.
Baton789 Aylar önce
That was a great adventure for the whole team, for sure!🤩 Greatings from Poland for you!
Gabriel Aylar önce
Congratulations guys i love this race its amazing btw stay safe guys we love you❤
Natalia Klynina
Natalia Klynina 2 aylar önce
Can we appreciate that Chris's mom is worried about this but she is still ok with it
W mom
Trillnix 2 aylar önce
@aserta If I do something that my mom or parents don’t approve, that means I’m rebelling? I’m 29 years old and made a lot of mistakes for sure. I understand the last part but living your own life based on what others want you to do sounds miserable. I’ll take certain things into consideration if my parents are sketched out by it but if it’s something I’m passionate about, im gonna do it and risk it
Jeremy DeCaro
Jeremy DeCaro 2 aylar önce
Repent. Believe in Jesus. John 3:16 KJV - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Luke 13:3 KJV - I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
MicaLovesKPOP 2 aylar önce
that'd be exactly my mom! haha
George B
George B 2 aylar önce
@RSD3 He may be drifting and crashing for him be something like losing a bumper, wich is common in motorsports.
st co
st co Aylar önce
Absolutely loved this and so well done. I’ve been very impressed with you, Chris Fix for your great, yet simple and straightforward advice over the years. Many thanks for this. On this vid, really loved the sense of camaraderie and humour that the race engendered and that the organisers instilled. Great to see how well you all did. For a similar though UK perspective on barging racing (can any motor racing really be bargain) I really recommend the ‘Bargain Racement’ videos from ‘Bad Obsession Motorsport’. Not only is it fun and great content but end point is really interesting. Hope you like if you view. Cheers!
ChrisFix Aylar önce
Thanks a lot!!!!
Clyde Builds
Clyde Builds Aylar önce
Fucking love this dude. Always making me feel happy and motivated.
duudlew Aylar önce
You did so well on this comeback Crishfix! love the car btw :D
Automotive Widget
Automotive Widget Aylar önce
I got tears in my eyes...I'm so happy for you guys and the kind gesture of donating that money at the beginning. That's why God continues blessing you all. Excellent team work. Congrats 👏🏽 💪🏽🙏
TheSkidds Aylar önce
Big congrats! This was awesome to watch! You guys did amazing!
EtsRoad Aylar önce
very excited for you. Great job team!
FTZ 47
FTZ 47 Aylar önce
I waited for this come back, I’m glad you made it. Hope to see you again next year 😁
Davey Riendeau
Davey Riendeau Aylar önce
As a GT3 mechanic and pit crew you guys did great. One thing that will help with driver changes is using surgical tubing and ty wraps to the belts that will pull them back out of the way once you unlatch them. Great work, great attitude and congrats on making it the distance.
John D
John D Aylar önce
@ChrisFix I tried to post a link to a tutorial for this, but these fucking youtube cunts deleted it. Just search for surgical tubing and racing belts.
Davey Riendeau
Davey Riendeau Aylar önce
@ChrisFix we also use magnets for the right shoulder strap to attach up to the rollbar next to the rearview mirror. Additionally a Velcro plate fixed up to the top of the rollbar as a failsafe. The surgical tube gets fixed to the left lap belt, crotch belt and another on the right lap belt to pull it back and out of the way as soon as the driver unlatches the belts it will pull them out of the way. I will send some photos to you or upload a video walking through it along with some other tips for pitstop efficiency. Keep up the great videos, love the channel.
ChrisFix Aylar önce
Can you explain the surgical tubing more? I was thinking of magnets on the roof for the top 2 straps.
Goodly Aylar önce
Hi Chris I love your videos I watch them almost everyday stay positive and keep your head up. I also wanted to ask when more DriftStang videos are coming up
Great job bro go team soapy wodder💯
Ahmed hossain Nafis
What a comeback! I love the energy of your car and your team, keep it up 😄
K-Star12 Aylar önce
So glad you did it ChrisFix! I was wondering at the oil analysis part, idk I might be wrong, would a racing oil be a solution for your next year’s race?
ChrisFix Aylar önce
Technically we were using a racing oil already so I want to try another brand.
FC70 2 aylar önce
The thing that I absolutely love about this channel is how much work ChrisFix and his team that dedicate their time to show us how cars work, and how to fix it, let‘s try to help him reach 100 million subs!
August235 2 aylar önce
Give it a year, we already know it’s gonna happen 😤
Ossama Adil
Ossama Adil 2 aylar önce
@ChrisFix 100 million 😂😂😂🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉💣💣💣💣💣
ChrisFix 2 aylar önce
DC t
DC t Aylar önce
I would love to see a full price breakdown for what it costs to run a season of lemons. espeically because the 500$ does not include things like safety items, wear items like tires and brakes, and all those little stuff that add up
Engineered Obsolesce
The entry fee per event is $1600 now lol. TRvidrs have ruined the event, it’s no longer cheap to do. I seriously doubt you could do a single event for $5k
Mayank Bhatta
Mayank Bhatta Aylar önce
Congratulations! I feel happy for you. I am 12 and have subscribed to you for a long time. Can't wait for your next race. Also, please update us on the driftstang.
kacper schulz
kacper schulz Aylar önce
Such a thrill inducing video I love this racing can’t wait till I can
michael blacktree
michael blacktree Aylar önce
What a great video! My project car is an E46 sedan, and I'm thinking of installing a surge tank to address the fuel starvation issue.
W3RQ01 2 aylar önce
Advices for the pit stops: The driver that is going to step in should be already prepared before the car even enters the pit lane. As for the fuel, try fitting a transparent fuel tank with a bigger refill hole and use more powerful pumps. Every 3 hours check the brakes, especially the pads, brake fluid check is also advised. During repairs (like the throttle thing) check tire's pressure and adjust it. Advices in general: Try to not rev the car at its maximum, keep it 2k rpm lower than red line. Do some lift and coast to preserve fuel and in medium - high speed corners try to stay lower on rmps to use less fuel as possible
ramadhanisme Aylar önce
@Kirito2016 just change the tank and the auxiliary fuel pump into the e46 m3 one, should solve the problem
Viktor Müller
Viktor Müller 2 aylar önce
@samed halafi Actually carting is closer to formula driving than a car racing.. So I agree that it will bring a lot of experience but the driving style is different and a lot of cart drivers get bad habits that dont apply to "normal" cars. (Not just my opinion I heard this said by a few high class car racers)
Pedro Barbosa
Pedro Barbosa 2 aylar önce
Real pro advises here!!! Absolutely correct!
MSD Secretary
MSD Secretary 2 aylar önce
The bit where he talked about how nasty a minefield is has a personal significance for him that many people don't know about. In Vietnam he once walked into a minefield to rescue one of his men who had stepped on a mine and was bleeding to death. He described it as the most fear he ever felt, yet he did it anyway.
Operator 801
Operator 801 2 aylar önce
Some race events require a minimum amount of downtime during each pit stop, so people can take the time needed to thoroughly check their safety equipment. Don't know if that's the case here or not.
Groot 200
Groot 200 Aylar önce
What a friendly race! It looks a lot of fun with good freinds with yours.
Rubbish Definition Gaming
28:07 in my opinion, I feel it was the MX5's fault as it is up to the passing car to overtake safely in most motorsports. However, I also feel more room could have been left, but I also appreciate that it was a bit of a divebomb. Either way, open to other interpretations
Corey 62
Corey 62 Aylar önce
I found it really interesting to see some different content from you . Thanks for the video!
Ronin pickle
Ronin pickle Aylar önce
Almost 4 years watching you and still waiting for the face reveal Would gladly wait another 4 years for it
stockcobra03 2 aylar önce
Let’s just appreciate this guys effort into his videos ! 🎉🎉
stockcobra03 Aylar önce
@Ree B lol
Roy Portalise
Roy Portalise 2 aylar önce
Ree B
Ree B 2 aylar önce
You write like a bot.
Eeyore Shorts
Eeyore Shorts 2 aylar önce
@stockcobra03 ok just making sure
stockcobra03 2 aylar önce
@Eeyore Shorts i’m not lol
Bean Bear
Bean Bear Aylar önce
Loved this content never enjoyed competitive racing but this was great
Xostriyad Aylar önce
I do track days monthly at NJMP during the warm months, love seeing the track on a youtube channel I follow! I am in the 'novice class' and you have get a 'point by' to pass someone in designated passing zones... and even after 3*20 minute sessions I can be absolutely beat. Crazy respect that you all were out there for hour or longer straight sessions far more stressful passing rules then getting right back in there.
Doug Blackman
Doug Blackman Aylar önce
Congrats on the great race!!
Dan Hoang
Dan Hoang Aylar önce
Just binged this series and the drift-stang series, honestly time well spent. Need closure on the drift-stang tho, want to see that supercharger installed. Great stuff man.
dave 2 aylar önce
I’m guessing those front runners in each class are there mainly because they’re so efficient. No penalties, minimal pitting, and few mistakes. I’ll bet you guys can get there with experience!
Will Pitts
Will Pitts 2 aylar önce
@Meme Man Fresh🦊
Meme Man Fresh
Meme Man Fresh 2 aylar önce
they need to fox the refueling issue some how
CBRKID 2 aylar önce
bone head move from that red miata,, you guys were in the right
Stasiek_Zabojca 2 aylar önce
That's exactly what endurance racing is all about. 🙂
Mark Scott
Mark Scott Aylar önce
To see you promise that 5k for the charity brought a tear to my eye. Also great video makes me want to do this with some of my buddies
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer 14 saatler önce
@ChrisFix You all are good, decent people. Good work. Wishing you continued success.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott Aylar önce
@chrisfix that's awesome that hr was able to make it. My local Autocross club did a make a wish kind of thing for a kid along side with our local race track. He got to if I remember correctly watch a race at the track for free then come to paddock where we were doing the autocross and pick 5 cars to ride on course in. One member provided a child safety seat for him as well. I don't remember if he was terminal or recovering but it was great to see him have a good time and be happy
ChrisFix Aylar önce
Thanks a lot man! It was almost like it was meant to be. I didnt include it in the video because I didnt want people to think I was using it as a way to get views or something but a young fan who had cancer and was recovering came to the race... His parents took him because he was a huge fan and then at the drivers meeting this happened... I had to!
Jerod Austin
Jerod Austin Aylar önce
This was literally so beautiful, I watched It like a movie and almost cried lol
JESSEverything Aylar önce
The 24 Hour of LeMons is such a neat idea. Love it!
Oscar Littlewood
Oscar Littlewood Aylar önce
19:53 the hand bump/fist shake😂
Stiggzywara 2 aylar önce
@Chrisfix I am a local driving instructor for people trying to learn proper racing etiquette, racing line, and car control. You guys did well, and the red Miata incident was due to that car braking too late and missing the racing line. He went inside and had about 5 mph too much speed. Once he missed the braking point he couldn't do anything about it. The car couldn't hold that inside line with the available grip, so as soon as he hit the rumble strip it unloaded that side of the suspension slightly. That put to much stress on the outer front tire and he understeered into you guys.
Chris Rawlings
Chris Rawlings Aylar önce
@Stiggzywara lol I know all the instructor at NJMP Which one are you???
Stiggzywara Aylar önce
@Chris Rawlings your entitled to your opinion as I am mine.
Loebane Aylar önce
@Chris Rawlings lol cool, I'll just check through 5.8 thousand comments for the one you posted.
Chris Rawlings
Chris Rawlings Aylar önce
@Loebane I posted in the main comments. Many people are asking me about this and I believe it was both drivers fault
Loebane Aylar önce
@Chris Rawlings well you can't just end with that, what IS correct then?
Partha Saikia
Partha Saikia Aylar önce
Great video. Thanks for such rich content be it the BMW lemon race or some hack that would save much necessary time than visiting the mechanic.
struckino Aylar önce
Very nice. In my opinion the best oil for track days is mobil1 but in an Endurance race it won't be enough, what about installing an oil radiator to keep oil temperatures low?
D4RKBRU73 Aylar önce
Omg the whole event is just hilarious. The inspector in the funny outfit, the guy in charge, the penalties.... This is exactly what i am looking for, the video made me wanna take part there so bad. Looks like so much fun with great people ! *Edit:* Damn those Miatas 🤣
bicanoo_magic Aylar önce
I'm barely 2mins into the vid and I'm already stoked to see what happens. Love the concept. I'd love to see costs.
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Wrzeworz 2 aylar önce
As a 3 series owner I shed a few tears witnessing how much of a beating this beast of a car can take. Thank you for making such a wonderful content. My at-home car mechanic adventure started with your channel!
Ryan Eslava
Ryan Eslava 21 gün önce
yardman0001 Aylar önce
You're kidding right?
Night Aylar önce
@Mirhan Huricto be fair this is another stock engine, the one they got from the junkyard
Mirhan Huric
Mirhan Huric Aylar önce
@Luxcaradvice lol even tho the stock engine gave out in 15 laps
Luxcaradvice Aylar önce
I had a damn 318ci e46 (143hp) convertible (1450kg) and I miss it
thakidalex Aylar önce
I like your videos bro keep up the good work i hope you reach 10 million subs
Eduard Cojo
Eduard Cojo Aylar önce
Your car sounds the best out of all the others! 😍
Nicholas Anirude
Nicholas Anirude Aylar önce
i would recommend that you try the shell brand oil specifically the 20w-50 synthetic type
Dodge Rider
Dodge Rider Aylar önce
28:10 If it's behind you, its in the past. You focus on the future. Immediately after a clean pass, it becomes the responsibility of the (now second position) other driver to make a clean pass on their own. That miata was 10000% at fault for carrying too much speed into the inside line on the turn and failing to negotiate the turn without contact.
Joseph Penn
Joseph Penn Aylar önce
I've always used Motul personally. That is usually the oil of choice for most endurance racing teams including 2022 IMSA GTD Pro champions Pfaff Motorsports, BMW Rahal, and Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus. If it's good enough to win Daytona and to compete at Le Mans it's good enough for me.
Fauad Mohd Noor
Fauad Mohd Noor Aylar önce
Great job Team Chris Fix! Congrats!!! 👍👍👍
Julian Watchman
Julian Watchman Aylar önce
Question. When the oil heats up it looses viscosity (or the viscosity changes). what caused the first engine to blow was too thin of oil. So theoretically would an oil cooler fix this problem? I know it might go over the $500 limit but does using a thicker oil counter needing an oil cooler? Thanks
trwsandford Aylar önce
Not being familiar with the rules myself, could you do an oil change after the first day?
BigSim1 2 aylar önce
I've literally been waiting for this ALL YEAR! Every since you blew up the engine last year I wanted you guys to do well so bad, and you did! Good job guys!
ProfessorTurtleGuy 2 aylar önce
me too i was sad to hear abt it since it isnt an often thing for Chris to be racing but when i saw the video about them preping the car for the race i got so exited
Michael_D Aylar önce
Hello Chris, hope you’re well. I really enjoy your films. I know you are a crazy busy guy but I said to myself why not shoot my shot at it. I recently got myself my first car in high school being a 1993 keep Cherokee. Being quite old but a beauty. She has her issues and there’s a lot I’d like to do. My point is I’d love to be able to meet you, along side work on it and even you able to make some TRvid films out of it. Otherwise enjoy your films and keep up the work. Thanks
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Skylar DeLaney
Skylar DeLaney Aylar önce
Amsoil would be a great choice!
Nick G
Nick G Aylar önce
You can install the oil filter housing from an m3 they cost like 300 or so and you can get the oem e46 m3 oil cooler for like 100-200
Adam Fyfe | Calgary Realtor | Moving to Calgary
Great video!! Massive congrats. i quite enjoyed that
Mithun 2 aylar önce
Immense Respect to the whole team and ChrisFix himself. Can't believe its been a year since the previous race. Happy to see the car doing wonders this time.
Ben Aylar önce
According to our engineering department, lab tests, mobile 1 15W-50 was the absolute best oil in the country, Chris, I hope you take my advice
Armouredfalcon Aylar önce
That MX5 coming up from behind was his fault, you had heaps of room and you had the line. He went in for a massive dive from waaay too far back that was absolutely not going to happen and locked up. I think its dumb that you guys were given a penalty for that.
KekMan Aylar önce
I fucking love the iconic sound of BMW straight 6 engines. Goddamn sounds so good
Spart Articus
Spart Articus Aylar önce
miata rear ending was totally their fault, you guys did good
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tobias koning
tobias koning 2 aylar önce
Okay but that save after the miata collision was hella impressive
ً ً
ً ً 2 aylar önce
@OK Castle Combe in the UK is overtake on straights and on the right ONLY. Brands Hatch indy is overtake on the left ONLY (predominantly) These aren't dual carriageways...
OK 2 aylar önce
It's a race track not a dual carriageway. You can overtake whereever you want
Ron Skopitz
Ron Skopitz 2 aylar önce
@ً ً what you’re “supposed” to do here is stay in the right hand lane until you need to pass, pass on the left, then return to the right. But bad drivers do whatever they want and so some states just gave up and made it legal to do so (I don’t really know why they made it legal, but I can’t think of a good reason). I racing, though, I think it’s always ok to “pass on the inside”, which is what the Miata was attempting to do. It just looks to me like the BMW was holding course, and the Miata slid/overcorrected to the left and hit him. And since he he basically performed a PIT maneuver on the BMW, he would almost certainly have had to have hit him from the middle of the car back, which tells me he had to have seen the BMW out of his windshield or side window (helmet blind spots not withstanding). Of course, if the BMW moved to the right then it’s his fault, but it just looks to me like the Miata swerved/skidded to the left. I formally declare this horse whipped to death 🤣
Galen Burson
Galen Burson 2 aylar önce
Maybe just me but it looked like he got into you on purpose. You passed with plenty of room and then he comes out of nowhere and turns into you using a move I’ve seen on COPS lol.
ً ً
ً ً 2 aylar önce
@Ron Skopitz I'm in the UK where we overtake on the right, but drive on the left so just assumed you guys drive on the left overtaken on the right, so camera car would be "undertaking". Weird there's different laws for different states! The camera car would've definitely been in the blind spot at the point of contact, but always being aware of your surroundings should be prioritised tbh.. if the miata checked mirrors before hand, and saw the BMW disappear, one can assume it's in a blind spot rather than teleported away which is why i'd lean to the miata being at fault but from an insurance POV i can see why i'd more than likely be 50/50
Arctic_Angel Aylar önce
Congrats guys looks like you had a lot of fun
breadchaser Aylar önce
@ChrisFix Hey Chris i have a question i found a car sitting for about 8 years (Hyundai accent 2005) i wanna change the transmission fluid by hands and replace a fluid filter with fresh fluid and a new gasket what would you recommend to do?
ChrisFix Aylar önce
Thanks a lot! We did
Jeff Bumgravy
Jeff Bumgravy Aylar önce
You're definitely nice racers than I am - that corner was yours (Garrett's), the red MX5 throwing it up the inside was a ridiculous manoeuvre
Paul Nuterwal
Paul Nuterwal Aylar önce
The 2nd miata hit wasn't you guy's fault I think. I personally think it's kind of hard to race with miatas while not in a miata. They're usually slower but they maintain more speed through turns than most cars, so you expect them to be behind you and they're going for a pass at 80mph through a sweeping turn instead. I feel like miatas make you feel like you can always go for that inside line overtake through turns and you've gotta learn to be like "nahh I probably shouldn't" sometimes.
ChrisFix Aylar önce
That’s a good point actually because he came into that turn very very quickly and hard on the brakes.
LT RS Aylar önce
I'll vouge for Amsoil Signature. Incredible oil!
MowingINdaRAIN 2 aylar önce
So know we get a dent removal video, tie rod replacement video, AND a rim buff out video … can’t wait! Great job on keeping that beast on the track. I had no idea the $500 endurance cars pushed so far over 100mph continuously … btw, great job editing … watched the vid … never got dull.
kacper schulz
kacper schulz Aylar önce
The miata could of stopped that from happening but when your going 100 mph I’m assuming you have lots of adrenaline and it’s more of a both teams watch of for it it’s a great learning opportunity
Pxiee Aylar önce
I dont even have a car and still entertained by this mans videos
Salty Aylar önce
That car seems to work pretty well as a miata magnet on the side
Wabefuhon Aylar önce
I wish they would increase the base price because it's near impossible to find a car for 500 dollars. On top of that, it's difficult to make a cheap car run. And the most difficult part is finding people who want to join in on this.
ChrisFix Aylar önce
So it doesn’t have to be $500. Our car was $1100 but we sold parts off of it to bring it below $500. Think of it as a way to keep people from spending a ton of money. Find a junky car and Turn it into a racecar.
greenhouse3505 2 aylar önce
Great editing (problems included). As someone who raced many, many, moons ago. Back in my 20's. Each & every one of you did a fantastic job of clean racing. That Miata, was nowhere near your "B" pillar. So underestimated himself bigtime and deserved a penalty too match. Overall... Well done! And with a little fine tuning. I expect a podium finish next year! =D
TrackLizard 2 aylar önce
Here your bumper needs to hit their front door for it to be "overlap" and it has to be done PRIOR to any steering input by the lead car. It's always the overtaking cars responsibility to pass safely though so it's 100% on the miata. The miata is 100% in the wrong for several reasons but dive bombing post steering input of the lead car instantly makes it 200% miatas fault. Quidk edit: We don't know the rules in this specific race but there's no way that's allowed in any racing series beyond rallyX or folkrace.
BCmac Aylar önce
Hey Chris you should do a video on how to replace a shift linkage lever or bushing.
reaperrr71 Aylar önce
looked to me like the Mazda driver was reckless in trying to retake position. It didn't look like your driver brake checked him. wish we had outside cam track footage of it. Great job racing :D
AndreiF Aylar önce
24h of lemons keep me alive. i like to cheap `race` cars... i LOVE THIS event. you keep normal guys going
Kevin Kirk
Kevin Kirk Aylar önce
@28:07 Looks to me like the red car tried to dive in on the inside and understeered into you.
CLiFF AKweenda
CLiFF AKweenda 2 aylar önce
The comeback is always greater than the setback. I’m happy that your team was able to complete the race. After last year’s fiasco, it’s a relief to see everybody having a good time. Keep it up 🙏🏾💪🏾
Robert Huffer
Robert Huffer Aylar önce
Looking forward to next year!
Jazz Suis
Jazz Suis Aylar önce
THE BUBBLEMAKER, amazing idea. Really icing on the cake!! 🤣
ChrisFix Aylar önce
That was Garrett’s idea. It worked so beautifully! Really made the theme haha
Ipunk bin Partoko
Ipunk bin Partoko Aylar önce
That end of the straight, you need to give him space, you were on the outside line though
hippynurd Aylar önce
Wow, not only did I watch the whole video, but I acutally enjoyed a chrisfix video, which surprises none more than me! Thanks.
mcglsr2 2 aylar önce
Track Addict has a feature where you can set pit speeds, and it will flash/yell at you when you are exceeding it - a good reminder for when you pit while being too excited :) Awesome video, awesome time, thanks for posting! Oh, regarding the rear contact with the red Miata, IMO, it was his fault, not your guys. It's always the responsibility of the overtaking car to ensure a safe and clean pass. Your guy did that in the straight, just before corner entry, with a good gap. The Miata essentially tried to late-brake you guys, but you were already cutting in toward the apex. Typically, if the other car was alongside your guy BEFORE the corner entry, then you would have had to give him the inside or else make contact. He tried to get alongside you by late-braking too close to comer entry IMO. At that point, he was attempting a pass, and failed to ensure it happened safely and cleanly. He either went in a little too hot, wasn't paying attention, or was pissed at getting passed.
MSD Secretary
MSD Secretary 2 aylar önce
The bit where he talked about how nasty a minefield is has a personal significance for him that many people don't know about. In Vietnam he once walked into a minefield to rescue one of his men who had stepped on a mine and was bleeding to death. He described it as the most fear he ever felt, yet he did it anyway.
ChrisFix 2 aylar önce
Thanks! We couldnt get the app to work. We tried it for my first time out but for some reason it was not getting the gps signal.
Deepz Aylar önce
make more space for cars to pass while going on corners so u dont spin out when cars hit you
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