What if Your Heart Stops for 1 NANOSECOND?

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What if Your Heart Stops for 1 NANOSECOND?



12 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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What the absolute fuck
What the absolute fuck 5 saatler önce
1:21 "this is ketchup we dont have enough budget for fake blood"
Ericka Buford
Ericka Buford 7 saatler önce
Shut up I love arnold
Sema Aslan
Sema Aslan 18 saatler önce
:D it pi
Nigga bite
Nigga bite 4 gün önce
I learnt more here than in biology class
PandasGoYeet 5 gün önce
This video is a waste of time. You’re heartbeat stops every so often because it can’t keep beating forever.
Atraya Namaskarta
Atraya Namaskarta 7 gün önce
Your heart will stop for a nanoseconds not only the ventricles
DamnEmanuel 7 gün önce
Doesn't your hearth stop when you sneeze ?
Gill Lex
Gill Lex 8 gün önce
Your heart stops for 1 second when you sneeze. I didnt watch the vid yet but i wanted to say this now
·KatScope· 10 gün önce
There's no way all of our blood vessels would add up to about 54 thousand miles. (Because the length around the equator is 27,000) but still
Al gro
Al gro 12 gün önce
Pepo Younan
Pepo Younan 12 gün önce
LBYBreakUI 13 gün önce
Worthless video Nothing happens to be concerned about.
sammy boy
sammy boy 14 gün önce
If nobody cares than why do you have 2.7m subscribers
divya joshi
divya joshi 14 gün önce
Is that doll Anabella
dreadlordhg 16 gün önce
It already does that
edward Keich
edward Keich 17 gün önce
If what’s happens when Arnold go brain dead
Phúc Minh Đỗ
Phúc Minh Đỗ 18 gün önce
I'm kidding nobody cares XD
Drew Allan
Drew Allan 22 gün önce
All the stuff said in this video makes no sense considering everytime you sneeze your heart stops for 1 sec
Soul Gaming1
Soul Gaming1 22 gün önce
Hey i love arnold as a friend but god more than like arnold
Wolfie Elinga
Wolfie Elinga 22 gün önce
...my best friend told that her dad maked her heart stop for some seconds and start banging again....she havent died wtf?
Assasin 22 gün önce
Why only finger first...??😥😥
AmW 23 gün önce
your heart stops for millions of nanoseconds because of the heart beats it takes like a second for it to beat
Laarni Gaor
Laarni Gaor 25 gün önce
Arnold why are you always dying?
Winnie The Beast
Winnie The Beast 26 gün önce
Human heart stops every pump so 1 nanosecond wouldnt do anything worse
Plain SN
Plain SN 26 gün önce
This didn't happen in jojo
Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq 27 gün önce
What if you apply external trauma to Arnie's heart, such as a punch?
Blitzkrieg 28 gün önce
"when someone sneezes, his/her heart stops for a milisecond"
Matthew Escarez
Matthew Escarez 28 gün önce
1:21 This is a ketchup! Our budget us too small for a fake blood. I did not know that someone already commented this.
Jagdish Wani
Jagdish Wani 28 gün önce
1:21 want some money? I always have 20 million in my pocket.
Suraj Mandal
Suraj Mandal 29 gün önce
Good video
cata 123
cata 123 29 gün önce
Actully nothing :)))
qing cai
qing cai Aylar önce
Our hearts always stop for a little time
Flesh Aylar önce
How many times has he lost one of his fingers
DarkAgit Aylar önce
Dude your heart stops when you sneeze thats why people say bless you and i just sneezed
DarkAgit Aylar önce
People say live long in my country tho
detreat Aylar önce
nothing would happen if ur heart skips a beat, ur not go' die
ღριяяιღ Aylar önce
"This is ketchup! Our budget is too small for a fake blood"
Why Arnold's finger brakes all the time
Farlayy Aylar önce
Your heart does stop for one nano second every second
FL- eSh
FL- eSh Aylar önce
Did you know? Heart always stops for 1 nanoseconds
ItzYaBoiPhantom Aylar önce
This is a ketchup! Our budget is too low for a fake blood. :)
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