What If North Korea Launched a Nuclear Bomb (Minute by Minute)

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North Korea has nuclear capabilities and the whole world could be held hostage if they decide to use them! Find out what would happen if North Korea actually launched a nuclear attack on the world in today's epic new video!

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27 Nis 2022




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Yahtzee Jonny
Yahtzee Jonny 7 aylar önce
I admire this channel’s constant fascination of global destruction lol
Anon Larson
Anon Larson 15 saatler önce
We ARE living in the End Times as described by GOD, whomever you choose to call Him. HE says, "Kingdom shall rise against Kingdom" and "1/3 of the Earth's population will die." (Revelation). These things haven't happened, but of you can look at world news this year and deny what I am saying, you aren't as smart as you think that you are. Hope your life of blessed and filled w much kindness, love and peace ✌️
official Godz
official Godz 17 saatler önce
It’s not a laughing matter innocent people are dieng cos of this stuff
AC COBRA 427 Gün önce
Axeman from Resident Evil
Look at the number of views and likes to this video, bruh !!! That's more fascinating than their fascination for global destruction.
john 4 gün önce
It may happen as well The bomb is still ticking
Sean Wiley
Sean Wiley 2 aylar önce
As a Navy Seabee Vet, I can say that what there showing here is just a fraction of what can and most likely will happen. If there is one thing I learned in my time in the Seabees, traveling from base to base, with clearance I had to uphold to enter certain areas, there is much more out there than what we will ever know about our militaries full capability.
S K Gün önce
Which is why America must be taken from within. Characteristic of this? Weakening America's military. Defunding national defense. Attack America's culture.
Solowarrior1221 2 gün önce
I would not at all be surprised if they have particle beam weapons by now.
Jason 5 gün önce
@Bob Bob How much did we spend on defense this year?
BluffCreekStudio 6 gün önce
and we would lose
Slappy Fistwad
Slappy Fistwad 8 gün önce
believe me, there's LESS
Danny I
Danny I Aylar önce
The B-2 fleet isn't "unprepared for combat" but we can let that be our little secret. Also, they frequently participate in readiness exercises around the world. It's a small fleet, but they're always ready.
Multavit 3 gün önce
"but we can let that be our little secret" also you: *posts it on the internet*
Chubasco mohd
Chubasco mohd 5 gün önce
Just don’t frighten a child who is not wearing an armour pointing a gun at you even though you are filled with muscle and graduated 👨‍🎓 from Harvard university with plenty of dollars
Scotty S
Scotty S 27 gün önce
A buddy of mine spent much of his career upgrading B2s. They take one plane at a time, and refit it with all the latest bells and whistles. Then start on the next oldest one. It takes years to go through all of them so by the time they are done, the first one is ready for another upgrade. Just in case anyone is thinking they are operating with old technology from when they were first deployed, no they are not.
Christian Rau
Christian Rau Aylar önce
I work on SBIRS at Buckley, and this video was amazing. Gives a lot of insight on the entire process!
CapnCrunch Aylar önce
Problem is, they would never launch just 1, more than likely they would probably launch about 10 at different locations at the same time
T3no SanFran
T3no SanFran 5 aylar önce
On a positive note, if this otherwise classified information on U.S. anti-nuclear missile capabilities can be disclosed on TRvid, it means that U.S. capabilities have since advanced beyond what is shown in this video.
Branden Stangle
Branden Stangle Gün önce
@SuperNovaHeights there wouldn’t be proof because it would be classified. That’s the whole point of their statement…
john 4 gün önce
ICBMs can never be intercepted
PG 6 gün önce
@SuperNovaHeights u seen those classified airplanes the government uses, they in the future
Mitch 9 gün önce
Have you heard about the reports from ICBM sites claiming "UFO's disabling their systems completely?" I wouldn't be surprised if this was in fact secret technology that the military has developed like you say - an advanced Anti-nuke capability
SuperNovaHeights 18 gün önce
@Alan Hess tell me your knowledge then, oh wise one
Kale 18 gün önce
I lived in Colorado Springs for about 10 years, and being surrounded by 3 military bases & NATO, it got kinda old how much of a military town it is. But seeing/hearing how involved the bases in Colorado are in case this were to happen is pretty interesting. Loved to hear Peterson get mentioned lol
Kale 14 gün önce
@Roy P I didn’t realize til later that I got it confused with NORAD. I meant the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex
Roy P
Roy P 14 gün önce
There us no NATO.... anywhere near Colorado. I spent 30 years in the Air Force stationed at 3 NATO bases.
Job Tiesinga
Job Tiesinga Aylar önce
More than anything, through these infograhic videos, I realise how prepared countries around the world are for these scenarios, that at least is comforting.
YouTuber Shorts
YouTuber Shorts 2 gün önce
@User 2C47 That's impossible. No empire lasts. That's an immutable fact.
User 2C47
User 2C47 Aylar önce
Also, any fantastic dreams about anarchy will not be even remotely true. Continuity of government and the rule of law WILL be maintained.
Ezekiel James
Ezekiel James Aylar önce
A lot of that was really good. I have my own theories about what would happen, I also think that US capable 5th gen fighters would be able to do the job a stealth bomber could do. While also establishing air superiority. However I’m sure they would launch f-15s and 16s. More than likely the f-22 will be brought out and probably launched close to North Korea, Japan or something. Close enough to counter attack. I’m sure there are a few jets that would be in the air and ready to intercept the nuke before they hit the ground if it came to close. Nuclear radiation would still be in the atmosphere, but maybe it won’t be that bad.
Justin Wagner
Justin Wagner Aylar önce
I would say the f35 would be the go to airplane in terms of defending against the icbm since the f35 is the most advanced airplane in the world when it comes to electronic ware fare. And would think the navy would release the f-18’s from their aircraft carriers and f22s from any Asian American air bases like in Japan. But that’s my guess
Barton Farley
Barton Farley Aylar önce
NORAD can track Santa, but couldn't stop 9/11
Eric Oberlies
Eric Oberlies 22 gün önce
Their use of buried cable landline phones was something we were briefed on in the late 1980s. For a Bunker State, the lack of mobility and flexibility was far less important than security and reliability. Above a certain echelon of command we couldn’t hear them.
Captain Nutsack
Captain Nutsack 3 aylar önce
This is actually a really cool "what if" scenario. And very realistically explained. However I think it should be important to note that a nuclear attack from North Korea would almost certainly be preceded by an attack on South Korea using the same nukes.
CraftyRoblox 3 gün önce
Bradley Howard
Bradley Howard 3 gün önce
Certain that’s for sure
B 007
B 007 4 gün önce
Interesting but I would doubt PRC would stop North Korea but rather work with North Korea to cause chaos while PRC invade Taiwan.
Chubasco mohd
Chubasco mohd 5 gün önce
North Korean are too hungry and angry. Burning up the world 🌎 is a sweet Dream. Destroy this sweet dream by giving them free best food and fancy drinks 🥤
o7Freedom 16 gün önce
nah, they want to annex the south so using nukes would be out of the question.
Burghman Aylar önce
I always appreciate attention to detail. Kudos for matching the correct engine pitch with the A-10. That whine is very distinct! 😎
Battalion-13 Entertainment, Inc.
Knowing is half the battle! Thanks for the info, Infographics ❤
REKT Gaming
REKT Gaming Aylar önce
I love nuke videos, aren't they just the best?
Robert Thomson
Robert Thomson Aylar önce
HWASONG-15 isn't launched from a site 1:23, it's launched directly from the vehicle carrying it. 3:21 shows a speed of 1500 mph, the highest point in its trajectory should be 15,000 mph. 13:18 reminds me of the SID satellite from the TV series UFO. Must say I enjoyed the video though and was surprised to see China step in. This needs a part 2.
A internet user.
A internet user. 20 gün önce
I am dumb and know nothing but i have to ask the source
Euphorna Aylar önce
He said that...Though...Just not straight forward. He said 4.3 miles per second. Can you assume what that translates to in MPH from my comment ? Everything else you said was right.
A1441 7 aylar önce
It seems highly unlikely that North Korea would only send one ICBM towards its enemy knowing the USA's capability to intercept nuclear attacks. Anyway, it's a wonderful depiction of what could happen if NK finally loses the last of its marbles.
A1441 3 gün önce
@CraftyRoblox Hey there, kabayan!
CraftyRoblox 3 gün önce
Hey I am from 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
john 4 gün önce
NK doesnt have just one nuclear bomb they can detonate multiple bombs at one time
Fatman JStyle
Fatman JStyle 9 gün önce
Who said the US can intercept ICBM misiles.
Jigsaw 17 gün önce
@The Conflict Library north Korea has few amount of nukes but in some years china and Russia will help them to gain many more icbm nukes hypersonic and what not...Just like Russia China helped Iran to get hypersonic missiles
Bob1934 2 aylar önce
What I would like to know is what happens to the fissionable material? The bomb has been destroyed just outside the atmosphere the plutonium still is going to rain down over a large area or may come down in a small area increasing the radiation level for that area. I think this scenario relies on everything working perfectly. I seriously doubt that the bureaucracy currently in existence could react this quickly.
Yousef Al-Nassar
Yousef Al-Nassar Aylar önce
The fissionable material might either fizzle (initiate a chain reaction that yields a very low % of the design yield, eg: 2kT instead of 100kT). However, most nuclear devices are actually thermonuclear devices (they include a secondary bomb which is hydrogen-isotopes based), which would need an exceptionally high temperature, like that in the core of the sun, to undergo fusion. This would only happen if the temperature resulting from a fission reaction would be reached and properly radiated to the fusion primary. Or, by a strike of luck, the device/reentry vehicle could simply disintegrate with a conventional explosion event.
uh oh
uh oh 2 aylar önce
It's not as bad as the explosion itself
SMmania123 Aylar önce
The worse part is the more into the future I go, the more these terrible outcomes are more likely to become a reality.
Chubasco mohd
Chubasco mohd 5 gün önce
Just don’t frighten a child who did not wear an armour pointing a gun at you even though you are very well educated and know everything.
Flex 23 gün önce
North Korea is doing more testing!. I wouldn't be surprised if they attack South Korea and nuke USA. And then China will attack Taiwan and attack USA all at the same time. My 2 cents
briz Aylar önce
And is why the end times are here. Jesus is coming in our lifetime
XanderKai Aylar önce
what I want to know is, at what point in this process are civilians made aware of what is going on?
Christopher Zappala
Christopher Zappala 15 gün önce
They'll be told by our government, mainstream media it's a volcano eruption. And, if you question that you're deemed a conspiracy theroist.
DyslexicStoner240 Aylar önce
So crazy to think something like this might actually happen in my lifetime
Chubasco mohd
Chubasco mohd 5 gün önce
Don’t frighten a child who is holding a gun pointing at you.
Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon
@steve Kane You clicked as well, Steve. Besides, this isn't clickbait. This is a what if scenario.
Jay Bah
Jay Bah 21 gün önce
@ねいるE N D E R L E S S everybody's scared to set it off
ねいるE N D E R L E S S
There's tensions between the south and north and it's getting really high now. North Korea has done a lot of missile test for the past month or two, and a few was so close to Japan that it set off their alarms. Of course, all the missiles are testing so it's landing in the water but for it to be so close to northern Japan for their alarms to go off is scary.
Jay Bah
Jay Bah 23 gün önce
What a time to be alive
nilocblue 7 aylar önce
Whenever I watch these videos about military “what if” scenarios, my first thought is “yes, but we only know a portion of what so and so’s military capabilities are”. At the end of the day, the militaries around the world still have a lot of secretive technology that we don’t know about yet. These videos are great and educational, but there’s always that unknown factor of what’s actually out there that we don’t know about.
Aemk612 14 saatler önce
@texxstalker 😂😂😂
Terra Firma
Terra Firma 3 aylar önce
@bsapavel Definitely an intelligent and convincing argument you have provided me. Definitely will sway the academic mind with your passionate dismissal without evidence, proof, or sources.
bsapavel 3 aylar önce
@Terra Firma if you think Western agencies didn’t know then you’re crazy
Francis L Mayer
Francis L Mayer 4 aylar önce
@Its Raynor Well what worked in Syria may not work in Ukraine. Totally different army and will of the people. Any nation, to include Russia, will lose tremendous resources in a war. The UK, Russia, and USA all eventually abandoned the effort against Afghanistan that is a huge area, just like Ukraine. "Amateurs talk strategy, professionals talk logistics" Quote General of the Army Omar Bradley. Logistics will cause Russia to get bogged down in Ukraine. I know first hand as a commander that logistics determines the outcomes of battles, no food, fuel, and ammunition, no victory. This is a lesson learned and every general from Sun Tzu "The line between disorder and order lies in logistics," to "Forget logistics, you lose." Lt. Gen. Fredrick Franks, USA, 7th Corps Commander, Desert Storm; know this fact. The Russian's logistical failures are showing an example to military leaders around the world that the truly great military leaders going back thousands of years understood that logistics is a primary consideration for military action. I will wait and see what happens in Ukraine but the fact remains, the side that fails most in the execution of logistics will lose. That is inevitable.
Kali 4 aylar önce
@Terra Firma I am going to argue that we are also weaker than we think we are. Woke military is full of softies now.
Hotel alpha whiskey kilo Grunt606
You do great job at making these cartoons entertaining but it’s hilarious you truly believe you know what capabilities we have to defend ourselves 😂 5 years ago we had the capability to eliminate long range missiles with unknown mileage as it’s a secrete undisclosed defense. Prior to that we had up to 125 mile range in short notice defense. Bottom line US has a iron shield around it.
Kieran Kelly
Kieran Kelly 25 gün önce
Several (friendly) observations / considerations: 1. This is a very "clear cut and clean" scenario, i.e. it's unlikely they would launch a single ICBM, rather, I suspect they would launch multiple rockets; 2. This scenario presupposes optimal operational stability and performance of US ICBM CM's (counter measures); in reality it's unlikely an adversary would initiate an unprovoked attack without having first prepared for and simultaneously launching a complex cyber attack specifically focusing on US (and NATO) ICBM / Defence countermeasures! 3. This scenario makes no reference to the overall NATO / Allied Forces engagement and response to such a scenario. From an operational perspective this entire process would be highly complex, particularly from a operational, logistical and communications management perspective! 3. This scenario does not assume covert or overt backing and / or direct or indirect co-operation between N.Korea and other US / NATO enemies. I would suspect that in such an event where N.Korea were to attempt an unprovoked attack of the scope portrayed in this video some very covert support would be provided to them by say Russia and / or China, with particular focus on behind the scenes cyber warfare support / enablement; 4. It's also likely the US / NATO would employ the use of EMP weapons to further destabilise communication channels with enemy / adversarial forces; 5. To further complicate matters, the moment any US / NATO start initiating their countermeasures every adversary with Nuclear / ICBM countermeasures will also begin initiating theirs, regardless of whether they identify N.Korea as the "provocateur" ... This is a crucial moment to ensure direct communication and "de-escalation" measures are invoked swiftly and effectively.. Anyway, I could go on and on soth my unsolicited feedback lol. At the very least, an entertaining video ... Well done 👌😊
Marcelo Ramos
Marcelo Ramos Aylar önce
What happens if its 10 or 20 rockets at the same time? Also, now thanks to this video the north koreans know where to strike and what to do to prevent any countermeasures. Good info
Sasangka Mairembam
Sasangka Mairembam 13 gün önce
They will bring out their avengers . .don't worry iron man will handle other remaining missiles. .
John Evergreen
John Evergreen 2 aylar önce
This is a thought that brings more terror to my heart than I am able to comprehend I just want a fair shot at life and the knowledge that we have weapons of mass destruction breaks my heart to know that people are capable of so much hate that they are willing to completely obliterate a society and I’m talking about every nation that has nukes
Travis B
Travis B 6 aylar önce
I can't begin to wrap my head around how complex all of our military equipment is. Just thinking about designing one of these systems, the satellite detector, the super computer making calculations, the interceptors, crazy.
Obama care
Obama care Aylar önce
@Forrest Commander But the real question is can it stop like 30 coming at different targets?
Joshua Sweetvale
Joshua Sweetvale 2 aylar önce
Sophisticated :/: 'complex'
BOB 2 aylar önce
@Lubex So a 6th grader is able to do surgery without having to attend anymore school, because it's just exams? By your logic, kids in the 6th grade r able to run the world. Your thinking is very flawed. I question how ppl like u r able to walk through life so willingly ignorant.
Lubex 2 aylar önce
@BOB after r grade 6 Modern school system isn't about learning anymore, just passing useless exams, that's it!
Lubex 2 aylar önce
@BOB Lol, cringe, if you're that weak minded and brainwashed and can't even differentiate between Real education and scam industry hijacking the name Education etc, i feel sorry for ya!!
Christian Wilborn
Christian Wilborn 2 aylar önce
Imagine a 100+ foot long fire screaming from the back of a huge metal scroll, that thing is what flies through the air and eventually lets out an immense amount of energy in order to ensure your fiery demise.
Josh Monaco
Josh Monaco 2 aylar önce
If my memory serves me correct, I feel like there has only ever been one country to actually use nuclear weapons, right? 🤔
MarcAnthony Suazo
MarcAnthony Suazo 3 gün önce
Good to know we have alot of defense systems in place for such an occasion . and this is just what they know of .
Black Bog Brewing
Black Bog Brewing 27 gün önce
Ethics question. In a scenario such as this, would the United States be justified using retaliatory nuclear strikes against North Korea? Would it make sense for Nuclear retaliation to occur in this scenario?
vanguard 26 gün önce
The US would retaliate focusing on Kim, maybe only using conventional weapons.
Willem Dafoe
Willem Dafoe 6 aylar önce
As a German, I often make fun of Americans being one of the most contradictory and deeply split nations with so many flaws. However, I am 100 % positive that in case someone would attack the US directly, this nation's people would most likely lay their conflicts aside and transform into one of the most unified and most dangerous enemy you could imagine.
trith72 5 gün önce
@MovedOyster2874 we still do, we just can't count on the millennial generation. Those idiots can't even figure out what's between their legs on a given day.
trith72 5 gün önce
@mikim Of course they do, humans always make fun of what they are jealous of and inferior to...
Tom Bailey
Tom Bailey 8 gün önce
Like people who both attack the police when they show up for a domestic dispute.
J XX Aylar önce
Disagree. Before yes now with all the woke gender neutral skinny Jean wearing pathetic new generation. The answer is a big fat no. American won’t be over run but will implode within the next 25-50 years and will have no or limited influence around the world.
Martin Hall
Martin Hall 2 aylar önce
@Dredgy lol, Load a Bomb with enough Vegemite and you can just call it a Salted Bomb.
Johan M
Johan M Aylar önce
Great infu but you can start to determite any rockets trajectory as soon as its starts its gravity turn. In this case the tracking system can see that its going to the east and not west after a dozen or so seconds. Within a minute or less they can judge if its a short distance (going mostly upwards) or a longer range (going more horisontaly) trajectory. J.
fan of hiphop
fan of hiphop 2 aylar önce
4:52 The installation of US Terminal High Altitude Defense, aka THAD in South Korea was being considered around 2016. I was a sophomore in high school in China, waiting to get into a local school in Beijing. All Korean students were basically banned from entering schools in Beijing as a diplomatic retaliation. As an alternative I went to the US. Best choice of my life, and a darn expensive one.
An unripe cantaloupe
Welcome and glad to have you :)
Total Disclosure: UFOs Cover ups & Conspiracies
Can we use this video for our next podcast? I love this. And I’d love to showcase it as our channel and video of the week.
Dennis Gahm
Dennis Gahm 15 gün önce
I'm amazed by how much knowledge is in this video. How do you guys know this stuff?! lol
jojo Aylar önce
Technically, the US and North Korea have still been at war since the Korean War, since it was put to rest with a cease fire; not a peace treaty.
TX Storm Chaser
TX Storm Chaser 22 gün önce
A much greater threat of launching nukes would be from a sub stationed miles off the coast. A sub could fire large missile/s almost straight up into the sky. When a medium sized nuke explodes in the sky, it will release a massive EMP that will knock out "fry" most everything electrical permanently, thus sending that country back into the 1800's in less than a minute after launch. So much for collecting data, as ground communication devices, most vehicles and airplanes, computers, phones - radios, towers, etc, will no longer function. There will be some government communication and military response ability, however it may take a lot of time trying to figure out who's sub it was that launched the attack and during that time there would likely be more attacks in progress.
Cyberfunk Aylar önce
So US special forces would be going on ground to the same exact locations their bombers are about to bomb as fast as they can? What sense would that make?
Kallol Kumar
Kallol Kumar Saatler önce
I love your heightened patriotism, yet I find it hard for China to stand in the way of any adversity inflicted on the USA.
DR eggman
DR eggman 7 aylar önce
i think this guy can travel to alternative universes ,see what happens and makes videos on them
No name
No name 4 aylar önce
Lol true
Who 🌎☕
Who 🌎☕ 5 aylar önce
@L hey could you please tell me what that guy said? the mf deleted his comment. by what i'm seeing, h's a crybaby by deleting it 💀
Groza Dallocort
Groza Dallocort 6 aylar önce
Nah that is the Templin Institute
Pauly piddlefoot
Pauly piddlefoot 7 aylar önce
Caspian Report for really detailed political events, great channel, just saying if you like this channel , then ...
Ed 7 aylar önce
Laurence Austin
Laurence Austin Aylar önce
To my knowledge the US don’t actually have the technology to shoot a nuke out of the sky/orbit (at least with a high enough success rate). Perhaps this video assumes that whatever prototypes they have right now end up working optimally?
Spartan0536 Aylar önce
The US ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) "shield" systems are far more advanced than this, I have family that has operated these systems within the last decade, and friends that also currently work with these systems. While I am not provided with classified data (nor do I ask for such info), I have been told without specifics and within OPSEC guidelines that our capabilities are much better than what is shown here. What I can say is there is a very good reason why the US Department of Defense spends as much as they do on laser based defense systems like the Airborne Laser, and the AN/SEQ-3. You are not going to out run the speed of light with a ballistic missile.
KrellLab 6 gün önce
When President Reagan proposed a missile defense system several dozen scientist signed a letter saying it was technically impossible to do this. Mikhail Gorbachev disagreed with those scientists and therefore came to the bargaining table.
BourgeoisBuffoon 27 gün önce
Whenever I'm feeling too good about myself and life, I watch these vids and humble myself. So much so, that I had to subscribe.
Matty Mayhem
Matty Mayhem 5 aylar önce
It's insane to me how fast technology can pick up a missile launch and identify what kind it is.
TheNeonRabbit Aylar önce
TypicalBlox Aylar önce
@D.B Cooper how is that even relevant are you special Ed or something?
D.B Cooper
D.B Cooper Aylar önce
@TypicalBlox and you still got defeated in Vietnam and Afghanistan, third world countries with no satellites, space forces or even air defence systems
Barton Farley
Barton Farley Aylar önce
NORAD can track Santa, but couldn't stop 9/11...lol
BingBoing Aylar önce
Right? But my wifi can't load this video hight that 720p 🤣
choqolate 22 gün önce
Wouldn’t they want to fire as many nuclear bomb they have initially? Knowing that one nuclear bomb missile would cause many defense systems in response.
The real messiah
The real messiah Aylar önce
Pretty sure they would have used their subs… in any case you’re being optimistic thinking the US would not have responded with their own nukes from either land facilities (Alaska) or submarines.
JackRM Aylar önce
I admire this channel’s constant constant fascination of global destruction lol
JackRM 26 gün önce
@Greco oh geez
Charles Stauffer
Charles Stauffer Aylar önce
Of course a scenario like the one described here is highly improbable, and bordering on the ridiculous. North Korea would gain nothing from such an action as outlined, other than the possible destruction of irreplaceable military assets and the probable destruction of its government.
JBRADdesigns Aylar önce
What was the time scale for this video? Was this in 22 hours? 22 minutes? (Yeah, it says minute by minute, it just seems incredibly fast for all of this to happen in 22 minutes and rather slow for a missile to take 22 hours to cross the pacific)
Joseph 29 gün önce
You mean, launched a nuclear warhead? Well, that would all depend upon where it might happen to land. Then, of course, we’d have to know whether it exploded or not. Sometimes they just bubble and squeak.
undrachvrsage 2 aylar önce
Had my hopes up with the first 2 misses. Was really looking forward to an escape from la/mad max type thing.
Max M.
Max M. Aylar önce
Well, wouldnt they just launch all their nuclear weapons at the same time instead of sending one ahead and only try to send the others if the first one fails?
firebat128 Aylar önce
Yeah but clickbait
Bongo 7 aylar önce
I just admire you and your crew on infographichs show,it is fascinating how you manage to upload this often and still make videos entertaining, informational (we may not use this videos in real life but they are still informational) and original.
rANdOm PErSOn 6 aylar önce
And quality
Connor Lancaster
Connor Lancaster 6 aylar önce
@Michael_Gaming123 What?
Connor Lancaster
Connor Lancaster 7 aylar önce
Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and to guide you. I would recommend the TRvid channel Cleveland street preachers and follow Jesus no man no religion. Be holy and obey Jesus. Hebrews 5:9 “salvation is for those who obey.h
Bongo 7 aylar önce
@Michael_Gaming123 ?
Slime Season ひ
Slime Season ひ 7 aylar önce
@Kaz Rutter Aw you sound mad 🙂 Which country do you live in pal?
Marcus Aylar önce
Such a cool vid! All this amazing tech…. Yet we can’t even survive COVID and stock up shops with food 😂 or pay for energy
~I STAND OUT~ 19 gün önce
Well I guess the next question for my fellow Americans is ……. What are we going to do if we only have 6 minutes to live.?
Digitenor Aylar önce
Considering they launched one toward Japan this morning as a flex...none of this happened. They also knew directly where it was aimed. Luckily our pal Kim is just feeling forgotten with the Rus-Ukr war and wasn't really aiming at anything.
Jeff Stevens
Jeff Stevens Aylar önce
Earned a sub! Great presentation.
gamewarmaster 3 aylar önce
Keep in mind, with how our military reports and declassifies info, this was how we could fight a nuclear attack 30 years ago.
ManiacalxMerc Aylar önce
30 years ago at the earlieat
Karl Schmidt
Karl Schmidt 2 aylar önce
@ThatsJustEric American mightiness? They're literally the most advanced nation in every aspect, especially militarily. Do not let your ignorance influence how you interpret facts.
Averagegamer 16
Averagegamer 16 2 aylar önce
@gamewarmaster that's true, however our capabilities are probably similar as with the computation in how it was explained in the video hypersonic manueverable missiles would seem to defeat if not drastically descreased the effectiveness of this system. Which has been echoed by Congress and DOD. However I'm sure a fix in enrout le or possibly being deployed or built
Bhavya Kumar
Bhavya Kumar 2 aylar önce
@Karan Tikoo taliban tech, eh?!!
Bhavya Kumar
Bhavya Kumar 2 aylar önce
@Justin Harris yeah launching nukes just like that and dealing with repercussions later on😴
Carlos Andrade
Carlos Andrade Aylar önce
I would be amazed if the rockets make it pass their shore lines!
Ryan Watkins
Ryan Watkins 28 gün önce
North Korea can already do this they just haven’t figured out how to send it across the ocean but in reality the goal is to use the atmosphere
koekoek 2 aylar önce
They would launch from submarines...... about 200 missiles at a time. The modern warheads are designed to explode by intersection. So this scenario is highly unlikely
Robocop Aylar önce
Wouldn’t it be likely that they would send multiple missiles against the US?
vanguard 7 aylar önce
At the initial launch warning received, all US anti-ballistic missile defenses are Immediately put on high-alert and begins tracking the missile, along with activating their anti-missile missiles. All retaliatory resources are also alerted at the same time. US intelligence and military would respond immediatelyupon a launch from North Korea and not wait for any verification.
Trajko Ivanov
Trajko Ivanov 5 aylar önce
Bullshitting.Iff IBM of NK are lounched , they are not alone! Russia and China are in that lounch for sure! Be aware weak usa!!
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 5 aylar önce
@-OmegaZero- simple answer to that. No. Ballistic missile submarines do not carry anti-missile missiles. That would be a complete waste of the missile tubes that could be used to house more warheads for destroying the designated enemy
Steve Davenport
Steve Davenport 5 aylar önce
@Jacob No, they are not designed for that mission. They do not launch interceptor missles.
Jan Hammer
Jan Hammer 6 aylar önce
@Derpinstyne H Shouldn't parenthesis be used: anti(anti(anti missile)missile)missile . . . It's getting confusing.
SCAT392 6 aylar önce
@D Chapo your not only gonna send 6 missiles they will most likely come in rounds
Mitchellpilot909 Aylar önce
This video was a good one with the minimal background music. I try to listen to these when falling asleep but the music can be too loud at times
David Ferguson
David Ferguson 2 aylar önce
Informative video of a best case scenario response by the US. Serious doubt we are capable of this level of coordination any more. Best laugh: 12:15 The President asks for a formal declaration of war. As if! Now, be serious, show us a second by second breakdown of how the military responds to a melting ice berg. Since, you know, combating climate change is the military's prime mission now. (apologies.. the sarcasm is not directed at the producer of this video, which is high quality and informative.>
Shrujanam Syama
Shrujanam Syama 13 gün önce
An ICBM can hit a target 12000km away in just 12-15 minutes. 40 minutes is too much. It is impossible to do all these things in just 15 minutes. The satellites can't suddenly find the IR signature in few seconds. It takes much more than that
Robert Gaumont
Robert Gaumont 28 gün önce
7:56. The Lumberjack dropping his axe so he could report to duty was great.
nom dom
nom dom 7 aylar önce
Honestly, this made Nuclear Weapons significantly less scary for me. Don't get me wrong, they're still terrifying, but it helps a lot to know that there are systems in place to try and stop them
Dm 18 gün önce
This is stopping one, Russia got 1000s
Jan Hradecký
Jan Hradecký 21 gün önce
The defense systems don't work very well. If a nuclear war starts it's most likely mutual destruction for all parties involved, if not the entire world.
ManiacalxMerc Aylar önce
If you live in mainland USA, anything that isn't coming from inside isn't a concern. Too much in place to see it and shoot it long before it gets close
2 aylar önce
The problem is that if someone decided to nuke you, they wouldn't simply send only 1 nuke....
pol pol
pol pol 2 aylar önce
it's been never tested in real conflict tho
勇気 Yuuki
勇気 Yuuki Aylar önce
What would happen? 1 of 2 outcomes. One is the bomb makes it and falls into the Pacific Ocean. The second is that it detonates before it launches.
Midwest Pro Fishing
I like the idea of this info but we would use something that would never be released to the public in order to make it self destruct or destruct it ourselves keeping the warhead intact
LUL MOE with the gimpy leg
What if they use electric missiles ? That moves very slow?
Cocos Ricos
Cocos Ricos 2 aylar önce
All of these for one nuclear launched. Imagine tens of them launch to strike different cities… crazy lethal.
AccessAccess 7 aylar önce
In order for a policy of nuclear deterrence to work, you have to show a willingness to follow through in kind. The point of the policy isn't just to counter an immediate attack, but also to deter future attacks by others who would try the same thing.
kat puss
kat puss 6 aylar önce
Any agreement the Vampire Parasite States of Amerika made would not be worth the paper it was written on. Look at what they did to the American Indians? They are the devil stalking the earth...
TimToes Aylar önce
I love the videos. My first one was the what if Russia now this one. I love it you got me addicted
Roger Wauters
Roger Wauters Aylar önce
Such a rocket from North Korea may reach a US State in 30 minutes. So if they act as slow as you are saying its way too late. Any boats especially need much time to reach another specified spot.
ibijelic1 16 gün önce
this goes off on the strange assumption of second stage attacks and such. Thermonuclear warfare is strategic and total, there is no reason to hold back anything. If any country decides to launch it will launch all it has against the total list of their potential enemies and threats.
no bat
no bat 22 gün önce
And we’re just talking about 1 nuclear launch. What if it’s multiple icbm launches targeting different locations?
Zeph 7 aylar önce
The Infograpic Show is very good at releasing videos that really inform us of current world situations, and at the same time informing us of dangers in the fantasy world. Way to go
Jay YouTube
Jay YouTube 2 aylar önce
So the more “test launches” the easier it is to identify and defend against…?
Mark Lohde
Mark Lohde Aylar önce
It seemed errrrily like this is what actually happened in 2018 when Hawaii had that "fake" alert on our phones.
Mahmoud Mahmoud
Mahmoud Mahmoud 2 aylar önce
Attention: my dear infographic show man..this is A gorgeous Video.. please keep the good work.. enjoy the rest of your day!!!
Siyabonga Mdluli
Siyabonga Mdluli 2 aylar önce
Funny how the US response time is so quick compared to the missile's speed.🙄
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas 2 aylar önce
How are you guys able to release 2/3 videos everyday?! You must have a big team of animators designers and researchers. Incredible work!
Youtubr one
Youtubr one 6 gün önce
If you observe carefully, you might realize to deliver one single message amongst smarter audience, one must at first create publicly trusted platform or channel that supports lots of other commonly accepted views. Then, suddenly throw in the personal or govt/corp. propaganda, the subconscious mind would think, 'Oh since he/they always voiced for the 99%, not the one percent or corrupted governmentals, he/they is not lying.
PhantomJosh 18 gün önce
TRvid automation. There’s Somme rich millionaire behind all this
K J 21 gün önce
@Dumb Sow 😂
spastik 21 gün önce
Doesnt matter
steve Kane
steve Kane 26 gün önce
THEY use fearmongering to use you as clickbait. Do not click on.
Toby O'Donnell
Toby O'Donnell Aylar önce
So is this what would've happened a couple weeks ago with the missile launched over Japan?
Phlegm187 Aylar önce
This video should have been 30 seconds about how long its flight would last before it malfunctions and falls into the sea of Japan.
Pur9lehat 26 gün önce
“Why do we spend so much on defense?” Well maybe because instead of spit in one hand and want in the other we can guarantee security even in the most devastating of circumstances.
szpoti 2 aylar önce
The same applies to an even-more realistic scenario brought up by a retired and revengeful judo fighter.
matelTANK 7 aylar önce
WE NEED A PART 2 I wanna see a whole series based on a fictional war by you guys
Chris Andrei Desquitado
No its not fictional because it might actually happen
Tricklarock 6 aylar önce
@Bobby RIGHT?!?
kat puss
kat puss 6 aylar önce
Or what about some TRUTH Dumbo? "KOREA: The Never-Ending War" The film - written and produced by John Maggio and narrated by Korean-American actor John Cho - confronts the “Forgotten War” perception of the Korean War
Bobby 6 aylar önce
We might get to see the real thing.
Joseph Boyle
Joseph Boyle 7 aylar önce
Just play the fallout games
FL tommy
FL tommy 26 gün önce
You guys analyze things to the point of it not being fun anymore
Repe 001
Repe 001 Aylar önce
its cool to see what wouldve happened in my time with korea like what wouldve happened in my dads time with russia
Johnny Freedom
Johnny Freedom 24 gün önce
I was 16 in 1971 when everyone at our Drive-In in North Jersey thought we saw New York hit with a nuclear weapon. A big orange ball of fire with a large mushroom cloud so bright the drive-in screen could not be seen! Being the middle of the cold war, no one was surprised! We All Began counting and waiting for the shock, for death! When it didn't come after 60 Seconds we knew it was something else. A large gasoline storage tank in Exxon oil refinery had blown up! It blew windows out over 10 miles away. Everybody alive that live near that refinery all had the same thoughts! We've lived through this before, hopefully we will live through it again without anybody actually blowing a nuke!
Farmer Joe Brown
Farmer Joe Brown Aylar önce
Good except there is an exothermic followed by endothermic reactions that form an untraceable signature…..or maybe it uses heat to convert moisture in air to h2 and o2 so that the h2 then dissipates the heat immediately….or maybe it uses noise cancelling headphones
Cody L
Cody L 7 aylar önce
A part you missed that I was hoping to see would be the use of sirens, national warnings sent to TVs and cellphone, etc.
Michael Lovely
Michael Lovely 2 aylar önce
@Cool Cat Speaking of which; I have watched coverage of the EF5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013 from Oklahoma City's NBC affiliate KFOR Channel 4 and it was extremely eerie hearing the tornado sirens wailing in the background of a phone call between field meteorologist Mike Bennett and the station's chief meteorologist Mike Morgan.
Braco 3 aylar önce
Yeah whenever I get an amber alert for a second I think it’s a nuclear launch warning lol always freaks me out
Peter Ramsden
Peter Ramsden 6 aylar önce
@Vyros . oh yeah very exciting...NOT
Kevin Barth
Kevin Barth 6 aylar önce
@Tricklarock Now THAT, as they used to say, is the $64,000 question.
Tricklarock 6 aylar önce
@Kevin Barth WOW!!! "... was a 10-year veteran... had a past history of confusing drills with reality." Geez-usss, why in the farm truck was he still in that position, instead of behind some un-important desk?! Or better yet, discharged?!?!
Howie 14 gün önce
Looks like it would be too complicated for a nuclear missile to hit the United States. In an effort to keep it simple I would think North Korea would try for South Korea Japan or Hawaii.
Digital Nomad 808
Digital Nomad 808 2 aylar önce
"What If North Korea Launched a Nuclear Bomb?" Answer with a question: When will North Korea glow in the dark?
Evington Frank
Evington Frank Aylar önce
Considering what went on today, this could become reality within a week truly D:
C D 25 gün önce
I'm surprised this is allowed to be published, isn't this like top secret information? If it's a true depiction of real time events I mean.
elliot1405 3 aylar önce
Love these videos. Really helps people who aren’t in the military to have a good idea of how things would play out. Very cool.
michael barry
michael barry Aylar önce
@firebat128 TRvid is infested with clickbait. see Lex fridman on TRvid for example of no click bait. Not the Lex Clips, the full podcasts.
Colbyyylee Aylar önce
Even people in the military have no idea 💀
firebat128 Aylar önce
Take it with a grain of salt. This vid is extemely clickbait and innacurate with the visuals. They put more effort into shock value than attention to detail
Swwatter Aylar önce
@Ryan G yep. So we know that NK would actually hit the USA since they'll miss all of their shots rather than hit 3rd time lucky. NK wouldn't launch just one either, they'd launch multiples to make sure it's impossible to get them all.
Ryan G
Ryan G Aylar önce
I hate to break this to you, but the military lies all the time to civilians (and sometimes even to themselves!) about their capabilities. I can provide a bunch of examples of this, but I'll pick one I personally was involved with. I was in the Navy, on a submarine, which was supposed to be equipped with the newest and greatest tech on offer. We had this one system that was supposed to be "A fully automated ESM Suite." On paper, this thing was amazing. It could detect a ship's exact range, course, bearing, and speed, deduce exactly what kind of ship it was, and then cross reference that with an exhaustive database of all currently active seagoing vessels known to be in the area. In reality, this thing was virtually useless. It could do precisely none of the above and even the ability to update fire control with "Echo contacts" only worked 50% of the time. But that's not the worst of it. The worst of it was that for inspections we had to pretend like it all DID work while simultaneously using the older, manual methods to get actually usable results. Why? Because procedure was drawn up by the system's designers (who, incidentally, never tested it under real world conditions) and the procedure SAID all the equipment worked great. Again, this is just one system but it's a microcosm of the problem as a whole. The highups think a system does X, the people who actually use it know it does Y, and public, if they know about it, thinks the system does Z.
4 Dogs Gaming
4 Dogs Gaming 2 aylar önce
This video couldn't be more wrong. Do they really think they'll only fire one missle. Nice how they know our exact response and military capabilities thwarting a nuclear attack.
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