What Hygiene Was Like For Medieval Peasants

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Although cleanliness in the Middle Ages was primitive compared to what modern people enjoy, it doesn't mean medieval hygiene didn't exist. Despite living in an era long before indoor plumbing, shampoo, and nail salons, people used the best hygiene practices they could. Unfortunately, they didn't have a lot to work with. Peasants had it especially bad and weren't often able to afford luxuries like more than one set of clothing. For the lower classes, personal hygiene in the Middle Ages meant keeping clean however you could, even if it wasn't easy.
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20 Oct 2019




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Weird History 25 gün önce
What one item would you take back to Medieval Europe?
Roblocc Oobleck
Roblocc Oobleck 3 saatler önce
My guitar
Jonathan Lund
Jonathan Lund Gün önce
@*• Sugary Miinxio •* and within a week knowing absolutely nobody the poor peasants would over take you and relieve you of your riches or you could buy yourself a personal security force but don't think the upper class might gather wind of you at which point your knowledge might be much more rewarding than your gold ever could be, just saying
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Guns and a time machine and a place to live
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Make me want to wash my ass right now
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1:59 "some peasents decide NOT TO WASH AT ALL" OMG EWWWWW!!!! LMAO
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Other indegenous civilzations were. Much more advanced in cleanliness Europe the dark ages. their diseases took the natives out history says europeans took over with steel and diseases.
Sawyer the meme Subscribe.
Doctor I have a small head ache Doctor release all blood from body and take all vital organs out
Paras Naradiya
Paras Naradiya Gün önce
At that time, india was much more ahead in hygiene ( apart from outdoor toilets), champoo was originated there along with super cheap clothes and neem brush, coal soaps, itar (perfume-for nobels), etc and in hindu tradition person cannot enter kitchen to cook without taking a bath
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Jonathan Lund Gün önce
So while washing your clothes your garments ended up more nasty than they were before??
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Sounds like average hundreds of californian homeless person
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Nice documentary but horrible voice.
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Huh and they say white people are clean :P
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Wow! First time I've been disappointed by you guys at Weird History. I've studied history and have found all your stuff functional, factual and funny..... oh you were one of my by gone lecturers..... but this time you disappoint, you have given natural therapies, my second Masters degree, a bit of a hard wrap, admittedly, administered by fools in the cases you site but guys..... come on, before chemicals reproductions were developed thatsvwhere we had and used properly with a heathly lifestyle, I am sure you will find have great potential to rise again to replace the all too common crap we put in our bodies in the last 20 life times. How about an episode about natural therapies. But beware because as in all things there are a lot of shisters out there...... Start here ...Saint Hildegard of Bingen, who knows you may learn a thing or too along the way PS How about an episode on Alvin Toflers, Future Shock? Please Keep up the good work Eric☆
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I know the women I met on Match.com were pretty Med Evil in terms of smell. Need to dip that beaver and bring your ass some soap and it’s 2019!
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We are like bonobos. Hahahahaha
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One day future human beings will look back to us and think how garbage our time was and be pleased to not live here :)
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How did ANYONE SURVIVE to the modern day?
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Barber performing the teeth removal...oh
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I wish I could have parasites. Stupid health making my life good.
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So your telling me people used essential oils in Medeival times to cure sickness and it didn’t work? Hmm, who does that sound like today?🤔
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Seems like the roman lower class lived way better then the peasents in medieval times
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We Are Like Bonobos
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dear god what a shitty times...
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That thumbnail must be how women view my tindr pics.
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John Holmes 5 gün önce
Ultraviolet 5 gün önce
And still some wipe their bums with papers instead of washing with water can’t believe this....seriously shower regularly and buy perfumes
Andrea Girl
Andrea Girl 5 gün önce
You should do a video about the Incas!! it would be soooo interesting
Hols -__-
Hols -__- 5 gün önce
Mister Hand
Mister Hand 5 gün önce
Did they wipe their asses? Were butthole burn and dingleberries deadly? Were genitals green and did they smell like amonia?
Laila August
Laila August 5 gün önce
should change your channel to “weird Eurocentric history”
Hayley Chang
Hayley Chang 6 gün önce
Sometimes I would like to know how I’ll cope in these times probably badly lol
X1 Gen KaneshiroX
X1 Gen KaneshiroX 6 gün önce
By the year 3019 there might be some people that are gonna list down 25 reasons why living in the 21st century sucks. Of course the world is huge and there are definitely gonna be negativity in every time period. I’m fine with focusing on the present which is the 21st century now.
Ross Isaacs
Ross Isaacs 6 gün önce
Definitely wouldn't want to have oral sex in the middle ages
Maria Stoyanova
Maria Stoyanova 6 gün önce
I think we should stop using the term "doctor" for those Medieval pseudo-scientists who basically were as ignorant regarding sicknesses and their causes as any other person during that period. Knowing a bit about human body doesn't make them doctors as they were absolutely into the dark and couldn't help with most diseases. I assume most elders and people with knowledge about herbs and their medical uses were actually more useful in treating diseases
miguel murillo
miguel murillo 6 gün önce
it was primitive compared to a lot of the civilizations they conquered too. Just saying...
Latrissa Fleming Coles
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Delousing parties 😂🐜
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fredo corleone 7 gün önce
See ? White people are dirty fucks. Europeans go months without showering
Today in the modern world, we’re all living like kings and princes. But there’s still spoiled brats.
goober pea
goober pea 7 gün önce
Women didnt have many periods bc once they did, they would be impregnated. Over & over & died
Bug lover Spider lover
Bred to death.
Anna Cohen
Anna Cohen 7 gün önce
*me and my girls in medevil times* aye u got a tampon naw dude just break one off that tree
grayedoutmonday 7 gün önce
What happened to japan or china hygene in the same era as medieval?
reignman2112 7 gün önce
Just go to skid row in LA to get an idea...
Merrye Syndrome
Merrye Syndrome 7 gün önce
I just bathed and dried my hair. I feel like a witch!
badlongon 7 gün önce
Was that George Soros??
Nasexsav Kifs
Nasexsav Kifs 7 gün önce
Peasant: *Has a headache* Doctor: Alright I’m gonna drill a hole into your skull and release the evil spirits that are possessing you.
Les Rosin
Les Rosin 7 gün önce
At least you could let er rip anytime. I mean who`s gonna even notice? Mine might even help, I eat a lot of sweet fruit.
S cell
S cell 8 gün önce
Imagine the stench coming off of that menstruating medievil muff, try chowing down on that.
Bald Bride
Bald Bride 8 gün önce
in medieval times i think you pretty much bunch up a fist full of herbs and stuff your pants and armpits like a holiday turkey and walk around crunching leaves and twigs in your places.
sammy holdem
sammy holdem 8 gün önce
Dudes weren't going down on chicks back then no way Stinky girl
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How did we survive back then? OMG
J H 8 gün önce
Vegetables AND onions???
LP727 8 gün önce
These mf’s were dumb af when places like Rome already had sewers
Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga
Omg this was so helpful to my project
Kelly Yeomans
Kelly Yeomans 8 gün önce
mecánico en la frontera
I was told by my history professor that medieval peasants might have bathe once or twice a month if they were lucky
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