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Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 2 aylar önce
Eugene: Barely restrained rage. Zach: Barely restrained tears. Keith: Barely restrained disappointed Dad.
peepslostsheep 16 gün önce
@m. richards The one where your friend almost destroyed your business, while betraying you and his wife. You forget that Ariel is ALSO their friend. Not just Ned.
Jemand Jemand
Jemand Jemand 16 gün önce
looks more like a death stare
Sxars Fade
Sxars Fade 16 gün önce
@Kristie Mangan I like you XD
Sxars Fade
Sxars Fade 16 gün önce
@Kristie Mangan yuh. To cover the pain
Sxars Fade
Sxars Fade 17 gün önce
Why is it so true tho
Nadia Aliani
Nadia Aliani Aylar önce
The fact that ned was that guy who always talks about his wife and was the symbol of family man in this show is killing me.
Dheepthi 53 dakika önce
I agree with you. I am so crushed😔
Brinzley21 2 gün önce
That’s exactly what I thought! He seem like this guy who was all about family but I guess he fooled everyone
kam 9 gün önce
@last days he had a child that he ruined the life of because of what he did
last days
last days 9 gün önce
I'm sure you'll get over it. Just imagine he's an actual human....flaws and all.
Lisa Schooler
Lisa Schooler 11 gün önce
@Vicky Kulig good observation! Kind of slid a little bit of “ownership” into them (although to many of the public it would come across as just respect or simple titles…)
Isabel Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez Gün önce
Eugene is so pissed☹️ I’m sure they’re so disappointed and upset with Ned. His poor wife and kids🥺
the fact that they have to apologize for something they had nothing to do with so that their whole business doesn’t go rights down the drain is so upsetting and i respect this move because you guys refused to stand with someone who did something terrible. mad respect for this.
DreadShine 14 gün önce
@S Jones it’s called calling out your friends and colleagues and holding them accountable. If more people in this society did it maybe some people wouldn’t be screeching the second someone tries to have a conversation with them about their shitty behavior. Silence truly is deafening so to sit there and choose inaction when you can rip the problem out root and stem, would be nothing but cowardice.
Miss Amanda's world
Miss Amanda's world 22 gün önce
@Alex Maverick you are an wrong
Dandelion_Official 22 gün önce
@Alex Maverick oh wow, you know them!?
Alex Maverick
Alex Maverick 22 gün önce
They knew the whole time. They’re literally just covering their asses by throwing one dude under the bus. All of them are scum bags.
Miss Amanda's world
Miss Amanda's world 25 gün önce
@Daniel P it really doesn't Ariel has her interior design she actually may make more then Ned did as part of try guys. do I feel bad for her yeah more so for her kids.
👉Mei-mei draws👈
Zach looks so defeated about it all. He looks so sad.. Since the holidays are around the corner, I wanna wish you a happy holidays to you and your team and families. God speed ❤
Jennifer C D
Jennifer C D 2 aylar önce
Eugene is the definition of “if looks could kill”. Mad respect for you guys.
Jordan Amber
Jordan Amber 7 gün önce
I know right I couldn’t stop looking at him he looked pissed
All That Glitters
All That Glitters Aylar önce
I think he's just upset about what's going on
C R Aylar önce
Nah he’s the definition of looking tough on the internet to make people think he’s hard lol I love when asains or whatever he is act like we care about what they think
Ryan M
Ryan M Aylar önce
Oh he’s mad as hell 🫠
Toast Aylar önce
@Sanidhya Suresh such a weird ass comment
Meghan Mary
Meghan Mary Aylar önce
As a PR professional, I just wanted to say I could not have imagined a better, more eloquent response for you three to have published/posted. As someone who has watched you all for years, I'm saddened to see your heartbreak, but am so hopeful for your future and will always support you moving forward. Sending love and positive thoughts during this transitional time 💗
cwolf201 Aylar önce
one of the silly bits is Ned was apparently part of HR
Serie Calveley
Serie Calveley 3 gün önce
I have thought about this since this video came out..... But the look that Eugene is giving is so heartbreaking. He's probably been there to hear about all of the kids' milestones.... maybe it's because I'm also a child of split parents, like Eugene. But he's probably thinking about when the poor boys are old enough to comprehend what happened, and how damaging it will be for them :(
Rachel Hamilton
Rachel Hamilton 2 gün önce
I think he’s also angry on Ariel’s behalf, since they are such close friends
Wallace Stenson
Wallace Stenson 2 gün önce
Yeah, as a fellow child of split parents, I was thinking the same thing. All of this kinda hits different when you've been raised in the conflict of a split family.
swatted_fly Aylar önce
ive never seen such a genuine apology video and its over something they didn’t even do… and i just wanna add how much i love the way zach opens the immediately saying that ned has been removed, instead of putting off saying that till the end. i feel so bad for the three of them for having to go through this, and im so proud of them for handling it like this
peepslostsheep 16 gün önce
@earth- No. He's just spewing nonsense. There is no evidence that I've seen, that they knew.
earth- 19 gün önce
@Alex Maverick bro what 😭 They knew!? 😭
Alex Maverick
Alex Maverick 22 gün önce
You thought this was genuine 😂. Hate to break it to you man, but they were aware of this for years. It’s only because he got caught that they threw him under the bus.
Shazaam Network
Shazaam Network 3 gün önce
I’ve never seen these guys serious in my life. Kuddos to them being stern on the matter.
HumTV 2 aylar önce
Eugene’s fury, Zach’s sadness, and Keith’s disappointment is so poignant in their body language. Makes the situation a harder pill to swallow. Sending love
billboard NEWS
billboard NEWS Aylar önce
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James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr 2 aylar önce
@Vera 😏
James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr 2 aylar önce
@wayupn 🤔💯
James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr 2 aylar önce
@Dani Carli probably not 😏
James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr 2 aylar önce
Yep 💯 😏
Kendall Aylar önce
i think one of the hardest things about watching old videos now is just wondering when exactly ned started pretending. his love and admiration for ariel was genuine in the beginning, it’s definitely painful to question when it started to become a façade. so much love to Keith, Zach, and Eugene. we support however you may navigate this shit 💛
LISA BARRERO 20 gün önce
@S Jones it had everything to do with their private lives because they profited on making us believe they had the perfect love, marriage and family. Ned pushed his wonderful family life to sell his date night cook book to make money out of a lie. When you push a lie to make money people are allowed to judge them.
Belle M.
Belle M. 27 gün önce
@CatCraddle yup, he branded himself as a loving husband and father. What makes you can also break you.
CatCraddle 28 gün önce
@Belle M. I think it really was genuine at the beginning. Ned was more casual in mentioning his wife Ariel in the earliest videos. But he kept getting positive attention for talking about her, so he did it every video. It was part of his influencer brand.
Thats the worst feeling.. When I was betrayed apparently it had gone on for over a year. The pictures that we took during that time look so happy but now its in my head "was he with her" "was he planning on leaving here?"
Nadia Aliani
Nadia Aliani Aylar önce
He should not have married then. He could stay single and love 1000 women without breaking any promises and bringing any shame for himself.
Sampada Gondhalekar
the fact that they had to apologise on the behalf of Ned is so sad like they never deserved to be betrayed.
peepslostsheep 20 gün önce
@Alex Maverick Thank you for supporting the channel!
Alex Maverick
Alex Maverick 22 gün önce
No betrayal. They knew for years. Don’t be gullible.
Elizabeth Yelverton
Elizabeth Yelverton 3 gün önce
Eugene over here making me think IM in trouble
Quirktart 26 gün önce
These guys have never seemed so formal and professional before. It's almost uneasy seeing Zach be as straight and narrow and professional as he is here.
Camdyn Amanda
Camdyn Amanda 2 aylar önce
The silent rage radiating from Eugene. The genuine heartbreak from Zach. And the maturity from Keith. You all are so strong. Proud of you guys for standing proud with your company.
billboard NEWS
billboard NEWS Aylar önce
*BLACKPINK releases new song "𝗦hut 𝗗own" with 𝙝𝙞𝙥-𝙝𝙤𝙥 vibes : Liste𝚗*
AssaultedPeanutt Aylar önce
@K4T I'd consider it a higher morality, actually. A concept of fairness and logic rather than reacting out of emotion and bias. It's more immoral to react in anger or to judge with bias. That's the thing, when judging a situation like this you have to look at the big picture, not just the heated emotions and the current political trends. You can't just look at the bad and throw everything else away, you have to remember the good in people too. Especially if you supposedly love them and think of them as family. And especially if the entire company that you're booting him from, that has made you wealthy and successful, started with his idea. Things are rarely black and white. And that's the problem with our society right now is that the loudest people don't understand that. There's too much at play here to judge it that way, and that's exactly why it's important to step back away from the drama and the emotions and the social expectations and judge the situation with logic and neutrality. That's why judges exist, to be that neutral voice of reason. And that's the way I approach things. If you don't like it or agree then I don't know why you're wasting your time trying to argue it because the mass majority of everyone else agrees with you already. So why are you even talking to me about this? Can't resist an argument? I'm here to give another point of view. Look around, do we really need to hear you say the same thing everyone else is saying? We already know your pov. It's the same as the rest of the pawns. I also can't help but think that, considering how common cheating is, that at least half the angry mob of "fans" sending him to the noose have themselves been cheaters at some point. I just know the statistics and how people are so I'd bet money on that guess.
Stephen Biggs
Stephen Biggs 2 aylar önce
I love the whole, take it easy on the woman…what she knew damn well he was married so she’s just as shitty as him. That little bit they added was super hypocritical
K4T 2 aylar önce
@AssaultedPeanutt You don't have a very good grip of morality do you? All that matters to you are whatever should be necessary or isn't. We're not bound to things as simple as "Oh they didn't have to do that." but "Why they felt the need to." They were betrayed. By a close friend. Of course they had to hold the man accountable. I wouldn't personally stick to the job if I found out my boss was cheating on his wife on a coworker. That would make me feel dirty. That and having the guy on the show would be practically admitting "Ah yeah it wasn't all that bad, he can stay-"
AssaultedPeanutt 2 aylar önce
@Nikki Rivera you're right, you shouldn't have repeated it. You're literally repeating what's been said all throughout this comment section. Shouldn't have wasted your time. Refer to everything I've already said for my response. ✌️
yumbunny256 3 gün önce
They all look like they're on the verge of tears 😢
Zerron Kaibo
Zerron Kaibo Gün önce
I suggest a rename to "The Tri Guys" it also fits with the Triceratops
The Ginja Ninja
The Ginja Ninja Aylar önce
What hurts the most is you listen to someone like Ned going on about how much he 'LoOOooOovVves his wife' This is why we have trust issues
Max Taelor
Max Taelor 17 gün önce
But that's the thing, h was always saying it. Meanwhile Keith and his wife Look so fucking happy and they're always joking and he doesn't GUSH over her, but you can see the love and conviction between them .
Nadia Star
Nadia Star 6 gün önce
No one online was harsh on his wife. They destroyed him. 😂
Emmu Lah
Emmu Lah 4 gün önce
I think they were referring to the employee he was involved with
Bee Bradbury
Bee Bradbury 2 aylar önce
Look at how livid Eugene is. He's barely holding in his rage. Good for you guys. I love you three!!
peepslostsheep 20 gün önce
@Black Rose He is absolutely angry. His hand and jaw are both flexing. He is scowling. These are classic signs of someone being angry.
Bee Bradbury
Bee Bradbury 24 gün önce
@Black Rose my guy....if my autistic ass can tell he looks pissed off idk how you can't.
Black Rose
Black Rose 24 gün önce
He’s not doing anything. People by making up anything “omggggg he’s literally wanting to strangle someone, he’s in a rage, he looks like he’s ready to kill someone, he’s done with this bulkshit” like shut up he’s giving zero emotion
Dandelion_Official Aylar önce
@Jennifer Brigitte How do you know that with such certainty - are you friends with her?
Dandelion_Official Aylar önce
@TheGhettoGarden Where?
miou joer
miou joer Aylar önce
This is by far the best public statement I’ve ever seen on TRvid. These guys are all such class acts. I feel so deeply for them and everyone affected
LiD0349 17 gün önce
I hate that this situation brought out sides of these guys that most have never seen before. I’ve never seen Kieth without his smile or goofiness. I’ve never seen Eugene try to VISIBLY hold back tears. I’ve never seen Zach so obviously distraught. I feel so sorry for their staff, they are having to work so hard to erase Ned and Alex as much as possible through long, probably traumatic hours. We love you guys and will stand by you three where we can. To Ariel and her family, you guys deserve better. Please don’t stick around for Ned. It’s not worth it
Cat 19 gün önce
I'm so glad that MatPat did a video on this explaining why what Ned did was so shitty... Ned was 100% in the wrong and the other try guys don't deserve the hate they're getting for this!
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
THIS is how you handle a scandal in TRvid. Not pretending like nothing happened. Not avoiding questions. Not turning off comments in the explanation videos. Sending all my support to you guys, and everyone involved in this hard situation (except you know who).
Angel La
Angel La 2 aylar önce
Eugene’s body language really radiates how stressful and angry they are not only being betrayed as cofounders but also as best friends. Thank you for putting in ethics and modesty into this situation and I hope everything flows to your priorities as you guys are victims yourselves. We love you
Jen Kolk
Jen Kolk 2 aylar önce
@Ya Boi report
serenityq26 2 aylar önce
they are not victims. weak whack american creating fake victims. typical
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 2 aylar önce
@Fingerstyle Guitar Club no one cares
Fingerstyle Guitar Club
Hailee Crawford
Hailee Crawford Aylar önce
this is amazing. standing for what's right! what's morally and ethically right! cheating is so normalized and the fact that they're standing against that disgusting norm, this is beautiful in its own very deeply saddening way. proud of you all! and my prayers are with Ned's wife and child... or, children since I've watched last. taking the stand is the hardest thing to do, but the best. this is amazing. yet, my heart is with all affected and I'm disgusted that this has happened.
Hailee Crawford
Hailee Crawford 16 gün önce
I'm sure they were aware something wasn't right, and I can't fathom how deeply this affected to many people, including fans. I can't imagine the impact, especially in the work place. It's not necessarily their place to address it, and they still did. I will say, coming from a situation like this and growing up in this, I'd want my friend to tell me if they were aware my partner was cheating. I'd also want proof, and they had every right to not believe it without proof. Especially since they've been friends for years. I am one who doesn't just go by what others say, I go to the source. So personally they handled everything incredibly well, mature, and kept people affected private. That's in my eyes perfectly handled
peepslostsheep 20 gün önce
@Alex Maverick Thank you for supporting the channel!
「Lila's bitch」
「Lila's bitch」 20 gün önce
@Alex Maverick If you don’t believe them just leave. Why are you wasting your time replying rudely to comments.
Alex Maverick
Alex Maverick 22 gün önce
Y’all are so gullible. If you think his best friends never knew about this, you’re definitely a child.
Leona May
Leona May Aylar önce
It's not "just" cheating. It's cheating with an employee. There are power dynamics, employment law, codes of conduct etc. It may sound cold / like it's just about money. But with his actions he hurt and bbetrayed his wife, his family AND also damaged his friends'/partners' company and destroyed their trust.
Ankit Aylar önce
Absolutely devastated by the news. I can't imagine how Ariel must be feeling. It's been a while since I've seen a try guys video: I came across a Google feed suggestion about this news and didn't believe it (thinking it's probably a hoax and Ned's a nice guy, a family man). This video shook me to my core: I can't imagine how difficult this must be for everyone. Stay strong! I'm 1000% sure there's something a million times better and the tri-guys are the brink of something beautiful. I'm sure it's not just me noticing this: The world is changing rapidly as we speak. In terms of nations and economies as well as people and interpersonal relationships. The one good thing is that illusions seem to be getting diminished and people's true intentions and motives are becoming more clear.
K i a n
K i a n 6 gün önce
I hope you guys will feel better soon and mad respect for everyone in the comments and the try guys
Tania Resells
Tania Resells Aylar önce
Choices were made, he knew the consequences and still engaged in this extramarital relationship. Glad you guys made the right decision and stood up for what is right both ethically and for your business.
Tania Resells
Tania Resells Aylar önce
@ian myers oh no, you are completely right! She’s a certified “grade A” home wrecker. She should be removed as well. They really ruined their lives and for what???
ian myers
ian myers Aylar önce
You're forgetting they also lost a friend in Alex. She's a homewrecker who cheated on her fiance of 10 years with a married dude who has kids. It takes 2 to tango. Don't leave out the 2nd half of the consensual relationship
annabanana 2 aylar önce
The anger in eugene’s eyes and the way Zach and Keith look ready to cry is honestly a bit hard to take, I can’t imagine what a week this has been for them. They’re taking it all with so much class and grace though, this is truly the first TRvid “press” release I’ve ever seen that feels incredibly genuine and to the point. I really feel for them and their staff. Here’s hoping for a bright future for the three of them
Candy Apples
Candy Apples 2 aylar önce
@Eran Williams Exactly! 100% this. I had wanted to add that to my comment as well, that we are not entitled to know what Ned did immediately as it's none of our business but thought maybe it would be too harsh. People definitely need to remember that they were very kind enough to sit down on that sofa, and film this video for us all especially within weeks of the situation while they're struggling to come to the terms of the whole mess. I actually also had expected them to say something a year later at least about it once the whole matter has settled down personally and legally wise. (Also didn't expect them to provide subtitles with this video straight away either for us that are Deaf/Hard of hearing!)
Eran Williams
Eran Williams 2 aylar önce
@Candy Apples I want to add to this, the humans involved owe NONE of us an explanation for any of it. It's a curtesy. They produce fire content and we consume it. Beyond that they dont owe any of us a thing about their personal emotional state or private feelings and experiences. Any of it they share, is a blessing and overly generous. If someone here in the comments feels entitled to ANYTHING from them, the are sick in the head. They are disturbed and dysfunctional.
Roope Malmström
Roope Malmström 2 aylar önce
Reminds me of another split that happened between Juji and Tom.
Anna C
Anna C 2 aylar önce
Saddest of all to me, in regards to the guys reactions in this video specifically, is the fact that we all know Eugene has the hardest time coping with and expressing his emotions. Most especially when he is sad, hurt or betrayed. Which means that anger we see is the best he can do to cover up just how badly he's taking this. I just truly feel he's the one taking it the worst out of the three.
Eran Williams
Eran Williams 2 aylar önce
@All Things Nerdy That's a gross thing to say. You know what's free? Keeping thoughts that prove you're struggling with ignorance in your head.
Nicolai Janssen
Nicolai Janssen Aylar önce
If he did not speak about how much he loved his wife and kids all the time I probably would not care so much
Anahita Azadeh
Anahita Azadeh Aylar önce
My respect has risen exponentially for you three. I’ve been watching since y’all’s early 2013 days on BuzzFeed and this response, from the removal of Ned from the company to this video, has been heartwarming. I’ll definitely stay tuned for whatever work you put out next.
benslut 3 gün önce
the fact that they have to apologize because of the other’s actions. Ned and the employees actions are absolutely disgusting . you guys are amazing.
Morgan 17 gün önce
I feel terrible for Ariel, and her boys, they deserve so much better
danifyreee 2 aylar önce
i can feel Eugene’s rage boiling under his skin, imagine one of your best friends betray you. And Zach trying so hard not to cry. Huge respect and kudos to your professionalism. Hope for the best in the coming years and sending love to you guys and your team. 💙💜💚
peepslostsheep 28 gün önce
@ash ams Ned was an owner of the company. The woman he had a two year inappropriate sexual relationship with was his employee. This makes it business, and _not_ just personal. Fraternization rules are written into most workplace policies. Relationships between employer and employee must be made known to HR (or equivalent). This is due to the risk of favoritism, allegations of abuse, conflicts of interest, and even blackmail, among other complications. These are the reasons he was fired. Not cheating. Cheating had an emotional toll on them, but cheating had no effect on him being fired. His actions jeopardized their company, created turmoil in the team, he lied to them, betrayed them, and betrayed the rest of the team. That's why he lost his job _and_ friends.
Ken 2 aylar önce
@ash ams He not. But he is one of the few people who put his entire brand on the fact that he loved his wife to the internet and than cheated. Anyways I don’t know why you acting like others are overreacting. He made the other guys lose millions of dollars.
Jessica Missouri
Jessica Missouri 2 aylar önce
@ash ams bruh did you even see my other comment💀 read before you reply
ash ams
ash ams 2 aylar önce
@Ken why yal acting like he the first person in the world to cheat
ash ams
ash ams 2 aylar önce
@Jessica Missouri ok but what does that have to do with anybody else other than his wife n kids🤣
LyLyRauZ 24 gün önce
People saying that Ned only made a ''little mistake'' probably cheated on someone once in their life too. + there's a difference between cheating with your highschool lover and cheating with your wife and mother of your kid for one of your employees.
Froggie_king 11 gün önce
Eugene’s silent rage is strong , Zachs heartbreak , Keith’s maturity is strong. And I’m so proud you guys stood up for the other employees
Dwarkin 8 gün önce
And everything was fake
allnonethevoid 20 gün önce
I hope everyone realizes that they could have swept everything under the rug the way most producers have in the past. They didn't. They took responsibility for their partner's misconduct when he wouldn't, and handled the whole situation in the most ethical and honorable way they could. SNL could never.
SeventhGate008 Aylar önce
As horrific as this is.. it's nice seeing a situation like this being handled so seriously and respectfully.
Arkboi21 2 aylar önce
Honestly, THIS right here, is what true genuine leadership and professionalism look like. Acting swiftly and as transparently as legally possible. Being open, honest, and direct with company employees and customers (the fans). Taking ownership and responsibility for any wrongdoing (even if it was someone else's wrongdoing). And lastly, apologizing to all those affected and trying to make amends. My heart goes out to all of you, your families, and your employees (except Ned and Alexandria) affected by this, especially Ariel. Thank you for everything you're doing and the incredible work you put out there that brings joy to so many. Hang in there guys! Wishing you all the best moving forward. ❤
KumaoftheForest 2 aylar önce
@Kevin Jong it’s the business being affected that’s causing them to remove him. What made TryGuys so fun was that it was just 4 friends. Then they made a business out of what they were doing. DanPlan is an example of the same thing but just had a different “ending”
Kevin Jong
Kevin Jong 2 aylar önce
@KumaoftheForest but it's not like the business is the only thing affected
Kevin Jong
Kevin Jong 2 aylar önce
@KumaoftheForest Ned was kicked because it'd affect their business, paychecks is just one part of it.
KumaoftheForest 2 aylar önce
@Kevin Jong you really going to look me in the eye and say Ned wasn’t kicked to the curb because it’d hurt their paychecks
Kevin Jong
Kevin Jong 2 aylar önce
@KumaoftheForest They can still be friends IRL, even if it wasn't a business Ned's actions would still have affected them, it's not just the company that is impacted by it.
Jenny Cappellani
Jenny Cappellani Aylar önce
I’ve never heard of you guys before this, but you seem like genuinely kind people. So if there is a silver lining for you, this has brought attention to your brand and your thoughtful response may could be pulling people in to take a closer look. Best wishes to you all as you recover from what has been a difficult situation.
peepslostsheep 20 gün önce
@Sara The fiance didn't see them in public or send in pictures. Fans did.
Sara 22 gün önce
That's because they WERE really popular for a bit then started to become irrelevant.... then like magic... the fiance of the girl ned was cheating with just happened to see them out in public, making out, and snapped pics ...then posted them on reddit/. Seriously, I highly doubt that this was even real .. especially since Ariel has stated that her and Ned are working things out. The length of time that he "cheated" on her was well over 9 months and a wife knows when her husband is cheating if its been that long. Everything changes... the sex, the conversations, the mannerisms, the affection...... Let's not forget that as soon as all of this was "exposed" the try guys got more viewers, subscribers and sponsers which equals MORE MONEY. I bet this whole thing was known by ALL parties involved as was just a ploy to get more money and become relevant again. 🥴
Bee L.
Bee L. 9 gün önce
Coming back to this video to give MASSIVE kudos to the editing team. Seriously, your work does not go unnoticed, especially in the new WAR season - you're making the best of a seriously shit situation and we see and appreciate you, your effort, and your humor. You all rock!!
Coloradoinni1 Aylar önce
You all did nothing wrong but you did step the hell up and it is nice to see that someone who does something gets consequences. Makes me appreciate the Try Guys even more!!!!
Joaquin Paredes
Joaquin Paredes 3 gün önce
its been a couple years since ive seen the try guys, and coming back to ned being kicked out for cheating, makes me feel ashamed towards him, he was such a nice cool father back then, but now seeing him fall this hard to the ground does make me feel bad for everyone who had to endore it, especially his family, his wife and baby wes, i do hope that after those two months after the announcement of the events, things have gotten a little more stable than what it was before, still thank you guys for always bringing awesome content to everyone in the site
Lovely Mina
Lovely Mina 2 aylar önce
Keith having his arm there to subtly comfort Zach, who is on the verge of tears, while Eugene is radiating anger just shows how this has affected our Tri Guys. As fans the most we can do is be patient and give them and the partners hurt all the support we can.
Learn from a Lunatic
Learn from a Lunatic 2 aylar önce
Well because their whole brand is based off of the four guys once you remove one it’s like a rockband that gets a different singer they normally fall apart afterwards this situation will emotionally cause distain and have them leave because they’ll just constantly be reminded of Ned
*-.. Minjaj ..-*
*-.. Minjaj ..-* 2 aylar önce
stupid. you don't even know them. get over it.
Maeve 2 aylar önce
@Mason Bray right? You can also see Eugene actually having to take breaths and stops in between their words because if they don’t they’ll absolutely rip Ned a new one. They are absolutely livid.
Darkrose Guild
Darkrose Guild 2 aylar önce
Stand forever with the Tri-guys! Sending hugs to these three and others who were affected.
James Katu
James Katu 2 aylar önce
Yeah Eugene right now looks like that extremely angry Asian person kinda like my Wife(she’s Chinese from the Philippines) when she’s angry. Only he looks beyond.
Zoe Logan
Zoe Logan 22 gün önce
As a viewer, I really appreciate the transparency and the fact y'all were so open about this and didn't sweep it under the rug. I wish nothing but good things for your company and I hope success continues to find you well.
LISA BARRERO 20 gün önce
They couldn’t really sweep it under the rug because a fan exposed the offending pictures online.
Elle Diane
Elle Diane Aylar önce
I've watched these guys, off & on, over the past few years. The way they've chosen to handle this situation, is beyond impressive. Anymore, we hear things that someone in the public eye has done, & we barely react. We've become desensitized to issues like this. I have so much respect for the three remaining guys, as I can see & hear their heartbreak. They chose to give their employees a non-toxic work environment, and to protect a reputation they've worked hard to build. Like I said, so impressive!!
Isabelle Nobre
Isabelle Nobre Aylar önce
This is really sad to watch honestly, but I’m really proud of you guys and I hope Ariel gets the support she needs
Isabelle Nobre
Isabelle Nobre Aylar önce
@ian myers I didn’t know she had a fiancé at first, that’s why I didn’t say anything
Isabelle Nobre
Isabelle Nobre Aylar önce
@ian myers him too, I hope he gets the support he needs
ian myers
ian myers Aylar önce
What about Alex's fiance??
KairoKuys Aylar önce
It's nice that they did not dismiss this case but instead worked out what must be done accordingly and professionally. What's sad about this is that the guys and even the staff behind them are hurting because of someone whom they once considered a good friend and not just some co-worker. Kudos to the Try Guys for being professional about it and I hope the healing process goes smoothly.
Saylor Neely
Saylor Neely 2 aylar önce
This is by far the best public statement I’ve ever seen on TRvid. These guys are all such class acts. I feel so deeply for them and everyone affected
billboard NEWS
billboard NEWS Aylar önce
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Leilani Krahn
Leilani Krahn Aylar önce
Mr Self Destruct
Mr Self Destruct 2 aylar önce
@RumbleRish uh,no, firing someone for cheating on their spouse is not a valid reason to fire someone in the eyes of the law and can be met with retaliation. He was fired specifically because it was a inappropriate workplace relationship he created, hence why alex has not been fired when she also cheated on a partner and stained the name of the company. You dont seem to actually understand how these laws work and how many things are actually legally considered unlawful termination
RumbleRish 2 aylar önce
@Mr Self Destruct To the last sentence of your previous reply - perhaps because there are other reasons aside from a workplace relationship for why he was removed from the company? It wasn’t just that he had relations with a coworker/subordinate, it’s also the fact that he cheated on his wife & put a bad light onto the company, losing them money. Lmaoo, plus removing members of an LLC is totally different from firing your employee (he wasn’t simply an at-will employee).
RumbleRish 2 aylar önce
@Mr Self Destruct How is what you’re saying relevant here at all?? “The law views relationships between a manager and someone below them as unconsensual 9/10” (let’s assume that’s true) is an issue for workplace sexual assault/harrassment claims… Here, what if they fire her because they don’t like the coffee she drinks. Or because they didn’t like the perfume she wore to the office one day. Best of all, fire her for no reason at all! I think you underestimate the force & extent of employment at will. If you studied the subject and brushed up on case law, you’d see that “wrongful termination” is NOTORIOUSLY one of the hardest torts to recover for. It’s simply too high a burden for most plaintiffs to prove that their employer fired them for a discriminatory reason or fired them violative of a specific statute.
The Natural Yogi
The Natural Yogi Aylar önce
I love that these are real men who stand by the truth and what is right not just because they are bros.
surlywithfabshoes 29 gün önce
It’s really a good example of a team of people coming together, addressing all emotions and looking for a way to move forward. Most ‘scandals’, for lack of a better word, tear groups apart. But as funny and goofy as these guys are, it’s clear that they have built a fan base because of their integrity and hard work. I hope the revenue loss will taper off and get them back to the place they deserve. I’ll keep watching their content!
Salem Ness
Salem Ness Aylar önce
Reading through comments I can only see how much effort people put in trying to prove that most people are as shitty as them, saying that it was just cheating and it's not a crime, or that they are only doing this for the looks and still hang out with NEd after, even that they all knew and cover it up, or that they are cowards for "turning" their back on him... When the truth is, you can se the pain this guy's have, how mad are with what happened, sure they're doing a video because of their brand, but that does not dismiss the fact that they all have a story, values, and beliefs that lead them to take the actions we see
Vee Aylar önce
Mad props to you three and your staff. I cannot imagine the depth of pain Ned’s actions have caused everyone involved. Thank you for your honesty, transparency, and awareness and sensitivity around how the internet tends to treat women.
Versung 2 aylar önce
THIS is how you handle a scandal in TRvid. Not pretending like nothing happened. Not avoiding questions. Not turning off comments in the explanation videos. Sending all my support to you guys, and everyone involved in this hard situation (except you know who).
Aurora Aylar önce
so true you can see how honest and transparent they are
Christine B
Christine B Aylar önce
I call bs... these guys KNEW about the affair
Max MX
Max MX Aylar önce
@Fallon O’Hagan So you trying to say because they have an Asian Guy they don’t need diversity? As far as I know there are huge African American communities and Latinxs communities in this country but you keep implying they don’t exist because all you can see is Asians? Got it!
Fallon O’Hagan
Fallon O’Hagan Aylar önce
@Max MX Nobody thinks an Asian man represents the African American community. You said they need diversity. They have diversity. What they don’t have is a black guy, which is not what she was talking about when she said they have diversity.
Versung Aylar önce
@Max MX You're the one that brought up having a black guy, as if they NEED to have them for representation of smaller communities. I agree it would be nice, but they don't have the obligation. What about other minorities, then? You could make the same argument for all other smaller communities.
Cashnix 18 gün önce
Ariel is just the most loving wife ever, Ned has a child with her and he goes off and cheats with subordinate from his company. Total, complete scumbag
Maria Paula Montenegro Carrillo
I just found out this today, i feel like I've been liviving under a rock. I feel sorry for everyone, because all are affected not only by Ned, Ariel, Alex and Will situation, but also because of how public everything is.
M De Ville
M De Ville 4 gün önce
You guys are the epitome of class and grace under pressure. Zach's show of emotion had me nearly in tears ❤️ You guys are going through it right now but you'll definitely come out stronger for it. Kudos for not putting up with this sort of behavior. It's clear you're all processing this loss in different ways and I hope you all come out of it knowing even more who you are and who you want to be, both individually and as a company. Thank you for all the content and I hope you keep doing what you love ❤️
Kimberly Stevenson
Kimberly Stevenson 12 gün önce
Just got around to watching this video (Honestly, I'm never caught up on anything on the internet and just learned about the situation due to MatPat's video on the subject), and wanted to say thank you for doing the right thing as quickly as you guys could. As a fan of you guys, I'm saddened by what happened but look forward to seeing what you manage to make from this situation. Good luck, again, thank you for doing the right thing, and I am certain that your fans will continue to be here for all of you as the show changes.
disney girl
disney girl 2 aylar önce
The tears I’m sure Zach is holding back prove to me just how difficult making this decision was for them. I’m so proud for how they’re handling it
Victoria Rosales
Victoria Rosales 2 aylar önce
@Marianna I just wanna hug him.... all of them but knowing Zach is such an emotionally person... like god damn...
paboyahgoya 2 aylar önce
@Victoria Rosales fr, i went through that with my dad, he was my favorite person and then i caught him cheating on my mum and also realized all of the emotional abuse and manipulation and shit. it hurts so much
Marianna 2 aylar önce
@Victoria Rosales yes.. I’m holding back my own tears listening to their words. I would love to hug and protect them!
Victoria Rosales
Victoria Rosales 2 aylar önce
@paboyahgoya it fucking sucks when you think you knew someone and they turn out to be this totally different person.
Victoria Rosales
Victoria Rosales 2 aylar önce
@Marianna right? Like... God I couldn't hold it in
Heather 27 gün önce
I can’t even express how sorry I am. I can’t imagine how hard this is for each one of you. My heart goes to all 3 of you and the others who were hurt. Seeing the emotions from each of you, I love you.
Andrea Marie Ward
Andrea Marie Ward Aylar önce
Thank you for taking infidelity seriously. Too many companies sweep things under the rug. Regardless of what happens in the future, I'm so proud of you three 💜💜💜
Maude Fortier
Maude Fortier Aylar önce
I just wanna say thank you, for showing that not everything is acceptable, that it is okay to put limits and more important, that there are consequences for everyone involve. Thank you for being strong, i’m so fucking sad for you guys, i wish i could help with that empty feeling. Ariel, you are never gonna read this but here is all my support towards you and your family, i’m sorry guys. Love u (i’m sending you all the good energy you gave me from every videos)
Ari Mendoza
Ari Mendoza 19 gün önce
These guy's handled this topic very well. Props to them. (Let's go editing staff, you guys are the best)
elsa 2 aylar önce
this was extremely professional. to be honest, it's really sad to see these guys apologizing for something that they didn't do, but they handled it very well. much respect to them and sending love to all.
elsa Aylar önce
@Jordan III can you please not?
Jordan III
Jordan III 2 aylar önce
I’m better than the try guys 😂, i make way better content
April Salvatore
April Salvatore 2 aylar önce
Well said
GreenBeanTM 2 aylar önce
@Patrick B it is they’re business tho because it effects their company
Patrick B
Patrick B 2 aylar önce
Noone should have to apologize for ANYTHING in regards to this.....it's none of our business, and quite frankly, it's really NO BUSINESS of theirs' either
Maria de-flower me now
Honestly this is really really sad to watch. Eugene looks so angry and Keith and Zach look like they’re on the verge of tears. They didn’t just lose an employee, they lost a friend. They lost money. They probably lost sponsorships. Most of all, they lost trust and faith in someone they considered family. They’re dealing with this whilst having their company name that they built from the ground dragged through the mud in association with Neds actions. I’m glad they were so responsible and respectful to the fans when releasing this genuine apology.
Eve Eve
Eve Eve Aylar önce
So much respect for these gentlemen. They’ve handled this extremely responsibly. Well done gentlemen.
Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Honestly this is really really sad to watch. Eugene looks so angry and Keith and Zach look like they’re on the verge of tears. They didn’t just lose an employee, they lost a friend. They lost money. They probably lost sponsorships. Most of all, they lost trust and faith in someone they considered family. They’re dealing with this whilst having their company name that they built from the ground dragged through the mud in association with Neds actions. I’m glad they were so responsible and respectful to the fans when releasing this genuine apology.
niamh 16 gün önce
they did nothing wrong at ALL!! started to tear up when zachs voice started to shake bc i know that this is painful for all of them. this whole thing is just awful and disgusting and these amazing men should not have to take the downfall and we will make sure that they won’t!! it’s hard now but it’ll get better💕
Soufie Daniella Gabuna
I just want to put this out there: the care and mindfulness they’ve shown towards Ariel, the family, and the staff, as seen in what they’ve chosen to share with us, is truly the only light in all of this. Let’s remember to be kind. I’m more so a fan of this team than I’ve ever been before. Being a witness to their hard work these past few years doesn’t hold a candle to being witness to the love and appreciation this team has for one another, and that’s what I’m most proud of them for as a viewer.
MoonpoetessZ 2 aylar önce
@Diana Luna How would you know this?
Soufie Daniella Gabuna
@Diana Luna we can never actually fully know the people we see on screen. But what I choose to believe is in what I’ve seen in them so far in the years I’ve followed them: hardworking, genuine, and caring people who have made conscious decisions to better the spaces they’ve occupied on the internet and to further causes they believe in. They’re not perfect, as glaringly seen in what’s happened recently, but I think that the way they’ve handled this speaks volumes of not just their intellect (good PR moves so far), but character (everyone else, really).
hubbawho coding
hubbawho coding 2 aylar önce
@Caitlin Casazza fr
Caitlin Casazza
Caitlin Casazza 2 aylar önce
@Diana Luna what the hell? They are actually decent human beings and they care about other people. Not all celebrities suck
Don't Read Profile Photo
Vic J.
Vic J. Aylar önce
Thank you for taking the time to be so honest, transparent and genuine in your response. I'm so sorry this happened to you, and I'm sorry you have to apologize on Ned's behalf. Thank you for being respectful towards those affected - including your wonderful staff. You have all of our support and I hope you're able to still do the things you love, although it's easier said than done. Please make sure to take time to care for yourselves and do what you need to do to feel better.
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I've never seen Eugene this angry, Zach this sad, or Keith so worn-down. This has obviously taken a toll on you all. I hope you can get through this.
Lucía Soberón
Lucía Soberón Aylar önce
Thank you for taking this seriously. It helped me understand and validate my own experience with a superior taking advantage of his position and power over me. It’s very sad that in society’s eyes ‘what happened’ isn’t a superior abusing his influence, but an affair. Thank you for being so disruptive, for doing the right thing. I’ve always been a fan of the humor and the skits, but now I’m even more loyal of your principles.
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦
It breaks me to see eugene trying hard to restrain his very clear anger, and Zach trying to hold it together, all love to the three of them and to Ariel and her family
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 2 aylar önce
Ned was literally a groomsman in Keith’s wedding like, these are real people who are losing not just a business partner but a friend, his wife, a close relationship with the kids.. it’s just so sad to see someone with such an incredible life and incredible opportunities throw it all away. I feel so bad for them and for Ariel.
Fallon O’Hagan
Fallon O’Hagan 25 gün önce
@Chris Crimson Oh I don’t agree that she should just get to skate by without any blame. She knows his wife and his children. It’s disgusting. I think it’s possible they didn’t know. Ned likes to put on that cutesy flirty bashful act like no other.
Rafael Guevara
Rafael Guevara 27 gün önce
You all forget Ned is human and cheating is a common issue amongst married couples. While he is absolutely wrong, this is OD.
Druxus The Mage
Druxus The Mage 28 gün önce
@Ellie #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim ce oiey waas friends they wuld have known
58chrisitna58 Aylar önce
Men don’t think! They go off of impulse , tell the deed is done is when they want forgiveness and to move past this but don’t realize the pain and suffering they caused and the repercussions soon to come!
peepslostsheep Aylar önce
@Jorge Mendez Ned was an owner of the company. The woman he had a two year inappropriate sexual relationship with was his employee. This makes it business, and not just personal. Fraternization rules are written into most workplace policies. Relationships between employer and employee must be made known to HR (or equivalent). This is due to the risk of favoritism, allegations of abuse, conflicts of interest, and even blackmail, among other complications. These are the reasons he was fired. Not cheating. Cheating had an emotional toll on them, but cheating had no effect on him being fired. His actions jeopardized their company, created turmoil in the team, he lied to them, betrayed them, and betrayed the rest of the team. That's why he lost his job and friends.
Brooke 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
seeing the rage on eugene’s face, the heartbreak on zach’s, and the disappointment on keith’s makes this feel even more real. i’m so sorry you all have to go through all of this. sending all of my love to you, ariel, and HER children
Rachel Betty
Rachel Betty 22 gün önce
Try Guys are class and this is the best handling of a situation I've seen!!!
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova Aylar önce
So nice of them to ask for kindness for women. I'm assuming they are referring to who ever Ned had the affair with.
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
It breaks me to see eugene trying hard to restrain his very clear anger, and Zach trying to hold it together, all love to the three of them and to Ariel and her family
Lampcap 2 aylar önce
Eugene being so angry, Zach on the verge of tears and Keith with his clear look of disappointment. This video is so heartbreaking to watch. I still love these three, and feel sorry for everything everyone involved is going through.
eros. 2 aylar önce
​@santiago nunez are you gonna ctrl c ctrl v this in every comment? go get a life
Marinelle Arenas
Marinelle Arenas 2 aylar önce
Yes youve said it
ChrisLeeSmokie 2 aylar önce
@santiago nunez It's rehearsed, I think we all understand that. Doesn't change the actual message.
takemewithyou 2 aylar önce
@santiago nunez oh shut up
SleepyBun 2 aylar önce
fr Eugene looks livid-
Loren Bennington
Loren Bennington Aylar önce
As someone who has been in this situation before. My heart goes out to you guys. I had a close friend cheat on his girlfriend and it destroyed our friend circle. Hope for better things in the future I have always loved you guys. As someone in the autism spectrum who has a hard time with making friends I always thought of you as werid digital friends lol. Just know that we all care.. ❤️
Maya Neuhoff
Maya Neuhoff Aylar önce
It’s brave to face negative attention head on like this. I hope your company can continue to thrive and that the content you make doesn’t change
bug_ Aylar önce
As somebody who’s parents where torn apart because of cheating, I feel so bad for the guys, and kids. It’s pathetic that somebody would ever do this. I remember watching the guys when I was 13, wishing I had a dad that was like Ned, I remember when Eugene came out, I was so happy and a few weeks after I finally got the courage to come out. I remember loving Zach’s personality and Keith’s ‘daddy’s favorite’ reminding me of my grandfather. I am now 17, and I am more than disappointed because I loved the guys’ dynamic. It’s so sad that he would do this.
riley the bossinator
my heart genuinely hurts for you guys after Ned built his whole personality on being obsessed with his wife and being the happy family man to turning out to be a cheater is so hard especially when that person is one of your best friends , you couldn't have addressed this better than you have and you absolutely made the right decision my love to u all and Ariel too xxxx
Mujin_Kingdom 2 aylar önce
You can tell they are all going through different emotions Zach looks upset, Eugene looks mad and Keith like he still can't believe it, its sad that they are the ones who have to speak out and apologize
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Aylar önce
We’re proud of you for actually acknowledging this and not giving Ned any room for excuses.
English with Ease | Daniella Wood
If there was one thing I was sure of, it was Ned's love for Ariel. I'm shocked. It's so sad and also kind of scary to think you can be deceived so well. I'm so sorry this has happened.
Posegativity Aylar önce
Mad respect for the three of you. He brought shame and a disgrace to your group. So did she and I'm glad y'all terminated them.
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero 16 gün önce
I felt like when Eugene said "within isn't something we were gonna sweep under the rug etc... that wasn't part of the script... Thats how you know how upset this made Eugene.
hajera786 2 aylar önce
Eugene's anger. Zach's sadness. Keith's maturity. All of their hurt. They're all wearing their emotions on their sleeves and its practically radiating off of each one of them.. Especially Eugene who looks like he wants to actually murder someone. I can't commend you guys enough for how well you've handled the entire situation. Our hearts go out to Ariels, the kids and you guys as well for losing a husband, father, and best friend.
Dave So
Dave So 2 aylar önce
@F C I never said there wasn't a loss or shit to deal with that's going to be difficult, but if you can't see the play acting going on, I have some land in Florida you might be interested in.. It's totally not a swamp.
Dave So
Dave So 2 aylar önce
@Glixrio It's not that I don't have empathy... but this is so clearly contrived and poorly acted, especially by Eugene.
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis 2 aylar önce
@Destinee Ryan I've seen so many comments saying the kids won't have a father anymore which is ridiculous and presumptuous. My parents got a divorce and my dad was always my dad. I've been cheated on and the thought of everyone talking about it nationwide is horrifying.
Destinee Ryan
Destinee Ryan 2 aylar önce
@Kelly Davis Agree, but even if they work through it their relationship won't be the same. How it ends up is there business, but their will always be loss involved in this, even if not physically, but emotionally. You can't trust someone the same after something like this, even if you decide to stay with them and move past it. Edit-Spelling
F C 2 aylar önce
@Dave So You are oversimplifying it. What Ned did opened the company up to sexual harassment lawsuits. If Ned had an affair with an outsider it would have been a different matter but he chose to cheat with an employee. It wasn't just the unreleased material, the team needed to edit the footage again instead of working on new things. Also how are they going to handle the woman he cheated with? That is another legal headache since they can't just fire her. Not to mention the very public attention (TikToks, Tweets, Reddit, etc) that has already gotten out of hand. Eugene wasn't trying too hard, try being in his shoes for once.
_merjy 28 gün önce
People that don't see the point of this video and why such decisions have to be made are morons. The concept of a company refusing to sweep unethical things under a rug is sooo new to them that they think it's stupid when decent people actually do something about it. It's horrible that most of the haters here are so used to enabling those behaviours that's why they think this is funny or corny. I wouldn't be surprised who their role models are if they told me.
prue Aylar önce
One reason above all is that.. how could he have done this to the mother of his children whom he claimed to LOVE for years and years. Ariel gave up everything for him. I’m so sad for Ariel and Will, too.
Tristan Collins
Tristan Collins Aylar önce
I appreciate you guys doing the ethical thing even as it's scary and hurtful and puts you in the public eye in a way you never wanted to be. I wish you and yours a chance to heal. Support to Ariel, as well.
Fakhria Noori
Fakhria Noori Aylar önce
I’m proud that they acknowledged this and handled it the way they did
Laura Machado
Laura Machado 2 aylar önce
Zach's voice sounds like he's really trying not to cry, while Eugene looks like he's controlling an angry outburst with all his might and Keith is just...baffled... wow. Sending you guys lots of love.
Melon&Milk&Ice 2 aylar önce
@Emilie Raptor you are not funny
Emilie Raptor
Emilie Raptor 2 aylar önce
They're TRYING a new thing : reacting to pur coworker being a cheater 😃😃😃
TheMadHatter 2 aylar önce
Eugene’s parents got divorced because of something like what Ned did to his wife so that’s why he’s so pissed
FireFrog 2 aylar önce
First thing I noticed as well.
colleen shaw
colleen shaw 2 aylar önce
Grief in 3 flavors.
Al Stilwell
Al Stilwell Aylar önce
You guys handled this so well. I’m so sorry for his wife, children and all of you. His actions were so unfair. Hugs and prayers from Florida
Valentina Markušić
Eugene, I feel for you. Your anger speaks to my own pain. Keith, Zach, I am so sorry for your betrayal and disappointment. Ned was a funny dude, but he was never a favourite of mine. I'm sorry that he made such choices. You all handled this with grace, which isn't easy to muster when it's so personal, which is understandable. I hope you guys are doing okay.
Matteo Giombetti
Matteo Giombetti Aylar önce
They are so authentic it’s amazing ! It’s really refreshing to see people being this honest, congrats guys this is really hard and you handle it with so much class it’s insane ❤
Mad respect for these three. Handled it very well. Instead of ignoring the issue and making it a taboo they came out to their fans honestly.
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