What Every Son Needs From His Father 

Tierce Green
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Tierce Green presents five things that are essential for a healthy father and son relationship. This video specifically focuses on fathers and sons, but the principles are also applicable to fathers and daughters.
This is an excerpt from 33 The Series, Volume 2: A Man and His Story, Session 2: Dad. 33 The Series contains six volumes of content with six sessions in each volume covering a variety of topics and how they specifically relate to men. 33 is a journey to authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus in his 33 years on earth. Learn more at authenticmanhoodinitiative.com
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28 Kas 2023




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@luismerino7433 2 aylar önce
I always wanted a dad, my lady is 7 months pregnant, and that’s why I’m here trying to become the right role model for that young gentleman 🙏🏻
@dlsneadduffy Aylar önce
Luis, I hope you married "your lady". Being lifetime-committed and faithful to your child's Mama is the best way to be a Father. This builds stability and confidence in your child. God bless you as you man-up in this all-important role as a Father.
@shoutatthesky Aylar önce
With that attitude you are starting out right! A child can be hard. Try to focus on what you get from having a child rather than what they take from you. Enjoy!
@chrismullin8304 Aylar önce
Gabor Maté has some really important insights on the early years development. Even when still in the womb. The hardest job you will ever have, and the most you will ever get paid.
Stay strong bro
@rawmean8989 Aylar önce
You’re on the right path my friend!
@that_guy0_0 Aylar önce
Wow, this explains why I've felt so unprepared and insecure. I'm happy to have given my life to the Lord a couple years ago and I'm 35. God is my heavenly father.
@user-ho4nw5sf3w Aylar önce
I'm gonna to jump in here. I'm 73 and have been through this with three generation. My nephew's in the 60s, my son in the late 70 s and my grandson in 2008. I firmly agree with all that been put forward here. Men your place cannot be stress enough. The one thing that I will include here is this. From the start, play on the floor with them. That's their world. Get down on the floor and,,,grow up with them. My grandson, we lost his father when he was 18 months old. He wasn't old enough to understand everything that happened, but he did understand his father was gone. He turned to me. I became his father/grandfather that day, along with his sister's. We all grew up together. Today the ones who are not adults yet are late teens. My nephew's, my son, and my grandson, never fail to hug when we meet, or when we part.Samples of what I taught them. Never eat in Grampa car( they cost to much to be a dinning room) when we go out to eat we always dine in. We sit at the same table , we talk, we joke, we laugh, we bond. I taught them to always thank the cook. If someone feeds you or does you a good turn, you owe them a thank you. I feel very strongly that these are the most important words you can say. More than I love you. Fill your relationships with Thank you and watch the magic. And lastly fellows, the ones just starting out being a Dad. Remember you are the man your son wants to become, and as for your daughters, you are just as important, you see you are the man your daughter wants to find someday. There isn't anything much more to it. I could go on , but I've highjacked this video long enough.
@brianpetrini Aylar önce
"Remember you are the man your son wants to become, and as for your daughters, you are just as important, you see you are the man your daughter wants to find someday", Thank you sir, that will stick with me for a long time. I don't have a good relationship with my father and the wisdom in that sentence is huge. I will have to remember that and be better when I (hopefully) some day have kids for them.
@preacher113 Aylar önce
I would only reword that as be the man you want your daughter to marry someday cause they look at a dad as an example same for sons be the man ya want ur son to grow up and become cause we all hopefully want our sons to be somebody worth being and our daughters to marry someone worth having but I'm sure that's exactly wut'cha was saying wise words
@Cameron-km3cf Aylar önce
You forgot to mention accepting Jesus Christ
@user-ho4nw5sf3w Aylar önce
@@Cameron-km3cf No, I didn't. I figure there room in hell for all of us.
@martinutr 5 gün önce
I am not a religious person, but I truly appreciate your message. Thank you.
@therenegade5176 2 yıl önce
I grew up fine without a father but I think it would've been nice to have a male parent who brings you up unconditionally. I look forward to being a great father to a child.
@mdogg9169 2 yıl önce
Not all who have fathers have present fathers and that’s sad too
@WisdomPrevails369 2 yıl önce
Growing up without one might be better than growing up with one who never believed in you
@barktwid7057 2 yıl önce
It's a hard job but I'm sure you will be.
@bananabread3472 2 yıl önce
Someone who tells you, hey I believe in you and I think you can do it. But instead we get the shit talking behind our back. How come, when someone tells me something I keep it to myself no matter how crazy bud my father immediately tells everyone.
@HaitianAddy Yıl önce
My dad left me when I was 9 and I’m still hurt till this day and now I have a 1 year old son, I just know imma be the best dad I can be to him
@bladen0869 2 aylar önce
I didn’t have this with my dad, but my 15yr old boy has it with me. I teach him everything I had to learn the hard way and everything I’m still learning, same with his 2 older sisters. All 3 live with me I broke the cycle on mine and there mothers side, biggest blessing of my life..
@heraclitus6100 Aylar önce
Proud of you.
@MaBoJo1 Aylar önce
As someone who also didnt have those things with my dad, you are a hero.....well done for changing things
@davidmehlhorn726 Aylar önce
My father put me down every day of my life, told me I was a fool, stupid, worthless. Now I’m the father of five kids, I know I’m a great dad as my kids love me and all I had to do to earn their love was to be the exact opposite of what my dad was.
@sethorly Aylar önce
The irony is that you're the dedicated parent you are in part because of your father. Truth is, every parenting decision and action has positives and negatives. That will become abundantly clear when your children leave home and they won't be who you envisaged. Your dad's negatives produced something positive. Positives can sometimes lead to negatives. Anyway, sounds like you're being ace.
@Bl00dMalice Aylar önce
No doubt some negative consequences of that will be generational with your kids. It’ll be crucial for your kids to understand how to identify them and their origin.
@davidmehlhorn726 Aylar önce
@@Bl00dMalice I’ve been honest with my kids about my upbringing. I’ve told them how my father was (because his father treated him like that) and whenever I see them putting one another down, I step in and nip it in the bud. I’m intelligent, hardworking and there’s nothing I can’t turn my hand to but I’ve always been filled with self doubt and that voice in my head saying “you can’t do it”. Every day is a battle to overcome the pure negativity of my childhood which I know I’ll never truly overcome. But I’ll be damned if I ever allow myself to treat my kids like that and put them through the hell of feeling like a piece of sh1t every single day of my life.
@ahmedthasleem4627 Aylar önce
Same with my father, but at least we both have understood how we should treat our own children.
@outlawofga 18 gün önce
Amen brother, I went through this myself in life. But my kids have always had me through the years... it's truly a great feeling to be close with them.
@flyo7789 Aylar önce
I had the greatest Dad imaginable. He taught me MANY things - he even began teaching me to read before I started school. Even more important than tangible skills, he taught me SO much by his example - how to treat people, how to keep my word, how to deal with other men, and MUCH more. He was the greatest gift I could ever have been given, and I owe literally everything good in my life to him; all my accomplishments, my ability to deal with adversity ... everything. The only thing he didn't do -- and I'm still a little angry at him for this -- is he didn't live forever like I thought he would.
@jaypaint4855 Aylar önce
You’re lucky.
@jCrItCh5 Aylar önce
God Bless You And Yours...
Truly lucky. My father although meant well but he never got the point of being a father, beyond the monetary responsibilities. You don't just have to fulfill your children's financial obligations, there is so much more potential to be realised if one can engage them everyday. Its sad. I guess i am lucky in the sense that i won't be repeating my father's mistakes and doing what i missed as a child to my own children.
I like your comment because it shows that a dad can make it right.
@johnbagewll2321 Aylar önce
That really got me thinking man. It’s so tuff for me to see my Dad being so elderly. He was and is the best Dad ever to me. Seeing him close to infirmity crushes me. I want him to be young, strong and full of life. I’m now 55 and have sons and daughters. I feel like I’ve done a great job with them but also feel like I could never have done enough. The human condition is so real. Blessings to you good soul.
@mrseniorallen Aylar önce
My dad was never around. My mom wasn't all that much better. I was lucky to find my wife and God blessed us with a son. He is my life. He just said sorry for the first time the other day. I instantly cried. Hang in there boys. Im rooting for all of you. God bless
Grew up without dad, a violent stepdad terrorized my life, and still haunts me in my traumas. But good God, I'm a proud dad of three highly gifted kids, and I do exactly what is told here and far beyond, securing their safety beyond space and time. I hope to keep on radiating the love and light I hold inside to my kids. Truly turn all my childhood traumas into a grain of sand, and alter it to build a castle of love and inspiration for all of the next generations.
@edwardhayes6111 Aylar önce
@maynard623 Aylar önce
Proud of you to know the dysfunction ended at you and didn’t perpetuate it. Lesser men do exactly that, but not you.
@6time686 Aylar önce
Keep up the good work....
Kudos!! I am so proud of you, keep doing that great exceptional job, being a father a man🙏🏼
@mariap2129 Aylar önce
God bless you and your family
@nickgeorgiou7770 Aylar önce
Many young men have no idea what a good dad looks like. I had one, it’s a shame when we are young we don’t appreciate it at the time. When you have children of your own you will understand. Men don’t become a real man until your dad passes away or when you’re in your 40’s. I had a Great dad but didn’t take advantage of his lessons until I was in my 30’s. I’m 57 know and remember many things he taught me that I still take advantage of today with my kids. He died when I was 48 and I still hear him in my head.
@jpalmcentral6293 3 yıl önce
My father will never truly understand how much pain there is. When A father doesn't take the time out to truly know his son.
@tiercegreen 3 yıl önce
That’s my story, too. My Dad was a ghost when he was alive. He died when I was ten. It took me awhile to process that and forgive him in my heart and move on.
@jpalmcentral6293 3 yıl önce
@@tiercegreen Hey I absolutely LOVE your ministry you are a blessing it's a shame that The TRvid algorithm doesn't know quality when it crosses by a high quality content channel. Please keep creating 🙏🏽
@garthvader8995 3 yıl önce
My father didn't do any of this wish me luck
@tiercegreen 3 yıl önce
garth vader ... Neither did my Dad, and neither did his. That’s a big motivation for me to break the cycle, and with God’s Grace, we can.
@garthvader8995 3 yıl önce
@@tiercegreen thank you brother
@gtdude2883 Aylar önce
Sadly I never had any of the five things you talked about. All I got was extreme physical beatings and mental abuse. He never hugged me and told me he love me, even now that I am 57 and a father, husband and a grandfather. But the love of God saved me from the hurt, scars and trauma of an abusive father.
@edwinhernandez5581 23 saatler önce
@samjohnson5044 8 gün önce
"You will leave in your son what you lived in your home." That is the gospel. Thank you for that. I would reword point 5 to "loyalty." If a father doesn't give his son loyalty, everything else in the relationship is a joke. Thank you so, so much for this video.
@zimpler8340 9 aylar önce
I grew up without a father. I’m 55 now. I made huge mistakes in my life as a young man. I believe had I had a good father, my life would have been better. But my mother was always there! I have a 7 year old son. Frequently out of no where he says: “I love you soooo much!”Those words! They justify my existence!
@PolishBehemoth Aylar önce
awww thats golden
@nofurtherwest3474 Aylar önce
If I can ask- you had him when you were in your late 40s? How did that happen- did you get married late?
@filterdecay Aylar önce
@@nofurtherwest3474 how did it happen? lol
@shawnbeak6048 Aylar önce
That’s beautiful, man. So happy to hear it.
@joepalomino8944 Aylar önce
I was blessed to have 2 DADS in my life unfortunately my biological father I wasn’t able to see as much as I liked and lost him when I was 15.. but my step dad MY DAD came into my life when I was 2 and the role model he was and continues to be is something I carry on to MY SON. He didn’t have to be the DAD he was to me I wasn’t his but till this day this man loves me and my wife and kids unconditionally. I am blessed to have MY DAD still always there for me even as a man to give me advice and guidance when I need it. He taught me the way to be a man and support my family and I never let him forget the impact he plays in my life.
@Guha10 Aylar önce
I lost my father to a heart attack when I was 7. Then it was my mother whose single point agenda of life was to take care of me. She sacrificed the joys of her life to ensure I get the best possible upbringing and I don't feel the void of a father. Now that I'm a father myself, I feel there is scope to be covered that a mother may not be be able to cover inspite of best of her efforts. As it is supposed to be done by a father and only a father. And thanks to this video, it does touch a few very critical points that the father can do and should do.
@fabianterry503 2 yıl önce
Growing up Without My Father has made me a GREAT Dad!
@curt2827 Aylar önce
Word to that mate. I can relate!
@fajrsahar157 2 yıl önce
1. Time together. 2. Life skills. 3. Direction with solid answers with "why" questions for dad. 4. Establish deep life convictions. Life modeling of Godly behavior. Be the example for your son. 5. Son needs his dad's heart. Affirmations.
@dmc8706 2 yıl önce
@toker_poker420 2 yıl önce
Thank u man
@lolcandy6077 2 yıl önce
I only get #2, nothing else
@hhh-by1hn Yıl önce
@@lolcandy6077 well, i don't even have one of those
@jamestravis1037 Yıl önce
Had NONE of those ! Never been married. Never had a son. I would have been an incredible dad...Too late now. Totally unfortunate. I have 3 great dogs!
@garymitchell6056 23 gün önce
I agree Tierce - as Dads we dont always know what we should do, but - the points you have given is pretty the key points I have followed as well - thanks - Fathers & Sons need to hear this !!!
@shippingdept5562 11 gün önce
as a single father who has been raising my son for the last 18 years, two things that I've really tried to teach him is that 'you are what you do, not what you say you will do' and that it's ok to feel and express your emotions.
@kutaasjames7061 Aylar önce
Time together hit me differently❤❤❤ I spent my 26 years every fucking moment with him, we could even get to 12am just story telling ,a fun time together, looking cattle ,goats and sheep together, eating together and doing every other thing that pertains to life together❤❤When I lost him 2021 he left a hollow in my heart that took so much time to get over it 😢😢😢 ,I now thank God I'm getting better and thank God for giving such as dad,a gift that kept giving all through until he went to be with His father in . RIP Dad ❤❤❤ And thank you for sharing this life altering wisdom🎉🎉
@earlpitsch2149 Aylar önce
I have been so blessed with my two children. My son is a year older than my daughter. My daughter is smart in so many ways, but my son is wise and patient for his age. Neither have ever been in any trouble of any consequence and I've raised them by myself since they came to live with me completely unexpectedly. I must have done something right and am convinced had they stayed with their mother they would be very different people.I thank God every day for all my blessings especially them. They are my world!
"I'm proud of you son". - So many men have cried on my weekends per not hearing these words. Their core wound is around self worth. Great video!
@timmytooez4250 3 yıl önce
I’m 20 my father is a bill payer and nothing more. I have always seen a difference between me and my friends who were all close with their fathers or had brothers around. Truth is the void in my confidence is due to my fathers lack of interest in my life. I have 2 sisters and was raised by my mother, aunts, grandma, and my elderly grandfather. My father is not a bad guy but he is not the best dad when it comes to father and son connection. We got into a heated exchange one day and I saw a side of him that showed me he was just like me inside but it was buried under 30+ years of Pain. I wish I learned how to be a man at a younger age but I I will teach myself so my son will not suffer this same fate. Update: I’m 22 now and am graduating college. Me and my father are a lot closer now. I am in the gym, I have a job. Friends, girls find me more attractive, I’ve stopped masturbating, stopped meaningless sex, I read and I am well respected by other men young and old. Thanks for the likes and comments .
@vezovotetseo9025 2 yıl önce
How much you had gone through along with your dad, I'm also going on with it. I'm always scolded for every little things, being the only son isn't that easy. The connection with my dad and me had gotten bad to worse. I wish he will understand how much hurt i am when im always treated so differently among all my family. How i wish i had an elder brother who will understand me and will lift me up I'm all alone.
I've been thought the same.I'm here and I'm always willing to learn to be a better father,hell i want to be the best dad for my son,that he deserves.I want to make sure whatever what I'm lack of he has them.I love my son and my wife,more than anyone,anything
@sayunasoulmesseng839 3 aylar önce
Amazing proud of you!!
@Amos1588 Aylar önce
My dad is the exact same way. Provided a roof over my head as a kid which I'm grateful for but never showed any interest in his kids. I couldn't tell you any memory of us spending time together. So we don't have a relationship. Now he suffers from dementia and I have to take care of him along with my mom
@techevar Aylar önce
This is so spot on! I grew up without a father and had that huge vacuum my entire life. But now I have a son and I love spending time with him, just him and I. By the grace of God I vowed to be the best father to him that I can.
@danieldumas7361 6 aylar önce
What every Son needs is a father who actually wanted him at birth. a father who doesn't need to work two jobs to make ends meet. a father who doesn't work 60-70 hrs/wk to keep up with the Jones. a father who can look beyond & correct his own dad's mistakes. in other words, a father who Loves Him.
@howardhoward636 Aylar önce
I am blessed to have a father who invested everything in my brother and I to become better men. Now I do the same with my boy. In turn I've given my Father not just a grandson, but also the reassurance that boy has the love and guidance he needs to be better yet. I feel if Jesus taught us to pray "Our Father" the Lord must look at all of us men like sons. And when we become fathers, we are judged on how we handle that blessing and the challenges that come with it. I feel very blessed it's natural for me to love and guide my son. A strong faith has no doubt guided the approach of my family and all of our roles. For those who have absent fathers or have lost, or have bad guidance, your father in heaven always has your back, and every action comes from love. A good father models this behavior.
@johnwright6403 Aylar önce
The best lesson my dad taught me was when my grandpa passed, he showed me that memories were far better than inherited things. He forever changed my viewpoint into what really counts in life! I’m so grateful for the time we had together!
My father is a good man, but sadly he never did any of the above. I’m 41 and a father to a son and a daughter and I’m currently doing ALL OF THE ABOVE because I can see so clearly the damage that was done to me by my father being around but never doing anything with me. I concluded recently that my father loves me but I don’t think he likes me. He never taught me a thing, never spent any one-on-one time with me, never encouraged me to do anything, etc., etc. Anyway, I LOVE being a father and fully intend to do these things for my kids for the rest of my life ❤
@timcisneros1351 2 aylar önce
I have been building our retirement cabin with our two sons. There is nothing more important than spending time with each other, building a home, sitting by the campfire every night talking, joking, laughing and discussing the events of the day. These are the memories we leave behind. The struggles, the sacrifices and the joys of living a life well lived. We have rented our entire lives sacrificing home ownership so that they could grow up in decent neighborhoods and go to decent schools. Now they are helping us build something of lasting value that will also save them later in their lives. The greatest adventure of our lives.
I’m not religious and I have strong reservations about how religion is practiced by some, but I do live by my own framework of values and convictions, which I take quite seriously. These statements ring true for me and I appreciate the video, thanks.
@turtle19dad Aylar önce
I don’t think I ever heard my dad tell me he loved me until my last visit before he passed. I always tell my son I love him and try to be the example for him.
@user-ho4nw5sf3w Aylar önce
Responses keep bringing me back here. I am humbled by the response. I grew up in a different time. It was a time when men were not allowed to express their feelings( except( anger) In my life my father never told me he loved me. Over the years I saw that he did love me, from things he did for me. Maybe you need to take another look. There is more in this world than words. Look back I know you said he passed I m sorry for the loss, so has my father. But unless he was the lowest of low, which you do not indicate, he left signs, You should look for them. As for your relationship with your son. You are breaking the chain. That's what's omportant
@johntaylor6211 12 gün önce
Same My dad has never said he loves me I say it to him at the end of every meeting or phone call But he just never says it back It hurts me like hell everytime he doesn't say it.
@gdfggggg 29 gün önce
By the age of 17 I knew what I needed to do. My parents split up and I was in the deep end, completely self sufficient. My dad gave me the basics of practical skills (more than most) and my mother gave me the strength and conviction to work through life, to love and get on with it. My dad was problematic. My dad never said he loved me but he did it in other ways and that was his way of showing his affection; he didn’t know how to show love very well. I’m older now and have kids. I would say my family is what you’d expect. I’m the father, I hug, love and have fun with my kids but the ultimate rule of discipline is down to me and that includes my partner, my love. I’m quite a relaxed father compared to some, but if lines are crossed they know. My kids respect me as does my partner. I hope my influence on them is that they learn that there are good men, not what’s painted by the current media trend. My kids will grow up with balance and the ability to critically think. Women are more easily manipulated by social trends and media; that’s why most advertisements are aimed at women and that is what can turn them into hateful and dangerous people. A man is much more likely to see reason and see through the bull….
@rockybass9764 Aylar önce
My Father was far from perfect. But he did the best he could on these points. When passed I was 35 years old, no father, no grandfather, no uncle. Much as it sucked and scared me. I knew what to do. Decades later I still love and miss my dad. I believe he looks down on me now and is proud, he’d still point out opportunities for improvement but he would be proud. That’s enough for me.
@shawnbeak6048 Aylar önce
I had a really bad dad. Abusive, manipulative, jealous, deceptive, and cruel. It instilled a sense of shame in me that has been very hard to shake over my 40 years of life. But, I am doing my best. I am pushing myself to succeed. I am trying to understand and control my mental health. I am trying to build a career and a future for myself. But I definitely feel as if I’ve been playing life on hard mode for very little reward. Some days are harder than others. Thanks for the great video.
@PaulMielcarz 12 gün önce
Don't call him a "dad". This word is reserved for a dear father. You had a "father", not a dad.
@andrewg6948 Aylar önce
I'm trying my best with two young sons, but I recognise areas where I could be doing better. It's good to get this reminder.
@gamingstars2641 Aylar önce
My father passed away when I was 5 and my stepfather when I was 17. I love being with my children and my wife, and I know every day is a blessed day, and every day we can be better than yesterday. Always Stay Humble and Loving, and all the other pieces will work itself out as long as you stay loving and humble.
@MrBigBawls407 Aylar önce
My son gets EXACTLY this. We are truly blessed to have each other. I needed to hear this.
@ArcherSmith66 Aylar önce
"My dad fled. My mom raised me by herself, with all her rights and wrongs. As a kid, I searched for the fatherly role model I was missing at home in the fathers of my friends. At 14, I started practicing martial arts and found a father figure in my teacher. Later on, I became a father figure to myself. Now, I am the proud father of a beautiful son. To those of you who've never had the privilege of meeting a dad in your lives, I want to share a message of resilience and strength, inspired by my own life's journey. No matter the circumstances, my story is a testament to my ability to overcome challenges. Just like I searched for a father figure in the fathers of my friends and found it in my martial arts teacher, you too can find role models in unexpected places and become a source of strength for yourself. Embrace the journey of self-discovery, and remember that you have the power to shape your own future. When I became a parent, I had the opportunity to create a loving and supportive family, breaking the cycle of absence and building a brighter future for my son. My past doesn't define me; my strength and determination do."
@0_0...71 Aylar önce
I had my two sons with me, day in day out until their mom got jealous and told them not to spend time with me anymore. I did not see them after they were 13 and 15. I dream of the moments we had
@stinkybananaog101 2 yıl önce
I lost my mom to brain cancer and it wasn’t til after she passed when I realized my father’s lack of care/interest in my life. It’s been hard enough losing a parent but it felt like I lost both of parents at the same time.
@slavasokol6270 Aylar önce
try not to judge, when you are a single father with a family to care for, it can be really tough to keep things together, let alone dedicate quality time to children. Hope you will never find yourself in such a situation though.
@stetzify6694 2 yıl önce
😢😭😭You brought me in tears, sir. I felt like you were a father figure to me in just one video. You, sir, are amazing. 10 out of 10! You have earned my utmost respect! Also, a subscriber!
@tiercegreen 2 yıl önce
Thanks, Matthew! I’m glad this was an encouragement to you. None of us are perfect fathers. As seen in many of the comments on this video, there is clearly a lot of pain. That was my experience with my Dad. I’m thankful for God’s grace to help us navigate through this.
@sihlebam3863 Aylar önce
Thank you so much for this video. I am a new dad and cannot wait to raise this young champion.
I love this video, and I feel like I’m getting this stuff right with all of my boys.
@Fukyoubigtime Aylar önce
Children require sacrifice. Most fathers aren’t willing to do so. I am currently a stay at home father to my two sons and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the most important message to all parents. Give yourself to your children. Do not shy away.
@graceg2716 Aylar önce
This is needed by the daughters too!!! Even more , she needs to know she is safe and secure because she has a good father.
@NathanPK Aylar önce
Amen. My father died when I was four. Definitely missed out on all these, at least in the physical world. He’s been looking out for me from the beyond, I think.
@dirtbagbooda1162 2 yıl önce
Me and my father haven’t been close since I was like 8. I now have an almost 8 year old. I try my best to spend as much time as I can with him even if it’s just watching tv. Most the time spent with my son is just me and him. I tell him I love him literally every few minutes to where he gets annoyed of it almost 😭 to any good dads out there keep up the great work. And to any dads that feel under appreciated just know your child loves you so so much and they need you in their lives. Shout out good dads. Wouldn’t trade fatherhood for anything
@anthonyhicks8589 Aylar önce
He's got to be present to do all the things. My mother was the one that was there. She played the mom the dad and the friend. I owe her (and God)everything for shaping me into the man I am today
@tplomonte Aylar önce
Never had the opportunity to know my father as he passed away when I was 2. Going forward, I haven't spoken with my son in years, haven't associated with my son same time line. Have become a grandfather and haven't held or seen my grandchild who is now 2. Now i praised , talked positively, and echoed how proud I am of both of my children. But seems the sins of the past have cost any future. Side note I was raised by my mother , see taught compassion sympathy, empathy, to show my feelings, not hide my emotions, and not to dwell on the past the negatives to remember the good times and those moments that were joyful laughter. Sorry, not every relationship with a child sibling relative will what one hoped for
@carolibouwer7170 Aylar önce
So sad to read about all the men who never heard ‘I love you’ from your dad. This is the biggest problem with society through all the generations. I’ve learned that nobody can give what they haven’t received. I’ve learned to forgive and bless,and that set me free. Heavenly Father has filled the void. (I’m a girl by the way). This is such a wonderful message. Your sons will be forever grateful if you apply these truths. They will be a blessing for generations to come!
@XtremeSnacks 27 gün önce
@bobreinert4604 Aylar önce
I had 2 dads, neither could say they checked the box on any of the five. My biological dad left me when I was as 7. My Mom remarried, a man with 4 troubled boys. This video reminded me have how I longed to have my dad do something with me. Longed to hear “I’m proud of you son”. I wish I could have seen this video as a young dad, I have a son and he is our only child. He is married now with children of his own. Recently he posted to Facebook on my birthday, “My friend, my coach, my mentor, my Dad”. Do not perpetuate the mistakes of your parents. You can still have a meaningful relationship with your children.
Im 52 years old and I believe that I am still reeling from the empty void that I have felt from having grown up with a father that was emotionally shutdown and uncommunicative with me (his only son) throughout my upbringing. He was physically present and he provided for his family but he just couldn't be present emotionally and spiritually. I know he loved me and he was only following the example that his father set. I was angry and would lashout at him as I got older - as i pursued a self destructive path in my own life. I cleaned up my act at 27 years old and he died 3 years later. I didnt get the chance to do my part to have a relationship with him. Its now almost 22 years since he passed. I miss him and i feel the void and the lack of that connection. Some may say at least you had a father and one that was around. I get that. I know that having a father that you can see but you can't reach emotionally is impactful - especially for a young boy - adolescent - teenager - man. People in life get caught up and they cannot be available for others. My father was not well and he had his hangups. I forgive him for that. I never had any childten myself. I know that there was love amongst us - but neither of us were able to express it to each other. That hurts. I love him and i miss him . He was a good man.
@texastank9413 Aylar önce
I'm thankful that I made it a point to be all to my son that my dad was not to me. I will never know what it's like to be told I'm worthy, valued, handsome, great job or we'll get through this etc. Not even from my mother. But, my son knows without a doubt how much he has meant to me, the depth of love I have for him. The bullet I would take for him. I'm 53 now and will never know those things, but as a dad I get to be all those things I missed out on. AND THAT I would not trade for the second chance. He is 32 now and 2 kids of his own and to watch him with them warms and makes my heart swell.
@revenant4727 Aylar önce
My dad died when I was 9. I always thought I did well without him and I didn't really notice how much my family worried about me. Now as a grown man with a son of my own I realize how much I really needed him. I'm amazed at the things I remember that he taught me. And I can still remember the first time he took me fishing. Where we were, the smell in the air, the tall grass.
In my opinion, this is the best and most important personal video posted on TRvid. Well done Sir, I absolutely commend you 🙏🏻
@chazoclock Aylar önce
My father was a great man but lacked in giving any advice or guidance to me, I have 2 sons of my own now, who I love, guide & motivate. You learn from what you don’t get.
@trocycling1204 Aylar önce
I got laid off 3 times over 5 years and struggled to give my sons everything I could. You're so consumed with putting the pieces back together that is tough. Things have finally turned now, and I'm hoping the damage wasn't as terrible as I'm thinking. They are in their mid-teens. I have lots of education and after they've seen what the corporate world will do, they want absolutely no part of college.
@andrewmorse2181 Aylar önce
Father's, pray for and pray with your son's. Your prayers and blessings carry weight and strength, especially when in the name of Jesus.
@avz46 Aylar önce
In my story, I learned a lot from a crappy father. I learned how not to be! I always pushed myself hard at what I liked to do to try and get admiration from my dad, which I didnt much get. But it taught me to always push forward no matter what because I then learned self respect, and thats the most important kind! for some individuals, what seems like a not so great dad can be the right dad! everyone is different.
@papa.el.jefe2403 Aylar önce
you know , i always wondered , what makes us not grow up to be like our fathers , i see so many people grow up just like their dads
@FurnaceFuneral84 Aylar önce
Im a 38 year old kinda new-dad (single parent) with a 5 year old son. Ive never met my dad before i think he left when i was like 1 or 2. So i dont know what im doing, but im learning everyday because of guys like this that give practicle guidance so thank you.
@Cheeto_Duss 12 gün önce
John 5:19 Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.
@EJ_S-hz1ou Aylar önce
My dad was an engineer with a brain full of life skills that he never shared. Not his fault, just wish he'd been able to. He got diagnosed with Parkinsons when I was 21 and the time we thought we had never materialised.
@Petesworkshop2225 Aylar önce
I don't have a son, but I had a father. All I ever wanted from him was to be proud of me. Took 55 years, but it finally happened. Then he passed.
@user-mq4ui6qw5i 4 gün önce
I'm 29 years old and I have a 7 month old son. My dad was never around when I was a kid and he died when I was young from alcoholism/depression after my mom left him. He had heart of gold and I always wanted to be with him but things were too complicated. Now that I have a son though I'm determined to spend that time with him that I missed and be the best role model I can.
@aandecomputers1 Aylar önce
Amen! Sons are so awesome and we are blessed as dads to have that title Dad wow. And our Daughters I feel so blessed to be called Dad. God bless everyone and hope every man realizes how much God has blessed us Dads:)
@christoforos4126 Aylar önce
Ah, this sure hits home. Been a father for a few years now and been paying close to attention to the dynamic between my father and my grandfather. They pretty much hate each other. Grandpa abandoned my dad then tried to get back into his life decades later. But they're both bitter and neither can give each other any of these 5 things. My dad gave me a bit of time, and some direction, and perhaps some heart... it's crazy that here I am now with my own boy and... well, that's just it. Here I am... my move.
@manuelruiz9189 Aylar önce
Years ago I remember saying to my mother, in response to one of my father's nasty hurtful verbally abusive comments, "I don't know how I'm going to react when that man dies." Years later when I received the news that he had stage 4 terminal cancer I got the answer. I felt a horrible crushing pain in my heart, the likes of which I'd never felt and haven't felt since. I can remember driving up to a mountain top to be all alone so I could scream and cry like I'd never cried before. I was literally on the ground sobbing and wailing like a child. When he was alive I avoided him. Though he had always been a good provider and worked hard to keep us fed, clothed and housed he never had a single kind word to say. It wasn't till he died that I came to understand why I grieved so hard. I wasn't grieving the loss of someone I was close to. I was grieving for the loss of all those wasted years that could have been. His final months rendered him unable to communicate verbally. He never learned to read or write so there was no way of knowing what was going through his mind. But I could see it in his eyes, what he wanted to tell me. I've since come to remember that. His eyes filled with such love and tenderness that he was never capable of expressing. It's been 13 years and I frequently look up to heaven and say out loud "I love you dad. I always loved you and that will never ever change. I will see you again. "
@KingKongbabe Aylar önce
Follow Christ Jesus it’s the only way to heaven
@user-kf9mu5rm1k Aylar önce
Just remember, a fighter can still come home to hug his son.❤
@roothaan_ Aylar önce
My parents got divorced when I was 3 years old. I saw my dad every other weekend. He supported me massively in a financial sense when me and my wife were trying to buy a home. But ... he never told me he loved me, he didn't spend much time with me, he didn't taught me any life skills and he never said he was proud of me. Not even when I was the first in our family who got a college degree. In November my oldest daughter turns 3 and and I've marked that day in my mind since the day of her birth, because every day after that I will have stayed longer with my kids than my dad. I don't blame him for anything, but neither can I explain to him how his leaving impacted my life, but I'm determined to do better. Luckily, God blessed me with a wonderful wife who is patient with me and wise, so I am confident that I will be able to raise two girls who are equally wise. Deo gratias!
@thelongnguyens 17 gün önce
My father was an alcoholic, jobless and relied heavily on mum to bring in the income. My father left me with the relatives so he can start another life with a lady 20 years his junior, then named their son the exact same name as mine. I grew up without a father figure and it really take time to learn the skills in life and be successful. Now, my 5 years old son is confident, works hard and he already dreaming big. He loves cars, racing and basketball just like me, we spend time together sharing the same passion...this is what I wish I had growing up. One thing he said that I will never forget "when I make into the NBA, the first thing I'll do is to buy you a new pair of basketball shoes & your dream car" this is a special bond we have and nothing can replace it. ❤ Spend time with your son, they grow up fast. They will always remember the time you spend with them and the things you teach.
@tomasocasiojr9748 Aylar önce
My father passed almost 3 years ago and I miss him dearly. He was a great father.
@thedunedain2155 Aylar önce
God bless you
@splocal Aylar önce
This is really good! I had a great Father he taught me so much. But in my teenage years he’s wasn’t around as much. Looking back those were sometimes when I probably needed him most. He is now with the Lord and I miss him often. I’m raising my own boys and I have a lot of tools he left me with to pass on. I also have some lessons learned on how I can be there for my own boys. Biggest gift my Pop ever gave me was leading me to Christ, and some of the last words he told me that I will never forget he said you are a good son. As a 40 year old man that still brought tears to me eyes. Tell your boys you love them and tell your boys they are good boys.
@bazmatthews3717 Aylar önce
Thanks so much for this. Its what im trying to become as a father myself, this was so heartfelt it made me cry. Blessings x
@lynnmcintosh 27 gün önce
Thank you, extremely important! Passing to all men in my family. We had a great Father.
@FindWhatYouLookFor 15 gün önce
Giving everything I can to my 2 sons and my daughter. But not financially, but life wise. I explain everything I know about this world in, as much detail I can, and they are picking it up nicely. My father was there for me when beatings are needed, only. A piece of advice to other fathers - do not fulfill all your childrens desires. They need to fulfill them themselves. We are not genies from the lamp. We are caretakers.
@MOMO-hn2he Aylar önce
Wow what a beautiful message every dad needs
@skeginaldp1533 Aylar önce
Great video. My father passed when I was 10. And those moments with him were enough keep me centered into adulthood. & now as a father I see the way my son looks up to me with beaming eyes & im blessed to share these moments with him.
@aztlanplay Aylar önce
God be with you, your Sun (son), and your Fam!
@connorm3457 4 gün önce
Every son needs to learn the absolute most important thing, that a father can give to him. He needs to learn how to be happy. Without showing him that, you have likely failed. I never had anyone teach me how, and in turn was too busy trying to be responsible (raising my son on my own), doing the right thing, holding down a career, that I never showed him how to be happy. 💔😢😢😢😢. Hopefully, he can break the cycle….🙏🙏🙏
@tlaf4367 Aylar önce
Such a wonderful and inspiring video. Thanks man 🙏
@mattyp9472 Aylar önce
I think sons that grow up without fathers become one of two things, either the opposite of their father through seeing the errors of his ways and wanting to be better than he was or they repeat their fathers mistakes because they don’t care and have given up. Always look to better yourself no matter the circumstances, you can’t change other people but you can change yourself
@jellyfish74 Aylar önce
This is great advice for us dads who maybe didn’t have great relationships with our own fathers. My son has ADHD and plays out behaviors that leave me totally flummoxed when it comes to teaching life skills. I tell him I love him all the time. I need to spend more one on one time with him, I think. Not easy to do in my house/work situation but I hadn’t considered something as simple as a walk. I try to lift him up and encourage him, but I do catch myself being way too critical of his behaviors at times, to try to get some kind of “lesson” to penetrate. I know he takes it very personally. I do always sincerely apologize for my mistakes and admit when I’m wrong. I love that kid so much…I hope he knows that.
@shaunbarr1856 Aylar önce
My dad left our family when i was four years old. I never saw him again. Soon my mother had a brain tumour and died when i was 13 from stress and smoking. All i can say is gain a loving friendship with Mary our mother of Jesus because you want trust men. Then Mary will direct you towards forgiveness and a ❤️ loving heart to Jesus. Thankyou Jesus Amen. I lived my untie and 5 of her children in a christian ✝️ home 🏡 and my sister my grandmother aged 8. Trust in God ❤Amen
Not every Dad knows more than his son(s) and that is why many sons must go there own way. It is then up to us sons to forgive our fathers for they are not at fault. They did the best they could. They just didn’t know how. So teaching goes both ways. Sons teach dads too. Sometimes the son is there because the dad would learn no other way, but than to have the lesson come from his own son. ❤
@markbrey52 Aylar önce
Profound bro. I kinda feel this way some days
@jsouth489 Aylar önce
I wish I had a dad that did any of this. As a new father I’ll never understand how a father can just never know his son
@scupking Aylar önce
I always tell my son and daughter the 3 most important things to remember is love, respect and family.
@sajadfarkoush8886 Aylar önce
I am 39 now . I just remember when I was three or four one day as I was playing in front of our house. a man hugged me and said hello and put me down then left . they said he was your dad. that was the only few seconds which he shared time with me. and I walked through the life without any leadership and I put so many energy to find out every single things that maybe it would have been easier to learn just by leading with that irresponsible man.
@danlyson7681 Aylar önce
Going to the store, or running errands, my son would go with me. I let him make choices early, so he could think for himself. Like looking out the window on a rainy day, I asked him, “should I wear a coat? Ya dad you should wear a coat”, he said. He is an only child, but today he has 3 kids, with a Loving wife. We are very close and he calls me often. He is an awesome man!
@jasonh5220 Yıl önce
I always wished that my dad gives this to me. He's still around and healthy and in the family but he's just there but nothing else....just an empty shell. I grew up lost in life. But I'm proud of myself that I see what I wanted in my future and I'm giving it all to my two children the fatherhood that I never had.
@PositiveEnergy733 Aylar önce
To everyone reading this, I sincerely pray for that whatever is causing you pain or stress will pass. May your negative thoughts, excessive worries and doubts disappear, replaced by clarity and understanding. May your life be filled with peace, tranquility and love
@depthconnection Aylar önce
@roycostilla3104 Aylar önce
Every kid, son or daughter, needs this from his/her parents, mum and dad.
@robertestrada434 Aylar önce
I have a great son. He’s not afraid to tell me that he loves me in front of others. I’m proud of him.
I dont tell my boy enough how proud I am of him.
@lastmashstanding2155 26 gün önce
I grew up without a Dad. It made me tough because I had to learn everything manly the hard way and made mistake after mistake. All I ever wanted was a mentor who was genuinely interested in me, to steer me in the right direction. My Dad died a couple weeks ago. I didn't make it in time to say goodbye. Good lord I'm lost and so full of rage.
@lukemoloney1113 Aylar önce
Very thankful for my best role model, my Dad ❤
@BuddhistFrog Yıl önce
Even if the time with my father wasn’t the best, I’m going to try as hard as I can when it comes to mine. No irrational anger just critical thinking and compassion.
@JohnDeere1945 Aylar önce
I had the best father I could ever ask for. I lost him a little over a year ago when my son was 1 month old. I miss him so much and try so hard to be as good of a father as he was to me.
@nickcuypers Aylar önce
Damn this is strong... touched me deeply to the roots. Tank you I needed this to step up a little more for my soon to be 5 year old son!
A father I NEVER had and met until I became a man with two boys. Best life lesson I’m learning and teaching my boys back on what I wish my father would’ve taught me. Now I say those words to them everyday of my life. To that I say to my father, thank you for not been part of my life. Thank you