What Did Balotelli Just Do?!?! 😱😱

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Balotelli still has the sauce.

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21 May 2022




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colo99 Aylar önce
This is gross from Mario. The rabona at the end was uncalled for lol
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia 21 gün önce
Millionaire. Pro athlete. Says what he wants. People love him. Seems like he didn’t blow anything. Maybe he doesn’t wanna be what you’re idea is of what he should be.
Brian Nhlapo
Brian Nhlapo Aylar önce
Had he not done it the ball would have been blocked. Unnecessary but kinda worked there
Joseph Shamgar
Joseph Shamgar Aylar önce
What's so hard in people understanding he simply meant that he did them dirty? No funny bone at all in some people 🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂
Rafael Barona Amowas
he wouldnt have scored he didnt do a rabonna tho
ADIL DEWJI Aylar önce
😆😆😆😆 he could’ve jeopardized an opportunity.
NxT Aylar önce
I rated Balo like people are rating Haaland today. He was just a monster but blew it.
Majacks Lelo
Majacks Lelo 19 gün önce
Rafael Lopez
Rafael Lopez 20 gün önce
@Thomas Braithwaite he missed on purpose…
Safey Smith
Safey Smith 22 gün önce
@Dipthong thathongthongthong Bro you’re delusional. He definitely wasted his career and fell off too early. He’s like Gascoigne.
Roland Reed II
Roland Reed II 24 gün önce
He was also sabotaged.
The Dude
The Dude 24 gün önce
@Dipthong thathongthongthong he’s still enjoying success but never reached his full potential...
T S Aylar önce
This guy is one of the biggest "what if"s in recent football history
Billy Eves
Billy Eves 24 gün önce
What if he was at charlton?
Abdul Raheem
Abdul Raheem 26 gün önce
Could have been even better but the injuries just wouldn't stop
arsenalfanrichi 29 gün önce
@Vic†ør Lovegood ツ Marco Reus isn't a what if, he hit his potential, just had injury problems.
wongpantai 29 gün önce
No, they were adriano and pato
Vic†ør Lovegood ツ
Alexandre Pato, Mario Gotze, Marco Reus, Antonio Cassano. Too.
lokesh kumar
lokesh kumar Aylar önce
He was an integral part of the emergence of Man City over Man United. This guy was thought to become one of the best but talent alone doesn't guarantee success.
Biniam 23 gün önce
Agree. But who cares? I rather enjoy for the moment forget about the money and play what I know best
Elmi Kadir
Elmi Kadir 25 gün önce
Yeah.. ppl will remember Aguero's goal that bring man city the title against QPR.. but ppl tend to forget it was his assist.. sad he didnt live up to his potential.. there were glimpses.. his performance with italy in euro2012, his performance with ac milan also after that, but there was never consistency.. shows u need more than just talent to succeed in football..
Vishal Bisht
Vishal Bisht 28 gün önce
@ZolaMagic25 lol stupid af comment
Zedd Sailo
Zedd Sailo Aylar önce
Against which club? Please
AL Don
AL Don Aylar önce
@ZolaMagic25 Of course helped Man city win 1st EPL title ever. BUT Mancini also had faith in him despite his constant problems on and off the field until he had enough.
Hugo Freire
Hugo Freire Aylar önce
Lembro Ronaldo 9 fenômeno! Isso não é apenas futebol é arte!
Z M Aylar önce
Balotelli was an absolute monster during his Man City and AC Milan days. Easily one of the most skilled strikers during those times.
NDODA ZONDO 26 gün önce
He was no monster a city, just a cub who could not stay out of trouble.
ol you
ol you Aylar önce
One of the greatest in this era. I mean he playin for himself all these yearss. Not for people. Thats it. But still he got warm heart that people dont see in him. Struggling with dramas world against him. Gotta respect as a person. Hoping one day, they will make a movie bio about him with his life journey. And Wayne rooney would be awesome. A messi no doubt.
Check my about section link
We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content.,
Jairo Avila
Jairo Avila Aylar önce
Siempre lo e dicho balotelli es un grandísimo jugador,qque está loco listo pero es el mejor 9 italiano desde hace mucho tiempo 💪
Clarke. S
Clarke. S Aylar önce
He was undoubtedly one of the best in the game. His biggest regret was discipline
Tonyyy Grimm
Tonyyy Grimm Aylar önce
And racism too
Ha Haha
Ha Haha Aylar önce
@infinity620 half is a bit exaggerated but yeah he was the penalty taker. I always wished he went to Atletico Madrid, cause Simeone manages his strikers brilliantly.
infinity620 Aylar önce
@Ha Haha true but tbf half of those goals were pens
Ha Haha
Ha Haha Aylar önce
@infinity620 he was 100% world class. He was important for City as a very young player, amazing for Italy in the euros, amazing for Milan scoring almost a goal a game after arriving mid season. His problem was his attitude, letting media and fans control how much effort he put in. Zlatan mentions a 17/18 year old Balotelli in his book, talking about how Balo got playing time as a result of injuries, but impressed so much that he was played alongside Zlatan when he was back.
James Hussain
James Hussain Aylar önce
@babixillo so is Maguire.
Very clean stepovers, and the most mario balotelli finish you could've imagined. There are a lot of intentions behind the moves that makes a lot of sense why he chose those moves, it shows he's actually a very smart player. One day a hero, another day suddenly nobody. When we thought we can safely forget him, he does things like this to remind us. This guy would've been remembered as one of the best if he didn't blew it.
Biniam 23 gün önce
I’m with you
John Nkurunziza
John Nkurunziza Aylar önce
@Marko Lekic the special thing about Mario is he’s incredible raw power basically finishing ability that not many players posses
MrApostolosv2 Aylar önce
@Marko Lekic I think I can recall some racist chants being responsible for the freefall his career has been, also the referees and media being always against him, and blah blah 🤣🤣 Speaking seriously for a second, another super talented player who managed to blew it all away.
solemare solemare
solemare solemare Aylar önce
Smart player, but not smart person... The best example is Karim Benzema.
Theo Snapitz
Theo Snapitz Aylar önce
Wow , what a beautiful Goal 👍🏻🔥
Your Intuition
Your Intuition Aylar önce
Italy would of gone through to the WC finals with this man
Nicola Abeni
Nicola Abeni Aylar önce
If he had the right coach, and a good team, he would be a top 10/15 in Europe
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma Aylar önce
😳😯 what a finish❤️
dxfault Aylar önce
what a player he couldve been 😥
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Emmanuel Enyinwa 14 gün önce
@Adriel Otto You think he has the same talent as Ronaldo! You understand how CRAZY that IX to say! What, he's as fast as Ronaldo? When was the last time you saw Balotelli outrun a pack of defenders? He jumps as higb as Ronaldo? Have you seen the experiments they do when they put the balls Ronaldo headed for goals and people try to reach it? He DRIBBLEES like Ronaldo? Have you seen footage of 20 year old Ronaldo at Manchester united? Please stop making a fool of yourself. Balotelli has the skill and profile of Lukaku, Djeko and Ibrahimovic, static strikers who hang around the 18 yard box. That style of striker got phased out years ago for mobile little guys who play thed ball on the ground. That is more the problem for Balotelli not some Jose Mourinho fairy tales from when he was 19 a decade ago.
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Emmanuel Enyinwa 14 gün önce
@Adriel Otto "All.time great". What EXACTLY does that mean? He's about as good as his talent can take him and he's enjoying his life. Clowns like you say EXACTLY the same thing ABOUT Robinho, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Fenomeno, Michael Owen, Wesley Sneidjer, Kaka, and Pato. Everybody is not wired the same. Let the man live his life.
Adriel Otto
Adriel Otto 14 gün önce
@Emmanuel Enyinwa what i meant was hes wasted his potential and talent , coulve been an all time great
Adriel Otto
Adriel Otto 14 gün önce
@Emmanuel Enyinwa I’m not saying he wasnt succesful, what I meant was hes insanely talented if he was leas problematic off the field and more dedication and self control he woulve been in the same levek as Lewandowski,ronaldo and many great strikers. He won the treble at inter but he wasnt even the main striker it was milito, won the prem and thats thanks to aguero
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 26 gün önce
@liam mcdonagh yeah exactly he had the shirt under his fb shirt that said “why always me?”
kinkladze Aylar önce
Imagine how good he could have been if he actually tried!
Harry Zimmerman
Harry Zimmerman Aylar önce
Best goal ever!!!❤️ LEGEND
Stiptchy is cold 🥶
Before Haaland, Balotelli was one of the most promising players
c came
c came Aylar önce
Balotelli for me a few years ago could have become one of the strongest in history but he was a bit crazy
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya Aylar önce
I thought he was going to that step over 999 times before the defender tackled him finally. I was wrong.
Leandre Blotin
Leandre Blotin Aylar önce
Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes Aylar önce
​@elitishit meanwhile you need to stop hitting the crackpipe
Bryan Gomes
Bryan Gomes Aylar önce
Y’all remember when 2012 balotellitried that fifa shot and failed miserably lol 😂 mans come along way and finally matured unfortunately that cost him his career lol
Hélio Novais
Hélio Novais Aylar önce
@Suhandi Wijaya "rabona" funny name lol
Val Castaneda
Val Castaneda Aylar önce
I had to rewind and make sure what I seen was true with the finish, the shot was CRAZY!
Joshua Aylar önce
No he didn’t just do that 😱 what a finish 🤩🥳
Newbie 03
Newbie 03 Aylar önce
Man, it's just sad how much potential he wasted, he literally could've been one of the best players in modern football
“WHY ALWAYS ME”...as Ballotelli would ask. Great goal.👌🏿
DroneKrasher Vids
DroneKrasher Vids Aylar önce
In my opinion he remains a great player and a legend
Cee Mor
Cee Mor Aylar önce
The most Mario Balotelli goal ever 🤣😂🤣😂🤙🏾
Miralay Aylar önce
Do not be funny. Can't you see the defense is so bad?
Ainal Fadly
Ainal Fadly Aylar önce
dont forget the 1on1 failed backheel that got him subbed immediately
Anurag Tiwari
Anurag Tiwari Aylar önce
Nah his shoulder tap-in back in the Man City days has to be the winner.
Hmz Smll
Hmz Smll Aylar önce
Yeah but not quite the tap in with shoulder goal in his man city prime
Trev Pratt
Trev Pratt Aylar önce
You have to watch it again to believe what he just did, amazing.
BabyFood Aylar önce
That gave me chills lol what a finish I don't think I've ever seen anyone score that kind of goal
cool runnings
cool runnings Aylar önce
That what football does... no matter what team you support. Seeing sexy football is one of life's joys!
BabyFood Aylar önce
@Lee Lee not rabona but a normal left footed shot. Its so hard to rabona in that situation is what I meant
Lee Lee
Lee Lee Aylar önce
@BabyFood i think it will be near impossible for right footers to neatly execute rabona on their left foot
BabyFood Aylar önce
@Ha Haha lamela is maybe the best at rabona for sure. But it wasn't just the fact it was a rabona goal. It was how unexpected and difficult it was to hit that with his right foot from that angle after sharply turning left after those stopovers. 99% of the time anyone else tries that they are hurting their knees or tripping up over themselves lol
Sr Ciano
Sr Ciano Aylar önce
@Ha Haha lamela has done it twice I believe
Ameida 26 gün önce
Hes low key one of the best players of this era. Everything was against him, but at least hes enjoying himself
Kli Psh
Kli Psh 25 gün önce
The only thing against him was his own attitude, millions of fans of multiple clubs wanted him to reach his potential.
Lomas Zaza
Lomas Zaza Aylar önce
Pure class from Balotelli!!!
maximiliano marigo
maximiliano marigo Aylar önce
The rabona was a clever way to shield the ball with the right leg, to defend the ball from the sliding tackle
uncontrollable343 29 gün önce
You have no clue about playing football. His right leg was always the easiest choice for shielding the ball. Just poor very defending.
Creg Cube
Creg Cube Aylar önce
@Efrain Pacheco ronaldo living in your head why you said ronaldos name
JJ Aylar önce
@andreiwindstorm yes crazy people r very fun
andreiwindstorm Aylar önce
@JJ he did all that?? Then I wanna be his friend 😍
BLENGGO Aylar önce
What a finish ❤️
Tejas Aylar önce
Not even Messi, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho have done this! 😱
Manick Deng
Manick Deng Aylar önce
This is one of the best goal I’ve ever seen what a player baloteli is .
Jonas Skipper
Jonas Skipper Aylar önce
Then you haven't seen football very much
Anime-niac 451
Anime-niac 451 16 gün önce
I've seen that goal countless times and always wondered y everyone hyped it up so much...but its only now I noticed he did a Rabona at the end...WOW
TANERITO Aylar önce
He scored 5 goals in this game wow
wa tr
wa tr Aylar önce
@bigboymatthew I mean zlatan is old enough to be your grandpa
StraightShot93 Aylar önce
@UnderMyClaws 81 i agree. He scored 5 goals against the Last team in the league. He is to Slow. But his class is incredible.
jaiho Aylar önce
@Nkem LMAO
TANERITO Aylar önce
@Obinna Obiekwe last week
Obinna Obiekwe
Obinna Obiekwe Aylar önce
Is the match recent?
Кирилл Киррил
Glorious goal!!! It's unexpectedly from Balotelli
charith Aylar önce
All forgot brilliance of balotelli and bolasie Underrated legends 😌
Subham Choudhury
Subham Choudhury Aylar önce
Easily the best goal of the year ❤️
Nik Aylar önce
I'v been watching football for 20 years and this is the best goal I'v ever seen.
Onur Erdem özür dile be kardeşim
I watched it live from the stadium. Awesome talent. He scored 5 goals in this match.
Real Deal
Real Deal Aylar önce
Great talent. Dreadful attitude
huhuhihi Aylar önce
Wow what team?
Shivam Aylar önce
@Emir Yalçın Thanks brother!!🤝
Obinna Obiekwe
Obinna Obiekwe Aylar önce
@Onur Erdem özür dile be kardeşim Thanks.
Onur Erdem özür dile be kardeşim
@Obinna Obiekwe 22 May 2022 Goztepe-Adanademirspor
AGİT Aylar önce
This goal was also his 5th goal in a match🤯💥
Firat Aydin
Firat Aydin Aylar önce
And don't forget that he actually scored 5 goals that game😂😂
Grumpyoldgit 28 gün önce
That was among the best individual goals i have seen. no way should he have scored from that position.
Val Castaneda
Val Castaneda Aylar önce
Man, YO, that was SICK, what a sweet finish too!
TheCutter Aylar önce
He could have been the best forward ever if he wanted to, but at the end of the day he just wants to enjoy his career in his own pace and in his own way and he's still making lots of money out of it! Not many people can say they are making lots of money doing what they love while still enjoying their life. I can respect that.
ib0o0 28 gün önce
@TheCutter I'm certain about the gap between R9 and Balotelli. No what-ifs will bridge that gap, I'm sorry. Less speed, less strength, less finishing finesse, less vision. I'm not sure what you are seeing here, but they are not close.
Phillip Edward Ness
I don’t think he was always making a conscious decision to do things “his way”, I think he’s a bit of a narcissist and has some other personality flaws that have led him to self sabotage a lot. But yes, he’s still been able to have some success and be wealthy so good for him.
James Jameson
James Jameson Aylar önce
nəkø Aylar önce
dude is one of the most talented players I've ever seen but unfortunately he didn't have the career that should have gone with it
Tahmidur Rahman
Tahmidur Rahman Aylar önce
This guy had a lot of raw talent, but was not hardworking or focused in any opportunity he was given. Every big club he went to, controversy always followed.
Maksas😃 Aylar önce
7 step overs and a rabona(goal)👏👏👏
Giovanni Ferrari
Giovanni Ferrari Aylar önce
Well, we all know he blew it up, but it still takes two gigantic balls to even try this stuff in a game! Grande Mario!
S'boniso Dladla
S'boniso Dladla Aylar önce
With Messi or CR7 mentality he was gonna be one of the greatest of all time
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Aylar önce
With the right mentality and desire he would have been one of the greats but instead he’s a footnote and a warning to young players
James Hussain
James Hussain Aylar önce
Warning! Don't make this mistake and make millions, travel the planet and play football then retire rich 😂
Chris J
Chris J Aylar önce
A warning? He’s a successful professional player. Just because he doesn’t have the insane mentality that 2 or 3 of the greats have, he’s a “warning” lolllll
Didi2x Aylar önce
My favo player since I was 14 years 🙌🏽🙌🏽 love this guy balo is back 🚀🚀
Johnny Song
Johnny Song Aylar önce
This was exactly how I dreamed of scoring ten years ago
Leo Souza
Leo Souza Aylar önce
Não importa a divisão mais é o gol até momento o mais bonito do ano um talento dispersado Mario balotelli é melhor que a maioria dos camisas 9 que tem mais não teve uma acessória boa
Lennox Lewis
Lennox Lewis Aylar önce
O que faltou pra esse cara foi cabeça, ele é cheio de problemas de bipolaridade, depressão, etc. Isso ferrou com a carreira dele...
Leonardo Bacaro
Leonardo Bacaro Aylar önce
Primeira divisão da turquia, campeonato que tem Galatasaray, besiktas, Fenerbahçe etc, então o que ele fez foi monstruoso
İlaç Bu Futbol
İlaç Bu Futbol Aylar önce
Süper Lig Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş lig
Riderbrudda Aylar önce
Balotelli is a personification of "what if?"
Rahul Barca
Rahul Barca Aylar önce
He's still an OG no matter where he play.
Steven Pena
Steven Pena 26 gün önce
This is what I imagine balotelli doing while winning international championships ! But we don’t know how that could have been
FootballForLife Aylar önce
Even slow mo seems so quick . Imagine how fast it actually was 😬
Ayodele Awodeji
Ayodele Awodeji Aylar önce
Genius! This should be in for the Puskas for his excellent choice of rabona at the end. 🙌🏿
Mc Lovin
Mc Lovin Aylar önce
BALOTTELLI !!! One of the G.O.A.T.S !!!
Duhan Elytra
Duhan Elytra Aylar önce
For ENG : +Lets talk about this goal -(Counts stepovers) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and after a shot like this +He made it so quick -Yeah he's still have fast legs
şakircan şenşakrak -
ATG- HERCULES Aylar önce
His teammates couldn't even believe what they just witnessed 😩😩😩😭😭😭
zero dai
zero dai 25 gün önce
Golazo 🔥
Johnny Christopher Depp
He scored 5 goals in this match 😘
ErenStillExist Aylar önce
He scored 5 goals in this match and he immediately became no 1. top scorer in the league 🥶 (FT: 7-0 turkish super league matchweek 38)
Furkan Korkmaz
Furkan Korkmaz Aylar önce
Nope, the topscorer is Umut Bozok.
Flex Rumblecrunch
Flex Rumblecrunch Aylar önce
If he was just more level headed and had discipline he would have been one of the best in the world.. What could have been.
Jordi Edmond
Jordi Edmond 29 gün önce
@Andres Gonzalez true
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez Aylar önce
@Jordi Edmond people expect too much obiously if their not getting enough from mario thats their problem. Lol
சந்தோஷ் Laffa
Always wanted him to see him play for Real Madrid
Jordi Edmond
Jordi Edmond Aylar önce
@luqmaan mohammad true you can confirm that this is pure talent if you compare him with Royston Drenthe, Adriano, Robinho, idk some wasted talents however for them it was unfortunately to late. Balotelli can miss 2 years of football and come back like nothing really happened. This man is outstanding!
nobbytart27 Aylar önce
That was superb, however have a look at the "trick" shot he did for City when on pre season tour to the USA, Mancini was so angry he immediately substituted Super Mario, great player for City though, scored some important goals
nobbytart27 7 gün önce
@woulda been nice your attitude and wtf's make no sense, chill out and get some perspective on real life
hamster1 27 gün önce
@nobbytart27 as a Man City fan would you agree fergie would of made him a far better player and keep him on the straight and narrow?
woulda been nice
woulda been nice Aylar önce
wtf does that have to do with this? like it's nullified because he was dumb 12 years ago. your "however" makes no sense.
nobbytart27 Aylar önce
I'm not knocking Super Mario in any way, as a lifelong City fan anyone who gets 2 goals in a Manchester derby with a final score of 1-6 is an instant legend not to mention getting one of the most important assists in City history. Its just a shame he couldnt have hung around a bit longer and maybe reached his full potential.
James Ducks
James Ducks Aylar önce
the “trick” was because someone in the crowd blew a whistle and he thought he was offside so he just kicked the ball away randomly… this misunderstanding is pretty sad tbh
Vee6, football’s finest and fut crunch are goats
Man did more stepovers than Messi’s goals this season
CA NZ UK Aylar önce
This guy was and should have been right up there with the BEST ELITE PLAYERS, what a shame he wasn't guided properly during his youth @ different clubs, but he is also to blame I guess, what a waste of SUPER talent
Gottlieb Pferd
Gottlieb Pferd Aylar önce
Pretty shoddy defending.. left his right totally open. Still an amazing goal though.
David Di Gregorio
David Di Gregorio Aylar önce
As an Italian, I know we had a Messi/Ronaldo calibre player in him IF he would have worked hard. So sad.
Las V
Las V Aylar önce
the infinite step-over. Legend has it hit's still going
Shraddha Tiwari
Shraddha Tiwari Aylar önce
That rabona was so accurate 😯
Yfps27 Aylar önce
Balotelli is the best striker in my heart 🔥 WHY ALWAYS BALOTELLI🙄
a a
a a Aylar önce
Remember the rocket launcher shot he did vs Neur which was absolutely nuts
N F Aylar önce
Aight i respect yall opinions but i still think that haalands goal is better surroundend by 3 defenders while Balotelli only had lahm next to him
Nikunj Bataju
Nikunj Bataju Aylar önce
That was some goal
Ali Ahmadi
Ali Ahmadi Aylar önce
@Sarzson Buffon, Casillas and Cech were all far better than Neuer in 2012
Abdikadir Ali
Abdikadir Ali Aylar önce
damn that was so dope, possibly the best finish ever
MHN78 Aylar önce
Even in slow motion , defender can't take him down. RESPECT !
EDGEBoy Infinite
EDGEBoy Infinite Aylar önce
Tbh this is what I expect every time when I'm watching Ronaldo.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Aylar önce
That's a fantastic goal, no doubt. I have no clue where he plays now though.
Astuğ Atak
Astuğ Atak Aylar önce
And this is the 5th goal in the same match. What a crazy performance!
Micheal Crooks
Micheal Crooks Aylar önce
Honestly it blew my mind for weeks when I found out Balotelli is the only Italian ever to win the Premier League.
Jock Mackay
Jock Mackay Aylar önce
Glad he's enjoying himself, more than good enough to play at the very top, just not cut out for it
j G
j G Aylar önce
It’s sad how his career has gone considering his obvious amazing talent
TheVinci19 Aylar önce
Mario had everything to be one of the greatest player of all time, but unfortunately he didn't have the head. It's a pity, for him, that anyway is a rich guy, and for Italy, that has great problems in finding real strikers
Il divino Jonathan
Il divino Jonathan Aylar önce
Definitely one of the best goals i’ve ever seen
alkebulan Senteu senteu
For a guy that has experienced racism all his life in Italy, to see 6ou you in the field thriving I have to say bravo Mario ballotteli
Jamil Haider
Jamil Haider Aylar önce
The whole week i thought he scored it with the lift foot. 😂
j d
j d Aylar önce
I have never seen a more Balotelli like thing in my entire life 🙂
Zane_85V Aylar önce
What a player he was!
Glazed Aylar önce
Man I cant wait to see him carry my Italy at the world cup😅😭
Omer Hrustić
Omer Hrustić Aylar önce
He did the thing that cost him his career in that Man City friendly match ! :D
Pra Lem
Pra Lem Aylar önce
Arguably one of the best in his generation but some of y'all ain't ready for that conversation
GolBeatsPro Amaral Fortes
Everybody says 'ah he could be one of the best, if he was focused...' Have we ever thought that that's exactly what he wants, just play for fun, and chill while making some good income?
loxie D-T
loxie D-T Aylar önce
Such a raw talent but had a reputation, some were justified some were not. But it's a shame a club didn't work to level him out, as he was made to look aggressive, Hard headed, lazy etc but all he needed was to be loved,with trust and the confidence in him would have been seen on the pitch a lot more . He had a lot of skill.
robin jacob
robin jacob Aylar önce
Discipline is important for a player. If messi were to be lazy, we wouldn't see him being this successful.
Yoshimitsu 21 gün önce
Man had a lot of monsters Sad that Italy didn’t recognize his true potential and didn’t protect him. Because when was the last time in the last 20 30 years Italy had a legend of a striker I just can’t remember
Don peta Zaragomatuta
Don peta Zaragomatuta 27 gün önce
This guy is mad🔥
David Mulligan
David Mulligan Aylar önce
Looks like he's loving his football again
Tyzoe Aylar önce
Man activated his inner Ronaldinho there!🔥
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