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motivation is hard

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21 May 2022




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Banny Aylar önce
I don't know what you're talking about, I am massively entertained. Well wishes to you mate.
LucarioDoT 21 gün önce
@JoCat Oh, you too?
ILoveHandles Aylar önce
​@JoCat I felt that.
Darth jar jar binks
Producktiv not entertanig
Dj Chappell
Dj Chappell Aylar önce
@JoCat, as an adult with ADD I can sympathize. I don't know if you also suffer from a brain that despises executive function(s). What I DO know is that you do amazing work! Go at your own pace, I can wait... unknowingly, because time is irrelevant.
dapper dork
dapper dork Aylar önce
When you hugged your little friend, I felt that. I just bought a giraffe-hydra plushie to help cope with my mounting procrastination anxiety. Hope all is well for you, Jocat.
Stevonnie Jenkins
Stevonnie Jenkins 5 gün önce
@dapper dork oh him, cool!
Jackson Rubin
Jackson Rubin 11 gün önce
@Gray Davis no it’s let’s game it out
Chanman Death
Chanman Death 26 gün önce
Yoooo I'm always surprised when people who watch the same things show up elsewhere. It's like seeing OwO on a comment section.
Gray Davis
Gray Davis Aylar önce
I feel like this is an Invader Zim Reference.
Austin Sampson
Austin Sampson Aylar önce
@Grotus You should get one if you like plushies (and can afford it), the quality is quite good, and it's weighted in the back legs so it can stand up, something that a lot of weirdly shaped plushies don't think about. $35 dollars well spent
ArtzyZero Aylar önce
Everyone's favourite Gobbo being as supportive as ever. We all need a friend like Gobbo who's willing to just hang out while we recharge our creative batteries. :3
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
Me, with ADHD: Look at what they need to mimic α fraction of my power.
Payton Wells
Payton Wells Aylar önce
Being adorable like Jo is a fulltime job, of course he's being productive
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
whole new level of plot armor, betrayal, and cute cat ears all in one
jishic1 Aylar önce
He's been dropping phat beats without telling the world til today.... A masterpiece.
Fooble The Goblin
Fooble The Goblin Aylar önce
He's being productive! He's... he's... i don't even know what that is, actually. But keep up the good work!
Tazz Racine
Tazz Racine 10 gün önce
He is speaking the language of the gods
Joshua Dixon
Joshua Dixon Aylar önce
Blowing raspberries
Spider and Mosquito
There's literally no better comment I can imagine reading in response to this video congratulations
abe smith
abe smith Aylar önce
I’ll tell you what he’s doing, he’s beginning to believe!
Datonis Aylar önce
He's Playing DnD with Dan Jones!
Mel the Pirate
Mel the Pirate Aylar önce
This is a whole mood and a half, but sometimes it is just like that. The best thing is to try to not feel guilty, you need idle time
rosedoodle 29 gün önce
me looking at this video and looping it a few times instead of doing the things im procrastinating on teehee ✌
Skye Be Tired
Skye Be Tired Aylar önce
I can relate, even when I'm trying my best I can feel like nothing I'm doing is productive. I moved twice and still have a box that has survived both moves and been left 80% unemptied. Things can just be like that sometimes, and it can be good to take that time so long as you aren't letting it drag you down and consume you. Just be rad like my dad! Actually maybe not like my dad since the rad he got is radiation... Be rad... icle. Like Icicle but with radiation. Be a radioactive icicle! There we go!
biyao kiti
biyao kiti Aylar önce
Always an exciting moment when you realise a youtuber managed to get through the script for a whole video in one take. Very efficient. Good work.
JoCat is the mascot millenials needed, and now have, and will treasure beyond space and time, elevating him to angelhood status, so his wholesome presence may bless even eldritch things that may be able to barely relate to humanity.
Kallisti_The_Zealot 12 gün önce
@Bowack Yes. It is 'The Peacock Door'.
GStellar96 Aylar önce
As an eldritch thing that CAN relate to humanity. Thus is true
Djdaniel M
Djdaniel M Aylar önce
I think it applies to all not just milenials
Bowack Aylar önce
nice profile image. thats from cultist sim right?
Dreadpyr8 Wesley
Dreadpyr8 Wesley Aylar önce
As an eldritch thing who can barely relate to humanity, I confirm this is true
Shiv Pls
Shiv Pls 26 gün önce
JoCat: What am I doing? Everyone: Your best and we are proud of you.
LordZemus 23 gün önce
Mr. Jocat, I would recommend to keep going at a pace that's comfortable to you and not fret so much about meeting deadlines for us : we're patient and know that projects such as animations take their time and effort (1 minute cartoon takes a 1000 new frames! as Harry Partridge once sung) much alike a plant needs watering and care to one day bloom. I found your channel from the MHW days and I very regularly check your channel because the little bits of yourself you show here are some of the most amazing things I've had the pleasure to find and enjoy. I will be coming back here for as long as you're willing to go, so do your best and use those long rests to recover your spell slots and make the magic happen.
Noguy08 Aylar önce
Lars Van Breems
Lars Van Breems Aylar önce
Been going through a rough time recently, and watching this resonated with me so much that I laughed for the first time in what feels like ages. Thank you, sir, for everything that you do. Know that whether you feel productive or not doesn’t matter so long as you continue to enjoy yourself and everything you do.
Guavotron Aylar önce
he's just saving up his motivation, keeping it in reserve for when its most important. in about 30-40 episodes (not including filler) he's gonna be so motivated that he'll invent a whole new level of plot armor, betrayal, and cute cat ears all in one
Schnee Coraxx
Schnee Coraxx Aylar önce
this looks like accomplishing an adorable animation that we all love
BurningIce222 Aylar önce
I seriously can’t stop watching this, it resonates deeply within my soul & so many others, plus it’s just plain funny. 😂 Even in non-motivated work, it is amazing! Seriously, you’re a highlight in the dark sea of TRvid ❤️💙
Jonathan Gibson
Jonathan Gibson Aylar önce
This is the most simply delightful thirty seconds I've had in recent memory. Just wonderful, thank you. Peace be with you, JoCat. Hope you figure what you wanna do next. Or do a buncha fun lil videos like this. Whatever you do will be lovely.
A1phaWolf150 Aylar önce
Me, with ADHD: *Look at what they need to mimic α fraction of my power.*
zebfireHD 18 gün önce
this might actually just be normal for us with ADHD as are brain are just lacking a certain nerves for part of our brain where it suppose to motivate us to do stuff so if we aren't actively doing something we can find it hard to be motivated to do something later. at least that's how i interpret there work.
Davidaw 20 gün önce
How much time did it take to make that a an alpha? It's in our blood. Our code. It's who we are. Proctastinators.
Dale Stephanson
Dale Stephanson Aylar önce
This actually makes me wonder why fonts always use the double story "a" when most people I know write it as "α"...
Benjamin Priddy
Benjamin Priddy Aylar önce
me, with autism and ADHD: do i look like i need your power?
Magnus the Red
Magnus the Red Aylar önce
Me with autism and anxiety: same
Lightning Anderson
Lightning Anderson Aylar önce
enjoy the space in between dude, motive emerges naturally while you're chilling out, just be sure to listen for it.
Homie Sea Otter
Homie Sea Otter Aylar önce
Making and posting this video, and streaming on twitch counts as being productive, keep your head up.
Inkblooded Aylar önce
As someone personally going through a motivational dry-spell as well, I can relate. Give yourself the self-care you need, then roll on back to doing what you love; that's the best advice anyone can offer, I think.
Onean Aovoste
Onean Aovoste Aylar önce
I love this! This will be a great thing to show friends when I'm just not doing much.
C.J. Rogan
C.J. Rogan Aylar önce
Sometimes you need a break. It is okay to give yourself breaks and time. Being productive constantly is too much and not how our human minds are wired. So go ahead and take care of yourself and do what you enjoy.
Templarfreak Aylar önce
i just wish i'd be productive like... at all
Fazelcp Aylar önce
@RandomThingamajig didn't catch the "saying", sorry :) I just think that unfortunately it's not that universal that you can "catch a break". Depending on your job, your daily needs, if you live alone or not, catching a break may not be a thing. Of course I don't say it's not good, it is indeed. I just want to point out that it may not be doable to the degree you need.
RandomThingamajig Aylar önce
@Fazelcp Sounds like you think everyone needs a fresh pair of boot straps
Fazelcp Aylar önce
@Sol System I know, right? XD
Sol System
Sol System Aylar önce
@Fazelcp are you ok? Sounds like you need a break pal
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Aylar önce
Always an exciting moment when you realise a youtuber managed to get through the script for a whole video in one take. Very efficient. Good work.
miko foin
miko foin Aylar önce
Always an exciting moment when you realise a youtuber managed to get through the script for a whole video in one take. Very efficient. Good work.
Isalan Aylar önce
As a British man, I have trained my entire life to wait patiently, and you sir, are worth waiting for. When you're ready, and not before.
Casey Falkner
Casey Falkner Aylar önce
The thing nobody thinks about when they wish a creator made more content is how they themselves would handle that kind of pressure and expectations. Much love Jo.
Viper D. Spades
Viper D. Spades Aylar önce
Me: What the hell have you been doing!? JoCat: Playing the Mass Effect trilogy? Me: Understandable. Carry on.
Clone Trooper8983
Clone Trooper8983 29 gün önce
ah, I remember the first time I played through the entire mass effect trilogy. This is about what I looked like after I beat the third game.
lumberluc Aylar önce
Reliving how your MC isn't taken serious till it's bad? Good game.
Viper D. Spades
Viper D. Spades Aylar önce
@Dillon Hounshell "Yeah, kinda".
Viper D. Spades
Viper D. Spades Aylar önce
@AJAX Don Queso "See ya, Commander"
Viper D. Spades
Viper D. Spades Aylar önce
@Doom Slayer Idk, something do with mass and what it effects? I think theres space involved.
Ace Healer
Ace Healer Aylar önce
I haven’t been writing any stories in a while and it is stressing me out. Your animation made me smile though, JoCat.
Game Wisdom
Game Wisdom Aylar önce
I love how hard this goes. Like, tis funny, beautiful, makes me laugh, I relate, I imagine is much easier animation, its just so well done.
Nathan 18 gün önce
Hey I know you probably won't see this JoCat. But you've helped me into getting into the hobby of dnd so much. Your the one who I recommend anyone new to go and watch your videos. Cause they are fantastically made and your Necrohunt series was the first dnd session series I could genuinely sit down and watch through. Thanks for being such a awesome TRvidr.
Joshua Mensah
Joshua Mensah Aylar önce
Sounds like you’re recovering from all the work you’ve done. You’re amazing. Take all the time you need to come back.
Violette Hearth
Violette Hearth Aylar önce
I feel this so hard. Motivation is a bitch. Sending lots and lots of well wishes!
Ghostwolf 2.0
Ghostwolf 2.0 18 gün önce
ive watched this maybe 5 times now, and this is still a good laugh for when I need one X3
Megan Parish
Megan Parish Aylar önce
No worries, JoCat. I finished college a month ago, and have had no motivation to make anything between trying to recover from academic burnout and applying to jobs. Take your time, and remember that your mental well being comes first. Sometimes a break is what you need.
Msyk Aylar önce
I'm beyond confident that once you find something that will give you some creative drive, you'll come back in full force with a brilliant piece of content Jocat. We'll be there for you in the mean time, and take care of yourself!
Manga Joe
Manga Joe Aylar önce
Yup, I feel you there JoCat. Sometimes it's best to take it easy for awhile, and recharge. Motivation will come eventually!
James william
James william Aylar önce
Even though the animation is simple it still took time and effort. You did something productive in my book, roll that counter back to zero! Your content is great take a break if you need one then keep up the amazing work.
John Boyd
John Boyd 21 gün önce
The longer we go with this being the last thing Jocat has posted, the funnier it gets.
parker jones
parker jones Aylar önce
Lizzy Martin
Lizzy Martin Aylar önce
take all the time you need, please. you're amazing and deserve some damn rest for all the great content you put out.
QuestGiver Aylar önce
This is quite possibly the most motivating video I have ever seen. I'm gonna go help a friend with his school project cause of this.
DeclanTheHelper Aylar önce
You’re too awesome for us to be complaining or it be an issue. Take your time on your projects, shipments, or whatever, and I’ll keep watching your classic videos
WebBowser Aylar önce
I definitely had a couple of months this year where I just.... didn't do anything. It never feels as good as it should. Thankfully I feel better now.
DarkSnowman13 Aylar önce
The amount of views this has is a testament of how much we love Jocat, and how little we actually need from him to be entertained
manface 14334
manface 14334 Aylar önce
Jocat is an inspiration to millions, the way he picked up the goblin and held it should be taught in schools
TheBronxYordle Aylar önce
As long as you're taking care of yourself, thats all that matters. Thanks for the laugh :)
ILoveHandles Aylar önce
JoCat, you are a light in these dark times. Stay weird, and keep the vibes alive.
Oof, this hits me hard with cosplaying at the moment. But I know that whatever you do produce will be great as always :)
When you're so unproductive that you do something productive to display to your audience how unproductive you are, truly an icon
ElmoTheChamp Aylar önce
I feel this on a spiritual level, beyond comprehension. I have evolved beyond every possibility to finally see I too, have no motivation.
The Nerd Beast
The Nerd Beast Aylar önce
You made me smile, that seems like productive work to me.
Kfroguar Aylar önce
I am crazy overwhelmed right now and this is the energy I hope to embody ASAP.
Gina D
Gina D Aylar önce
This speaks to my soul and brought me a significant amount of joy. Not every day has to be a grand achievement or shining example of productivity. Thank you dear. I hope things are going well for you
Connor Gibes
Connor Gibes Aylar önce
JoCat: Man, I feel so bad for not doing anything recently Literally everyone in the comments: Dude same!
Birthdaygaming Aylar önce
Why do I feel this on a spiritual level
Luiz Port
Luiz Port Aylar önce
WE STILL LOVE YOU ANYWAY. You're awesome, Joseph, and don't you dare forgetting that.
I Live To Fight
I Live To Fight Aylar önce
While I love your content, I labor under no illusion that I am entitled to it. You're in the green, you don't have to make stuff if you don't feel up to it
William French
William French Aylar önce
I don't know, this made me smile, so I'd say it's productive towards brightening people's days.
Del Aylar önce
Understandable. Carry on then. Seriously though, I do like it when a TRvidr or streamer just says what they are doing, even if it is nothing at all. Just updates are nice.
Kellylogs Aylar önce
Hope you've been able to enjoy the down time my dude fuck knows we could all use more of it than we tend to get.
TimidBeastie Aylar önce
i feel this in my soul, been trying to make 3d models of dnd dragons and stuff, i have a half done dragonborn and like... a head, and sausage body of a dragon so far and i just hurrrrrrrrrr
R W Mack
R W Mack Aylar önce
As a creative with a day job, I feel this in the cockles of my heart
TheKolikolik Aylar önce
A teacher of mine told me this, and it's solid advise: The most productive thing you can possibly do, is rest. Rest is the only thing that gives you more energy to do things. If you do anything that costs energy, well then you're still spending something to do that thing. But rest and recovery is one of the only things that doesn't have an energy 'cost' to them. So don't worry about taking the time to rest, it's good for you!
Vincent502 Aylar önce
As someone who lost his job 44 days ago… this R-E-A-L-L-Y hit home. I feel it buddy. Wishing both of us well
Mark P.
Mark P. Aylar önce
You'll find a new one soon. Just keep trying.
DamonMaddox Aylar önce
I feel like I've accomplished something when I finally get around to doing my laundry.
Rory FrithTheTraveller
this is a giant mood, but also not doing things is just fine, especially after a really intense streak of work! wishing you well, love your content!
Tabletop Nephilim
Tabletop Nephilim Aylar önce
With the videos I make, a 4-5 minute video can take up to an entire week to put together. I can only imagine what it's like with animation. Motivation is VERY hard. Take your time, we're not going anywhere.
Railox 13
Railox 13 Aylar önce
Truly the content I subscribe for 11/10 as always jocat
Kevin Chong
Kevin Chong Aylar önce
Hugs! That's ok. We prefer that over you forcing yourself doing something you don't enjoy and losing you because of it. I rewatch your stuff on occasion when I need a laugh. Thanks
Lorien077 Aylar önce
sorry you're dealing with this feeling. its kind of a relief to see someone who's work I respect is also feeling this way though
Lol Idk
Lol Idk 29 gün önce
Damn bro this animation is actually the cutest animation I ever watched, this deserve more views Edit:we need part 2 asap
JRayG 17 gün önce
I can relate to this mood all too well this year. Also will now think of that squeak whenever I pick up my goblin plushies now.
Alexander Frost
Alexander Frost Aylar önce
It's all good, JoCat. There's no rush, take your time and create when you're ready. Don't force yourself~!
B Jones
B Jones 24 gün önce
this has been my mood the past three months. I feel you, bro.
DragoonZell Aylar önce
Yea....i've been wanting to make a Zoids D&D and incorporating it into 5e however it's so much work detailing rules and mechanics not to mention the Zoids itself to where Motivation is definitely hard. For example movement is a huge issue. I had to scale up the map size to 50ft every block because most aerial Zoids fly at MACH 3! ( around 22 squares at 50ft per square) so that means 99% of zoids will be relegated to 1 block size and the size modifiers will only be represented on paper......and this is just movement DX but i want it so bad!
D-Pad Queen
D-Pad Queen Aylar önce
Motivation is hard when you lack inspiration or passion, it can happen from several things like lacking sleep, vitamins, social interaction, exposure to new ideas (or even old ones). It's actually very similar to boredom, you've run the motions and nothing appeals to your creativity. Times like this I recommend switching things up, doing things you've either never done before, would never usually consider doing or always wanted to do. Just keep it safe, ok? :)
Francisco Aylar önce
Sometimes it's really hard to find motivation, but please do not forget that, even if not being (or feeling) productive can feel shitty, it does not determine in any way your value. You are loved : )
MrWasjig Aylar önce
Cutest goddamn avatar! I want to give him all the bows so he can continue being a heart stopping cutie pie!
Mezzamine Aylar önce
I feel this on a deep emotional level
bcfb21 Aylar önce
I see you have clearly spent these 50 days coming up with the melodious splendor we just heard.
Djdaniel M
Djdaniel M Aylar önce
I feel the same way its alright we'll push through eventually
Gavin Mcmordie
Gavin Mcmordie Aylar önce
I feel this video physically and spiritually. You’re doing great JoCat, and we all love and support you.
Rezard Valeth
Rezard Valeth Aylar önce
Honestly i just hope you're finding ways to enjoy yourself good ser!
DontBother_YT Aylar önce
I'm Just waiting for JoCrap to come in on day 69 and be like: "Nice! Now go be productive again!" and proceeds to Sparta Kick JoCat into the intro for the newest breakdown video.
Richard Hagen II
Richard Hagen II Aylar önce
Dude I literally haven't had a job for a whole month right now. I feel that energy
Spencer Thomas
Spencer Thomas Aylar önce
Dangerously relatable content. Creative work is rough - sometimes it just doesn't strike. You did just finish a major D&D campaign and hit that 1 million milestone. Adam Neely has a very good video on the sort of ennui and the kind of depressive state one sometimes feels after a major milestone, finishing a big project, etc. It helped me cope with the same kind of experience. trvid.com/video/video-_42od2fgVqw.html If it's any consolation, your videos are among the few that I come back to and rewatch frequently. You are still entertaining people even during a gap in releases.
CherrySake Aylar önce
100/10 stars. Quality content. would watch for hours.
Colin Merritt
Colin Merritt Aylar önce
Motivation IS hard. I hope you keep going though. I love your crap guides!
Nulien Tia
Nulien Tia Aylar önce
I've had this song in my head all day.
Spider-Man Aylar önce
Take your time and have fun with it buddy. You’re a hero!
InShortSight :3
InShortSight :3 Aylar önce
Always an exciting moment when you realise a youtuber managed to get through the script for a whole video in one take. Very efficient. Good work.
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
Start going to the gym and have a buddy go with you (dressed as JoCrap, of course) to be your hype man.
Ranger Cado
Ranger Cado Aylar önce
We all have our ups and downs and endless struggles with things in life, especially after the last two and a half years. Take care of yourself when you're able, we can wait. :)
Gautham StarShadow
Gautham StarShadow Aylar önce
It's fine to be unproductive. Just enjoy being unproductive and do what you want to and you will be back with way more juice.
AMP-LE Aylar önce
Thank you for putting into... something how i've felt for the past two months
Kal Souleiman
Kal Souleiman Aylar önce
This made my day! Wishing you all the best!
Kal Souleiman
Kal Souleiman Aylar önce
This made my day! Wishing you all the best!
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