What 100 days of Destiny 2 looks like

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zanny Gün önce
Thank you to NordVPN For supporting the channel! Check out their exclusive risk-free 30 day guarantee here
DKM Gün önce
Welcome to rehab
Lolgistical Officer
As a Titan, I want your flight license back now please Zanny, after that Thundercrash.
Wolfe Gün önce
"Im still pretty new to this game" - the man with 92 DAYS of playtime
Blake Hensley
Blake Hensley Gün önce
Hey Danny I just wanted to say that I was watching this video before doing kings fall this week and I got touch of malice! This was my third attempt! So thank you kindly
Matthew Woodworth
Anyone else notice how they literally made fun of Caleb for not thinking Bulgaria was real, then they all agreed that Transylvania isn't real? Bro thats a place in central Romania lmao
Titanokhan Gün önce
Can we appreciate the fact Zanny made it into the top 10 Trending on TRvid? Zanny deserves it after his hardwork of giving us endless laughs.
idk :0
idk :0 Gün önce
Zanny: shows almost 2 months of destiny gameplay
Parker Maxwell
Parker Maxwell Gün önce
Zanny do be splicing footage together mere seconds apart to make the raid explanation seem all the more complicated.
Oliver Shipside
Oliver Shipside Gün önce
When zanny says he's not gonna make another destiny 2 video for a year: "Oh you can't do this to me"(Willem Dafoe)
Rene Torres
Rene Torres Gün önce
Kisuke5678 Gün önce
When you show your build you should also show what aspects and fragments you use in the subclass also what are your thoughts on light fall?
Glen Geyer
Glen Geyer Gün önce
Zanny has officially transformed into Homelander.
TDE 44
TDE 44 Gün önce
Bruv, that Eris Morn line hit me harder than that Thundercrash hit you~
CosmicDeity4180 Gün önce
This is one of the best edited videos he has made.
Stochastic Variable
Stochastic Variable 21 saatler önce
One improvement you could make to the shield-throw build is to equip the void detonator aspect, which will make everything explode as well as get hit by shields.
Julian R
Julian R 16 saatler önce
I swear he makes Destiny look so fun again, but its really just the friend group he has.
Wither Hoard
Wither Hoard Gün önce
I love when you post destiny content zanny. It really brightens my day and boy do I need it with all the debt I owe to spectrum the IRS and multiple credit agencies.
Bed_Bug_King_1 Name
I’m excited to watch the new content. It always gives me a good laugh
traffic cone
traffic cone Gün önce
Zanny: “I’m still pretty new to this game”
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