What’s Inside EVERY Madrigal Room?! - An Encanto Theory and Discussion!

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28 May 2022




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Call666ontherebound 4 aylar önce
Yes. A million times yes. Camilo was the hardest to think of, but it an indoor cabana named The Chameleon sounds wonderful and zany, just like Camilo and his theatrical streak. Great thinking 🦎😻
Lilsebastienne 16 gün önce
Im 3029- 38474 years alive
𝓶𝓪𝓵𝓵 🌌🌠
@Katie um because it is
Katie 2 aylar önce
I think Camilos ability is actually shape shifting !
Lameez Cassiem
Lameez Cassiem 2 aylar önce
true so so true
𝓶𝓪𝓵𝓵 🌌🌠
@Elyn Martinez he has chameleons on his outfit if you look closely
Cloudinthehead 3 aylar önce
The fact that Dolores' room is soundproof is nice, but it opens a plot hole: she said she heard Luisa's eye "twitching all night", which wouldn't be possible if her room was soundproof (unless she snuck out like, all night, but I don't know, it seems like a leap...)
Christine Hancock
Christine Hancock 2 aylar önce
Odds are, Dolores had a window open to spy on the Guzman's the night before, as she all but admits she does to Mariano in the end, and that was when she could hear Luisa's eye twitching the night before.
zerosuitkitty 2 aylar önce
@Kaissidy ( Giyuu ) so perhaps, it blocks sounds coming from outside of the Casita
Kaissidy ( Giyuu )
Kaissidy ( Giyuu ) 3 aylar önce
No its confirmed it only block SOME sounds
Cloudinthehead 3 aylar önce
@Alma uh, that could be a good explanation
Alma 3 aylar önce
There was a party that night they probably slept late or something?
Shadowkey392 3 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure Bruno’s room was so large and vast because the Castilla understood he’d need space. And also because it was just a good visual representation of his loneliness.
Džeba Aylar önce
The Encanto director said revealed that the further away Bruno felt from his family, the more stairs there'd be in his room
Jenn S
Jenn S 2 aylar önce
BlueDropNinja 2 aylar önce
(X) Same
Ran 2 aylar önce
I'd like to think Bruno's room didn't always look the way we see it in the movie and it's just been crumbling since he stopped going in there. For example, maybe at one point it had colourful murals on the walls and they've just been eroded over the years by all that sand
jem828 3 aylar önce
I've always imagined Camilo's room so be like this: When you walk in, its just black, not like the lights are turned off, its like a void. When Camilo in there, he can make whatever he wants, he can make it look like an ordinary bedroom, a beach, a kitchen, you name it. He can customize all of the furniture and choose where he wants it to be etc. Like, he could have ANYTHING- Another way I've thought about it is exactly like that but anyone can change it, like if Pepa goes into Camilo's room and she doesn't like the rug he thought of, boom, its a new rug. If Dolores doesn't want Camilo's room to look like a kitchen, poof, now its a living room.
And he’d most likely also have mirrors all over to practice his shapeshifting
zerosuitkitty 2 aylar önce
I like this idea, but the first one I would prefer, that way no fights start over how it would look
Emily Van Dusen
Emily Van Dusen 2 aylar önce
Here is what I think each room is: Abuela: I agree with what you said Julieta: A farm with a big kitchen and TONS of recipes and a room with a comfort therapy thing pepa: Some type of cloud castle (Idk she likes weather) Luisa: I agree with the stone place and secret door to the theme park Camillo: I think Camillo would have what you thought Dolores would have, minus the orchestra. (I think this because he could go on a stage and perform him being himself or others) Dolores: A cabin in the quiet woods with calm, nice sounds like a waterfall antonio: Well, the jungle book lol And we already know Isa, Mira, ect. I hope u like my suggestions
P-STA-G 4 aylar önce
I hope the least we get is every member of the family get their own short on Disney+ that shows us their everyday lives. Other than that, great video! Keep the Encanto videos coming!
Rhysan Reyes
Rhysan Reyes Aylar önce
Kali Calhoun
Kali Calhoun 2 aylar önce
Kali Calhoun
Kali Calhoun 2 aylar önce
KanjiGodomo 2 aylar önce
Maybe the shorts show how everyone was before they got their gifts, like, say, Julieta patching up her brother and sister (with a first-aid kit) and make their favorite foods to lift their spirits, or Dolores bring teased because of her ears (I know it sounds harsh, but I think she was teased because she was born with big ears, but that's just because her hairstyle makes her ears look that much bigger to me; no hate to Dolores, but I also don't want this gift since the sound of a leaf in the wind will have me turn my head).
Blonde and Brunnette
Blonde and Brunnette 2 aylar önce
For Luisa's room, I've always imagined it to look like her dream life she showed in Surface Pressure, with the pink clouds where she could float around and escape the crushing waves of expectation to free room for joy.
Brady Doyle
Brady Doyle 3 aylar önce
I think Camilo could have mirrors,props and backgrounds so he can practice his impressions. It also would have furniture that’s stitched together to show how he doesn’t know who he wants to be yet but has one running theme that’s subtle to remind him if he digs deep enough he will find himself
Serena 2 aylar önce
I like that idea
 Agustin Madrigal
Agustin Madrigal 2 aylar önce
i think hes name is camilo because chameleon can change colors
The Dabbing Slurpee
The Dabbing Slurpee 2 aylar önce
While mirabel is chasing Bruno we see a brief moment where Camilo is giving pepa coffee/tea. If you look closely at the rooms design it has raindrops on the walls along with lightning and clouds carved into her chair. It follows a weather theme. This is Pepas room.
Kailan Foster
Kailan Foster 3 aylar önce
Actually, there is concept art of Pepa’s room in “The Art of Encanto” book! There actually are clouds in the room, so you were pretty much spot on!
J harmond
J harmond 4 aylar önce
There's actually a deleted scene where Dolores was originally going to have the healing powers and we see her room. It was a chemistry lab/kitchenette where she'd make the healing agent that she bakes into food.
Calla Ward
Calla Ward 2 aylar önce
@average gummy worm fan ok
average gummy worm fan
@Calla Ward I'm not gonna stop
Calla Ward
Calla Ward 2 aylar önce
@average gummy worm fan honestly people need to stop making that joke, some people might find it funny but its overused and a bit sexist.
Srushti Chaudhari
Srushti Chaudhari 2 aylar önce
that must be Julieta's room
oxi 2 aylar önce
MR Kornjaca
MR Kornjaca 3 aylar önce
This is a theory i came up with: What if we have actually seen Camilos room, during We don't talk about Bruno the soroundings change in matters of seconds like Camilo does so what if the song was performed in his room and later they went to the main hall.
Denki Karminari
Denki Karminari 3 aylar önce
I think for Dolores' room would be a room that can make harmony into what ever sound of music she wants using the sounds around her so she can also touch into a sound as she did with Louisa's eye twitching. Plus, Camilo's room could be a room of shattered mirrors as the walls (like how the mirror dimension is in the MCU) and have a huge fashion show as he transforms into different people and there will be statues of different people Camilo has turned into each going further into the room as showing who Camilo has turned into in timeline order scattered around the room and at the end or right at the binging of the room would be a giant statue of him and ages as he does so he never forgets how he looks which can be seen across the whole room where ever you go.When you need to get somewhere in Camilo's room you'll have to take a moving maze of staircases wrapped around mountains, having each mountain being something new and only Camilo can track it or if he's lazy transform each room into a different things so he doesn't have to walk everywhere.
Zacharias Hywel
Zacharias Hywel 3 aylar önce
considering Julieta's symbol is a mortar and pestle plus her power relates to food that heals i think her room would be some kind of apothecary mixed with a garden
beverlyf08 3 aylar önce
I think that Luisa’s room is the pink clouds from her song. Also you know how there is a little bit of foreshadowing when we meet Antonio? Well I think that there was probably that kind of foreshadowing for everyone. Like for Example, maybe Dolores liked es dropping so her gift ended up listening. Just an idea.
ismybodyonstraight 4 aylar önce
I personally love the theory that the whole house has been Mirabel's room the entire time - that her door wasn't disappearing, it was merging with the house itself, signalling that the responsibility of the candle, power, house, and family will eventually pass to her.
Found Sheep
Found Sheep 3 aylar önce
there's a line when the new one is finished they say ''it's not perfect'' the old one was made by magic when the community had nothing and had to rely on the madrigals, the new one is built after they lose their powers when the people can *finally* give back to the people that have done nothing but help them- it's not perfect, it doesn't have to be
Croqueta Kid
Croqueta Kid 3 aylar önce
@Jama Jama It’s just my opinion
Jama Jama
Jama Jama 3 aylar önce
@Croqueta Kid she would be miserable if she had ALL their powers. Like especially hearing and weather. Like that would be hard to control
i am Lucia✰՞
i am Lucia✰՞ 3 aylar önce
@Croqueta Kid ikr
i am Lucia✰՞
i am Lucia✰՞ 3 aylar önce
@Just a random Quagsire same
Eidolon _
Eidolon _ 3 aylar önce
8:10 So based on the story Antonio and Mirabel were roommates that leads me to believe that before Dolores got her gift she was in the same room that Mirabel lives in, and when she got her gift she got her room to live in
Eidolon _
Eidolon _ 2 aylar önce
@KanjiGodomo ah, yes that makes sense
KanjiGodomo 2 aylar önce
Yes, but everyone is prone to nightmares, and if she had one and ended up wanting to sleep in her parents room, well, I think you get the picture.
Primal Thunder
Primal Thunder 3 aylar önce
I would love an Encanto series! Perhaps maybe just a slice of life from them, or maybe it could have an actual storyline. Like how now that the mountains surrounding the town have opened up, maybe the same horsemen that killed Pedro might want to steal the miracle and make it their own.
•Mocha Boca•
•Mocha Boca• 3 aylar önce
Before I watch this video, I’d just like to think Dolores has sound-proofed walls and ceilings, not sure what the furniture material would be or how the furniture would be positioned but, I do know it would make sense for her to have a sound-proof room so she doesn’t have to constantly hear people talking and all. Edit: This guy definitely had the same idea as me
Pennies 3 aylar önce
I always thought that Dolores’ room might just have big ears inside 🤣 I always wondered
Ashton Higginbotham
Ashton Higginbotham 4 aylar önce
Just a theory, by the way: What if Mirabel's gift is her ability to speak to Casita. She's the only one who ever directly addresses Casita.
•SimplyToxic• 3 aylar önce
@Wilby Scoot Yeah ik xd
Wilby Scoot
Wilby Scoot 3 aylar önce
@•SimplyToxic• godzilla got a stroke from reading this and died
•SimplyToxic• 3 aylar önce
Or maybe her power is invisibility asa play on word like her room is invisible her power invisible to outsiders and her family invisible and it never really points at where the nursery her room is so thats invisable too! Just a guess 😊
Daemon404 4 aylar önce
@tsuki - The comment about her power being encouragement is exactly right I think
Emnzo 3 aylar önce
When you touch a door, the door searches through your personality and sees what gift would be right for you, so rooms that will let you relax and such like Luisa’s room would not be possible because as seen by Antonio’s room, his room is animal themed just like his gift. So Luisa would probably have a gym or something as her room.
lauren em
lauren em 3 aylar önce
*just a theory* I think that Bruno had a better room when he was younger, with more childlike elements that made his room fun and maybe some sanctuary elements for his mental health, but when he left his room deteriorated and lost it's fun. If he came back to the house, I think it would return to it's better state.
Ha-di Isfet
Ha-di Isfet 2 aylar önce
I think they said somewhere that the room started to rot along with his reputation and eventual departure. Don't remember if it was in the movie or behind the scenes, but they said soemthing about it changing alongside with him, which makes sense, as it reflected his sense of isolation, and the stairs probably reflected the lengths he felt like he had to go to in order to just reach his destination, and my assumption would be that the bridge to the cave that was once there broke when he cut himself off from the family, mirroring how he felt like no matter how hard he tried, or how many stairs he climbed, he'd never be able to reach them
•JELLY DRAGON• 3 aylar önce
I actually would LOVE to see the tour on their rooms! Pray that there's gonna be a tour in encanto 2
Julia Faith
Julia Faith 3 aylar önce
I would love an Encanto sequel!!!! I never gave much thought into julietta or Camillos room and I love how you described them!!! ❤️ For Luisa we see her using the outside hallway as a treadmill so I imagine that her room might have a couple of weights but not be focused on a gyms or workout area. And during the song surface pressure when she talks about how nice it must be to relax she is surrounded by pink clouds, donkey-unicorns. So maybe Luisa’s room is very child like with that cotton candy pink everywhere since she had to grow up so quickly.
Memefactory435 4 aylar önce
In a deleted scene of encanto, where mirabel, Felix, and her dad are cleaning the house we actually get to see the inside of Dolores room. However before she got super hearing she actually had julietas powers. We don’t get much of and it’s just in the form of a storyboard but I’d suggest checking it out.
Midnight Lullaby
Midnight Lullaby 4 aylar önce
@Dr. Hooves Yeah but Julieta has it and she's a mom
Dr. Hooves
Dr. Hooves 4 aylar önce
@Midnight Lullaby Pepa didn't have a healing ability though.
Julieta Madrigal
Julieta Madrigal 4 aylar önce
Wait Dolores had super healing powers before she had her Normal power? Cool plus very nice
LizBizEEEE 4 aylar önce
@Midnight Lullaby i agree
Gigifabulous 3 aylar önce
For Camilo I had the idea of having a lot of mirrors. In part to practice his impressions but also for a theme of self-reflection, to help figure out who he is. Maybe that's part of the cabana club room you talked about.
CCABP 2 aylar önce
“I hope dolores’ ears are selected hearing” If it was, then how would she hear Luisa’s eyes?
꧁☘︎ Devil•Dabi☘︎꧂
Actually, The creators said, "Dolores def has some sound proofing in her room!" I think Camilo has to look at someone to turn into them. Julieta can probs have healing things in her room and a kitchen! Thats cool
Ckinggaming5 Bucket Madness
I imagine that Pepa’s room would just be clouds, a bunch of clouds, just the sky, just clouds in the sky
TheFlamingGamer 4 aylar önce
I’ve always wanted to know what’s inside the other Madrigal’s rooms, since we only really see 4 of the rooms
♡Maddison makes!♡
♡Maddison makes!♡ 3 aylar önce
@Daisy Mae mirabel’s room is a nursery. So I dont know if you would call it her room when other smaller children stay there. 💕😁
Makiyaki 4 aylar önce
@I wanted to know their names... now I'm an ARMY colombian parties stay all night apparentlyf
Rainbow Gacha Fox
Rainbow Gacha Fox 4 aylar önce
I actually thought Luisa’s room could be a mix of all 3 ideas it would have a beach with exercise equipment and have glowing boulders but then have a certain Glowing Rock that could open up the circus just a thought
Skelebop • 78 years ago
@marvin abrio i think its just a background, not his room (like Dolores's part)
Absentia 4 aylar önce
@Preston and Tom oh, we don't. I was just listing my favorite characters.
Calvin Euhan Vargas
to be honest i love the fact that dolores' room is a soundproof room with a concert hall knowing that they cant explore the whole world because of the mountains makes sense that they should also know about music
minaniTWO 2 aylar önce
*here are my predictions!!* *camilo* - this one was pretty hard but i really love your idea of a changing room! i imagine a tornado shaped room (i stole your idea) that basically transforms 24/7 (exaggerated) like the wallpaper changes, the furniture changes, the shape changes, the floor changes, everything! all based on what he needs and how he wants it to be. also the room will change with him (when he’s in it), if he’s isabella for example, the room will sort of change based off isabella. so basically whoever he is (inside the room), the room will be based off of that person. chaotic just like him. *luisa* - (basing off the book) i imagine a very large, rocky room and floating boulders with workout equipment everywhere. there’s a stone staircase that goes down under the floor. (under the surface) it’s basically an giant amusement park like the book said. the top will be mostly stone (not the furniture) and yeah. the bottom will just have everything an amusement park has. except the workers. food booths, hotel rooms (just wanted somewhere where she can relax), rides, attractions, you get it. *dolores* - soundproof walls of course, like come on she needs her peace. a huge orchestra with instruments everywhere and a wooden floor (idk i just like a wooden floor) and she can basically control the volume of everything around her (basically everything that makes sound in her room, and how soundproof-y the walls are). and that’s basically it, nothing much else i can think of. *pepa* - i think her room would be a long cylindrical shape, with tall ceilings so that her weather can go everywhere. i like the idea of clouds literally everywhere. cloud elevators galore!! going up the room would be different weathers. there would be floating clouds with furniture on them in each weather section. but majority of the room would be peaceful, calming weather. her room would be a relaxing spa and part of the floor would be a spa! her bed would be as soft as the clouds and on a cloud so it can basically travel up to wherever she wants to sleep. i just want to say that the rain/thunder/wind/hurricane would go around near the walls just so she doesn’t need to be soaking wet or being swirled around in heavy winds. *julieta* - i’m lazy and cannot think of anything so i will just go with your idea. it’s so cute and i genuinely love it
Jenn Lewis
Jenn Lewis 3 aylar önce
Dolores is my favorite I think her room should be a movie theater and doesn’t she have any magic?
KelDom 2 aylar önce
I would love if Julieta’s room has a place when you go in, windows and there would be a farm outside the place where she gets the crops and things to make dishes.
JELLY Reverse
JELLY Reverse 4 aylar önce
Right when Dolores got her own gift she also got her own room, which probably means she wouldn’t have to worry about the rain. Even thought she could hear Luisa’s eye twitch..
Theresha Hewa
Theresha Hewa 3 aylar önce
A Z 3 aylar önce
@Kelly Savoy I think maybe it’s sound proof that you can turn on and off
Kelly Savoy
Kelly Savoy 4 aylar önce
Doesn't she also talk about hearing the rats in the walls all night though? If her room isn't sound proof, that would be such a shame. The idea of super hearing that you can't turn off and on would not be fun
Abri_Saber 4 aylar önce
Yeah I feel like her room would be sound proof and it'd be covered in something fluffy like foam, so she could actually relax.
Ray Sye
Ray Sye 4 aylar önce
@DeathnoteBB yeah
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones 3 aylar önce
Since Julieta’s room is a massive farm, I can imagine the magic driving the combine harvesters harvesting the fields when harvest session begins.
Mikah Breetz
Mikah Breetz Aylar önce
I would love a sequel\spinoff series, and i think the outdoor kitchen in Julieta`s room was a nice touch!
angle2636 3 aylar önce
these are great ideas, and I love your imagination! this very cool about how you thought about camilos room and Dolores room, especially juileta!
-Pebble-🦋 3 aylar önce
how i imagine all the encantos room alma abuela’s: the same old room that she had when she was younger isabelas: it would be the same room but it has different more plants and the room would be a bit more colorful than just pastel purple and pink and the flowers would change colors depending on her emotions bruno’s:his room would be just still be sand everywhere (maybe more less) and the stairs are just more shorter bcs it has too many- also a new vision case, a place for his rats antonio’s: would be the same thing mirabels:if she got a new room just like the others it would be a the same but with a small feild full with flowers and others representing as her family and yellow butterflies luisas:it would be just like the rocks ( 5:28 ) but also a hidden place where all the amusement park is ( 5:05 ) and the glowing rocks thing can change colors on what she likes pepa’s: the room would be big like isabelas, full with clouds and a huge spiral stairs leads up to her bed, closet and things, i like the idea that the temperature thing, there would be a place where it’s just a normal room (that scene where camilo tried comforting her) where she can listen to music calmly or play some music and dance with felix, there would be a lot of broken umbrellas tbh dolores: her room would have calm things like a calm waterfall pond, flowers area and the room would have sound proof walls but isn’t enough and she can still hear slightly everything because of the door, i like the idea of the music idea but she wouldn’t play the drums- there would be stairs up to a room where she can play musics but the calming instruments like a ukulele,piano or so camilos:it would be a huge room where there’s just mirrors everywhere LIKE EVERYWHERE, paintings of his family, he would practice shapeshifting by looking at the mirrors or just admire at himself, his room can shapeshift to anything, his bed would be upstairs and the stairs would be a spiral since the idea of him spinning when shapeshifting and down stairs would be where there’s a mini stage and has a pet chameleon, a closet just full of the same ponchos he uses, since he always panics abt forgetting himself he always goes to that one area that’s just full of things that comforts him (IM OBSESSED WITH CAMILO 😔😔😔) julieta’s:i like to think her room isn’t THAT big, there would be a small kitchen where she practice other recipes, and a farm outside that isn’t big, where she can gathers some baking supplies, a little stair case up to her and Agustin’s room, there would be some musical instrument for Agustin since he can play the piano, he would play some while julieta bakes, a small room where there’s all the healing things are like a first aid kit, blankets, a small bed, etc it’s just in case she runs out of baking supplies but that barely happens IM A HUGE FAN OF ENCANTO AND I RLLY LOVE THR IDEAS U DID SKSJSJ IM ALSO VERY OBSESSED WITH SPIRALS STAIRS I DONT KNOW WHY😭😭😭
Nighting Gale
Nighting Gale 4 aylar önce
I really like the idea of Luisa's room being a beach. Like maybe part of it could be a beach where she can relax and the other part could be similar to planet fitness
Oliver Delica
Oliver Delica 4 aylar önce
I died at the idea of Maui being a spotter for Luisa 🤣🤣💯
Yeeesss and like maybe she would have a hammock styled bed or a ship bed on the beach
Sanicbear Koala Renn
Sanicbear Koala Renn 3 aylar önce
For Luisa, To somewhat represent her power, she would have to access the theme park/beach by tearing off the floor. Also, maybe if she pulls it to the left, the theme park is shown, if the right, then the beach is shown
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez 2 aylar önce
I think I get it, each room for each family member is what they need, so it means that Mirabel doesn’t need anything excepted the house and her family.
Darsh! 2 aylar önce
I’d prefer a series since more screen time, more time can be dedicated to characters etc.
Georgeann Roye
Georgeann Roye 3 aylar önce
I really like the idea of Peppa‘s room being like a thermometer in and the part where Dolores is just rocking it on the drums like the sound effects are amazing
Dejay Page
Dejay Page 4 aylar önce
Also ideas for the other rooms: Luisa would have a hammock style bed or something to kick her feet up Pepa would have something for calming her nerves with Felíx to enjoy too Camilo would have a room that keeps shifting and changing like you said, but it’d be more like a dressing room you’d expect from actors Dolores woykd have a music stage style room, but have a closet-like room that she can go into to decompress in silence unless someone knocks on the door. Julietta I can see having a more farm look but I would also think she’d have a test kitchen deal with a special cook book of every recipe she knows in memory.
J&S 4 aylar önce
Oh that would explain where does Camilo get the clothes when he shape shifts.
cool.chameleon 4 aylar önce
Maybe Julietta would have a sink that does the dishes for you too! 🤣 if your a baker or even if your not you know this would be awesome
Justin_Glen_with_1_N 4 aylar önce
Pepas room would be magically enhanced to handle all of her crazy weather whenever she has a breakdown or whatever. Louisa's room would be designed to help her work with her strength but also have a different room where she can relax and have fun. Camilos room would be constantly changing colors, wallpapers, furniture, window placing, etc,. I have more ideas and I think I'm going to draw them in my sketchbook.
Unicorngirl4210 4 aylar önce
You actually see Camilo conforting his mom in her room with raindrop wallpaper and then that would be the point where it turns into the magical room witch idk what that would be
LabTurtle 4 aylar önce
Luisa has a beach room with hammocks
Claire Timm
Claire Timm 3 aylar önce
I would love to see a sequel and each character having a short on Disney+ but not a series.
yuni mel
yuni mel 3 aylar önce
I think it would be cool if Camilo's room changed everytime he did, so if he was Isabela, it would change into a copy of Isabela's room.
jude orth
jude orth 3 aylar önce
oh my gosh this is genius!!! I love all the ideas but I think Camilo's room is my favorite. I also realy liked the idea that @Baumfroschbarbie 23 had for Julietta's room.
C-Wolf 3 aylar önce
I really like your ideas, I hope someone of these ideas are put into the second Encanto
Francis Fatta
Francis Fatta 4 aylar önce
A series would be great to expand more on the entire family. Maybe eventually introduce a new family member with a new gift
E.MUFFI.N 4 aylar önce
cool.chameleon 4 aylar önce
Oh don’t worry, this movie was such a hit, ‘Encanto Dos’ will be coming out sooner or later 🤣
Soaps 4 aylar önce
@the.multi.cheezit I agree
RangerX 101
RangerX 101 4 aylar önce
@takumiaries that's why it will be amazing if the new family member is adopted
takumiaries 4 aylar önce
@MLPNINJAGO Studios It was confirmed that adopted madrigals can get gifts because they'd still be madrigals all the same.
xXkateyplaysXx 2 aylar önce
Let's just thank him of how much work he put on this!
Acorn 2 aylar önce
I believe it was stated that Camilo's room is a whole lot of mirrors so he could perfect his shape-shifting
Nagaek Needs
Nagaek Needs 2 aylar önce
A Camilo room would be able to shape-shift in to different places
clhboyle Aylar önce
it might have actually shown julieta's room in the movie, when mirabel had that huge cut on her hand and julieta healed her hand. just some speculation.
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines 4 aylar önce
i think Dolores's room would have a library area were she could sit and write down all of the gossip she heard that day in her journals. there would also be lots of sound wave designs on her bed and her walls. there could also be a huge sound wave design chandelier!!!
Fiorella Barros Chiriboga
@Mr. Goose Probably just part of her room is soundproof
The Guy Who Asked
The Guy Who Asked 3 aylar önce
@Mr. Goose yeah, but it's not uncommon for people to get up in the middle of the night, maybe that's how she hears Luisa, and also how she hears Bruno every night, maybe Dolores likes to wander around the house when she gets bored of being in a completely soundproof space, sound can be annoying but if you live surrounded by sound all the time when you can no longer hear anything, it just feels lonely, it feels like something's wrong, I do think Dolores' room is soundproof(since one of the directors didn't dismiss the idea when presented to him, saying "maybe, she hasn't gone crazy bc of all the noise yet"), but she likes to always be hearing to what the everyone's saying and thinking, she only stays in her room when she's with a headache and wants peace(bc unlike us, she can't tell everyone to make silence since there's no way the entire Encanto would be completely silent for an entire day), or when she's having sensory overload and just want everything to be quiet for a while
l o n e l y g h o s t
l o n e l y g h o s t 4 aylar önce
@Mr. Goose you know what if maybe she was at antonio's room, she was maybe at antonio's room, because its his special day in his own room [ sorry for this dumb theory]
Mr. Goose
Mr. Goose 4 aylar önce
@xXpLaNt.ViBeSXx Sadly it probably isn’t because Dolores mentions that she heard Luisa’s eye twitching all night long
Levy Motamed family
Levy Motamed family 4 aylar önce
Ok cool!
Maxoplaz 2 aylar önce
Luisas room I imagine being a huge rock gym and her bed could be a Bouldering mat
Christal Taylor
Christal Taylor 2 aylar önce
I like how Camilo's reference page on the wiki is filled to the brim with bush Jared confirming literally everything ever
oikawaii toru
oikawaii toru 3 aylar önce
if Disney make this a whole theme park in Disneyland it would take it to the next level imagine the never ending possibilities of every rooms wow.
The Night Ranger
The Night Ranger Aylar önce
I think Julieta’s room could be a gigantic, open pantry that has all the foods she cooks with and all her favorite snacks.
Cassie 4 aylar önce
I like to think that Bruno's new room comes with a gigantic theatre complete with tons of props and costumes where he can put on plays for his family and the community. And of course, the rat telenovelas are the highlight.
Carter Rex
Carter Rex 4 aylar önce
@Savvy’s Studio OMG I CANT BELIVE I FORGOT!!!!
Kat Kay
Kat Kay 4 aylar önce
And Camilo can help by playing multiple characters lmao
Abri_Saber 4 aylar önce
That would be more of a Camilo idea. Camilo would definitely be a theater kid. Maybe they'd even bond over the idea.
Savvy’s Studio
Savvy’s Studio 4 aylar önce
@Carter Rex Don’t forget about Jorge! He makes a spackle!
Amber Forcade
Amber Forcade 4 aylar önce
Camilo could be his co-star or something
MAT-HAR !!! Aylar önce
I kinda see Camilo's room as being one full of many different costumes (or pictures of costumes that he can wear via shape shifting) and masks where he gets to be anything he wants to be without needing to shapeshift into anyone else. There is probably a spotlight lit stage which also kinda changes with the theme he may go for (i.e): Shakespearian, Musical, Circus, etc. So all in all I think you are on the right track with his room design.
emyng 2 aylar önce
The part where the rock fell on Luisa made me laugh so hard
Ari Þari 🇺🇦
Ari Þari 🇺🇦 2 aylar önce
I think Dolores’s room has giant ears on the walls and ceiling with speakers in them. In the speakers are tubes going into every room of the house and she told Bruno that she will tell everyone that he’s been hiding in the walls unless he fixes the tubes in the walls when they break. The floor would then be like Isabella’s floor but instead of flowers it’s just ears.😂
Harshini Roy
Harshini Roy 2 aylar önce
We have only seen the rooms of Mirabel, Antonio, Isabella and, well, "Bruno's tower" and where he had been for 10 years in the movie. I didn't know the other rooms until I saw your video. I wish I had rooms as cool as their knobs designed for them.
Baumfroschbarbie 23
Baumfroschbarbie 23 3 aylar önce
I'd love if Julietta's room was about SELF-care. Massages, hot herbal baths, warm fluffy blankets etc. She spends all her day attending to other people and their (mostly physical) problems. She is the helper/carer of the family, but who helps HER regain energy? So if Dolores gets a soundproof room to get a break from the drains her powers come with, Julietta should too!
Creatively Yusra
Creatively Yusra 21 gün önce
And In Dolores room it should be like "Casita, turn on sound proof mode" it will be very nice!
The EeryTeacher
The EeryTeacher 2 aylar önce
there was actually a design for a room based on her gift
andrew 3 aylar önce
she honestly deserves the best
PurpleZombie 3 aylar önce
I always imaged it was just a huge kitchen with a bed
jazzcelaya 3 aylar önce
I was going to say the same thing. I identify w/ Julietta the most and while yeah, it is nice to be able to take care of my beloved ones, it is also super important to get pampered and get a full night of sleep
Uditi kumar
Uditi kumar 2 aylar önce
Yes to. A million times yes. Camilo was the hardest to think of, but an indoor cabana named The Chameleon sounds wonderful and zany, just like Camilo and his theatrical streak. Great thinking 🦎😻
Speccles 2 aylar önce
Luisa's room would actually be: gym equipment on a beach. According to drawings drawn by the actual designers of Encanto.
Ryo亮 3 aylar önce
Okay. So for Camilo I feel like at least one room would have a lot of mirrors. It is very heavily implied at probably cannon that he doesn’t feel appreciated by being himself. He is only found useful when he is someone else, found funny when he transforms into someone else, found helpful and even life saving when he is anyone but himself. I feel like the mirrors would show his self consciousness and how he doesn’t know who he is. Probably a completely silent room, with a hard wooden chair, basically something that would make him uncomfortable. He would spend hours looking at the mirrors and transforming into someone that looks similar to him, but different. He doesn’t know who he is, and his gift would only amplify it. I just feel like since Isabella feels like she needs to be perfect, Mirabel doesn’t feel like she belongs in this family, Pepa feels like she needs to act one way or another to help out, and Bruno is seen as the villain, that Camilo would feel like he is only helpful when he isn’t himself, as in he would feel useless and not funny when he is his true self. Pepa feels like she needs to be happy all the time so it will be sunny, and everyone loves sunny and warm and happy, so she needs to bottle up her feelings. Camilo might take after her in that way. He feels like he needs to be someone funny, someone that isn’t himself. Don’t get me wrong, Camilo is truly funny and that part most likely isn’t fake, but he probably has times when he feels useless. But I agree with everything else you said! It would fit him PERFECTLY.
joshua haastrup
joshua haastrup 3 aylar önce
famine and drought are two things that literally cant happen in Encanto, not with Isabella boosting crop production, fertility and overall plant creation like crazy. Also pretty sure Peppa can just give the plants rain and sunshine when needed.
paiged 4 aylar önce
I think Luisa’s room is that scene during her song where she’s just in the sky with all the clouds. it mixes weightless and childish/free
Mrs. Chick
Mrs. Chick 3 aylar önce
How bad can Bruno be?
Artsyl Reyes
Artsyl Reyes 3 aylar önce
♩we dont talk about bruno no no noooo♩
Cai Chi Cat
Cai Chi Cat 4 aylar önce
@Transmission yeah i forgot about that one, made the comment before i watched all of it
Transmission 4 aylar önce
@Cai Chi Cat another one is a seemingly normal room made of stone, however there is a secret passageway that leads to an amusement park
Cai Chi Cat
Cai Chi Cat 4 aylar önce
There's actually a scene cut out. It's a beach with workout equipment. Granted I think the new one will be a vacation room.
Just your average dragon
I would think that Camilo‘s room would have mirrors everywhere so he could practice his Shapeshifting.
Mecat0312 3 aylar önce
Camilo is definitely the hardest, but if it was up to me, I would basically have just made it look like a black room when you first walk in, and right at the very center would be a book on a stand. when you open the book, it would be a bunch of different types of places including: beach, jungle, chameleon-themed bedroom, farmland, living room, kitchen/snack room, amusement, park, and literally any other type of place you could imagine. And when you flip to that page, that's what the room becomes. For Luisa, I would do a room that was just like a bunch of exercise things like weights, treadmills, yoga mats, and things like that but then you could open a secret hatch to an amusement park or beach for her to just relax and calm down. For Pepa i would make it a giant rocky beach where she could just be calm, and even if she is mad or stressed out, the magic would make it so that nothing could be destroyed, and even with a storm it still seems peacful And for Julieta and Delores i like his ideas
Claire Cre8tes
Claire Cre8tes 3 aylar önce
Disney-itis is so real lmao!!! Amazing edits! I think Luisa room would be my fave in your theory!
Jill Evers
Jill Evers 2 aylar önce
Honestly I want to see this Cassita as an attraction in Disney more than a series. The kitchen=dining/restrurant, Antonio's room=petting zoo, Isabella's room=garden walk, and more. Some ideas here I heard before from another TRvidr only you explain all in one video.
LostLiaa 4 aylar önce
I don’t think Dolores has soundproof walls, she heard *Luisa’s eye twitching all night*
Charlotte Lemon
Charlotte Lemon 2 aylar önce
I think there’s a soundproof on and off buttong
LostLiaa 3 aylar önce
@the wolf pack just like Bruno
the wolf pack
the wolf pack 3 aylar önce
she was in the kitchen stealing snacks.
Amr Ibn Munir
Amr Ibn Munir 3 aylar önce
No her walls are only abit soundproof
GBMaroel the zoolian
GBMaroel the zoolian 3 aylar önce
@The Rio Zoo - Gaming bruh
Kermit Sings
Kermit Sings 2 aylar önce
My Version Julieta: a 5 star kitchen with a grande, the garden contains virtually any food Pepa: a white palace in the clouds, with several rooms each for a different weather so she could test her mood Dolores: a large quiet space with soundproof walls and a fancy bedroom Camilo: Yours made too much sense, I can’t top it Luisa: theme park concept
Caihong Colorful Rainbow
I think mirabel's room might be a mix of all of her family members room because of her strong love for her family
💙Q U A C K💛
💙Q U A C K💛 3 aylar önce
Dolores, officially kind of can control hearing, kind of like how you drown out everyone talking in a party, but if your talking to someone, you'd hear them
Lilylion928 3 aylar önce
Camilo's room has color-changing walls that change with his mood. I saw it on bing.
Windbird27 4 aylar önce
I always thought of Julieta as having a small, soft colored room with a door to a garden, maybe not acres big, though. And definitely an outdoor kitchen
Rohan Kaushik
Rohan Kaushik 4 aylar önce
I also agree, with the garden being separate, but I feel like her room would be pretty big and kinda similar to Antonio’s and Isabellas since shee seem like she would love nature and to just have like a greenhouse in her room
Travis Layton
Travis Layton 2 aylar önce
I think the 1st option for Luisa's room is #awesome.
Dragoncat_Ninja Aylar önce
Dolores heard Luis‘s eye twitching all night, so how could she hear anything in the soundproof bedroom?
Rolando Masinda
Rolando Masinda 3 aylar önce
have 2 ideas for dolores' room that can use the rule of it being soundproof 1. a room full of gramaphones so imagine a room full of gramaphones on the floor,on the walls,on the ceiling and each gramaphone has a name of a person and it differs in sizes depending depending if the person the gramaphone is named after is loud or quiet example: a gramaphone named Luisa and the gramaphone plays Luisa's eye twitching which explains why dolores heard her eye twitching even though her room is sound proof (btw she can also control wich gramaphone will play like how she centers in the sound of who she wanna hears). her room is also very big and very classy like a theater .the walls and floor are wood. her bed has a gold framing it also has a white matress and a red blanket along with red pillows with tassles on the end and a button on the middle and there is a red carpet from her bed leading to the part of her room that has gramaphones.there is also a big window that has big red curtains like the ones in theaters that have a gold rope and when you pull on it it will close the curtains 2. a library since she doesn't like loud noises she has a library.her room will look exactly like the room full of gramaphones except book shelves will replace the gramaphones and like the gramaphones each book will have a name of a person and colored luke that person example: a book named bruno is colored dark green a book named mirabel is colored dark blue. so basically the books color will be the darker color of the person's main color, and the books named after her family might have the designs that represent them like for isabela, her book will have flower drawings on the cover and the lines are gold and glow like their doors,for bruno he will have hourglasses on his book that glow gold like his door while mirabel's book will have butterflies that also glow gold or the books' cover will have the same design as their door. when dolores wants to know what they're saying she'll open the book and gold letters that glow will appear on a blank page and along the words emerging a voice will also he heard like the person is reading. but sometimes if it's quiet like at night some books will talk on their own like luisa's book playing luisa's eye twitching. this is mainly because some noises annoy her so the voice that annoys her and she can't her mind off of it the the person of that voice's book will talk on their own
Shadow Candy YT
Shadow Candy YT 3 aylar önce
I wanna say at one point in the movie you see Pepe’s room as there is raincloud wall paper and those wind north east south and west things in the cene were Camilo gives Pepe tea and shoots lighting at his but when Mirabel is chasing Bruno in the walls.
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 4 aylar önce
If the Disney+ show ever comes to fruition, I really hope that Camilo and Dolores become detectives. Imagine all the fun shenanigans that could happen with those two as detectives. Plus, their powers are perfect for it. Camilo can transform into anyone, so he’d be a master of stealth, and Dolores can hear anything so she’d be able to get information easily. Plus, we get to see them more often, and it’s probably the best way their powers can help the village.
Liveactionme 3 aylar önce
but camillo isnt the best at acting
Vendy the Cat
Vendy the Cat 3 aylar önce
@Cezoxmi % THE CAMILO IS IN THE BASE (sorry i had to XD)
George Tsompanidis
George Tsompanidis 3 aylar önce
i feel like every member can participate in this
Cezoxmi %
Cezoxmi % 3 aylar önce
Yeah, Camilo is basically Spy from tf2 without the attitude.
Condiment_Queen 3 aylar önce
ottieee 3 aylar önce
Dolores got that world record sound proof room that make you go insane 😭😭
•itzaddi• 3 aylar önce
I feel like Camilos room would be a room that had mirrors on the floor walls and ceiling and in each one there would be a different person and,his bed would change each night so would the rest of his stuff like dresser,side desk and etc and that’s what I think his room would be like
Azure1162 3 aylar önce
There's one thing in Casita I am dying to find out other than what's in the Madrigal's rooms. And that is: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE BATHROOM?
Gem Shark Gamer
Gem Shark Gamer 2 aylar önce
How can Dolores hear luisas eye twitching if there’s a soundproof wall and not in the same room
pix. 						ily btw ‼️
pix. ily btw ‼️ 4 aylar önce
Fun fact: The creators confirmed that Dolores’ room is soundproof in a reply to a tweet so yEaH 🥳
~Lavender The Dragon's Blaze~
Thank god for her- imagine her listening to Camilo or Antonio being made XD
L 3 aylar önce
@Rantarnation its a big deal... the whole reason mirabel finds bruno
Default Name
Default Name 3 aylar önce
The creator said that it was partially soundproof
Neviley 3 aylar önce
@AnecdoteDog You have summoned...A GACHA KID
AnecdoteDog 3 aylar önce
@khadija yes
TheFirstRobloxian 3 aylar önce
I thought that Dolores would have either a soundproof room or a room filled with windchimes for some reason
Rene 3 aylar önce
To Dolores, the gentle sound of rain would probably feel like... WAWA'S HANDCRAFTED BEVERAGES!!!!
Wilson 3 aylar önce
I would design Dolores room as little like hearing spots like they look like ears and she could go in there and she can hear everybody because they’re hollow and it’s very fun for her and she presses A button and that’s where the stages it can change
Maddieqlav 3 aylar önce
Camilo was said to have lots of mirrors in his room to figure out what and who he is
Emily Custodio
Emily Custodio 3 aylar önce
If Dolores has soundproof walls- how did she hear Luisa’s eye twitching
ISskierka xD
ISskierka xD 2 aylar önce
I don't remember the exact moments, but I'm sure I've seen Dolores holding her hands on her ears when there was a loud noise, so I think she doesn't control the hearing
Norman's horn thingy
Norman's horn thingy 2 aylar önce
I can only imagine the chaos when there's a Camilo actor in Disneyland 😂
Madilyn Ingram
Madilyn Ingram 2 aylar önce
I love this video!. BTW my favorite character are Dolores, Pepa, and Mirabel
Campbell Hansen
Campbell Hansen 4 aylar önce
Alternative for Camilo’s room: it’s some massive costume room, and performing centre. Possibly even some like a convention hall. Multiple personas for performances, or multiple personas, for OCs.
Vincent Fred Doyle
Vincent Fred Doyle 3 aylar önce
@KingStudio I heard an idea that his room had a bunch of mirrors on the wall
KingStudio 3 aylar önce
I was thinking the same but on the walls it has everyone he knows and each time when he meets someone new it magically appears on the wall
SPITFIIRE 4 aylar önce
Camilo is the ultimate theater kid 😂
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