West Ham United v. Manchester United | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/19/2021 | NBC Sports

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19 Eyl 2021




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Instegram 4 saatler önce
Did anyone notice 9 0:54 Cavani 7 with Ronaldo’s head lol
Divine Light
Divine Light 4 saatler önce
Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon Please Repent And Accept Jesus Into Your Hearts Today God Bless and I Love You All
YEET YEET 4 saatler önce
they gotta fix the cavani number 7 thing...
Joe Goh
Joe Goh 4 saatler önce
The ref made 3 penalty mistakes .. 1 against AWB and 2 for Ronaldo.
Google Reviews
Google Reviews 5 saatler önce
No one gonna talk about the mistake at 00:52 ? They wrongly put CAVANI instead Cristiano Ronaldo 🤣
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 5 saatler önce
Hello, Humans. Joe Arridy had an IQ of 46 and is known as the “happiest prisoner on death row”. He went into the gas chamber with a smile. It turned out he was innocent. TERRANCE OUT
Nathaniel McCurley
Nathaniel McCurley 5 saatler önce
Anybody notice they had Ronaldo as “E. Cavani” when displaying the lineup?
Alan Torres
Alan Torres 5 saatler önce
Is no one going to point out how maguire makes atleast one terrible mistake per game
Alex Saitama
Alex Saitama 5 saatler önce
Is this really NBC with 360p ?
Oto Zaragoza
Oto Zaragoza 5 saatler önce
Edison cavani same ronaldo 7 😂
Versusz LDR Music
Versusz LDR Music 5 saatler önce
I thought i was looking at an old highlight at first, then checked the date, then thought i was going nuts as i couldn't find Ronaldo's name anywhere on the line-up and substitutes, until i focused on Cavani's picture 🤡
Brandon 5 saatler önce
10:32 "Fabianski's not saving that." Neuer in his prime isn't saving that.
Stallendall 5 saatler önce
Anyone complain about the audio???
Saul Flores
Saul Flores 6 saatler önce
GGhost 6 saatler önce
Cavani has Ronaldo’s icon. 1:03
Germain Mitacc
Germain Mitacc 6 saatler önce
De Gea eres un grande, que atajada!
I Know That
I Know That 6 saatler önce
NBC Sports will show you an average goal over and over again on replay. I don't need to see an average goal more than once and it doesnt need to be slowed down, it wasnt that special
I Know That
I Know That 6 saatler önce
how exactly does kneeling represent a battle against racial discrimination?
I Know That
I Know That 6 saatler önce
and who is discriminated against?
Sam Kang
Sam Kang 6 saatler önce
how was ronaldo not offsides?
Chillahs Local
Chillahs Local 6 saatler önce
How nbc put cavani as Ronaldo name disrespect
Cebuwulfkiba24 6 saatler önce
Another Ronaldo tap in 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Messi still with 0 goals or assists 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Mike LaBelle
Mike LaBelle 6 saatler önce
Ronaldo being back in the prem scoring goals just feels so satisfying
Bing Yiu
Bing Yiu 6 saatler önce
4:20 can u jump that high at age 36 lol
MAMAS PLAN 6 saatler önce
Take Mcfuckups armband right now !!
datboidiego 6 saatler önce
This match was poetic in so many ways. Ronaldo scoring yet another goal, Lingard scoring a redemption goal for his mistake against young boys, Lingard scoring against West Ham, De Gea saving a match deciding penalty after not saving one for so long, Ronaldo showing his passion and winning mentality. Good match
DC 7 saatler önce
Can't believe the announcer was saying that shouldn't be given handball. Feeling some bias on that. That was a hand ball every day of the week.
radicalindependent 7 saatler önce
Gee Cavani looked an awful lot like Ronaldo! LOL!!!!
Octavio Suarez Rincon
Octavio Suarez Rincon 7 saatler önce
Lol the Cavani typo in the lineup
messsatsu 7 saatler önce
The best manager in the world is Ole when his job is on the line. Change my mind.
wukongne 7 saatler önce
fxxxing disgusting ref
YoshimanMarioKart 7 saatler önce
0:44 That is an embarrassing error. Lineup maker wouldn't be fired for messing up anyone but Ronaldo, but since he messed up the most famous one, he's probably lost his job.
BandTheHoorse 7 saatler önce
Anyone else only able to see this highlight in 240p?
Hiep Pham Bui
Hiep Pham Bui 7 saatler önce
Man Lingard is weird. Maybe he should be a super sub.
TR7 7 saatler önce
Manutd robbed by referee
Hard Worker
Hard Worker 7 saatler önce
Why Lanzini didn't take this Penalty. This old man Noble, needs to retire already
Bfn bfn
Bfn bfn 7 saatler önce
So everyone is ignoring Fred's performance 🤔
kalkay kaykal
kalkay kaykal 7 saatler önce
Good outing. Ronaldo deserve a penalty
Vinay Panjabi
Vinay Panjabi 7 saatler önce
How was that not a penalty ? How ???
Hein Aung
Hein Aung 7 saatler önce
“#1 on Trending”!!!
Ryan 7 saatler önce
Why Ronaldo is better than messi? He scores even in a tough league where messi is lost so far also he is way more competitive and he elevates team mates
Sid Tom
Sid Tom 8 saatler önce
1:07 Geez, didn’t know Cavani cut his hair!!
KC Sniper
KC Sniper 8 saatler önce
With the way lingard is playing Sancho might be a 72 million dollar bench players.
Ryan 8 saatler önce
0:45 cavani under Cristiano picture 🤦🏻‍♂️
Javier Flores
Javier Flores 8 saatler önce
De Gea what a great way to end the game!
Sk8Pyro 8 saatler önce
Viva Ronaldo!!!!
CantCompete 8 saatler önce
Cavani looks different in the starting lineup
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez 8 saatler önce
The theatre of dreams fits the stadiums well once more.
Andev007 8 saatler önce
0:54 Cavani wearing Ronaldo mask. Good job NBC.
scits the skeleton
scits the skeleton 8 saatler önce
10:05 Lingard was like, Hold up chill it's W.Ham Ronaldo was like, nah breh go flex... *PUSH*
Chiu Duong
Chiu Duong 8 saatler önce
Chiu Washington
Mad Mac 66
Mad Mac 66 8 saatler önce
Bless Lingard for not celebrating
JTV Entertainment
JTV Entertainment 8 saatler önce
Is that number seven Cavanni though? This i sincere ignorance.
LA CANDELA 8 saatler önce
Allan Serrano
Allan Serrano 8 saatler önce
Ronaldo the goat
I'm no Longer A Scared of the dark
0:48 haha CR7 can’t stop cuckolding cavani
Ashifur Rahman
Ashifur Rahman 8 saatler önce
0:56 Cavani, not Ronaldo! What a joke!
Iron Bots
Iron Bots 8 saatler önce
0:53 cavani
Privatepilot 8 saatler önce
Fake news.
Jaylepeño 9 saatler önce
Greenwood’s positioning was 💯
Tiesuo Lee
Tiesuo Lee 9 saatler önce
Cavani just had plastic surgery?
Alvaro Egas
Alvaro Egas 9 saatler önce
well this time De Gea blocked a difficult penalty shot and it gave 3 points to MU, good for him. It brings him confidence and that's best for the team.
TomSucksAt Finance
TomSucksAt Finance 9 saatler önce
Goat Lingard 🐐can’t stop scoring.
DINO OP 9 saatler önce
Why Ronaldo is cavani 😶😶
Alvaro Egas
Alvaro Egas 9 saatler önce
Messi struggling in new club, CR7 G.O.A.T
Yasit Sencebe
Yasit Sencebe 9 saatler önce
CR7 the best
NichDW 9 saatler önce
you don't take a cold man off the bench to take a game changing pk in the 90th
Cameron Manning
Cameron Manning 9 saatler önce
How could you mess up Cristiano's name lol that was on purpose he's the 🐐 🤣😂😭
Tolga Dogs
Tolga Dogs 9 saatler önce
Every1 peep they put E. Cavani under Ronaldo 😂
Bipin Panthi
Bipin Panthi 9 saatler önce
Wan Bissaka seems to be the weakest link on Man United right now cuz he working over time covering the whole field defense as well as offense
Harvard Troy
Harvard Troy 9 saatler önce
It seems Jesse Lingard hire watering army to praise him all over the world. He is good, but not as good as many other players in MU. I guess that his agent did that to promote him.
Subway Sounds
Subway Sounds 9 saatler önce
Ronaldo is the GOAT!!!!
Ryie Chan
Ryie Chan 9 saatler önce
imagine getting #1 on trending for premier league. blew my mind lol. but that penalty save! De Gea hasn't saved a penalty since 2016 :)
beatstork 9 saatler önce
The two goats scoring. Not bad.
W Strauss
W Strauss 9 saatler önce
"I don't believe that should be a penalty.. nothing deliberate"??? Read the current rule book commentators!! Anything you do that makes you body bigger like the defender did is indeed a penalty - this is why good defenders are pulling their arms in with current rules... They really should just fire all the commentators and/or only pure info because their opinions on everything seem to be crap.
W Strauss
W Strauss 9 saatler önce
And what a crap take of a penalty. Just using the instep to pass it in, but right at the keepers' range. Strike the ball ! At this level they should be able to take it with their eyes closed and bury it.
Kevin Thoj
Kevin Thoj 9 saatler önce
Hats off to this Man U team. With Ronaldo’s charisma and Jesse Lingard’s flair, WOW, the sky’s the limit for this team!! 💯👌🏼 Move on over, Man City!.. There might be a new champ in the Premier League!! 💪🏼🔥
Grose93 Alexander
Grose93 Alexander 9 saatler önce
Is Ronaldo capable of scoring a solo goal is the real question. Gift 🎁 after gift 🎁
Kelly 9 saatler önce
Why is Renaldo listed as E. Cavani?
23Hamlet24 9 saatler önce
Those bubbles were hilarious.
Omar Al-Azzawi
Omar Al-Azzawi 9 saatler önce
Why number 7 is still Cavani in the formation lol 1:10
A Poocumber
A Poocumber 9 saatler önce
Jessie comes back and is too cold
Orlando Calderon
Orlando Calderon 9 saatler önce
@0:46 EC7 not CR7 🤣
Jerry H
Jerry H 9 saatler önce
Remember Lingards mistake last week?...neither do I after that game winner lol
A Poocumber
A Poocumber 9 saatler önce
Honestly cr7 isn’t who he used to be. Not even close. But he’s still a absolute threat as a goal scorer.
Rohan Bhatt
Rohan Bhatt 9 saatler önce
0:56 Edison Cavani up top was amazing.
Fahmeed Rokon
Fahmeed Rokon 10 saatler önce
I yelled after the penalty save
GATHUBOY TV 10 saatler önce
Lingardinoh 🤫💥💥💥
Ryie Chan
Ryie Chan 10 saatler önce
imagine getting #1 on trending for premier league. blew my mind lol
DIDA ARM 10 saatler önce
Ole please leave MU. You were nice player and good person, But M.U need something special. Zidane or Conte
Cemal Cakez
Cemal Cakez 10 saatler önce
Arlo White is the comm., right? Why dont they write who are the comm.?
Yarek Gonzalez
Yarek Gonzalez 10 saatler önce
Cristiano didnt just took cavani's number, he also took the whole shirt with name and everything
Michael Hennessy
Michael Hennessy 10 saatler önce
who is this announcer
Lauro Vids
Lauro Vids 10 saatler önce
0:52 what 😂 Cavani Or Ronaldo?
Ten Zie
Ten Zie 10 saatler önce
The match was like a Latin soap opera.
SlackingVeteran 10 saatler önce
0:45 Number 7 is Cavani with Ronaldo’s face 🤔
That Crack Head Under your bed
JLingz is an excellent player, he makes a mistake in a previous game and follows it up with a banging goal.
Casey A
Casey A 10 saatler önce
That’s not E. Cavani 👀
Sam Maluth
Sam Maluth 10 saatler önce
Is Noble really the guy who should be taking that penalty?
Aaron Rodas
Aaron Rodas 10 saatler önce
About time he saves a penalty, missed when this man used to be considered the best
juan Ramires
juan Ramires 10 saatler önce
Ronaldo should have passed the ball
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