Were Mythic Items A Mistake? | League of Legends

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26 Eki 2022




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Vars 3 aylar önce
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J.D. Aylar önce
Nah thanks It's an awesome idea with awesome-looking characters,but play it on a tiny phone screen? No thanks... and you already know it's pay2win, otherwise it wouldn't be on mobile.
Tomas Petitpas
Tomas Petitpas 2 aylar önce
Vars this was a great video, you should totally do more like this!
Giovanni Vinícius
Giovanni Vinícius 2 aylar önce
It says it's not available to my device (Samsung s10 lite), what a shame
Tejomkar 2 aylar önce
Please make part 2
Fake Disguiser
Fake Disguiser 2 aylar önce
Like the treasure town theme!
Langharig Tuig
Langharig Tuig 3 aylar önce
Very right opinion here: Blade of the Ruined King should be turned into a mythic item. It is more build/playstyle defining than a lot of mythic items and making it actually a mythic item would prevent a lot of BorK abuse. You could even tie some of the hp dmg into the mythical stats. But yeah, BorK is currently the worst designed item since mythic items
Noah Wellington
Noah Wellington Aylar önce
that would kill ADC's ability to kill tanks, in the current tank meta the only way adc's have been able to stay viable against champs like WW, Rammus, Mundo etc is Krakanslayer bork, making an adc choose between the two would make their tank killing abilities worse then it already is.
nOva2oo9 2 aylar önce
Bork a mythic? Nah, it shoud be nerfed. A lot of champ abuse that item for being op. Think about it, it gives dmg, speed and lifesteal. and the fact that it has 2 Unique passive on it is absurd. Cuz if you Stack lifesteal items for Irelia u cant beat her. Grieveious wounds doesnt stack and the items that gives This passie usually suk compared to those that give Life Steal
Akali OTP
Akali OTP 3 aylar önce
@Poor Quality Edits why would you ever build trinity on irelia? It’s really bad.
Rat23 3 aylar önce
@Rebillion i like botrk first item too🤤
somo 3 aylar önce
@fuckhead zhonya is a item that everyone can use,now when do you see a mage doing BORK
Blueniter Aylar önce
I would suggest Riot make Grievous Wounds scale to a specific amount of flat Anti Lifesteal. I believe nerfing Anti Lifesteal is unhealthy since Lifesteal can get abused easily.
Llama Del Rey II
Llama Del Rey II 3 aylar önce
My hot take is that the majority of the new Champions are too safe. They are always too good and "flawless" gameplay wise and this makes Champions who actually has some flaws feel extremelly bad. It is for this reason that i liked k'sante. He has its flaws and people need to actually learn I don't know If this is the ideal way to say what i wanted. This just for the sake of not making a huge comment
The Safety Car
The Safety Car 2 aylar önce
@A.Arrondel exceptions don't negate a trend. Don't forget gwen is only so abusable early after constant nerfs, particularly to her E.
Llama Del Rey II
Llama Del Rey II 3 aylar önce
@MooseCastle exactly
MooseCastle 3 aylar önce
There's basically no thought put into what it's like to play against a new champion, only the power fantasy of playing it. A lot of old champions had well defined weaknesses outside of the "just cc them" advice that people seem to forget applies to (almost) every champion in the fucking game.
Ynwell 3 aylar önce
And that makes champion who just get invulnerable/invisible/with 20 dashes/with windshield. Because everyone loves tryndamere’s ult, evelynn, kalista before the huge nerfs, and yasuo’s w. The problem with those things I just named, were because they literally rely on that (maybe not yasuo, I mean it isn’t an essential part of his kit per se), but when it’s on a new champion, it becomes a “feature” : akshan can become camouflage (I don’t remember the exact name, invisible is khazix’ ult) indefinitely just for the sake of it, he doesn’t really need it to deal damage, belveth becomes a way better yorick upon killing an herald/baron (that’s one of the most annoying thing I’ve played against as yorick, you literally get out minioned as a “necromancer” champion) zeri has a passive that breaks shields for no other reason than why not? My point is the lack of cohesion between the champion and some of their abilities, because the champion needed something so let’s just give it the main gimmick of another champion, and sometimes it will be better than the whole gimmick.
Nu_kerCat 3 aylar önce
@LoL Noob i literally shred people in any lane whenever a new champ is in free rotation, and its my first-hand experience with them
OccamsRzor 3 aylar önce
I actually REALLY love the boot enchantment system they use in Wild Rift, I wish it was implemented in league, it feels immensely more satisfying than our current boot system.
iamRageTheWolf 2 aylar önce
@Alyssa Richardson oh i'm not old enough to remember dodge chance and i'm glad for it i suck enough at marksmen as it is and one day would like to correct that
Alyssa Richardson
Alyssa Richardson 2 aylar önce
@iamRageTheWolf remember dodge chance on tabis? haha
Utsuhoagie Ryeuji
Utsuhoagie Ryeuji 3 aylar önce
@Brimel Like Occam said, boot enchants are extra item actives, or maybe even summoners. One more thing is that they even have some actives that are completely original and not just taken from existing PC items, like one that briefly knocks back all enemy champs or one that lets you dash to an ally champ while taunting nearby enemies.
iamRageTheWolf 3 aylar önce
as someone who remembers the enchantment system i feel old
OccamsRzor 3 aylar önce
@Brimel the enchants in wild Rift are kind of like a combination of the boots we have in league PLUS certain effects like Gargoyles, Zhonyas, even teleport is one of the enchants. There's a lot more, and you should definitely check them out, but it feels more like building a full item unlike the "dead item slot" we have in league!
Anigodz Apex
Anigodz Apex 3 aylar önce
Grievous Wounds should stack with Diminish Returns. And i think the perfect Sweetspot would be: Everybody of the Item Choices with them Grant 20% Grievous wounds, but the first successive Wound of another Champion increases it to 35 (15%). The second one to 45 (10%) and the 4th to 50 (5%). So its a streamlined way, without making Heal Champion useless, but still emphasizing the importanty of any Team Member!
Tomas Petitpas
Tomas Petitpas 2 aylar önce
@eduardo kerber I agree, you need to be realistic you can't always have your whole team play together, and I think it should start at 40 like it is rn, and stack up to 60 with diminishing returns, that way if you're 1v1 with the fed aatrox you are not in a situation where your grevious wounds would be usless (like if it started on 20) and he actually healing more than what's healing now.
eduardo kerber
eduardo kerber 3 aylar önce
make it stack only 3 times so only 3 people need to build it for max effect
BCawk 3 aylar önce
Loved the idea of boots taking half the stats of a legendary item. Maybe another option for this would be for your boots to merge with your mythic item when both are built? Therefore this could open a 6th slot for people in really long games? Cool format Vars!
eduardo kerber
eduardo kerber 3 aylar önce
@My life is a lie he would still build it, just that it would stop using a slot after some time
My life is a lie
My life is a lie 3 aylar önce
@GalaxyPepega Because it would change how early game works a bit too much. Would hinder characters ike yi who build berserkers first item
GalaxyPepega 3 aylar önce
@Saint PreS4ge If everyone got their movement speed buffed (like in Smite), then Cassiopeia's Passive would have to be reworked. Personaly I don't see any issue with that, since her current Passive isn't very creative, so there's plenty room for improvement.
Saint PreS4ge
Saint PreS4ge 3 aylar önce
@GalaxyPepega Would this cause them to buff Cassiopea? She lost the ability to buy boots but then gained speed for casting abilities or getting stacks or something. It's been changed a few times.
GalaxyPepega 3 aylar önce
YES PLEASE! Or make it like in Smite where they removed Boots and boosted everyone's movement speed.
CloudShifter Aylar önce
Kinda annoyed that if I build literally anthing other than mythic first item, I get spam pinged that I troll even if the other item is better for early powers pike or has better synergy with a Champs kit.
Waket 3 aylar önce
I don't hate mythics, I understand that to have one items that does nice things you need to give it limitations, but at the same time, as a casual gamer, I do feel it limits even if just a bit the build options you can do (since first item must be mythic or you'll fall behind easily)
Sniper Teamfortress2
@SK me when I build heartsteel on kogmaw
SK 3 aylar önce
Meanwhile Kog’s in the corner with guinsoo’s, runaan’s, titanic, and wits with no mythic
Mathematician Tim
Mathematician Tim 3 aylar önce
@Gyro Zeppeli yeah, Umbral and Yommu’s
ArmorFrog Entertainment
They don't, not really. Mythics are stat-inefficient. Tons of items are better to build before a Mythic.
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli 3 aylar önce
@Mathematician Tim umbral glaive
Alecco 3 aylar önce
Y'know, hearing the grievous wounds idea reminded me of my own, where I believe that ignite (and only ignite) should have 60% grievous wounds, because there's no incentive to bring it for anything other than damage rn, if you face a healing opponent, ignite feels like it barely cuts healing anymore (same as all grievous wounds), but if it was at 60% again, it'd be worth as an anti-heal option, and not just a damage option
Tony Smith
Tony Smith Aylar önce
@Roberto The Super Mutant Then it would completely negate a few champions. You don't want to delete a champion's identity completely, that is toxic, even if it is on a cooldown. "Oh, he pressed his I win button so my champion couldn't do what he's designed to do."
Roberto The Super Mutant
@Tony Smith What if a GW active negates all healing?
Yeah-yeah 2 aylar önce
@Alecco trust me when I say that solo lanes and healing champions would have a huge meta shift if ignite got buffed like that. It would have a near 100% pickrate and make every other summoner useless. They can't increase GW on any item or spell because it then becomes a hard counter to healing,which would just loop back into healing getting buffed. There is probably a better way to do healing reduction but buffing it on specific systems is not the way.
Alecco 2 aylar önce
@Yeah-yeah Well, yes and no, all healing reduction was still at 60% after they nerfed healing across the board during the durability update, they compensated by buffing champs and nerfing grievous wounds, but rn, grievous wounds feels useless until u get to the full item, combine that with the fact that ignite is a summoner spell with a cooldown in the minutes (which could possibly even be nerfed) and the fact that its damage becomes nigh useless lategame, it wouldn't be a problem at all, if anything it'd let mages and assassins apply grievous to targets above 50% hp, because rn, they can only get 40% on targets below half, meaning its not useful on tanks and skirmishers, who are the primary heal based champs.
Yeah-yeah 2 aylar önce
Buffing ignite to 60% was the reason so many healing champs had to be buffed/adjusted. This is what caused the problem to begin with. This is a terrible idea.
Briar Gray
Briar Gray 3 aylar önce
On that second one, I really just wish they'd give more options for supports. The thing about every other role, is, while you may run into the question of compatibility when selecting your items, you never have to worry about the gold shortage even when you're playing well. Supports are essentially gated to a select few items that are intentionally balanced and priced around their limited budget. While this is understandable, I feel they could stand to at *least* provide more options to a support since they don't have the benefit from the freedom of budget other roles do. On your point of preferring that the gameplay focuses on a champion rather than items, the thing about supports is that they're the primary supplement to non-champion-dependent playing, like macro and vision control. I've been an advocate for having more vision control items like Umbral Glaive, but for non-AD supports, like a tank one that makes your wards sturdier and an enchanter one that increases your placement range, or items that can place a special ward as an active that provides buffed zones kinda like the Cloud Drake field.
Briar Gray
Briar Gray 3 aylar önce
@fvb7 I seriously toss out these ward item ideas in almost any league video discussing new items in the hope that someday it happens. Umbral Glaive is awesome and there is potential yet to be tapped.
fvb7 3 aylar önce
This man is living in the year 3000 I can't ever be satisfied with my wards again...sincerely a support main.
Gumbee 3 aylar önce
Hot take: I miss hybrid items. I know, hybrid scaling and whatnot is a balancing nightmare, but I really just love having more options for champions with some out of place AD or AP scaling without having to build an actually useless item for it Also a side note, I wish Adaptive Force could be chosen which stat it applies to and not which one you have more of, especially since AP has bigger numbers than AD
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez 3 aylar önce
It feels weird for the video to not be a premiere but I'm not complaining lol
Luca CK
Luca CK 3 aylar önce
Thinkt the same.
hahahagreatname 3 aylar önce
The Boot system thing could be merged with the Mythic item stat rework, put the mythic stat increases on the boot upgrades, every champ buys upgraded boots anyway. Might be a food for thought idea to consider instead of putting those stats on the rune page.
Beelightful 3 aylar önce
@hahahagreatname people cry about Yuumi but Aphelios has higher win rate then her which is funny. I understand how she is annoying and so on but damn it is starting to getting old hearing some League boomers moan about her all the damn time.
TsyChun 3 aylar önce
actual great idea tbh
TsyChun 3 aylar önce
@bong yuumi should be reworked in a way that make her unable to be permanently in her W so that would force her to buy boots, and cassio's passive was a stupid idea anyway, they just wanted to do it for the meme i think because there are other champs who dont have feet so they could just mini-rework her
Charlett 3 aylar önce
@bong Well the thing is that Yuumi can build boots with her current meta build
hahahagreatname 3 aylar önce
@bong sweet. Yuumi deserves the Nerf, and.... okay I got nothing for Cassiopeia
GOAL KING 777 3 aylar önce
I think boots should have their own slot where only boots can be kept. It would also be nice to have a second trinket slot but u could also put pink wards in it. Coz as u said late game it become such pain to have to lose movement speed for an extra item or just miss out on so many stats. Also as a support player its annoying to not be able to carry pink wards when my item slots are full
Metric Gnome
Metric Gnome 3 aylar önce
Two words, Vigilant Wardstone
OXIDElead 3 aylar önce
I saw this a couple years back and it’s always stuck with me. Grievous should apply to the damage YOU deal, not the healing that the target receives. So like what that means is that GW should make it so that a percentage of your damage gets banked into a pool that needs to be healed before the target’s health can increase. This would make it stackable and it would also make it so that GW scales with your own damage, which is one of its biggest issues rn.
Mandra Gorius
Mandra Gorius 3 aylar önce
I mean it sounds nice But unless the % is incredibly low on all items it would be... very hard to play around Of course the idea is to keep massive heal champions in check But imagine getting a headshot crit on cait and suddenly aatrox need 300 healing before he can restore health Sure mundo doesnt care But yuumi literally looses the ability to heal at all... actually that sounds good... But not terribly designed healers dont deserve to pay for her sins Also it would keep getting a bigger and bigger pool of hp on adc attacks
Victor Macieira
Victor Macieira 3 aylar önce
@OXIDElead that sounds really impossible
OXIDElead 3 aylar önce
@Victor Macieira for tanks and supports you can keep the same idea, just make it so that the items apply GW buff to your allies’ attacks. So for an enchanter, “grant your ally’s damage x% GW when you heal or shield them”. For tanks you could do the same thing or even go more creative and do stuff like “x% of damage dealt to you is reflected to the attacker as GW” (where they need to heal back that percentage first before they can gain health).
Victor Macieira
Victor Macieira 3 aylar önce
This would be a really big nerf to grievous wounds because right now its easy to apply grevous wounds (you just need to cause 1 damage) in your scenario it would be hard to apply grievous wounds and if your opponent is stronger than you he would not even feel your damage. Plus, if you're a tank, or sup against healing this would be impossible to use and if you're a tank or sup that needs to heal it would also be too hard
Rebillion 3 aylar önce
actually a cool idea
444Basketball 3 aylar önce
Hey Vars, interesting video! Always curious to hear what you have to say. My hot take is that LoL needs different maps. Not other game modes like 3v3 or Dominion, that clearly didn't work out, but just 5v5 maps with different objectives, layouts etc. That would be sth to keep the game fresh and interesting.
halycon404 3 aylar önce
I always thought it needed the rift, and then a random game type where it shuffles through all the games types they've made that are not summoner's rift. Bringing game types in and out of rotation every few months is just annoying. Look at FPS. Mostly I'm just playing a revolving game type set from match to match. TDM, CTF, KoTH, etc. Each match being something different keeps things constantly interesting. Rift for rank. Random just to have fun.
angelo vinanti
angelo vinanti 3 aylar önce
I don't like the fact that Mythic Items just lock you into building the same way for every game with maybe one item change depending on match up, I miss having a wider build options for risky off meta builds that work. But my biggest gripe is that Tank items feel lack luster due to how much damage and damage type in the game that makes most of their stats useless and the fact Riot also buffing these items to make you into a health assassin with massive damage out put. I believe that Tanks should be able to survive at least a solid QWER rotation in a team fight from about everyone dealing a very slow burn damage to everyone through out the fight. Lately I been seeing Tanks as a walking med pack for anyone with lifesteal or just one rotation of QWER someone to death due to the insane amount of damage Riot has in their game trying make games last less than 20 minutes.
Questionable Logic
Questionable Logic 3 aylar önce
I like the intention of giving everyone having a "first item" but in execution, Mage and ADC are the only ones that feel like they have any sort of the intended situational variety. I have barely ever see an engage support build Evenshroud; it's almost always Locket, for example
elia 01
elia 01 3 aylar önce
@Abdullatif alkrood 2 shield bow is trolling on adc
Abdullatif alkrood
Abdullatif alkrood 3 aylar önce
@elia 01 1-kraken slayer 2-galeforce 3-immortal sheildbow
elia 01
elia 01 3 aylar önce
@Abdullatif alkrood 2
Zerlich R
Zerlich R 3 aylar önce
The mithic problem is acually solving other problem in game. A certain goat god of smithing that always had problem when teammates ether pick 2 items he can upgrade and wrong one was upgraded or they didn't want any items at all that he can upgrade. just a something to remember.
Abdullatif alkrood
Abdullatif alkrood 3 aylar önce
​@elia 01 3
kashtrey 3 aylar önce
I like the stacking grievous wounds. I feel like having more niche passive effects like grievous wounds should be moved to something like an "item augment" or even an permanent type elixir. You'd still have to pay a tax but it would stop forcing you to lose a slot. It also works with the stacking idea as each team mate could pay their tax individually and get to the 60%.
ShayminLucario07 3 aylar önce
I feel like mythic items are mostly fine; the only ones I have problems with are the marksman mythics, since they feel too. Same-y. I wish that they made them around the different kinds of "Marksmen items", like if one was an Energized effect, one was an on-hit item, and one was true critical strike (Kraken Slayer actually kind of does fit with that, since it's an on-hit item, which. Actually kind of makes it a bit more egregious that they didn't do that). As it is now, Energized items might as well not exist anymore- I wish we had an Energized mythic to make them feel worthwhile; maybe even a third item like Infinity Edge or Rageblade that converted critical strike chance to Energized strength, similar to old pre-slow Stormrazor? That's the only item set I have actual big problems with.
Sman 3 aylar önce
Kraken Slayer isn't an on-hit, but the energized mythic idea could be interesting
Johangel Rodríguez
Johangel Rodríguez 3 aylar önce
I think we should be able to repeat items, like we used to in S10 and prior. I get we used to build all six slots with different items, but locking me out of my 6 Rabadon power spike it's just wrong At least let us repeat items in URF!
JustinSeizure 3 aylar önce
As a player who returned to league after many years (like season 1), I played just enough to get into the old items before the mythic update. It annoyed me a lot that I had to learn all the items again, but I eventually did, like everyone else. IMO the game is A LOT more interesting with the new items than the old ones, and I'm not sure I'd have continued playing if it wasn't for the item rework.
Zyad48 3 aylar önce
I feel like a lot of the issues with items are usually solved by having just... More of them. I understand the hesitation since it makes it harder for newer players to learn but we already have a solution to that in the game: the recommended items panel. I used it for a bit when season 11 started since that was the first time I really started looking at items and it worked out well imo. I only use the general item menus now and the search function but the recommendation I think serves it's purpose well for new players. Personally I think we are seriously lacking in mythic diversity, preseason 2023 has alleviated this somewhat with the tank mythics no longer all building out of bami's, but I still feel like there's gaps in itemization for ap assassins and mages. I miss weird items like twin shadows and gun blade. Quite frankly I think hybrid items as a whole can come back if riot better balances champions that aren't supposed to build them, maybe taking away AP ratios on champions like zeri that riot only wants to build crit anyway. For the record I'm only suggesting gun blade as a mythic option and likely not with the same omnivamp passive it used to have, it's mainly a matter of "hey why exactly DOES Akali even have ad ratios anymore when her build is entirely AP items for maximum damage?" They could take away the ad ratios and just buff her base damage on q and it wouldn't change anything about how she plays.
Sim Soma
Sim Soma 3 aylar önce
I like that format! It feels like a fun discussion. Dunno if it's much of a hot take, but I do wanna share it: I think we need League of Legends 2 at this point. A successor of League, with updated engine, visuals and large amount of current issues addressed. It would really shake things up and make room for adding completely new mechanics, like multiple units control for summoner type champions for example, or a client re-build. Wild Rift is notorious for looking better than League on PC, so that would be an opportunity to address that as well. As a former Dota, and then Dota 2 player I think it could work miracles for the League too
Josh 3 aylar önce
Hot takes: there are too many champions and it makes the game a MASSIVE CHORE to learn. The barrier to entry is too high, there are too many useless champions, and there isn't enough focus on other aspects of the game. Riot needs to completely freeze new champion releases for at least a year or two and focus on balance, as well as adding new things to the Rift or creating new game modes.
Anemon 3 aylar önce
I'd love for this kind of videos to become a series
Glory To Arstotzka
Glory To Arstotzka 3 aylar önce
I think this video format is simply great, it's just varied food for thought. exciting because it can be unpredictable on what you will talk about. it's like watching multiple small videos in 1 video. my biggest issue with watching any of your videos is that, when I'm half-way, everything just becomes a broken record, a lot is explained before moving on to a next point. Here because each point has X allocated time, you can't just re-iterate over and over as much over the already established concepts
Daulton Coker
Daulton Coker 3 aylar önce
With the boots thing, I think at lvl 18 or at full build it should be like smite and dissipate from the item slot but keep the stats or give boots it’s own item slot the don’t take up one of the main slots like wards
Coffee009 3 aylar önce
I miss being able to build whatever I want first, and being able to build multiples of items. Mythics feel kind of limiting and you're sorta forced to go them first unless you're a specific champion
urallnoobs8943 3 aylar önce
RIP 6 IE Jhin
TsyChun 3 aylar önce
agreed, the only great thing about it is that they allow everyone to be sure to have an ornn upgrade when he is in the game but...
Zaad Shadow
Zaad Shadow 3 aylar önce
The boot enchantment should be back and they should be consider as a legendary item once completed. They should only be purchasable at level 13 for example. I also like the idea that it should fused with a mythic item and that way we have our "7th" item choice
Expired Uncle D
Expired Uncle D 3 aylar önce
Was just thinking about banner of command after you brought it up, and I had an idea. Banner of command was really cool as a concept, but it got out of control when everyone started building it. What if more lanes had lane-specific items they could build? Like how really only top ever builds hull-breaker combined with how only jungle can build the knives and only supports build their money making items. Give each lane a small handful of items geared specifically to the role of the lane rather than the role of the champion, with different items simply leaning into a champions preference. Banner of command could be a good toplane item for passively pushing lane objectives, while hullbreaker could be turned into one of these items for more active lane pushing. Midlaners could get an item that gives out of combat movespeed to help with roaming for mid assassins and short range mages, or maybe something like horizon focus to help long range mages. It'd be a way to add some of the cool items without breaking the game from more than one person building it.
Trever Nikolas
Trever Nikolas 2 aylar önce
Changing grevious wounds to stack would take a lot of time to balance in a way that makes both healing not feel horrible and grevious wounds items not feel ineffective or too strong to not have. SMITE has anti heal that stacks over 100% and it has caused a lot of problems. Because of the anti heal stacking, healers would be buffed to increase healing output, which made out of combat healing really efficient. And since out of combat healing was too strong, there was a global out of combat healing nerf. Now characters in SMITE focused around healing or having considerable amounts of their power budget in healing are resigned to never using their full capabilities. This has made all of these characters essentially into unbalanceable pub-stomp characters because players that are learning the game don’t buy antiheal.
Beelightful 3 aylar önce
Adaptive Damage is a really cool mechanic, I wish we could actually use it in the game on item.
Jaeger 3 aylar önce
Idk im a fan of providing more item options, especially with the inclusions of better systems to recommend items and runes in game as they have been/are working on cuz then the system guide rails the newer players into generally good items and you can then learn over time how certain purchases may be better in specific situations
Tykiah James
Tykiah James 3 aylar önce
The should make a tank item that knocks down/grounds enemies for a short time. There's so many dashes in this game that it's hard to shutdown threats if they all has 4 dashes
Michael Hay
Michael Hay 3 aylar önce
I would like to see more item choice in the shop. After being in Mythics they removed quite a few that allowed you to really 4d chess your opponents. Now I understand the argument made that this is confusing for newer players. That being said however, I believe that we should not build the game around the extremes. We should be balancing the game around the average player, not newer players and not pro players. If champs/items or item combos are bad for pro players, maybe they should have their own patches and everything above like challenger should exist on that patch. New players should not be babied either, it’s insulting, and it robs them of the opportunity to have that moment where everything clicks into place. I really would like to see some serious inquiry as to how these changes would impact the game, because maybe I’m wrong, but I hope that I’m right.
Sandro Maspindzelashvili
I want to ask, how would you guys feel about items costing less, giving less stats and have small nerfs to their passive and increasing item slots? So many games end at 1 item or 2 so it means that the current meta is the powerspike meta, where you just buy whatevers strongest at early-midgame for the powerspike instead of fun item passive combinations that are just not viable right now because you aren't getting the strong powerspikes and you can only build it when ahead. How can i ever build Trinity hullbreaker steraks when if i don't build bork ill get clapped? Or how the windbrothers have to go for ISB IE DD every single game instead of actually cool shit.
Aqua Star Gaming
Aqua Star Gaming 2 aylar önce
Great video Vars, would you consider making a video on more maps in League, we have had 10 maps over the lifetime of lol & I feel Summoners rift has become very stale, it's boring & just feels like a safe option for the developers, also another topic is how they could change/balance the summoner spell Flash? because it's miles better than every other one except on a few champions, I would like to see people use more variety of summoner spells, instead of just flash/this or flash/that every game, I don't like feeling forced to take it but I know full well if the enemy team sees a squishy champ without flash, they hard focus killing them, because 90% of players just use it as a safety net 🤔
Jahangir Rozmetov
Jahangir Rozmetov 3 aylar önce
The combination of boots with an item already exists in Wild Rift,the mobile lol(Although the items are not purchasable by themselves, they are unique boot “enchantments functioning as an extra item (zhonya is a boot enchantment over there😢)). The thing is that it is sooo good, i would like it if they implemented same thing into pc lol.
MangoMoe 3 aylar önce
I have a feeling that wild rift is their way of developing a better designed from the ground up league without spaghetti code while they keep their PC player base happy until it's ready to port to PC
SlightlyInsaneFluff 3 aylar önce
I'd say, for the boots situation, do what Smite did. at a specific time in the game, you gain the ability to buy a potion that permanently gives you the boots' move speed, so you could sell the boots and build a sixth item without losing your MS. I think this system would actually do really well on LoL as well.
Arthur Cardoso
Arthur Cardoso 2 aylar önce
Yes, they where. I really hope that someday they remove the mythic passives from the game and make them all legendary again, just like before the items rework. And im sure this will inevitably happen one day
Cepheus 3 aylar önce
How about boots having mythic item passives? This way, you wont be forced on a specific first item and you could fully build your boots as a 2nd or 3rd item. It could also have active enchantments like the wild rift version or maybe even passives instead so it will have much more of an impact.
Chaosbeing 3 aylar önce
One of my thoughts on LoL at the moment : I would LOVE if they focused a lot more on existing champions, and less on new champions. As it is in the game right now, everything is playable. But i hate the fact that K'Sante is in the same game as Corki. A lot of very old champions need ASU and mid-scope update. Also regarding new champions, nowadays i feel like there is no hype with them. They're just there, they don't even have a good trailer for the most part (Varus trailer was the best of all time imo). Would love to get one very hype champion every 6 months, while having a lot of ASU/mid-scope update for a while.
Kujo jotaro stand:[Ocean man]
I like the changes of having Mythic items, the problem is just half of their design are not good enough, like Rocket Belt have a cool ability but there's isn't any other mage item that provide mana, causing you to build tear item and waste money on health instead of more ap for assassin mages
Harry 3 aylar önce
I think the rune system has been much more underwhelming than the mythics. League's item shop imo has always been a bit lacking. I wish they'd make items more niche and less general use. I think the recommended items have made this possible without overwhelming new players.
Bleachmark 3 aylar önce
Keep grevious items at 40%, but give ignite back to 60% antiheal, so that you can have antiheal on normal attacks and makes a decent difference in normal fights or trades, but ignite can actually be a source of countering healing and be effective at it, since the 40% doesnt feel like it makes that big of a difference in most fights
jack canox
jack canox 3 aylar önce
I am actually a complaining bastard usually because i have been playing league since season 3 so i am old and grumpy. BUT even if hated them at the beginning i must say i really like them now and i think they are good for the game as a whole! I don't feel they are more broken or problematic than regular items in the past since, having been around for long i can tell you: items always broke in one way or another! Remember sunfire cape iceborn gauntlets assassins? Yeah. Remember deathfire grasp? Remember rageblade? Sated dvourer? You get the point... Also i like the fact mythics give you added bonuses for every item you buy and the variety of mythics is...acceptable since only very few champions really don't have a great mythic and only suboptimal choices (cough cough urgot)
Florian Werk
Florian Werk 3 aylar önce
@LedrosFan99 that is the thing they are doing for season 13 lot of new/returning items at pbe atm
LedrosFan99 3 aylar önce
The problem with the item rework imo is simply the lack of legendaries, we need more options!
TheGloriousRyan 3 aylar önce
I think mythic items would be much cooler if they made them scale better off the mythic bonus, but not work nearly as well as a first item. I think that exact thing is going to happen with tank mythics(besides the health one), and I can't wait.
A Rob
A Rob 3 aylar önce
Yeah, I feel like mythic items weren’t needed as much as just more hood items. They made good items, but they didn’t need to make the mythic category. I’m kinda indifferent about that one, but I do think the items were needed at some level. As a Shyvana player, I feel like I both have no ideal mythic and also have various very good mythics
jeremiah lemke
jeremiah lemke 3 aylar önce
I feel like the idea of mythics is bad, but having items meant to be amazing starting items really helps certain champions, especially botlane not being 100% based on who got 1300 gold first
PinkPaint 3 aylar önce
i think enchanters need to be more reliant on there team, I think it would make punishing the overwhelming stats and buffs enchanters can give while not killing them as champions
kilis1332 3 aylar önce
My hot take is I think there just needs to be a boot only item slot similiar to the trinket slot. My reasoning is that no one really feels bad for buying boots early, its only late game when you want to sell it that they seem like a waste. Having a boot only item slot would directly eliminate this feelsbad moment and also open up item choices a little more. To me doubling item slots to 12 is insane and shouldnt be seriously considered, except for maybe a rotating game mode where everyone starts with 50k gold, but going from 6 to 6 +boots is less insane. It will keep the highest level of power at 6 items like it is now, (aka selling boots for PD or whatever) but also allow for boots which is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Mobility creep in the form of dashes is already an issue, so this wouldn't change TOO much. Now to expand my hot take, if they was to do this I think it would also be a good idea to bring back boot enchantments but only a single one that turns boots legendary to take advantage of the mythic passive. Could be as simple as at Lv 11 you can upgrade boots for 1k gold to get 10 movement speed and legendary status. It should definitely be level gated because some of those mythic passives are pretty strong for only 1k gold. Specifically i'm thinking the flat magic pen and the % armor pen ones. I know that if i had ludens and mpen boots in an early lead i'd gladly pay 1k for 5 more mpen, you will get pretty close to true dmg that early. TLDR; Hot take = Boots only item slot AND let boots have t3 upgrade to become legendary
Jocomotion 3 aylar önce
My opinion is: I love the mythic item system! But they don’t really do anything. Yeah I’m terms of balance they haven’t really made things entirely better or worse. Their biggest positive aspect is item better diversity and choice. But that could’ve been solved without the entire mythic item idea.
Hyperversum 3 aylar önce
I used to play LOL somewhat back in 2014-15, but I always played more Dota2, up to this March when I decided to dedicate to LOL simply because I reached what felt like my peak in Dota. Long story short, I think that Mythic are a great example of the main issue within LOL design: Riot tries to force the game to work in a specific way, but then isn't through with it. Like, it's plenty of Mythics that depending on the current patch basically disappear from people memory, many heroes which can be played in multiple ways end up having a clearly more effective and preferable option, to define support an entire role (Support) you need to buy a certain couple of items or the system entirely breaks.... Riot just needs to fucking decide and take a stand with the game design: either they are more forceful and make their changes go through, costantly tweaking numbers of items to make builds fucking same-y or they let players be more free in their itemization. Just look how MF support playstyle got axed simply because we people dared to not be an ADC. Just look at how Crit ADCs have been forced to be a thing.
sean rice
sean rice 3 aylar önce
Instead of addition full item slots, I'd like to see players getting 2 "Component Slots" to cut down on slot-locking. These two slots could _only_ store component items and consumables, and you could not store Mythic or Legendary items there. I would also put the Smite buffs there(until they are fully consumed). More importantly, I would put the _Support Items_ there, and have them function more alike to the way the new Jungle Egg items work, providing a minor passive buff, plus refilling one of those slots with wards. Additionally, this would mean that late-game characters could carry pink wards and not immediately consume pots on-buy(I would make it so that you could NOT have a buff active while you have one in your inventory, though). And finally, once you have 6 full items, you would be disallowed from buying further item components, and you'd be forced to sell any remaining components you have/extras would stop providing benefits. (2 Component Slots means you'd have, at best, a single extra component item. Math _should_ work out that it's more efficient to have a completed full item than any 3 components.)
TZAR POTATO 3 aylar önce
In terms of more item slots, I love the solution that Dota came up with: There's 6 active slots, and 3 passive "backpack" slots. You can swap items in and out of backpack at will (items swapped into active slot comes in on cooldown/inactive for a few seconds, so no mid-fight cheese). This will let people hold onto things like boots or potions, instead of having to buy and resell stuff over and over when full build. Yes, totally agree with grevious wounds stacking. Dota had the same issue with anti-heal, but now all anti-heal in the game stacks, as long as it's coming from different sources (so two of the same type of item do not stack). For league, that limitation doesn't have to be in the game because of how healing and items work differently. Finally, yes boots should have further upgrade paths, or lategame movement speed item replacements. Dota has this, where the average early game boot cost is 1400, but lategame you can get them all they way to between 4k and 6k gold as a final item.
Mythsealaes 3 aylar önce
i would remove it from player agency by making the passive champion specific or if you have multiple playestyles you can choose between them sort of like kayn transformation. another thing i would like to point out is some items should be promoted to mythic and some mythics should become legendary items. i hate galeforce - it doesnt give combat stats as mythic passive and the dash is usually used as a finisher not as i need to dodge something another thing may be to make the dash range scale with attack range so meele champions cannot use it as gap closer - there is prowler. and i would make galeforce be part of enhanced item line with rfg and stormrazor. and procing the enhanced aa would reduce cooldown on the active. then there may be some list of banned combinitations - you cannot build certain items on some champions unlike meele only/ranged only items. other solution may be to make armor/mr be more in line with what the champion does. for instance yi who have 2 defense spells in q and w should not be able stack armor that easily. if you have champion that can heal in combat or has lot of mobility in combat they should have significantly less stats. to solve this i would change the formula for both armor and mr and make them champion specific. so you dont have balance items around champions but if one champion stands out lowering his ratio to armor and mr would nerf him in lategame but did not affect other champions. the formula for armor is 100/(100+armor) and i want to make both 100 be champion specific stat. this does not change base stats behavior but changes interactions with items and runes bonus armor and mr.
Andrew Swallie
Andrew Swallie 3 aylar önce
Hot take: every champion in the game should build Ionians. I mean there might be some very slight exceptions but no other boots put out as much damage and utility output, and the stats provided by other boots can be played around (Just dodge CC instead of buying Mercs.) Close second is swiftness/mobis since movement speed is the strongest stat in the game
bernardo 3 aylar önce
I was strongly against having mythic items when they were first announced, but over time they grew on me. Although they do seem to "limit" a players creativity to a certain degree, I think overall they've quite good. They make learning how to build items much easier to new players and give new ways to build a champion in unexpected ways.
Erik Marklund
Erik Marklund 2 aylar önce
Hot take: remove tp summoner spell and replace it with a consumable cheap high cooldown tp item. Functioning just like TP summoner spell. One of the upgraded boot items would be teleportation boots. Giving other than the mid and toplaner a chance to tp into a fight. Would be an effective way for your adc to farm for longer and still be able to participate in fights
ONAR Occasionally Needs A Restart
As a solution to the boots. Give them a minor mythic type boost when at least three slots are filled. So like a haste increase of 2 per filled item slot. Note I didn't say completed item because doing it this way would keep them relevant throughout and would differentiate them from mythic items.
john smith
john smith 3 aylar önce
I don’t like mythic items because I feel they push a lot of characters into one specific build. I think having more mythic items might help this problem but at the moment it feels like I have to build the same optimal build every game and theirs no unique strategy’s with itemization like there used to be.
i really hope we get new summoner spells man im tired of always seeing flash i think a nerf to it and shake things up would be good
Bing Diggus
Bing Diggus 3 aylar önce
Thoughts before watching - yes. In an attempt to make builds more diverse, they have done the complete opposite by limiting your options. You're heavily punished for not building the exact same thing every game.
Zyrvaria 3 aylar önce
idk if it's a hot take but I want riot to make up their minds on scaling, feels weird to have champs like akali who scale pretty well with ad and ap, but no items to support that. I'd personally like for them to either give some item support to hybrid scaling or get rid of the hybrid scaling.
Joe Sullivan
Joe Sullivan 3 aylar önce
As somebody who just started playing after the item shuffle in season 11 it made learning the game at least somewhat easier
Neroes the pangolin master
Make boots enchantment give the mythic item passive stats. Just a spit balled idea, so item choices get freed up, and that the passive can be chosen on a case by case basis instead of being forced by the item (maybe giving a few unique enchantment choices to each boot type, as to better ballance a bit easier.)
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin 3 aylar önce
Personally I liked the item rework overall, because items became more dynamic and interesting- things like Turbo Chemtank, Shieldbow, or Riftmaker promoted exciting play patterns that made certain champions much more fun. Sure, each of those three has been broken at some point, but god damn do they feel good to use. Things like Fimbulwinter or Demonic Embrace are also extremely satisfying in the stats they provide. Also, jungle items being gone is a change that I am 100% supportive of, and I'm sure basically everyone agrees. HOWEVER. The item update was supposed to promote item and build diversity, which is most definitely did NOT do. For the past year, the entire fighter class has been limited to 2-3 viable legendaries (DD, Maw), and assassins still have a grand total of three mythic options total. Things like build order and customisation have gotten much lower, with the majority of champions preferring to rush their mythic of choice and then their preferred legendaries with only basic consideration of which items will perform the best this game (am I against shielding? healing? tanks or squishies? magic or physical damage?). Hybrid builds are almost entirely gone, with Gunblade removed and Rageblade butchered, and any old builds that involved two soon-to-be mythics like Liandry's + Ludens are obviously no longer useable too. Overall, there definitely is less build variety compared to before the rework. Personally, if the current mythic system is to stay, I would say that a LOT more legendaries are needed to compensate for the new rigidity of item selection, and we probably need a few more mythics to boot. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind if mythics were no longer a thing, but remained as category limited legendary items like the Hydras.
Tastydirtydan 3 aylar önce
16:10 I agree with this one a lot, people complain about mythic items ruining item diversity but with those you get at least 2 - 3 that would work with your champion. Boots you get 1 maybe 2 options if you are lucky and are just as mandatory as mythics. On top of that they don't really have any interesting effects, just stats mainly. Reworked enchantments would be awesome
Lusanao 3 aylar önce
My hot take is that the map needs to be reworked in some extend every season. Im not talking about big changes like the from the old map to the one we have now. But there should be something to keep the game fresh. Maybe swap dragon and baron positions so top matters more, change the camps, add one more turret in each lane but make them squishier, create a double jungle meta and crazy things like that (not all at once, just some examples) . Make the players interested to relearn the game, everyone has been playing in autopilot mode for years thinking they know everything because even the biggest changes dont change the game too much.
Swole Golisopod
Swole Golisopod 3 aylar önce
I know people say this every time dragon/baron location swap gets talked about, but if it ever happens then top and bot just swap and then it changed literally nothing
Deathstar 699
Deathstar 699 3 aylar önce
Dota 2 can rework the map and pathing every year why can't league it would breathe a lot of life into the game.
Brendan Geormer
Brendan Geormer 3 aylar önce
On the thought of boots combining with items in some way; what if boots could combine with warding item nobody gets or the trinket slot, that way late-game you have the extra slot, but aren't rendered immobile (like Cass). Perhaps the mobility is an important tradeoff for balance, but if they went with the vision slot idea, trinkets are already locked to levels, so it wouldn't require revamping the idea of a trinket.
SephirothSlayer11 3 aylar önce
I feel that the blade of the ruined king should go back to being an active, I know it was made a passive to nerf assassins buying it but I feel like it was an even bigger blow to the skirmishers who built it. For example, Tryndamere.
Church Obama
Church Obama 3 aylar önce
Something that has always bugged me about the game has always been nerfing champions before needing op items, an example of this currently is bork dd & eclipse, leading to direct nerfs to their users which will be left hanging when they are inevitably nerfed ( which idk if anyone agrees with me but should have been forever ago. )
Santiago Carmona
Santiago Carmona 3 aylar önce
i think it would be interesting to add more mana items in some way shape or form. i mean, most of the items that provide mana are either mythic items or tear items. it would maybe break tear items or ryze but in personal experience the champs that use tear items feel kinda meh and rather than having the tear be an interesting and compelling item it just feels like paying a tax to be able to clear a wave or clear a camp and still have enough resources to be useful.
Joaquim Kin Machado
Joaquim Kin Machado 3 aylar önce
Idea... Move the Mythic passive to a boot enchatment. And for the last item slot, they could make a "Provisional slot" so you can buy part of an item, but that would be "closed" after the sixth item is complete
Shikakouro 3 aylar önce
Mythics as a concept is fine. However, with the Mythics came the entire item rework. Initially it was okay, but what would be more fun would be being able to buy two or more of the same item with their effects doubling up. It would create problems in league depending on the items but I think it'd be a lot more fun and full of build variety of you can build multiple Legendary Items with only 1 Mythic. Tl;dr: Mythics are fine, but only 1 of each item in a build kinda boring..
rotinvrede 3 aylar önce
i liked it. i have to agree with most things. i always thought mythics lock you into a "you need this" thing. for champs that dont really need it. mordekaiser singed etc dont get much out of it. only get it because the free stats you get from the passive. not the item itself.
slmd 2 aylar önce
My hot take: remove hard CC, or reduce it significantly. It feels extremely annoying playing a game and then ur forced to sit and watch as shit happens to your character without your input. I know its necessary for almost every game to lock the player out of certain actions at certain points (otherwise assassins or bruisers would be unkillable, in League's case) but there is literally 0 reason to essentially take the player out of the game for 2.5 seconds, like Zoe's E (bad design champion btw). I think more CC like Aatrox's Q knockups would benefit to my point, seeing as it's still interrupting the enemy while still not really taking them out of the game.
Tates 3 aylar önce
For Grevious Wounds, I think taking a page out of Dota's book and making different modifiers multiplicative wouldbe the best way to go about it. For example, if you get hit by a 40% GR and a 20% GR, your total healing is now 1x(1-0.4)x(1-0.2) = 0.48 = 48%, so there is a noticeable but not champion-destroying increase of antiheal. That way, stacking grevious becomes a viable but not as-scalinh of a tactic against super healing champions, and makes it properly situational. Great video overall! Would love to see more of this style of video in the future.
MawilliX 3 aylar önce
I think Mythic items were a step in the right direction, then Riot didn't want to do upkeep or make items to fill the recently created void, which caused a series of problems. The new mythics coming in preseason is another step in the right direction, and I think Riot believes that as well.
Poor Quality Edits
Poor Quality Edits 3 aylar önce
Heres my take, yeah mythics are the items where it specializes for selected champs and roles. BorK should be a mythic, it will shift diversity of playstyles to all almost all the auto attackers. And finally we cant see irelia infi dashes with trinity force. Mythic items should be the highest tier of all times, it should be left out by other champs.
MinMaus 3 aylar önce
I think healing from all items should be removed(exept potions and jng item and warmogs as these arnt really relevant in fights) as it can make a lot of champs that I think shouldnt be known for healing a lot i.e Yone, Yasuo or Samira. And this hurts champs that have healing in their kit. And now that I think of it healing from runes should also be removed , Riot even stated doing this with the removal or revenous hunter.
Geo Dash Busboy
Geo Dash Busboy 3 aylar önce
I’m gonna put my previous hot take here. Build diversity is something that is enjoyable and should be heavily encouraged. Especially with adding unique scalings that might not traditionally fit, but can introduce new styles of play (such as AP Twitch as a solid example riot recently did).
Remus 42
Remus 42 3 aylar önce
Items in LoL should be class specific. In theory it's fun that you can customize any character anyway you want... but it just results in nerfs to items that a specific class depended on when it's a bit too good on other classes.
Bruno Pelletier
Bruno Pelletier 3 aylar önce
Urgot hasnt had as constant and relliable mythic since stride breaker big nerf and i always find it so annoying its either choosing between hella tankiness with much less damage with sunfire or forstfire or give up resistance for more damage with eclipse or prowler claw(rarely go that one) its never a perfect balanced of the two
Okita78 3 aylar önce
For anyone that was around before mythic items builds were super stagnate. I feel like some Champs that had very ridget builds not loosened a bit. Say people will gravitate towards the "optimal build" making it seem like there is no variety.
Sakutaro〈3musik 3 aylar önce
I really just want one time to see a big meta shift with hard lifesteal nerfs
TMFlesh 3 aylar önce
I could see boots being made similar to jungle items where after maybe level 16 or some other late game condition their stats get "absorbed' into the champion freeing up the slot for a 6th item.
Joseph Ercanbrack
Joseph Ercanbrack 3 aylar önce
The rise of ability resets (usually in takedowns) has been nothing but detrimental to the fun of the game. The reward for landing a killing ability...should be that you killed the champion. Not this constant steamroll because they artificially prolong their power.
AverageNamalskEnjoyer 3 aylar önce
Hot take: Anti-tank items were a mistake. The whole purpose of you going tank is to counter them , it doesnt make sense that you counter them only for them to build blade of the ruined king and counter you, whats the point of even playing tank if you know you're gonna get countered by everyone except tanks. And these items arent good only against tanks , so its not like your team gets an advantage. A talon could build seryldias (i messed up the name) and black cleaver and sometimes he can 1 v 1 you while doing the same damage as a full lethality talon to your team. After the "survivability" update that gave everyone more stats , armor and magic pen should have been nerfed
gothified 3 aylar önce
what smite did with boots, was remove them completely. it was a heavily questioned idea but at the end of the day the unfairness of having a movespeed buff compared to someone else (basically an experienced player rushing boots over a non experienced player) in that game was rough early and they were sold late. causing the same issue to arise, with being slower than the other person. im pretty sure originally they added something called "speed potion" and it gave the boots movespeed into endgame so you could sell your boots without care. it was a perma buff one time purchase. then they decided to remove the boots in general open up the other item slot, and slowly give the same movespeed that boots gave into levels 1-7. so i think either one of those ideas into league could work, one time purchase potion or remove boots add movespeed into levels. obv that would need tweaking in a game like league with characters like cass that have passives that already give base movespeed but i do think itll do many things for the game including opening up another item slot for tier 1's and 2's. TL;DR "remove boots from league give movespeed into levels instead"
ArtemkaSyper2003 3 aylar önce
Interesting idea with fusion! What if your boots infused with mythic item after 16 level or something like that and then mythic item upgrades all by itself like with Orn passive.
0MidnighttheDragon0 3 aylar önce
side note on the subject of boot enhancements. I feel like it could be elaborated on more but: I wish some of the more important secondary effects of boots (like the tenacity from merc treads) could be boot enhancements instead. if the enemy team has a full AD team but TONS of CC...well I'd love to get cc reduction without needing to build useless MR.
TheWeeaboo 11 gün önce
It became league of Mythic items the moment they introduced it. It gives a lot of champions an extra (champion defining) ability when completing them but at the same time a lot of other champs suffer twice because no Myth item really is perfect for them as a first item especially compared to other non-mythic items. (bork builders had this since the start) Pretty silly because we put in seasons of work to perfect champions and then 1 item forces everything to be revolved around them. To the point where certain combos also became way too ridiculous when pulled off correctly. Nobody is convincing me that champions being reliant on some spaghetti code combo is any fun to play against or play as for that matter. Getting good with Lee Sins natural kit feels rewarding. Button mashing Zed Spaghetti Code Combo makes me not even want to play one of my favourite champs anymore.
Alfred 3 aylar önce
Hot take: ap items should not give the amount of hp that it does, There is no reason for Akali to have 3400 + hp lategame
Jay Bayer
Jay Bayer 2 aylar önce
Grevious wounds needs a total rework. Maybe make it super strong for a limited amount of time, but with a cooldown. Something you control when to use it. The way it works now is just silly, ESPECIALLY putrifier
Jacob Bergstrom
Jacob Bergstrom 3 aylar önce
In regards to the grievous wounds stacking comment, I think it should be similar to how it is currently, and additional stacks from teammates could add like 5% or 10% more to the initial 25% or 40%. That way, healing champs aren't hit so hard as to be unplayable in team fights, but there is still a reward to having it from multiple sources.
Justin 3 aylar önce
Weird take : goredrinker and stridebreaker can still be super op, just have a long ass cooldown. That way it’s rewarding yet powerful enough to be mythic items
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott 3 aylar önce
What about making boot enchantments serve as a way to get supplemental effects, such as grievous wounds? That would allow players to get those effects without having their entire item area being dedicated to components
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