Were Mythic Items A Mistake? | League of Legends 

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One of the biggest game mechanics that has influenced League of Legends for the past couple of years has been the new item system, specifically the Mythic Items. For today I thought it would be interesting to read some comments from you guys and raise the possible question: were Mythic Items a mistake? Or a good change to the game?
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26 Eki 2022




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@VarsVerum Yıl önce
~SPONSOR~ Check out Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas using my link and receive a special starter pack (worth 20$) available for the next 30 days! app.adjust.com/c11qq2z_3jzd6sx
@gkarak1996 Yıl önce
Rek'sai does not built a mythic first or at least uses to not do that before they nerfed her item
@LifenKnight Yıl önce
Only pick ones you agree with
@fazlic3858 Yıl önce
I didnt get anything when i used the link and downloaded the game??
@JV-si4ci Yıl önce
It's not available in my country (Colombia), sadge, I know using your link helps you and wanted to try it
@dla749 Yıl önce
When I first saw the part for the vampire clan, I thought it was Yone, since he also has a red sword and looks a bit similar, and does insane amounts of damage.
@Langharig_Tuig Yıl önce
Very right opinion here: Blade of the Ruined King should be turned into a mythic item. It is more build/playstyle defining than a lot of mythic items and making it actually a mythic item would prevent a lot of BorK abuse. You could even tie some of the hp dmg into the mythical stats. But yeah, BorK is currently the worst designed item since mythic items
@dankmemes8254 Yıl önce
Death dance literally being ethier useless or outright broken: 🗿
@rebillion9442 Yıl önce
i remember one game i was in we had 4 bork first item builders, it was renekton top, viego jungle, irelia mid, and twitch bot, shit was so funny to look at
@fuckhead0 Yıl önce
botrk shouldn't be a mythic, it's like making zhonyas a mythic, way too many playstyles and classes fit the item for it to be locked, it should be nerfed already for sure shit's broken
@Raiko01 Yıl önce
@@dankmemes8254 its always outright broken
@fis001r Yıl önce
Bork should replace kraken slayer
My hot take is that the majority of the new Champions are too safe. They are always too good and "flawless" gameplay wise and this makes Champions who actually has some flaws feel extremelly bad. It is for this reason that i liked k'sante. He has its flaws and people need to actually learn I don't know If this is the ideal way to say what i wanted. This just for the sake of not making a huge comment
@20jamjar Yıl önce
I'm sick and tired of every champion having some kind of dash or jump, it is rediculous how many champions that are in the game now with some kind of mobility skill.
@dracosol4415 Yıl önce
I wholeheartedly agree. It just feels like Riot is way too afraid the champ would be weak instead of trusting the player base to understand the champ and work with it so they add a lot of unnecessary/damaging tools for the champ that, surprise surprise, makes them too strong and is now a balance nightmare. Flaws are good, great even. Make the player figure them out instead of giving them everything they need to win on a silver platter
Same for Rell if you think about it, which is why I like her so much. If she misses her engage, she's fucked, but if she hits a large group of champs she can turn a teamfight on her own
@fis001r Yıl önce
That's not a hot take though. The entire league community is complaining about new champions having too many tools
@@federicopaolini31 yeah. I'm not a fan of rell myself for other reasons. But she is a big example of a Champion who is known for being weak because everything Else does too much.
It feels weird for the video to not be a premiere but I'm not complaining lol
@lucack6348 Yıl önce
Thinkt the same.
@superneco293 Yıl önce
I actually REALLY love the boot enchantment system they use in Wild Rift, I wish it was implemented in league, it feels immensely more satisfying than our current boot system.
@honeybeech4580 Yıl önce
We used to have it around season 3 I think but it got scrapped
@superneco293 Yıl önce
@@honeybeech4580 ahh, obviously I didn't start playing until much later 😂 but it really is such a good idea now, boots are just an unsatisfying part of the item store IMO
Hi, sorry I'm not in the loop, how are they different from the boot enchants we had back in the days ? We used to have basic like added MS, homeguard which was an enchant, bonus MS on auto-attacks... How is Wild Rift doing it ?
@superneco293 Yıl önce
@@LethalProductionsFR the enchants in wild Rift are kind of like a combination of the boots we have in league PLUS certain effects like Gargoyles, Zhonyas, even teleport is one of the enchants. There's a lot more, and you should definitely check them out, but it feels more like building a full item unlike the "dead item slot" we have in league!
@iamRageTheWolf Yıl önce
as someone who remembers the enchantment system i feel old
@BCawk Yıl önce
Loved the idea of boots taking half the stats of a legendary item. Maybe another option for this would be for your boots to merge with your mythic item when both are built? Therefore this could open a 6th slot for people in really long games? Cool format Vars!
YES PLEASE! Or make it like in Smite where they removed Boots and boosted everyone's movement speed.
@saintpres4ge533 Yıl önce
@@walkelftexasranger Would this cause them to buff Cassiopea? She lost the ability to buy boots but then gained speed for casting abilities or getting stacks or something. It's been changed a few times.
@@saintpres4ge533 If everyone got their movement speed buffed (like in Smite), then Cassiopeia's Passive would have to be reworked. Personaly I don't see any issue with that, since her current Passive isn't very creative, so there's plenty room for improvement.
@@walkelftexasranger Because it would change how early game works a bit too much. Would hinder characters ike yi who build berserkers first item
@@mylifeisalie6781 he would still build it, just that it would stop using a slot after some time
@briargray2355 Yıl önce
On that second one, I really just wish they'd give more options for supports. The thing about every other role, is, while you may run into the question of compatibility when selecting your items, you never have to worry about the gold shortage even when you're playing well. Supports are essentially gated to a select few items that are intentionally balanced and priced around their limited budget. While this is understandable, I feel they could stand to at *least* provide more options to a support since they don't have the benefit from the freedom of budget other roles do. On your point of preferring that the gameplay focuses on a champion rather than items, the thing about supports is that they're the primary supplement to non-champion-dependent playing, like macro and vision control. I've been an advocate for having more vision control items like Umbral Glaive, but for non-AD supports, like a tank one that makes your wards sturdier and an enchanter one that increases your placement range, or items that can place a special ward as an active that provides buffed zones kinda like the Cloud Drake field.
@fvb7 Yıl önce
This man is living in the year 3000 I can't ever be satisfied with my wards again...sincerely a support main.
@briargray2355 Yıl önce
@@fvb7 I seriously toss out these ward item ideas in almost any league video discussing new items in the hope that someday it happens. Umbral Glaive is awesome and there is potential yet to be tapped.
@hahahagreatname Yıl önce
The Boot system thing could be merged with the Mythic item stat rework, put the mythic stat increases on the boot upgrades, every champ buys upgraded boots anyway. Might be a food for thought idea to consider instead of putting those stats on the rune page.
@hahahagreatname Yıl önce
@bong sweet. Yuumi deserves the Nerf, and.... okay I got nothing for Cassiopeia
@Charlett Yıl önce
@bong Well the thing is that Yuumi can build boots with her current meta build
@TsyChun Yıl önce
@bong yuumi should be reworked in a way that make her unable to be permanently in her W so that would force her to buy boots, and cassio's passive was a stupid idea anyway, they just wanted to do it for the meme i think because there are other champs who dont have feet so they could just mini-rework her
@TsyChun Yıl önce
actual great idea tbh
@ChibiGwen Yıl önce
@@hahahagreatname people cry about Yuumi but Aphelios has higher win rate then her which is funny. I understand how she is annoying and so on but damn it is starting to getting old hearing some League boomers moan about her all the damn time.
@alecco2944 Yıl önce
Y'know, hearing the grievous wounds idea reminded me of my own, where I believe that ignite (and only ignite) should have 60% grievous wounds, because there's no incentive to bring it for anything other than damage rn, if you face a healing opponent, ignite feels like it barely cuts healing anymore (same as all grievous wounds), but if it was at 60% again, it'd be worth as an anti-heal option, and not just a damage option
@Juguitosdemora Yıl önce
yeah agree on top of that you only get the grievous wounds for the duration of the ignite so it should be fair against heavy healing champs like vald mundo zac aatrox kayn, because it requires brain to use it, and that is why I think grievous wounds should be an active item and not a passive that applies whenever you deal damage
@AtomBacon Yıl önce
Yeah considering how contested sums are (in that all of them are vying for only 2 slots) Ignite having that overlap with other items is kind of a downer. Perhaps it could have a ramping effect?
@dzigayu4944 Yıl önce
Every GW feels like it barely cuts any heals anymore, only in a long fight against a perma healing champ like Aatrox do you actually see numbers that make buying GW was actually worth the gold.
@tonysmith9905 Yıl önce
@@Juguitosdemora Grievous wounds being an active is actually bad. that means it would have a cool down, and usually grievous wounds isn't enough any ways. Being an active means it would actually have a smaller effect time than it does currently. How about just no. I'd rather have my shitty wounds up all the time instead of having shitty wounds only up for 3 secs on a 2 min cd.
@frodo2547 Yıl önce
@@tonysmith9905 well of course if it was an active item it wouldnt only be 25/40 percent, what about 100%? having it as an active, whether ignite or active item, would increase the skill expression alot and having more gw like 60 or 80 percent on ignite would buff the summoner and given how few ignites we have seen in worlds i think buffing it isnt as bad of an idea
@z3f293 Yıl önce
To the question, YES
I think this video format is simply great, it's just varied food for thought. exciting because it can be unpredictable on what you will talk about. it's like watching multiple small videos in 1 video. my biggest issue with watching any of your videos is that, when I'm half-way, everything just becomes a broken record, a lot is explained before moving on to a next point. Here because each point has X allocated time, you can't just re-iterate over and over as much over the already established concepts
@tykiahjames2277 Yıl önce
The should make a tank item that knocks down/grounds enemies for a short time. There's so many dashes in this game that it's hard to shutdown threats if they all has 4 dashes
@waket1570 Yıl önce
I don't hate mythics, I understand that to have one items that does nice things you need to give it limitations, but at the same time, as a casual gamer, I do feel it limits even if just a bit the build options you can do (since first item must be mythic or you'll fall behind easily)
@taitrinh8650 Yıl önce
Except when ur champions build BoTRK 1st. Disgusting item.
@John-ve4gm Yıl önce
I also don't like that for Shean items if you don't buy a mythic Shean item you are stuck with essence rever. I'm sorry buy crit is really not helpful with most the Shean users.
Not really. There are many items that get rushed by various champs over a mythic. Chainsword, BotRK, Essence Reaver, Manamune, Ryali’s, frozen heart and a few others I’m forgetting are all viable first items on various different champs.
then ezreal comes in and show you his mythic-less build that still deals damage
@@ducnguyenxuan2934 yep, exactly. Mythics aren’t some sort of boogeyman that completely hinders your itemization path. A lot of very creative builds are only possible because of mythics.
@anemon6945 Yıl önce
I'd love for this kind of videos to become a series
@oldfearless123 Yıl önce
With the boots thing, I think at lvl 18 or at full build it should be like smite and dissipate from the item slot but keep the stats or give boots it’s own item slot the don’t take up one of the main slots like wards
@anigodzapex9384 Yıl önce
Grievous Wounds should stack with Diminish Returns. And i think the perfect Sweetspot would be: Everybody of the Item Choices with them Grant 20% Grievous wounds, but the first successive Wound of another Champion increases it to 35 (15%). The second one to 45 (10%) and the 4th to 50 (5%). So its a streamlined way, without making Heal Champion useless, but still emphasizing the importanty of any Team Member!
make it stack only 3 times so only 3 people need to build it for max effect
@TBPetitP Yıl önce
@@eduardokerber2931 I agree, you need to be realistic you can't always have your whole team play together, and I think it should start at 40 like it is rn, and stack up to 60 with diminishing returns, that way if you're 1v1 with the fed aatrox you are not in a situation where your grevious wounds would be usless (like if it started on 20) and he actually healing more than what's healing now.
@generationxpvp Yıl önce
I just found this channel when a random Sett video caught my eye, then out of nowhere I’m getting a comparison using Pokémon typing charts. Hooked!
Seeing that LB and Olaf bicker in the bottom left mildly bothered me in a way I didn't know was possible
@darkeather2 Yıl önce
Was just thinking about banner of command after you brought it up, and I had an idea. Banner of command was really cool as a concept, but it got out of control when everyone started building it. What if more lanes had lane-specific items they could build? Like how really only top ever builds hull-breaker combined with how only jungle can build the knives and only supports build their money making items. Give each lane a small handful of items geared specifically to the role of the lane rather than the role of the champion, with different items simply leaning into a champions preference. Banner of command could be a good toplane item for passively pushing lane objectives, while hullbreaker could be turned into one of these items for more active lane pushing. Midlaners could get an item that gives out of combat movespeed to help with roaming for mid assassins and short range mages, or maybe something like horizon focus to help long range mages. It'd be a way to add some of the cool items without breaking the game from more than one person building it.
@RevereShin Yıl önce
I had to rewatch a portion of the video because I was just vibin' with the Mystery Dungeon theme in the background.
@JustinSeizure Yıl önce
As a player who returned to league after many years (like season 1), I played just enough to get into the old items before the mythic update. It annoyed me a lot that I had to learn all the items again, but I eventually did, like everyone else. IMO the game is A LOT more interesting with the new items than the old ones, and I'm not sure I'd have continued playing if it wasn't for the item rework.
@444Basketball Yıl önce
Hey Vars, interesting video! Always curious to hear what you have to say. My hot take is that LoL needs different maps. Not other game modes like 3v3 or Dominion, that clearly didn't work out, but just 5v5 maps with different objectives, layouts etc. That would be sth to keep the game fresh and interesting.
@halycon404 Yıl önce
I always thought it needed the rift, and then a random game type where it shuffles through all the games types they've made that are not summoner's rift. Bringing game types in and out of rotation every few months is just annoying. Look at FPS. Mostly I'm just playing a revolving game type set from match to match. TDM, CTF, KoTH, etc. Each match being something different keeps things constantly interesting. Rift for rank. Random just to have fun.
Coldest take ever. Literally everyone wants that.
@edersantos3397 5 aylar önce
Oh shit even riot agrees with you now
@joesullivan7240 Yıl önce
As somebody who just started playing after the item shuffle in season 11 it made learning the game at least somewhat easier
@Guidje Yıl önce
man, you don't need to apologize so much... your content is really good as you do it!! please, just keep doing as you feel it's a good material about the mythic items topic: i think it was an ok addition to the game, and even if most of the games it feels (and usually is) the best first purchase, as a matter of fact, i never felt like an obligation to build it first
@goalking7778 Yıl önce
I think boots should have their own slot where only boots can be kept. It would also be nice to have a second trinket slot but u could also put pink wards in it. Coz as u said late game it become such pain to have to lose movement speed for an extra item or just miss out on so many stats. Also as a support player its annoying to not be able to carry pink wards when my item slots are full
@metricgnome8950 Yıl önce
Two words, Vigilant Wardstone
@bifikbi_greatest0000 2 aylar önce
This video aged like fine wine. Vars was definitely cooking with this one tbh
@lonerimortal8 Yıl önce
I'm kinda glad this video is not a premiere, this way youtube did notify me instead of just recomending me randomly if I wanted the notification or not :^V
@myabss8336 Yıl önce
I honestly would love a solo podcast talking about stuff on league for Vars and Smash bros for Vars III. If the idea is there im looking foward to it
@sanguineaurora8765 9 aylar önce
An idea for the Boots; Make a potion that gives movement speed that doesnt stack with boots. Say, for 300 gold, you gain 50 movement speed for 5 minutes. Boom, you now have a late game boot substitute that isn't gold-efficient for you to abuse in the early game.
@tates7673 Yıl önce
For Grevious Wounds, I think taking a page out of Dota's book and making different modifiers multiplicative wouldbe the best way to go about it. For example, if you get hit by a 40% GR and a 20% GR, your total healing is now 1x(1-0.4)x(1-0.2) = 0.48 = 48%, so there is a noticeable but not champion-destroying increase of antiheal. That way, stacking grevious becomes a viable but not as-scalinh of a tactic against super healing champions, and makes it properly situational. Great video overall! Would love to see more of this style of video in the future.
The combination of boots with an item already exists in Wild Rift,the mobile lol(Although the items are not purchasable by themselves, they are unique boot “enchantments functioning as an extra item (zhonya is a boot enchantment over there😢)). The thing is that it is sooo good, i would like it if they implemented same thing into pc lol.
@mangomoe7347 Yıl önce
I have a feeling that wild rift is their way of developing a better designed from the ground up league without spaghetti code while they keep their PC player base happy until it's ready to port to PC
@jasperh8065 Yıl önce
Hey I really liked the video!! I also liked the e podcast, I’m super tired and listening to your voice and just chilling while lying down and getting ready to sleep was so nice. Even if you don’t see this, I really appreciate what you did with this video!!! And if you never do a video like this again, that’s fine, I liked this one a lot!!
@SimSoma Yıl önce
I like that format! It feels like a fun discussion. Dunno if it's much of a hot take, but I do wanna share it: I think we need League of Legends 2 at this point. A successor of League, with updated engine, visuals and large amount of current issues addressed. It would really shake things up and make room for adding completely new mechanics, like multiple units control for summoner type champions for example, or a client re-build. Wild Rift is notorious for looking better than League on PC, so that would be an opportunity to address that as well. As a former Dota, and then Dota 2 player I think it could work miracles for the League too
@s.vampireloves Yıl önce
I actually enjoy these type of videos ^-^ Would like to see more of these
@ChickenCast100 Yıl önce
Is that a PKMN mystery dungeon piano ost? Cant find the track on yt, but it is incredible a really good fit~
@coffee0093 Yıl önce
I miss being able to build whatever I want first, and being able to build multiples of items. Mythics feel kind of limiting and you're sorta forced to go them first unless you're a specific champion
@TsyChun Yıl önce
agreed, the only great thing about it is that they allow everyone to be sure to have an ornn upgrade when he is in the game but...
@urallnoobs8943 Yıl önce
RIP 6 IE Jhin
I feel like mythic items are mostly fine; the only ones I have problems with are the marksman mythics, since they feel too. Same-y. I wish that they made them around the different kinds of "Marksmen items", like if one was an Energized effect, one was an on-hit item, and one was true critical strike (Kraken Slayer actually kind of does fit with that, since it's an on-hit item, which. Actually kind of makes it a bit more egregious that they didn't do that). As it is now, Energized items might as well not exist anymore- I wish we had an Energized mythic to make them feel worthwhile; maybe even a third item like Infinity Edge or Rageblade that converted critical strike chance to Energized strength, similar to old pre-slow Stormrazor? That's the only item set I have actual big problems with.
@sman7070 Yıl önce
Kraken Slayer isn't an on-hit, but the energized mythic idea could be interesting
Not to take away from the actual discussion of the video but is that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon menu music in the background? Superb Taste Vars, absolutely splendid
@Max-cm5pp Yıl önce
League should adopt a few changes present in Wild Rift. Teemo changes and Howling Abyss changes come to mind immediately along with the perspective shift so everyone is playing on “blue” side no matter what team they’re on due to just flipping the map. Maybe make that a toggle based on preference like camera lock
@Max-cm5pp Yıl önce
For clarity Teemo in wild rift has toxic shot as his passive and his camo is his E. You can activate E to go camo anywhere like twitch but way shorter duration. The duration is unlimited in brush. Breaking camo gives a significant attack speed buff. Howling Abyss doesn’t have vision minions, instead there are vision blast cones spaced across the map that you can attack to do a directional vision sweep of an area. There’s also boot enchants of a sort but mostly it’s just that all boots have an active component that gives you a short duration move speed boost.
@bmac4 Yıl önce
Props for playing the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon music in the background lol
I like the ideea of making a live where you talk about hot takes because the viewers can also hace a say and maybe bring new light to a subject
@CHTabb Yıl önce
They talked about that grievous wounds idea on Sneaky’s trip queue, I wonder if they got that hot take from them without realizing it
love the mystery dungeon music:) great video
I would love if there was a separate itemslot for wards so you didnt have to choose between vision wards and items in the lategame
@Kyujin Yıl önce
this one
@Wolf-lb8dm Yıl önce
Thats why they came with wardstone, although it only works for support. If the support buys wardstone the vision shouldnt be too much of a problem. Sadly most support players dont buy it for some reason
@Denimy0 6 aylar önce
Best idea i’ve read
10:55 i legit got so satisfied by the olaf q so i couldnt focus on what vars were saying
@p1x13cr4k 3 aylar önce
i guess this is my 'hot take': ever since i started playing wild rift a bit, one thing i noticed immediately is that kraken slayer is its own rune page in wild rift, which i think is honestly genius.. PTA is in there too, but for league, it honestly might be a good idea to just straight up replace PTA with the kraken slayer rune page and get rid of kraken slayer as an item. i think that having it as a rune page is more beneficial for a lot of ADC's.. it could be a good second option for ADC's who usually go lethal (zeri, xayah, etc..) or could just be another good option for other ADC's, i know that kindred would benefit a LOT from having kraken as a rune page (i personally dont like the precision keys on them besides conq, lethal is fine imo but you almost ALWAYS rush kraken on them so..) but, a lot of champs do use PTA usually (renekton i think, warwick (ik he uses lethal too), ezreal does too i think, etc..) so maybe fleet footwork could be replaced instead (i dont think enough champs use it to keep it tbh.. most champs that do have a viable 2nd option aswell..)? or they could just add it as a 5th rune key, who knows. although, the precision tree already has 4 rune keys, more than all the other rune pages so i think having a 5th is too many for just one tree. still though, i think its an AMAZING idea to have as a rune page instead of it being an item, for a lot of ADC's or just AD champs in general it could be a good dmg buff early and would probably fall off late as to not be too overpowered, but idk.. feel free to reply to this w ur thoughts :)
@masterchief7237 Yıl önce
Loved the video, excited to see a part 2
That piano rendition of pokémon explorer was very welcome
@bensparrow3356 Yıl önce
Really enjoyed this! Hope you do a part 2 so I'll leave my hot take: I really like having balance nightmares in the game. Not only does it drive up discussion about the game, I think centralizing around a few champions every so often can be very dynamic. It makes for great stories, counter metas can arise, etc. Kassadin being 97% ban rate makes for quite the moment in league history! I just wouldn't want it to last too long or be really easy to pilot, kinda like bayo/cloud in smash 4. Sometimes that's even okay depending on the level of play, like how Garen and Morde completely destroy everybody until you get a little higher skill. Learning how to get past those characters is a huge gateway as a player and I think that's great.
@fis001r Yıl önce
That's an actual hot take wow. The thing I dislike about balance nightmares is that it's a loose loose situation for riot. They either spent their time trying (and mostly failing) to balance and rework one champion and neglect everybody else or they neglect the one champion and focus on other problems. Remember old Aatrox? To borrow a quote from Magikarpusedfly "they buffed and nerfed Azir into the f*cking ground before giving Aatrox a new passive". Now riot is doing option b with Ryze and we all know the subreddit by now. Which I agree is entertaining to observe, but you get my point. Riot is really good at accidentally producing those balance nightmares anyway so there's no need to try to make one
@wesker8814 Yıl önce
Please do more of these! I love them
@lukemurphy7527 Yıl önce
I've been saying for years that heal cut should be a stat like lethality or ability haste. Some items offer more some less and it stacks. I think that would open up some more items diversity while also making healing cut a team factor.
Ability haste and lethality are conductive to a playstyle anti-heal is a response to some champion
Not only heal cut but also lifesteal - omnivamp should be reworked to work like lethality / ah imho
@@claudionosotti8812 lifesteal and omnivamp already work like that
@@baptistecochennec5956 No they don't? They work in % of post mitigation dmg dealt at every stage of the game, while lethality is a flat stat that ramps up with level and doesn't give its full value immediately
@@claudionosotti8812 then what do you mean because abilite haste don't work like that either?
@zaadshadow1279 Yıl önce
The boot enchantment should be back and they should be consider as a legendary item once completed. They should only be purchasable at level 13 for example. I also like the idea that it should fused with a mythic item and that way we have our "7th" item choice
@reik019 Yıl önce
My take in boots is the following: Make the (upgraded) boots become a permanent passive in your champion after 20 minutes, like the junglers item does after using the smite a few times, so it frees another item slot for late game. This would also somewhat fix the issues that arise from the change of 25% crit to 20% on Adc items, as having 25% opened up a slot for survival items besides the carry ones, allowing some builds that currently only have 80% crit, such as Zeri's with shieldbow and titanic hydra, etc.
@atino7169 Yıl önce
Imagine giving Boots their own unique dashes. Berserker's Greaves lets you immediately dash back and gain attack speed. Merc Treads dashes in any direction you want and can be used while CC'd (Not a cleanse, just a reposition mid-root like finishing dashes on other champs.) Swifties could go further and over walls. etc.
side note on the subject of boot enhancements. I feel like it could be elaborated on more but: I wish some of the more important secondary effects of boots (like the tenacity from merc treads) could be boot enhancements instead. if the enemy team has a full AD team but TONS of CC...well I'd love to get cc reduction without needing to build useless MR.
@roseros93 Yıl önce
Super good video. Love this format and content 💪
@ChibiGwen Yıl önce
Adaptive Damage is a really cool mechanic, I wish we could actually use it in the game on item.
@TMFlesh Yıl önce
I could see boots being made similar to jungle items where after maybe level 16 or some other late game condition their stats get "absorbed' into the champion freeing up the slot for a 6th item.
ty for showing what tear item you were building, suspense was killing me lol
@crazydiamond6942 4 aylar önce
This might be late but how about them just putting the mythic passive as boot enchantments that are able to purchase when you have completed 5 legendary items
@Gahules Yıl önce
Would love to have a longer video/stream vid to put on in the background while I work or cook
@kilis1332 Yıl önce
My hot take is I think there just needs to be a boot only item slot similiar to the trinket slot. My reasoning is that no one really feels bad for buying boots early, its only late game when you want to sell it that they seem like a waste. Having a boot only item slot would directly eliminate this feelsbad moment and also open up item choices a little more. To me doubling item slots to 12 is insane and shouldnt be seriously considered, except for maybe a rotating game mode where everyone starts with 50k gold, but going from 6 to 6 +boots is less insane. It will keep the highest level of power at 6 items like it is now, (aka selling boots for PD or whatever) but also allow for boots which is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Mobility creep in the form of dashes is already an issue, so this wouldn't change TOO much. Now to expand my hot take, if they was to do this I think it would also be a good idea to bring back boot enchantments but only a single one that turns boots legendary to take advantage of the mythic passive. Could be as simple as at Lv 11 you can upgrade boots for 1k gold to get 10 movement speed and legendary status. It should definitely be level gated because some of those mythic passives are pretty strong for only 1k gold. Specifically i'm thinking the flat magic pen and the % armor pen ones. I know that if i had ludens and mpen boots in an early lead i'd gladly pay 1k for 5 more mpen, you will get pretty close to true dmg that early. TLDR; Hot take = Boots only item slot AND let boots have t3 upgrade to become legendary
@Vly-nn2sv Yıl önce
Is that Pokemon Mistery Dungeon i hear in the background? Love it.
@X33Ultras0und Yıl önce
I got one. What is your thoughts on boots having their own item slot like recall and stealth wards/ oracle lense.
@jaeger1123 Yıl önce
17:00 interesting idea but imo they'd have to buff cassio late game in return in some form then
@owengordon4142 Yıl önce
I think yone is very cool and not broken 🤓
@mrbuster3106 Yıl önce
That's a rather modest take on the matter. His current winrate clearly shows he's underperforming and is in need of buffs. Maybe better crit multiplier, i mean that 2.5 one is kinda brutal, he needs two full items for 100% crit chance. He's not an adc that can wait till endgame and 5 items to get full crit, he needs some help Riot!
@owengordon4142 Yıl önce
@@mrbuster3106 thank you for this information. I shall go back and revaluate my opinion and do more research before i say such foolish things in the sacred space that is the youtube comment section ever again
@BoujaXD 5 aylar önce
Get better.
@pyr0technick 8 aylar önce
As a new player to LoL, I would like to have a more streamline/simplified version of the class/role system (and more lore for Fiddlesticks/Shaco)
As a solution to the boots. Give them a minor mythic type boost when at least three slots are filled. So like a haste increase of 2 per filled item slot. Note I didn't say completed item because doing it this way would keep them relevant throughout and would differentiate them from mythic items.
@Mikhailnoise Yıl önce
I've played a ton of DOTA and LOL and TFT and Wild Rift and plenty of other clones... and not once have I ever cared nor looked forward to their itemization systems ever. Which is honestly kinda weird considering that I typically land somewhere in Platinum rank. Mythic always felt like a strange band-aid purposed to avoid creating role-specific items.
Make boots enchantment give the mythic item passive stats. Just a spit balled idea, so item choices get freed up, and that the passive can be chosen on a case by case basis instead of being forced by the item (maybe giving a few unique enchantment choices to each boot type, as to better ballance a bit easier.)
@gothified Yıl önce
what smite did with boots, was remove them completely. it was a heavily questioned idea but at the end of the day the unfairness of having a movespeed buff compared to someone else (basically an experienced player rushing boots over a non experienced player) in that game was rough early and they were sold late. causing the same issue to arise, with being slower than the other person. im pretty sure originally they added something called "speed potion" and it gave the boots movespeed into endgame so you could sell your boots without care. it was a perma buff one time purchase. then they decided to remove the boots in general open up the other item slot, and slowly give the same movespeed that boots gave into levels 1-7. so i think either one of those ideas into league could work, one time purchase potion or remove boots add movespeed into levels. obv that would need tweaking in a game like league with characters like cass that have passives that already give base movespeed but i do think itll do many things for the game including opening up another item slot for tier 1's and 2's. TL;DR "remove boots from league give movespeed into levels instead"
@NStormRider Yıl önce
I feel like boots ought to be something similar to a trinket. Once they're built, they don't take the slot from everything else. You could also have support item vanish similar to JG item... or have both support and JG items persist in a role-item slot, and allow other Laners to have an item that helps to individualize their role. I know there's cull and whatnot, but you could have lane items that complete a quest. Even if it's taking out a tower, or whatnot. I know that's snowbally and weird but it might be interesting nonetheless.
I think mythic items would be much cooler if they made them scale better off the mythic bonus, but not work nearly as well as a first item. I think that exact thing is going to happen with tank mythics(besides the health one), and I can't wait.
@adamconner9302 10 aylar önce
I often find myself building jak sho as a 2nd or even 3rd item these days. You called it
Got one hot take: we need melee/range only items, like murama, both hyrda items, dd, and sheen items from meele, and things like immortal sheildbow, phantom dancer, and rapid-fire cannon for range)
I agree on the grevious wound i had a match where i build it early and had ignite but the soraka was able to outheal my damage with ignite and morello on the adc
@AlryFireBlade Yıl önce
As Support Main I would love to get an extra itemslot for Pink Wards... Yeah there is the Sighstone, but this doesn't change the effect that I have to build a Warditem.
@zyad48 Yıl önce
I feel like a lot of the issues with items are usually solved by having just... More of them. I understand the hesitation since it makes it harder for newer players to learn but we already have a solution to that in the game: the recommended items panel. I used it for a bit when season 11 started since that was the first time I really started looking at items and it worked out well imo. I only use the general item menus now and the search function but the recommendation I think serves it's purpose well for new players. Personally I think we are seriously lacking in mythic diversity, preseason 2023 has alleviated this somewhat with the tank mythics no longer all building out of bami's, but I still feel like there's gaps in itemization for ap assassins and mages. I miss weird items like twin shadows and gun blade. Quite frankly I think hybrid items as a whole can come back if riot better balances champions that aren't supposed to build them, maybe taking away AP ratios on champions like zeri that riot only wants to build crit anyway. For the record I'm only suggesting gun blade as a mythic option and likely not with the same omnivamp passive it used to have, it's mainly a matter of "hey why exactly DOES Akali even have ad ratios anymore when her build is entirely AP items for maximum damage?" They could take away the ad ratios and just buff her base damage on q and it wouldn't change anything about how she plays.
@kataki7p21 Yıl önce
16:36 "calm your coochie" - vars (atleast i think this is vars)
@seogoratjk Yıl önce
boot enchantments and specifically alacrity was removed because skillshot-dependant champs where hitting considerably less skillshots that season.
I don't like the fact that Mythic Items just lock you into building the same way for every game with maybe one item change depending on match up, I miss having a wider build options for risky off meta builds that work. But my biggest gripe is that Tank items feel lack luster due to how much damage and damage type in the game that makes most of their stats useless and the fact Riot also buffing these items to make you into a health assassin with massive damage out put. I believe that Tanks should be able to survive at least a solid QWER rotation in a team fight from about everyone dealing a very slow burn damage to everyone through out the fight. Lately I been seeing Tanks as a walking med pack for anyone with lifesteal or just one rotation of QWER someone to death due to the insane amount of damage Riot has in their game trying make games last less than 20 minutes.
@kevinlee2606 Yıl önce
Singed is an example of a champ that build Mythic Third. It's usually Demonics, Rylais, Rift Maker
@aaronscott7467 Yıl önce
What about making boot enchantments serve as a way to get supplemental effects, such as grievous wounds? That would allow players to get those effects without having their entire item area being dedicated to components
@murloc0518 Yıl önce
i think the boots should be like the pets for jungle and somehow you can upgrade them for late game, a lot of times when i have 5 items and like 3k gold i just sell them for a 6th but some champs really need them so this change would be really good
@DustD.Reaper Yıl önce
Riot advertised that you can play league however you want, yet Mythics are the exact opposite of it, out of the six items slots you have, one is already locked by the Mythic, another for a "core item" for that champ, third one is taken up by boots if you arent Cassio or Yuumi and most champions also need a big stat item like Warmogs or Deathcap or you need to get a specific counter item like QSS meaning you have only one or two items slots that you can actually freely use to adapt to the game. My idea for translating the Mythic passives into the rune system would be to let you choose between two or three "stat per finished item" passives based on your primary rune tree, like Resolve could give health, resistances or tenacity, Domination gives adaptive force, CDR or pen and so on. And boots either need to be able to be upgraded or just get their own slot besides the six default slots to give more possibilities for builds.
@ArtemkaSyper Yıl önce
Interesting idea with fusion! What if your boots infused with mythic item after 16 level or something like that and then mythic item upgrades all by itself like with Orn passive.
@sakurajin_noa Yıl önce
They could do what wild rift did with boots. Give them an extra effect like qss or stopwatch on top of any boot type.
@OXIDElead Yıl önce
I saw this a couple years back and it’s always stuck with me. Grievous should apply to the damage YOU deal, not the healing that the target receives. So like what that means is that GW should make it so that a percentage of your damage gets banked into a pool that needs to be healed before the target’s health can increase. This would make it stackable and it would also make it so that GW scales with your own damage, which is one of its biggest issues rn.
@rebillion9442 Yıl önce
actually a cool idea
@OnePieceSS23 Yıl önce
This would be a really big nerf to grievous wounds because right now its easy to apply grevous wounds (you just need to cause 1 damage) in your scenario it would be hard to apply grievous wounds and if your opponent is stronger than you he would not even feel your damage. Plus, if you're a tank, or sup against healing this would be impossible to use and if you're a tank or sup that needs to heal it would also be too hard
@OXIDElead Yıl önce
@@OnePieceSS23 for tanks and supports you can keep the same idea, just make it so that the items apply GW buff to your allies’ attacks. So for an enchanter, “grant your ally’s damage x% GW when you heal or shield them”. For tanks you could do the same thing or even go more creative and do stuff like “x% of damage dealt to you is reflected to the attacker as GW” (where they need to heal back that percentage first before they can gain health).
@OnePieceSS23 Yıl önce
@@OXIDElead that sounds really impossible
I mean it sounds nice But unless the % is incredibly low on all items it would be... very hard to play around Of course the idea is to keep massive heal champions in check But imagine getting a headshot crit on cait and suddenly aatrox need 300 healing before he can restore health Sure mundo doesnt care But yuumi literally looses the ability to heal at all... actually that sounds good... But not terribly designed healers dont deserve to pay for her sins Also it would keep getting a bigger and bigger pool of hp on adc attacks
@BrendanGeormer Yıl önce
On the thought of boots combining with items in some way; what if boots could combine with warding item nobody gets or the trinket slot, that way late-game you have the extra slot, but aren't rendered immobile (like Cass). Perhaps the mobility is an important tradeoff for balance, but if they went with the vision slot idea, trinkets are already locked to levels, so it wouldn't require revamping the idea of a trinket.
@zoeohoran Yıl önce
I love you typing "then just win lol" in the chat at the start of the game... gave me a good laugh :)
After a certain point in the game, boots really should get absorbed into the champ(the same way that the jungle item is). It still gives the same amount of stats but it frees up an item slot.
@chriser5146 Yıl önce
yes. there are situations where i dont want to build mythics because i cant use any passive/stat combo or want other passives (ER RFC IE LDR) but i pretty much have to cause stats
@zh6523 Yıl önce
Not him saying "calm your coochie" at 16:30
@alishehab190 Yıl önce
Very entertaining please a part 2!
@canofb3ans 5 aylar önce
this aged well
@Earadon Yıl önce
Here's mine, Rito is monkey wrenching the power of the new tank mythics up to crazy levels to keep them in line with what other classes are capable of with their mythics, it's gonna be scary a scary season coming up...
Interesting take would be to give boots their own slot and shake up the T2 boots a bit. Throw some kind of T3 upgrade on top of it, giving some stat boost, like, say HP or mana (or AP/AD) or something between rune effects and old enchantments (akin to the stuff they are doing right now with the jungle item, have an effect for each champion class). They truly are as you say outdated, people just build either lucidity for haste or mercs/steelcaps for the defense, which is kinda stale. Who knows, maybe next preseason.
I think we should be able to repeat items, like we used to in S10 and prior. I get we used to build all six slots with different items, but locking me out of my 6 Rabadon power spike it's just wrong At least let us repeat items in URF!
@Zenith07 Yıl önce
Making it a Passive chosen in runes seems bad tho, since once ingame you are less flexible on choosing what items to go for, at least on items you can choose what mythic for the passive in certain situations while in game, of course this only works in the early laning phase since you cant change mythics on the fly mid laning phase and not suffer the consequences of falling behind in gold
@Chankonabebot Yıl önce
A hot take of mine that I know is bad, is to fully separate offensive and defensive stats so you don't have items like Deaths Dance and Zhonya that have very powerful defensive properties while also being functional as offensive items. All in order to remove the matter of buying these half defensive items while snowballing.
Tenge is the best 😂! I miss him
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