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Wendy tells us about her trip to Miami to drop her son off at college and visit her family.
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15 Jul 2019

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Yasmine Padilla
Yasmine Padilla 19 gün önce
I love how everyone was silent when she said china🤣 like we don't like her or her mess but we can pretend to for wendy😂👏
NLee Burrell
NLee Burrell 22 gün önce
Why did Wendy conveniently forget the name of the writer and the name of the book? give me a break and give the guy a free promotion on his book.
Kesha Payne
Kesha Payne 25 gün önce
I love you sharing other things besides Hot Topics! Keep it up! I relate to this!
MK MK 25 gün önce
I love it when Suzanne screams
Ap I
Ap I 27 gün önce
Wow wait did she just say Nigeria Africa Nelson Mandelas birthday? Why would Nelson mandelas bday be celebrated in Nigeria? Because it's celebrated in his home country south africa.
Elsa Romero
Elsa Romero 28 gün önce
I love Norman ❤️! 😅😂
Karabo Mary Mokoena
Karabo Mary Mokoena 28 gün önce
Anybody gon talk about Suzanne's tan ??
Ki Ki
Ki Ki 28 gün önce
Wendy been having a H.G. S.!
rosey r
rosey r 28 gün önce
Im not watching hot topics broken up-found it in one piece else where. Hi Wendy, Bye Wendy 👋🏽
Faith Ziqubu
Faith Ziqubu 28 gün önce
the way yáll be uploading is so trash! can we please have full hot topics episodes
Bettie Clayton
Bettie Clayton 29 gün önce
Roshanda Wilson
Roshanda Wilson 29 gün önce
This new Wendy Williams... honeyyyyyyyyy I'm here for it 😎😎🤘
Mor-Gan's Aylar önce
My auntie Wendy, looks, feels, and you can hear it in her voice how happy she really is. I am so happy that she has this new life and she is becoming the woman that she always wanted to be. I am so grateful and so happy for her and I can’t wait to keep watching her for as long as she lets me to.
Zimkhitha Tsholwana
So y’all bringing the glue or nah?🤷🏾‍♀️
Nicole Scott
Nicole Scott Aylar önce
T M-W Aylar önce
I love the new Wendy
jersey queen
jersey queen Aylar önce
wendy i love you but im so tired you talk about chyna on every episode sheeesh
Kim Aylar önce
I love you Wendy!!!!!
E.S M Aylar önce
Cutting up videos. Only works for VLAD. Wendy stop
chrys anthemum
chrys anthemum Aylar önce
Shoutout to Publix the real plug out here with the lock on Publix subs 🥰😍😂
ENDOZHA Aylar önce
Period...Wendy Yasss live that new life hunty, smoke that imaginary cig, lol luv it!
Cara Aylar önce
LOL I love Wendy's family story. Her parents are truly blessed. They did a good job!
Michal Hrdý
Michal Hrdý Aylar önce
i love you wendy but this needs to stop, we've loved when you talked 'bout your life but this we're missing the actual hot topics since your life talk has become too excessive for it! make a new segment, 'wendy's life' because we're then missing the actual 'hot topics' and your take on it! love you gurl ♥
Bisola Adebayo
Bisola Adebayo Aylar önce
Please stop cutting up hot topics. C'mon
La Shana
La Shana Aylar önce
I found a channel that plays the full videos 😩💖❤️💃 trvid.com/video/video-3XOQ2DYg9UE.html
Monike Van Dyke
Monike Van Dyke Aylar önce
This is the one of the best episodes.
Filli Croc
Filli Croc Aylar önce
we hate broken up hot topics
MauiGirl 888
MauiGirl 888 Aylar önce
Wendy is on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Sweeeeet sweet revenge, living the BEST life. Thank you, next.
rebel ram
rebel ram Aylar önce
wendy your face is big and ugly
Charlie Red
Charlie Red Aylar önce
I like how she shops at Walmart and take fans gift 🙂
Prophetess Catherine Shaw
yes u did raise him well.i luv the new Wendy..get yo life gurl💯💖💖
Keisha suber
Keisha suber Aylar önce
happy Bday Wendy Williams🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉
That's Rrad!
That's Rrad! Aylar önce
Come and get the full, UNCHOPPED TOPICS here! trvid.com/video/video-rhuQtgokSVk.html
tina ballerina
tina ballerina Aylar önce
ää.. who cares about her weekend
undefined jj
undefined jj Aylar önce
I hate the new Hot Topics!!!!!!
Aaron Bynum
Aaron Bynum Aylar önce
Kevin Hunter sr. is somewhere looking stupid
Dionne Lewis
Dionne Lewis Aylar önce
Yea Wendys parents have done REALLY good by their kids & grandkids!😉 theyve got alot to be proud of. I think Wendys sister is in broadcasting too isnt she?
mamag1rl Aylar önce
Dear @WendyWilliamsShow I have unsubscribed the TRvid channel and will not follow again until #HotTopics go back to one segment!!!!!!! 😡
Number1ArmyDiva Aylar önce
Ba-baaayyy divorce will open your third eye!! Yaaasss Wendy, become your best self!!!
maimaimaired Aylar önce
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace Aylar önce
Worshipping shoes😥 People are starving in the world😔
Jason Santoro
Jason Santoro Aylar önce
Ain’t nobody got time to click on different videos to check Luke warm topics. Bring back the whole thing.
Liesl James
Liesl James Aylar önce
121Shanz Aylar önce
Stop breaking up hot topics!!
Sip Nog
Sip Nog Aylar önce
Sorry Wendy but you admire a wrong person Oprah. A snake🐍🐍🐍. A hypocrite. Pls reconsider. She is seriously two faced. Black artist in hollywood would tell you!
Donna T
Donna T Aylar önce
Just checking in... I am actually skipping episodes..I never did this before..UH OH!!
Amraya Baptiste
Amraya Baptiste Aylar önce
Susan's laugh at 6:04 🤣🤣🤣
CrisMelo DotCom
CrisMelo DotCom Aylar önce
Ain't nobody got time for clips! Bring the full hot topics back!
Lonette Ray Crane
Lonette Ray Crane Aylar önce
so happy for you Wendy.
ESE Aylar önce
Wendy's older sister looks like her younger sister. Life has done Wendy sooooo bad.Money isn't everything. Wait Wendy was supposed to come to NIGERIA?😵🙄
M C Aylar önce
Wendy look-a-like at 10:19
Taylor Greene
Taylor Greene Aylar önce
suzanne is hella tan lmaoo
Kat Tziokas
Kat Tziokas Aylar önce
Has anyone else noticed Wendy isn't wearing rings on her ring-finger anymore?
Jose Gray
Jose Gray Aylar önce
Awww....That is Sunny Isles....across from Aventura in Miami, which is where I am from. Nice to see Wendy kicking it with her family in the 305.
The White RickJames
The size of those tittys is crazy.... Just like her 😂#BoomRoasted
Cheeto Bandido
Cheeto Bandido Aylar önce
Wendy is a Transgender Man but i I'm OK with it ☺
Lara Caires
Lara Caires Aylar önce
Please stop cutting episodes it's so anoying
Puseletso Matenche
Puseletso Matenche Aylar önce
I cant be watching lil bits and pieces of Wendy- *walks away *
Buhle Mabutyana
Buhle Mabutyana Aylar önce
whomst are you?
Mxolisi Dube
Mxolisi Dube Aylar önce
we boys should always take care of our mothers. #LoveyouWendy And stop breaking up Hot Topics....this show belongs to all of us pliz....
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson Aylar önce
How many Divorces did Wendy W. Have? -2 Has wendy been using drugs? -Yes cocaine Why do people watch this hag of a useless human? - IDK
R Curtis
R Curtis Aylar önce
*Steaming pile of useless MINDLESS SH* T
R Curtis
R Curtis Aylar önce
*And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us Westerners* ... *Its NOT because we bomb them and destroy their countries* , *its because while we do we like shows like this* !
Kharissa Sy
Kharissa Sy Aylar önce
I like the Wanda, Wendy and Tommy....glad they didn't call him Wondo. Regards to you Wendy and the Williams!!!
Phillip Rodriguez
Phillip Rodriguez Aylar önce
Wendy Williams looks like she belongs in Area 51. She looks like a man.
kharlie22 Aylar önce
That man was blocking your blessings. That's all I have to say. So happy for this new Wendy we're getting!!! 🙏🏾Andrea
Marcos Tortosa
Marcos Tortosa Aylar önce
Poetic Poems
Poetic Poems Aylar önce
Big Yawn! Barely any HT at all😪
ABCD EFG Aylar önce
It’s been 4 years of me watching hot topic every single morning through TRvid. Please bring back the hole thing, I can’t be clicking and choosing while I do my makeup in the morning.
idkthetime Aylar önce
Bruh she looks like an owl. Does she also only eat at night? Is that why she so fat?
Josh Hannon
Josh Hannon Aylar önce
Surprising she said Howard Stern. I understand. But I thought they were beefing lol.
Kamulah Aylar önce
Does anyone else hear the mic?
Nancy Moberley
Nancy Moberley Aylar önce
Good family is everything Wendy❤️ I’m so happy yours is one of them : )
Frohan 007
Frohan 007 Aylar önce
She is seriously on something...
Allens GayLife
Allens GayLife Aylar önce
They said ya complaining?!? We making them even shorter
Hugo Cortez
Hugo Cortez Aylar önce
Esta fea
Hugo Cortez
Hugo Cortez Aylar önce
Se siente un culo esta perra
INDIGO T.V. Aylar önce
200k views in one day. How is this on trending?
J NightHawk
J NightHawk Aylar önce
Aren't you really a man?? Seriously, is your name really Wendell Williams?
Dana Richardson
Dana Richardson Aylar önce
Wendy looks like a clown in the pic of her family. But its good seeing her so happy.
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