WELL...We Found BIG Problems with Wrecked Ford Raptor

Westen Champlin
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We keep uncovering more damage with our wrecked ford Raptor.
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13 Nis 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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A S 10 gün önce
I like this phrase.. "Westen approved" haha
xsalo09x sanchez
xsalo09x sanchez Aylar önce
5:17 I know the name of the song and I'm just singing it in my head now XD it's called Faster car
Cody Hoffman
Cody Hoffman 2 aylar önce
Where is the big blue Peterbilt
Joey Arriaga
Joey Arriaga 3 aylar önce
Ford all day🔥🔥!!!
Joey Arriaga
Joey Arriaga 3 aylar önce
Old to you guys but new to me !
Todd King
Todd King 3 aylar önce
I cannot believe you checked pinion bearing preload, set side bearing preload, adjusted ring gear backlash or checked gear pattern. Some of those should be close since you are using a set of gears that had been already setup with those shims and spacers. And you may get lucky and not have any issues especially since it's in the ft and will only see use about 1% of the trucks miles but you should always set it up correctly if you want it to be noise free and last.
krisna Atmaja
krisna Atmaja 6 aylar önce
3:30 😂😂 that freaking heavy hat
Adam Hayes
Adam Hayes 7 aylar önce
You should do a Detroit diesel maybe a 6v53 into a obs Chevy half ton or square body s10. I want to do a similar swap in my 82 ‘ c30 lmk your thoughts
Nothing 7 aylar önce
He thinks he’s funny but he’s not I laugh for stuff that’s planned
Adam Costa
Adam Costa 8 aylar önce
No one is shocked that they never needed those Ventilators.
Deekith Games
Deekith Games 8 aylar önce
jesus christ the music your editor uses is extremely annoying
Kevin Keener
Kevin Keener 9 aylar önce
I dont even wanna know how much a frame costs for a raptor.
Kevin Keener
Kevin Keener 9 aylar önce
Carol Baskin. Killed her husband whacked him. Joe Exotic 2020!
svein håkon T
svein håkon T 10 aylar önce
12:48 he is ready to leave 😅
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 10 aylar önce
5:15... 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣 THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID...!!!! 👍🤠🇺🇸 MERICA 1ST
El Condor
El Condor 11 aylar önce
Westen you’re a very funny 😄 dude. Thanks 🙏 for not using so much foul language in your videos. I don’t judge people who do,as a matter of fact some of the friends I work with use a lot a foul language but, I just don’t judge them I just don’t use this language.What I’m trying to say is that I can comfortably sit with my kiddos on a weekend and watch lots of your videos. Thanks again big bubba.
Walker Firmin
Walker Firmin 11 aylar önce
Good stuff
Ali Jamshidifar
Ali Jamshidifar 11 aylar önce
You have ruined your channel I don't like to see time-lapses, I just want to see how you fix the problem how to open and close things. You were awsome at the first videoes.
twins vergara
twins vergara 11 aylar önce
i love your videos and you put a lot of work into them
Jim Sage
Jim Sage 11 aylar önce
This is like "Miami Vice" of the mid west, Crockett and Tubbs of the farm states
H L 11 aylar önce
4:11 Boom ROASTED
Rich Ganta
Rich Ganta Yıl önce
please get a new camera man
Brett Patterson
Brett Patterson Yıl önce
And yes I did run it into a tree
Brett Patterson
Brett Patterson Yıl önce
I think that is my raptor
CSJiGSaW Yıl önce
These guys are funny asf!!!
Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter Yıl önce
When you binge watch 7 episodes 🤣
Kolby Yıl önce
You gotta roll it FORDward... you had me diein'
AntiReptile Yıl önce
“If you guys would SMASH that subscribe button, or just lightly touch it.” Hahahaha I’ve never heard a TRvid say that xD that was funny xD thank you for giving me the option to not break my phone when I smash the subscribe button xD
Caleb Lee
Caleb Lee Yıl önce
Weston: Is a win win. And My toe only hurts a little bit. Me: 🤣😂🤣😆
Zdirt Nation
Zdirt Nation Yıl önce
But Weston couldn't handle a tool box lmao
Logan Perry
Logan Perry Yıl önce
imagine he dropped it when he twirled it in air and cracked that one
TRD_SR5 Yıl önce
Did you get new bearings and races for the new diff case? You’re supposed to marry bearings and races...
K R Yıl önce
Dom is the master.mechanic
Klarah Fenderson
Klarah Fenderson Yıl önce
RTV is indeed wrong. You needs JB WELD for that.
Davey Boih
Davey Boih Yıl önce
Dude just started watching your videos yesterday this is good quality builds with some good laughs keep up the good work
Jack Yıl önce
Why is O'Reilly's not sponsoring this channel yet??
Michael Callan
Michael Callan Yıl önce
Jo Marz
Jo Marz Yıl önce
You found more damage on a wrecked vehicle... Oh my
Travis Tubbs
Travis Tubbs Yıl önce
I love your videos Westen. It adds value to my day. Keep up the awesome work man! I get a lot of good ideas from your work.
David Crook
David Crook Yıl önce
Just throw some jb wield on it.
JLove The Flash
JLove The Flash Yıl önce
This dude and I look identical
Scott Reyburn
Scott Reyburn Yıl önce
Your the best Weston
Alcibiadez Cedeño
Trabajan nítido saludo de Panamá
Playtime with olivia
Hi west. Can u message me please. I want to buy a truck off of you... I want to do it before your a huge you tube celebrity. You big now but your gonna get huge.... please hit me up brother.....
Jacob Smart
Jacob Smart Yıl önce
This is a great video. You guys are awesome as usual!! Great content
Mr. Tomasz
Mr. Tomasz Yıl önce
Beyonce is calling me 🤣🤣🤣
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa Yıl önce
What hapen with the 12 valve mustang
Esau ramirez
Esau ramirez Yıl önce
This is like building a brand new raptor taking everything off
kool shawn
kool shawn Yıl önce
9.19 what's the name of that song anyone?
The Steele
The Steele Yıl önce
that gear oil almost killed me!!
Colin Dean
Colin Dean Yıl önce
Been watching the Raptor project...jeez that is just SO labour-intensive!! How can it be worth it unless you paid like $50 for the wreck? Seems like you have some very loyal, cheerful skillful assistants there. I got drawn into your stuff by the blue Peterbilt (I'm an English Peterbilt nut) then got hypnotized by the rest. I mean to say, I'm not even vaguely interested in bulldozers but hell I even watched you start those mothers up. My wife just doesn't get what the hell I'm seeing here. I just say it's "guy stuff". Anyway, great fun and weirdly uplifting. You and Family Guy have saved me from my usual winter depression. Thank you!
Will Kelly
Will Kelly Yıl önce
Is he a real mechanic or a fake mechanic?
Danny DePino
Danny DePino Yıl önce
I like how fast forward makes the job look it took 20 minutes when really it must of took a tremendous amount hours and labor.
Anthony Bush
Anthony Bush Yıl önce
A 7.3 powerstroke swapped raptor would be awesome!
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey Yıl önce
You got the high end optional uncracked diff
Spe-cial Thc
Spe-cial Thc Yıl önce
He’s one of the genuinely funny people
john cuervo
john cuervo Yıl önce
You guys are bad ass
calawson1982 Yıl önce
I would love to see you put a Cummins in a tundra platinum.
Watching these guys I feel like I am a dumb mf no idea where I would even begin, but I do know how to change a tire and jump start my car take that 🤣👊🏽
George Hunt
George Hunt Yıl önce
What happened to the other guy you had Weston? You know I can't remember his name but he was in all your videos like the army truck video
Matthew w
Matthew w Yıl önce
damn'it bobby lmao!
Brian Bowles
Brian Bowles Yıl önce
Fed him to tigers they snackin.
Jeremy Diamond
Jeremy Diamond Yıl önce
Where did Wailin go?
JH5076 Yıl önce
I can only imagine how outrageously expensive raptor parts are
Iron Patriots
Iron Patriots Yıl önce
what is the music in this video
chazIII7III Yıl önce
Based on y vast experience, I think it’s blown the flux capacitor. You might need that if want to get to the 121 gigawatsits that you’ll need to enter the space time continuum. Just trying to help. Have a good one.
Julian Cruz
Julian Cruz Yıl önce
I enjoy the car talk more than the goofing.
Isaac Chapman
Isaac Chapman Yıl önce
RIP headphone users.
Andrew Christiansen
4:21 *_Thats what she said_*
EyesWideOpen Yıl önce
So has this rebuild been more expensive then buying a used Raptor in good condition? Very curious.
Thomas LeCoure
Thomas LeCoure Yıl önce
I just started watching your channel and you are hilarious. I subscribed and will continue to watch for a long time.
emeraldisle70 Yıl önce
“Hand me my shaft Dom” 🤣😂
LazyPurplePeeps Yıl önce
I cant believe you clowns get anything done. But you damn sure do.
zr riff
zr riff Yıl önce
3:26 Beyonce is back
D S Yıl önce
a bunch of big boy american guys fuxing with trucks...great channel!
Clinton Hoiland
Clinton Hoiland Yıl önce
i love your chanal \
Baz Scarlett
Baz Scarlett Yıl önce
If the front diff hit hard like that I. The crash. What's the gearbox and transfer case like... I can see a gearbox swap too soon
someusername121 Yıl önce
Be nice to have some cleaner cameras. Video quality looks like 480 even though it's 1080.
Jason Myers
Jason Myers Yıl önce
Westen (Abe) Lincoln
Jason Myers
Jason Myers Yıl önce
I'm thinking that worn out front end, was the result of the marriage with the tree.
I loves the way Westen so excited rebuild and restore those things and the engine on the new frame of Raptor. I like it and hes so funny 😂 . It's good to see what their doing tho
Emergency Jump Rope
We're not in Kansas anymore. lol
QWERTY Yıl önce
Panning the camera around made everything a blur. Might want to check the settings on that.
Don Draper
Don Draper Yıl önce
i wanna work on cars with this awesome dude
Francisco Chong Loo
is BOB CAT gone???How do you deal with tornados from getting your trucks flying and disappearing?
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez Yıl önce
Wow a lot of work guy keep it 👍👏👏
Dylan Healy
Dylan Healy Yıl önce
He works faster than a whole body shop crew
Kyle Nelson
Kyle Nelson Yıl önce
Westen, you're pretty funny. Keep up the good work!
I like his positive energy , great job dude, you rock !
macelius Yıl önce
Can we please have a shirt with Abe Lincoln driving the Raptor in to battle?
jackson thomas
jackson thomas Yıl önce
I found you on face book, your videos are hilarious man keep it up !
Francisco Arroyo
Francisco Arroyo Yıl önce
Did I mentioned that I subscribed after your first video, just cause your funny, and what you do is pretty intertaining.
Travis Richardson
You should do a vlog on rebuilding a 04 Ford F150 with a Triton 5.4 V8 4x4. Wish you could come down to Texas and help me fix my truck up.
Chonga B
Chonga B Yıl önce
Luke combs?
peterk814 Yıl önce
This is why you never buy used cars
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner Yıl önce
Hee. Is just trying to get his sling sort out for some fun . His life has just got boring. Lol
rmscotland Yıl önce
What song is that playing at 16:00?
buz russell
buz russell Yıl önce
I only watch the commercials on your channel!! “Drink break”
TC Knight
TC Knight Yıl önce
You guys are hilarious I’m subbin lol
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