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Welcome to chapter 3! Thank you so much for being here.

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Chapter 3 starts now.



27 Şub 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Roman Atwood Vlogs
Roman Atwood Vlogs Aylar önce
Welcome to Chapter 3! Thank you for waiting so long and for joining us on this new adventure. You're beautiful, You're one of a kind! Smile More.
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly Aylar önce
@Mr‌Beast me
BlazeingTiger100 Aylar önce
Congratulations 🎊 ‼️
Austin Rivers
Austin Rivers Aylar önce
@Mr‌Beast I need it.
C Tap
C Tap Aylar önce
Beautiful!! MANY BLESSINGS!💜😎
OhKayCrashes Aylar önce
We love you Roman!
MATEO DOBSON 2 saatler önce
chapter 2
Form Scoper
Form Scoper 4 saatler önce
I was watching since chapter 2 just started
Connor 975
Connor 975 6 saatler önce
I remember when I use to watch u do pranks in La😭
Bluestar44 11 saatler önce
2017 summer
Pranav 15 saatler önce
Chapter 2
Kgre _
Kgre _ 17 saatler önce
God i remember when noah was young its nice to see him grown
Franz Besidas
Franz Besidas 18 saatler önce
i started at chapter 2 i was still grade 3 at that time and now i am grade 9 its been 6 years.
Anonymous 19 saatler önce
been here since chapter one and im so happy for you
Bray Plays
Bray Plays 20 saatler önce
I started in chapter one on my other channel
Akar_ii 23 saatler önce
I was here ever since you moved into your old house it’s insane
floof is bad at game
floof is bad at game 23 saatler önce
I want to join Diamond OG love your vids I love them
Ruby Laskowski
Ruby Laskowski Gün önce
I would like you to make more rc video I loved all of the rc videos
ICEKING 5916 Gün önce
I joined you in chapter one
Soccer/lacrosse4life##7 Ross
I joined start of chapter 2
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez Gün önce
They said candy drawer and I thought about when they had a drawer filled with jolly ranchers
Brandi Todd
Brandi Todd Gün önce
Cian Holmes
Cian Holmes Gün önce
I remember your first vlog man, been here since the start, I remember the meet ups w tanner, jake, logan, rosco all of it man, I love you and what you do, congrats bro
Soni rambenk
Soni rambenk Gün önce
Wao good
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan Gün önce
I was here when you guys had 2k followers I have a screen shot because I remember loving you guys so much I knew you would be huge.
OG bassfishing
OG bassfishing Gün önce
Should meet up with rett and link 🤔 maybe so food tasting 😋
OG bassfishing
OG bassfishing Gün önce
Ive been here 2016 its been long cant wait for the everyday post again I know the family life it busy im so supized you have energy to edit after a long day with the kids love you smile more never stops no matter what
Mahmud Tarek
Mahmud Tarek Gün önce
Love you man Glad to see you again Am watching you for so longgggg Missing you too much
G Morel
G Morel Gün önce
I started watching in chapter 2 my first video was when you and Tanner drove the bus into the pond
Tanner AudiR8
Tanner AudiR8 Gün önce
chapter 2 it has been an adventure for sure
Thomas Ruhe
Thomas Ruhe 2 gün önce
So I subscribed during chapter two years ago and I actually got kicked out of my other account. Congrats y’all. The boys and little ones are getting so big
owen mason
owen mason 2 gün önce
gonna miss the old house
Kris Rodriguez
Kris Rodriguez 2 gün önce
Chapter 2
Karman Dhindsa
Karman Dhindsa 2 gün önce
Right when you started
Karman Dhindsa
Karman Dhindsa 2 gün önce
Right when you start TRvid
Brantly Jones
Brantly Jones 2 gün önce
I used to watch you all the time, after school and I had so much fun, and I’m still a big fan of you
mily 2 gün önce
wasn’t noah like 9 yesterday?!
Kadencool11 2 gün önce
My brother recommend your channle to me a few years ago i came to this channle on chapter 2
vExecution-l- 2 gün önce
I’ve been watching you guys for so many years literally when you only had 10k subs and you almost at 16 million goddamn you guys grew so good I haven’t been watching your channels lately because I’ve been going through a tough time getting over a break up it was pretty bad it really destroyed me and seeing you and how your family grew it’s amazing how far you guys became all in one together I love you guys you really put the biggest part of me and give me so much confident that I can push through and find my way out keep up the great work
mgzi playz
mgzi playz 2 gün önce
Wow I started watching u from the start of 4th Grade now I’m in 8th Grade you guys are amazing
Emily and giovanny Bollinger
I just started first and second
Kristian Petkovski
Kristian Petkovski 2 gün önce
Heather Coburn
Heather Coburn 2 gün önce
WRAITH _X 2 gün önce
I joined in early 2015
Johnny Panayiotou
Johnny Panayiotou 3 gün önce
Chapter 1,2, and 3 . The best TRvidr of all time
Selena 3 gün önce
been watching for 6 years
Dustin the GTR God
Dustin the GTR God 3 gün önce
Chapter two
Jonathan Gaming
Jonathan Gaming 3 gün önce
chaptor 2
Mylene weiss
Mylene weiss 3 gün önce
Chapter 2
Lala 61902
Lala 61902 3 gün önce
Been here since near the end of chapter1
Caleb Turner
Caleb Turner 3 gün önce
I’m rocking with the hair
Achilles Leonidas
Achilles Leonidas 3 gün önce
They make me want to vomit 🤮 I have a sneaking suspicion that they tug each other on the reg
Brooke W.
Brooke W. 3 gün önce
Chapter 2!
Cath Robles
Cath Robles 3 gün önce
That feeling that I still get goosebumps every time Roman says his outro even till now.
NAME 4 gün önce
chap ter 1 i am og og
Dulce. Vera
Dulce. Vera 4 gün önce
Zariah Lambert GM 2025
i love you guys so much you in spier me so much and smile more i love you all
Honey Cortez
Honey Cortez 4 gün önce
I joined when you guys first of chapter 2. You guys are the best. 🥳
Brock The Chiefs Fan
chapter one gang
Jdog 4 gün önce
Been here since the beging
Aidz YT
Aidz YT 4 gün önce
I joined in at the start of chapter 2
Brixn_w25 X
Brixn_w25 X 4 gün önce
Haven’t watch this man since like 2019 they grew so much
Cris Hernandez
Cris Hernandez 4 gün önce
Noah got his license before me and im 20 😭😭
Jessica Nelson
Jessica Nelson 4 gün önce
Are you in the same state
Jay The dude
Jay The dude 4 gün önce
Im as old as Noah and ive been here pretty long time
SpitFyre 4 gün önce
I joined u while u were an 100k subs
zDaisyy 4 gün önce
I had the biggest crush on Noah growing up😂✋
David Smith
David Smith 4 gün önce
I've been here since the first day of the channel 😂
Ella Oneill
Ella Oneill 4 gün önce
Damn iv really been watching them for 6 years
antiengel1990 4 gün önce
been here since Chapter one. Grats on the new house
Hamza Shahid
Hamza Shahid 4 gün önce
Chapter one
Braeden McCall
Braeden McCall 4 gün önce
I have been since the beginning of chapter 2 cuz I'm still young
neyo wolf buttercup
neyo wolf buttercup 4 gün önce
I've been around since chapter one I just had to get a new account because I got locked out by old one
Matt Powell
Matt Powell 4 gün önce
I follow you since you was doing pranks
Creeky 4 gün önce
I’ve been here since the start of chapter 2 and it was amazing
Computergk91 Gaming
Computergk91 Gaming 4 gün önce
Noah sure has changed a lot since the wedding
ULTRA Clapzz
ULTRA Clapzz 4 gün önce
chapter 1, i started creating u something. but then u stopped creating vids, but now that your back!!!! do you want me to send it???? and if so, can u plzzzzzzz open it on a vid?
βreezy 4 gün önce
I used to watch you guys 3-4 years ago
Riley Donellan
Riley Donellan 4 gün önce
I love your new house it is Awesome
Glamour Gaming
Glamour Gaming 5 gün önce
Chapter one, been subscribed since the beginning.
AI Productions
AI Productions 5 gün önce
Been here since chapter 2!! keep up the great content
Kenneth Rodriguez
Kenneth Rodriguez 5 gün önce
Ive been here since the start of chapter 2
Samurai Slayer
Samurai Slayer 5 gün önce
This video made me cry😭😭
Grace Bujan
Grace Bujan 5 gün önce
wait what happened to flash?
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph 5 gün önce
I started watching in early chapter 2
ceci W.R
ceci W.R 5 gün önce
I’ve been watching this channel since I was like 12-13. I’m almost 20 now and I’ve been watching every single video till the very end of the “you’re beautiful, you’re one of a kind, smile more!” It’s been about 7-8 years I’ve been part of the smile more fam. Thank you for making me smile more!
Jayleigh Warren
Jayleigh Warren 5 gün önce
Easy Living
Easy Living 5 gün önce
Since Chapter 2. 2016-2017
Josh Brinkerhoff
Josh Brinkerhoff 5 gün önce
That intro is so nostalgic, you need something that reminds you of the old intro, but is revamped so it looks nice and more modern
Kaden Kubisch
Kaden Kubisch 5 gün önce
ive been here sence chapter 2
Hamed Abbasi
Hamed Abbasi 5 gün önce
Chapter 3
Dylan Hall
Dylan Hall 5 gün önce
Been here since 2015
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire 5 gün önce
I will be disappointed if you don't have a secret passageway. I think itssinful to have a huge house and not have hidden passages and rooms. But that's just me.
Salvador, Mhark Andrei A.
I remember watching them when i was like 3rd grade now im graduating
edwin Marquez
edwin Marquez 5 gün önce
I remember Roman Atwood pranks like yesterday mane crazy
TadaStudios 5 gün önce
Chapter 2
MateoCapalot 5 gün önce
Roman Atwood definitely my fav TRvid been watching him sens I was rlly little now I’m almost in 8th grade
Obey_The_Taco 5 gün önce
😭 Zeus would’ve loved this place with the new members in the family. Been watching since the beginning of the 2nd chapter. 🥲
Angus Smart
Angus Smart 5 gün önce
Chapter one I have been with you guys
Aquib Khan
Aquib Khan 6 gün önce
I love you guys
Kaylia Mcgaugh
Kaylia Mcgaugh 6 gün önce
I joined in chapter one and I took the longest break I was like 7 when I started watching and I’m 12 now
YASking 6 gün önce
I’ve been here sense your first house
Jonson102 Gaming
Jonson102 Gaming 6 gün önce
Chapter 2 early
Fortnitegg65 6 gün önce
I subscirbed but I started watching in chapter 2 with your 4th of July and all that
MakoaTheMack 6 gün önce
Noooo the old Atwood house
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