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Welcome to the church of Korea9 - mass is on Saturdays and Sundays. Today we at Cloud9 are excited to finally announce that LS is joining our LCS team as the Head Coach for 2022!

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Welcome Nick "LS" De Cesare | Cloud9 LCS Head Coach Announcement




30 Kas 2021




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Cloud9 League of Legends
Welcome to the church - mass is on weekends.
Mike Cassidy
Mike Cassidy Aylar önce
When are we gonna get some footage of this year's bootcamp? I guess I should ask if we are at all. It would be nice to see how they're playing together.
I Have 99 Magic
I Have 99 Magic Aylar önce
Good. I'll wear my Tibbers onesie
RW Wars
RW Wars Aylar önce
Let’s go C9!!! Just when I couldn’t get more excited when Perkz joined c9, Our godfather Jack hits me with another banger :))))
Looks like C9 wont be winning worlds with this guy coaching LMAO
BomnitoPerro Aylar önce
Well good luck with this clown and fudge trashtor
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Aylar önce
What I love about this move - Korea9, LS9 memes aside - is that the organization is buying to LS's philosophy like a soccer/football organization would when they sign a new head coach. That sort of commitment gets lost when it comes to eSports (at least from what I have seen) and that kind of buy-in can lead to tremendous success and unity. Wishing C9 and LS all the best this season
Michael Muncher
Michael Muncher Aylar önce
New meta where people try to be successful with crazy takes so their unique point of view will be valuable
UnleadedOrphan Aylar önce
It’s like Pep coming to Man City. Everything was in place for him to succeed and I hope LS finds the same success. All the best from a Bjergsen fan :) Also fuck Andy and TSM.
Toukoha Aylar önce
@Brain Tonic Yeah Jack is Goated
Oscar Tep
Oscar Tep Aylar önce
@Sunny Shounok Americans are more likely to call it soccer. Don't get offended though, it's not meant to disrespect. It's just how we learned it because there's American football.
Kijestic Productions
Jaysan q
Jaysan q Aylar önce
I have never been more excited for a coach ever, Sunday service now in c9 household! Good luck LS!
Pi Aylar önce
Im a c9 fan now, bring it home boys!!!!!
Max Nibler
Max Nibler Aylar önce
However you feel about LS this is an exciting move. The LCS is lacking in original thought and right or wrong I can't imagine LS just following what everyone else is doing. I'm gonna be watching C9 games for sure
hans dampf
hans dampf Aylar önce
...people tend to forget about Reapered so quickly who actually was a pro gamer former c9 coach and reigning title coach of 100t and not just a streamer, also some misconcept why LS actually is such a polarizing personality since he got some hate because he was known as a cheater in starcraft (just that game which happened to be the the beginning of esports in korea maybe that is why he wasn't that popular there). Anyway even if he fails c9 secured some great talent for this split and are a good org that comforts the team and staff thanks to jack i guess.
yolo420 Aylar önce
@Dávid Nyilas blind scrims where u cant see the minimap or deaf scrims where u cant talk to teammates. Been ahead on the curve on lots of items, liandries advocate and morello sceptic years before people finally realised. Successfully predicted how broken moonstone and staff was when items were released, everyone else including riot took months to realise. He might not be correct with every take, but as an analyst, he has been consistently correct about things over the years, even when the entire community disagrees with him he has stuck to his guns
Dávid Nyilas
Dávid Nyilas Aylar önce
​@Drathmar Darkstar Do you really believe tho that whatever he is preaching pro teams haven't considered yet? Like even just giving it a thought or maybe trying it out? I think ls has some great ideas, and he is pretty innovative, and i even think that NA teams can benefit from having him, but i also think that generally he doesn't know more than an average challenger player on the top 2-3 performing servers. Just my opinion tho. Or let me put it this way: He may knows more, but he is not really good in transforming it into practical ways for others. Genuine curiosity: Could you pls tell me what exactly did he preach the last 9 years? One thing i remember him preaching was the freezing sidelanes, which is extremely situational and generally doesn't really work.
Drathmar Darkstar
Drathmar Darkstar Aylar önce
This is also why I think its a good move. If they do well and show that what he's been preaching for years actually works, not only will it help cloud 9 but it could improve NA as a whole which would be cool. Either way I expect we won't be seeing the same shit different year we are use to despite player and coaching changes.
Zedrhyx Aylar önce
with LS lck mentality going to NA I wish him that he can maintain his sanity
Alfredo Plata
Alfredo Plata Aylar önce
OMFG, The roster was already exciting, but with LS in charge i just cant wait to see what this C9 can do.
Weird Brit
Weird Brit 7 gün önce
@Thorbjørn S. you seem to be good at it as well^^
Thorbjørn S.
Thorbjørn S. Aylar önce
they probably cant do anything, LS is better to complain than to motivate anyone, lol
Julseu_lol Aylar önce
@B V bunny maid costumes fudge every C9 game👉👈😳
B V Aylar önce
They will all end up transgending themself like sneaky
Abhorrent Messenger
The Shadow Ruler has risen
Jeroam J
Jeroam J Aylar önce
When LS said "...To deal damage to LPL and LCK teams...." got to me. Not many people, especially coaches can Publicly say that, and damn.. Im so excited for C9
PMF Aylar önce
@Synexia If KT was the best team they would have went to MSI instead of SKT. FPX is LPL we were taking about LCK here.
Matthew Sweeney
Matthew Sweeney Aylar önce
@Synexia thank you for reminding me. that series was so great.
C9 is not gonna win with LS coaching lmao. He's gonna get fired so quick just like the last time he went coaching. There's a reason why Asia hates LS. He's shit at the game lmao. Oh well another worlds gone for NA.
VexLuna Aylar önce
This is the issue, NA and EUW teams all seem to have this predisposed idea that they stand no chance, so for a new head coach to come in with the goal of making cracks and dents in LPL and LCK teams in the first year, it's a big deal. It's like someone is actually trying to raise the bar on competition.
RW Wars
RW Wars Aylar önce
If you follow LS, he has been saying for years “I’m not going to join any org as a coach unless I feel the team will win worlds, and it must be a western team.” This guy denied T1 coach spot that we know of. He’s been very private of his offers, but if we take his word.. former offers consist of super high level teams.. the move LS is making as a coach for C9 should be a sign to everyone.. it’s no longer copuim. The west is rising up
Megan Casey
Megan Casey Aylar önce
Offically a C9 fan now!! This roster is going to be amazing
focodoco Aylar önce
@Mad Max I never heard about him having a mental break down while coach BBQ or gravity. Super weird. But yeah totally a guy that was able to stay calm while his grandmother was getting death threats won't be able to do that in a professional setting. Nice isolating one incident without adding context and not looking at the past. Do you think Tyler1 treats Mikaela the say way as he treats her at twitch rivals? These people know what makes money for their brand.
Hoang Thai
Hoang Thai Aylar önce
1st time Imma watch LCS lol
Slender Aylar önce
@Mad Max At that time, he was coaching players he wasnt comfortable with but in C9 LS has Max,Fudge & Malice with them being on the team I dont see him melting down, also C9 is known for handling Mental Issues Heck they even got a doctor & therapist for their League team also sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Thats why in spring and summer reg. splits they showed reliance with their losses being close Heck even in Playoffs their mental was on point, winning spring and then qualifying for worlds at summer Even at Worlds it showed they had one of the better mentals as a team, they had one of the best win rates in terms of Best of 5s in NA
Mad Max
Mad Max Aylar önce
@Ensnare So fuck, whenever they questioned his calls he literally would melt down. LS is a thin skinned kid who's gonna rage quit the LCS when C9 starts losing.
P S K Aylar önce
Maurice B.
Maurice B. Aylar önce
You have to love Cloud9 as an org. Nobody else in NA has been trying so long to constructively improve and play the best League of Legends possible. It’s very bold and brave to fully commit to one guy’s philosophy (especially if it’s one of the sometimes more controversial figures in the scene). Thank you C9 for giving us the chance to see the ultimate LS LoL experience and thank you for bringing the guy full time back into the pro scene. Can’t wait to see how this works out, best of luck!
elmer lingestal
elmer lingestal Aylar önce
@Maurice B. when you said "play the best League of Legends possible" i thought you meant they do everything they can to win. But if you mean being innovative, taking chances and improving the league, I agree
Maurice B.
Maurice B. Aylar önce
@elmer lingestal TL is throwing money at established players and try to walk the proven way. C9 is and has been trying new ways with new talent and new approaches. That is my entire point. I find latter way more valuable at improving a league and finding international success. Not throwing any shade at TL, they have been very successful at what they do and there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that I appreciate C9’s ways more.
elmer lingestal
elmer lingestal Aylar önce
tbh i think much of the LS move is a money saving move. Dont get me wrong I am very excited about it, but I would say TL is trying harder to play the best league possible (by buying all the best players)
Maurice B.
Maurice B. Aylar önce
@David Nitchman that’s why I added “so long” 100T and EG are investing and doing a lot right now, yes. But C9 has in a way always paved the way for NA, which made them the internationally most successful team.
David Nitchman
David Nitchman Aylar önce
I would say that 100T and EG are both trying but to a much less aggressive way because both Papasmithy and Peter Dunn are less controversial/strong in their takes compared to LS.
Jim Harper
Jim Harper Aylar önce
This decision might become a wild success. It might fail miserably. It might also be half decent. The important thing is that after so many seasons, Cloud9 is still trying to find new ways to win. C9 has cemented its reputation as the LCS team that is willing to try strategies not dared by other teams and find players not appreciated by other rosters. Team Liquid, on the other hand, has solidified its reputation as the team that is willing to spend as much as needed to build winning rosters. Professional League of Legends has only been around for a decade; as long as the North American teams keep trying, they will find their year.
Jim Harper
Jim Harper Aylar önce
@Dennis Cassidy Did you read the rest of the comment?
Dennis Cassidy
Dennis Cassidy Aylar önce
It might be good. It might not be. It might be sunny tomorrow, BUT it might be partly cloudy. You know what it could rain too. Probably not snow or hail. Possibly some fog. One of these will be the case one of these days.
John Paul Jones is a badass
Tsm spends money on 0-6 teams. Best LCS team
sspzh Aylar önce
@Rowan Difference between TSM and TL is that TSM is dishing out cash with their eyes blindfolded
Space Lizard
Space Lizard Aylar önce
@NK S I agree. Every year a different team is hyped from NA (TSM, TL, 100T) and yet C9 always goes home with better results it's crazy. I'll never forget the year they pulled 3 reverse sweeps in a row to reach worlds, that shit was insane. Only NA team I watch consistently.
GM NR Aylar önce
God I'm actually tearing up a bit, I started watching LS in 2017-2018 when he was mocked for his ideas, and slowly but surely people have come to respect him greatly. Seeing him reach out for greatness, and giving up his position as one of the biggest streamers to achieve greatness is truly inspiring. Ill cheer for you wherever you go LS, love you man
Toukoha Aylar önce
@MiloufromSaigon Ah hahah mb
MiloufromSaigon Aylar önce
@Toukoha It's okay man he's my friend haha, it's a surprise to see him here
Griffin S
Griffin S Aylar önce
Same man 😭😭😭
bob memer
bob memer Aylar önce
Trash player I stomped him on Korea lmao
Toukoha Aylar önce
@Carlos Razier LMAO roasted, WP
Jetty Aylar önce
Several years ago I told myself, as well as other friends of mine that if LS ever came to an NA franchise I'd shave my head. It's December 1st (My birthday actually) and I now get to shave my head.
nubbinthemonkey Aylar önce
I told myself if LS wins a championship, I'd bleach my butthole
Mady Meagen
Mady Meagen Aylar önce
@AzBeast most guys look good with a shaved head, so it’s fine.
Erling Galeano
Erling Galeano Aylar önce
Happy birthday my guy
AzBeast Aylar önce
why would you take such a stupid bet?haha
Habeev07 Aylar önce
Ghøstt Aylar önce
TL : Lets stack the best team to beat everyone! C9 : Lets stack both our Academy and LCS teams to beat each other!
Eyes Like Oceans Music
Great signing, been wishing him to TSM or TL for years and he's definitely the type of coach NA needs. Can't help but root for C9 this split even though I'm a TL fan.
OV S 16 gün önce
darkuit585 RENT FREE for a month 😂
darkuit585 16 gün önce
@OV S Don't worry, brother, the Church welcomes every sinner with open arms. Come now and pray for our salvation 🙏
OV S 16 gün önce
darkuit585 u reply to a month old comment i’m rent free in your head kid 🤣🤣
darkuit585 16 gün önce
@OV S LS really living rent free on your head huh
schattenfels X
schattenfels X Aylar önce
More like the coach NA deserves. 🤠
Cepheus Aylar önce
LS to C9 makes so much sense. I hope this could last for years like with Reapered. Because he has really good scouting, saving you a lot of money to find new talent. That's what C9 always been during their peak. It's not about wasting money, overspending like they did with Perkz.
onoskelis Aylar önce
Even tho we already knew it was coming it’s is really nice to see LS be confirmed.
onoskelis Aylar önce
@skaels I mean with how people were saying it’s gonna happen it was always in the back of my mind, can’t wait for 2022 LCS even tho I don’t play LOL anymore KEKW
skaels Aylar önce
he had me guessing, this is such a relief glad you kept the faith at least
Shawn Gesell Gaming
Bjerg is back and now LS is going to coach gap the world never been so hyped for LCS in year
Chuin Yih
Chuin Yih Aylar önce
​@Sebastian Pineda I really want DL bjerg old guards copium in summer season, but thats really unlikely with hans sama on TL.
Sebastian Pineda
Sebastian Pineda Aylar önce
I know, only thing we're missing is doublelift to make a comeback, that would be the best year in LCS history
idk970326 Aylar önce
@zieg feld didn't he coach gravity gaming? And that roster overperformed expectations as i recall?
zieg feld
zieg feld Aylar önce
@MEDrums i love this move bc it means they wont beat anybody good
zieg feld
zieg feld Aylar önce
@MEDrums i love this move bc it means they wont beat anybody good
Weiss Aylar önce
Been a viewer and fan of LS for a long time, really excited to see where this takes him, as well as C9. Best of luck Nick.
Tuss Beatbox
Tuss Beatbox Aylar önce
This made me so fucking happy. I didn't have the courage to believe the rumors, but actually seeing it now. It feels incredible. I've never had more faith in a western team. Love LS, love C9!
Thomas Jurasits
Thomas Jurasits Aylar önce
Cloud9 vs TL is gonna be nuts this year, good luck LS and everybody else! I'll always be rooting for C9
The Ultimate Rage
The Ultimate Rage Aylar önce
I know bro. Both C9 and TL are stacked. I love both the teams and players on each side. I'd be happy for either team if they win.
Mark Aylar önce
C9 making amazing moves to advance the LCS to the next level.
Jaemin Kim
Jaemin Kim Aylar önce
Next level of entertainment for sure. Best of luck to C9&LS regardless.
ExviusProductions Aylar önce
This feels much more wholesome than anybody even intended to, love it👌🙏. We all hope it goes well❤️
Thomas John
Thomas John Aylar önce
I cannot be more excited about this. It feels like this could be the first time real change happens in the pro-meta and there is rapid evolution based on patches. I fully wish the team the best and am going to be a believer the whole way through. VIVA CLOUD9
MyNamesLookz Aylar önce
this is gonna be spicy. really hope this move will bring competitive success to both parties!
fraai Aylar önce
I'm European but I will root for C9 this is insane I always was hoping for LS to coach a team. This is gonna be FUN no matter what the results will be. Good luck guys !
shadowtale123 Aylar önce
LETS GO LS!!! im so excited, i wish you the best and hope u do really well, really excited for the actual different drafts that were probaly gonna see
Roza Aylar önce
I’ve been following LS such a long time, and I’m actually tearing up about this move. I wish C9 all the best ❤️
ahbp_ Aylar önce
Thank you, C9, for picking up LS. He's become my favorite LoL personality throughout the years, and an NA team picking him up frees me from shackles of CLG fandom (I've been riding for them since before S1). Can't wait for mass.
Ersetzbares Crewmitglied Nr. 29 ohne Namen
LS joining as head coach is amazing! In the past time I've always got the impression that LS is way more interested in pro play than Solo Que so joining T1 as a content creator to help the general playerbase instead of focusing on pro play never made that much sense to me and LS never used that position to actually put out much concentrated educational content for the community as a whole. So I'm happy for everyone that this is happening now and for after a long time not caring I'm starting to get interested in pro play and one team specifically again. The potential is huge I'll be watching. Good luck C9!
Kieran Proper
Kieran Proper Aylar önce
Started league season 3 and became a huge C9 fan, and this makes me just as excited as the og roster, and I hope LS know he’s going to an organization with great fans, we might need some patience as I imagine some growing pains but I think in the end LS will be special
André Viana
André Viana Aylar önce
I found it super cute that he mentioned Fudge and Max calling him out, asking for his help and all that. I´ve been a Cloud9 fan ever since 2014 and I always love the humanity, passion and commitment that you guys have and the principles that you stand for. This is one of the most interesting off seasons in terms of hopefulness and clever decisions being made. Well done
XAB E Aylar önce
I am happy for LS, I am really excited to see him coach and I am sure he and c9 will do great
Unicornelia Wild
Unicornelia Wild Aylar önce
Cloud9 is such a great org and will always be my favorite team from NA.
Zaid Elaymat
Zaid Elaymat Aylar önce
When was the last time you've seen an NA coach come out and say their plan with the roster is to "deal damage to eastern teams"? I don't know if this is the best move for LS, but I am so excited to see how he and C9 will perform and how they might impact the meta as 1 team
Korokus Aylar önce
The main criticism people had of LS was that he brought ideas to the table but did not seek out the instruments to realise these ideas. Now that LS has a team to coach, I think that viewers will be more curious to see how the team will perform rather than wish to see it fail.
Lance Alexander
Lance Alexander Aylar önce
love seeing this for LS really hope this team smurfs it this year
Andrew Diamante
Andrew Diamante Aylar önce
Let’s goooooo C9!!! Been a fan ever since I started League! I’m excited to see what kind of fire power we can bring out for 2022! Welcome to the team LS!!!
Kreate Aylar önce
Huge signing, excited for the season to come for Cloud9!
joey kowalski
joey kowalski Aylar önce
This is genuinely the most exciting news of off season. I'm so hyped for c9
GazHimself Aylar önce
It's happening boys!!! cheers to all of us and for LS!🔥🔥🔥
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Aylar önce
So excited so see you succeed LS followed and loved you for years keep being amazing
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Aylar önce
C9 making amazing moves to advance the LCS to the next level.
mcguigan97 Aylar önce
Great news! I hope everyone is patient in spring split as there are a lot of new faces and integrating LS's vision won't be a simple task. Personally it's summer split playoffs I will be looking for. Anything earlier than that is gravy!
Csicsi's Chill Lounge~
Being a fan of both Cloud9 and LS, THIS IS FREAKING AMAZINGGGGGGG!!! Best of wishes!~
Tristiane Randall
Tristiane Randall Aylar önce
"Welcome to the Church and Mass is on the weekends" absolute fire quote 🔥 🙌🏻
Ian Curley
Ian Curley Aylar önce
Welcome LS really hope you can bring our team success, best of luck!!!
Federico Luchessa
Federico Luchessa Aylar önce
I always wanted to see LS coach again in the LCS/Pro leagues (After Gravity). Can't be happier seeing him on C9 now and super excited to see them win!
Jord Harrison
Jord Harrison Aylar önce
I’m so hyped for this, I think LS is what C9 needs
Daniel Shamlian
Daniel Shamlian Aylar önce
Best of luck! Quite excited for the church-excited for the evolution. I really appreciate C9 as a team willing to take risks and keep moving because the results could be better-always looking at the high end. I’d always rather watch a team strive than thrive. I hope this is a fruitful year-full of good health.
Chaddude Aylar önce
Very excited to see LS put his money where his mouth is. I've always placed my trust in C9, but this is going to be crazy!
Heirleking Aylar önce
As someone who has been following for 6 years, I am so happy for him. I know him and the team will kick ass in 2022!
Heath Gaming
Heath Gaming Aylar önce
Been a C9 fan since 2014... I've never been this excited for the future of the organization!
Jose Castaneda
Jose Castaneda Aylar önce
If this is a long term plan, which I really hope for LS and C9 that it can be, then it would be one of the most solid future moves I’ve ever seen an esport organisation make. If it’s short term it’s definitely going to be hype as fuck and an exciting venture nevertheless.
Matthew Minogue
Matthew Minogue Aylar önce
Not a big fan of LS in general but I am still looking forward to what he can do! He has no excuse now and I expect greatness from the org and LS. Lets face it, the guy has an high IQ and I think with good talent he can actually create something special. I have to add some more, I"m hoping for something different. Please C9, surprise us in ways we can't imagine. Create your own meta.
Matthew Minogue
Matthew Minogue Aylar önce
@connor aronoff Thanks man, there's no reason for unnecessary hatred which is too often the case on the internet. It's hard to respect yourself if you can't respect others.
connor aronoff
connor aronoff Aylar önce
@Matthew Minogue Same here. I do want to say, I appreciate you being respectful with you language even though you dont like LS as a content creator character. That's always commendable especially when were talking about someone who is the target of some extreme language a lot of the time
Matthew Minogue
Matthew Minogue Aylar önce
@connor aronoff C9 has always been my favorite team and LS is well.... a special individual. He has a very clear identity that seperates from the meta usually. I sincerely hope C9 is able to keep us entertained with something different. Even if they fail, i'm hoping for something out of the box.
connor aronoff
connor aronoff Aylar önce
You gotta give it up to LS for putting his chips on the table. He’s always been opinionated, but now he’s showing he truly cares enough about the scene to take a leadership role and put his ideas to the test. It’s gonna be one entertaining team to watch
DarkerStormWatch Aylar önce
Congrats cloud9 you got yourself the best coach possible, got from gold to masters solely based on his streams.
Samira Heni Laulainen
Despite all the rumors it's still stunning to see it actually happen - very excited for the upcoming season!
Theexpendaple Blitz
After watching this video, and after being an LCS fan for 4 years, this is the most exciting and hyped announcement I've been waiting for... From this day, I am a C9 fan!💙 Go get em coach, see ya on Sundays
O M Aylar önce
I really hope this goes well. I rarely watch LCS (only really watch the finals) but now I'm definitely going to be watching all C9 games at a bare minimum. edit: even as a EU fan....I think this year I'm going to have to root for C9.
Colton Fletcher
Colton Fletcher Aylar önce
We're rooting for you LS! Always have been.
Spitty Hoen
Spitty Hoen Aylar önce
Been following Nick for a long time, basically my go-to for advice and guidance, very excited to see him in this position, best of the wishes from my part.
BearJr Aylar önce
Ive never been more happy about a roster change than this, good luck and godspeed Nick!
ML P. Aylar önce
I am so happy for LS. Finally he can do something about the drafts instead of face-palming himself to a concussion.
NGKaktusz Aylar önce
I absolutely love this. I think LS is one of the few people who's understanding of the game and ideals of the game are not deterred by the majority and what they think. He will be a fantastic addition to the team and his time in Korea and the connections he made there will only strengthen the overall performance of him as a coach and the team in general.
Yu Ryan
Yu Ryan Aylar önce
Watching every C9 game from now on. Time to learn from the best!!!
Marto Aylar önce
Congrats on the pickup, and congrats LS. Really hope to see you succeed, but I'm happy to just see you ride
Love the Turtle Rabbit
Stoked to see LS in the coaching staff. I'm super excited about this new iteration of C9. We have always been the best performing NA team internationally; but I'm really starting to think a World's win for C9 is inevitable at some point.
TerranGaming Aylar önce
this is the most exciting in all of offseason. I really hope you can revolutionize certain aspects of the game, no pressure :)
Jeremy Moore
Jeremy Moore Aylar önce
This actually has me excited for cloud9 2022. Looking forward to seeing Fudge continue to grow as a player. I never go to church, but I just might attend mass!
raf7us Aylar önce
Dont want to see you fail. Ive been following you a long time and I feel this is your time. You got this man.
Erebos Aylar önce
Soooo excited for next year. LOVE IT!
Ace Goodyear
Ace Goodyear Aylar önce
LS - Lord of the Sith. So happy for him. I'm sure he will have fun coaching with his friends. Undeniably a talented man.
wiild Aylar önce
I've never been more proud to be a C9 fan.
Leoxdh Aylar önce
Good luck C9 and LS! This is great news :)
v3rmilli0nair3 Aylar önce
Man I'm soooo hyped for C9 and LS omg I want them to succeed soooo badly it hurts lmao 😂😭
santiago juarez
santiago juarez Aylar önce
Love the move! This guy is a genius on the rift he knows all the little tricks that league has! Its difficult to work with friends tho! But i think that LS is the best coach for a mix of korean/american players! Great job Jack!
Nicolas Llaneza
Nicolas Llaneza Aylar önce
I'm glad for Ls, I hope he achieve success, he deserves the best
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Aylar önce
this is either going to be the best decision in league esports history or the worst. I'm excited to see which
Jakub K
Jakub K Aylar önce
doubt it can be "the worst", might not be as impactfull or be mediocre, but it can't be that bad.. Anyway, still exciting
Exploritorygal Aylar önce
Finally! I saw this coming for awhile now and hoped for the best, but still glad to hear that this is finally happening. This is a great change. Glad that we were able to get LS to buy in to what needs to happen.
Emil Chaos
Emil Chaos Aylar önce
So hyped for this, I really want LS and C9 to succed
Tristan Lee
Tristan Lee Aylar önce
Karl Massera
Karl Massera Aylar önce
I'm pumped for this. I'm all about a team taking a hard look at a new perspective to the game and jumping in the deep end. Win or lose it's the right move in my opinion. Be pioneers instead of clones. Good luck C9 and LS I'll be cheering for you guys.
Invader Sqwid
Invader Sqwid Aylar önce
First time I've been interested in C9 in the post-Sneaky era. EG is absolutely my #1 team still but it feels good not disliking C9 anymore honestly
Deadghost HQ
Deadghost HQ Aylar önce
We have officially lost the off-season... Congrats LS! This is huge, both for you and C9. Spring and Summer Champs here we come!!!
justin Aylar önce
my fav league content creator joining my fav org. I can't express how happy this makes me
moomoo Aylar önce
tbh LS really made me look at LCS and him being head coach at C9-I love it
dylan cassidy
dylan cassidy Aylar önce
I'm backing c9 this year this is the best signing on lcs of the last 3 years
Tim Keough
Tim Keough Aylar önce
This roster and coach can go far... I am stoked dude!
nicolai0007 Aylar önce
A lot of pressure on this man, I hope he does well, mostly because I know what could happen if he doesn't.
Big Tasty
Big Tasty Aylar önce
I have been critical of LS but i am honestly super excited to see his ideology put into practice and what his team can do. I hope he's relaxed and just does what he knows how to do... win.
Artemis Aylar önce
Wow I can’t wait for wave A to come so we can freeze wave C! I hope he can really beat in the importance of naming waves to fudge! Jokes aside I hope this roster with LS can be as competitive as they look on paper or lcs will be very boring with TL running everyone to the ground
Pawel Kozubal
Pawel Kozubal Aylar önce
So happy for LS always wanted him to coach a too team
Zane Elliott
Zane Elliott Aylar önce
Congrats C9 and LS for this legendary co-op. Going to miss the LS co-streams especially when C9 is busy losing in Quarter Finals at worlds for the 3rd time this upcoming season, but it will be nice to see NA back on the map with some of the Korean experience.
Michael Harley
Michael Harley Aylar önce
@LS I want to see you be successful with your ideas, 'cause I do think you have a deep knowledge on the game. Good luck on C9!
Etienne Riendeau
Etienne Riendeau Aylar önce
honestly im actually so intersting to follow c9 game with LS as a coach i hope he really think about good draft and good build i wanna see it !
lick my grundel
lick my grundel Aylar önce
As a TL fan I want c9 and LS to do well. Church of LS is strong
Kevin Star
Kevin Star Aylar önce
David Mann
David Mann Aylar önce
This single-handedly just made me a C9 fan, after being a supporter for the last year. Fudge has been one of my favorite players so far and now with LS joining as head coach it's a no brainer for me to support them even more. Good luck during the season and I'll hope to see you achieve your goals!
Shamik Shah
Shamik Shah 3 gün önce
Hey LS, been following for about 2-3 years, enjoyed all of your content and really really feel that you have good ideas about LoL and your philosophy is very logical and well thought out. I just wanted to comment here to call C9 for winners of Spring and Summer split as well as Worlds. Good luck and we will be watching your career very closely! Love, Ari.
RevivedSoul Aylar önce
Always been C9 fan since season 5, C9 never seem to fail to suprise. Happy with the changes over the 2 years, this one too. The crazyness and energy C9 had before is what i wanted. Hopefully this goes good, best wishes LS and C9. May ous be clouds over opponents!
Michael Perez
Michael Perez Aylar önce
I've been a fan of Cloud9 since it's inception. The team is always changing, morphing, trying to find new ways to win and different strategies. The team has had bumps, but what team hasn't? From LemonNation's famous (or infamous if you were playing against C9) to LS coming in as coach. I am SO ready to watch my team Kha'zix this bitch up, LET'S GO C9!!!
Lukas Horz
Lukas Horz Aylar önce
I as a EU frog sat here with the biggest smile and i might see myself becoming an NA Frog for the first time in the near future. This team looks so promising and stacked, that i hope they succed in every way possible, can't wait for the split to start now! ♥
Rolydio Aylar önce
The roster is pretty shit, idk what you are talking about! Oh look a korean = has to be good right? Fudge mid omg xDDDD You are in for a big fail! Enjoy tho!
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