Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Says Goodbye for Now - SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Pete Davidson stops by Weekend Update to reflect on his eight years on SNL.

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20 May 2022




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Amazing Grace
One of the most impressive thing is how SNL rallied around Pete when he was suicidal and kept him on with support in his self worth to regain his footing. An important lesson in humanity for us all. Be steady, Pete. Much love 💕🐝💕🇺🇸
David Centofanti
Lorne learned from his mistakes. He let Adam Sandler go too early, Chris Farley go too early, Norm too early. and the show hurt because of it. He has become more patient with the cast of wild comedians. He gave Pete time to grow. Love him or hate him Pete has a gift and something special about him comedically. Excited to see if he uses it to create funny stuff not under the shadow of SNL and NBC
Joshua Henely Thornhill
That final message to Lorne was so touching you can tell he played a big role in Pete's life. I wish him the best he truly his funny and raw in everything he does.
Mark Davies
I was rooting for the guy when he first started and still am. The guy has had vulnerability during his career but puts himself out there no matter what. He's funny and genuine. Go Pete!
Richard Tucker
One of the funniest and classiest exits from SNL ever. Kudos to Lorne for giving Pete a shot. I think we all caught the feels at the end of this.📺🧡
cindy torres
I'm gonna miss him breaking character. He had a laugh that was unique. During this speech he wanted to cry but he kept it together
Elphin D. Blackforrest
Pete Davidson will be missed. His unique humour makes life better. Godspeed in your future endeavors.
J So
It's a shame that Pete might feel like he didn't deserve it. He made an impact, and I appreciate him a great deal. We have seen so much of his process and his challenges and his resilience, and it is something that is extremely valuable. Keep up the good work, and keep making movies. King of Staten Island was very touching.
Zoya Dulzura
The joke where Pete compares his eyepatch joke to Chris Rock's Oscar joke---that might be my favorite Oscar slap joke I've heard. Funny, but also not directly accusative of anyone, and brings more empathy and humility to the situation than usual. I didn't know such a joke were possible.
Awww I choked up a bit. When he was being sincere and not saying a joke I started tearing up. Pete, congratulations on everything. I wish you all the best in your next steps in life!!
"Lorne accidentally gifted me a sock, so now I'm free" --- hilarious! Pete's self-awareness is part of what makes him so genuinely and genially funny.
David Knight
What a journey he took. Imagine going from being treated like he'll never have a chance to dressing like Count Chocula and having Dave Chappelle messing with him to having Adam Driver dressed as an elderly man screaming in his face in one of THE greatest SNL skits ever. So many great moments he was a part of. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen that truly genuine/vulnerable side of him as in his ‘thank you’ message to Lorne at the end. I felt the emotions he was trying to hold back. Be well, Pete.
Ashley Lloyd
Pete is one of the reasons I continued to watch the show weekly. His segments are always on point and his dry sense humor is fantastic. He’ll definitely be missed on the show.
Damn it’s sad to see him go. So glad I’ve gotten to see him perform live. His Chad character is one of my all time SNL favorites. He’s a legend. Good luck, Pete! 🙏
Hassan Farooq
Pete looks healthier than ever! God bless him man, he’s a great artist
Kelly Lingro
I've never seen Pete in this kind of monologue setting, only skits. These jokes feel fresh and are some of the funniest I've seen from him.
So sad I didn’t get a chance to watch this live . . . . I may be 15, but Pete Davidson, you are my favorite SNL actor and you’ve inspired me. Thanks so much for a great season of SNL. Sad to see you go :(
Tony Jackson
It's nice that he roasts himself as much as others in his goodbye. "the guy bumming cigarettes at 2am in front of 7/11....that's the next Pete Davidson" is a great jab.
Mariel Pare
One of my favorite SNL moments ever was Pete’s first time on Weekend Update. People couldn’t believe how seasoned his comedic timing was for such a young kid. I’m glad he’s following his own path and I hope it leads to great things
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