Week 7 Recap: Titans thump Chiefs &

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Fresh off , Chris and Ahmed hit every game from Week 7...except the Thursday night game. Ok, maybe the Thursday night game too.
( 3:20 ) Titans def. Chiefs: Is this a lost season for the Chiefs? And where do the Titans rank among AFC contenders?
( 15:50 ) Bengals def. Ravens: The big play Bengals and Ja'Marr Chase are unstoppable.
( 24:50 ) Rams def. Lions: Ahmed starts building his Matthew Stafford Hall of Fame case.
( 34:25 ) Buccaneers def. Bears: Despite 5 turnovers, Chris is still impressed by Justin Fields. And Ahmed is mad about the fan who had to give Tom Brady's ball back.
( 45:00 ) Cardinals def. Texans: Zach Ertz kicks off a edition of Damn! Okay
( 52:50 ) Packers def. Washington: "WFT played well enough to steal this game"
( 58:20 ) Raiders def. Eagles: Chris has changed his opinion on Vegas, and we're seeing some shade thrown at Jon Gruden.
( 1:05:50 ) Falcons def. Dolphins: "He's the freakiest of all the tight ends in football." And is Chris now higher on Tua than most?
( 1:12:30 ) Patriots def. Jets: Kyle Dugger leads off a defensive Robin Hood segment
( 1:17:15 ) Colts def. 49ers: "They're the sleeping giant in the playoffs." And what's wrong with Kyle Shanahan's offense?
( 1:25:50 ) Giants def. Panthers: Sam Darnold isn't the only one struggling on Carolina's offense.

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Week 7 Recap: Titans thump Chiefs & | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 304 FULL)




25 Eki 2021




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escola8732 Aylar önce
I’m here b/c of God Bless Football and the Dan LeBatard
tripp Aylar önce
58:30 skip the bs
Elena Khoo
Elena Khoo Aylar önce
Even though I am Brady fan, I will vote for Derrick Henry for the MVP.
mike hand
mike hand Aylar önce
mk ultra channel
aaagggmmmsss Aylar önce
no florio
GA007 Aylar önce
Packers have so many key injuries and still pulling off Ws is scary - IF they get healthy at the end
Levi Her
Levi Her Aylar önce
yo chris why does everyone only blame shannahan for the 49ers offensive struggles and not Mike McDaniels. he is the OC now. cant wait kyle to call you to be our gm and also I have a 2006 card of you, can I get it signed lol love the show
Fermi Bubbles
Fermi Bubbles Aylar önce
jamar #1
Matty D Devine
Matty D Devine Aylar önce
Roperdope Aylar önce
Everybody's running cover one contains against these mobile quarterbacks and two men under. Screens and a good running game will stop that. But if you don't have a good running game and your offense can't run block you're pretty much boned
LoveKills70 Aylar önce
Thank you Do you sell all the info you break down for a monthly fee?
LoveKills70 Aylar önce
Where would you look to find all the plays the Chicago Bears Offense ran vs tampa?
Aaron Schmidlkofer
Aaron Schmidlkofer Aylar önce
I think with Green Bay, they’re so injured that they have big time potential once (and if) they get everyone back and healthy.
Kyle Good
Kyle Good Aylar önce
100 percent. Not at all surprised if we get crushed this week. We will be a different team in playoffs. I mean I hope so lol
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor Aylar önce
The walking dead
Jake Ladd
Jake Ladd Aylar önce
Deshaun only likes the Miami masseuses
Marcel Martins
Marcel Martins Aylar önce
I love you Simms and you won't lose any credibility for this one, I understand that you can not go to far when critizing friends and contacts, but it is clear to see that you won 't speak out on the elephant in the room regarding the 49ers. That would be the eally poor job Kyle Shanahan is doing over there, and laying out all the flaws over the years, which why he should be on the hot seat for. He has a negativ record over his five seasons. They have managed the QB position poorly passing on Mahomes, watsom, Brady and Stafford, with the climax being this season, where nobody understands why Jimmy is still allowed to play while it seems that they didnt develop Lance even a bit. Their drafting and managing of players is a disaster. Most of their draft picks in round 1-4 are declared as busts by the own coaching staff or not even on the team anymore. Wtf arent these years rookies contributing at all? They took banks in the second instead of a corner, which they need, and Banks sits on the bench. The play calling became worse and very confusing, speciall, the plays called for Lance. This season is absolute chaos, its not managed well and there is no plan. Not many coaches would still be HQ after such an resumé. So either Shanahan starts fixing all of that, or he should be out because its obviously not working out.
Elijah F
Elijah F Aylar önce
How do you talk about the MVP race & not mention Lamar? We're 5-2, rite at the top of the AFC & it's all because of Lamar.
Russel Redner
Russel Redner Aylar önce
No, Lamar choked AGAIN....as he has done history reveals. Burrow is a much more polished QB than LJ is....the ONLY thing that will hamper the Bangals is injury and specifically to Joe. The NFL allows too many illegal hits and targeting knees...low hits and, to me spearing is coming back....the stripping or punching the ball and face-masks the officials are just NOT seeing???, really! Instead, the offish-oils are just targeting "taunting" and the after-play BS....the NFL is becoming a vaudeville act or a sideshow...I don`t watch the game live. The refs take forever to make a call...and fumbling??? PI what is that it doesn`t exist any longer......
Paul Mcgee
Paul Mcgee Aylar önce
All of us in the NFL world appreciate the extended discussion of *all* the games
Paul Mcgee
Paul Mcgee Aylar önce
@Volney Powlis what, you a packers fan or something? Watch ESPN they talk about them 24/7
Volney Powlis
Volney Powlis Aylar önce
Speak for yourself.
Freezable Aylar önce
Shanahan now has a worse win percentage than Singletary with a SB calibre roster.... is that a fair barometer of how good Shanahan actually is?
Austin Tanner
Austin Tanner Aylar önce
“You go out there and hit em in the mouth. Number 2, you can not give them the game.” - Mike Singletary
Chris G
Chris G Aylar önce
Best tight End, Kylie Jenner 💀
chinmay hejmadi
chinmay hejmadi Aylar önce
You can't miss out on the Green Bay-Arizona game on the next podcast, I don't care if it's the Thursday game :p
talat aleem
talat aleem Aylar önce
It’s funny seeing Chris Simms say another QB sucks 😬😂
Daniel Knight
Daniel Knight Aylar önce
@talat aleem he has admired he sucked many times. And again you don’t have to be a great quarterback to evaluate talent
talat aleem
talat aleem Aylar önce
@really ro not when it comes to evaluating QBs. Unless he said he sucked himself too
really ro
really ro Aylar önce
I mean he has more credibility than 99% of talking heads that never played a down
Tim MacPherson
Tim MacPherson Aylar önce
even when my Bills didn't play I have to check out this show because its awesome. Chris keep doing your thing man you rule! So knowledgeable. A sports commenter that actually played the game and actually watches (in depth) the games he comments on? Say it ain't so!
Rani Asaad
Rani Asaad Aylar önce
benjamin torres
benjamin torres Aylar önce
Rahul Ramachandran
Rahul Ramachandran Aylar önce
I thought Chris was too anti-Fields before the draft. Now, he's too pro-Fields. Was he in a position to succeed? No. But 5 turnovers is 5 turnovers, and a lot of it falls on the quarterback too. He sucked! Be better!
Chester Gray
Chester Gray Aylar önce
I think Herbert and Burrow unfairly raised expectations for rookie qbs those guys are on Hall of Fame trajectory
erik puka
erik puka Aylar önce
After Burrow got the trash Bengals to 5-2 - I don't want to hear anybody talk about trash QBs and make excuses about them.
Eric Z
Eric Z Aylar önce
Cardinals gonna be smoking that Packers pack come Thursday 🚬
Randell Burton
Randell Burton Aylar önce
Brady gave him a Bitcoin and a signed helmet+jersey+gameball
WrathOfTheTitans Aylar önce
Eh if, for example, Derrick Henry broke the rushing yards record and I was accidentally handed the ball, I would accept that in return for the ball. With that being said, he is my favorite player though so take that for what it’s worth lol
MrNoblemanoflove Aylar önce
Weren't the Bangles a chick group?
Jake Thornton
Jake Thornton Aylar önce
The issue with the Ravens is that they run a really intense style of defense and if u can run enough plays on offense against them they will get tired. The Bengals were running deep routes against Marlon Humphrey all day and if u can exhaust the defense u can make plays. The Bengals made the Baltimore defensive line run sideline to sideline all day and as the game went on it didnt matter how much pressure the Ravens sent they were too tired to overwhelm the Bengals in pass blocking.
Jake Thornton
Jake Thornton Aylar önce
@Ben Kaldwurse lol
Ben Kaldwurse
Ben Kaldwurse Aylar önce
That doesn't explain the first quarter, does it? The Bengals offense scored all their points in the first half.
gallaxian Aylar önce
The Lions made a game of it against the Rams. It certainly wasn’t the blowout that Chris, Mike and many other pundits predicted. Also Goff played reasonably well. But for his two late-game interceptions that weren’t entirely his fault, his QB rating would have been in the 90s (decent).
Neil Alderman
Neil Alderman Aylar önce
I see your point but this is also a league with a great deal of parody and while we expect teams like the Rams, Cardinals and Bills to blow out teams like the Lions, Texans and Jets their is too much talent on the field in any given game to just chalk it up to a blowout every time. I get your point but they both said LA would win and LA did win,
Luna Zoey
Luna Zoey Aylar önce
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Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas Aylar önce
The first half of the year have been tough and mostly influenced and manipulated by whales shifting the Digital market in there favour, with many achievements not met yet you have to be ready for the 2nd half and it begins right now.
Eric Albert
Eric Albert Aylar önce
I have seen different recommendations about this pro trader, he must be very exceptional for people to talk this good about him.
Joe Clark
Joe Clark Aylar önce
@Ivy Allan Much appreciated I will text him as soon as I can.
Ivy Allan
Ivy Allan Aylar önce
十① ②⓪⑧-⑥①④-④⑤⑧⑧
Ivy Allan
Ivy Allan Aylar önce
@Michael David Through his WhatsApp, his availability is sure👇
Michael Feist
Michael Feist Aylar önce
#4 on Arizona is a secret weapon
Johnny Pastrana
Johnny Pastrana Aylar önce
Raiders went up 14-0...the Eagles was one Simms' best bets...nice job!!!
Elusive Poet
Elusive Poet Aylar önce
Why are you so bitter, dude? Multiple posts in a video... It's gambling and predictions.
Mehmet Yigit
Mehmet Yigit Aylar önce
Nobody is scared anymore when they play Kansas City
Monsieur X
Monsieur X Aylar önce
Their fans are.
Juan Castaneda
Juan Castaneda Aylar önce
Wow eagles really tried an onside kick to start the half down 17-7. Siriani is trying wayyyy too hard. After the game he admitted to not watching tape on defense which is clear because he didn’t trust his defense, which is actually decent. Ffs
Juan Castaneda
Juan Castaneda Aylar önce
@Rani Asaad yeah I’m the post game interview he basically said he doesn’t really do it because he’s an offense coach and already has defensive coaches to watch it
Rani Asaad
Rani Asaad Aylar önce
lmao did he really admit that? as a head coach thats ridiculous
Charles Rice
Charles Rice Aylar önce
Who dey baby good to hear yall gush about the boys
Toothpick Charlie
Toothpick Charlie Aylar önce
The Chiefs are a joke. One of the worst teams in the NFL. Mahomes will NEVER win another Super Bowl. One and done!
Roperdope Aylar önce
@benjamin torres just a casual with an eloquent soliloquy
benjamin torres
benjamin torres Aylar önce
Raiders fan??
Eddie Winehosen
Eddie Winehosen Aylar önce
That giving back the football is such BS. They gave the guy another ball and 1k gift card in the team store! Such BS and the guy is a moron if he sold that ball back for that. I would've gone "yeah you get it back for life long season tickets. A new car and 10k!"
Charles 1967
Charles 1967 Aylar önce
Simms, you knew the chiefs defense is not good, but you picked them over the titans and you said they beat titans 41-30 Now I know, you don't know anything about football
Willie Hardiman
Willie Hardiman Aylar önce
To be fair, almost no one in the media favored the Titans vs the Chiefs and Bills. As a Titans fan I know I know more than the vast majority of these guys it's just fun to watch what they predict and their excuses are after. Lol
Elusive Poet
Elusive Poet Aylar önce
Can you share an analyst who gets every game right? That's be handy
Brendan Lake
Brendan Lake Aylar önce
Mahomes has some dumb interceptions and is struggling a bit for the first time in his career and now so many football fans are ready to write him off lol. He’s still top 5 in every statistical category this season.
OBEYFMH187 Aylar önce
@trueGrizzlesFAN22 they passed on SWIFT 💀💩
Roperdope Aylar önce
You bring up Mahomes. And I'll see you and raise you a running game or lack of one in KC. They can't run block. They struggle in certain past blocking formations, they're not running effectively, efficiently, or even enough for that matter.
WrathOfTheTitans Aylar önce
And fumbles
WrathOfTheTitans Aylar önce
You are correct he is. Including ints 🤷‍♂️
trueGrizzlesFAN22 Aylar önce
@Brendan Lake NFL is what have you done lately yes Jameis Winston and Mahome playing similar when J Winston had 30 for 30. Not staying Mahome get those 30 INT but he's playing like a avg QB with eye test. Mahome are forcing throws . Teams are guessing up with his style of playm what make Brady the goat, he don't care how he win. If Brady hand off to RB 20+ plus time or throw it 40+ throws. KC should of done a better job in bringing in better RB to compete. You can find a RB in today market.
Johnny Pastrana
Johnny Pastrana Aylar önce
Simms and Florio picked KC to win and cover...good job!!!
Brendan Lake
Brendan Lake Aylar önce
So did most people…whats your point?
Todd Fawver
Todd Fawver Aylar önce
Titans defense is really good. Never understood the narrative that they have a bad defense. They have a top 5 pass rush in the NFL. Simmons, Landry, and Autry are all pro bowlers if the season ended today. They get after the QB as good as anyone in the league.
WrathOfTheTitans Aylar önce
First 4 games they were certainly not a good defense. The last 3 games they have played like a top 10 defense. It’s too early for me to say they are a good defense yet but if they can continue this level of play vs the Colts and the Rams then we can start that conversation. Just my opinion though
Willie Hardiman
Willie Hardiman Aylar önce
@erik puka the secondary is extremely hurt but that doesn't necessarily mean their defense is trash. The DL and LB group is certifiably top 10 and Byard is playing like a top 3 FS right now. Even with all the injuries I'd still argue they're at least the 15th ranked defense.
prattacaster Aylar önce
Both you guys are wrong, Titans D isn't great and their certainly not trash, dumba**
erik puka
erik puka Aylar önce
They got a trash defense that was missing half their starters. Mahomes was just a trash QB in yesterdays game
Daniel Severson
Daniel Severson Aylar önce
Well we finally see what Patrick Mahomes is made of! And it's not looking very good now is it! Anointing him after one season as the new God of football is a joke! It's clear that the other men on that team made him better than he actually is! You all kept saying you would not except Aaron Rodgers until he had won a Superbowl! Then you all said you needed to see more! How is his consistency, then it was his arm wasn't good! In other words excuse, after excuse, after excuse, after excuse! Then last year after 13 season's as green Bay's starting Quarterback! You want him sent to some other team! You scoop some BS that he will be leaving Green Bay! Because he's not happy with the front office! Well that's none of your business! You only jump on the Band wagon when it suits you! Knock it off and shut the ______ up! Yes! Shut the _______ up!
Roperdope Aylar önce
That's a lot of diatribe you got going on sir. I'm assuming you're breathing normally and calm down and are no longer venting.
Daniel Severson
Daniel Severson Aylar önce
@Brendan Lake well it was Mahomes, Mahomes,slip in Brady then again back to Mahomes, day after day after day the entire 2020 Season! On ESPN radio TV and internet, NFL NETWORK, NBC SPORT'S, FOX SPORTS, you name the sports network and it was day after day after day! Through atleast the first 3/4 of the 2020 Season! Those of us that support other team's wanted to hear more about are teams as well and we were not! It was Mahomes, Brady, day in day out! They didn't mention Rodgers in the MVP Race until he for the most part he was a lock! Brady is getting worn out! To much more and i will turn sports off except for my team at game time! I can't stand Brady! He is premedona and at best a cheat! With an owner and coaching staff who broke every rule they could get away with! In order to buy his Superbowl titles! If they only talk about certain team's it is sickening! And they tend to trend towards the same name's every single day!
erik puka
erik puka Aylar önce
@Brendan Lake He got a tip 5 OLine in fotoball with 4 pro bowl caliber players on it. Don't try to escape the reality - he is overhyped. He invites his own pressure and makes the OLine worse by running into pressure and it ruins the OLine angles. He was trash vs Atlanta last year and onlyvput up 17. Trashbin the Superbowl as well. Had 20 dropped picks in 2020 - most in the league 2nd was Matt Ryan at 17. The thing is that he has run out of luck of people dropping interceptions now. They are coming down with it now so it shows on the stats sheet but he was trash in many games last yeara and luckily escaped
Brendan Lake
Brendan Lake Aylar önce
Nobody annointed Mahomes god of football after one season, the dude had three incredible seasons in a row to start his career and made it to three afc championships, won an mvp, won a SuperBowl and then got back to the SuperBowl the next year. He’s struggling this year because he has five new starters on his offensive line. He doesn’t trust them yet cause three of them are rookies so he bails out of pockets early, and the play calling by Andy Reid has been crap this year. He makes no adjustments to attack defenses differently. You can go ahead and try and say Mahomes only looked good because he had good receivers but if you actually believe that you know nothing about football.
HeHateMe Aylar önce
I always knew mahomes was a flash in the pan. The bucs exposed mahomes for what he is, a gimmick.
HeHateMe Aylar önce
@Brendan Lake he wasn't the best qb in the league in 2019. Lamar won the mvp that yr. Also, brady, rodgers, brees are superior qb's. you just don't know what you're watching, casual
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee Aylar önce
Yeah his style of play is hard to sustain over a long period of time...
Monsieur X
Monsieur X Aylar önce
@Brendan Lake But man, he has made some dumb throws.
erik puka
erik puka Aylar önce
@Brendan Lake he has never been the best QB in the NFL. Never. Not even for a second. Thats been Brady. Thats been Rodgers. Mahomes just is flashier
Brendan Lake
Brendan Lake Aylar önce
Lol. Three seasons of being the best QB in the nfl isnt a flash in the pan. He’s had some dumb interceptions this year but go look at his stats, he’s top 5 in literally every category this season. You dont know anything about football if you think he’s bad now, he’s struggling behind a brand new o line and crappy offensive play calling
Jack Swam
Jack Swam Aylar önce
As a ravens fan, don't know why so many people were thinking we were one of the top teams in the AFC. We can't run the ball, can't stop any half decent offense especially against the pass, and Greg Roman stunts the offense by making dumb play calls every week. Ravens are a above average, solid playoff team, but nothing more than that.
Willie Hardiman
Willie Hardiman Aylar önce
@Terrance Hall the Titans, Ravens, and Browns all have 18 or more players out I believe.
Terrance Hall
Terrance Hall Aylar önce
@Willie Hardiman ravens lost like 19 players
Willie Hardiman
Willie Hardiman Aylar önce
As a Titans fan we all have issues. It's just about who can mask their own issues while exposing the opponents. Cause we are so injured right now. 😂😂😂
Steve Carey
Steve Carey Aylar önce
As a Bills fan I can relate to your issue with Roman, so glad we got rid of him
Terrance Hall
Terrance Hall Aylar önce
and lamar carried us most of this season. we need at least 2 offensive linemen, another pass rusher and probably a free safety.
Winston Syme
Winston Syme Aylar önce
Derek Carr is in the MVP conversation.
Hoodie Melo
Hoodie Melo Aylar önce
@erik puka how is he not top 5 ? 2nd in passing yards behind Brady while carrying the offense on his back
Willie Hardiman
Willie Hardiman Aylar önce
He's in the ball park. He's not top 3 or 5 but he's close enough to where if he turns up he can definitely catch up.
Daniel Severson
Daniel Severson Aylar önce
Way tooooooo Early! To talk MVP! Want to jinx him keep saying it! Wait till after game 12 or 13! Last year it was Russell Wilson/ Patrick Mahomes at this point and where did they end up? Middle of the upper classes of QB's at best! Too many game's left to play 10! Just about 1/3 of the season played! Depending on the schedule for that team! They all said Aaron Rodgers as an afterthought at best!
erik puka
erik puka Aylar önce
He is the race but not top 5
HeHateMe Aylar önce
Lol no he isn't
Justin Mead
Justin Mead Aylar önce
72 hour vanlife with no experience…