We Wore Towelkinis To The Beach (ft. Safiya Nygaard)

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We Wore Towelkinis To The Beach (ft. Safiya Nygaard)
Is is a towel, a bikini, a dress? We don't know... and after investigating we still aren't sure.
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16 Sep 2019




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TamSen UA
TamSen UA 18 gün önce
I don't know why, but I kept getting met gala vibes.
Spring Ranch
Spring Ranch 21 gün önce
Two wonderful women who, separately, always make me smile. Add 'em together? Bring on full blown, ugly ads guffaw-ing.
Spring Ranch
Spring Ranch 21 gün önce
For the Snippy Snipers: C'mon people! Develop your sense of humor! Did you not listen to the artist's blurb?
Night Owls
Night Owls 28 gün önce
6:05 - *sits down*, laughs
YukiSilverFox72 Aylar önce
I feel like the best place for the towelkini is in the car ride home. Like there's no showers at the beach you're at or you'd be more comofortable in your hotel shower. Put the towelkini on to protect your car seats from getting too wet. 🤷‍♀️
Emily BAILEY Aylar önce
Lol I have been there repulse bay
Rachel Spades
Rachel Spades 3 aylar önce
0:11 I don’t know why but it kinda reminds me of Anakin in Revenge of the sith.
Terra Marie
Terra Marie 4 aylar önce
Assless moomoo !
Iodine Kaida
Iodine Kaida 4 aylar önce
Id love it if it had a backside so I could wear it at home
【=ω=】@ 歌ってみた
wtf why is this 200
Fluffy Tang
Fluffy Tang 4 aylar önce
gosh she looks totally different emmm
Fluffy Tang
Fluffy Tang 4 aylar önce
plus i like ur old hair more
putsomeswaginyostep 4 aylar önce
12:02 is that a Matilda reference? Like when Miss Trunchbull is eating the chocolates and and she says it’s much too good for children
Unagi Master
Unagi Master 5 aylar önce
I might just wear it to the beach then take it off to use as a towel
Tu Lu
Tu Lu 5 aylar önce
Kristy 'Kay' Spicer
Kristy 'Kay' Spicer 5 aylar önce
You did get the glasses! Yellow and pink power rangers! You and Safiya are great together. 😊
Diane Challis
Diane Challis 5 aylar önce
Ooo my two favourite youtubers
Sage Schultz
Sage Schultz 5 aylar önce
Well technically it would not be crossed with a bikini because bikinis are two pieces.
Ekaterina Di
Ekaterina Di 5 aylar önce
ah haha haha $199.000 ahh ahhhahah ahah ;-;
bcgrote 5 aylar önce
Ta ta towels are AWESOME!
Sylvie Z.
Sylvie Z. 6 aylar önce
No Towlie jokes?!?
Lienkie Stienkie
Lienkie Stienkie 6 aylar önce
This is supposed to be a bikini and towel but if you go swimming in it the towel would get wet so I’m confused at why this is a thing if it doesn’t even have a purpose(or well at least the purpose doesn’t even work)
irais salazar
irais salazar 6 aylar önce
"They look like poptarts", as he watches them dancing and be weird from afar 🤣🤣🤣
seham aga
seham aga 6 aylar önce
i’m... very confused.
smangelchi 6 aylar önce
I’m loving this cross over! Lol
YukiSilverFox72 6 aylar önce
When you goes unfurl the top part, I flashback to that one dinosaur with the fins that fan out. Just FUUUUSSSHH! Assert dominance!
Molly F
Molly F 6 aylar önce
I am watching this in the winter of 2019
Yogi Han
Yogi Han 6 aylar önce
You girls are so silly and hilarious.
LifeLostSoul 7 aylar önce
Artists were creating weirdest ass fashion before the time of Instagram and mass markets. May I point out you to DaDa.
Anna Hank
Anna Hank 7 aylar önce
When I hear Towelkini I hear the Bikini part so you should try swimming in it
orphcnqueen 7 aylar önce
don’t come for the ta-ta towel it is a needed thing ok
Lynne McGee
Lynne McGee 7 aylar önce
omg... LOL!
LuAnn G
LuAnn G 7 aylar önce
Why was it so hilarious as soon as yall laid down 🤣😂 omg!! Cristine's sock is not shook!!!
J Vega
J Vega 7 aylar önce
Here for Safiya
Becca 7 aylar önce
I like the Towelkini but it definitely needs a double layer feature with a back side that covers, well, your back side.
100% Me
100% Me 7 aylar önce
Hold on how do you go in the water?
poopy cup
poopy cup 7 aylar önce
omg ur so elegantly pretttyyy
aprilapirlipat 7 aylar önce
I think it would look good with black over the knee boots to be honest but is that practical? I’m not sure 😂
zomgseriosuly 7 aylar önce
What's the song at 5:16 !?
Nex us
Nex us 7 aylar önce
Hash55 :b
Hash55 :b 8 aylar önce
when the video first started i thought it was a very cheeky add x3
TerminallyPerky 8 aylar önce
Your hair looks great!!! 😍
Sometimes Snarky
Sometimes Snarky 8 aylar önce
Two yards of Terry cloth fabric and edge binding: $30 Price to own useless unflattering article of clothing: $199 Looking like an aquatic animal, pastry or cartoon character: Priceless
Jess Ellis
Jess Ellis 8 aylar önce
I think that it looks weird but fair play to the person who ever created this because they have become very rich due to where they knew that there is actually a market for weird clothing and not only that but the fact that it is 199 dollars for something like I said which is part towel and part swimming costume and doesn't even cover the whole of you is a very ridiculous price tag but there is shockingly enough to say a lot of people in the world who will happily pay that price simply because of where they like weird clothing and also because of the novelty factor because that is all it is really a novelty item me personally I wouldn't wear it but I admire everyone who wear happily wear at there local beach it is most certainly definitely a conversation starter and picture opportunity
Saraphim 8 aylar önce
lol. i think when you put it on backwards, you probably should have put the legs thru first.
Wendy Pizzillo
Wendy Pizzillo 8 aylar önce
just remove the leg holes and then everyone could be a super hero
OG Crazy Cat Lady
OG Crazy Cat Lady 8 aylar önce
I got a towel shaped round with a pIzza design & a similarly made avocado-shaped/designed beach towel.
Tinu K
Tinu K 8 aylar önce
I don’t remember when I unsubscribed to your channel I just realized that I wasn’t subscribed anyway I resubscribed
Petr Stuchlý
Petr Stuchlý 8 aylar önce
or you could just diy this :D
Mouserjan0222 8 aylar önce
There's no back so how can it be a bikini? This makes no sense and it's too expensive
Jane Rouse
Jane Rouse 8 aylar önce
You and Safiya are a perfect combination.
Emily C
Emily C 8 aylar önce
Felix Serro
Felix Serro 8 aylar önce
Did she do the zimzalabim
Uhmeare 8 aylar önce
Omg your hair looks great!
juliaabattle 8 aylar önce
That's the stupidist thing I've ever seen 😜 A cover-up protects against the sun, and a towel or beach blanket keeps your butt outta the sand. Thanks for the fun video tho ladies 😘
oilovebabii 8 aylar önce
Love your new hairstyle!!!!
MargaritaMolly 8 aylar önce
I love it as fun fashion, but hate it as anything practical.
Natalie B
Natalie B 8 aylar önce
Here from Safiya's videos
faridah a-hamimed
faridah a-hamimed 8 aylar önce
U guys make it so amuzing...but this tiwel is actually ridiculous...i want to lie down on towel not towel lie on top of me...lol...lol...199$ hell never...amuzing guys!!!
Imagination Lord
Imagination Lord 8 aylar önce
The main problem is it has no back; if it did it would be kinda cool (though still pointless)
Sherri Baby
Sherri Baby 8 aylar önce
If you take the top layer of your bangs and flat iron just that alone. You won’t have the crease on your bangs - hairstylist
nessa N
nessa N 8 aylar önce
Lmfao! Oh god u guys made me laugh so loud that i woke up my kids lol
Zosma Videos
Zosma Videos 8 aylar önce
This reminds me of that one gif where the two guys dance in the blanket outfits 😂
Dina Zikopoulos
Dina Zikopoulos 8 aylar önce
Logan Garcia
Logan Garcia 8 aylar önce
In Mexico the beach sand has glass and in LA it has broken shells hahaha
Barkha jaju
Barkha jaju 8 aylar önce
5:22 😂😂😂
Adrianne Gentleman
Adrianne Gentleman 8 aylar önce
couldn't stop thinking of Lady Cassandra from Dr Who.
Amie Soto
Amie Soto 8 aylar önce
This gives me south park towlie vibezzzz
Acasha 8 aylar önce
This is when you go overboard and become ONE WITH THE TOWEL.
Marina Shatalova
Marina Shatalova 8 aylar önce
Cute bird on the right at 8:06
Aariz Malik
Aariz Malik 8 aylar önce
Here from safiya's channel
Saman Khan
Saman Khan 8 aylar önce
Maybe the flaps hanging up from the head and below the leg holes are supposed to be folded backwards so that you can lie on the sand without getting sand on you
Gisel Lazo
Gisel Lazo 8 aylar önce
Who's here for safiya?
Claudia Trammell
Claudia Trammell 8 aylar önce
Great video
weeb exe
weeb exe 8 aylar önce
Safiya: my back is supremely Sandy But does the supreme sand have a colab with rip and dip? That's the question
desertrose88 8 aylar önce
i want to be as skinny as Taylor :(
salsa salsa
salsa salsa 8 aylar önce
when you wore them backside front it just looks like an influencer's coachella outfit wait edit : you said it lol
Kotifilosofi 8 aylar önce
I don't think it's functional at all, but in some weird way it's cute and fashionable even.
Krista hathaway
Krista hathaway 8 aylar önce
Have fun in the sun get laid in the shade
Kathryn Cue
Kathryn Cue 8 aylar önce
$199?!?! I feel like I'd see that on Wish for like $6
Humanbeingshaverights Garnes
@Beauty With BD if you haven't you will.....I can't believe anyone paid $199.00 for one of these.
Beauty With BD
Beauty With BD 7 aylar önce
You probably have XD
mfoltz3720 8 aylar önce
You kind of look like a young Stevie Nicks. All hail the queen.
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