We tried the IMPOSSIBLE to find meat and It’s NOT wagyu!

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19 Mar 2023




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Guga Foods
Guga Foods Aylar önce
Go to athleticgreens.com/gugafoods to get started on your first purchase and receive a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3+K2 and 5 travel packs. Thanks to Athletic Greens for sponsoring today's video!
BeefySimp 6 gün önce
I'm curious.. what if you ground up this tuna with lean ground beef? Tuna beef buger?? 😋
Lorenzo Carreon
Lorenzo Carreon 28 gün önce
Mr guga can you create about dry aging all meats for one day and cook them
ThunderCunt Aylar önce
Dry age steak with marmite
joe schmoe
joe schmoe Aylar önce
Can I be angel's stunt mouth?
Hamid Bekkali x
Hamid Bekkali x Aylar önce
Guga the way he now explain the taste it feels to scripted the spontaneous is gone this way . Im long time sub so if he wants to explain the taste atleast wait few seconds for everyone it is just advice,but it does not feel like before have a great day dont forget its your show even if you dont want to stumble with words 😅its that what made it good , for me this way is too let you know that you can do it be yourself
Outdoors life Greece
Guga, you should make a video where the experiment is in the side dish and the steaks are all control.
gratebritton 4 gün önce
That's hilarious!!
lukethegame36 5 gün önce
that's a great idea
Jo Pe
Jo Pe 6 gün önce
Yeah and not tell anyone be like what do you think of this meat haha
loudaddy2001 18 gün önce
​@juday chop 🤣🤣👍🏻
Khalborg Aylar önce
Guga literally grew his channels from searing meats with a butane torch on a curb on their drive way to having world class chefs cook for him.
Rotciv 7 gün önce
wait really? that's so cool
Q. Cara
Q. Cara Aylar önce
Lmao at Angel having a tough time there eating bluefin tuna and A5 wagyu. I wish my life was that tough 😂
Spectator 7 gün önce
@Donkey Kong i mean, angel was like a brother to me, youknow been watching guga for years now, but ive always been a fish kind of guy, its cheap, it tastes good and its good for you, hearing angel treat such a beautiful work of art as a 2$ gas station sushi (exaggerated), i felt betrayed, like my own brother had stabbed me in the back, teared my soul into pieces
Widodo Akrom
Widodo Akrom 10 gün önce
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 21 gün önce
If you don’t like fish, you don’t like fish Lmao it’s not about having a “tough life” it’s a preference smh y’all need to chill
James Bale
James Bale 27 gün önce
He's fine with the wagyu its the tuna he had trouble with haha
Marc E
Marc E 29 gün önce
@ahhh that's not a living thing that's killed and then not be appreciated by the person eating it, but i get your point.
H. M.
H. M. Aylar önce
You should try to find Korean Hanwoo Beef grade 1++ where they let the cows guzzle beer. It is better than wagyu or Kobe beef in that it has the perfect fat to meat ratio marbling without it being too overly oily but with a stronger beef flavor than its Japanese counterparts. It's also super rare to find outside of Korea.
Zeth Loveless
Zeth Loveless Aylar önce
@Unsolicited Comment that’s not even close to being true. You have no clue what you just said.
Unsolicited Comment
Hanwoo is just A3 Wagyu, that's why it's less fatty and beefier because it technically has less marbling, LOL.
Jackpot! Aylar önce
@Scott Calo fr
Scott Calo
Scott Calo Aylar önce
If anyone can get it, Emilio can
Zeth Loveless
Zeth Loveless Aylar önce
@Ben Joyce i do miss Kobe Bryant man 🙌. Watched him my entire life
CidVeldoril Aylar önce
I really like that Angel is honest about not liking the fish even if it is crazy expensive.
Brandon Ijames
Brandon Ijames 12 gün önce
Kinda hard to fake liking something when you genuinely don't like it. Especially when its something as visceral as tast.
Brent Jones
Brent Jones Aylar önce
Appreciate that Angel tried it anyway and was able to contribute to the video to hopefully inspire other fish haters to try other types of dishes with fish.
RedHeadRGR 12 gün önce
*fish hater* 😂😂😂😂😂😂 if you don't like the taste of certain food, then you don't like them and you don't eat them, simple as that. you're making any sense
Hello it’s me D
Hello it’s me D Aylar önce
How does angel survive? He hates everything but steak, potatoes and cheese 😂
lukethegame36 5 gün önce
Rotciv 7 gün önce
@Fuzzy Gaming what?? yeah we do, what are you people talking about lol.
Rotciv 7 gün önce
@Cryptolocker wait really? shellfish is relatively common, but alergy to poultry???
ShadowstormProducts 10 gün önce
Steak, potatoes, and cheese are the only food groups that matter...plus you could easily survive off that...
Gustia Dimas Channel
picky eater moment
JulliaStark Aylar önce
Angles reaction to the finest cut of fish on the planet is hilarious. I’d die from joy to eat that meal and it looks like torture for him
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
@Joe Nowack they copy paste comments.
Joe Dennehy
Joe Dennehy Aylar önce
I truly feel sorry for people who don't like seafood
Sheriff K
Sheriff K Aylar önce
@Avada Kedavra III 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kaien Aylar önce
@Joe Nowack these bots steal comments from whats already under the video and they might even have bots boosting their likes :/
Lucas Aylar önce
Hiroyuki is a phenomenal Chef I have been following his TRvid Journey since I was a kid. Im happy you continue to work with him.
M.S BS Aylar önce
Its crazy to see how guga has improved over the years ive been watching
Jesse Alava
Jesse Alava Aylar önce
Guga is my inspiration! From a back yard TRvid chef to being sought out by some of the biggest chefs and TRvidrs from around the world! GOALS
Blockd Party
Blockd Party 10 gün önce
I'm proud of angel for really going out of his comfort zone a lot more.
Sir Lord of Derp
Sir Lord of Derp Aylar önce
The fact Angel even liked 1 of the fish dishes is proof of how good it is.
mitchell miller
mitchell miller Aylar önce
@Off Grid Nightmare & New Homestead some people dont like fish props to him for at least trying the dishes and not just turning his nose up because he doesnt like fish
Michael Boskovich
Michael Boskovich Aylar önce
Eat it up then make it a main staple in your diet and good luck with your health
Off Grid Nightmare & New Homestead
He "liked" it because it didn't taste like fish.
Dralle Fung Jr
Dralle Fung Jr 27 gün önce
Angel is a champ. What a good sport to keep his best composure even while eating foods he don't like 😅
Andrew Peters
Andrew Peters Aylar önce
Even though Angel hates fish, he was respectful to the dishes, the fish, and the chefs.
Genghis Aylar önce
@James Bauer Bro he didn't like it but he didn't "complain" he ate every single one, even though he clearly hates fish, what are you on.
James Bauer
James Bauer Aylar önce
He was complaining the whole time.
Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan Aylar önce
Review from the second dude was on point. “Wagyu A-5. It’s just really good and it’s very fatty and it’s so yummy because it’s so fatty.” Nailed it.
Harper Aylar önce
I found your videos a few days ago and I've absolutely fell in love with them. You should experiment just like when you boiled the chicken in soy sauce, experiment with Chashu seasoning/sauce and see if that tastes just as good as it does with pork belly but on a steak.
SheyD78 Aylar önce
Hehe, I know how Angel feels. I've always had a problem with white fish (very different to tuna I know) because the flavour makes me nauseous. Salmon is the only fish I really like. Tuna always seems kind of dry but I'm betting that a5 version doesn't have that problem. Once again I'm dying to eat what they are, yet my waist is glad I can't.
SuicidalGrind Aylar önce
"If you don't like fish you don't like fish" Only Guga comes up with this level of genius.
Jensen Aylar önce
It eez what it eez…
Rahat Aylar önce
@Ziggy yeah it's really stinky and rubbery
Ziggy Aylar önce
I get it. I hate seafood too.
Nhon Ly
Nhon Ly Aylar önce
@Crimson The archer class really is made up of archers.
Crimson Aylar önce
@Nemurerumori Just because you're correct, doesn't mean you're right
JM Aylar önce
The commentary every time; it’s so rich, and tender, and the rich and tender commentary really gets the juices flowing. That commentary is really just amazing, I love the flavor
ZSTRODE. Aylar önce
"I'm having a hard time today guys" Don't worry Angel we've all been there! 💀
Ignacio Navarro
Ignacio Navarro Aylar önce
No lie I’m proud of Angel for eating literally one of the finest pieces of fish in the world lol deep down I know he loved it he just has to keep pretending 😂😂
smitty werbenjagermanjensen
I was just at a restaurant yesterday where they had Japanese A5 wagyu for $30 an oz. I was so tempted to get some but I had to pass. Between my wife and I it would've been $500 for the bill 💀I still plan on trying some one day!
Larry McIntosh
Larry McIntosh Aylar önce
I actually seen a video I would love to see Guga and the guys review of seasoning the steaks with the crust of a previous steak we all know how they love crust but can they remove dehydrated and reapply adding a double crust to a steak I think the reaction would be 100% something I’d love to see
Echo the Equestrian
Guga: It’s a one bite thing Angel: *takes two small bites*
Ash Steele
Ash Steele Aylar önce
He a child, go ez 😌
Hunter Bernard
Hunter Bernard Aylar önce
Steak is my second favorite food next to sushi, so this video was beautiful to watch, especially the beginning. That sashimi then nagiri looked off the charts. Your sushi would probably be the best of my life, especially since I haven't been to Japan or tried any foreign or super high quality sushi. Most I've had was a high quality restaurant in my home city in Southern Arizona (USA of course), where the prices for two pieces of nagiri were nearly 10 dollars, but let me tell you that it was worth every penny. Good sushi should almost melt in your mouth and require only the smallest bit of soy sauce, and this stuff was a league better than all of the other sushi I had tried at any other restaurant, even though some were very high quality. Still, the ingredients and prep matter most, and (especially) your ingredients and prep are wonderful, and i can't imagine how good that deliciously marbled and light tuna tastes on that beautiful rice (especially cause rice mostly makes the sashimi what it is). Steak and sushi is a beautiful dream, and seeing you prepare and make the sushi and of course your above restaurant quality steaks is just incredible. Keep up the good work so my poor, can't afford steak or sushi, ass can live vicariously through you. Cheers, Guga the Great!
Spurious Effect
Spurious Effect Aylar önce
We tried tuna cooked medium rare alongside ribeyes. The texture of the tuna was not flaky like fish, but ultra-tender like wagyu. It tasted and felt just like steak. There were 40 of us, and all but 5 preferred the tuna. Those 5 would not eat the steak or tuna unless it was well-done, so they don't count. LOL
Alex Villalobos
Alex Villalobos 7 gün önce
I was like angel when I first ate sushi as a kid. Sometimes the flavor isn’t the best but with a little bit of sauce with good fresh sushi can’t go wrong
paul notlikeucare
paul notlikeucare Aylar önce
Hey Guga have you tried using salted duck eggs in an experiment like maybe a salted duck egg compound butter? I know you loved the salted egg yolk so I thought this would be a good idea!
Neica Nimeni
Neica Nimeni Aylar önce
hey guga I had some really tough big chicken so I decided to go confit so it's gonna be juicy and melt in your mouth. really good amount of parsley garlic butter high quality and some olive oil. I had some parmigianno regiano crust left and I added that in aswell. The chicken tacos were amazing but the snack that resulted from the parmigiano leftover were STUNNING. might try that with beef
Elliot B
Elliot B Aylar önce
Chef Hiro is such a great guy. I'm glad you're still doing stuff with him, Guga. This food right here is right up my alley. I actually want to try the tartare dishes.
aDrogonGod Aylar önce
still doing stuff with him :> dirty Mind activate
SS4Xanatos Aylar önce
Mike Mercedes
Mike Mercedes Aylar önce
Some people find it difficult to have certain textures in their mouth. Their mind instantly rejects the taste and then normally start to get nauseous without processing the actual taste of how good it really is!
Rik mcDik
Rik mcDik Aylar önce
Those dishes look absolutely insane. I’m sure they were worth every penny and second spent.
Joel S
Joel S Aylar önce
Thank you for doing all the experimenting, I can’t thank you enough for all the great ideas for steak recipes!!
Math Autist
Math Autist Aylar önce
Saw Max the Meat Guy do a 28 day salt dry aged steak. Would love to see you do the same experiment Guga!
k.w. Aylar önce
I like that contrast between reactions. People always go crazy about tuna / wagyu / caviar / truffles / oysters, that kind of luxurious things. I don't eat them on a daily basis so when I have occasion to try, I always have my expectations sky high, and nearly always I feel the same disappointment. It's just the matter of preference. If you don't like fish, 100000$ piece will not change it, it will probably be even worse, because flavour will be very strong. Same goes with truffles, if you don't like mushrooms, you'll not enjoy them. And that's totally fine. Stay true guys!
Miss Clara
Miss Clara Aylar önce
I'm not a fan of mushroom but truffle is the only one I can appreciate
Don Frost
Don Frost Aylar önce
Guga has just laid out the perfect meal, in my eyes!!! This would be a dream come true!
Dol Paradise
Dol Paradise Aylar önce
yes but q the crowd coming that says steak tar tar is disgusting and unsafe to eat. Wherever theres steak tar tar those ppl exist
IveBeenAround Aylar önce
I'm very proud to see Angel actually try everything. Good Job!
Aaron Woroglian
Aaron Woroglian Aylar önce
Hey Guga, Tell Leo he should start his own food reviewing channel on TRvid, he should go and eat food at interesting and nice restaurants and review it, he's got a skill in describing food and he should use it!
Jason Summit
Jason Summit Aylar önce
I have to say, I'm kinda with Angel on this one. Fishy fish is not my cup of tea anymore. But I envy you guys for the kind of steaks you get to eat on the channel.😁
Jacai Aylar önce
This must have been a "just because we can" experiment. There is no best here. Both are amazing, just in different ways.
Judgement Kazzy
Judgement Kazzy Aylar önce
As someone who lives nearly 1000 miles from the nearest ocean, seafood videos always make me jealous.
Isaiah Sypien
Isaiah Sypien Aylar önce
What a piece of fish, I hope I can try something like that in my life.
snail fortress
snail fortress Aylar önce
@Dave Duncan what is your purpose in telling an unknown person they can't do something? Maybe you feel you can't do it but that doesn't mean you need to project that onto others
no no no
no no no Aylar önce
It’s pretty easy to find depending on where you live. A lot of upscale sushi spots in my area have Bluefin Toro nigiri for a fairly reasonable price.
SmoothOperator27 Aylar önce
I mean, if you save bit by bit, you can definitely afford it for a special occasion
Matthew Ellisor
Matthew Ellisor Aylar önce
@snail fortress Right on. I might average around a pound of meat per week (yeah, I know the average in the US is about 5 times that) but I, family or someone as close as family likely raised it or hunted it OR it's a special treat like this. Sure, there are exceptions, especially holidays and family celebrations but I'd rather eat less of higher quality. If it's worth it to you, just choose to skip the smokes, drinks, prepared/fast food and convenience stores. Within just a few weeks you can treat yourself to something special like this. This applies to just about anything you want to do, it's amazing what you can do by working extra and realizing that the "little luxuries" add up to missing out on what you really want.
snail fortress
snail fortress Aylar önce
Don't believe the haters with their poverty mindset. You want it you can get it. Make it happen bro!
Sapphoenix TheFireBird
Guga, I think you should try making _ikan bilis_ (dried anchovy) powder and experiment with it. It's basically Malaysia/Singapore's MSG!
Sdarms111 Doug
Sdarms111 Doug Aylar önce
Toro was the first piece of sushi I ever ate...it's amazing!
Grizzlox Aylar önce
I like how this is an instruction video... as if I'm ever going to even get a chance to smell these ingredients, let alone buy and cook with them
Yusuf Banna
Yusuf Banna Aylar önce
Hey Guga, dona dry age with Hongkong Olive Vegetable. It's a black paste made with olive which I saw in chef @jonkung 's video. You can check it out. It comes in a jar like salsa and has appearance like vegemite.
Guilherme Batista Simoso
Nice one! I love the videos! I would suggest doing an dry aged experiment with Brazilian açaí
TimTimTimmay !
TimTimTimmay ! Aylar önce
Angel probably likes the raw tuna because when you cook it, the "seafood" taste comes out. Raw makes it so much more enjoyable.
Koolaukoa Aylar önce
Only if it’s fresh
SourceLight Aylar önce
Leo got so much better at describing the taste
Kami Beckmann
Kami Beckmann Aylar önce
I ordered my first Waygu A5 rib roast to obviously cut into steaks💓 I am obsessing over your videos right now.. I don't want to screw this up🙏 Crowd Cow is having some wonderful deals right now😍
Deltasloth bass
Deltasloth bass Aylar önce
Hi Guga Video idea- Get different bones form different animals and see how they compare against each other. I would love to know what the best bone meal is and how they differ.
JAF30 Aylar önce
I agree with Angel, sesame oil and steak go wonderful together. I even keep some around to just pour on plain rice and to spice up some generic ramen.
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Aylar önce
👏 thank you Angel for being such a good sport, any future video that involves fatty tuna, I humbly volunteer to take angels spot
Mike ddh
Mike ddh Aylar önce
I started typing "Master Chef Hiroyuki Terada would be proud of your form and technique" then I got to the end and saw that Master Chef Hiroyuki was part of the cooking crew. 😂
mangasaint Aylar önce
I could tell it was someone else because no amateur can recreate that level of precision without years of practice.
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
Hi Guga, please dry age in edible dirt/ clay! It would be so interesting to see what tones and flavours it would give the meat! This is the 107th time asking btw.
evian9999 Aylar önce
Guga, have you tried Ostrich? I just tried it at a restaurant and it was surprisingly good. It was very tender and similar to a beef filet.
lolipedofin Aylar önce
I thought you were gonna grill that whole ootoro and I legit almost teared up.
Blankcheck22 Aylar önce
I relate so much to Angel I don’t like vegetables and don’t really care for fish but in this case I think I’d love the tuna
Beerbuddy Aylar önce
I've never had A5 Wagyu but blue fin tuna sushi is one of the most amazing things I've ever tried. It's gotta be close.
studiowolf1 Aylar önce
GUGA, I'd love to see you do a 35 dry age Wagu-A5 Picanha wrapped in regular beef fat (that will become the pelecose you can take off) so Angel can get the whole Wagu-A5 Picanha Wagu fat experience 🥩🔥
safekraka Aylar önce
Amazing. I love the different reactions. I pre ordered your book and am so looking forward to experimenting on my family and friends.
Cimzpaten Aylar önce
Its great you guys trying something new and not just about meat, great vids great food
Daianspahava Aylar önce
You should try making poke and try it with the bluefin tuna it’ll add some delicious flavor but don’t overdo the toppings like a deconstructed sushi roll, just poke on top of some sushi rice will do the trick and add some shredded nori and it’s just fantastic
Misterrorschach Aylar önce
I used to work at a high volume expensive sushi place. During off hours I was there and the fish guy came in with a special order for the owner. A giant blue fin tuna. I knew it would be expensive. But then I watched the owner pull out his checkbook and write the number. Something like 230k or so. Literally the price of a house or luxury car. For a fish.
Antoni Aylar önce
Angel's diet is like that of an unhealthy 10 year old. No vegetables, no fish, and addicted to Coca-Cola 🤣
Antoni Aylar önce
@DonPandemoniac he's not a judge. He's just Guga's nephew. I think he's still pretty entertaining, even if he doesn't like a lot of stuff.
DonPandemoniac Aylar önce
He shouldn't be a 'judge' on food like this.
Antoni Aylar önce
@Mr. Robot I still like him. He seems like a chill guy.
Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot Aylar önce
he’s a man child
yamete kudasai
yamete kudasai Aylar önce
as a steak lover, i honestly prefer otoro and chutoro a lot more, especially chutoro is heavenly and has the perfect amount of fat in it imo
Alan Carlson
Alan Carlson Aylar önce
Leo: gives elaborate explanation that makes you almost imagine what the experience is like. Angel: Yeh yeh. Dat-es-a-gud-stek.
PasqualeThene Aylar önce
Yo Guga incase you haven't done/been doing it yet I'm just reminding you to dry age steak in shrimp paste. Thanks! Great video btw you managed to make Angel eat the whole thing lol
Groypizo Aylar önce
Guga, I watched the video where you injected a eye of round steak with wagyu tarrow, and you said it ended up more tender. I wonder how this would work with select, choice, or even prime ribeye?
Jam 24 gün önce
Even though angel doesn’t like fish he’s still respectful to the food and the chefs!
Jeffrey Alvin
Jeffrey Alvin Aylar önce
Now this is interesting! I love both otoro and Wagyu. You should do more experiments with otoro! There's so many ways to prepare it. Try the cheek area it's more firm
J S Aylar önce
I need to know Chef Mike's preparation steps for his rice! 😩 He's clearly doing and using stuff I haven't tried.
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee Aylar önce
Guga, I have learned so much from your videos here and on your sous vide channel. You are amazing. Let Angel know if he needs a stunt double, I would gladly step in for him. I love all of you guys. Keep up the great work you do. I have learned so much from you.
Scott B
Scott B Aylar önce
Proud of Angel tbh. It's not for everyone and he still went for it
ZSTRODE. Aylar önce
Imma say both depends on what kinda mood I'm in both are dam delicious NO MATTER WHAT 😋 I'd eat all these dishes and be be fine but man I cannot do Wasabi
SS4Xanatos Aylar önce
I shudder to think about the cost involved in tracking down the foods for this video and getting the world-class chefs to help prepare it for you.
KV Aylar önce
I’m dying to try some A5 Guga, his marbling is probably crazy at this point
Zachary Lovelady
Zachary Lovelady Aylar önce
Dang guga you have some skill! I thought you were just a steak guy, but that technique while making the sushi was friggin impressive!
Zachary Lovelady
Zachary Lovelady Aylar önce
Oh wait, was that not guga making that?
Jeannette Stagg
Jeannette Stagg Aylar önce
It’s been a minute since I’ve been in your page. So happy to see how healthy you’re looking! Of course the foot looks 😛
BomazXD Aylar önce
Do a placebo test, see if the guys can figure out that all the steaks are done the same but with different garnishes or cuts. So for example have a grater nearby that looks like it has cured egg yolk, wrapper for compound butter left and such. Basically dress the steaks so they look like they’ve been thru an experiment but do nothing to them and see if the reactions change
Mohamed E.
Mohamed E. Aylar önce
Love how ur nephew is very simple, straight forward and straight to the point lol
Jhonny Eiji
Jhonny Eiji Aylar önce
Guga, you should take the guys to a trip to Brazil and judge Brazilian Churrascarias de espeto. Meats like Picanha and beef ribs. I would love to know how is brazilian barbecue to your standards
Christian Olson
Christian Olson Aylar önce
Guga is a TRvid sensation, man. He’s killing the game.
Orjama Aylar önce
@Christian Olson yea exactly
Christian Olson
Christian Olson Aylar önce
@Medicated Nixon right
Medicated Nixon
Medicated Nixon Aylar önce
He definitely found the Krabby patty secret formula for the algorithm. I don't even subscribe to him and he's his videos all over my feed. I don't even look up food videos!
Bomb Yo
Bomb Yo Aylar önce
@FSKyurem 🤣🤣🤣
FSKyurem Aylar önce
@Bomb Yo imo comparing Guga to Salt Bae isn’t fair. One person is the master and the other is an internet joke
Jason Torres
Jason Torres Aylar önce
I can relate to the swallow and brace for vomit action angel did. That’s how I ate my first piece of sushi
Sheriff K
Sheriff K Aylar önce
I need ALL of this in my life... 🤤
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia Aylar önce
Hey guga, I have a request. Are you able to recreate the umakara marinade from the Japanese Bbq restaurant Gyu-Kaku? I need this marinade for my home meats. ❤
Stacie Tagomori
Stacie Tagomori Aylar önce
😍This was great...the best of both worlds. Yep Hiro San really can make magic.
Yi Han
Yi Han Aylar önce
love your passion toward good food !
JN5 Aylar önce
Hey @Guga, i’ll volunteer to take Angels spot for every fish video you have! Especially the wagyu Tuna :)
Mitch Mullen
Mitch Mullen Aylar önce
I think a cool experiment would be to try a well-done steak with different methods
Lemon Le’Fleur
Lemon Le’Fleur 2 gün önce
There’s a reason Blue Fin Tuna is so expensive. They’re endangered, or at least last they were last time I checked. I recall hearing that after they were listed as endangered the prices soared which of course worsened the issue as more people took to fishing for them for a massive payday.
newtonjosh Aylar önce
Angel needs to taste rainbow trout. Not to be confused with regular trout. It has to be rainbow trout. Put the skin in an air fryer for a couple minutes for him too with a little sea salt. Perfect! Best tasting fish in my opinion.
Alan Bonds
Alan Bonds Aylar önce
I thought Guga hates grill marks, but the tuna has perfect grill marks.
Gordon Young
Gordon Young Aylar önce
Guga, you should do a double dry aged steak experiment. Take a thick cut of meat and dry age for x amount of time and after trimming dry age again for x amount of time and compare it to a control and normal dry aged steak
Pandora Vex
Pandora Vex Aylar önce
I give him credit for trying the fish, I know it’s hard to try foods which you hate. Like I hate bell peppers and I can’t even swallow it, so I give him kudos for being a good sport.
Shadman Hasan
Shadman Hasan Aylar önce
Yay. My boi Guga is back with new flavors 🙌 😋
Mikaszu Aylar önce
Guga please look up the steaks from Bodega El Capricho. I think that could be a really interesting video, even for you. And I bet it’ll be delicious of course!!
Im going to japan in april and booking myself into a teppanyaki resturant that does A5 kobe. Cannot wait to finaly try what ive been watching you guys enjoy for years lol
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