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30 Kas 2022




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Chardae G
Chardae G 2 aylar önce
Y’all really are in another dimension when it comes to videography and concepts. Every announcement, intro and vignette in your videos is beyond thoughtful and meticulously crafted 🤍🤍 I’m so overjoyed for the growth and prosperity of your family. Congratulations Mom & Dad, my forever faves!! The dopest family on TRvid deserves Everything, blessings on your new love on top💗
Chardae G
Chardae G 2 aylar önce
@Deidra Yasss girl thank you!!👌🏾♥️ I've always been 100% here for them and celebrate all of their successes. They are the realest so I'ma always stick beside em LoL, definitely excited for them to continue to elevate and grow as a family 💕
Aviesha Ramnarace
Aviesha Ramnarace 2 aylar önce
Congratulations to both of you, so I say it's a girl
Deidra 2 aylar önce
I love love love your comment everything you said to them was so genuine and beautiful and you’re right they are the Dopest family on TRvid I am so blessed they make me happy just watching them blow up And now she’s pregnant what a joy 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️
Queen Dynamic
Queen Dynamic 2 aylar önce
Am I the only person that's rooting for them to have a bouncing baby girl 🥰
PASSiiiON UNiiiQUE Aylar önce
Michelle Rondon
Michelle Rondon 2 aylar önce
Omggg same 🥹
Millicent Neto
Millicent Neto 2 aylar önce
Me tew
Sown Reaper
Sown Reaper 2 aylar önce
Rissa is just portraying the exact definition of the joy of motherhood . I am just soo glad I found out about you guys 🤗💛🧡💯🫂🤌👏
Kedo 2 aylar önce
All in all I just love how happy Rissa is she's blooming, glowing and enjoying her relationship keep it up sweeties
Kay G
Kay G 2 aylar önce
Everytime I feel yall pregnant I'm right. I'm so happy for yall.congrats to your family. I lost our son 2yrs ago and in Oct omg I found I'm expecting my rainbow baby. 🌈 .
Salena Makin Moves
Salena Makin Moves 2 aylar önce
I ain’t even going to lie this video got me in tears. I can’t believe how invested I am in your family. Maybe because its beautiful to see a happy loving family. Something I never had as a kid. And still haven’t really had the chance to get yet as an adult. I guess it’s safe to say I’m living vicariously through you. Until God blesses me with the same a loving family. I’m so happy for you two that I had to comment not once but twice ❤❤ God bless!
Hithere Love
Hithere Love 2 aylar önce
Such a beautiful comment, I too am vicariously living through them☺️💕
Karen Williams
Karen Williams 2 aylar önce
Me too... It teared me up😂😂😂
Tshisikule Oluga
Tshisikule Oluga 2 aylar önce
Happy for the family, this is definitely so special. May y’all stay blessed and keep insipiring us ❤️
Ashana Driscol
Ashana Driscol 2 aylar önce
That intro was beautiful!!! I’m happy for you guys!!!! Congratulations!!!!
Amanda Kelley
Amanda Kelley Aylar önce
Congratulations Riss, Quan, and Shine! Such a blessing!
Valentina Stacy
Valentina Stacy 2 aylar önce
I just love this family since their first days ,,I love to see them grow and how the family keeps growing,,I know I'm late on this one but congratulations 😚❤️❤️🥂
Rylee Pilon
Rylee Pilon 2 aylar önce
Literally so happy for you guys ❤ you deserve it !! There’s so much negativity in the world happening and you sharing these special loving moments with us just radiates happiness 🥰
_aestxthetic Aylar önce
This is absolutely nuts. It feels like shine was born yesterday and now you're pregnant again???? I'm so happy,you two are the only couple channel that i like,the others are annoying. But you two are genuinely one of my favorite people ever!
Ashley Trowers
Ashley Trowers 2 aylar önce
Congrats on baby number 2. I’ve enjoyed watching your shows. And love to see the enjoyment and accomplishments you guys have made and the beautiful family you became. Blessings and joy to you as a struggling single mama of 2 special needs kids. ❤ I hope for a healthy baby again for you all and to see you guys as parents bringing in another blessing ❤❤
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Dennis Karani
Dennis Karani 2 aylar önce
I am so happy for you three. You are both so relaxed and chill. I honestly was 50% surprised about the new pregnancy and 50% not surprised. I think Shine is gonna have a baby sister. When you guys said "He's super affectionate.'' simultaneously that was so sweet😍. Btw I totally love your new France intro.
Varnicka Burris
Varnicka Burris 2 aylar önce
I’m so happy for y’all! you can literally feel the love through this video. Shine is going to make a great big brother! ❤️😭
Uju Nwabude
Uju Nwabude 2 aylar önce
Congratulations to your adorable family👪l said this months back....during being sick..Congratulations again and again👏❤
FelNLuv WithYou
FelNLuv WithYou 2 aylar önce
It has been such a pleasure watching u both over the years. The genuineness and love you share is unmatched. We love that you are birthing love in human form.
Queen Allie
Queen Allie 2 aylar önce
I can't wait to find out what there having I hope she gets her babygirl ❣️ you know the baby's name is going to be beautiful 😍 another adorable bundle of joy 😘
Areyon 2 aylar önce
Congratulations 💕 I’m so happy for y’all
Kababa musonda
Kababa musonda 2 aylar önce
I just love how I've watched y'all grow together. Y'all are truly soulmates .Your love is inspirational
Life By Pey
Life By Pey 2 aylar önce
I had a feeling! Congratulations!!!! ❤️ wishing you a happy, healthy, safe pregnancy!
KC 2 aylar önce
ME TOO!!!🤣
Ren B
Ren B 2 aylar önce
Me too
Mesode Joan
Mesode Joan 2 aylar önce
Congratulations for the second time guys So excited to be part of this journey again 😘😘
Nthabiseng Veronica
Am happy for you guys congratulations 🎊...You're truly blessed ❤️🥰
Dorcas Abolarin
Dorcas Abolarin 2 aylar önce
Congratulations Riss and Quan, may God bless you all and wishing Rissa a safe delivery 🙏♥️
Misheals Nwobodo
Misheals Nwobodo 2 aylar önce
I'm beyond excited, and y'all be making me want to start my family as soon as possible too
Jackie Abbasi
Jackie Abbasi 2 aylar önce
Congratulations!! I’m sending positive vibes for a healthy baby girl!
Betty Lopez
Betty Lopez 2 aylar önce
I am extremely happy for you guys !! Such an amazing little family yous have made so glad I get to watch you all grow ..awww I love you guys currently in the hospital with heart failure and you guys just keep me so happy and smiling thank you
Michelle Orefuwa
Michelle Orefuwa 2 aylar önce
I'm so happy for you guys... congratulations 🎊 ❤ 💙
Blessing Motsi
Blessing Motsi 2 aylar önce
It's great to watch this beautiful family grow, thank you Rissa&Quan for sharing this yourb great love life with us ❤️🎊
Ekeh Sandra
Ekeh Sandra Aylar önce
Happiness creates life indeed Quan. Y’all happiness makes me happy fr. Love y’all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Tiff 🥀🖤
Tiff 🥀🖤 2 aylar önce
Tiff 🥀🖤
Tiff 🥀🖤 2 aylar önce
@dinzayy xxx 😭❤️
dinzayy xxx
dinzayy xxx 2 aylar önce
Tiff 🥀🖤
Tiff 🥀🖤 2 aylar önce
@Shan Xx 😂
Tiff 🥀🖤
Tiff 🥀🖤 2 aylar önce
@Oarabile Remoratile 😭😭😭❤️❤️
Tiff 🥀🖤
Tiff 🥀🖤 2 aylar önce
@Sumish Mish 😭😭😭
Allabout_Chrissy 2 aylar önce
So happy for yall can't wait to see the baby #team girl 💗
FurraFamily 2 aylar önce
Soooooo freaking excited to see you finding outtttttt and seeing baby shine be a big brother such a bitter sweet moment!😭😭❤
Nyshia White
Nyshia White 2 aylar önce
Congratulations y'all guys deserve it and I am so happy for y'all's family to keep growing 😍🖤 🎉🎊
Michelle Rondon
Michelle Rondon 2 aylar önce
First of all congratulations!! I’m honestly obsessed with you guys!! Fb put me on fr😭. May god continue to bless you and yours!! Thank you truly for the genuine and honest content
Mai Xiong
Mai Xiong 2 aylar önce
Congrats to both of you! You look so good Rissa, so beautiful and just glowing! 🥰🥰
Zachary Thomason
Zachary Thomason 2 aylar önce
And Congratulations to Tricia & KAM on having a baby as well ,well deserved to you be as well.💎💎💎💎💎💜💕💗💚💛
Eat With Loring Talk Show
Congratulations again…hopefully God will bless y’all with a healthy baby girl 💞
Kayla Beer
Kayla Beer 2 aylar önce
I am so happy for you both!
slida emif
slida emif 2 aylar önce
Congratulations y'all, you both have grown so much over the years...God bless your family...I love you Rissa
Vanessa Granillo
Vanessa Granillo 2 aylar önce
Babies are always a blessing ! Congratulations Queen & King! 💕🙏🏽 🎉
Faith Wilson
Faith Wilson 2 aylar önce
Faith Wilson
Faith Wilson 2 aylar önce
love sweety
love sweety 2 aylar önce
Rachael Hofer
Rachael Hofer 2 aylar önce
They really are
lati 801
lati 801 2 aylar önce
🎉congratulations 🎉 this was beautiful!!! 🥹😍can’t wait to follow along this journey!!! Love u guys
Jackie Favour
Jackie Favour 2 aylar önce
Congratulations guys, the family is getting bigger and beautiful 😍😍
Nataraja Alexander
Nataraja Alexander 2 aylar önce
🥰🥰 i love y’all & congratulations to y’all again 💕💕
aliss liou
aliss liou 2 aylar önce
Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for your family!!! And happy y’all will bring us along the journey!!!
Susan Crawford
Susan Crawford 2 aylar önce
So sweet. Rissa and Tricia can go through pregnancy at the same time. Congratulations! I'm so happy for your growing family. God bless your family. Love you guys 💗💗💗💗
Joon Fanatic
Joon Fanatic 2 aylar önce
Claudia VanUtrecht
Claudia VanUtrecht 2 aylar önce
AHHHH CONGRATS GUYS OMG THE ROBERTS FAMILY IS GROWING!!! ive been slacking on yalls videos by a few days because its the end of the college semester and im working hard for this degree but OMGGG ive been here since day 1 and ill be here till the end! I absoluetely love yall and i cant wait to see all the blessings that come your way! I cant wait to see Shine become the best big brother ever omg!!!! PARENTS OF TWOOOO!!!!😍😍😍😍❤❤❤
MRS BREAZY 2 aylar önce
As soon as you guys said you stopped being safe I knew y’all would get pregnant soon!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ congratulationssss love seeing how far you guys have come so happy to be able to witness this journey ‼️
Your Favorite Forever
Your Favorite Forever 2 aylar önce
We’re so exciteddddd! I’m so happy for you three!
THE L&S FAM 2 aylar önce
THE L&S FAM 2 aylar önce
@margaret wanjiku kabisa🇰🇪
THE L&S FAM 2 aylar önce
@Pesapejo Bintiye Njoroge. 🤝
THE L&S FAM 2 aylar önce
@Njoroge's family 🤝
Phancah Orao
Phancah Orao 2 aylar önce
@margaret wanjiku Alaaa
margaret wanjiku
margaret wanjiku 2 aylar önce
Tupo site😅
Rita-Cascia Marley
Rita-Cascia Marley 2 aylar önce
I’m so excited for baby number 2. Congratulations Riss and Quan🎉❤️
Julie Crawford-Czarnecki
I'm so happy for you guys...it's such a blessing...can't wait to see the new bundle of joy... congratulations on baby #2...love you guys...
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ciara g
ciara g 2 aylar önce
i remember the pregnancy announcement today for shine! you both have come so far and congratulations on expanding your family more! 🥺❤
H&M family vlogs🇯🇲
I'm so happy for u guys such a blessing the love that u have for each other is what I wish for the world congratulations 🎊 👏 💐 🥳 blessings always 🙏
brittany scurry
brittany scurry 2 aylar önce
Awwww this is so precious. Congratulations to the Roberts!!!! Y'all are definitely one of my favorite families to watch on TRvid. May you have a blessed pregnancy and my God continue to bless your growing family 🙏🏾🙌🏾😘
Fast Food Diaries
Fast Food Diaries 2 aylar önce
I love you guys 🥰. So happy your family is growing and glowing ✨. Big supporter👋🏾.
Holt&Holt 2 aylar önce
Congratulations I am so happy for you 2 just had a miscarriage 3 weeks now and this was the first thing that had me smile thank u for sharing
Janae Curtis
Janae Curtis 2 aylar önce
Congratulations so happy for you all 🎉🎉🎉❤
musinguzi priscilla
musinguzi priscilla 2 aylar önce
It was the .."his super affectionate" in chorus for me... congratulations guys, you deserve everything good under the sun♥️
Dennis Karani
Dennis Karani 2 aylar önce
Me too😍😍🥺🥺
Shiloh Richards
Shiloh Richards 2 aylar önce
I’m beyond happy for the both of you two. Hopefully it’s an girl 😩😩 Congratulations you guys, wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy!! ❤️
Kawala Mauryn
Kawala Mauryn 2 aylar önce
I always feel am apart of this family. Congratulations Rissa and Quan. It's going to be more beautiful with shine💕😍
SheDaGODDESS 2 aylar önce
I’m living for these experiences especially with you guys already being parents . Omg , you guys are truly blessed . I hope it’s a girl , you guys make beautiful kidssss . Congratulations R&Q gangggggg
Cheryl Mccray
Cheryl Mccray 2 aylar önce
Congrats guys I pray for a healthy baby, can't wait to find out the gender
Lindelwe Mavimbela
Lindelwe Mavimbela 2 aylar önce
OMG...my jaw is literally on the floor....Congratulations you guys...nah this is surreal can't believe this....love you guys more blessings on blessings ❤❤❤
Jayah Kennebrew
Jayah Kennebrew 2 aylar önce
Oluwatomiwa Akinfala
Oluwatomiwa Akinfala 2 aylar önce
Congratulations...love you guys 🥳🥺❤️
Snowfall Da Hash
Snowfall Da Hash 2 aylar önce
Congratulations guys...we are so proud of you🥰❤️on my side I wish for baby 2 be a girl😊
Bintidaviswamum 2 aylar önce
Congratulations to the both of you..more Grace to your family
savannah peters
savannah peters Aylar önce
My heart is filled with joy. So full ❤ i definitely knew Rissa was pregnant since that video when she wasn’t feeling good lol AND as soon as they got the new house I already knew what was up 😂😂 I love you guys so much! Y’all are my inspiration! CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🎉
Kiera Gordon
Kiera Gordon 2 aylar önce
Both of y’all are glowing , I’m so happy for y’all ! I don’t know y’all personally but I’m so happy to be apart of this journey 🤍 I almost cried writing this . Quan ,I salute you man ! You are doing an amazing job supporting and being there for Rissa and Shine , this is coming from a single mother to a beautiful one year old boy !
Oneeka Parris
Oneeka Parris 2 aylar önce
Congratulations on baby number 2, so happy for u guys ❤❤❤❤
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Ɛnkɔmɔpa TV
Ɛnkɔmɔpa TV 2 aylar önce
Congratulations once again guys, more wins, more happiness.love you all😍😍😍
Lisa Tapley
Lisa Tapley 2 aylar önce
Congratulations Rissa and Quan! I’m team girl for them but if they want another boy and they get one I’m still going to be sooo happy!! Good luck during this pregnancy with baby #2! The only reason I picked team girl is so they have both.
kalkidan tedla
kalkidan tedla 2 aylar önce
Congratulations rissa and Quan. I hope you have safe and easy pregnancy journey. Enjoy bundle of joy
Lyniee Muchæ
Lyniee Muchæ 2 aylar önce
this video is so beautiful, the intro and everything😇 congratulations rissa and Quan
Naledi Caren
Naledi Caren 2 aylar önce
I am so excited to go through this journey again with you guys 😍 😍 I am a happy South African Aunt 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦I love this for you guys 😍 😍 😍
Sasha Evans-Marius
Sasha Evans-Marius 2 aylar önce
I knew it!😁Congratulations to you both🎉🎊🥳♥️ may God continue to bless you both and your family.
Mese Graham
Mese Graham 2 aylar önce
I am soooo happy for you guys. I've been watchibg since you both were still in college. It's beautiful to watch guys manifest and love your dreams❤️❤️ Congratulations TEAM GIRL BTW
Consandra McLean
Consandra McLean 2 aylar önce
Congrats to you both may God bless y'all with a healthy babygirl or boy great news
Shenae Locklear
Shenae Locklear 2 aylar önce
You guys are my fav social media/youtube couple! You're so genuine and kind to each other! The love is real and it just makes me happy lol...also, the baby will be a taurus like me!!! We da best! Congrats!!
MzNikki Savage
MzNikki Savage 2 aylar önce
I'm looking forward to seeing this journey. Shine is going to be a big brother! Congratulations, you guys deserve the world. ❤️
Lolita's Ville
Lolita's Ville 2 aylar önce
Also looking forward to going through this with you guys.
soul lemons
soul lemons 2 aylar önce
Oh my God you guyssss. I just screamed oh my God.. I'm crying literally tears.. I've followed y'all growth this year's and this is beautiful 😭😭😭😭
deneisepulley 2 aylar önce
I wondered how long it would take for you to tell the world. I'm so happy for you all. Praying for an easy pregnancy and another birth like a pro.
Angelica Moreno
Angelica Moreno 2 aylar önce
I’m so happy for you guys ❤❤
Vanessa Steede
Vanessa Steede 2 aylar önce
Congrats guys!! A blessing from God indeed!! Shine is going to be a great big brother and he will be so loving and helpful!!!! #2 Team girl!!!! 🤣
Kyle 2 aylar önce
*I had a dream literally 3-4 days ago y’all were having twins. Ohhh my goshhhhh.* *I have two boys born 1/5 & 12/5, EXACTLY 11 months apart - born in the same year & it’s the greatest blessing of my entire life. I’m so happy for y’all.* 😭🖤
mwangi loise
mwangi loise 2 aylar önce
😅 I'ld low-key want that for them!!!
Life With Dray
Life With Dray 2 aylar önce
Naaaahhhhhh Shut up because I had a dream just Monday night that they pregnant with twins tooooo
Megan Parker
Megan Parker 2 aylar önce
Awe!! ❤ Congratulations! I’m due in May too! 😍
Ednah Samba
Ednah Samba 2 aylar önce
Congratulations guys. Looking all stunning as lovely💪
Desiree Prieto
Desiree Prieto 2 aylar önce
Omg congrats so happy for y’all!!! I hope it’s a girl!!!❤🎉 y’all are such great parents with shine and he’s gonna be a great big brother congrats to y’all!!! 💓
what God cannot do does not exist
Congratulations guys, more blessings to you
belicious 2 aylar önce
Congratulations to you both, may happiness never leave your home. Love from Zambia 🇿🇲
Evaa okojie
Evaa okojie 2 aylar önce
Congratulations to you both ✌️
Abas Udoh
Abas Udoh 2 aylar önce
Congratulations 🥳🥳👶🏼
Radstudent71 2 aylar önce
Team Girl!!! I love your little family and I can't wait to meet the newest member 💗
Dalowee Hossen
Dalowee Hossen 2 aylar önce
By the way congratulations guys........ May God bless u all and brings all the joy for both of you and your sweet family.....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Deli cious
Deli cious 2 aylar önce
You guyzzzz am sooo happy 😩....I love Rissa and quan so much and to see so much blessing in their life...just gives me so much joy...can't wait for the wedding
Natalie A. Wauchope
Natalie A. Wauchope 2 aylar önce
Congrats guys. Match made in heaven and perfect love
Destiny Stowe
Destiny Stowe 2 aylar önce
Omg I’m so happy for you guys congratulations 🎉❤
Adama Renner
Adama Renner 2 aylar önce
Congratulations once again so happy for y’all
urban lifestyle
urban lifestyle 2 aylar önce
Congratulations guys 💜💜
Doreen Gordon
Doreen Gordon 2 aylar önce
Congratulations Roberts Families 🎊 👏 💐 lots love ❤️
Angel Dotie
Angel Dotie 2 aylar önce
Congratulations you all I’m so happy for you. I been dealing with some personal issues of my own so I been missing out.