We're having a baby! 

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4 Şub 2023




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@DanTDM Yıl önce
JOINING THE DAD CLUB 😭😭😭 much love x
@DTPxD Yıl önce
Lets go!!!
@claass Yıl önce
@StolenGalaxy Yıl önce
Hi dan
@ootyooty7470 Yıl önce
@raccoon9681 Yıl önce
Love you dan
@LOL-cringe 7 aylar önce
This kid is going to have a really interesting life
@coderust7132 7 aylar önce
Frfr ong
@FlamenkoOFFICIAL 7 aylar önce
@Iraqi_XI96 5 aylar önce
Im the 1k like 😙
@puteqx 4 aylar önce
Who tf are you
@King-xs4tq 2 aylar önce
Well I'm the father 😢
@LOL-cringe 7 aylar önce
We've all grown up with Pewd's throughout the years and to now see him about to be a dad feels surreal. Congratulations Felix and Marzia!
@BEAN...- 6 aylar önce
Dumbass bot really copied the top comment and thought we wouldn't notice 💀
@gdlime1410 7 aylar önce
And it happened. Earlier today, Björn was born. Congratulations Felix and Marzia!!
@larryplant1424 7 aylar önce
It's amazing how we watched PewDiePie go from being a teenager to now being a mature man with a child.
@BlandStuffff 11 aylar önce
One Mom, One Dad, and 111 Million Aunts and Uncles. As a younger kid, my parents didn't allow me to watch PewDiePie because of the controversies. I started watching him around the PewDiePie vs TSeries war and have been subbed for a while. I'm so glad that he's been able to achieve this. He's gone through TRvid ever since 2006, and it's heartwarming to see that he's having a kid now.
@Tdgaming-Hoppers 10 aylar önce
thats a mabye
@69DudeManBro69 8 aylar önce
@@simransaini9093he had a second account
@PonyPrincess2122 8 aylar önce
so ture i'm so happy for them they deserve it i wish them all the best and good luck and hop nothing goes wrong
@Cherryboddu 6 aylar önce
​@@Tdgaming-Hoppersyea , the aunts and uncles will probably more than 111 mil
@Cherryboddu 6 aylar önce
I'm truly glad that even from cringy social media i thought of , where all people are just wasting their time on platform that won't last longer to earn money, dating people for more than 5 years, messing around not marrying but ,.. There is TRUE MAN named Felix who had successfully achieved the top 3 goals of LIFE, first he worked hard in youtube to earn money that'll keep him in a great financial status entire his life, Second he found a kind woman who truly loves, and married her with love, Third he now has blessed with a healthy kid ☺️ I don't about others but ,my true inspiration for life is Felix 😁
@MyNameJeffOG 7 aylar önce
Björn was born yesterday! Congratulations Felix and Marzia! And Happy Birthday Björn! 🎉❤
@UnpatternedGarbage 6 aylar önce
BJORN??? Thats his name? Jesus, poor kid
@MyNameJeffOG 6 aylar önce
@@UnpatternedGarbage its a Swedish name lol
@UnpatternedGarbage 6 aylar önce
@Damianskull Aylar önce
​@@UnpatternedGarbageIts literally a normal scandinavian name dude 💀
@isaacwhyy Yıl önce
not alot of children will be able to watch their dad grow up with online videos. huge congrats guys :)
@Random99642 Yıl önce
@iaugust. Yıl önce
yoooo isaac
@Charlotte_Emi Yıl önce
@SiiiiMPLY Yıl önce
Isaac Por Qué
@miweed2 Yıl önce
thats right, revolutionary
@akak1816 11 aylar önce
Late to the party, but congratulations Felix and Marzia. So beautiful to look at both of you growing up together, getting married and now a baby on the way. All the best, I know you guys will be the best parents!
@Eclipse-mk3hm 9 aylar önce
@Joseph #Biden2024 smh, and I am a 'terrorist' for invading the capital on Jan, 6th, what a joke... I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO SERVE MY SENTENCE!!!!
@persephone8960 10 aylar önce
I watched you and marzia since I was 15, I’m 28 now. Congrats guys, we’re all very happy and very proud of you ❤🎉
@Sleepiy 7 aylar önce
he's finally bjorn ❣️
@jeffayoe7468 7 aylar önce
Legit had me in tears...thanks for being there to cheer me up when things weren't good. Here's to u PewDiePie
@amrisleepy 10 aylar önce
Try to be strong and enjoy the little things 🤘🏼
@The_Void_Boyz 9 aylar önce
I feel fuckin old watching this. First started watching you since like 2011 with your Amnesia and happy wheels lets plays. I was 11 years old then and now being 22 and seeing that youll be a parent soon... its mind boggling. Forever a bro.
Very sweet announcement, happy for you guys. So glad you can finally try your "feed them dog food" theory.
@Lunar360 Yıl önce
Nice don’t read my TRvid description
@orangeking1163 Yıl önce
@Don't Read My Profile Picture alright
@ponchy2253 Yıl önce
I was just thinking that as soon as I saw the video title lol
@Tamago_N 7 aylar önce
Björn is so precious! My heart is beyond happy for you, guys!
@SaraRasool786 9 aylar önce
I still remember when Marzia said that she didn’t want any kids at the start of her TRvid career at that time and now I’m so happy for them, I seriously can’t wait and I hope they have a beautiful healthy baby no matter what, much love ❤️
@CliffordSmith-lo7nl 7 aylar önce
Hello can I get to know you
@somebodysomewhere358 7 aylar önce
Really? She said that?
@SaraRasool786 7 aylar önce
@@somebodysomewhere358 if I remember correctly someone asked her in a q&a video if she was pregnant cause she had a bit of a belly at the time and she said no obviously and that she doesn’t feel excited whenever she sees a baby and that she might not even have a one at all and in another q&a she sat in the car with Felix and someone asked her a similar question again about if she would want a baby in the future and she did say no or if she does than maybe when she’s in her 30s or she would much rather adopt a child than have her own, but yes it was a long, long time ago!
@parhamahmadi1 7 aylar önce
Welcome to the family, Björn! 🎉❤
@mariammontaser7843 11 aylar önce
Marzia is going to be an awesome mother 💙💙
@rf8hn 9 aylar önce
おめでとうございます💕💕 お体に気をつけて元気な赤ちゃんを😊
@jacksepticeye Yıl önce
Happy for you guys!! Excited for this part of your lives ❤️
@msmeggacha6487 Yıl önce
@yashirou618 Yıl önce
Now your turn 🙂
@nialmurphy9622 Yıl önce
@nubgabriel6655 Yıl önce
hey jack
@owl3oy 11 aylar önce
ngl I've been subscribe to this channel since 12 or 13 years ago. pewds was like a part of my life now seeing him become a dad the same time as myself really bawled me
@Bhargab_Saikia 9 aylar önce
​@igger 🤡🤓
@RHIrene 9 aylar önce
congrats!! good luck on your new chapter of parenthood!
@Johangecool 6 aylar önce
​@fsebz why you idiot, he wants it, have money to take care, and his fans and job are enough that he can easily take care of his kid and live life peacefully
@user-pu3es8xe2z 6 aylar önce
​@@fsebzthats the reason why your father abort you
@Jerry228wasfound 3 aylar önce
omg u real og your channel created 14 years ago
@spatatat 9 aylar önce
Here I am, 35 years old sitting at my computer working from home… crying about how happy I am for Pewds and Marzia Y’all are the best. Keep going
@Neags 9 aylar önce
Man up ffs
@tbubber 9 aylar önce
​@@Neags don't be a dick
@user-xz1wy4to4o 9 aylar önce
i woulda kept this one in the drafts
@spatatat 9 aylar önce
@@user-xz1wy4to4o lol I bet you “woulda”
@rutvijdeshpande 9 aylar önce
Nah bro your are still 19year old
@Papa_Waffles 8 aylar önce
My god, I watched my childhood comfort grow up to be the greatest thing out there. A dad, I'm so happy and excited to see your future blossom into something beautiful
@johnnycash829 10 aylar önce
I’m so happy for you pewds. I know Both you and Marzia will be wonderful parents. Time sure does fly huh. I’m kinda scared tbh. Feels like just a couple months ago I subscribed. But it’s actually been 10 years. I think what has made me stay is the wholesomeness of your personality more than anything.
@omega-ap5928 7 aylar önce
Its the same for me the time does fly fast ❤but we here always together
@XsSlayeR3 11 aylar önce
I became a Dad last year and it was the single most life changing event of my life. It made me one of the happiest people alive and I would do anything for my Daughter. Congrats to you both the journey you are about take truly is the one of the best things in the world and I know you will both me amazing parents ♥
@patrickmiddleton1750 11 aylar önce
Congratulations, I want to be a dad one day
@ryk2133 7 aylar önce
@jcooper061 9 aylar önce
I've been following you for countless years now. You've been an inspiration, a light in dark times, and a bro at all times. Pretty sure I cried this entire video. I'm so happy for you Felix. I can't wait to see how your family grows.
@PirateEmerald 11 aylar önce
😭 Bro thank you for everything you have influenced from the age of 9 now im 18. I have grown with the videos you make and it has been a pleasure for me, it has lifted my blue sad days and changed the never smiling me. Congratulations Pewds❤
@AngelaSmith_1970 4 aylar önce
Congratulations you guys 🥰🤗 I feel ya Marzia, I craved strawberries with each of my pregnancies 😂 I was extremely lucky to have a restaurant that had fresh strawberry pie and I’d get one once every two weeks 😂 my poor husband, we have been together for 28 years now and I love him more and more as time goes by 🥰🤗
@blafricanamerican1018 11 aylar önce
My guy, you might not read this but you ve been the father to many people now, i grew up mostly alone and throught hard times but that video a day would just lighten me up. It might not have seemed much at the time, but coming home from a sad school to a depressing home, you were my escape and throught out the years you thought me more values than most people around me. you never lost your touch even when you were down, you got the smile mask and made people happy. You oppened up when things werent good when you didnt have too, and that speaks a lot of character. Now as working man and the sadness behind, i can say, it was you who mentally got me here and if the sweden hot dog maker could do this for me, sure he will do much better for his child. Admittedly, i havent seen your vids in while, once in a while i bench a few, but seeing this man, just brought some joy i didnt know i had me. I just wish you guys and the kid the best future, love and care
@hatakekakashi2005 11 aylar önce
Congratulations Pewds. Im so proud of you😢. I wish you and your family the greatest life possible😊🥹
@jameslegault9398 10 aylar önce
Kakashi of the Sharingan, truly an honor to meet you.
@grandayy Yıl önce
You'll both make great parents ❤
@j4w_7 Yıl önce
Glad we caught it at the same time Grandayy
@nyx8385 Yıl önce
Broo... imagine their kid
@NexApex Yıl önce
You better make a video congratulating them fr 😁
@frederick_OG Yıl önce
grandayy godfather
@ryry854 7 aylar önce
So good to see you two still together after all this time, and starting a family. Congrats and all the best for the future.
@tylermarshall3417 11 aylar önce
From being a teen playing horror games to being a father, we have watched him grow, we are proud of you Felix, You have made our childhoods much better and I hope life treats you well, Thank you.
@felipedidio4698 9 aylar önce
Man, I'm really happy for Pewds.
it feels like a big brother is about to become a dad it's amazing we all love you felix and marzia congratulations to you both
@elmaquiavelico5709 7 aylar önce
The prince has arrived.
@FarinaJo Yıl önce
Congratulations Marzia & Felix!! 🥹🙏🏻💖 you‘re gonna be awesome parents
@c_ock Yıl önce
@teep3049 Yıl önce
She's pregnant? How did this happen?
@gamebang3775 Yıl önce
@@teep3049 when a man and woman love each other very much...
@emi-memi Yıl önce
@YouRickSanches 11 aylar önce
Поздравляю тебя Феликс! Вы будете хорошими родителями!
@xdiatomickhan6015 9 aylar önce
I'm so happy, they've been through so much and yet still has the love they had started together congratulations pewds ❤
@Elijahandersson9596 10 aylar önce
Congratulations Felix. I am so damn proud of you
@xxchocoecaramell8719 7 aylar önce
Congratulations 👏🎉 Welcome to the world lil Björn~
@bgpozos1 9 aylar önce
literal tears. i’m so happy for the both of y’all. many congratulations
@MrUnknownXD Yıl önce
It's so crazy to witness you getting married and having a child. I'm so happy for you both and your future together.
@DTPxD Yıl önce
Felix is going to be a great dad!
@kanomee Yıl önce
yup, we are all proud of them! ❤️
So proud of them 🥰
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I know right I remember when they were just dating now he's going to be a dad geez I feel old 🤣
@keanumemes9110 6 aylar önce
HE’S HERE!!! Congratulations guys, I know that you both will be absolutely amazing parents, and I wish you nothing but the best for you both and your child. May he grow to be the best warrior the world has seen.
@MatthiasSomers 9 aylar önce
Congrats! I feel like at this point in this "arc" I have to leave a comment. :) It's not something I usualy do, because the chance of you reading this is probably quite small, but the feels man, the feels made me do it. :') I've been following you for so many years now, through school, then uni, now working. :) Crazy how everything changes. It's amazing to see you grow as an entertainer, but also as a person. You become more grounded, mature, balanced. You've inspired me in so many ways. It's weird, but sometimes it does feel like your a good friend. I think that goes for a lot of fans. And that's a pretty cool effect to have on people, isnt it. Thank you so much for everything. :) We're almost the same age and I became a dad as well recently. A beautiful girl. :) Enjoy fatherhood, you and Marzia will do amazing. It's such a wonder to become a parent. Enjoy! GRT, Matthias
@sophiaosheaf5899 6 aylar önce
it’s so crazy to think i’ve even watching pewds since i was like 11? 12? now i’m 22 almost 23, i have THREE beautiful babies and now my favorite youtuber is a papa now too it’s so crazy 🥹🥲❤️ congratulations papa pewds!
@celiskurtis 6 aylar önce
I hope you’re happy and healthy with your kids too. And your kids are happy and healthy too. Best wishes
@Bb-sh7rq 3 aylar önce
Happy for you guys! Congratulations! you're gonna be awesome parents!
@masteroogwgay Yıl önce
I got this notification and INTSTANTLY clicked on it congrats Felix hope you and Maria live happily ever with your new child ❤🐢
Sameeee Mannnm!!!💛💛💛💛
@comcash Yıl önce
this is truly the path to inner peace
@kanomee Yıl önce
Will you have a baby, Master Oogway? Please give us enlightenment 🙏🙏
@NoiceBOB 9 aylar önce
Been watching Pewds since I was 13. Remember binge watching his horror game videos, him raging in some games and reverting back to swedish. I'm 24 years old now. Can't believe how the world has changed and how time has flown by so fast. Congratulations on becoming a parent.
@TaniyaCJ123 9 aylar önce
I'm in tears! Congrats Felix and Marzia. Also I'm waiting to see Pewds as a dad because who all remember resident evil game Rose and Pewds' iconic jokes! Agh! I'm so happy for them two. The kid is going to have a legendary life
@Unikitty_124 2 aylar önce
It feels so old seeing u like this now…
@tristanhorak881 11 aylar önce
Best News Ive seen in a long Time❤ so happy for them! Good luck Bro🤙all the best for you both
@pawpawbear1175 6 aylar önce
Omg my heart! Congratulations 🎉 such a crazy thing to grow up watching your gamethroughs, to your meme reviews. Thanks so much and a million blessings to your family!!
@atozy Yıl önce
@EEEEEEEE Yıl önce
@Velsicv Yıl önce
@animeheroes1865 Yıl önce
@Anime Binger Your 2nd latest edit was a legit masterpiece. 1st one too because AOT CLAPS
@Helmotz. 11 aylar önce
congrats my man damn I've been watching you on and off since the amnesia era, you've been a part of my life and I'm glad to see that everything seems fine !
@mizmanda. 11 aylar önce
ugh literally SOBBING🥹congrats beautiful Marzia so happy for you both❤️
@thebluecryptid 10 aylar önce
Been here since day 1. So surreal to grow up and see your favorite creators grow up too. Happy for them and they make an amazing couple always.
@veesvoyages 4 aylar önce
Congratulations to you both! ❤Wonderful news!❤
@shewithisaac5770 10 aylar önce
So happy for you Felix I’ve been watching you since I was 5 I’m 18 now is so insane to see you grow I love you you got this congratulations
@nataliesoutlet Yıl önce
We are all growing up :’) huge congrats you two!!!!💗🥹🫶🏽🌈
There was no reason to put a rainbow....
@alexcastle5825 Yıl önce
Who cares it’s re4 that we’re excited about
@Volt64bolt Yıl önce
@@vitocorleone8200 no reason not to either
@@Volt64bolt well a rainbow isn't just a Rainbow any more more of a satani symbol of sin in these times
@JumalaPlays Yıl önce
@@vitocorleone8200 What?
@velveteenrabbit5940 8 aylar önce
DUDE! Ive been a fan of yours for since I was 15 or so. That was almost 14 years ago, and Ive been wondering when this day would come for you and Marzia! CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish you both the best!
@deborahbaca1345 4 aylar önce
I became a senior citizen and you became a dad. You got the better deal. Congratulations ✌️
@alexcruzship3683 7 aylar önce
One of the few famous couples that actually do extremely well together
@ruslankovalenko130 11 aylar önce
Мы рады за тебя брат, пусть у вас все будет превосходно, а ваш ребенок не знал горя, любим и гордимся вами)
@wyattgerlach2544 11 aylar önce
Your channel has been an escape for many things in my life. I’ve watched you since the early Amnesia days, I still remember you yelling “Stefano!” and “Mr. Chair!”. I’m unbelievably happy for you guys. To see where you started and to see where you are now is a jurassic change, and shows you’re living your best life. I hope to maybe feel that some day 🤙🏻. To a new chapter of life, thank you guys for all you are. Congratulations!
@richy4292 Yıl önce
From being a teen playing horror games to now becoming a dad, we've watched a big part of his life for all this time and it feels crazy. Congrats Felix and Marzia
@walter7005 Yıl önce
Minecraft fun to having a baby. Man time flies fast
We are are becoming aunts and uncles Bros
@Raidenxr8 Yıl önce
@Jack Wrath wtf is wrong with you
@kamkai_johan Yıl önce
@@alexcastle7085 I bet it if this a boy he will be a gamer
@mares7003 9 aylar önce
Watching felix from the start and seeing him come so far and starting a family is so emotional 😩😭
@viranisco 10 aylar önce
Congrats! I wish you two just the best! Big love from Austria !
@fphoenix7144 6 aylar önce
Its been 9 months since november, I hope everything is going well for you guys, good luck
@benaburns3147 11 aylar önce
Congratulations to you both!!!! I know you'll both be amazing parents.
@wisp Yıl önce
This is actually amazing, congrats Felix and Marzia
@helboyplayz11 Yıl önce
@leviraeburn7442 Yıl önce
@Anonymous14576 Yıl önce
How did they make a baby?
@qwerty-lo6di Yıl önce
@RyanSoltani Yıl önce
Hey wisp
@jackgruppen4411 11 aylar önce
High Boi sends his congrats on the new baby
@aRUND32123 11 aylar önce
That's also how I ended up here
@manuelpadilla2535 11 aylar önce
Congratulations Pewdiepie. I have never been so happy before for a complete stranger. - From me and youtuber High Boi.
@sssavokkk 7 aylar önce
omg I'm crying. Im very happy for you!
@ashishaikh873 10 aylar önce
This filled my eyes with tears, you'll both make the best parents and congratulations, it's just so beautiful 💕
@bisorov 8 aylar önce
Omg, that’s so cute. Congratulations Felix!
@HighBoi Yıl önce
@Tyler-ix3jr Yıl önce
@almightywither Yıl önce
Ayo Man!
@alcides008 Yıl önce
ayooo high boi sup bro
@laehnee. Yıl önce
@landed018ripple Yıl önce
@amandadelma1685 11 aylar önce
I love this ❤❤❤ from 30,000,000. And yelling “the Barells!” And mars her comfort trendy videos. I wish she let her old videos public 💯♥️
@tstarnes1198 10 aylar önce
I love this for Felix and Marzia. We've all grown up together and to see this family fully form a full circle is truly beautiful. Congratulations. ❤
@PonyPrincess2122 8 aylar önce
@Yeyeet007 10 aylar önce
Congratulations hope to hear more updates
@anthonydignan2980 7 aylar önce
Been watching you a very long time. So happy for you man! Glad to see your rise all these years.
@Lucanoptek 9 aylar önce
Man, time sure does fly. I'm happy for them !
@PowerbangGaming Yıl önce
Congratulations Felix! I have another one on the way and share in your excitement! You’ll be a great dad - best of luck to you all on the rest of the journey!
True. Baby is best thing that can happen to anyone. Sad that we have so many selfish women nowadays that don’t want to give her man such a present
Please do not reply to the bots because if you do It will get worse
@BRUH-bf5gj Yıl önce
@@love__and__hope__ This is not the sentiment to have. I am happy for both Felix and Marzia, as they both decided that they wanted this in their lives! however, not everyone wants children and that is completely okay! everyone is different, but what's important is showing our support to these two!
@amandadixon9219 11 aylar önce
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both. I'm sending positive energy to Marzia that the pregnancy illness passes quickly.
@pookz1221 11 aylar önce
Congrats, so excited for you guys!
@mmme1703 8 aylar önce
Bruh every time i watch this i cry goddammit
@MattMan8787 9 aylar önce
Felix, you and Marzia will be amazing parents!!! So happy for you both and excited for the newest addition to the pewds fam!!! Love you both seriously, thank you for all you both have done, helping your viewers and everything.....now is your guys time, focus on the family and know all of your fans love you both and wish you nothing but happiness and positivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@beatrizrajacic 10 aylar önce
Please keep us posted! So happy for you both!❤
@AmosdollMusic Yıl önce
Amazing news!! Congrats!!! 🎉 🎉
@superprofi4307 Yıl önce
hi amos
@Ornament- Yıl önce
How did you make it in here?
@bluubermanLOLZ Yıl önce
@Tetopettenson1 Yıl önce
@ljwho9921 10 aylar önce
Don’t know why but Felix’s mom crying gets me teary eyed every time
@psychogenical1419 10 aylar önce
Marzia is so beautiful you two are so amazing i love how happy you guys seem i hope this joy lasts forever and that your child is born healthy and lives happy best wishes from me and my family i grew up watching felix so this feels surreal to see im happy its happening :)
@robsrules5777 6 aylar önce
Congratulations 🍾🎈. All the best to you and yours
@DamburaDioa 11 aylar önce
Congrats! I'm so happy for you two!
@RAT_TOES 7 aylar önce
Welcome to the world Björn! All us aunts and uncles love you ❤️
@TheClick Yıl önce
Congratulations guys!! This is so heartwarming to see All the best to the whole family
@justaperson8781 Yıl önce
Nice to see you click
@colemak5646 Yıl önce
@smoothnees3557 Yıl önce
I agree man, it’s crazy how far they’ve come.
@Bigbagofgamer Yıl önce
@@colemak5646what 💀
hi click, I really enjoy watching both your videos and pewdiepie's videos as well. you're both hilarious and you're both some of the best youtubers ever!
@HeatherHolt 11 aylar önce
I’m so happy for you both. This kid is gonna be so lucky.
@griffencampbell4088 8 aylar önce
Awwhh this is really cute ❤❤ im so happy for you two
@Biboche23 11 aylar önce
That was really sweet! Congratulations 🎉🎊 ❤
@test5487 10 aylar önce
Congratulations! ❤ My girlfriend told me today she is pregnant. This is our 2nd try. She got pregnant 6 months ago but we lost the baby in the 2nd month of the pregnancy. Now she is pregnant again. And I’m really happy for us and for you Felix & Marcia. I’m sure everything will be good. All we have to do is love each other. May god be with all of us. 🙏🏼
@blankuser987 10 aylar önce
@rohith5482 10 aylar önce
@FruitPunchSamurai110 10 aylar önce
congrats dude 🎉🎉
@Baniwinnie 10 aylar önce
I wonder when I will not find it crazy that people try to pregnant on purpose 😮😂
@Erolsaurus 9 aylar önce
@@Baniwinnie Isn't being pregnant ALWAYS on purpose? If you have sex there is a pretty good chance you will have children. It's almost like that's why it exists.
@alanbecker Yıl önce
congrats felix!! join the club!
@throwbiegd6627 Yıl önce
@@TheRealReasonYourDadLeft Hi milk can I drink you
@hprc490 Yıl önce
@@TheRealReasonYourDadLeft I agree
@MattGray35 Yıl önce
@@TheRealReasonYourDadLeft Yes
I like milk
@CamelWides 11 aylar önce
We all wish you the best of luck with this Papa Pewds!
I'm a dad now
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