WE PAID $72 FOR THIS FIRST CLASS SUITE (Etihad First Class Experience)

Kara and Nate
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GB🛼 Aylar önce
Can we please just thank Kara for ALWAYS giving us a bathroom tour! THANK YOU KARA! 😂😊
livinlife95 Aylar önce
I literally expect them at this point, and a weird way really look forward to them lol you're awesome kara! P.s. I'd also order pad Thai (sorry nate!) and wear my pj's in the airport haha
hr 777
hr 777 Aylar önce
It was really cool (loved it).
Z2424 Aylar önce
I discovered you guys during Covid and have since watched all of your videos! What I love most and uniquely defines your channel is the tremendous amount of love you guys have for one another, respect and open-mindedness towards every culture you come across, and commitment towards maintaining your integrity while reaching your goals! Thank you for the videos!
Heather Shobe
Heather Shobe Aylar önce
Ok, firstly, I’m team Pad Thai all the way🍜 Secondly, those seats were amazing and I love that y’all got to sit across from each other and eat a meal together, on a plane🤯 Thirdly, Nate, I don’t travel but I still really enjoy hearing about the hacks and credit card stuff. I really like the Daily Drop and Mikes information! He stayed at that hotel not to long ago too!! Such a cool video, and I cannot wait for the India vlogs🤗🇮🇳 Stay you✌🏼
Meghan Kelber
Meghan Kelber Aylar önce
So glad to see you’re back in India! Back in 2020 I studied abroad in India and RELIGIOUSLY watched your India vlogs just to get a sense of what I was getting myself into! I hope this vlog and future vlogs can do the same for someone like me (who RARELY leaves the Midwest”! Safe travels! 💕
StreetsOnPoint Aylar önce
I love beating the system too and I love when you share the breakdowns. It's been big encouragement for research our own travel plans and adventures more thoroughly and longer which has gotten us WAY more deals and perks while saving money allowing us to do more. THANK YOU!!
Courtney Adams
Courtney Adams Aylar önce
I have been binging your videos and it has really helped me get more comfortable with travel. Ever since 2020 I have been apprehensive about it, but you both have really showed me that it is ok, with precautions, to go ahead and travel. Thank you both very much for your videos.
Pages of the world
Pages of the world Aylar önce
I love the travel tips, I find it incredibly helpful! I got my AMEX as I travel full time and I really don’t feel like I use the perks to their full potentia, I find it all a bit complicated. Ps - looks like Kara has a Oura ring, I just ordered one. Would be keen to hear her thoughts somewhere ☺️
priyanka garg
priyanka garg Aylar önce
I am glad you are experiencing the luxuries India has to offer by staying at Taj! I am honestly waiting for an influencer to show today’s developed India. India definitely has such a rich history which we are proud of but i always feel someone needs to showcase how much India has developed!!
Em Em
Em Em 14 gün önce
I would watch your videos too! I was in India for a period of time back in 2018, hold the memories so close to my heart so would love to see what it is like now 5 years later ❤
Walkie Talkie Traveller
@priyanka garg we are all like that at the start. but with practice, we all improve. of course, it is your choice. best wishes, Walkie Talkie Traveller :)
priyanka garg
priyanka garg Aylar önce
@Walkie Talkie Traveller i wish but the video would be a hot mess😂 i have the “two left feet “ equivalent when it comes to shooting videos🙈
A A Aylar önce
@Walkie Talkie Traveller everyone is unhygienic in india. Culture of dirt and the uncivilized
Walkie Talkie Traveller
you have the idea.... so, perhaps you are that person to make the video and show the world ! :)
Theresa Burton
Theresa Burton Aylar önce
For what it’s worth, I love the travel hack information! I get the emails and loved the info in the video. I’m not traveling nearly as much as I used to, but with the traveling I am doing, I’m seeing a lot of benefit. Super helpful!
Ashley Bubbles
Ashley Bubbles Aylar önce
me and my boyfriend have been trying to plan our first trip, if i were to win this trip for us omg!! we started watching you about a year ago and you inspired us to want to travel the world!! i've watched pretty much every video you've uploaded! this would be a dream come true
Tori Ramirez
Tori Ramirez Aylar önce
I downloaded fair drop and I cannot wait to start traveling!!! I’ve applied for a few travel credit cards thank you guys for openly giving the tools to enjoy similar experiences of yours! Y’all are the BEST!!!!
Tranell Penns
Tranell Penns Aylar önce
Kara and Nate I do enjoy every video, y'all take time and break down all comforts of all the different places and trips you take. I hope I get the chance to meet you two. I also will get my credit together to try to do the same. Great job I am so proud
peachykeen Aylar önce
Haha I love this and y’all!!! Have to keep reminding myself the tickets were $10,000+ each 🙂😮‍💨 but honestly couldn’t think of 2 travelers who deserve it more than you guys!! Y’all have more than earned it in my opinion. The videos y’all produce, edit, plan, literally dedicated y’all’s whole life to y’all’s TRvid channel which is AMAZING! The quality, delivery, editing just everything about y’all’s videos are incredible, honestly better than 99% of TV shows aired on tv or streaming apps, and WAY WAY WAY more entertaining!! Y’all have changed so so SO much since y’all’s first few years on TRvid, but in the best.way.possible. Never ever been rude to people, always humble, genuinely sweet and just all around good human beings. Which is so hard to find nowadays sadly especially in the TRvid community. But the little niche yall and other vanlifers/traveling couples have made are just amazing amazing humans. My life and depression got immensely better since I started watching y’all’s channel weekly and the other channels y’all have collaborate with. Thanks for another amazing video! Can’t wait to watch y’all’s next adventure! STAY SAFE, love y’all from South Carolina! ✨🤍
DrinkinSlim Aylar önce
Wow, you reallllly like the word "y'all", LOL 😅
Suzanne Ruffcorn
Suzanne Ruffcorn Aylar önce
But they weren't $10,000. That's the beauty of it! Points.
Mike beats tsb
Mike beats tsb Aylar önce
Suk up🤣 ⤴️
Arielle SoulLighting
Awwwww, thank you for taking the time and obvious care to post that comment. But even if Kara and Nate hadn't seen your comment, it certainly lifted *my* heart!
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate Aylar önce
You’re so sweet 💛
Legolightbulb Aylar önce
Pancakes forever!! Watching you guys makes me realize I need a travel partner for when I go traveling 😄
Melissa Hanshaw
Melissa Hanshaw Aylar önce
We just got home from a bucket list trip To Italy! This became a running joke the whole trip about Kara always saying , “this is the best thing I have eaten in my life “, I said it once and then just kept saying it every time we tasted a new dish! Please make a compilation video of Kara saying this over the years ! I would love to see it!
Kate Murphy
Kate Murphy Aylar önce
I love the travel hacking tips - the Daily Drop is amazing and such a fun read each morning. I’ve started using some of these tips and it has made a huge difference in being able to travel more or more luxuriously - highly recommend and thanks to Kara and Nate for all the help!! ❤
Bailee Hall
Bailee Hall Aylar önce
You guys honestly make my week!!! I look forward to watching your videos. You guys have truly inspired me to learn more on finding cheaper ways to explore the world!! My DREAM is to visit the Maldives. I’m still hoping that I have some type of chance to win. 💞🥺 just a small town WV girl!!
DP Aylar önce
Nate: Let the records show for the first time we are getting to our gate super early to enjoy the experience. Kara: We are 7 minutes early.
1927su Aylar önce
Yes Kara & Nate , and other travel couples do bring cheer! I’m a 24/7 caregiver & getting out and about isn’t common for me at all. Thankfully my younger days I did alot of traveling etc , so I don’t feel like I missed out, but it’s so wonderful to travel vicariously thru them! It’s FUN!!! Thank You Kara & Nate for providing an escape for a little while! I must comment how much I enjoyed your videos showing Ukraine before the war . I’m sure one day, people who live or lived there , would really appreciate seeing those, however sad & painful it might be, it might inspire them to “ Keep the Faith” that one day Democracy will prevail there and they can rebuild! ❤️
RL Proctor
RL Proctor Aylar önce
I just Love all the Vlogs, and I Love how Kate is always so excited 😊
Kyndal Vogt
Kyndal Vogt Aylar önce
“I ran out of time…well, no. I chose pancakes and champagne over running.” That’s exactly how I would spend my time in a first class lounge 😅🎉
I would absolutely love to see a day where you two switch rolls 😂 she makes all the plans, Nate acts like her rating the food, she brings him coffee in the morning etc 😂
Jessica w Wang
Jessica w Wang 2 gün önce
Sophia Simpson
Sophia Simpson 4 gün önce
Omg yes
Amanda W
Amanda W Aylar önce
I’m pretty sure her bringing him coffee is only his birthday lmao ❤
zzzarkka Aylar önce
Michael Wilkinson
Michael Wilkinson Aylar önce
@Cameron7127 ???? Take it easy, hoss.
joshua Aylar önce
I love that Kara knows about the pearl spoon and uses it to rate airlines lol can you guys have a phase of airline reviews 😂
Dad and Daughter Duo
Nate, loved the travel hack segment at the end. You should do it all the time after bloopers or as additional content. I would watch those all of the time!
Samantha Murray
Samantha Murray Aylar önce
Love the extra details on travel Nate, keep them coming!
Transformedics Aylar önce
I'm loving these first class travel videos, but I'm currently visiting my Dad in Gallatin, and secretly wished I could have seen you guys around town. 😊
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson Aylar önce
I love these videos. You guys are just so fun and a magnet for positivity. The world needs more "Kara and Nate(s)". Also, I want to know how many flights total you've been on since that first flight to Japan????? ✈️
Monica Hall
Monica Hall Aylar önce
That looks like an incredible flight experience. It seems like the only improvement needed is more verbatim vegetarian options on their menu.
John Miskowicz
John Miskowicz Aylar önce
Love the videos always make me wanna get up buy a ticket and fly somewhere :)
Tiff Mo
Tiff Mo Aylar önce
I’m definitely on Kara’s side when it comes to breakfast. I’d rather have savory in the morning rather than sweet, it really throws me off cause it’s like a desert and I wake up famished ready to scarf down a meal so the sweetness turns me off lmao
Victoria Sabillon
Victoria Sabillon Aylar önce
I freaking love you guys! I been watching for about a year now n I’m always looking forward to what u guys have next! I think since you guys have done it all already you might as Well HAVE SOME KIDS SO WE CAN WATCH YOUR LITTLE FAMILY!
William Griffis
William Griffis Aylar önce
Absolutely love Kara’s joy and excitement. Love my subscription to Fare Drop!! You both rock!!
Chloe Strickland
Chloe Strickland Aylar önce
I just wanted to say thank you so much for this giveaway and making something like this even possible for someone else. My husband and I have our 3 year wedding anniversary coming up on February 21st. I've only been out of the states twice in my life - my first time was to Haiti on a mission trip where my church and I spent a week in a village building a baptistry for a church and beds for and orphanage - it was an experience I'll never forget. My second time was in 2020 on a cruise to the Bahamas for my honeymoon RIGHT before the pandemic hit, that was also my husbands first and only time ever going out of the country. We haven't been able to do anything for our anniversary's these last 2 years just because we can't really afford it. This would be an amazing anniversary gift for us if we would be blessed enough to win. If not, I know there is someone out there who needs it much more than us! Thank you so much Kara and Nate for even the opportunity to win something like this. You both are so caring and generous, and it is truly admirable. Thank you for all the joy you both bring to this world, I know ya'll work immensely hard and I know this job can be very stressful, but you guys are so great at it! We love you guys!
Sharmaine Fresco
Sharmaine Fresco Aylar önce
Answering the question to the daily drop made me realize how sad my travel life is …. Only been to 1 other country besides Australia and that was almost 9 year ago. My family could never afford to travel.
Peter Aylar önce
Your posts have a great influence on people, sharing destinations allows us to see other beautiful countries, the countless adventures on the road, experiences give people a boost in their daily lives. You are totally cool to me and I definitely give you a thumbs up. And you are a nice couple too. So I am sending you a greeting from the Czech Republic.
Maddie Franks
Maddie Franks Aylar önce
India vlogs are my fav!! I’ve visited 4 times on mission trips and these videos just bring back so many amazing memories 🥰✨
Rebecca Rendle
Rebecca Rendle Aylar önce
Fun vlog guys..love how excited you get.. but the 1st class is amazing, do most people would be like Kara to 🙂. Great tips.. but I guess you have to travel full time to get enough air miles to travel business or first class and to stay in such hotels! And be American to get these credit cards!
Ashish Aylar önce
Hi Nate, the most expensive Uber wouldn't cost more than 30$ from the airport to Taj Mahal hotel, that is with surge pricing as well compared to the 80$ mentioned in the video.
Just Me & You
Just Me & You Aylar önce
I really look forward for you all videos. You guys make my week. It’s like I end my long working week with Kara and Nate. I wouldn’t change it for the world. 😊
magslewski98 Aylar önce
I love every single video you guys upload on TRvid. Yes I applied for the Maldives trip 😂 my fiancé’s graduating from college soon so might as well give it a shot lol
kelly lucas
kelly lucas Aylar önce
Your channel brings me joy truly. You're showing EVERYONE how to experience life at its fullest. People don't have to live vicariously through your videos because you're teaching people how they can do it themselves.
Janvi Chavda
Janvi Chavda Aylar önce
Please do share these little hacks with us we love it , I have been watching you guys since 2018 Love you both, hope you had a great time in my country
Ailin McVearry
Ailin McVearry Aylar önce
Kara opening the amenity kit and smelling it takes me back to Nate's impression of Kara opening the amenity kit of his Emirates first class flight😂
Art notforthesakeofart
You're not alone 😂
Desire Treski
Desire Treski Aylar önce
I absolutely love the two of you. You bring such joy. Thank you for sharing.
LovelyBluntDoll Aylar önce
i love that i get to experience traveling through both of you , thank you 🫶
Laura Bommarito
Laura Bommarito Aylar önce
Ok Nate, to answer your question I would have gone for the PANCAKES!!! I love living vicariously through you both! Also, FINALLY got my husband back on the road and traveling again after Covid (5 night cruise) and HE LOVED IT! Planning travel to the UK to visit family next! Thank you both for INSPIRING us to travel! Been too long ❤
Monique Beastie
Monique Beastie Aylar önce
Loved this video! Please do keep sharing the travel hacks-I appreciate the knowledge.
Jon O
Jon O Aylar önce
I have to ask...why couldn't you get into the first class lounge in Abu Dhabi? Also, you would think Etihad would automatically have a room for you at the airport hotel given how much you paid for the ticket and the length of your layover...
Irene Aylar önce
Thank you for taking me along on your trips...I have not travelled since start of COVID...you both are great entertainers, info/newscasters, just GREAT! Enjoy your life NOW then you can keep yourselves entertained later in life...I am nearly 80 & my memories just keep on getting better,,,haha
Ayushi Gandhi
Ayushi Gandhi Aylar önce
Considering all your past adventure videos, I am genuinely wondering what adventure did you guys choose Mumbai for. I am from this city and I can't think of something adventurous enough to do here for which I would travel from another county 😂 Anyway, reach out if you need any help :) that's if you're still here
El Gato
El Gato Aylar önce
They travelled in the Maharaja express from Mumbai to Delhi via Rajasthan and Agra. Now they are already in Japan.
Vick Din
Vick Din Aylar önce
There’s nothing sweeter than being able to afford the luxury of traveling to different locations as enchanting and beautiful as this
Chi Doz
Chi Doz Aylar önce
I love when Nate over explains like I am going to click away haha 🤣 love you guys! 🖤
John Gravley
John Gravley Aylar önce
I was at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in 1988; I used their bathroom and sat around the lobby for a while. I was most likely paying around $2 a night at some fleabag place nearby. I've been to India twice (for 3 months in 1988-89 and for another 3 months in 1996) and the most I ever paid for a hotel was $4.50 and that was definitely a splurge. Like you, I absolutely love India.
Melissa Pritchett
Melissa Pritchett Aylar önce
Love y’all!! I need to go the the Maldives. However, I just love y’all for a nice break every day!!
Shelby Richards
Shelby Richards Aylar önce
Literally so uplifting for so many different reasons! So glad I discovered RAYA & LOUIS through them too! And EAMON AND BEC. And Kinging It! This quad group is just amazing. Keeps me going when I’m down. Which is when I get on my phone ❤
Shelby Richards
Shelby Richards Aylar önce
@elena rodriguez oh no!! I didn’t mean to leave that beautiful family out!!!! Wow I knew I was missing one! My top channels for sure!!!! ❤️
elena rodriguez
elena rodriguez Aylar önce
Same, my favorite ones I found were Sailing La Vagabonde
AstroBastro Aylar önce
You guys should visit the island mohéli in the Camaro islands. It has really beautiful jungles and oceans. It’s a place not many people know about, so probably won’t be crowded. The people there love helping the wildlife as well. I think this could be a good destination for you guys. It has the smallest little airport and it’s always been my dream vacation.
Madison Mann
Madison Mann Aylar önce
Keep doing the travel hacks in videos every once and awhile, they are very helpful!
Adventure is Uncertainty
Amazing!! You two are awesome and love your upbeat personalities!!!!! Learn so much watching your videos and how to enjoy life to it's fullest!! Just love you guys! ♥
Where are we going now?!
Thanks for sharing the travel hacking tips at the end Nate…I am definitely interested in finding out tips to save money and travel with more perks/luxuriously :)
Megan Makeup
Megan Makeup Aylar önce
You know you're obsessed with the Big Bang Theory when within that 2 second clip you knew exactly what episode and what the dialogue was🤦‍♀️thank you Nate for representing the humans that still like that show lol😂
Aneesha Hassan
Aneesha Hassan Aylar önce
We use Amex platinum privileges all the time from upmarket dining to accommodation. A little effort to save money goes a long way in luxurious getaways. Amazing video as always by Kara and Nate👏
Careen Geyer
Careen Geyer Aylar önce
I just want to say I love watching all your videos. Me being super busy studying hospitality management it's just so nice to be able to watch your videos and be part of the travels.
Art notforthesakeofart
Nate pronouncing Etihad as "eddy-hard" is giving me life 🤣
Kavitha Ramalingam
Kavitha Ramalingam Aylar önce
Thank you som much for coming to India again!! Please do visit more places in south India this time… like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu. They are like completely different places and a whole new experience
Janiece Madarang
Janiece Madarang Aylar önce
really enjoyed this one! and love hearing about the travel hacks, i'm with you!
Journaled By Jessica
Make me feel better on this sick rainy day🤧 Thanks yall❤ also I’m with Nate with the pancakes🥞
Laure Reminick
Laure Reminick Aylar önce
Thank you, Kara and Nate, for the idea to include a link by putting a picture of a QR code in the video. Awesomeness! Besides your usual totally enjoyable video. It's amazing how you can sound NOT entitled in the midst of such entitlement.
One World Traveler And Flyer
I actually love the way you guys always being natural and energetic... Do one review on Qatar Airways you will definitely enjoy (I had seen it way back in Kathmandu, but post one in current days) 😊...
mellzbellz82 Aylar önce
I AM TOTALLY into the little savings hacks!! Please don't stop!!! And I have subscribed to your website and can get the daily drop but I do prefer when someone explains it like you just did. THANX!!!
Joseph Chun
Joseph Chun Aylar önce
Hi there! Thank you for the video. How did you get access to the first class lounge when you were flying business class on the second leg?
Jennie Pouliot
Jennie Pouliot Aylar önce
Thank you Nate for sharing your travel hack. We do enjoy them👍
Laura Bishti
Laura Bishti Aylar önce
Kara and Nate just make my day and I love how Kara was so happy about the Pyjamas 🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍
tom awen
tom awen Aylar önce
I am a late, late viewer of this channel (old, decrepit, married, with a rebellious 16 year old son) but having watched a good number of these videos i enjoy GREATLY the content and the enthusiasm of Nate and Kara! LOVE your videos and great job!! Love vicariously living through your adventures!
Cheryl Brunette
Cheryl Brunette Aylar önce
Thanks Nate for this video explaining your saving hacks, i am going to watch your old one with more information, I am signing up for your newsletter, not sure if I will get to travel but I am giving the information to my son so he can start his dream of traveling the world, especially Asian countries. Cannot wait for your newsletter, I love every video you and Kara put out there.
Kimanzi Constable
Kimanzi Constable Aylar önce
Y’all know this isn’t Etihad’s best first class seat, right? The Apartments is their best product, but only available on certain flights. Lots of volggers have done videos on the Apartments.
Special Creativity Inc.
I love hearing about the travel hacks and the cost for things. The logistics you must deal with are fascinating.
Jocelyn Rousseaux
Jocelyn Rousseaux Aylar önce
Really enjoy watching you two. Just bored with all the plane videos. I would love to see more of the nates challenge videos or visiting neat accomodation. They seem to get the most views as well. Why not do a adventure race Nate and Kara?? That would be neat to watch.
Congratulations🎉👏 you have been selected as the winner of my Christmas ⛄🎄 SPECIAL GIVEAWAY 📦 Text me on NICEGRAM to receive prizes❤️ Thanks for watching and commenting🤝
Emily Norris
Emily Norris Aylar önce
As a Brit I love it when Kara does her British accent she sounds like a Victorian orphan and I’m here for it
Counting Countries
Counting Countries Aylar önce
Such a bucket list experience!! Thanks for sharing
Dani hipp
Dani hipp Aylar önce
I have never been on a plane but watching your channel I am going crazy to finally travel!!!!
Catarina Costa
Catarina Costa Aylar önce
I'm a long time watcher and first time commenter. Just have to take a moment and tip my hat to y'all. Found you during the pandemic and you two are something special! As I'm sure you've read now thousands (if not millions) of times, you radiate authenticity, warmth, and are so engaging to watch. Your editing/technical process has grown tremendously so props to that, but I keep coming back for you both - for the stories you tell, the ways you stay true to who you are, and for the zeal you project through the screen. Bravo! May all of your dreams continue coming true. P.S. spicy peanut/tofu noodles all day. My SO would say pancakes :)
Kristina Carrodeguas
I've gotta say if I've only been up two hours (even if it's the afternoon) I'd have to order a breakfast food BUT it'd be something savory...so basically a combo of what y'all did!
JJ Aylar önce
well done on making the nominees for the streamy awards
Devin Ribecca
Devin Ribecca Aylar önce
I always appreciate the travel hacking tips! 💛
Sam Sherman
Sam Sherman Aylar önce
Still watching at the end Nate, dunno who wouldn't, if I could do half of what you do I would be a very happy guy
Gil Digby
Gil Digby Aylar önce
Great video. Seems like you beat the system and had an extra fun trip with the savings to boot. Wow.
Joseph Teare
Joseph Teare Aylar önce
I like how you did the points/credit card explanation quickly at the end of the video. As someone who’s been trying to educate myself on that area I appreciate it! I think it’s a good idea to just have it as a blurb at the end every now and then!
StaySlay Forever
StaySlay Forever Aylar önce
I totally miss the travel day vlogs, i think I’m just as excited as Kara 😂. Also your Indian vlogs omg my absolute favorite series! So happy y’all went back! ☺️
Queenie Wu
Queenie Wu Aylar önce
FINALLY when both Kara and Nate are in First Class! 🎉🎉
Willow Bleu
Willow Bleu Aylar önce
Love this type of vlog. I signed up for FareDrop so I can learn the ways of Nate and Kara
I love any and all info and every trip y'all take.
Ashley Klaus
Ashley Klaus Aylar önce
I love these videos! My favorite so far was the cruise to the North Pole. Also when you guys did the survival on an island! I’ve never entered one of the giveaways on any channel, but my husband overheard and said, “ is that Kara and Nate? Enter the giveaway, we haven’t done a honeymoon yet” either way we’re doing our honeymoon by next Christmas, it’s just been to crazy to book with 2 kids 🤣 we ended up doing a trip to Disney world with both of our parents and our kids the year we got married!
Joselito serrano
Joselito serrano Aylar önce
This is amazing y'all are awesome thanks for giving us the info to travel TYSMMM
Z2424 Aylar önce
That triangle appetizer Kara was holding at 7:03 is called a Fatayer (Lebanese spinach pie). Crazy delicious, especially fresh out of the oven!
Rowan Buckson
Rowan Buckson Aylar önce
I have never been this early. I just want to let y'all know that your videos have gotten me through pretty crappy days. I know that things aren't always rainbows and sunshine I love that y'all show that! Just remember that you can't have a rainbow without a little rain 🥰 Thank you guys for being such a positive force in so many peoples lives!
Kara and Nate
Kara and Nate Aylar önce
Stevie Aylar önce
Your video editor deserves that trip to the Maldives 💙
Hobbies4Hire Aylar önce
Great job on the video you two! Thanks for making it.
adriaanbegemann Aylar önce
The Virgin Atlantic airport lounge also has a gym in London
Bel Aylar önce
Oh what lovely luxury. Love India, iv been twice, everything about it is special. It was some time ago, Mumbai was Called Bombay. I have the best memories of travelling around the country and how long it took to cash Traveller’s cheques, ( you probably won’t have ever seen one of those). Enjoy x
Kerri Jones
Kerri Jones Aylar önce
I love Kara's infamous boarding a plane walk .I love her excitement 😆
Go Home
Go Home Aylar önce
@Waldemar Sikorski when they keep mentioning it.
Waldemar Sikorski
Waldemar Sikorski Aylar önce
When did Kara's walk fall into infamy?
fcf777 Aylar önce
@Grahzzy music & Lifestyles copyright
Gwyneth Glas-Brown
Gwyneth Glas-Brown Aylar önce
Love Kara’s Happy Dance as she boards a plane. Just so cute 🥰 Wow seeing the different between First & Business class ( nuts not warm 😅 ) Its lovely seeing you trying this out ,hearing your views , something i never be able to do but just Appreciate you both taking us along 🥰 Safe travels. Have a Fantastic time in India 🥰
DAVE Aylar önce
@Jackie Fontaine noone needs to know.