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As we get ready to head into 2022, we REALLY need to hear from you...

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30 Kas 2021




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xBCrafted Aylar önce
This comment will get lost in the mix, but i still feel the need to leave it.. I appreciate the videos about new tech, whether its in stock or not. I am a big fan of going into a major purchase, with as much information as possible. Those videos help with that. But i also love the silly videos, the water loop videos and the case mod videos. I will continue to come back for the information and laughs. Best of luck Jay & Team.
Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach
Comments from Verified users only get lost in the mix when it's a bunch of verified users commenting on something. Otherwise, your guy's comments are the first to pull up.
RIP ADIC Aylar önce
I’d like to see them do more comparisons video newer tech
Graeme Johnson
Graeme Johnson Aylar önce
I am a 61 year old computer nerd.. got on the internet with a Compaq 286 computer with dial up.. Unfortunately Jay like Linus, it's been there seen that.. And Rich Prick stuff we can't afford or even get? Why pay $2000 for a video card? Just buy a PS5 or a Xbox, plug into TV and it works... want more viewers, go back to Old school... normal people not Rich wankers...
Jordan Reco
Jordan Reco Aylar önce
xBCrafted, I agree!! When I built my first PC five years ago, it was Jay that sold me on my final choice. I watch Linus, BitWit, GN, and Paul's Hardware but it was Jay's everyday attitude and honesty that made me go with the choice I did. I am always careful with a big purchase and I love the way he dives into it in a laid-back way.
Saputra saputra
Saputra saputra Aylar önce
imagine a life without cryptocurrency that would be a paradise 🌈
Sfekke Aylar önce
Jay : "Power supplies are boring.." Steve from GN : "CoolerMaster's power supplies are now nuclear bombs"
Richard Hackman
Richard Hackman Aylar önce
The exploding ones were good 😁😁😁
Sfekke Aylar önce
@elJebus 0 they can be interesting but I don’t think Jay’s style fits with these types of reviews. Unless him and/or someone on his team are willing to learn, GN’s doing testing soon but they’re fanbase is more hardcore & has a more in depth knowledge of the subject at hand.
DPProgramming Aylar önce
Then he starts talking about how we wants to make more videos that go in depth on specific components.
elJebus 0
elJebus 0 Aylar önce
They're only boring when they work right, right?
Boosted Media
Boosted Media Aylar önce
I think what it all boils down to is ultimately this... The nature of TRvid being focussed around watch time and click through rate lends itself to being an entertainment platform first and foremost. Value comes in many forms and there's nothing wrong with being an entertainment focussed channel like Mr Beast. If you compare yourself to the likes of Mr Beast, etc, your channel growth is almost always going to be slower, but I'd argue the overall positive impact and legacy this channel leaves behind is far greater. You should be very proud of what you have achieved and continue to achieve. You have genuinely helped and enriched the lives of millions of people. Never forget that. The negativity comes from a small but vocal minority.
LtColonel Slade Wilson
Big facts right there man
Meddixi Aylar önce
Will on top of that youtube manages recommendations in a "goldfish memory" approach. Even if you are subscribed to a channel, there is a chance yt will not recommend new video from subscription if you did not watch creators video for a while and it will favors showing you old videos from channel you've watched recently. And since there are so many channels it basically creates bubbles in a bubbles - and that happens even in niche categories.
shane thrones
shane thrones Aylar önce
Jay, this is your two cents, and no one else's. I watch this channel for the nice balance of knowledge, and comedy. It doesn't matter what you do in this day and age, because someone is going to hate you for it. So just do you, and f*** em' if they can't take a joke. The people who value your content and knowledge will stick around.
Seshpenguin Aylar önce
Honestly, I like seeing builds and reviews still. In fact, since I can't get my hands on parts, that makes me want to see those videos more, cause it feels like I am having fun with you guys with the hardware (that I probably would never be able to afford on normal times too). In the end of the day, I think SmarterEveryDay made a good point in one of his recent videos (266). Keep doing what you want to do and dont loose your voice.
Faraz Qureshi
Faraz Qureshi Aylar önce
Bro facts.
Paul's Hardware
Paul's Hardware Aylar önce
Hey Jay, I feel the same about a lot of the stuff you brought up here. The way I've been considering it lately, that has helped me somewhat, is the "2 audience" theory, which I just made up right now. The first audience is your core subscribers, who watch every video and love just about everything that you do. They will always provide positive feedback and encourage you to do more niche videos (especially right now when typical build-oriented content isn't as popular). Unfortunately, these videos don't always perform well since metrics (CTR etc) aren't as good on them and they don't get pushed to the non-subscriber feeds because of how picky TRvid is these days. The 2nd audience is the more broad audience which includes people who aren't subscribed, and unfortunately catering to that demo often means doing stuff the core audience doesn't like -- silly thumbnails, vague titles that might get clicks but aren't informative at all, and content with (imho) less substance that focuses on views versus whatever you might actually be feeling passionate about. Until GPU prices normalize and core PC building content becomes popular again, it has helped me to simply acknowledge, with each video, which audience I am gearing the video towards. If it's the core audience I'm ok with lower views and a video that I had fun making. If it's for a broader audience, I have to be ok going more high concept and attempting to position it with an engaging title/thumbnail etc to see if it'll get picked for the "long term success" tag that TRvid blesses some videos with. And sometimes all this goes out the window and a video does well or doesn't do well for reasons we don't understand at all. Personally I'd rather just always make videos that I have fun making, but since it's also our job we always have to be finding that balance. Hope you are well my friend. 🙏🤗
Michael Rodríguez Barahona
Using both concepts of videos, I mean audience 1 and 2 seems the way moving forward...
Terry Winter
Terry Winter Aylar önce
There is something very strange going on with this whole scamdemic, video card shortage, rising prices etc almost as if it was all planned
Matt Mackenzie
Matt Mackenzie Aylar önce
Really like your take on this issue. I agree.
Marvin Lauerwald
Marvin Lauerwald Aylar önce
@Cass CS well thats old content. Gets dull.
Cass CS
Cass CS Aylar önce
What I would love, as someone who built their computer last year, is content of how to take your current build and improve it with the things you CAN buy right now. So, for example, I added two more sticks of ram to my PC recently and didn't realize I needed to clear my CMOS and that the timings may need tweaking. I eventually found a video to help me (and I watched your Paul Q&A #50 as well), but why not do videos on stuff like that? Or adding a fan hub - how to make it so that it works and the RGB works, etc.? Or just adding fans or tweaking settings. How can you get the most bang for your current system? That would be of most use to those of us who follow your content, but aren't building right now or can't afford to upgrade.
City Planner Plays
City Planner Plays Aylar önce
I know that build videos seem bad right now, but I can personally say that I pulled up an old NZXT H210i build of yours when I swapped cases. I'm not making major upgrades, but a new AIO and a new case DRAMATICALLY increased my performance and made it feel like I had a new build. Even if the videos seem like they might make people frustrated, folks are still making some changes to their setups. Some parts are still attainable. Keep your chin up and keep doing what you enjoy doing.
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia Aylar önce
I'm with Jay and Paul, keep doing what you're doing. Even though tech pricing is volatile you keep me informed and I put in the legwork to get the best bang for my buck. Of course I'm paying more for current purchases but sometimes I land a good deal! Keep doing what you're doing because we need you on the front lines!
Mike North
Mike North Aylar önce
I’d love to see more case mods and themed builds. Your channel stands out in terms of craftsmanship and creativity - double down on that imo!
Drsoldier Aylar önce
Personally, id love a deep dive on how an OS works (then again, I am interested in the hardware as well as the software)
Nicholas Jeffery
Nicholas Jeffery Aylar önce
Genuinely confused watching this cause, at least for me, I've thoroughly enjoyed all the content you, Phil and Nick put out. The shenanigans, the hobbies, the community learning centre you guys are building, even the Friday chats that I normally catch the next day. What do I want to see? To be honest, anything coming your channel is entertaining to me. Hope this helps.
Reclaimer 117
Reclaimer 117 Aylar önce
Just beginning to get into this hobby so I have enjoyed this channel very much. My computer just crapped on us so I’m going to take the time to save the money and parts to make my own. Thanks to this channel my first steps won’t be so shaky and I feel like I understand what to do even if I don’t know how it works down to the molecule.
m2thelo89 Aylar önce
I enjoy seeing performance comparisons on various pc parts. I also enjoy the education on various custom water cooling builds.
Michael McKeay
Michael McKeay Aylar önce
A few of us here sharing the same opinion. It's just such a refreshing take on tech without it becoming sterile.
Michael Leake
Michael Leake Aylar önce
I’m on board with this opinion as well. I’m very new to this scene thanks to the interest of my son with gaming PC’s. He plays I keep on top of the tech. This is by far my favorite channel because of nothing else besides YOU and your great staff of Phil and Nick!! I learn more from all of you than any other tech channels, thank you for your work!!
Tanishq Nayak
Tanishq Nayak Aylar önce
A similar take from my side as well, don't really understand why people whine about such stuff when nothing is really in your or other tech youtubers hands... As for the content, I liked the NERF guns and drone type vids when there wasn't much happening in the tech space, might also let the audience "feel" better
Ref Lansky
Ref Lansky Aylar önce
A thought occurred to me after re-watching this post. I’d LOVE to see a “how to” and beginners guide for case lighting. I’ve always wanted to light my case but it’s daunting. Thanks for always providing quality content Jay!
rahulc0dy Aylar önce
I love how like all the tech industry can mention the names of other fellow creators. I don't know why I feel like it, but whenever I see someone from the tech TRvid mentioning other youtubers name, I just feel more friendly and like the creator is genuine. Whether it be Linus or jay or Steve. Please keep doing what you are doing. People just got lost by the fancy social media icons.
Joe Perkins
Joe Perkins Aylar önce
JayzTwoCents - First off I want to thank you and everyone on your crew for the work they have done so far. I'm sorry that these past two years have been so crazy and caused so much frustration for your team. My own team where I work has shared in that experience. I believe that the content your channel provides has been extremely useful to a lot of people. One aspect of that worth has been your unfailing approach of being just real about things. You don't sugar coat anything, you just state it as is. That is exactly what is needed on a tech focused channel. You have probably covered every single topic around personal computing devices, builds, design and product reviews in the decade of the channel. As for what is next or should be the next areas of focus; I'm not sure. I like the idea of the deeper dive into specific hardware, components, or systems; that would be very much in line with the honest presentation of information that you do. A revisit of prior topics with updated information of the different perspective that time affords could be good as well. Perhaps some exploration into other areas of tech - IOT, Quantum computing, Wearables; could be good fun. For now, take a breath man, we are going anywhere.
Daniel Wheat
Daniel Wheat Aylar önce
I would like to see you do what you want to do, if people are taking their frustrations out on you that isn’t a reflection of you doing things wrong but them having an attitude issue and as you say directing it at the wrong place. Keep up the good work!
XarithTV Aylar önce
Jay - I could never afford the builds even when this madness wasn't around, I still loved every build. I think do what you do best, show us some fun and crazy builds, just be the Jay we all subbed to in the first place. If you change to suit the public you'll only lose yourself in the process. Much love :)
Artificial Frontiers
I'm here for the personality and the fact that you're also someone who loves to work on stuff. I like the workshop vibe.
Brian Kocherhans
Brian Kocherhans Aylar önce
Honestly I had no idea things were negative until you told us :) I personally love when you do content that I won't find anywhere else. Things like the tempered glass testing, custom star wars case builds (and more importantly how you did things like the paint, battle damage etc).
Jason Cherry
Jason Cherry Aylar önce
Couple if my favorite things to watch is your honest reviews. I like the high end watercooled builds. Your game room was awesome and like the out takes..
xriqn Aylar önce
Keep on pushing out the content you already are doing, it's great. Maybe start doing some more budget PC videos, scrapyard wars-esque style content too. It's actually great what lower end or older hardware can do, especially if you're able to go into detail about how to get the absolute best out of those systems, whether that's on the software side of things or hardware. Videos where you're likely to find the best deals on those budget or lower end pieces of tech too, they'd more than likely be popular amongst a lot of people right now.
Designs By IFR
Designs By IFR Aylar önce
Great video, we can fully relate over here, things are not going well for tech at the moment and we are certainly feeling it. Hope things get better soon.
Mr. Manager
Mr. Manager Aylar önce
@Saputra saputra Nah, that would only be a negative. Cryptocurrency is a genuinely fantastic thing for the long term health of the world economy. Ever since the USD became the backing for most of the world's currency and then left the gold standard, the world economy has been in a death spiral. Crypto is the actual answer to fiat currencies. It is my belief that it will eventually be the backing of the international economy over the USD, even if it's only a phantom standard, since it's value is independent of government. GPU shortages are not the fault of something as simple as miners buying everything, no matter how much I like that simple answer. I am willing to accept my short term hardships for long term health. I think things will mostly stabilize in about 10 years with crypto. I'd say 20 years to reach stability 8s perfectly reasonable for what it is as a concept.
Saputra saputra
Saputra saputra Aylar önce
imagine a life without cryptocurrency that would be a paradise 🌈
Designs By IFR
Designs By IFR Aylar önce
@Mr. Manager thanks brother, i appreciate that. All the best with the business mate, hope everything works out.
Mr. Manager
Mr. Manager Aylar önce
@Designs By IFR Yes, I agree. We really need things to normalize. The lack of graphics card availability has impacted everyone. I currently have over $30,000 out on GPUs that I'm still waiting to get shipped. It's killed my ability to grow my business. I have so many people on my waitlist and I can't do anything for them. Your consistency has been huge in preventing the downward spiral other TRvidrs are experiencing. When they've seen a drop, they either stop posting or make arguably worse content to try something different, making the cycle even harsher than if they just plugged along. It's not great short term but I think your grit will pay off.
Designs By IFR
Designs By IFR Aylar önce
@Mr. Manager yes, we certainly were not impacted as much but i think that is also because we had a couple of videos take off and do extremely well, 5 million views for our setup video which carried our channel through and our desk pc video on 8 million continued to grow throughout 2021. We saw a slight decrease in viewership ever since 2021 on individual videos like most channels however it was not as severe. Our channel was majorly impacted from about 2 months ago. With that being said a lot of tech channels stopped posting as often, changed up their content etc because of the general annoyance towards tech. This was actually our first year going full time so we were able to post more, keep consistent and try to push ahead through these times which also contributed to larger growth with you compare it to 2020 when we were part time. At the end of the day i just hope that everything normalizes for everyones sake.
Tony Dempsey
Tony Dempsey 2 gün önce
I'm not done watching. I enjoy your antics (ok, the exploding loop might've been a bit much...) but you're having fun doing what you do and it shows. don't let it get you down please and keep up what you're doing. personally I like seeing the case modifications (please finish the rebel build!) stuff you've done. you could reuse the same hardware 50 times and I wouldn't care.... seeing new hardware is still cool though. I've always thought about building my own custom water loop PC and I'm waiting on Amazon to deliver the last piece before I tear it down and get it all done. you're enthusiastic attitude even led me to try my own albeit small case mod. I removed the plastic side panel and installed real glass. I'm biased but, it does look pretty amazing. I sure hope you can keep the content coming. :-)
WaLLy Aylar önce
I wanna see everything. I have almost watched every video on this channel. Not sure if more people feel this way but I'm interested in your content and I highly value your opinions.
I love the case mods you do on this channel. More of those might be a good way to incorporate projects which don't involve expensive hardware.
SlusheeWolf2 Aylar önce
Jayz, I really appreciate what you did with the giveaways
ZamekZorg Aylar önce
I'm the guy who never had money for the high end stuff so for me watching people build stuff with it is still as enjoyable as ever, never had a watercooled system but sill love to watch the builds and challenges with it. Imho you should do the videos that you like to do and don't let the vocal minority discourage you. I think a video what you have fun making will be fun to watch.
Jason Godfrey
Jason Godfrey Aylar önce
I think most of us fit this, hence why we're here to start.
Yves Van Steen
Yves Van Steen Aylar önce
This guy said so i'm not gonna repeat it. Love the channel. 😎
Neb Aylar önce
James woods
James woods Aylar önce
I agree! I am here to dream about parts I can't buy and see high FPS graphs.
Ultran00sh Aylar önce
The problem is that 'gamers' are the most self-entitled, childish, whiny subculture on the internet. They make Karens look reasonable. The reaction you're getting is just a by-product of making content targeting this sad subculture that thinks not being able to buy a reasonably priced GPU is some kind of hardship. It's pathetic. Add to this the fact that basically any GPU bought in 2020 up to mid-2021 will already have paid itself off enough to be effectively BELOW MSRP if you had mined on it during the 20 hours a day you're not gaming. Sounds like the average gamer has shitty financial sense too.
fasthdharley Aylar önce
I watch your videos because they are always current with what’s going on, there’s enough tech talk but not too much, and your character and comedy keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work!
John Aylar önce
I love and appreciate you guys and I know what's up. Hang in there. Keep making content! Deep dives, explore Alder Lake. We can't allow the haters to win. We need to hang in and stick together or the virus and shitty A-holes that put us here have won. Things will improve.
John Barden
John Barden 23 gün önce
I've only recently discovered your channel. I find it informative in a way that I enjoy. There will always be negative people in the world, please keep doing what you're doing. I personally enjoy it.
Justin W
Justin W Aylar önce
Hey man, I know this is a difficult and uncertain time, praying for you. I do think that the custom builds were really interesting and fun to watch, that’s what made me follow this channel originally and then I just started to enjoy you as a creator and now I watch almost every video you put out. I know I also like your analysis or talks about just current events in the tech world. Hope you get some clarity soon on where to place your channels focus.
Camden Furry
Camden Furry Aylar önce
I personally love the "PC Mythbusters" type videos where you try wacky out of the box stuff. Crazy coolers, weird component combos, all of the above! Keep it up jay. There's alot of crappy people out there but hopefully us loyal fans can shine through the darkness.
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Aylar önce
Some of the stuff is pretty funny. Like I remember one video of them doing an old CPU/GPU and I was like, "I pretty sure I had that in HS....like 20 years ago....." Lol
Cody Hill
Cody Hill Aylar önce
hey jay. I have watched your channel awhile now. you guys are awesome. I hear your struggle and would like to help. seeing more diagnosis software/hardware content is always helpful and appreciated.
cody Donaho
cody Donaho Aylar önce
Honestly I just like watching the three of you do what makes you feel good and enjoy doing. I watch all of your videos and enjoy it all.
Blood Torn Moon
Blood Torn Moon Gün önce
I dont usually Comment on videos, BUT i enjoy watching what you put out. I never had or have a issue on the way you guy do your videos. You guys do a amazing job, in my opinion. I rather watch this channel Tec over anyone else. I messed with Computer for 10 years and im always learning new things. I been trying to push more and more, and this channel feeds my ideas. The Comedy and the side comments and goofy-ness of the channel is great. It makes it fun. I personally enjoy watching all the different builds and way you build PCs. I love watching custom water-cools. I'm trying to learn as much as i can about those so i can do one my own, without messing it up haha As for the give away. Im always happy to see someone win! Congrats on them, its awesome that you guys have the ability to do that!
Gidon Cohen
Gidon Cohen Aylar önce
Hey Jay! And Nick and Phil too!! To be honest. I just love watching your videos. I truly do not care what you guys post, because I will watch it either way. For me, I just like watching the three of you goof around with tech. I am a college student, and student life is tough and really tedious. I just like to rewind at the end of the day and watch some Jay :)
ian roz
ian roz Aylar önce
I wanna see you guys having fun, testing, building, explaining, teaching, and maybe some crazy stuff. The more i hear phil burst out laughing the better
Steven Nassibian
Steven Nassibian Aylar önce
Phil's laugh makes me smile.
Major Tom
Major Tom Aylar önce
just do what you love, simple. this will come through in ur videos, your audience may change, people will come and go, but if u stay true to your passions, people will filter in, as well as out.
Chase Dart
Chase Dart Aylar önce
Really appreciate this video and it's content. FYI, I love watching you guys build stuff and test out high end tech. Do I wish I had 30k laying around to buy a dream build? Sure!! I don't. I'm cool with it. In every video I watch of you guys or anyone else, I learn something that helps me in the real world of bills are due. Keep up the good work and hey, we all need to whine so long as there's cheese.
Jason Reid
Jason Reid Aylar önce
Excellent video, good to hear honesty from creators - I like the product reviews and always keep the comedy and personality, that’s why we watch! - oh, and my first build was as a result of learning from your videos so thank you!
Namby Aylar önce
I'm a relatively new viewer on this channel so my favourite content from you guys are the "How To's". I like that this channel has built my knowledge and confidence to where I know I can successfully build a PC or troubleshoot an existing build somewhat effectively. I do also really enjoy the "rating your setups" videos just because they're fun!
CrashForce Aylar önce
Totally hear you Jay and while we run a channel that is only supposed to be a hobby and is of a much smaller scale than your channel, it definitely gets frustrating to try out different things, especially video topics that the audience once enjoyed watching, and then have these videos perform well below the average compared to other videos on the channel. It gets worse when you reach out to TRvid for help because they always come up with different excuses about why the channel is performing a certain way and always highlight that one negative aspect of the channel while ignoring the ten other positive aspects/metrics that should actually make the channel more popular and its videos watched more often. While the audience might play a role in this, I'm afraid that TRvid's algorithm plays an even bigger role as it appears to favour certain channels over others while tanking the viewership of those channels it doesn't like. It's a shame especially when you put countless of hours into making content.
flameshana9 Aylar önce
TRvid is like crypto mining. Rewarding those who are already rich with more money for doing very little work. All while punishing the people who work harder and harder every year.
crayoneater_1 Aylar önce
MowkMeister Aylar önce
Honestly, just do what you enjoy the most. On occasion I watch your videos if I need to learn something, but more so just cause you guys are entertaining. Watching people talk about and do things they're passionate about is always enjoyable to watch imo.
Dayenah Aylar önce
Personally I mostly watch hardware related videos like overclocking guides, GPU und CPU Reviews, etc. and I love videos like troubleshooting new world. Those are the videos I enjoy the most but honestly I watch most of your videos and I don't care what they are about. I love your an your teams work! :)
I threw in a sub, I've been watching your channel for a little bit now, you and Linus are the two I check out from time to time. I am always looking for any kind of info for my build or what might be a good combo for a build. I know very little about tech and you guys help people like me finding things that go together that way we aren't putting square blocks in round holes. Stay positive sir, we are all on the same boat about hating covid and it's impact on our hobbies. Just got to push through it and hope for the best. Happy holidays to you and your team!
Mackowski91 Aylar önce
Hi Jay! Do what You love to do! Keep up the good job! Your content is the best and don't change it!
HotRodHippie Aylar önce
Jay - "How do you do a 10 minute video about a Power Supply? I wouldn't watch that." Gamers Nexus - "Hold my hairspray!"
Milan Čermák
Milan Čermák Aylar önce
Definitely. Speed running the Gigabyte PSU was one hack of a video.
Saltylelele Aylar önce
I was about to say that
Ryan N
Ryan N Aylar önce
Hey Jay , first off i would like to say thank you. When it comes to becoming a part of a community, its best to have open communication with everyone and you are always the number 1 person who i can trust to know who and what your channel is about. Second, content wise, I have been fortunate enough to begin my career in IT within the past 8 months, having to switch from customer service due to Covid-19. Knowing that you used to be a IT technician for many years before starting the channel, I would like to see you give any advice to those who want to make a career in IT. Not so much on the technical/support side, but in the automation and a growth standpoint.
Polmao Aylar önce
I dont even build pcs and I love the building videos. I find all of this entertaining. Its a shame when people get toxic though. I say keep doing whatever you feel is fun and creative. Its such a pain to listen to everyone
theUeki49 Aylar önce
I'm new just found you just 2 days ago so I wanted to say thanks you guys helped me troubleshoot my first pc build. I was hoping to frequent this channel to learn more about pc building you and LTT are the guys that make sense
relmdrifter Aylar önce
I love the case mods. Also still watch the tech news. Love you guys! Anything exploding is good times :) Also goof off videos once in a while are cool (I liked the VR Drone video)
Hunter Walters
Hunter Walters Aylar önce
As more of a “watcher” rather than an “interacter” I’ve never felt more compelled to voice my appreciation. You and your team are the reason I tune in - the tech of course provides a topic, but I want to hear Jay and his teams perspective. I watch for your perspective and your personality. Im more attached to you than I am a product. The uniqueness of things like your Star Wars build or the after school PC center are things I don’t see anyone else doing and it’s why I watch. Views may be down but I’ve never felt more connected to this channel. You guys are real and the perspective you offer is relatable. As long as you guys cover things that YOU think are interesting, I’ll watch all day. People enjoy watching people cover what brings them passion. And there is no shortage of that here. Keep it personal to you and I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Appreciate y’all and the hard work you put in each day so my day has a bit more entertainment and know-how than it would have otherwise. Keep being you!
Andrew Larkin
Andrew Larkin Aylar önce
As a fellow “non Interactor” I struggled to know what to write but wanted to write something. THIS says it well. I’m a dad with two little kids and I don’t always get to watch as much content as I want to. This video makes me wish I could do more to help the creators I like. I am a TRvid premium subscriber and I try to fall asleep to my favorite tech videos most nights.
Saputra saputra
Saputra saputra Aylar önce
imagine a life without cryptocurrency that would be a paradise 🌈
Marty Hattingh
Marty Hattingh Aylar önce
Nailed it!
Chris Locher
Chris Locher Aylar önce
+1 For this. Couldn't have said it better myself!
Miles Du Heaume
Miles Du Heaume Aylar önce
Right On!!
James Gillies
James Gillies Aylar önce
Jay, I've just subscribed. Been watching your content for years now, and have always valued your objective and well-thought out opinion/description of a given scenario. Don't worry about perceived "whinyness" - it wasn't. You're direct and transparent, that always comes across. I guess in terms of content we want to see versus what you're able to create with the current supply crisis, I wonder if you'd consider looking at software-based content to balance out the lack of available hardware? In the end, your testing methodology and your balanced views are what is most important, that's why your channel is named as such. So perhaps looking at some software-based content - reviews, news, tutorials might be an idea? We all like to learn, and we all like a laugh along the way, whether it's a screwdriver exercise or a bit of deep-dive into some tech it doesn't bother me. Many thanks for everything you've made so far, it's been great. James
Christian Aylar önce
You guys are doing great. I love build videos, the reviews, the vlog style, anything really. Loved the tech center series (great cause.) I will go out of my way to find your videos (and the other tech tubers) because I don't see it on my recommended as much. As far as the people who are bad viewers..... people who actually want to build a system are smart enough to understand the market. I'm going to keep watching whatever you make. Thank you. P.S. I've built 5 computers with the help of you guys
Kristian Van Wiel
Kristian Van Wiel Aylar önce
Love the videos, I usually appreciate the how tos since those don't usually require going out and getting a hard to find product. Videos like cable management, bios settings, windows apps we should use, etc. I would love to see case comparisons, fan comparisons, and maybe even more peripheral reviews since these are things im more likely to change in my setup in the next 2 to 3 years.
Stian S
Stian S Aylar önce
Keep on what your doing best :D we all love what you do and the guidence you give
thomas d
thomas d Aylar önce
You aren't bad guys. The vocal minority strikes again. Views are down for everyone. Do videos about what you find interesting and fun. If the passion isn't there it shows
simonhager93 Aylar önce
Personally I love the fun vids like the exploading waterloop and the drones and just the general chemistry with you guys, mixed with some DIY desk/gaming room and such, love the tech to but understand that many might not.
Scary Bonsai
Scary Bonsai Aylar önce
I learned so much from your videos and built my first pc based on what i learned. I trust your opinions on products and always watch your channel to answer questions I have. I appreciate what you guys do. Pay no mind to haters :).
Mobin Amiri
Mobin Amiri Aylar önce
Jay it's a hard time for all of us. I appreciate what you are doing
ipodman505 Aylar önce
How dare you do what you love! How dare you try your absolute best do deliver enjoyable content to your viewers! Keep up the good work Jay, don't listen to those haters. They're just the type of people who are looking for something to get mad over. Love you Jay ❤
Frederick Morrison
Frederick Morrison Aylar önce
I appreciate what you and the team are doing. I like the new product videos and the "hmmmm what could happen" videos. I'm grateful for the giveaways you have done and I'm sorry that the over-entitled snowflakes give you crap about doing what you love. Stay strong, stay sane and I will be here watching each video.
Anders Jæger
Anders Jæger Aylar önce
Thank you, that's it thank you for everything Jay please don't give up on the amazingly good deeds because of those few idiots ❤
Ian Shoop
Ian Shoop Aylar önce
I've always enjoyed the troubleshooting pc issues type videos, but I will watch anything you decide to put out cause I enjoy all different forms of tech content
Rocket Wrench
Rocket Wrench Aylar önce
Jay, I want to see the videos that YOU want to make. I've watched your videos all these years because of YOUR creativity and thirst for producing content. If you're doing what you love, you'll do a good job as you always have. The complainers and haters will never be satisfied. Your fans know you're a good dude. We'll still be here when the trolls get tired and leave. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
RyterINC Aylar önce
Honestly, my favorite thing is when "old" tech is made useful, or doing things that a normal user wouldn't think of, but would still be cool. Like how to paint your gpu or something. I've always appreciated your stance on tech and how you don't have to have the latest and greatest to have an awesome setup. Hope this helps!
george deley
george deley Aylar önce
I agree, the thing I’ve always liked about jay is that he’s not running around saying “install this £1500 graphics card”. I like him utilising older tech. I feel like some youtubers always do a build and go pick the most expensive parts from there collection. It’s boring and almost feels like there showing off sometimes.
mdrost77 Aylar önce
Agree!! make my old tech fly and boost my 970 and old cpu.. How to kick Windows 10 into obedience.. Kill the overhead! And research how we can adopt to Windows 11 in the future (we will be forced to use it) without our data being ripped by them..
Avon Perera
Avon Perera Aylar önce
Came here to say just this. I miss the competitive dumpster diving episodes from LTT. They were hilariously entertaining. It's like breathing new life into old cars
Russell Lee
Russell Lee Aylar önce
Actually, another video that I can't seem to find anywhere online is ITX PCs with APU and instead of GPU, using the PCIE slot for a capture card instead (maybe as a 2nd PC for streaming?). Is this even possible?
Russell Lee
Russell Lee Aylar önce
Old tech made new is a great idea. Another fun one I can think of is buying a whole load of cheap parts online for testing. Finding that 1 great overlooked product amongst 100 feels rewarding. The remaining 99 just makes up for comedy content. Maybe building a pc with the worst parts found or even with all underrated parts would be great.
Wurzig. Gaming
Wurzig. Gaming Aylar önce
This may be my second time ever commenting on a video but Jay.. your core subscribers love the content you put out. I feel for you having views not what they should be because of the current landscape. Keep on keeping on. Between you, Paul, Linus, and Steve I have all aspects of tech that I could hope for, from the surface level overview to the way too in depth. I love it. Thank you for doing what you do 💜
Austin Ford
Austin Ford Aylar önce
I believe everything you guys are doing is great. I always come back to your videos and have helped me immensely on my build. As for the content i always loved the extreme overclocking and cooling videos like the one where you used liquid nitrogen on a gpu.
Mohammad Oubeid
Mohammad Oubeid Aylar önce
Thanks to you and the team for always putting out content I enjoy. Ignore the negative people because there's a lot of us out there that enjoy and love your content. I know this channel is focused more on tech, builds, testing, and tips. Maybe since people can't focus on their builds and have money to spend, how about content on things they can do to improve around their build. Like little tech projects to add to their battle station, cable management techniques, etc. I figured since a lot of people can't focus on their builds directly, there's room for work around their builds. I myself started from a battle station to a battle room and have spent a lot of time focusing on that.
Mark Rocheleau
Mark Rocheleau Aylar önce
I still like seeing the build videos especially cool custom stuff. I know some of my cable management got better by watching your videos. It's just unfortunate that people take their frustrations out on you guys.
Erik Martus
Erik Martus Aylar önce
I would love to see more modding content. It’s really refreshing seeing a more artistic side to PC building. Doing things around different themes, taking something that looks like crap and making it something amazing, even just little DIY things that can make a computer unique. Watching computer builds is great, but building a computer now is really no different than it has been. Seeing you guys work on something that is unique and you can take pride is is really fun to watch because even you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. I love watching videos from DIY Perks even though what he is making is impractical for the average person, its engaging to see a different way that computers can be put together or fit in a space. Looking forward to whatever you guys bring to the table coming up.
Reka Primasetyo
Reka Primasetyo Aylar önce
Yeah, I think we've know jayz as the one who do out of the box DIY things or trying some funs stuff other than linus.
Victor Mejia
Victor Mejia Aylar önce
I recently started watching your channel so far i don't have any complaints on the videos you guys put up. I appreciate the honesty and you guys always trying to improve the channel through feedback, i will continue watch no matter the content.
Anders Salomonsen
Anders Salomonsen Aylar önce
Continue the good work Jay, i love all you do🙂. Respect 👍👍
Bret Aylar önce
Jay, for me, your best videos are the ones where you do Mythbuster-type content. E.g. making ridiculous custom builds, or testing out stupid ideas like cooling your system with a leaf blower. That's what I enjoy about your channel that's different from someone like Linus or Kyle or Paul.
Michael Glasscock
Michael Glasscock Aylar önce
Keep doing what u guys do and I will keep watching. I love new tech. I sub to very little on TRvid but I plan on sticking with you guys.
arar arara
arar arara Aylar önce
I will say even if I cannot get anything, I enjoy planning for when I can. Without you doing benchmarks and builds, I would be entirely out of the loop as to what is new without you. Stay above the hate and I will always give you guys a view and a like for your TRvid metrics but like I said, keep doing what you're doing
David Bennett
David Bennett Aylar önce
this, and thank you Jay and the guys for all yall do to educate and entertain us!
Patrick Schraner
Patrick Schraner Aylar önce
Same 💪🏻👍🏻
Christopher Knerr
Christopher Knerr Aylar önce
I have to say I watched Jay for a good 6-8 months straight on current and old reviews when I was building my Ryzen system a little over a year ago. Without his help I would have definitely over bought on parts and probably would have been no where near as happy with the results!
Echristoffe Aylar önce
Fazz73jr Aylar önce
Matt Dunavant
Matt Dunavant Aylar önce
Appreciate all the hard work you guys, thanks
Grim Northlander
Grim Northlander Aylar önce
Personally I watch everything you guys are uploading. I bought my first system earlier this year and I'm trying to learn as much as I possibly can about PC's. As a matter of fact, before I bought my PC I watched tons of your videos as guidelines as to what to look for. Thank you for an amazing channel.
Chris Morley
Chris Morley 28 gün önce
Jay I love your stuff, you helped me build my own PC's. Only down side I am in the UK and I understand it's hard to include non US members on give aways. Just keep doing what you guys are doing it's great.
Josh Thornburg
Josh Thornburg Aylar önce
First off thanks Jay for the content you make! I have found many of your vids helpful and entertaining. Keep doing what you do! I wouldn’t mind seeing some more custom loop content. I am interested in doing one in the future and love to learn more. The modding stuff is always cool to watch. Informational notices are always good. I for one trust what you and other knowledgeable creators say about products and installation practices etc. keep up the good work!
HermanTheThird Aylar önce
The thing I most enjoy on this channel is when you guys make something completely ridiculous and have fun while doing it. The chemistry between the three of you is hilarious and that's what I'm here for. Silly challenges, completely impractical builds, that sort of stuff.
Heather Crinean
Heather Crinean Aylar önce
feck em. keep being awesome
Zach Ralph
Zach Ralph Aylar önce
Yup, this right here is always a golden video idea!
Mithra Gieowarsingh
Adam Poole
Adam Poole Aylar önce
The crazy Jay style science experiments are such a fun watch even more so now and I wouldn't mind some reviews of things like peripherals or games ect
Dan H.
Dan H. Aylar önce
Yes, this
Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson Aylar önce
The Experimentation and Humorous Videos are the ones that made me Subscribe. Of course I appreciate the deep dive content as well. Variety is the spice of life.
wolfcowboy74 2 gün önce
I enjoy watching your videos, it’s one of the reasons I want to build my own computer, no I don’t do gaming, but it will still be nice to have a custom built computer to do my work on, I would like to see some videos on building a computer with some of the more cheaper mother boards like the aorus x570 and the difference with the b550 and what parts you would use for a computer build for every day use
James Harvey
James Harvey Aylar önce
Thanks for your content. I like your humorous ads and even your "Dad Jokes". I think you do a great job of explaining the tech and when it gets hard, you admit it and get Steve at GN. I don't know about deep dives or changing for changes sake. BTW the 12th Gen intel chips, the cores seem to be fighting each other and dropping performance like an old dual Xeon setup
ZZstaff Aylar önce
Love your videos, always have. Keep up the great work!
Pabz Roz
Pabz Roz Aylar önce
Please bring back the custom mod PC series like the current star wars build! That's what the majority of us originally subscribed for! We want more of them! They're not so much about the components and more about making a unique custom PC. Hardware isn't the point so it's less triggering for some I would assume. That's my suggestion.
psedog Aylar önce
This right here!
Sergio Manzur
Sergio Manzur Aylar önce
Hi!!! I'm definitely not done watching this channel and believe me man, I love it. You guys and LTT helped me get through one of the most rough years I've had (2020) with the lockdown and all of that. There were no sports, nowhere to go, I couldn't see my family and had to stay home with a 1 yr old and the wife with a ton of work to get done. I love your content and your channel but the main reason I stopped watching is because I stopped seeing your content (new videos, etc.) in my featured page in TRvid, and that's where I discover most of the new videos I watch every day while working. Hope this helps somehow.
Glorious Running Potato
Keep doing what you've been doing for years buddy !
Ryan S
Ryan S Aylar önce
I love watching passion. Whatever you guys are into is awesome. I also like learning more about how things work and seeing really unique or crazy builds that the average person would never see otherwise
FARMER OWGA Aylar önce
I like your "How to..." videos. Please keep going and stay as you are (informative+funny).
Rusty_Bikez Aylar önce
Personally I love the mods/custom builds/general goofy stuff. I also really enjoyed seeing you help the enrichment center out. I've always enjoyed your content, and understand the frustration, I hope you can keep on keeping on. We're all frustrated with tech right now, but you, Linus, Paul, etc. really make it bearable.
Snake Lady
Snake Lady Aylar önce
I've got a junker computer I had planned to turn into a small server that'd be perfect for experimenting with modding. I wouldn't mind seeing both functionality and strictly decorative modding tutorials since both would be loads of fun try. Either way, I just want to learn new info, see cool stuff, and have some laughs like we always do here.
Joseph E
Joseph E Aylar önce
I think it would be awesome if Jay did a video giving some basic tutorials on case modding for either functional purposes like making room for a part that normally wouldn’t fit to cosmetic things like painting a case or adding another clear panel or something.
Toxic Aylar önce
Exactly this. You've taught many of us things about water cooling and how to mod cases properly etc.. Please listen to this guy and keep doing what you do because I feel like when you produce content about stuff you enjoy and have fun with it makes it fun for us all. I don't know why people hate on the give aways it was amazing that you managed to get the brands behind you and help you out. Didn't win, don't care each give away hopefully makes someone's day.
n k
n k Aylar önce
Agreed the custom builds are fun to watch, especially the modded ones. An idea that might help with people being down on all the new hardware is to do more builds with older stuff. Talk about how you can repurpose old tech rather than throw it out. I'm sure everyone who has been building for awhile has a small pile of old parts that they don't know what to do with.
V1-A1 Aylar önce
Same. I watch most videos from GN, Paul & jayz. Just because there is shortage problem and companys makes profit of it, people think Tech youtubers are also part of the problem.
Sir Prise
Sir Prise Aylar önce
I have absolutely no problem with your content rn or basically ever. I love your fun/silly experiments bc youknow theyre fun. But case mods or other stuff like benchmarks are also interesting, to me at least. So just keep going how you are, im happy
ZakaSlocka Aylar önce
Hey man, I just started watching PC tech videos (and your channel) a lot this past week. I have probably already watched over 10 of your videos, and they have been very helpful and informative! Keep it up.
Dude I love your videos keep doing you man you’re a amazing content creator in my opinion
Mark Asiala
Mark Asiala Aylar önce
Lately for me I have enjoyed some of the content that gets me thinking about some of the second tier components (beyond CPU / GPU) that make a difference in terms of performance. That includes memory speed vs. latency, cooling in the case or CPU fans, those types of things where I haven't put as much thought into for every build as picking my CPU / GPU.
Dagger 323
Dagger 323 Aylar önce
Probably in the extreme minority here, but I'd rather see more builds from you guys. It's the reason I subscribed. Even when supply was plentiful, I had to save up for several years to put together my current rig, and I never once felt jealous or annoyed that I was seeing all these enviable builds when I couldn't even afford to upgrade my system yet. I love seeing PC builds and if anything, it makes me more excited about PC gaming/building PCs because it gives me inspiration. I wish more viewers felt the same, because without more regular PC building, the tech space on TRvid has become, in my opinion, very stagnant...
rogueeric Aylar önce
Here here!! I subscribed in 2015 becuase this was and still is the best space online to learn the ins and outs (ha!) of PC watercooling. I'd love to see a return to that! How many radiators does it take to cool X hardware? How little can you get away with? I'd also like to see case reviews from the perspective of a watercooling enthusiast.
Rayanaminge Aylar önce
I think a cool idea would be to reach out to the community, and collaborate on a concept. Maybe like a give away, but a build together. I would freaking love that.
John Lillywhite
John Lillywhite Aylar önce
mcshame Aylar önce
I agree. More builds. I want to see what's out there whether or not I'm ready to build. Keep me educated and informed
Techwood Aylar önce
Daniel Powell
Daniel Powell Aylar önce
Just really sorry to hear you're getting so much crap, Jay. Keep doing what you love doing is all you should be doing.
CryptoFool Aylar önce
Also, love your content and happy to watch any video you guys put out there!
Reginald Bailey
Reginald Bailey Aylar önce
Jay i just wanna say I still appreciate your videos as they are, and I enjoy you on twitch too. Although I think some new content that I'd wanna see is you working on troubleshooting/fixing viewers builds and telling us why they don't work. I've only seen 2 other channels do this and your team has more expertise. (Also its cuz I rly need help with mines and trust you more than say Best Buy)
Outdoors Nevada
Outdoors Nevada Aylar önce
Love the info you give us! Keep doing what you are doing. Tell haters to kick sand.
Permafrost Aylar önce
I almost never comment on videos, but here is my input. I would love a through the ages waterooling builds just to see how far watercooling has come over the years. it's probably just me that thinks it would be cool to see. also love the custom case mods and painting, the hardware isn't important it's all about the painting/modding skills
botorchicken Aylar önce
Water cooling history can be a really nice deep dive type video
Corne Botes
Corne Botes Aylar önce
Yes yes a Thousand times YES. From the first home made water cooling with parts from everywhere and how it was done. All the way to what we have now.
DIY Guy John
DIY Guy John Aylar önce
That sounds like a good video! I'd love to see that as well
Musaed M
Musaed M Aylar önce
I'd like that too!
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