We Might Have Just Found Susan Powell's Remains At The Bottom Of An Abandoned Mineshaft

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10 Şub 2022




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HeavyDSparks Yıl önce
I know that some of you may have watched Alan's final video of this search where he mentioned that we didn't find anything but he posted that video before we were able to meet with Susan's family who confirmed that some of the evidence that we found could very likely belong to Susan. We will not know until DNA testing has been completed but Susan's own father says that he is "confident" that we found some of her remains. Alan has become aware of this information and will be adjusting his video to reflect this new information that we received. Here is a news article speaking with Susan's father about our discoveries: kutv.com/news/local/susan-powells-father-confident-some-of-susans-remains-have-been-discovered
Nick Gettys
Nick Gettys 4 gün önce
Just a thought shot in the dark.......but in your video someone spoke of an interview with the oldest kid. And i remember the kid saying mommy is safe. she by the rasberry bush then very adimitablely correctes himself i mean the blueberrys shes where the blueberries are!! If the kid saw his mom or anything that was done to her remains i dont see being thrown in a mine and fire pushed in on top of her as him thinking "mommy is safe " but what if he buried her near the blueberries instead? I could see the kid thinking mommy was safe there. Maybe he started to throw her in the mine byt the kid woke up and was in a panic so to calm him he changed the plan. Does that even sound plausable to anyone else? Maybe maybe not its just been knawing at my since i saw fhe last video and thought id throw it out there. 😊
Dawn Cornwall
Dawn Cornwall 27 gün önce
According to news sources, the DNA evidence says not her.
Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones 3 aylar önce
Is there any confirmation that it's Susan's remains?
Chris Branch
Chris Branch 4 aylar önce
What's your response to the allegations of the guy that started adventures with purpose rape charges
The Biker Photographer
Mad repsect to you guys for doing that.
Millennial Farmer
This is unbelievable, man. Pretty crazy what you're doing as a group of private citizens. I wish you the best. This series has been phenomenal.
Glena Ferguson
Glena Ferguson 11 aylar önce
The DNA wouldn’t be used for anything more than an ID of the body. Nothing to do with the killer.
Bri Yıl önce
@DieselDabz710 no… I’m a realist that knows that everyone has to make money, and that doesn’t take away from the good that they do. People that work for charities and non profits make money. Doctors and nurses make money. So using your logic when a doctor saves someone’s life, maybe even your own, it doesn’t matter because they’re being paid for their work? You’re the one that needs to wake up. I’m legitimately sorry that the amount of money this man makes clearly makes you very insecure, but at least he’s using some of it to try and do good. I’ve only watched like two of this dudes videos, because, frankly, I find them to be boring and over produced, but your anger towards him says more about you than it does about him.
DieselDabz710 Yıl önce
@Bri You have any idea how much money Heavy made off this entire "project?" Or everyone else? You act like it was all done for free just cause he's that nice guy. Wake up.
DieselDabz710 Yıl önce
@S I think he saying y'all act like they doing God's work and all outta the kindness of their hearts. They might be ok people and definitely make quality viewing content, but they are NOT doing this for free. Do you people have any idea how much money they make off? The publicity of it all? Look at his views on TRvid alone, he's making bank guys.
Shirley Morales
Shirley Morales 9 aylar önce
There's an abandoned mine in AZ that has bones and a pile of children's shoes.Eazy to walk into and not that far back. Definitely eery. I wish someone would investigate it ! If I had a child missing I would want it investigated ! If I were law enforcement I'd want to be the hero who investigated it !So much appreciation and respect you guys aren't just flying over or taking a ride to make a video. Your out there digging useing equipment sweat tears and in dangerous places giving it all you got !!!
Ely Ace
Ely Ace 24 gün önce
I just watched that video a couple hours ago 😅
AM NOYB 4 aylar önce
"I wishes" don't get the job done. This takes time and money.
sandie nesta
sandie nesta 4 aylar önce
@Mary why are these not closed off? i worry about the animals too!
Gedene Felgar
Gedene Felgar 4 aylar önce
Is that Alan's property or is that the mine connected to? his house he is building? Is that where he lives
Thomas Gabrielsen
Thomas Gabrielsen 9 aylar önce
I love how you gave every single person on your team a shout-out and gave them the credit they deserve. This is an important part of good leadership and far too many leaders do not do this. I'm convinced everyone appreciated showing you see them and the work they do.
The War Room
The War Room 9 aylar önce
Brother, I just found your channel because of the Lake Mead extraction. I have to say: Seeing men like you give me hope for humanity. You guys do amazing work, and you seem to have genuine hearts. Very rare in today's age. Cheers, men! Keep doing the good work! Subbed!
Moonshine Pond Homestead
Me Too. It was great to see that man, Craig his houseboat rescued. Mead sure is going down awful fast as if its being drained. Very suspicious, as I'm sure many people are. 🤔 But this is One damn exciting channel and glad I founded it, Heavy D Sparks and Crew. 👏🏾 Was On the edge of my seat this whole show.
Yvonne Greenberg
Yvonne Greenberg 9 aylar önce
That’s how I found you wonderful men as well.
Bea Strong
Bea Strong 9 aylar önce
That’s how I found them too!!!!
Kerri 11 aylar önce
Thank you all for what you do! This hits home. I was in an abuse marriage. It's hard to leave them cause you are so scared. I have been free for 5 years now. I hope Susan is found and bought home. It's heartbreaking. Praying for her family.
Kerri Aylar önce
@Ryan Haney Thank you. It means a lot! Best wishes to you as well!
Ryan Haney
Ryan Haney Aylar önce
Glad you found the stength to get away from that, i can't imagine how hard that must have been. Best wishes for the rest of your life, keep going
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Connie laufer
Connie laufer 9 aylar önce
I remember watching this story being so horrified, and my heart breaking for her parents. Then thinking there has to be a way to go down those mine shafts, if not people maybe with a drone, or rover, something, somehow to find her, and wishing there were the resources available to do so. You guys are so awesome for feeling the same and being in a position to figure out those resources and try.
Hunter Linker
Hunter Linker 11 aylar önce
Huge respect to you guys for doing this. All the man hours, the logistics, the money, super hard work in very tough conditions that your team put in so this family can get some closure. And on top of that the production quality of this series is top notch, way beyond anything aired on television. Great job and once again mad respect to you and your guys!
Donna Macy
Donna Macy 3 aylar önce
I have watched the search for Susan. She married into a horrible family! Thank you so much to everyone who searched for her! Her poor parents having to go through such horror and losses makes my heart ache. God bless you all for never giving up!
Dutchgram 10 aylar önce
Remarkable courage, strength, compassion and dedication. I'm glad that this was all recorded to help show to what lengths people went to. People really DO CARE! Thank you
Mandy Côté
Mandy Côté 9 aylar önce
It’s the people in the guise of government that don’t and their elites 🇨🇦
Susan Adair
Susan Adair 9 aylar önce
Add a pitch fork to your digging equipment
EscalateTheRelevant Day
breaks my heart that she hasn't been found :( you guys did such an incredible job looking for her - all that hard work and time, and bravery it took to go down that hole. I pray that one day she is found so that the family can lay her to rest properly.
MESSAGE +①(②①⑨)②⑥⑥-①④④①
SlimTheGoat 9 aylar önce
Man I'd have volunteered in a heart beat, been a tree guy my whole life so all this is right up my alley. Even though it's seemingly fewer and farther between but every once in a while I see a video like this that restores my faith in humanity.
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan Rose Yıl önce
This series has me more intrigued than any truck giveaway or anything else that y'all have done. I'm a motor head but this is next level humankind right here. You guys are a special breed!
Kevin D.
Kevin D. 9 aylar önce
Wish i could watch this without the music.
Kapuss Floyd
Kapuss Floyd 9 aylar önce
Agreed 💯% I’m a gear head and watching the fellas go on these rescues is just unheard of and great amazing group of guy’s.
Katalina 9 aylar önce
Seriously tho
Nancy Testani
Nancy Testani 9 aylar önce
Right on..
Shirley Morales
Shirley Morales 9 aylar önce
Jonathan Rose best comment
Wayne Davis
Wayne Davis 8 aylar önce
Not only did you try to help a family find a loved one and had one hellva adventure that you guys will never forget! Thank for all your efforts. The world needs more people like you guys.
Melonlovesyou Yıl önce
As a mother of a 2.5 and 3 year old boy I left an abusive relationship two years ago, he almost killed me but I escaped so seeing this hit differently. Thank you for searching for her like this I’m sure the family feels blessed to have the help. No one deserves this they say it’ll get better or they’ll quit and they don’t. If anyone out there feels stuck please get out you are worthy, give yourself that love you give to others and things will get better!
Melonlovesyou 4 aylar önce
@undercoverpighunter I mean I’m free from one of my abusers but it comes with other problems; such as I don’t have a license (I’m epileptic) or transportation but I know God will send me a miracle! So I have faith that eventually my medical issues will be treated. I’ll just keep praying and having optimism.
undercoverpighunter 4 aylar önce
Hope your ok now ah
MESSAGE +①(②①⑨)②⑥⑥-①④④①
art ninja
art ninja 10 aylar önce
So I had never heard of you before your collab with Adventures with Purpose. I've come to really love your recovery videos and videos like this. The amount of time, effort, and enthusiasm you and your people put into everything you do is amazing. Thank you for documenting these things, so those of us who cannot be there beside you in the moment can at least be there after the fact.
Tokyo_Taxi 4 aylar önce
This video brought tears to my eyes. I watched a special on the Susan Powell case earlier this year and was so disturbed by it that I cried myself to sleep that night. I haven't forgotten about it since. You guys are nothing short of heroes. God bless you all.
Kandi Wolfe
Kandi Wolfe 9 aylar önce
First òf all, I've got to send all of you gentlemen my biggest thanks for stepping up, down and out in order to hopefully find some clues/evidence that may provide some answers to Susan's family and friends. Thanks, as well, to all of you who contributed to this search by providing needed equipment, technology, and necessary supplies. Thanks to all of you who have watched all of this unfold, who are steadfast in sending prayers daily and giving your support to the family for years. Bless every single one of you!! Please stay happy, healthy and honed-in on your world and your part in it! Peace to all...💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙
Unified Global
Unified Global Yıl önce
If that were my daughter that could be "buried" down that hole - I'd want someone to look for her with the same dedication and commitment that this team of men showed here in this video! This truly brings me confidence in the human family once again! Nice work gentleman!
Shelby Yıl önce
@Steven Emes maybe you could have afforded to do so he was fighting to keep custody of those kids From Josh And on a limited income you can’t say that
Steven Emes
Steven Emes Yıl önce
@Katykatchan 💟 harsh or not I would of done more.
Katykatchan 💟
Katykatchan 💟 Yıl önce
@Steven Emes Her father HAS searched many mine shafts over the years- did you see his patch on his jacket that said “I’d rather be flying”??? He has spent his elderly years searching the depths of the earth- the polar opposite of flying- to bring his daughter home. No offence but I feel like you’re being a bit harsh on the poor man. He is doing all he can ❤️‍🩹
Steven Emes
Steven Emes Yıl önce
@wendi jones She went missing in 2009, so he has has plenty of time to start looking, maybe start a go fund me to pay for a search, not just sit and wait for someone to offer. I would of turned over every stone possible.
Steven Emes
Steven Emes Yıl önce
@wendi jones I'm saying he should of been looking before these guys started their search.
ConcernedVet 9 aylar önce
I just found your videos today after watching another channel about lake mead and seeing your comment asking about the stranded house boat. Gotta say I think it’s awesome what you guys do for people. Great content, can’t wait to see you guys help stranded house boat guy.
KingSkyland Antonio
KingSkyland Antonio 8 aylar önce
Me three
Moonshine Pond Homestead
Me too. This channel is already huge, cant believe I hadn't ran across it until now. I believe that man with the houseboat needs more help. I'm sure he cant stay on Mead with the way water is going down.
Andy Brown
Andy Brown 9 aylar önce
Your content in this search earned the likes but taking the moment to reach out to any abuse survivors earned the subscription. I see so much online that absolutely destroys my faith in humanity, but all it takes is one video/series like this to completely restore it. All of you are Legends
Tenn K
Tenn K 8 aylar önce
The thing that constantly stands out to me in these is what a big heart Dave has. Just a solid human. I wish I knew him personally. I’d work for him in a heartbeat.
Irun Wire
Irun Wire 6 aylar önce
Wow is all I can say. The dedication of you and your team was beyond amazing. I haven’t seen hard work, determination and brother hood like this since I retired from the military. Yeah I know I a, 7 months over due on this but awesome job. This video actually brings tears to my eyes.
NVGUY4732 9 aylar önce
The dedication from you and your crew is simply amazing. Great video!
AM Z Yıl önce
I just feel the need to express my feelings on this situation; when a group of guys that have a TRvid channel that have the resources, mindset, and physical capabilities to do the research on the case and pull together a plan that even professional recovering agencies didn't want to risk, makes them the true definition of MEN!! You guys have just planted a solid spot in my heart for taking this all the way and showing others what humanity is about. Hopefully that made sense. Love you guys for choosing to do this and praying the items are the closure the family deserves. Badass!!
Katykatchan 💟
Katykatchan 💟 Yıl önce
Absolutely!! They are very much MEN- brave, heroic, hardworking, gentle, yet determined to risk their lives for the sake of others ❤️ Really touched me, so much that I shed a few tears at their humanity and giant hearts. Wish them nothing but the best ☮️
Justin W
Justin W Yıl önce
Agree 100%. They risked their own lives just to help bring closure to that lead and potentially that case. I wish I could shake their hands. What a great group of people.
O EAO Yıl önce
This means cops doing a bad job…I already seen/heard TRvid divers find at least 16 remains under water…now there’s TRvidr diggers
wendi jones
wendi jones Yıl önce
To all of you that took part in this endeavor-EXTRAORDINARY JOB AND VIDEO!!! Though the story is tragic you presented it beautifully
KT Yıl önce
Absolutely!! 💯
Amanda Maynard
Amanda Maynard 8 aylar önce
Omg you guys are so brave and unbelievably selfless it’s incredible!!! As you were talking about your bread, I felt like I couldn’t breathe myself in that closed small area. I can’t believe what you guys do for justice and for this family! It truly is incredible! You guys should get a lot more credit then you do! No way would the police go this distance to find someone…. Actually they probably don’t have the guys to do it like you guys!!!! Wow I’m just truly blown away by your dedication ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ amazing truly amazing job
Elizabeth Mclaughlin
Elizabeth Mclaughlin 9 aylar önce
You are an awesome person to work with, being able to compliment and praise your workers is the best way to get someone to want to do more and better work. I wish others did more of that for the people who work for them. It’s a great feeling to feel appreciated
Jaylen smith
Jaylen smith Yıl önce
You guys are truly amazing at what you’re doing and accomplishing. Keep going man spread this kindness around to everyone. We all love you HeavyD💗
MESSAGE +①(②①⑨)②⑥⑥-①④④①
Cold Mermaid True Crime
I'm speechless. What you guys did, all the logistics, the will to do this, the preparations for this searching, you guys risked your lives literally. I have much respect for American people like you guys always willing to do something and always making community that's something I deeply admire. God bless you guys 🧡
MESSAGE +①(②①⑨)②⑥⑥-①④④①
Big StR33t from the L.V.K.
I'll tell you what Heavy D, between you and your crew and Jared at the AWP crew, you guys make the world a better place by being compassionate, and selfless, and just overall awesome people. I know you're still looking for Susan as of this episode and I know it cuts to the core when you don't find that "smoking gun" of evidence, but I feel it in my core that you would literally move mountains to find a missing stranger to you but a loved one to someone else. Keep up the good fight and may God bless you, your crew, and your missions. Peace.
CornPop Yıl önce
The fun parts are fun, but realizing this father is hoping you’ll find his daughter is heartbreaking. “More stuff, more bones.” That hit hard.
Jeremiah DeLosSantos
I can't even imagine what this family is going through. Not knowing and no closure. Every parents worse nightmare. So sad and tragic 😥. Praying for the family.
Jenn R
Jenn R 8 aylar önce
Speechless. You and your crew are awesome. And that cave must have been really neat to see the horizontal paths at the end. And seeing the Cox family there - so many things to say. I’m viewing these behind the newest vid so I kinda figure the determination that’s coming about the artifacts found. Very well documented/filmed. Thank you.
J 8 aylar önce
Wow you guys are inspiring me to do more for others. This is how the world should really be. I'm blown away by your massive good deeds!!! You are giving peace of mind and closure to this family. I'm making some serious changes in my life and starting to do more for others just because watching what you do is awesome!!!
Stormy 5 aylar önce
I totally agree! I am committed to doing more for humanity, one person at a time. 👍😃
Jen Mitchell
Jen Mitchell 11 aylar önce
Wow dude, I just came across your vids today. This was the third I watched and Im so invested in cold cases. I give you and your whole team props for taking the time and putting in your blood sweat and tears to go beyond expectations to help solve these crimes. I want to get out there and help you! You legends, keep doing amazing things. Thank you.
KCs Funhouse
KCs Funhouse 9 aylar önce
I hope Susan’s dad gets answers he deserves. You guys are incredible!
Eric Jorgensen
Eric Jorgensen 8 aylar önce
Tragic story about what happened to Susan and her family. You guys are amazing and if I ever get stuck anywhere I'm getting you to help.
Pommie 🐻 Bears
No father or mother should spend their twilight years looking, wondering, where their child’s remains are. I hope it is her, to give these parents peace. Good job, guys. 💜👍🏽
Caroline Logie
Caroline Logie 11 aylar önce
Yes I’m still praying for a find for Susan so she can Rest In Peace!!
Robin Lyerla
Robin Lyerla Yıl önce
I pray they get answers before something happens to either one. That is not always the case. 😔
bigchevy350boy Yıl önce
Agreed 🤝 💯 💚
David Sparks
David Sparks Yıl önce
Dizzy Daydream
Dizzy Daydream 9 aylar önce
My greatest respect to all the men involved in this. True heroes. Great music too! Thank you for sharing this xx thinking of Susan and her family x
Makeup by Pia W
Makeup by Pia W 9 aylar önce
New to the channel and I just wanna thank you guys, for taking time out of your busy schedule, and search for missing loved ones 🥰 you guys are heroes in my book 🥰
Dc Official
Dc Official 9 aylar önce
Jayni Anderson
Jayni Anderson 9 aylar önce
Thank you for looking & filming the hunt for Susan! I pray it is Susan! I so want her family to be able to put her to rest so they can rest. Thank you again.
Slidingheart82 9 aylar önce
My heart just aches for her parents. They have lost literally everything due to one man’s sickness. I wished I could magically give them closure for their hearts and souls. I hope we can bring Susan home before they go home.
FyerFyter33 9 aylar önce
A long time fan and viewer. Those here can see why. You all are the real deal and possess a drive to help humanity in a very rare way. Compassion, competence, generosity, capability…..I can keep going. Well done and all the best to HeavyD and everyone involved.
Kylee Conrad
Kylee Conrad Yıl önce
Even if it's not Susan, the possibility you've found someone else's missing loved one is quite high. I hope it's her, we all do, but either way you guys have done a very valiant thing.
SinclairCupcake Yıl önce
@Ian Paylor Theoretically speaking let’s say there was chemicals at the bottom that were flammable, the idea that there would be so much down there to burn at 1500 degrees on limited oxygen for hours is unlikely. People vastly underestimate how long it would take to destroy a body via fire, there are examples of people who tried and even after 5-6 hours & tons of gasoline they were unable to fully destroy remains. But back to Susan let’s say for the sake of the argument that let’s say that there was a fire down there that burned hot & long enough to destroy her remains. What are the chances that a vertebrae & rib bone made it out unscathed, not only that but a pair of cloth jeans & plastic jug also survived. The logic just doesn’t add up, the most likely scenario is a bunch of idiots in 2009 decided it would be fun to go to the desert and throw stuff down this shaft and eventually burn the structure down. This would have occurred around the time of Susens disappearance but I truly believe they are unrelated. No matter what theory people say in this comment section about it being susens remains down there it always comes down to too many remains or too little remains down there.
Ian Paylor
Ian Paylor Yıl önce
@SinclairCupcake mines can be full of combustibles that can cause chemical fires so it's not improbable that a fire could be reasonably sustained with the right mixture. A single vertical shaft does inhibit airflow though unless there was an air shaft to feed in, which wasn't always the case (based on the look of that shaft size and the tube presumably providing fresh air likely not)
SinclairCupcake Yıl önce
@Nunpho keep in mind that bones burn at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no way that much heat was created by burning wood in a open pit with limited oxygen. Depending on how she was burned, if she even was there is no evidence to support that, it is possible it separated her bones. But it wouldn’t have destroyed them, the statement still holds that it isn’t logical for there to be clearly recognizable rib and vertebrae but the much larger bones to completely vanish in the same amount of time.
Logan Yıl önce
@ariadne0w1 yeah the lower you get the more ground water there is, not to mention every time it rains that hole probably fills with at least a couple feet of water since a lot from the surrounding ground would leak into the hole
Nunpho Yıl önce
@ariadne0w1 it was set on fire remember, that would have a massive effect on things
Exploring with J Productions
I never knew you did this type of stuff! I have a new respect for you and your crew!
Yvette S Rogers
Yvette S Rogers 4 aylar önce
Amazing Job to all the people that came out to get great minds together and execute a plan! I’m sure many of your followers of your channel are proud of doing this dig for a cause that is so dear to Susan’s family! I teared up watching everyone working together!
Ginger ٨ـﮩﮩ♡ Ninja
It blows my mind that you guys can even breathe down there much less do as much work as you've all done. Well done! God bless. 🕊
Stormie Cherie
Stormie Cherie 7 aylar önce
Kudos 👏 to you and your team for this amazing work. It isn't for nothing and it's noticed. Whether you find her or not you've kept this story alive and you've put the effort in. It's men like you who bring people home because you have the heart and make the time. Thank you.
MESSAGE ME+①(④③⑤)②⑥①-⑧④⑨⑦
⤴️⤴️⤴️ Let's talk now....
Nelson Carter
Nelson Carter 4 aylar önce
Thank you. You guys, and the work that you do make me proud to be an American. You guys truly shows the GRIT that this country is made off.
Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan Yıl önce
Dave, Your giving credit to all your team members and collaborators is truly an example of what a great guy you are. The dedication all these guys showed is commendable. I truly hope your mission comes to fruition. Again, God bless you all.
Tracie Stroh
Tracie Stroh Yıl önce
Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan Yıl önce
@helldog918 Well said.
helldog918 Yıl önce
You're only as good as the company you keep, and D is aware if that. Truly blessed
DGRforFreedom61 9 aylar önce
You guys are so incredible and awesome. Thank you for your efforts to solve these type cases. Your willingness to work through all the obstacles a project of this magnitude is rare to say the least. Praying for you guys and your continued safety and success on these projects.
Patrick 9 aylar önce
I got to say, this might be, or it is honestly, the best done YT video I've seen. Never seen better content done for a YT only series. This is not kidding better than any Network/Cable studio show on TV right now, fantastic work Dave, you and your team.
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 8 aylar önce
I'm in total awe of all of the things that you and the guys do. If only more could pitch in for something like this. All I can say is WOW!
Ellie 9 aylar önce
I came across your channel today and I find myself grateful for the group that you are. Your service is bringing many answers and support to families. You display that there is still hope in humanity. My husband had served in Law enforcement for 28 years, and you all are providing such a huge service in ways maybe they haven’t been able to do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! God bless!
Cindy Russell
Cindy Russell 4 aylar önce
My prayers 🙏 are for these parents that they find their daughter so they can have some closure. And to all the men on this job helping trying to find Susan you all stay safe.🇨🇦
WhoopLife Yıl önce
I have never encountered another human that made me truly want to be a better man than Dave Sparks has. I am 54 years old and i am overjoyed to find a younger human that is so inspiring.
Carol Broome
Carol Broome 5 aylar önce
I agree. I think Dave Sparks is an incredible human💞🙏🏼
dillon Yıl önce
honestly admiring.. what a beautiful comment. you’re a god damn good man
Les Nuttall
Les Nuttall Yıl önce
Amen brother
Scott Ziegler
Scott Ziegler Yıl önce
Truly inspiring
John Smythe
John Smythe 6 aylar önce
Hi HeavyD and crew.. I was made aware of your channel through the work you and you guys did on the Dylan Rounds case. You seem like a real grounded guy, willing to offer help to families who have missing love one's. Kudos to you and your team and videos are slick, well edited and very informative.👌
David Evans
David Evans 8 aylar önce
Respect! For all you guys do. Great respect. This one brought tears.
Nicole McCauley
Nicole McCauley 4 aylar önce
You know what, he lost his baby. He lost his grand babies. You gave this man hope again. The smile on Susan’s fathers face was so beautiful and sweet. It was great to see how lovely he was with how everyone was in helping him try to find her and he was so speechless.
Silvia Turean
Silvia Turean 9 aylar önce
Bless you all for your tremendous hearts to help these families in need! ❤️ It is wonderful to know there are still good samaritans out there. Also loved the music & you introducing the crew at the end! God bless each of you & your households! ❤️
Edie Mack
Edie Mack 9 aylar önce
Such great efforts by your crew. Your videos are amazing.
dirtcurt1 Yıl önce
You do realize your crew is risking their lives along with you, doing a pretty amazing service to these people. This is one of the best videos I've seen on TRvid, and I've been watching for over 22 years.
truth prevails
truth prevails Yıl önce
youtube was around prior to 2005.
Rachel MB
Rachel MB Yıl önce
@O EAO considering this is a TRvid comment & it’s almost impossible to recognize someone’s tone via text, I can’t tell if you’re being serious or if there’s sarcasm that I’m consciously choosing to ignore 😩 so I’m just going to answer your question as if you’re genuinely curious & looking for a real response - The (easy) answer is: the same reason Josh would’ve chosen to try and hide her body there (which he casually mentioned prior to Susan going missing) and that’s because… it’s dangerous. He would count on people not being able to thoroughly search for her in one. Longer answer- It is most definitely not “just a hole”, it’s an old & abandoned mineshaft. They carry their own categories of danger, including: black damp (essentially invisible, poisonous gases), toxic water, the walls falling in (aka the earth basically collapsing in on you), and of course there’s the obvious… falling into that “hole” which could be fatal… There are more reasons that will explain why and how this is dangerous. That’s why they’ve got an entire team out there, why they’re being incredibly cautious, why they’ve got certain equipment out there, etc. It’s not an easy search by any means. Again, if you’re truly curious, I encourage you to do a little googling & you’ll be able to read about quite a few accidents & fatalities that have happened over many years when it comes to abandoned mineshafts. Hope this helps! 👍🏼🙂
Jaded Belle
Jaded Belle Yıl önce
@O EAO Dude... you can't be serious?
O EAO Yıl önce
How r they risking their lives? it’s a hole
dirtcurt1 Yıl önce
biblereader can’t argue that, hell I started TRvid
Yaya1974 9 aylar önce
Your commentary at the end moved me as a victim what you said and how you said it it’s facts and helpful and yes DV has no gender I hope Susan’s parents can one day take her home or to her final resting place and I hope they know we have not forgotten Susan her life and legacy will aid others and hopefully save lives
Edward Gaskin
Edward Gaskin 8 aylar önce
Y'all are amazing, the level of dedication to the jobs you do is undeniable. Thank you for all you do. God bless
Fee Man
Fee Man 8 aylar önce
Guys like this restore my faith in men, I hope they are each treasured. Thank you for your efforts and dedication. Bless you all.
Dawn 5 aylar önce
Recommend you guys for the hard work you put into your service and what you provide for people bravo for you guys hopefully it'll pay off for you tenfold
Kathy doebling
Kathy doebling 4 aylar önce
You always say these shows are costly, however, I was taken aback as you mentioned everyone, every company and the family. You see everything but you don't take into account all that is required to put a production on like this. Absolutely amazing. When you do this I get a greater appreciation for what and how much it takes to make one show. By the way, every time you guys go into a mine I find myself holding my breath until you all are out for fear of what danger it appears you all put yourselves in. I have found all these mining shows very interesting and would like to thank everyone involved for their participation to give me a glimpse of another occupation. But most of all I extend a sincere thank you to all of your families for supporting each of you while you do these interesting wonderful deeds you do for others. May God bless all of you.
jinjin0135 Yıl önce
I have a heavy feeling that most of her remains are in the last bird's nest and some pieces have fallen thru as her body decomposed. I really hope there is a firey hell for Josh Powell. I will always think of Susan and her babies.
Katy Toney
Katy Toney 25 dakika önce
​@Miranda Scottyes I agree with you
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott Yıl önce
@Liz C yes I was raised in a church that taught fear and Choose to leave that path believing in God but not having a relationship with him. But we should fear God and if music isn’t to praise him it can be used to open doors or to draw you away. Lucifer was built with musical instruments in his body. And he uses it everyday to draw people away from God. It might seem like it’s not a big deal but once again it’s another lie from the devil that compromise is okay and some worldly music movies and shows are okay. Just be careful up until I found this amazing preacher on TRvid Isaiah salvidar I belive is his last name hearing him talk about it it makes senses. If it doesn’t bring God praise then we shouldn’t partake
Liz C
Liz C Yıl önce
@Miranda Scott If ignoring certain music is important to your personal walk with Yeshua, I admire your conviction. We humans are so limited and fallible, we cannot see into each other's hearts, nor are we expected to, we are only asked to love each other, no matter what. When we worship the Father, we should be coming from a place of deep love and gratitude, not fear. Nor should we use fear when we witness. Many, many souls have been driven out of Christ's arms by angry "believers" spitting fire, brimstone, judgement and bigotry. Bless you sister.
Shawn Billingsley
@Miranda Scott bruh chill
Zoey Lammers
Zoey Lammers 9 aylar önce
I got chills just WATCHING when they found the article of clothing, I can't imagine being right there next to it and having to realize that you could be uncovering that woman's body... Edit: I just wanted to add that it's interesting to see how encouraging her father was for those guys to keep going down and to keep digging because he *knew* she had to be down there. Why else would they be there? Why else would they have brought so much attention to the mine shaft?
Margaret Gomer
Margaret Gomer 9 aylar önce
People who go missing like Susan need people like you guys,you all have hearts of gold ,I am 66 and love your videos.Maggie from Western Australia
The Awesome Creations Channel
Wow! This was something else! The effort that the whole team put in is just exceptional.
christina Willey
christina Willey 10 aylar önce
I started watching you guys first when I seen you all help Jared from Adventures with Purpose .. I was hooked . My husband watched you all do the diesel rigs cause he's a trucker and a bearded old school biker. I am so impressed with your entire team .. You all are righteous dudes . I get nervous watching you guys do some of the stuff you do on pulling cars up cliffs to all this digging and your dedication and heart you all have is simply beautiful and truly poetic how you describe your crew in a family manner which is tearful 😢 I'm a person who can feel who people are by how they act . And I'm in awe by all the love you all show one another .. Truly impressive .. You guys are funny in times that don't interfere with your duties .. I totally am a fan till the end .. I loved the raising of your boat and so on .. Hope your wife got her purse back ..Many praises guys . And love the praying keep on keeping on . Christy Willey a true fan ❤
Catheya Hannas
Catheya Hannas 8 aylar önce
Watching you guys do what you do is helping to renew my faith in humanity. What most people don't realize about domestic violence is that it starts out slowly and little by little becomes your normal. I was very young when I got married and it took me years to get out because I had been conditioned! There needs to be more awareness everywhere.
Anthony B.
Anthony B. Yıl önce
I'm gonna be honest, during the interview with her dad and he said "More parts, more pieces", I kind of lost it. This is a good thing you guys did. It's real hard sometimes to see the good left in the world but you guys embody that. Thank you.
Amanda A
Amanda A Yıl önce
@pousXB Well no one else figured out where to look -- you could have had nothing to watch about it instead...
pousXB Yıl önce
the production value of this series' too good, they could've sped the whole process up instead of milking every single triviality and constantly driving the notion that they're doing it to 'help' people. filming takes time, sorting out through the hours of footage takes time and the interviews take time blah blah. you get the point. too much talk, too little action. the whole thing felt very pretentious, they spent too much on production costs and probably cut a bunch of corners to maximize their own profits. They aren't in it to help people, to them that is a BONUS, the whole point is to sucker you into watching a long video series filled with a ton of 'subtle' product placements and ads which they profit off of. Not to mention the free positive PR. They'll bounce once this trend dies down and he'll use his reputation to fatten his wallet even more. I'm not even asking for non-profit, some profit has to be made to maintain the operation but holy cow, the funds allocated to the specialized equipment/staff used to film and produce this series is EXCESSIVE and UNNECESSARY.
FreyaWarrior Yıl önce
Same. Poor guy, searching for literal pieces of his daughter. I can’t imagine what that would be like.
Mrs Deborah
Mrs Deborah Yıl önce
chelle renee
chelle renee 9 aylar önce
Omg. So emotional. God love the parents. You guys are truly amazing. The dedication, the passion. You are a gift from God. Much love. Mad respect ❤
Joyce Giles
Joyce Giles 4 aylar önce
I think one of the reasons I enjoy watching these videos is that Heavy D reminds me of my deceased husband he also was a hands on guy he did not expect his guys to do what he could not! Good Luck let’s bring her home!
JannyReighn 4 aylar önce
I love you guys! So sorry for your loss and we're still rooting that they're going to be able to find your daughter. It's just unfathomable how the evil in this world and the demons that possess those that do the things they do is just in repairable. My heart goes out to you Dad and I know that it would just be a miracle if we can find her so she can rest in peace and so you can rest in peace too when are days come. I got a suggest to reach out to one of these mediums because they are in tune and in touch and on point and I know a couple that I could I can I know too I can highly recommend and they don't skip a beat so if you just feel like giving it a whirl just remember we're all on the same ship and we all communicate with the same creator. I wish you well take care.
Bri Rush
Bri Rush 5 aylar önce
Love this channel, and what you do! Keep it up
Meagan McFarland
Meagan McFarland 9 aylar önce
You guys have definitely sparked a renewed interest in this absolutely heart breaking case. I see comments on some of the documentaries about her that this channel sent them there. Well DONE.
nolagrl35 Yıl önce
That’s so heartbreaking seeing the father sitting there waiting for them to bring up pieces of his daughter. Also very heartwarming at the same time that these men are doing all of this work for that family. That’s a ton of work and in crazy conditions. Thank you guys for all this hard work and a great video.
nolagrl35 Yıl önce
@Loveyoucharlie4ever they knew to look there because Josh had said he went camping close to there. And one of the men had been to that spot a few months before Josh went camping and he wanted to go down there but didn’t have the right equipment so he came back a month after the date Josh went “camping”. When he went the first time he remembered a big wooden thing built over the hole. When he went back it had been knocked into the hole and burned. So that’s why they think Josh put her down there and then burned and knocked down the wooden structure on top of her.
Was her remains found there ? And what clues did they have to go down there ?
Heidi1983 Yıl önce
God bless this precious family.
P M Yıl önce
Yes it had me all choked up too. I have two boys and one daughter. She’s the baby. I couldn’t imagine my husband standing around waiting for any sign of his daughter down there. God be with them.
Caroline Chew
Caroline Chew 8 aylar önce
The videography was Phenomenal!!! The editing Fantastic. Who ever thought that I would enjoy watching people dig a hole so much!!! Seriously, I respect your efforts,-- and have a healthy crush on your entire Crew. Your comraderie, strength, and organization were phenomenal. Susan’s family were true quality people. Well Done ALL!!!
Maine Mermaid
Maine Mermaid 9 aylar önce
God bless ypu guys. Seeing Susan's badazz aunty & Veteran father go down, had me in tears. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to help find Susan after all these years. You rock!! [Note: Should you guys do another mine, PLEASE make safety a priority & mitigate the risk where you can. Wear safety goggles, leather gloves, hard hats or caving helmets, and face masks for mold & fine particles. And, have a gas detector and respirators handy for everyone. (Remember the 4 men that died from poisonous gas, at the Oak Island hole. May they Rest in Peace.)]
☠️BRANDI ☠️ 9 aylar önce
Have you guys ever thought about searching for summer wells? I’m new to the channel, and what you guys do is amazing!! I feel like if anybody could find summer, It would be you guys!!
Elisa 8 aylar önce
I was commenting the same thing! They have an email that I might try to reach out to them on that
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie 9 aylar önce
Editing is phenomenal!! You guys have the Biggest drive, motivation and the kindest hearts!!
Let me Explain
Let me Explain 9 aylar önce
This video, was heartfelt, I had tears, you guys are absolutely amazing, your hard work and team co-operation and enthusiasm, was just sooo outstanding and commendable, filming was awesome !! I hope Susan's remains are there.
NJ MXJunkie
NJ MXJunkie Yıl önce
Seeing her father drop down that mine shaft with you guys was seriously some movie quality stuff. Amazing
trisia44 Yıl önce
It's definitely surreal. I got goosebumps thinking of the possibility that he was so close to Susan. I really hope they've found her.
Merlin 6 aylar önce
You and your team are incredible! Every single one of you!
cindyloo056 7 aylar önce
I just watched this amazing touching moving video. What you and your crew do for families is astonishing. Thank you.
Kayla Callaghan
Kayla Callaghan 7 aylar önce
Y’all are the best! You’re so kind to try to get answers for her and her family. 💕
Amanda Lintjer
Amanda Lintjer 6 aylar önce
Vince Lupi
Vince Lupi 3 aylar önce
I give you guys a lot of respect. Thanks for helping family s out. True hearted Americans
Lauren McCormick
Lauren McCormick Yıl önce
When Susan’s father went down that mine, I almost cried. Even IF it wasn’t her reminds found. He is trying to find her and I am sure feels as if the world and they care for her to be found. What a wonderful amazing thing to do.
Anonymous Yıl önce
@John Hunt fake account bro.
John Hunt
John Hunt Yıl önce
@+①②⑤⑥⑥⓪⓪⑧⑧①⑦Whatsàpp Dave are you guys done digging in the mine shaft
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Phyllis Hernandez
Phyllis Hernandez 9 aylar önce
This is maybe the 2nd time I’ve actually sat stills long enough to watch your entire story & I can only say that you & your team have just re-enforced my faith in that there are still people on this great earth who truly have a heart of GOD. May you be blessed continually & be safe. Look forward to more & I will be faithful to pray to my GOD, creator of heaven & earth🙏💜🙋🏽‍♀️
Dc Official
Dc Official 9 aylar önce
TEXT ME👆👆........ THANKS FOR WATCHING.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲.
Robert Stone
Robert Stone 4 aylar önce
Dude I’m thoroughly impressed with y’all’s work thank y’all so much for doing what y’all did if I was 30 years younger I’d put my hat in with y’all’s buddy age bad food habits and to much hard work tools it’s toll on this man yall are in my prayers for safeness and strength ficical and financial
George Cancino
George Cancino 9 aylar önce
Just amazing guys such a great team not only I’m I stuck watching all the episodes but I’m stuck with how amazing you guy work together as a team your having fun with your team but also always keeping in the back of your heads how important this is to get answers
Heat Slayer HVAC Co.
Heat Slayer HVAC Co. 10 aylar önce
Jeez what an incredible and moving you tube channel you and your team have you guys are not like other channels at all you give back and go way out of your way to help others this is so motivating and just awesome to watch you put your soul into everything you do and it’s refreshing to see a humble team you have. Your giveaways are out of this world. You and your team are straight up real with no bullshit keep up the amazing work. This makes me proud to be an American Foreal.
Clay Smith
Clay Smith 10 aylar önce
I've watched a bunch of your videos but this is the first time I've watched 3 in a row. You guys have done a great job and I applauded your work. Congratulations to you and your crew.
lee98 Yıl önce
Having been in an abusive marriage with a narcissist, I really appreciated you shedding light on this. I have no doubt in my mind I would have ended up like Susan had I not made the decision to leave when I did. This happens way too much. I hope this encourages others in this situation to do what's best for them, especially if there are children involved. My heart breaks for those two boys.
Gayle Christensen
Gayle Christensen 11 aylar önce
Same here. I got out after 10 years and I thank God I didn't have children. This just breaks my heart that this woman and her two boys had their lives ripped from them by a monster. Glad to know there are survivors out there. I consider us both extremely fortunate.-♡
lee98 Yıl önce
@Isabel Necessary that's terrifying, so glad you were able to get away
Isabel Necessary
Isabel Necessary Yıl önce
Same here. He was a hunter and every time we went out scouting, I’d check the bed of the truck for a shovel. I knew I’d end up dead if I didn’t leave sooner rather than later. I also told my close friend, his cousin, that if I went missing, he killed me. I escaped with my life and have never looked back.
lee98 Yıl önce
@Polla Bolla glad to hear you got away too!
Polla Bolla
Polla Bolla Yıl önce
@Go Hawks Respect to those who believed you, and helped! Screw those who supported the Abusive Narcissist, believed his lies about you, thought you were the abusive one, and said you were crazy 🤪 for leaving such a good man. 😕👎
James Robertson
James Robertson 6 aylar önce
Such a sad subject but you guys are amazing. The amount of love that you guys expound is truly amazing and totally appreciated by all of your followers. May God always be with you and I have sent you all my guardian angels
allen3272 9 aylar önce
You know a good person when you see there actions these men rock in my book . Good souls. Need more ppl like these guys. Love & compassion goes long way in tragic times.
Taking Back Angie
Taking Back Angie 9 aylar önce
I’m watching this as I work and your DV PSA has be feeling so many feels. I am 1 year post divorce from an abusive unhealthy alcoholic spouse! I am so thankful I had the ability to get out without losing my life (either by his hand or mine), but my heart grieves for those who weren’t able to get out in time. Thank you for being so mindful to speak on this issue and I hope it reaches those who need the push to safety! ❤️❤️❤️
It's Over - The End Of an Era For Us
Josh Powell murder weapon discovered?