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Demon Trash
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It's giving sweet. It's giving k-drama. It's just giving.
Today we are reacting to #heartstopper episodes 1. Meet & 2. Crush 🥰
punch like. comment. subscreeb.
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14 May 2022




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Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Hi trashlings! Thanks so much for watching with us ❤ We can't wait to continue the series. How are you feeling about Heartstopper? More Reacts: Bridgerton S2: trvid.com/group/PLmcm06tHXzshVG_98N5wFCzpV-ukuezGf Shadow and Bone React: trvid.com/group/PLmcm06tHXzsjHLOTTKMtJYpF3S0ZQxQ_2 If you like us you'll prob like our podcast! 😈 Check it out here ⬇: trvid.com/show-UCgwhLdljc0Wybb5hLd490mw
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
As a Queer Person, it affirms my existence but I do feel low-key melancholic.
Lety V
Lety V Yıl önce
@Pokhraj Roy you two better react to the whole season!
Anne Frank Gacha
Anne Frank Gacha 2 aylar önce
As a gay person, I am so depressed that I am alone and have no one that is like Nick!!!
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Famous Last Words: “I don’t just fall for any guy who’s nice to me.”
Anime Dre
Anime Dre Yıl önce
Kern 10 aylar önce
Tao: Raised eyebrows Isaac: Snickers
cosmics VODS
cosmics VODS Aylar önce
Top 10 biggest lies
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Nick used the word ‘Cuddly’ and I LITERALLY CRUMBLED LIKE A COOKIE 🔥
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
The way you screamed when Nick almost held Charlie’s palm is SENDING ME 😂
Madison Heights
Madison Heights 11 aylar önce
Yes, it was lovely watching the two of them rooting for the boys to acknowledge their feelings for each other.
RonHeartsMe Yıl önce
Tao is straight lol he’s definitely not into Charlie. But he is his best friend, which makes his behavior throughout the season more understandable. He’s just looking out for him and he’s worried he’s going to get hurt.
Thea Nyktos
Thea Nyktos Yıl önce
Also he's afraid of getting left behind.
AnxietyIsMyMood Yıl önce
Tw: mentions of self harm. Yeah, his modivations are more clear in the comics. Tao was the only one of the friend group who was friends with Charlie back when he was being bullied severely. They met the others and really bonded after the bullying stopped, IIRC. So Tao saw EXACTLY how bad it got. And how it made Charlie not want to go to school. Because he was being tormented. So much so that Charlie started self harming. And so it makes total sense he is trying to do EVERYTHING in his power to have that *never* happen again....But now Charlie is wanting to be near a rugby lad who in Tao's mind is similar to (and friends with ppl similar to) the assholes who were bullying Charlie the year previously. And so he's being protective...overly so. Especially, from an outside perspective who doesn't have the context us comic readers do. But he's acting this way because charlie is his *best* friend. He loves him, platonicly.
Madison Heights
Madison Heights 11 aylar önce
Yes, and it’s a portrayal of how boys/men can have not just deep friendships with the same sex, but openly emotional like we girls have always had… even if Tao needs to learn boundaries… he’s 15 and has a lot to learn.
MagentaMedows 6 aylar önce
This is embarrassing but I thought the same as them at the start 😅
Yuju’s wife because she’s very fruity
@AnxietyIsMyMood okay but like you explaining what happens in the comics definitely gives me a better understanding of Tao. I didn’t like him while watching the show because I left like he was doing WAY too much but your comment helps me look at things differently. I wish we got to see that in the show.
Luusie Yıl önce
I can't get over how you immediately clocked the fact that Tara and Darcy are a thing yet missed so many things that were literally spelled out/said out loud (why Charlie was in the library, Nick's name, the fact that Charlie's out at school). 😅 That said, I really enjoyed your video and can't wait to see you scream at episode 3 (you're going to love it)!
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Sorry sometimes we miss things while we chat 😅
Luusie Yıl önce
@Demon Trash Yeah, I totally get that! I guess that's the "risk" of doing live reactions.
ChromaFox 11 aylar önce
6:50 I think this is the moment Nick starts having a crush on Charlie before he realises it. That giggle though, how can you not like Charlie.
Ro Ro
Ro Ro Yıl önce
This show is hella sweet and you two are hella funny. ❤️
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Thank you ☺️
Katie W
Katie W Yıl önce
It’s genuinely just such a sweet show about teenage crushes and love. Can’t wait to see your next reaction!!
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Tao mentioned that they got the information that Nick likes Tara due to Nick’s teammate, Otis who is friends with Tao. It was mentioned in the Rugby Field Scene.
Lila Clausen
Lila Clausen Yıl önce
Yay! I love your reactions so much! A guaranteed source of joy for today so thank you!
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Aww that's so sweet! 🥰 Thanks for watching with us ❤️
Thea Nyktos
Thea Nyktos Yıl önce
No, I don't think Nick ever participated in the bullying, at most he didn't interfere, he's just thinking about what Charlie must've gone through and regretting not standing up for him back then.
Anaïs Rosua
Anaïs Rosua 11 aylar önce
Yes you are right, Nick says this in the book
Zac S
Zac S 2 aylar önce
Your reaction to that “I don’t fall inlove with anyone who’s nice to me” was priceless lmao
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
As a Queer Person, it is my moral imperative to fish out potential partners 😂
Paola Garcia Villalva
I’m SO happy you guys are reacting to this series omg it made me constantly want to cry from how sweet it was:,) also I’ve been LOVING the videos lately!
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Thank you ❤️
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
I’m so excited to see this reaction! A beautifully made show and Alice Oseman Supremacy.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Tao gives Peak Asian Dad Energy 😂
Madison Heights
Madison Heights 11 aylar önce
Interesting to hear that.
elizabeth hair
elizabeth hair 9 aylar önce
Can't wait for season 2 next year !!
Tegz Tegz
Tegz Tegz Yıl önce
Haha. I knew you guys would love this. After you finish you should read the graphic novel /web comic its based on. Its free to read
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Let’s just say I am Charlie Spring minus the wholesome love story. 😂
Matthew G
Matthew G Yıl önce
You guys are hilarious! I don’t watch shows movies that much, let alone teen love stories, but I can’t get enough of this series. Happy to know there are other people yelling at characters in British accents in their rooms as well lmao
mark99k 9 aylar önce
This is absolutely the best of the (likely dozens of) Heartstopper reaction videos I've seen. Makes me wish I were in the room with you. I'll be checking out the next 3 ASAP. Subbed.
Demon Trash
Demon Trash 9 aylar önce
aww thank you so much 🥰
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
No one: Not anyone I know: DemonTrash, in a British Accent: “FOCK OFF!”
jjeojkl Yıl önce
the spontaneous english accents were honestly me
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Fun Fact: The actor who plays Ben Hope, i.e., Sebastian Croft played Young Ned Stark.
Kenuel G. Castillo
Heartstopper is a masterpiece💙
Just_Harry 11 aylar önce
You guys are hilarious! Thank you for reacting to this :)
emerak Yıl önce
Seconding the tearing up over how sweet Heartstopper is! It's pure infatuation 💛🌙🌟✨
Madison Heights
Madison Heights 11 aylar önce
Enjoyed your reactions they were so sweet. Yes, the show is painful in its sweetness!
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
It was so lovely to see your reaction and it’s such a Queer Affirming show for me. I echoed your sentiments throughout the video 😂
Lisa Mcarthur
Lisa Mcarthur 2 aylar önce
kit and joe is a very good acters they have a speical bond between them and they got very strong friendship. i love when nick ask charile to come to his house and i love that they went out side and having a snow day its was so magical and the song was perfreat its was beautiful. and at the end the song they played was so spot on because nick questing how he feel in side that is very hard for sameone going though this hoew they realy feelin
Bill Brown
Bill Brown 10 aylar önce
so, I’m here because of Heartstopper but i freaking LOVE you two! cant wait to finish all your eps!
ChromaFox Yıl önce
Ben has more red flags than a Soviet surplus store.
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Hahahahhaha 💀
Anandkuno Yıl önce
I felt pain watching this too…. I have to pause so many times to prepare my heart
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
It’s so sweet we can’t handle it 🥺
Access Denied
Access Denied 11 aylar önce
After seeing so many LGBTQ teen series that show mostly sex and drugs, Iam so grateful that this show went another direction....now I'm trying to pick up the pieces of my shattered emotions due to the fact I won't be able to watch another episode until "fingers crossed" season 2 comes out
Geoff Tillman
Geoff Tillman 2 aylar önce
I just have to say . Your editing is on point
Yohyoh Yıl önce
I literally just found this account I literally love you guys you are so funny and have totally made me happier than I was
MnM Yıl önce
I am so excited for you’re next reaction of Heartstopper because I am LIVING for this reaction
Isabel M.
Isabel M. Yıl önce
Please react to the rest of the series! I loved ur reaction
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
we are! our reaction to 3&4 is going up today!
michelle peace
michelle peace Yıl önce
love y'all's editing style!
MR. MENOZ Yıl önce
New subscriber love both your reactions can't wait for more reaction videos ♥
YCRhino Reactions
Oh my God! I love you guys. You kept me laughing. Great reaction. You have a new subscriber 😁
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Aww thank you! 🥰
Irises 3
Irises 3 Yıl önce
U guys r so entertaining so glad I discovered you two ❤️❤️❤️
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Thank you ☺️
Die Len
Die Len Yıl önce
I love your reaction to this!
Louisa Yıl önce
‘I mean I don’t… but I do’ 😂 😂 😂
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
“Know thyself” 😂
Annhylde 6 aylar önce
love the edits girls
chole100100 Yıl önce
Love your reaction !!!
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
thank you 🥰
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Since Olivia Colman is in the show, you should react to ‘The Lost Daughter’.
beqa marsagishvili
Exactly,great movie and Olivia is brilliant as always
Sonam Tamang
Sonam Tamang Yıl önce
Its kinda funny you guys instantly switched to a british accent after the episode started. 👍🤣
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy Yıl önce
Quote of the Day: “What do you want, sleuth?”
Eduardo Barria
Eduardo Barria Yıl önce
I also have the same question, if Nick is one grade higher than Charlie, why does Nick coincide with him in math class? I have a theory: Nick failed math and needs to take the class again. and in the UK in schools you can do that. Someone who knows the reality of schools in the UK to explain to us. or someone who has read the novels if he knows if this is explained there
Berber vd Woude
Berber vd Woude Yıl önce
It's not explained in the graphic novels, but it is established that Nick is bad at maths
Anneke Oosterink
Anneke Oosterink Yıl önce
I mean, they're not in the same maths class? They meet in the corridor on the way to class. Maths classes being in the same hallway or general direction is pretty normal, so it two different years having maths at the same time.
H Wren
H Wren 10 aylar önce
" in the UK in schools you can do that." Nope. Said with such confidence too! You don't fail classes here. If you're shit at maths you're just shit at maths.
Savannah chee
Savannah chee Yıl önce
Honestly I feel nick it took me ages to be comfortable enough to hold my gfs hand and yes I'm a girl
Kim Petras
Kim Petras Yıl önce
3:33 Her reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣
hitomi ☆
hitomi ☆ Yıl önce
Kari's World Gaming
Kari's World Gaming 9 aylar önce
Subscribed, love your personalities.❤️
Mixxie 5 aylar önce
Kit Connor is a redhead. I don't get how people think he's blond. Pet peeve. Free the redheads. 😝
FloppyDork 8 aylar önce
Super cute hairstyles!
Jordan Snodgrass
Jordan Snodgrass Yıl önce
Lol. These two are hilarious
My Anne with an e
Please do Anne with an e please it’s so good
Christy Shultz
Christy Shultz 7 aylar önce
Good vid guys. They are precious and they are one of my favorite shows on right now netflix.. but there's also Roswell New Mexico(2019) but I'm watching season 4 on Amazon Prime.. Good representation Michael is bisexual his sister Isobel is also bisexual. Okay so it does go into Syfy because they are the Roswell aliens and they were sleeping for 50 years and now they're like 28 because that was years ago that they woke up. There are two main pairing there's Max and Liz .( Max is Michael's brother )and their Echo. And the second pairing of course is Michael and Alex the gay relationship and they're adorable and that's Malex. Isobel a little slower but she will find her one and only by the end of the show no spoilers being given here. I will however link the malex cuteness 😍 since Tyler and Michael have spoiling the crap out it already. But they're forgiven because Tyler is precious. Oh by the way Tyler is the one that plays Caleb in Pretty Little Liars. He's bisexual in real life and he used the show to come out. Because the other shows that he's worked for or you know people he's worked with before telling me couldn't be gay or bi which is rude.. basically he had to stay in the closet while he was filming other things and this is the first show that allowed him to just be himself. Again too precious. Alex Manes trvid.com/video/video-N85nFgWfaDc.html Michael Guerin trvid.com/video/video-eUYBb6hEol0.html Malex Stop me trvid.com/video/video-kzOEtroDdtU.html Home( malex ) trvid.com/video/video-9WBEEvC-nn8.html Through your eyes-my fave trvid.com/video/video-o2iZZDbQ6co.html Malex-The story- my fave trvid.com/video/video-IpUXUYm49z0.html Malex ( the song Alex wrote and sang to Michael).so sweet 😋 trvid.com/video/video-8FDUGLGfpWM.html Michael and his siblings trvid.com/video/video-IH_a6Tf1nXs.html Kyle and Max..Michael and Alex trvid.com/video/video-W1N01P8X52U.html Roswell nm..home..Malex snd cast trvid.com/video/video-7kWblcZzBwY.html Resting here with rnm trvid.com/video/video-9U52uDlUeXM.html
Eugen Temba
Eugen Temba 10 aylar önce
This show overloads my brain
Wayne Simpson
Wayne Simpson Yıl önce
Yeah I think the episode title "Meet" is referring to "meet cute"
Soymar Yıl önce
Angel Yıl önce
we need more!!!
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
We’re working on it 🫡
ZimZum4ever 3 aylar önce
Nellie is a male dog in real life, he portrait a female dog , =D
Marcos Cavalcante
This was me. mimicking thee british accent on acident while watching the show
Nahiara VS
Nahiara VS 9 aylar önce
I love the reaction
Kush_Kndy Yıl önce
Did she just say fokof 😅🤣
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
Yes 😂
Kratos-is-a-Dilf Yıl önce
Andrew Christian
Andrew Christian Yıl önce
cheerio 6 aylar önce
U guys are so funny please
Demon Trash
Demon Trash 6 aylar önce
thank u for feeding our ego 💕
H Wren
H Wren 10 aylar önce
Jesus those accents were intolerable. Cute décor though!
ha !!
ha !! Yıl önce
TikTok knows
corvus13 Yıl önce
The teacher specifically said his name was Nick Nelson. Do try to pay attention.
Demon Trash
Demon Trash Yıl önce
we try! we just sometimes miss things when we're chatting and reacting 😅 thanks for watching!
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