We Had to Leave Right After this Happened...

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This week the James the Fam and Chelsea Luna, venture out on a mini Roadtrip. So much happened over this Vlog, from Pranks, to Haunted Explorations, to being embarrassed beyond belief 😂 We got to stay on a farm and play with some barn animals. Then it was off to explore a Haunted BombShelter, while it didn't go the way the Fam had hoped. Then it was off to Court to deal with the charges that steamed from a recent video. Hope your ready to see all the craziness we came across this last week. Love ya FAM 💚
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21 May 2019

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The FAM Aylar önce
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Stu 16 gün önce
The FAM just so u know mate that underground door in the air raid shelter, appeared to open after that loud noise u heard down there. I think the noise was in fact the door opening
Sidney Splash
Sidney Splash 24 gün önce
Karen Grunberg
Karen Grunberg 26 gün önce
Go pro footage is great!
Karen Grunberg
Karen Grunberg 26 gün önce
😂😂😂😂😂 She sent you in for tampons! How mean but how funny!! 😂😂😂
Karen Grunberg
Karen Grunberg 26 gün önce
I must have watched this one on Chelseas channel too. I was cracking up when you said she started a fight! 🤷‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tara Seddon
Tara Seddon 2 saatler önce
I love watching your videos and Omar's. A lot of fun to watch. I would love to go to a haunted house with you guys. Quite interesting.
Susan Lent
Susan Lent Gün önce
I love that go pro
Pikachufps3 Gün önce
MrNobodee Gün önce
Chelsea....whatta cutie.
GeMiNi GaMiNg
GeMiNi GaMiNg 5 gün önce
Ok love the look of the GoPro hero 7 black, it’s kinda pricey but I def want it when I go on my honeymoon road trip and the visit to the Stanley Hotel!! I’m stoked
Pamela Waits
Pamela Waits 6 gün önce
The tampons should be by the pads. ..........lol.
Pamela Waits
Pamela Waits 6 gün önce
I love your videos. Hi Omar! Best of luck in these damn cases.
Belle Nadeau
Belle Nadeau 10 gün önce
Lol the way Chelsea screamed when Jupiter flew
Deborah Kolusk
Deborah Kolusk 12 gün önce
Enjoyed it immensely, grreat job James👍✌️🥰♥️🌶🥵
Dreamoutloud 103
Dreamoutloud 103 12 gün önce
Love ya girl but those shorts got to go, your legs are getting a little thicker then normal. Just saying
Volcon nation
Volcon nation 13 gün önce
11:07. Handle moves on it's own.
DOOMDADDY 13 gün önce
Chelea is beautiful
caze god
caze god 14 gün önce
13:57 James you are a good person that deserves a lot of things but I can't help that fact that you tried to turn on nothing
Maiden Carignan
Maiden Carignan 16 gün önce
Hi Chelsea & James! That Bomb Shelter was coool & strange! Aaaaaahaha @ James!...It was Soooooo Funnnnny when U had too get Tampons for Melia! I really enjoyed the Video though! Thank you so much for making me laugh!!! 😂💜👍
Turtle The Fam
Turtle The Fam 16 gün önce
I wish I could get a go pro
Teresa Price
Teresa Price 18 gün önce
Do you drive?
RAREBREED398 19 gün önce
Only a real man and a stand up guy will buy tampons with confidence 😁
RAREBREED398 19 gün önce
Chelsea is adorable.. it's so cool how close y'all are..
Nicole Black
Nicole Black 20 gün önce
The dog, say too cuteness 💕
Bernardo Provenzanno
Bernardo Provenzanno 22 gün önce
Are you going to marry James..Chelsea?🤔
Killhut 702
Killhut 702 23 gün önce
I would only dream of chillin with the crew for lunch!! all of you are a huge inspiration for my beginning youtube dream!! much love to all of you guys!!
Jennifer Horsmon
Jennifer Horsmon 23 gün önce
Aww I love animals, horses are beautiful animals.
Mike Jr
Mike Jr 23 gün önce
Hi James, much love bro. Take Care and be Safe out there. May God Bless you and yours and everyone else watching.
jeff williams
jeff williams 24 gün önce
hello again fam man
SkullZ & BoneZ
SkullZ & BoneZ 25 gün önce
Plz Fam , put the camera more on Chelsea , plz 😍 she's a hotie 😍😘🌹❤️
Allison Brewer
Allison Brewer 25 gün önce
When you doing more video's. .love watching them..
Jacob Tulak
Jacob Tulak 26 gün önce
I think the door opened a bit
Melissa Carr
Melissa Carr 26 gün önce
The tampons James you are cracking me up 😂😭😂😂😂 😂🤣 🤣
Camden Devlin
Camden Devlin 27 gün önce
The handle like thing on the blue door moved
CathyCanadianFam 29 gün önce
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GO-PRO. The picture was SO clear and high definition and like you said you can get more in the picture. You phone sadly can't compete with it.
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 29 gün önce
Chelsea, you have the cutest dog. He's just a big fluff ball. And calm and cool.
Isabel Little
Isabel Little 29 gün önce
The go pro footage was awesome
Croc Pinkest
Croc Pinkest 29 gün önce
Cool I'm happy 4 ye James you a free man
Cdub T
Cdub T 29 gün önce
Maybe I'm new and don't know...but I watched this already, comments show 5 days ago which is correct....but I got the notification about the upload 38 minutes ago? 🤔
Susan Dilts
Susan Dilts 29 gün önce
Loved your vlog james.
Dana Leblanc
Dana Leblanc 29 gün önce
Hater can be haters
Yvonne Baker
Yvonne Baker Aylar önce
James when you heard the knock on the bunker door it opened up you didnt see that look at the top yall could of went in
Racquel Faciane
Racquel Faciane Aylar önce
Hi fam. Y'all come to the haunted house on cemetery grounds it's really haunted there it's in New Orleans Louisiana. Very scary have been there a couple times and I had a blast and was scared to death lots of haunted places here for you guys to check out. Let me know if y'all come down I'll give y'all a shout out . ...
Chino Grijalva
Chino Grijalva Aylar önce
10:56 games you are blind if you look at the handle of the door it tickles like if someone was trying to open it from the other side
Jesus is KING
Jesus is KING Aylar önce
Bro the fam my boy is clapping those
ZOE SMITH Aylar önce
James n Chelsea you're all cool as shit even when you're not ghost hunting. #FACT
Shell Beechey
Shell Beechey Aylar önce
The door opened,that's what the noise was.
SeekingSerpent6 Aylar önce
Love all the little videos. So how did Omar get his bird's back in.Love the prank I seen his video on when u got out of Court. Keep on doing videos .U guys are great!
Josh Lepley
Josh Lepley Aylar önce
10:40 how can the door be locked if it isnt even shut all the way. Yank that mofo open.
Vernon Hurd
Vernon Hurd Aylar önce
Chelsea...you are a trip..glad James has you to keep him in line..just kidding James...Hope all is going be for you James
Jenny McGinnis Camo Angel Fam
Hi James & Chelsea! Great vlog. Chelsea dog is so cute.
X0X0X4life FakeIt
X0X0X4life FakeIt Aylar önce
You could randomly ask her to marry you 👍😁
Ria E Ess
Ria E Ess Aylar önce
10:51 did that door just open it looks like its been pushed ajar
Elizabth Harris
Elizabth Harris Aylar önce
James. Come on. The bombshelter was open
Chantel Martin
Chantel Martin Aylar önce
Hope everything goes well.
Toni Allinson
Toni Allinson Aylar önce
im a fan of you, omar, ali, patty, etc but i dont have instergram, snapchat or any of the others just youtube, loving it
Gina Mcphillips
Gina Mcphillips Aylar önce
They are such beautiful animals nothing like a hug from a horse to make your day.
Susan Aylar önce
Poor Jupiter, he is like wth
Sally Kershaw
Sally Kershaw Aylar önce
The go pro is awesome
ghostly strange paranormal
Crazy video man you got Omar good strange to hear about that tree you was sitting under and about the house could catch on fire he should get that fixed pronto okay it's been strange be safe
Mia Mina McDonald
Mia Mina McDonald Aylar önce
That was my thought. How do you have a bomb shelter or bunker in Flordia? You dig down deep enough and find water.
Svetlana Lana Tisaj
Great video James
Lissa Love
Lissa Love Aylar önce
Melia is gonna choke you James! 😂🤣😜
Lissa Love
Lissa Love Aylar önce
You two are just awesome together! 💕👍🏻💕
Sara Jane
Sara Jane Aylar önce
Hell finding Waldo would be easier than finding the tampons 😆😂😂🤪 thanks James that made me scream laugh that was some funny 💩 keep it up buddy much love aloha 🤙🏼
Michele Austin
Michele Austin Aylar önce
Awesome fun busy time stuff!!😊💜😙🔆💫🙌💫
Christine savage fam
Very nice go pro 7 i like it so clear!
King Schen
King Schen Aylar önce
You unfollowed me bro on twitter, im glad u & Chelsea are doing ok after all that BS with the pigs
Kamoonra The Wolf God
The Go Pro is much better than a phone. I love you guys so much. This was such an awesome video.
Stephannie Burlew
Stephannie Burlew Aylar önce
Hi James
Lady Amaris
Lady Amaris Aylar önce
My mom has a sun cheek conure that absolutely refuses to go into his cage too. His name is also Jupiter!
Hamidah Smallwood
Hamidah Smallwood Aylar önce
Hey James you so cool 😎 love you man ❤ love the video ❤❤🦋🦋
Dee Aylar önce
Looks good need to clean the lens at times..
west haven alwaysandforever
Great vlog road trip and places you guys went to explore love your channel the farm was beautiful 💖💖
todd hill
todd hill Aylar önce
Awsome video James keep up great work fam strong 💪 will support you no matter what keep being you James
Melissa Trump
Melissa Trump Aylar önce
Maybe a sprit let Jupiter out of his cage.
Lee Aylar önce
Awesome vid James xx
Jeremy Piechota
Jeremy Piechota Aylar önce
Going talking about roughing you were roughing it on your own when you were trying to dispose of Borddy about a year nack
Rick Bradley
Rick Bradley Aylar önce
James you got Omar good! I was on his Live Stream when you did it & Man he was Trippin! Chelsea is Always so Damned Cute & Cheery, Especially when she's Dancing! ILYGSM, PEACE OUT!
Amazing Indominus Rated R
What are those? NIKE missile site's?
James the Gemmaker
James the Gemmaker Aylar önce
I am sharing my funny video link: trvid.com/video/video-QB2XAIH63eo.html
Peter Monde
Peter Monde Aylar önce
love that song clip chelsea who sing that
Craig Glover
Craig Glover Aylar önce
The video. Is cool
carmen taric
carmen taric Aylar önce
lol poor James .. how embarassing for a guy ,,
Tammy Berry
Tammy Berry Aylar önce
I don’t understand why you are showing and talking about your court case twice in this video
carmen taric
carmen taric Aylar önce
That so sucks , its really too bad ,,
carmen taric
carmen taric Aylar önce
hi James and Chelsea ,, super awsome video ,, Chelsea is so funny ,,
Professionally Silly
Professionally Silly
WTF would tampons not be with the pads
Professionally Silly
Tampons rule🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😂😂😂😂😂😂
Professionally Silly
Love you fam🙌🏾
Professionally Silly
Chelsea is adorable 😂😂😂
David Franklin
David Franklin Aylar önce
Hey James I'm glad u r OK some people need to but out of wat u do I also think its a hater
Carmen rodriguez
Carmen rodriguez Aylar önce
Hi James I'm so happy you're almost done with that court drama. Please be careful now watch where you do your videos. Don't get in trouble again.✌❤🙋‍♀️
Regina Petty
Regina Petty Aylar önce
That was completely awesome
Carina Wreming
Carina Wreming Aylar önce
Hello. From Sweden! ..Tank you for video.
jagarnaut singer
jagarnaut singer Aylar önce
Ohh! Lol 😃🤣 i saw this in omar video.now from the other side lol
Delphine Scott
Delphine Scott Aylar önce
who was it that told on you're. Was it an so call friend or follower? Praying for you.
stephanie franklin
stephanie franklin Aylar önce
Aww those horses were so happy 😍
Julie Williams
Julie Williams Aylar önce
Hope this is dropped. We're behind you Fam❤️
Allison Brewer
Allison Brewer Aylar önce
Omg..I'm trying to win your merch James. .I really would be blessed to win.
Jesse Hutt
Jesse Hutt Aylar önce
Gopro footage was AMAZING! Cant wait for explore videos with it!
Jesse Hutt
Jesse Hutt Aylar önce
Glad your standing up for yourself in court, haters going to hate. Whoever called... F U
Timmy King
Timmy King Aylar önce
James the fam blind Savage love your videos fam keep up the good work brother god bless you and your family
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