We Had To Bring In a CHINOOK Helicopter For This Recovery With

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HeavyDSparks Aylar önce
Receive an Amazing New Player Pack, only available for the next 30 days! Play Conflict of Nations for FREE on PC or Mobile: 💥 con.onelink.me/kZW6/isrtran1
Kurtis Douglas
Kurtis Douglas 19 gün önce
Make some kind of deal to sell the Rotak hat like the one shown?
WARDE2000 29 gün önce
When are you buying a Chinook?
Dirtbikeable Aylar önce
@Yacy he don’t have all the money in the world!
Ftoy 120
Ftoy 120 Aylar önce
You should do the recoveries with the King of the Hammers 2024 bring mass viewers recovering Ultra4 buggies and stock 4x4 race vehicles Hammers 2024
Trent Palmer
Trent Palmer Aylar önce
That was one heck of a good time! Thanks again for coming to the rescue on this one!
@Johnson Rocson They wanted me to tell you sorry. Hopefully you'll accept their apologies for NOT having the cash flow and assets that YOU have. One day, Johnson. One day.
Johnson Rocson
Johnson Rocson Aylar önce
Insurance ...? Yall don't have enough cash on hand to cover expenses yourself and have this done in a timely manner 😐
Bryan Banks
Bryan Banks Aylar önce
@singah sung 😂😂🤦
tim banderson
tim banderson Aylar önce
You guys burn down out on the Burning Man Playa?
Wheezy Aylar önce
Hell yeah! I have followed you for a while! I was pissed off as a fellow aviator when that woman reported you to the FAA for "buzzing" her house.
Austin Leach
Austin Leach Aylar önce
1 year from now… Dave: let me introduce you to my new chinook helicopter 😂
Roy Trenneman
Roy Trenneman Aylar önce
Haha thought the same thing. The excitement on his face when in the Chinook said it all!
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Ben Brown
Ben Brown Aylar önce
I flew C model and Super C model Chinooks in Vietnam in 1970 and 1971. This was done very differently than the thousands of sorties I flew during that year. Our flight engineer, crew chief and door gunner were just as important as the pilots in picking up a load and setting it down exactly where it was needed by the people on the ground. The Chinook never let me down.
A D R I F T Aylar önce
Nothing beats the unique thumping sound of a Chinook.
Michael The-Pyro
Michael The-Pyro 26 gün önce
idk a huey might have it beat
todd mccowen
todd mccowen Aylar önce
a sea marine gun ship beats them all .
Robbie Aylar önce
At times you more feel than hear the rotors.
Morrie Wyatt
Morrie Wyatt Aylar önce
Nothing except the sound of it's main turboshaft engines spooling up from cold and dark. (Sadly missing from this video.😞)
Robert Ronan
Robert Ronan Aylar önce
Damn boys. Production value is off the charts. Literally no one would get to see this stuff and things without your team. Holding those spaghetti slings under that bird and then have perfect tight rigging... Top Fuggin Shelf gents. Well done \m/
desertfox 458
desertfox 458 Aylar önce
Badass! Reminds of my days as a CH-53 crew chief and doing external loads in the middle of nowhere. Whoever rigged that sling load did an awesome job. You guys killed it! Rock on! 👊
Margie Aylar önce
I just love Alan. He's the guy everyone wants to have as a friend (or Wizard Coach).
Keith Scudder
Keith Scudder Aylar önce
@sparkyofsocal That's bad !
sparkyofsocal Aylar önce
I could very easily do without him.
Corey Mount
Corey Mount Aylar önce
He's like that wild uncle we all have!!
Fam. Tech
Fam. Tech Aylar önce
Same lol
Avodacado Aylar önce
Good to know Allan enjoys the rough days as much as the smooth ones. Rad crew you guys got 👍🤙
KarinaTheDreama Aylar önce
I think Alan enjoys the toughest day the most. He excels in times when things seem impossible & I see the reward from accomplishing it when they’ve occurred. Asset, The Wizard!
Debbie Do Good
Debbie Do Good Aylar önce
Alan is like a well oiled engine! Once he is warmed up, primed and going he purrs like a kitten 🐈‍⬛!!! Soul-sa ❤
Reverse Shotgun
Reverse Shotgun Aylar önce
The sound a Chinook makes is immense, no video will ever do that justice.
HCRACER19 Aylar önce
Loved watching the Chinook in action and the team working together to prep the vehicles for removal. Can’t wait to see what two aircraft HeavyD has picked up for future use. Spent ten years as a Blackhawk Flight Engineer in the Army. Just the other day I heard a Blackhawk flying near my home. Low and behold there was Heavy D’s Blackhawk flying over my home in Idaho. What a treat to see 🇺🇸👍😃
Fish O'Connor (John)
Fish O'Connor (John) 16 gün önce
Great show but I was just wondering, is Al still chiseling away at that mountain? He's become a brilliant resource for the team and eager as heck to just dive in and help.
Andrew Wilbanks
Andrew Wilbanks Aylar önce
I love listening to Alan explain things just as much as I love the recoveries. Keep Alan around as long as possible guys. He truly is the GREATEST WIZARD on TRvid!
Kerry Lewis
Kerry Lewis Aylar önce
I busted out laughing with Alan and the sponsor. He has been a favorite of mine since day one.
Benjamin Ingalls
Benjamin Ingalls Aylar önce
Alan is the bomb 💣 🔥
Yellowstone Foster
Yellowstone Foster Aylar önce
Would have love to hear the chatter between the pilots of the a-star and Chinook. Great content, thanks to everyone involved.
Rorschach Aylar önce
Two of the CH- 47 Chinook helos landed at my middle school when I was young & we were able to walk through & learn about them. An advantage of living so close to the largest USMC base on the east coast. I get to see & experience all of the flying machines the military has to offer. In fact they often do landing, take off, & touch & go practice at a airport close by.
Lee Womack
Lee Womack Aylar önce
Coming from a military family, I love 💕 Chinook's!!!! Can't get enough of them! I don't know what it is about them, but I've loved them since I was a kid and I'm 71 now, and still enthralled by them. I hold a pilot's license, to old to fly, but I wish I had learned to fly a chopper! Oh well, hindsight........ You guys are great in your rescues and I commend you for it! This old lady loves watching you!! God bless 🙏✝️
Hor801 Aylar önce
Watching the Chinook power up to lift that trailer free from the mud. Hearing the rotors go from ideal to maybe 60 -70 throttle. That was epic. As a viewer I appreciate the quality of your production team. Video and audio quality are exceptional. I've never needed to rewind or crank the volume up. To figure out what y'all said. Seem like simple and small. I appreciate all the extra effort and I'm sure most of your viewers. Appreciate it as well
That aerial shot of the Chinook hovering over the trailer as the guys hook it up really impresses upon you (or at least on me) the incredible technology that is a helicopter. Through human creativity and innovation, we've created the ability to take a 12 ton piece of metal and suspend it in midair, hundreds of feet up, stationary, without any external support, by just moving air around. I love helicopters and I understand how they work, but that image really drives home just how incredible that creation is.
Jarrod Woolley
Jarrod Woolley Aylar önce
Don't ever loose Alan, he is a treasure, and brings so much value to your content.
Random Adventures with Jimmy
I love Alan as well. He is definitely a sweetheart and a great addition to the team.
Mike H
Mike H Aylar önce
How is Alan doing on after the fire restoring his place.
Braindead Aylar önce
Seeing someone elses footage of Trent flying really makes you appretiate just how ridiculously good Trents own video capture setup is. Its not easy capturing good footage in a vibrating aircraft
Jack Denten
Jack Denten Aylar önce
HeavyD’s biggest flex: “I’m in between helicopters right now”. 😂😂
Mike Fesler
Mike Fesler Aylar önce
My brother was a chinook mechanic in the army for 8 years. This was really cool to see what exactly the chinnok is capable of.
George Sheffield
George Sheffield Aylar önce
Watching Chinook and sky cranes pick up big ,heavy thins and move then around is extremely impressive .
Sarah McCullough
Sarah McCullough Aylar önce
I love how you all make it seem so effortless when we all know this is hard heavy work that not just anyone can do love you guys!!!
Digit975 Aylar önce
Every time I see these recovery videos I think “holy crap, who is paying for this?” And they keep getting more and more expensive 😂
Swampypolitics Aylar önce
@Digit975 th3 video ads. The merch. The sponsorship... plus all their other business. They make decent money and ad rates are different for every creator some are higher some are lower
Nate C
Nate C Aylar önce
@Benjamin Ingalls or… they did this for free… to put their name in your and 2.5million other peoples mouth and mind…
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee Aylar önce
This was another Great video, Dave. The CHINNOOK helicopter was Kool. Thks for helping a friend, highlighting the CHINNOOK helicopter. 🤙😎
Scott B
Scott B Aylar önce
@ike andy I wondered about this. If the balloon operator guy ran it as a business, he'd likely have to have some commercial insurance that would cover recovery in the case of breakdown on say BLM land???
Sunny Dunked
Sunny Dunked Aylar önce
Living in the uk, we get then flying over a couple times a year and the sound of a chinook flying overhead is incredible such a recognisable sound.
james howey
james howey Aylar önce
What an awesome video, I’m ex military and flew on blackhawks often and I just learned so much more about the chinooks, thank you.
Heath Wells
Heath Wells Aylar önce
Wow, I've been following Trent longer than Heavy D (although both measured in years!) and while Trent does fantastic videos... the next level of production quality and video editing on Dave's content really shines, as does his huge heart and generosity when it comes to helping other people out!
Terrall Putnam
Terrall Putnam Aylar önce
Trent's brother's truck burned down and this collaboration worked out great 👍. So glad you two worked so well together and thanks to Rotak Helicopter Service for the use of the Chinook, which is just super cool! That explains why the fiberglass sides and roof didn't burn up. They were blown clear.
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Stephen James
Stephen James Aylar önce
G'day guys. What an amazing recovery. Fantastic views of the helicopters. Thank you guys
Steve Scott
Steve Scott Aylar önce
The under carriage shots where you can clearly see the Chinook blades spinning in opposite directions against the clear blue sky, were pretty amazing. It showed exactly what they were talking about. Great job over all.
BW Aylar önce
Chinooks are serious hardware. It's incredible how the blades intermesh.
Ben Kickert
Ben Kickert Aylar önce
K-Max is absolutely the coolest rotorwing aircraft around. Your mind explodes the first time you see the blades start up.
Michael Kajer
Michael Kajer Aylar önce
29:13 This is by far the most cinematic angle I've ever seen on this channel! Caught me off guard, and I'd love to see more of it!
Vikingsandra Aylar önce
Woah that was a different looking helicopter, what a beast! You're really getting me into helicopters. Another awesome adventure!
Sarah M
Sarah M Aylar önce
Prior service army hooker/maintainer, turned c130 Crew Chief.. these birds never cease to amaze me. They are so damn awesome, and this bring back many good memories with them. Awesome recovery!
jh505 Aylar önce
Great work! The CHINOOK Helicopter was awesome to see and to watch its capabilities. Everyone involved worked together and got the job done. Great video!
Well Water
Well Water Aylar önce
This show wouldn't be the same without Hans and Alan both are badass dudes . Keep up the great work !
Bradley Freeman
Bradley Freeman Aylar önce
I've never told a TRvidr thank you for any videos before, but that's changing immediately. I would like to sincerely thank you for one of the most epic videos that I've ever watched. The execution was flawless and the lift was done SAFELY. The entire team took this evolution very seriously and understood the danger involved. My hats off to you gentlemen and continue to look forward for new video notifications!!!! Bravo Zulu 👏
Spartans104 Aylar önce
Rotak bein funny making sure the Chinook has its PT belt on FOREVER 😆 🤣! Hope to see them again!
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Brittany Cadieux
Brittany Cadieux Aylar önce
I am a balloon pilot and watched this fire from every possible TRvid Or Facebook upload. Glad nobody was hurt and it’s really cool you guys helped clean up the mess!!!
S lam
S lam Aylar önce
Thanks for helping your friend Trent. What a mess Kevin got into. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident or the cleanup. Thank you for your assistance.
Shirley Allen
Shirley Allen Aylar önce
Heavy D what an awesome magnificent operation; so appreciated the intro and commentary at the beginning. So enjoyed; look forward to more recoveries using the Chinook & Black Hawk!! Great team ! Thank you
Dustin Wilson
Dustin Wilson Aylar önce
Seeing Dave try to contain his excitement while checking out the Chinook is priceless. Like a kid in a candy shop.
Ian Singleton
Ian Singleton Aylar önce
Little do people know, hans does all of the behind the scenes things. like all the snacks and water and transportation, not to mention the of prep work he does and the extent he goes through for the simplest things like a weekend trip for heavy d
Loki3loki Aylar önce
Every time I watch one of Dave's vlogs i learn something new. His crew is so fortunate. The jobs they do are always different with different challenges, so they are always picking up new skills as they get the job done. Dave's an awesome feller and I'm sure great to work for. They travel to awesome places every few days it seems. All the equipment they get to use for work purposes are amazing machines I'd kill to use for fun. I don't know a single person that wouldnt pay to be on Dave's crew . Imagine all the skills and experience they are getting. PRICELESS! Tanks for another awesome vlog.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 17 gün önce
That was an entirely enjoyable video. The Chinook helicopter was the work horse of the Canadian military, loved watching those birds fly. The little planes were interesting to see but as a northern Canadian not quite what I would call a bush plane, at least not the kind I remember my dad working on.
CynisterZ Aylar önce
I have been waiting for the day when we got a Chinook video and thankfully we got it! That looked like a great time, hope one day we get to see another one.
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Something Huge For You.......
Yuan-Lee Thorpe
Yuan-Lee Thorpe Aylar önce
Man seeing that helicopter on land versus the sky is way different. It's a beautiful beast in the air
Geenie 2181
Geenie 2181 Aylar önce
Man.. Rip to those 2 pilots who lost their life in the moose fire last year flying for that company, respect to them
Gee Forces
Gee Forces Aylar önce
*Yes, Rest in Peace Thomas “Tommy” Hayes, 41, of Post Falls, Idaho, and Jared Bird, 36, of Anchorage, Alaska.*
Lynn Ellison II
Lynn Ellison II Aylar önce
Anything involving aviation on your channel I'm for sure going to watch! Looking forward to seeing what two new helicopters you added to the fleet.
Robin Stover
Robin Stover Aylar önce
That was epic seeing the inner workings of the Chinook…Rad.
Kiki Aylar önce
Great video! That chinook is an exciting machine. Hey thanks for addressing the Hans/ Alan thing. Maybe it’s been editing, but some comments left an impression Hans may have had an issue with Alan. I love them both. They both work their asses off. In different ways. But both are critic components to these awesome videos. So great to learn there is no issue. Peace and Aloha from Kauai 💕
Dominic Vannucci
Dominic Vannucci Aylar önce
Anton else notice in the beginning how magnificently his beard was shining in the sun 😂 anywho great collaboration and great video as always
NC Farmer
NC Farmer Aylar önce
Good to see you and Trent collaborating. Great video. Thank you Rotak Helicopter Services for participating.
TheMonkeykun Aylar önce
Hans is a good dude to have on the team. Finally realized that on the gypsy helicopter warehouse episode when he gave a brief breakdown of the financial loss Dave took on that deal. Much respect for a guy who cares about the bottom line of his boss’s business 👍🏼
jays custom mopeds & repairs
Hans is the guy lol
Ken's Channel
Ken's Channel Aylar önce
He's funny too...in a dry wit sort of way. I can see why he's around more and more.
Huffy737 Aylar önce
The two slow motions of the helicopter blades at hover and then with a load applied was crazy!
Eddie Cabrera
Eddie Cabrera Aylar önce
Absolutely stunning job Mr. Heavy D and crew. Awesome recovery, Awesome content, Awesome Crew, straight up Awesome TRvid channel. Thanks for taking us along, # You Rock Heavy D 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏
Phill Tatham
Phill Tatham Aylar önce
That was wicked, what a machine & that thud thud as they fly over you is instantly recognisable. Blinding vlog boys keep it up
Konrad Roeder
Konrad Roeder Aylar önce
I believe I've seen a Chinook fight fires here in Washington State. It's really nice to see the inside tour of this bad-ass lifter.
Barbara Collins
Barbara Collins Aylar önce
Wonderful to hear the big heartbeat of the Chinook......a short but sweet video...thanx guys...🙂
ik04 Aylar önce
This was my life for 25 years. Lifting big loads on long slings was part of the job when I was an Army Chinook pilot. I probably flew that exact helicopter, since they were swapped around between units during all the deployments. Good times!
Sarah M
Sarah M Aylar önce
It's a sound you never forget. Beating the air into submission..
Dave Hollingsworth
Dave Hollingsworth Aylar önce
Thanks for your service!
painteater19 Aylar önce
Thank you for your service!
Bandit Designs
Bandit Designs Aylar önce
They used a chinook to carry the top sections to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto when it was built. They had to hold position long enough for the guy in the section to bolt it together.
SPH¥NX® Aylar önce
Great recovery! Slinging loads and watching that down wash blow everything around, reminded me of Core Drilling out on the tunda, near the Red Dog Mine. I was wondering if anyone got shocked by the sling line? 😂 Usually only happens when there is cloud cover. I've been lit up by the static discharge more than once. ⚡
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dingo simon
dingo simon Aylar önce
Dave, Allan, Hans but a big HIGH 5 to the editing guys. That would have to be the best production you have done yet. Loved it. As on old retired pilot I really enjoyed the mix of all aircraft
Joe Doaks
Joe Doaks Aylar önce
The engineers I worked with called helo's 'rotating fatigue machines'...they were in both design and manufacture. Love ridin' in 'em.
Lance Fisher
Lance Fisher Aylar önce
I served with the 1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam and was privileged to fly in several Chinooks. Working with the supply battalion these were one of our work horses and it's amazing what they can lift. It was a privilege again to see one at work more than 55 years later.
jdmec81 Aylar önce
Better get yourself a Chinook now 😂
Caleb M.
Caleb M. Aylar önce
He should just get a MI-26 now lol
George Dreisch
George Dreisch Aylar önce
@Dorsk84 was thinkin’ the cost of a H-60 was insane, when he went down that road, but he’s doing it. I’m imagining he’ll being leasing it, to be able to keep up with it. Was the route a acquaintance I work for, went to, to sustain a couple UH-1’s, before selling them and transitioning to OH-6’s.
Dave Bongiorno
Dave Bongiorno Aylar önce
Seen them in action well not them da Chinook at GM they placed massive air units
Dorsk84 Aylar önce
@George Dreisch Sure... the cost of upkeep on a Stallion would be insane. Even TRvid money wouldn't be enough for the fuel.
Dave Bongiorno
Dave Bongiorno Aylar önce
Sure that on his list
Rosehail101 Aylar önce
Hans will always be my favorite of the group (Allen is in a category of His own ranking) he's cool and funny and just plain awesome! You ROCK HANS!
Faigs Aylar önce
Shoutout to the discovery boys , you guys and richard rawlings are killing youtube. love it boys keep it up
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Jd Shaw
Jd Shaw Aylar önce
I can honestly say I rode in more CH-53'S than 5 tons during my time in the Marines! Very popular troop transports, especially on and off Carriers!
Don Lyons
Don Lyons Aylar önce
I can tell Hans and Allen are both great people and I would hire either one of them anytime. Keep making these videos because I enjoy watching you guys at work
Chris Hoskins
Chris Hoskins Aylar önce
When you started with the Blackhawk, I have actually been waiting on you to say you have upped your recovery game and bought a Chinook. 🙂
Duane Buck
Duane Buck Aylar önce
The view of the Chinook holds a special place for me. My BIL was a co-pilot of one shot down in Afghanistan in 2009, so seeing one in action like this was pretty awesome - thank you and everyone involved.
OdinX316 Aylar önce
That Chinook is an awesome machine, Thanks ROTAK for showing us your stuff fly Safe, Live long and Prosper!!
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Something Huge For You....
avengence Aylar önce
Cool to see you guys right near my house, i'm in the valley next to there. Still sad about the air race crash, RIP Aaron Hogue.
Grumpy Vet
Grumpy Vet Aylar önce
I was stationed at MCAS Yuma from 87-90. For about a month I was tasked with delivering parts to other squadrons in CA. A couple times I flew in a CH 46 (I was not a pilot). The pilot saw a farm with some old cars, so he decided to circle it. I swear, it felt like it was going to twist in half during that "maneuver". I have not had the desire to ride in one since.
Dave Hollingsworth
Dave Hollingsworth Aylar önce
As Always Dave, Bravo! What a Great Crew! Thanks to the Chinook crew! Nothing like having the Big Hooker in the Sky! A Great video! You never cease to amaze us! Thank You! 👍
Cody Galloway
Cody Galloway Aylar önce
Dude the Chinook in action I had to sit down for a min so no one knew I was that excited I can only image the baddass feeling of being in the helicopter's presence while it's working man that is cool to see Edit: done with the video now and the amount of power that Chinook puts down is absolutely incredible 👏
xPreame Aylar önce
looking up just at the belly of that gourgous chinook would be a dream come true watching this recovery you're so blessed
Isaac Trockman
Isaac Trockman Aylar önce
Until you get the bill
Bill Woolmer
Bill Woolmer Aylar önce
Really enjoyed the collaboration of the other businesses/channels. The fresh content is very enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing what helicopters you have purchased.
RavenBrother Aylar önce
Great video, and I remember being in the Army Doing Sling loads under the helicopter in the early 90s... surprised you didn't have to ground the copter or sling line. Those blade generate a lot of static electricity that at night looks like little lightning coming off the blades.
Robert Jean
Robert Jean Aylar önce
Love your Blackhawk but that Chinook is such a sweet chopper. You guys have way too much fun. 🇦🇺🇦🇺
This Guy
This Guy Aylar önce
Static line jumping from the back of a Chinook is the greatest experience ever.
JohnH20111 Aylar önce
hurling yourself out of a perfectly good aircraft/helicopter is an Unnatural Act
Allan Blackburn
Allan Blackburn Aylar önce
Fantastic footage, always wanted to see a chinook up close.
Austin Lambert
Austin Lambert Aylar önce
To the 2 Rotak Firefighting pilots I worked with on the Moose Fire last year in Idaho, you wont be forgotten brother. RIP Thomas Hayes and Jared Bird
Nicky B.
Nicky B. Aylar önce
Never Forget!🇺🇸 RIP TMFH And JB!🇺🇸
Heepin327 Aylar önce
@Isaac MurrellNo, it was another Chinook that crashed but it was completely destroyed.
Isaac Murrell
Isaac Murrell Aylar önce
was this the same helicopter?
Alex Coutu
Alex Coutu Aylar önce
My two favorite TRvid channels right now. Have been subbed to you both for a while and love the content that you both make. Thanks for the collab!
Seve82 Aylar önce
This was definitely collab I didn't know I needed to see.
Bobbie Cleverley
Bobbie Cleverley Aylar önce
This was really awesome to watch. Love all of you guys, stay safe and keep up the great work. God Bless ❤
MrBriandrifter Aylar önce
it really a great amaze in a lift time to see both of my idol in one single video
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith Aylar önce
Stead is the old Stead AFB. Closed about 1966. They trained helicopter pilots. They also had astronauts train out there. At least part of the unit transferred to New Mexico. I'm not done watching this video. I'm looking forward to seeing this recovery in a more familiar area.
Photos by Ant
Photos by Ant Aylar önce
One of the best parts about your videos of showing the brute power behind the vehicles and what they are capable of doing. Cant wait to see the blackhawk in action!
Gw Clark
Gw Clark Aylar önce
chinook brings back so many great fun memories....another lifetime
This was an amazing story! So very sorry that this accident happened...but what an incredible job of clean up...WOW...
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Aylar önce
I had to do this very same thing in the military on a weekly basis whilst on tour. Water bowsers / same vehicles, pallets of food etc etc. Its funny because for most of us we just saw this as another chore & not the amazing feat it really is - lol.. Lots of parts need to come together to get a successful lift so well done.
Al Ruiz
Al Ruiz Aylar önce
Sad story with the truck and trailer. Great recovery guys!
Derrick Eden
Derrick Eden Aylar önce
Hans at a job site is like a take your kids to work day 😂
George Menge
George Menge Aylar önce
Awesome recovery once again gentlemen. On a side note, Hans is definitely my favorite guy on the team. I get his sarcasm and especially his sense of humor. Hilarious all the time. Allen is awesome too. He's such a hard worker and although he comes off a little quirky, he's such a technical genius. Glad you guys found him on top of a mountain in his fortress. 👍
allen tisthammer
allen tisthammer Aylar önce
Another Epic recovery. All of you guys Rock!
Dale Hatton
Dale Hatton Aylar önce
Love the Chinooks! Here in Australia I lived for a while at Townsville, Military based city, the Chinooks were often flying around, I saw the awesome power one day when it had a 40 ft sea container attached and it was doing a fast banked turn, it was almost on a 90deg knife edge with the container swung out sideways! was an amazing sight.
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Her gün yaşıyorum bunu 😂
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