We Got Married Again!

Aaron Burriss
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Welcome to our second wedding with all of our friends and family! We’ve got a lot coming out so be sure to join the RonRon Family and Subscribe!

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30 Eyl 2022




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Wedding #2!!! So happy we did this! I love you! 🥹💜 -Roni
Rebecca Zamolo
Can’t. Stop. Crying… So happy for both of you ❤️❤️What a beautiful wedding
Guava Juice
Congrats again you two!! ❤🎉
Olga Ignashova
After many failed relationships, these two make me believe in true love. I can't stop crying. Congratulations!!! 💕
Princess Macabuat
it's the "we saw that coming" for me 🥰🥰 congratulations again our lovely couple. I cried at the first wedding, and cried harder in this. 💕
Veronica Ver
Roni and Aaron deserve the world like no other<3 😭
Got teary eyed when they were doing the pictures with the parents, turning into happy tears during the vows. It was so touching, magical and beautiful. And glad the weather cooperated for this special day. Thank you, Aaron and Roni for sharing your special celebration with all of us. Many blessing for your journey together.
Kavya Parthasarathy Ramaswamy
Low key I was genuinely hoping that they would have a ceremony / reception with all their friends and other close ones who couldn't be a part of the first wedding because honestly they deserve all the happiness and to feel special whilst being surrounded by everyone who has left a mark on their lives 💕💕
Dinika Haryan
the place, the decor, your family, the celebrations, the vows, the speeches, the dance, the VIBE and y'all gorgeous humans. It was just amazing!! <33
Cynthia Vargas
Aaron started his speech and immediate tears 😭 much love to this beautiful relationship and friendship ❤
so glad you two got to share this amazing moment with the people you love 🤍✨ congrats x2!!!!
Minnie Egg
Still can't wrap my head around how the TRvidrs i grew up watching are married, the love and respect each of you have for eachother is beautiful. You guys will forever be my role models, can't wait to see what more life has to bring !
White Family
i literally cried, dried my face, then cried again 😭😭 you guys deserve so much happiness and we love you guys SOOOO much and we are beyond happy for you guys. we wish your marriage nothing but the best!!!
Carrie Khooba
Everything about this is cute. Nessa's speech, Roni's wedding dress, Aaron's suit, the rings, just everything. I am so happy for you both. 🥺💜❤️
MAN THIS GOT ME CRYING!! The vows were just spectacular. So happy for them and to see an amazing part of their lives.
Michelle M
Their love is so beautiful and pure, i cannot wait to find a relationship as beautiful as theirs
The Great French Bulldog
The love and respect you guys have for each other is so precious. May many more years to come! Cheers 🥂!
Isa Riv.
This was so beautiful and honest and sweet and so RAW in such a moving way guys... I legit CRIED 😭 I think everyone can agree when I say that us, the fans, are so grateful and blessed that you guys are sharing your journey with us. You both are so gorgeous and STUNNING. I'm always so touched when I see how genuinely kind and amazing and funny and authentic you guys are. Your whole family and group of friends are beautiful. The energy was incredible and through the roof! And this wedding was amazing and just BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations again, you guys!! May God continue to bless you both always!!!! Let's go, RonRon!!!
her swiftie
i’m crying all over again! so wonderful of you to bring two extended family and friends together! ur personal wedding was just as beautiful and i can’t wait to see y’all continue your journey because so far it has been ASTONISHING !! love you both💜
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